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Ted Wampole Wilkes Barre City Administrator

Mar 14, 2017|

City snow information with Ted Wampole Wilkes Barre City Administrator and Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey Chad anything happening down there this. Absolutely nothing in common error working with the PW. It's. So with so and a beautiful weather outside and not. There are working hard they've been at this thing and well I guess to be really early this morning it's 2 or 3 o'clock. And at one point they were ahead of it. Gonna get because of the intense they get if you would have put it that way it would work. Barely keeping up with that now on the people could look outside. Cedar street that they wonder when apply outcome and down and in Kabul for the plows probably been on the street to retreat I'm already. It's it's just stop I think James may was saying you know talk goes down as you know too which is an hour thirty minutes I'd be president down already and it's step than keep up. We hand this is a pretty historic storm and one that is. Really difficult to stay ahead of but I guess Ted the people have from mostly heeded the warning to stay off the roads is that correct. That's a court hearing. No I mean if you look outsider for anybody has had the misfortune of having to be out there you there's nobody on the roads. Which does make it easy when emergency vehicles have to get out there makes these are with the clout going down the streets as well. And then that stole the you know what the Mir is encouraging people to you know stay indoors so don't go and it's absolutely necessary. You know allow that the PW crews do their work. In Atlanta related state safe from war. Yes and I'm thinking in that to the and roots the and those trees anybody have to make an attempt at this Ater has it been pretty peaceful down there. Yeah I think getting updates from chief Kate Delaney. Throughout the morning. Think have been okay. They did have two incidences where two ambulances and did get stuck. And they we had a that he could Debbie crews that can help them so. You know if if if he military vehicles are having trouble getting around. Nobody else should be out there reader but. You know they're they're doing their best spin and we will respond on merchants call. Then it in just done that the funding aspect of this has anything kicked in with the state of Pennsylvania where you know. The you'll be able to cover the it the burden of a response to this is there any kind of thing no help you at this point. What we've received no official word yet on that however we are obviously compiling all my different kinds of side documents were little. And so they've been caught I think it's probably go call through but. We were keeping records of everything we we both sit. We will submit that for reimbursement and hopefully it'll be something coming from. Pima or prima. Contact and now we're waiting for that to have you heard anything about Doug the governor speaking today or any kind of further information about where the State's stance. I have not I know that the mayor is with Sime. She occasionally who are in May manager for the city and they actually at who's our county mayor right now they're supposed to be a briefing. I'm from the National Weather Service. And 9 o'clock. I expected that briefing to go a little longer so that's why didn't hear from him before we went on the air at 930. We'll hear more than and and I would anticipate that. You know the middle also declare state of emergency. Virtually. Okay you credit yellen snuff that happened and what that entails in new you know our finest. And I will also throw one thing out there to the end just the mayor just decided to you know everybody's aware that we did not spend garbage collection today. And he's already made the decision to suspend garbage collection tomorrow. And that's though the area of mayflower rolling mill hill. Compile an iron triangle factions so there will be no garbage collection their tomorrow though there's still a double collection next week. And all that information panel will be on our web site so be pages and not we'll obviously keep you updated with pressure releases as well. Current ads and we appreciated this is is so far so good though and mean from the standpoint of it's going pretty well despite the obstacles. Yeah I think all things considered I mean you know I think our our teams have been performing exemplary. They're doing a great job trying to keep up with that power working hard and cannot. Your world where it was with what we're trying to do it it is says it's a herculean effort for short. Absolutely. Ted I appreciate so what you're doing and what what the the team in wilkes-barre is doing a big gay shout out to any of the cloud drivers that are listening to the radio as they. Touch reverser on the city and it's it's great to know that Carolina communication is is open and we can then discuss things all day long. Yeah I've been right so I appreciate that and in a big shout out to the to our chief of police and our car fire chief and as well as supple body who are. Operations director who's actually been the and it's overseeing the entire operations so. You know none of these guys that I am not their first ready aren't thinking as a no around rob diamond yeah. It shows that mine now look just like for purity are great how they make you look good though Ted this fabulous. Afternoon. Yet it is that they have but I will say that all the credit I could say in the statistics started yesterday morning below critical sit down I mean they really are but it. You know true professional people they know what they're doing this is all in good hands the resident Kim Kim you know take a lot of satisfaction and the fact that you know we've got system and and will be fun. Larry Ted Koppel thanks lot for joining us tonight pocket and then 940 wanted to be OK at Ted is the city administrator wilkes-barre.