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3-14-17 PEMA Director Rick Flinn with Sue Henry

Mar 14, 2017|

PEMA Director Rick Flinn discusses how the 2017 blizzard is impacting NEPA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are pleased to welcome to our radio station Rick Flynn. The director of the Pennsylvania emergency. Management agency thanks Rick for joining us we sure do appreciate it. On the palms are pretty glad that I didn't give them touchy. Sure I'd get us though the lay of the land first of all across the state of Pennsylvania and then Maine will give it a little bit into the northeastern Pennsylvania where we are getting walloped. Sure and well yeah again you're actually right it started last seen. I came from the west side than the one storm and and and obviously the coastal storm has come up and emerged. I'm not Lester I think you're looking pretty good in fact. There there's too little to none so going on at this point and from the very able to continue business as usual. When we get he's from Somerset he's obviously as we all have experience are significant amounts so as happened. If I would I will say thank you and and thank your for your listeners to basically adhered to our requests a stay now through is because we have not had any major. Knock wood I intense on roads there's been no roadway you Majorly closures are not just some minor things that happened. And oh lead that is an absolute critical thing that they did people who continues stay off the roads so again and I'm in a local municipality can do what they need to do. To make roads safer post. And I now that's recovery well. I think campaigning and I love her concern is power outages right now in about 101000 now our customers without power. It seems like a lab director Kimberly process come out it's not too bad for this city this event at this time then we'll see dad go up and down. Com and strike down the biggest city is in in this area birds carried how and we're seeing some other Indian and Montgomery in mid American Italian in the east. But as that wind picks up and sides and notice those heavy on tree limbs broken down across wires which is obviously some cameras take you prospectus perspective that takes the county to be a prepared for. But I am again right at this point we have over 900 national Guardsmen on active duty. Deployed throughout the state Indian specifically critical areas a majority of folks major majority air our soldiers and airmen. Or any general resource requests that don't carry your ass before. Ali had some of those summer question at this point purse amount transportation no medical personnel. I and such I don't. And as well so again. Working we have over our eighteen nasty way agencies in their come up response coordination center or our stadium seat. And and the governor's going to be governor Ruben later on this afternoon and Brian Prescott press conference and end up. And and thanking the troops through boot their service and they've been providing. Do you have to open any kind of emergency shelters so far are now. Now there are no shelters open and this time I know the county so I have contingency plans just in case especially in relationship to. A warming centers and suffer though there's been such in relationship to look at the power outages but that this time there are no shelters open. Okay is there any. Kind of speculation he says so far so good you people are heating what they should be eating will travel be banned the discerned when what makes that you can. And person day in May we look at it right at this point right now. What is obviously on the unlimited access highways and interstates in the turnpike. Both and I turnpike it instituted. You know commercial vehicle bands I and reduce speed limit to 45 miles an hour. And now we understand the New York he's done the same at this point. On. Interstate 84. And so again. We're asking individuals to end ended too obviously not travel they don't have to. And I we don't anticipate that I needed answered your question any kind of a stay way Dan. Both travel whatsoever. OK so it I mean emergency people. People who work in hospitals etc. etc. they. They cancel travel and they won't face any kind of penalty at this an array. Can well see used to be clear there's no one more case any kind of penalty I have promoted from the public perspective there's not there is no traffic there's so obviously wide. A ban on travel. I need can't associated with commercial vehicles and they double trailers don't exist from a truck in perspective as well as buses. On the L bill on the interstates but Dodd and new years since this is obviously if they have to travel especially obviously capital and have to get to work. New rules and boom we ask that you may twentieth time in and take your time getting there are because people who obviously have to provide this kind of services to citizens. Now we know it does certain municipalities and cities will be going the distance on this on the wreck is there. I'm any kind of declaration. Which may be. Coming up they can help them. Should they incur costs II I'm I'm not quite quite clear what what declaration are we in now and what. It has to happen for them to receive additional funding. Well right now we are they the governor I issued their Decker the proclamation disaster emergency in really what that does series is focusing in on being able to have. Tons force agencies to be able to respond to the needs of other counties and and then citizens. In various statewide disaster find invaded doesn't exist. If in fact what who could have been is top five federal declaration now since you were actually able to get a Farrell's no declaration top. But that's a