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Mar 11, 2017|

Saturday March 11, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's a paid program. The views or claims made or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Larry and Lynn. Distort your weekend. Lottery you win. On WYOK. Morning good morning and it's happening. I'm trying to recover from this devastating cold that I still have. Then the others and that. They're pretty much homebound. I know you don't even now haven't been going anywhere or doing anything to him. So it's not good half fast food and of course Patrick aides in Napoli is also. This is a full and the end of the second week today that he has had this COLT. Hannah I aimed just wondering like how much longer is this thing can happen. But it is what it is deserves a new schedule weakened strain because I know it's everywhere yes people are saying it's hanging on hanging on deck hanging on. Let's get rid of it will it out Lin will it I can't thank you now can now get out there had a conversation with him. I'm from tanks and their dad here again. We have no. Guest experts today knowing because we hired. For whatever reason every one Hannity piled into three weeks so we have to each week I guess I have. Beside this week where were alone a couple things iron again. Back anyway. So. Well I've been out. What are you know Dylan plays well at some events over the weekend in new yeah we had last weekend was the dinner ninety disease. Bin dinner by design events and the cultural center and posh can't. For the historical society. So we had feed preview party Friday evening which is very very nice at the cultural center and then desserts were at posh that was sort of the kind of progressive type fast and say progressive dinner app and then none. This Saturday eight it was just to get there you know did Saturday and Sunday was open to Republican and Saturday night. I Sunday night I went back and we eat you know work to be. The door. And then they picked the winner of the people's choice winner of and it went in fee which is a I am paying design company dining Nasser and deadbeat Kharrazi I don't know if there's a third woman if there is I apologize but that is the name of it may do decorating and stuff and they came in first place. And next was John MacKey. Yeah and next was MCI. What did they do what you eat them do well. I'm when it looked like. Think I gained some minimum and see we says they really need John as you know John Phillips does funky like eating an eleven game stuff he was at its. Posh. Because they had the bigger displays a posh although John MacKey was bigger. I'm his is a big table looked like it could be. With lights and B it was a beautiful. And then in real long table. Looks like you could put it out sigh aided and would like aids and my god it was beautiful yeah. I'm hearing now I'm very I'm rustic looking in and they take any pictures of this yeah there's Julie Jordan was there are we not okay are there. Cal Jolie has numbness and then I am. C. I am. The TV did an Alice in Wonderland Lansing oh man how I base and that was really neat self. Yes I mean with the work dead. All of these people do or was just unbelievable and all the people who try to be very very very nice it's really need to see it it's so misunderstood by the public this event. Because people think by the name dinner by design your having dinner while you're not it's a way to. Decorate a table for a specific entertaining purposes. And done so but it was really really nicely done. What's their food there anyway well at the cocktail party here but it's not a dinner and now it's the name of the event here. And then of course when I was up punch you could eat in the restaurant any time you were there. I'm you know if they do their big brown show on stab on Sunday and then Saturday evening they were open and Friday evening so. It was it was a nice time could and a good time and beautiful beautifully. The beautiful exhibits I should beautifully done I am. So. Was it. Beneficial says he has tunnel we don't know the number of final numbers that we enemy out yesterday but yes everything will work out fast and we got great coverage from the times had a great article on Sunday and be nice picture. And then Lamar as usual. They had billboards everywhere for a so that was much appreciate it but it was it's just nice it's a nice event and then I was back today. For a little boom I would know who instead Peterson we NN com evening at five foot in mind meeting this morning for the cultural center which is coming up that event is coming up the end of April. And so we I met with her and then we went over to posh because. Dead said that everybody and their brother has been talking about posh that there are five napkin burger than everybody loves snow here. As a death said I won that one I'm going to happen so we went and time. She ordered that I had to leave because I was coming here but anyway I just love posh I said it now might it you know we always go before Schaub. I'm. Unfortunately we will miss the Cinderella shelf because. I would be at C cited Irish women dinner. I'm but. If the fillet the police and was telling Josh today the petite filet mignon are. So that's just a said he didn't think he would would you wind dinner for lunch you know that's what they felt like going out. But anyway I am so I'm loving and neck and they're just such good guys are so. Community oriented in our Josh is on the Scranton tomorrow bored with me and he. I'm Tanya what he gives back is unbelievable sound anyway go visit and if you'd like their food is delicious and they do a wonderful job. And lunch they always are open for luncheon with Josh you're saying today as you know in linen napkins on the table and she get in and out quickly so don't forget about the for lunch because that's you know your if you're