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PA Auditor General Eugene DePasquale

Mar 9, 2017|

PA Auditor General Eugene DePasquale with Webster and Nancy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well the commonwealth of Pennsylvania essentially don't have two Nickels to rub together here you know when it went all the bills are paid still not even close to all the bills are paid. And one man who thinks he may have an idea that could put a dent in some of the debt. Is our auditor general on mr. Eugene di Pasquale mr. di Pasquale thank you for being on our show this morning. The academy in little bit disappointed in the week long weather report. But I have got it got huge parades in the weekend in Scranton Wilkes-Barre but anyway. And first of all thank you for being with us a big fan think you're doing a great job that you've done a lot of really good stuff and and and you've also looked into what's going on in other states where legalization of marijuana and we're talk and recreational because we know right missile is coming here. But you looked at other states and you did analysis. Of what it would mean to this state if we did the same thing tell us a little bit about what you found. Well that nobody state and federal legalize this. And only one and so does state that happened through ballot referendum were the voters could actually put it on the ballot. So this is in the case where I think the the of the politicians when it comes to regulating and taxing the recreational marijuana use so. This. Particular this particular thought was doing it the best in Colorado. First it is the bill brought in last year in recruiting them and assessed tax revenue. 129. Million dollars that's a beat what's important note also cut their costs because they're not drawing people in jail for recreational who solicited illegal without throwing people in your support. They also created. And about 181000 jobs from this to the right thing to keep in mind and welcome to the side of Pennsylvania. That he is. Be conservative you're looking at maybe about 30000 jobs. And about 200 million dollars in revenue and not wasting police officers time cracking down on low and Melanie has. Right now are there reliable stats I mean what do you say to the you know the naysayers in the hand ringers who say while your knowledge slippery slope marijuana soon to legalize that remain gonna be locked. It looked to publicly known and by the what I do I do get a you know does understand sort of the miss on this issue first of all we we had illegal alcohol sales assists cigarettes. And another to actually significantly less addictive than than marijuana that today. Beat. In the actually sound from legalization. That seeing usage drop. So you go from you know that you have the bomb in street corners on this stuff and actual. This person whose license that is their business on the line the idea of selling to people below the legal age. Then becomes a very big threat to someone team come so that scene usage actually went down. That's a distinct from my gut reaction you once being a teenager. That the relatives not illegal it's taken away as well. Think they're they're very insisting wait a Lebanese that about it. Yeah its so I'll also have and we can can we look at the fact that obviously the money that would be going to a drug dealer. As you mention right or is going to the state so we're also putting drug dealers out well maybe not out of business but a part of their business they'll be making less money. Look at if there's one thing I don't think get everyone in America could a Gruber and I know we're in very consistent political times put in there and they failed war. In the history the United States it is the war on drugs and so. I mean yeah brought about. Managing this issue and I'm not talking budget marijuana actually me and I would not be in anyway you know support of votes cookie and cracker onto those more harder and significantly addicted very dangerous drugs moving toward legalization there. But I think marijuana is just in a different category. But how he's handled this whole issue since the sixties and seventies. I mean it is did it. It's been the most failed war in history the United States. Now we're talking with in case people are just tuning in Pennsylvania auditor general Eugene. We could make money for the state to fill in some of those budget gaps by having recreational. Marijuana and not meant not just medicinal. Marijuana to concerns. About the attorney general of the united stay it's because there are some concerns about whether. You know states can have these rules but will the Fed stepped in and get inner in an inner fear he's gotten mixed messages yeah now you're in a lot of yea marijuana recreational marijuana anyway from Washington nowadays. But he wrote personal I mean you're you're putting is well taken and it. Each session decides they're cracking down on stage with the voters themselves then made it legal. And they're operating under appropriate business licenses and I think going to be the biggest domestic policy backlash in the history the United States. And that they'd be you know all of I don't wanna you know had Pennsylvania held back because the crazy ideas from Jess sessions. I think we've got to keep couldn't on the table. That but but the first point which is. Actually if you're right I mean center sending mixed messages so he is one thing that I think we could all you know talk about what decision. Never used they're actually Republican