record snows. And so. If there is certain big meet a I didn't start the first part is how they record snowfall. Based upon again National Weather Service data. And then the second part is I read need to threshold. I think in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania drastic get a disaster declaration that battery question I a letter declaration from a president especially eighteen million dollars worth of art rock concert images associated with with these this disaster Bennett and and south and over. Thirty million dollars last year when they the winter event that we had and we did receive and we get their records doesn't like Tony seven counties. I'm once you get that record so obviously then if I need to question is billion yen up side to be able to get to that record that do Breckenridge sat. And now I think that we well we are doing is working with attorneys we've trained attorneys on and yet to be official until measures. Didier and you recognize to do that. And so what will keep and I am because right here we are hearing from people wreck that they have. Two feet or better in some parts of northeastern Pennsylvania which is pretty remarkable sometimes these. As snowstorms are under play a little bit and sometimes they're overstated the for this one I think it's it's living up to its billing out at least are we live. You're actually right in and again we're going to be working very closely with customers managers to the two. There's a record done records taken an end and recorder for sure so that we can going to capture that data. I didn't see if in fact we can applied for US federal disaster declaration. When the governor expected speak. I'll we end and the governor will be coming in. To our merge operations center here at 2 o'clock and then April press briefing scheduled for 230 to become an in the G. Well I I don't know the answer that can be but he certainly could he have he has in the past tax. An in your neck of the was what kind of snow totaled you have self crap. I you know rumors again and I'll we're expecting up to eighteen inches and it still snowing and I don't know exactly what the measurement is but it probably get pretty close and that's not there. Yeah and we are not. Done with this by any means now. You know. Hey we're looking you know ahead at a very early maybe 6 o'clock tonight and kind of mistake. But here's your meteorologist brio pride in the sport specific but at this point. I've that in in your area cities where it's an exit. And we're looking forward to it leading but I think they dangers so then obviously get into. And high winds that could still connect continue to hurt are Clark. Occur and then now and he blowing snow and then and then again people trying to get out and do things and then cut you some issues so we're gonna be out activated dead tonight and then tomorrow and as long as we need to be tracked. Can help to provide depth we have grown to over eighteen counties they did debt. Are activated their resume operations centers are activated threat to come up. And the night I don't know how missile planes have the we do have this kind of snow accumulation and we we think it's kind of light and fluffy so far but. Is there the potential only aftermath of this force some structural damage and things like. Believe we need EL OK to be careful about it now a couple things you would not only need to leave this structural damage again are no on numerous and such. A lot of things we're always concerned about is still blocking. The dancing and such especially on mobile homes. And I that's always a concern so that folks on rental car monoxide poisoning. And the other big blue those killer in and power outages is in fact Carmen oxide portion because. People put generators and places that are for probably haven't. And even then we were and who making sure the fuel numb because Rick there are people that are young. They've never seen a snowstorm like this and just think about the last and we anything real substantial. Was 07 where we live so there's young people out there and we're Tillman you know even if you've got to the card charge your phone make sure that you shovel behind your exhaust because you don't want to end up a victim of this. Situation and I it seems that for a lot of people that are older and these are no trainers but for people they're younger they just might not know. Well anyway here actually right you know and our world and and we tried to obviously. Get people using social media and I do to curb get those messages and you know are are ready PA. I happen is saying you very much resource for folks to be able to us to go ahead and download and and get that kind of information that. Yeah I and we are concerned about the elderly. That is and that's important and then one of the messages we continue to push his check on your neighbors check on the early. Make sure they're okay. My mother for me perspective whether they're good guys got food and then and other things and and harassed in the public good to check on your neighbors and especially the elderly. Sure and then in the aftermath again and give mommy track over exert who wanted to be careful. In that regard to. Absolutely you know people say it can lift certainly a lot of physical activity just just doubled so when many people are used to doing that sort of thing. Obviously. You bulk of the medical conditions but obviously heart attacks is a big thing that we see. Clarence Rick if we could check in with you again maybe later today would that be a possibility. Absolutely not a promo so cool to have you on the show and Erica appreciate it. I can do to get to parry we ever Clinton from a pima he's the director and I think the break your W I'll okay.