right there. It's a good thing and you know we always tend to go and act. Yeah I'm just thinking though when things whereas like served. In the in the car anywhere. The reason I'm asking is because I remember being there for lines finds time. And we actually were in our room in the basement now that's the Scranton then yes I ran club but that day. They are served yes OK death now used to be then and Vonn moved their best I don't know fun though they're still doing nothing makes sense that it would be posh food because they're downstairs right Amy has no affect Amy was. I just saw her at posh and I'm before I left who runs the Scranton club so yes totally definitely have to be a member. Right but yes they usually provide the food yup. So that's what should you because you're thinking of the time we did. So another meaningless downstairs right and then Amy Bristol who runs that's right she hoarded the stuff from posh yes yes. I'm okay that's always a nice thing. And that's really. What I've been doing the other night that I posted which I shouldn't say hosted IM and moderated a panel discussion. Four I told you I do those. But why county medical society public health education. Series that we do. The last this is almost with two more on we've completed two years irony. And so they see this time we did at panel discussion on kidney cancer I mean 'cause it's kidney. Cancer awareness month this month of march and Danny doctor create junior. Doctor John. Farrell. Doctor Jeff. And grown and actor. But Scotty was worth the four of them are on the panel. One is a regular radiologist one he is a grainy and on college just one is a radiation oncologists and the other one is say I'm. Donnie a surgeon meteorologist. So I am. It was held a tea CMC wasn't. To me doesn't matter how many people come because we aired them for the purpose of public education however there were few people in the audience. And it was kind of neat because Mike Downey is create as you know full disclosure like I say break every hit the law there has spent my mother can't yell at mayor so make. Yeah so my mother had I had just had her ex kidney removed and because of this cancerous. And hers was a surgical cure there was no spread the stage one and thank god she was. To earth to actually might have been but there's no spread there was nothing. And so she does sit her she just called me yesterday I should just saturns to ground to first round of blood work since the surgery and everything is and she's the doctor called her right back immediately said he it is perfect so she is twelve. So without your creates an at her post stopped. I'm meeting money you come to this panel discussion your daughter's moderating and so anyway doctor create senior. And act and my mother sat next to each other because doctor junior create operated on doctor senior create for the same thing as my primary yet. That yes and he's doing beautifully and then there was a woman in the audience whose daughter is having surgery so when this whole thing got out Donny said tonight you know how important. This. And discussion wise is that you have past present and future. Right here including the medical students who some of them were in the audience from TC MC. And I small not only passed future present and future patients but you have passed. Current and future doctors and the house could you John Farrell whose dad was a radiologist as he is he wasn't there but nonetheless second generation. Then he had Donnie. Senior Downey junior and then the young kids who will be coming in their space in their place so it was really a neat thing but also Danny's dad who a year and a half ago had the surgery my mom with just six weeks ago. And the woman who was there her daughter. And moved on and it was televised so I'm talking about this cause will be on TV were able to do that but. The information given up on the disease itself was very very. I've done nicely and nice discussion it was a one hour long so it was a long discussion. An and I will re air IE CTV but it was done. These series that we do we know through a grand prize it's funded partially by CHS he. And then it's done and put together I'm sort of produced by the lack wanna. Medical society. It with Lisa Kahn and she does a wonderful job and of course mark. For me CTV mark my glory so it didn't they they really serve a purpose and down. This was interest it was the second panel discussion discussion we did we did a couple months ago I think the Abington. Community library we did an ad panel discussion I'm hopeful feeling detection. Which was very very I'm nicely attended 'cause Lisa. Right now very hot time. Yes so when a wave of panelists from Alan. We had. Duck mascot Constantine who works in the field and then we had doctor bill I am. Dempsey flame Dempsey who actually works for the right senator now but he was. Any I had an emergency doc act ASEAN states. So he saw a lot of scary stuff coming in and here knows thing and then six bathrooms in the business and and they had a gentleman speak like I can't remember his name. He see he wasn't on the panel but they asked him to say a little bit from clear Brock. I'm that was not it was not Dick cowboy kind of way I don't remember his name but. Terrible look back but anyway it is very bad. Beneficial and that lasted a long time till cause people wanna know about and talk about it. Southeast. Iron and I'm I really love doing them and I think they've really providing great service for people understand you know a little bit more about. Each of these things that happen. That are out there and can be a little more knowledgeable failure. Think especially he'll feel a situation as is so scary remain behind parents. You know went normally they're used to be areas. In northeastern Pennsylvania that you would consider to be safe. Places where you worry about people. Getting