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3-14-17 Lucy Morgan Director of Luzerne Co EMA on Blizzard

Mar 14, 2017|

WILK's Sue Henry talks with Luz. Co Emergency Management Agency Director Lucy Morgan about the blizzard in NEPA

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lucy more in the director of VN EMA in Lucerne Connie is our longtime friend and we understand this they hear it to work today in the center right. Absolutely would be active in the air even needed and actually afternoon. OK explain to us so what your duties are there and what your season because. We heard for a long time the people are behaving themselves now are starting to hear the people are yeah at times becoming a nuisance. Yes finally got an entire thing that they aren't you know waiting to pick an eerie. Bicycle that he thinks he's beyond the road they meaning I get capital international monetary convenient and and I have to in new York and now there's an incredibly Dubai condition. Tired and dancing picking on our wind right now. So they're not only in the visibility bad now and they're under terrible. And of course it took to keep up with the amount now but now it's gonna get worse though we are seeing how people strained analogy and I think he'll count chanted if you can't understand it and they're getting paid ten. It costs and getting stuck in chalk all over the place which means people have to gonna help them so really. Surely if he can we are not there then right clean up the road we had to go well a few times here conference the price and people locking up the middle looks terrible of. I didn't do big bad news because Lucy if you come across and your car I mean what are you gonna do and people can't see. That's getting things if you're driving your car and as a person on the road you might not even see that individual and again you're right the wins those those the snow address the fact the crews cannot keep up. And they you guys need to save your research is first essential services in case or something catastrophic. So it just as good advice. Staying home. Police think he can consolidate your safety but everyone out the safety. I'm we have heard I can Muster hospital. On the show but are you going to meet and partying their captain insurgent attacks on the up coming here early Dini to be on the road and made clear paths. So please and please ask around for your safety and everybody else it safety and emergency responders do it they need to deal. It can be dangerous socio also threw in your car and you're running your car near you know you're good. Exhaust is and cleared you could hurt yourself. It's so important for people just to stay put. For now and maybe for hours to come because as we've been hearing the snowfall tapered down after two but. As you mentioned if winds kick out where we're in first summer real difficulties here. Even into two other aircraft participating that it would turn and blow even into tomorrow's show if you get sucked out your window and see how much down there is demanding that drinking and blowing. I'm looking I'm wondering Eleanor I you could barely see. But the folks know the wind the front take up in the wind is blowing its inevitability. It's terrible so people simply get after. Around let the National Guard get those workers to the hospital also make him put in the second in the third shifts today. Hello Lucy it's always a pleasure to hear you we're gonna check back with you later this afternoon that's okay with you okay and so good to hear your voice stuff these YouTube.