congressman from Virginia. To his credit is introduced a bill. To decriminalize. Marijuana at the federal level so that get off of those drugs that the attorney general would have the authority to enforce its I think that the way to tackle decision yet. Few people but again I'm not saying it loud but very few people think this is something that we should be feeling our jails where it still at a minimum we can put pressure on our federal federally elected officials it's the support that legislation. So that the fat so that the German general doesn't even have the option. But trying to throw people in jail for marijuana use to. Hundred million dollars for the state there are people who would Kuerten who would say. But are you have pretty gonna do with that money is like is it just more money coming in that we're not spending while I mean so they have concerns about you make more money but is it gonna be missed spent. And that's something that again you you Taki your legislators and governor I mean I would want would say that something that you Google warned that you leader helped Jerel or public education. The government talking about early hinting about them finding ways to increase gambling revenue. What thing on them are our toes in the recreational marijuana waters now what do you see happening like what what the next step in the RR is being embraced her people tell you that's crazy talk. And in the public is the feedback I've been getting from the public and I'm not consent to a 100% complete it we know there's not been a 100% agreement. We're getting overwhelming support for this is the DN com I was state lukewarm at best some elected officials but the important idea on the table let's have a debate. Now we have go of course we're getting negative feedback right now all from a couple of people I'm not saying someday I'd probably the majority of our listeners would agree that it should at least be looked at. But we got some new Texas marijuana as a gateway drug to more addictive drugs what do you say to that. There's actually no evidence of that and it in the states where they've gone through the legalization the answer is no armed and fact you could make the argument that that's cigarettes and then. That more gate way op experience since then marijuana. Nobody is ever old overdose on marijuana and did not addictive. And so but that doesn't mean and I'm not here to Alia that it is a 100%. On an issue and nothing negative. There are positives and negatives with everything in life everything and this is something that if you regulated and taxed at. You actually have the ability to manage it. In a much better way to we're doing now which is I think right now power and organization now has failed. The other the text message we just received here and I guess this would probably be a matter of perspective but it's as ask why they don't cut spending like I do when there's less coming in. Well that and that's that is there's some issues where there are mandated to actually increase spending on the net health care and education costs. Five people and by the way I get it you know. They're actually had been a lot of spending cap proposal that have been put on the table. And the governor and legislature gonna continue to look at that's for one thing we content governor Corbett was when the cut actually happen to people didn't like it. So you say if we are able to do something like this you would of course encourage lawmakers like you said to put that money towards either health care public education. I'll bet a lot of people are cynical can as we hear about all we gonna get gambling revenues and property tax and wobbled so you know people are very cynical. About a lot of that stuff but another text message silences a deep as wiley for President Clinton and. I. He isn't the issue that appeared in the hall when the White House. The times a week in politics that's right after this is an edited by the way I don't I'm not sure my mom did your listening. A somebody says it is addictive they have citation that neither and I are you know. And I believe marijuana and can be psychologically addictive but it's not physically addictive how many people get over the years and. Who's that desperate act actually. There are people that can become socially addicted to it in an at any I'm not sure that's the technical way to describe it psychologically. That's that's. But it is not chemically addictive the same way cigarette and the people that had the obviously genetic trick to be addicted to alcohol. So you think that side now that where I getting into medicinal marijuana do you think this is just naturally going to happen do you think it's just gonna be a matter of time. He's on this is I want to debate that happened now I think the longer we wait the more states around this'll take advantage of which. Think in the lesson in a competitive advantage how. I do believe this is something that will eventually happen I'm convinced that it's in my mind the only discussion point would be worth it happens not a. And now Wally we've what you said just now reminded me of. When we had casinos in New Jersey am that was in right remember trip to New Jersey they were great guns ever do this letter to see us are well thanks for being with this auditor general Eugene and di Pasquale for Pennsylvania with us this morning and I keep touch will we'll keep talking about inched issues that affect all pennsylvanians. You gotta look forward to check me on this thing Brian thanks for being here.