robbed or learn you know assaulted or whatever was but now. And more and more overseen daytime robberies and things like that the never. Perhaps through the floor because of the addiction because music game it's so overwhelming that they just we'll do whatever they have to do but you know and a fine now that's scary China. Okay well we are going to take a quick break we will be right back you're listening this morning to the mare island shot. We are lowering inland. Welcome back every. Everybody you are listening to the Marion and show I'm Laurie canyon I'm the owner Larry captain enterprises such as a fundraising PR and special events business. And I am Lyn Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. Animosity author of the book called power of the purse. Carefree finances her baby boomer women. Available on Amazon.com. So here we can't and in over there with you know your bag of goodies I have tons of things I actually think. The first thing I would like to do it is. Still Clinton's I don't like quizzes you like and marriage so. I found this wonderful place online. Called pro prof. And it's a place we they have all format you couldn't create quizzes. So you can have multiple choice he could have tour policy can have there's six or seven different ones. Can you just keep going through and you can't ask the question you can't give the answers and they can actually do an online to the point where you can have people take the tests online. And they are nicely graded concussion which is nice and so I thought we would start a series of them. Am calling this one of the Lari inland show quiz at 010. Boy so we can have a thanks Sophie B 0234. Fact you've done enough cash and I would also encourage anyone who's listening who would like to take the quiz themselves and see how they do. Time to send me an email and I will forward the quest Sosa and the two when asked. The Lari and Lin show dot com and we'll get one out there. So anyway. First question are you ready. Our CD is the best investment. For creating income. Tour false. For creating and Kanye. Well because if you don't use the money some CD you can take out half monthly incoming quarterly York. However long the CD is but if you re not using it in your building and safety and therefore I guess you are creating it but it's that the rates are mouth. Right now they are yes and and I think that's the point. CDs are mostly used for security around have been commenting. Because at some good her and they can't get two of them because get to pay a penalty that's true yeah that's true that's sort of the event. Self discipline time. I second question retirement income is usually composed of stocks and bonds. Hope this. Just tricky question when he mean retirement income. How what based on what each government is paying or bad date a based on your pension your 401K or something. I am. Most clean stocks I would say it's probably true. Well that it's not really no answers false because the income is and composed of stocks and bonds. They laid it up and BNP is your cash and the income is from. These stocks I'm sorry assuming I'm just saying that because people sometimes don't really understand. What they are and show up cash thrown out there and say yeah. I can demonstrate how much of your current and come will you need when you retire. 50%. 75%. Are a 100%. But I. So I for me I would say. That's right and that's the answer that it does not and there's less out again because people forget about the fact that when they think when they retire. Yes you'll lose a lot of leagues the job related costs but you're also going to be adding new costs because they have different things in his title suing him. So you'll still have travel you'll still have. Maybe just are taking painting classes. He'll need to pay for those and forgive us for all the stuff that goes along when it's so. It's always best to try to find for a 100%. Number for your Social Security check is a fixed amount that never changes over your lifetime now false correct. If the government decides to do so you'll get a cost of living increase at least once a year and at the same tenure medical insurance goes up so if it's in more honest. No more than well yes still don't see any and I yeah see nothing from. When considering a divorce after age 55. Years focus. Should be on. Getting the best price for your marital home. Splitting your retirement assets or grand child custody. That was a true outcome much. I was in the middle one this is lending nearly had a mass sense. Does that deem most important thing to look at. Women are more likely to be conservative investors aggressive investors are balanced investors. I'm well it's not conservative so it's either. I would I want to say a grass so if I'm now men tend to be. A good I would say my middle middle around balanced Allen yes yes correct pack. So so are the ones in a more aggressive when they're mad men now catch. I will as a document to determine how your assets will be distributed after your half true or false. I'm. Well that depends kill because. If you have the bank account that this is actually set up and money can go elsewhere regardless of the welcome such a contract in overrides it. So I guess false. Well that's. That's a legitimate reasoning but I think in the intention of the question was says if if everything's got to correct as an ass and yet whenever the assets are that are not. And contractor when I gather you know. That's true that's for design how well. Number eight baby boomers have not saved very much for retirement. That is because. Aid their parents believe them enough money for the rest of their lives. The they have often been in the cross hairs between the cost of educating their children and caring for elderly parents. Or see they believe in living in the here and now. No well it's kind of a combination of I'm one and act aimed at DNC. However just because they're baby boomers I'm gonna go it's safe. But I felt it's a combination of those guidelines are gonna like them very well and I think you're writing it combination of both of them now. But but predominantly the financial aspect of it is this is going to be yet again trying to educate kids the end take care parents. And the other thing too that I think is important and that is set up baby boomer. Parents. Believe very strongly as it's their responsibility. To cover the costs of their children's college educations yes. That's not. Where baby boomers came from for the most part. They leave their own pay for our own a week so so what happens then is when they do that. They don't put the money into their own retirement. And then they end up at the end of broad they're saying well you know I spent. A 150000. Dollars on my kids for college educations and would've made a difference if I had that my own pocket. So it's a it's a cultural values thing and yes there's no you can do about that except to China straighter now. Okay and I yeah I'm nice and must that helped give to others it's when there's that true on my part. Go Medicare will cover the cost of nursing home care tour false. Medicare false correct. Number ten when planning for your health care costs in retirement. It is safe to assume a 3% increase year over year. I you know what I have no idea about that now say true. As far south come on it's actually higher than in much higher than inflation is at and in some cases it's over the last couple years and 10% or more now pumpkins so that's. That's the point it's just good people don't even think about that but when your planning for retirement he better have been in there. Because I think that's. So. And it yeah and I just attempt. And so I think you passed heading to take to finally colors you did a good job and we can serve anybody again if anybody wants to. I guess that quiz time. Send those are sending an email Linux live with far inland dot com and I'll get you copied you can you know I love taking quizzes you know what I do my. I love I'm in these Sunday paper to Scranton times. Always has a quiz that you take for what happened the week before yes so I ate. Try to elect pay attention to every little thing too because I want a 100% when I get there. And I have to sink for the last couple weeks I couldn't ever do you know I had at least if not the 100%. I meant. I might miss one possibly two with the absolute must but most of the time I know the answers. Plus court under multiple choice yes it's still. There are I mean some of them are. So funny they don't there personally you know but still it's it's some of the answers are silly till the really bad idea again this doesn't matter what I do I love that kind of stuff. That's true design of the copyright C answers as to sometimes a stupid mean the real and exactly venues cities is through say well earned her. People do that's on the things kind of they're offensive and so I'm I want I have this until I found the other day I was cleaning stuff out yeah of course thank. Mattel is like to do each still good when you do that there's something about that's encouraging fiscal wonderful stuff around Joseph. And so I found this because I saved you know this is a long time I don't even know how many years ago Imus trying to look for days and I really. How way back in 2012. So five years ago thanks. We talked about this it was in Forbes and it's I have woman by the name of bad Jessica had ideas that at contributor. And it's and I love it it's the six people you need in your corner. Okay USA person. So the number of number one it says I'm nothing incredible is accomplish a monster you need others to help you and you need to help others. So with the right team you can form a web of connections. To make these seemingly impossible. Practically inevitable. South first one is the skin had the investigator. This is a person who should have six people the investigator. This is someone who pushes you or make you think. Who motivates you to get out and golf and try and make things happen. You want to keep this person energized. And enthusiastic. This is the voice about inspiration. The next one is the cheerleader which of course loved each year. Cheerleader she is the person. This person is a huge fan a strong supporter and a rabid enthusiastic for you and your work. Worked to make this person rewarded and keep them engaged this is the voice of motivation. The next one is the Dow order. This hour Idaho Alaska and now this is the but this is the devil's advocate the one who asked hard questions and sees problems before they are eyes. You need this person's perspective they're looking out for you and they want you to be safe as as it to be as safe as you are successful. This is the. The next one is the task made master. This is so loud and belligerent boys and demand you get things done. This person is the Steward of momentum making sure deadlines are mad and goals are reached this is the voice of progress. The next one is my favorite that connect your car. Even connector of the person this person can help you find. New avenues and new allies this person breaks through roadblocks. And finds ways to make magic happen. You need this person to reach people and places you can't. This is the voice about collaboration. And community. And the last one is. This is your mentor. Your hero your northstar. This is the person who you will seek to emulate this is your guiding and to date someone who. As someone who's from presents acts as a constant reminder that you too can do amazing things you want to make this person crowd. This is the voice of true that's true authority. Here we go six. People you need in your corner and every repeat them see in the B investigator the cheerleader. The Dow what are the task maker that connect door and the example. South I just think that they're neat they were and and you when you look at what I've read these I think about people. Who do that I do have around me dad I could now that I deliberately picked some. But said they fit the category of us how you. Have someone in every category I don't how good. In my mind ideal but here's the beauty of when I say this I have. A few of them I am before few of these I have a few people in that category four back so I can always. Go to them for that kind of like yeah and and some of us are well it can relate to people like you and rose. And JoAnne framing daddy are people and Dinah even done a bar Betty should Adonis like my cheerleader too but you guys are. People I go to all the time for action I won't do something without talking to or out what do you think about this because I want you give me feedback so. I think it's so important to find women and men and not as a woman I think its own sport to have those kind of people around you. And because we all need that. And as women we need to talk it out we need to you know see what should we do we need to hear we need to verbalize. Ice so it's so important to find those people in your life and and get them involved and what your man are woman doesn't people year round job. Good refresher yeah again so okay we're gonna take a quick break we will be right back you're listening to the Larry in my shop. Here is lowering inland. Good morning good morning. My name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Carefree finances for baby boomer women. And it's available on Amazon.com. Yeah. Here we go. And they know what now do you forgot I'm so used to being first and welcome welcome everybody. I'm Larry can and the owner Larry ten enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And Lynn as I'm looking up at the monitor I can see both of our vehicle just gonna miss error I love it anyway go ahead. OK so I. How recorded a podcasts this week hunt and that's another thing I. Packed my my interest can't be too long but in any essence that is something that I do. It's called power of the purse podcast and it's available on iTunes. And yesterday I did an interview with a woman who's in California. Her name is Michelle baker and she's just an incredible inspiration to people she. When I was looking met and listening to you talk about. The people in need your corner. She is definitely the investigator. Here somebody pushes you beyond your comfort zone. But she has been through hell and back I mean it's one of those kind of people that. I I am still amazed that when it when I talked to her and understand what she was hurt went through as a child. In his completely amazing to me this seat is the person she is today. But she told me that she didn't because all these. Courses that she does for people to help them see what their life's purpose is and then to have them. Live their lives purpose whatever I could days. And to say it's been she doesn't by using what she calls a vision board. Had enough you're familiar with those for the yeah. Like to get the big white board and you put all kinds is yet fun and you dreams and what if you are good and end. What you think you're not seeking kind of figure out what's the weighted where the way to go yeah. And she. Said that when she first started doing no herself. She realized that most of the pictures or what she was putting my fondest dream board. Or sayings. You know she wanted to have this or she was to have fast. And she says she realized that even after having yet there was still something that existing home. So she does these. I guess they're called seminars workshops webinars something like that and she leads with this question. Clicks and I know you've heard before and I have to but it just for some reason really hit me yesterday when she set it and she says that she starts by asking. What would you do if she knew you couldn't fail. If you knew that you couldn't fail Amy meeting as a career or in general in life. What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail. It's a great crisis. They're good if it is. So I was thinking about that for 24 hours. And and and that I just I'm kinda stuck I don't know what my answer would be. Well there's so many I know what you get any news so what happens when you have so many times lets us okay. I think the point is underneath all that there's a common theme. Of the stuff that you wanna do so. In her case she recognized that what she wanted to do was too. Provide this kind of information. To as many people on the planet as she possibly could. And so what she did was she actually. Bought it as she says. Every conditions are V. And she's gonna set out in April. From Austin, Texas where she lives. And start going around to conferences. Where. She can pull her arm via in the parking lot. Again I have the attendees to the conferences. Come out I'm breaks and do this kind of workshop with her. And I said that's sounds bringing kind of. I love it it's like a food truck yeah exactly as I 'cause thinking you know these guys that are flooding to hit. You know rough real line then we can do this for a couple minutes and it's it's great what will she do with them to blood donation board thanks well I know you know that's how she's so she'll have all the props and stuff they need and she's gonna try to help them see hills and understand better what stage and what they're precious did she give you any indication of what some of the questions she asked to arrive at that big talent. I know but I didn't have a chance to really get in on that but she has a wonderful web site. And her name is spelled a ME. SH. ELL Michelle. And last name is baker for. And eighty anybody can look her up consumers' fair but. I was just so fast they run a question because they're really stopped me and they just stunted because you agree it's thought provoking. But it also multi facet informant I would miss fitness and diet and I think says it's for me the simple answer would have been. What what I do if I knew I couldn't fail I think I would. Create a multi media brands. That would specifically. Target baby boomer women and help them to understand money. And gets a handle on it so that they are not left out in the cold. I'm in divorce situations it retirement planning. When Oakland especially. For job loss so sudden that feeling of I don't know what to do and out of nowhere to go because I don't understand money Obama blah. I would love to give them that and that would be through multimedia. Type arrangement which I read my eyes I started to do anyway. But I think I would do it in a bigger grander scale. And and do something like that so that's why I say I would do if I knew I could fail because part of me is still run around believing. That there is some. A thousand that's on a 1001 reasons why I can't do that. And I and I you know with Hillary's I know I. And is she says those of that's a self limiting conversations most of us have yeah because that's how we're race and not just women but anybody. I mean in any culture that there is a hard. And and one of the things she had. She offered when I was talking about dissection that had to do was what you learned about money as a child. She said to me that she knows she's a woman of faith and every time she would go to church. She would hear the stories about how the money's the root of Ali Indiana and she said you know after. After getting that. In your brain for a long time you begin to think that there's no reason for you can't do anything that would generate that kind of money or she get it you have to give at all back. And she says then I realized and talking to a lot of people that it's not money is other regularly vote in swing he loves the money yeah it's the group home. And she says that's a whole different scenario. But she's so spend it and other reason I was connected to her is we're both working with a woman who is a a consultant that's specifically targets. How to get corporate sponsors and these are national corporate sponsors. And so she's looking for this to be that what's gonna help her take the bus as she says. All around the country. And her dream is actually have a big bus. Clearly a big processing contrivance moment I kinda like the bookmobile on union and it that they kind of thing. Yes Jesse DLC that's an Ali I don't know. Crucial gathered in a foot she's the most optimistic person I have ever met in my life and there's nothing against her down Powell to shape she's I think maybe 35 allegations out there country. And actually. Crew out issued kid. Snow see growth in some urban environments very nasty urban environments she says to me come. My my life is an open book. And so I don't have any problems saying this but. She never had much money at all but she was an entrepreneur ocean's thirteen to three jobs three businesses she was doing. It was a baby sitter. So you actually made. Cupcakes and cookies. And had her mother. Take give orders and she would make him and distribute marijuana to Wear it to her mound worked she was also. A seamstress. And she says never do everything in my family all the women knew how to make clothes so she says I may closer PayPal. And then she says she got to the point where thirteen years old she started to feel like. She was. Being mocked all the time by her friends because she did this thing greater difference to be a thirteen year old hunter for norm. So she says I just success comes at too otherwise and I I stopped doing it. And then she said I graduated from high school and got a job at a local. And I wanna say it's kind of like a RadioShack thing. Kansas. Was listen to some guy boyfriend at the time who convinced her that there be no harm in the collecting. Credit card numbers and using them. To do whatever they wanted to do was simplify things so whenever she's so I didn't know any differently and I did and I. Got penalty and I and I spend what she's saying African how much time in jail time. And and came out of that and got herself. College degree. And then started working in sales and some very large. Fortune 500 company. And it was doing this is sitting the six figures and income really loved what she was still owns a lot of traveling. And then her sister became ill and she decided that her sister needed or more than that so she moved to Austin, Texas brought her sister. And got her back on her feet. And her sister was one account for the idea of plants survive the bus and go around take care people I love it. So it's just a great great story it really is it's a wonderful inspirational story that's me so I designers say that that's a great question they ask well which. Do you maintain what I may. What we years I'm asking you did you have many faults and I figure out what you're yeah they I think you'd like to deal for. Well nabbed the Oprah but I would love I would love to have if I had I could. I would love to have a my own production company yes and put bin build in Scranton. And have. That's kind of business right here to do. All of what needs to be done production wise and have it here and employ people and bring Mac kind of excitement to Scranton Pennsylvania that's exactly what I would do. How exactly does she would ask is what stuff. Right now I'm a little bit of money go flying and that's what I'm saying that's always there's issues until I know unsafe. Okay well we are going to break for so think about that everybody yeah. What would you do if you knew we'd be doing what you say. I will have a wonderful weekend again we appreciate you listening every week thank you very much for that. And will be back next week so had been good weekend and good week. And be safe and please be nice. Guy.