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Mar 4, 2017|

Saturday March 4, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. It's time for Lori and Lynn. Does don't you we do. Lottery in Atlanta on W lie okay. Hi everybody good morning good morning. How you doing. In my car and I guess. First hang around there. Kisses to people here. There worried. So yeah. I don't sound great I am not well. Had a well Patrick has been sick so I know now you've got to yes yeah and yeah it's just not good because they're very. Sound crazy kind of thing it's not just the coldest since so much more than I thought. Just keep your self medicated and key moments that area now value can no local. Fast so he's been. And I was in Philadelphia yesterday. And I have to report does so absolutely. Beautiful day it was. 72 degrees. And there were two trees that actually the word. Blooming and along the river and I said this is this is just not right. So. Blooming here full well what they said that the cherry blossoms are we supposed to blonde today Al Roker said I between the thirteenth and fifteenth there's some minor foot. 14 to seventeen and the earliest ever earned last year some day was the fifteenth of march. Well fed in DC you know that's just full bloom we hope it you know. Well as I was tulips are coming up before my day after Dell's Y two yeah it's really yeah this. All of the front you know the walkway and yeah my house I have tulips and there are starting and I always love when I would see dad and I still do with a little bit early but. There's I love when they just. Do that's great though man yeah there's so cute and I'm so happy because then you see green and I have green leaves on my butterfly bushes and stuff it's it's. With well I hope they don't all die race weekend with single I don't like I'm calling Ferraro. Now that's marriage crazy but this has happened before worse no one stops us a little snow is OK though and I underground in the hole does freeze I know I'm now. We can kill everything via I'm whatever it's going to be whatever it is Alexander definitely knew that I. And we can do about it yes so where else for his week and I excellent at different places and I hate I'm no car I did. Released really sleep okay operative word yes I'm very yanks and I hate owning cars. Water off because if something didn't value decision I don't fish. The parking lot there would let all funny everything he has. So that's what I mean I don't wanna known verse asleep at that right I just just Lisa's it's like so much better but anyway. Yes I eleven in the guys over Ken Pollack did a great chance forming right across the way from here yes. Bill barbers who might salesman was and he was great and and some. Did well and EPS of 2017. Babies very. So yes happy happy but like I said it was sad giving up my other I don't know as far as yeah. I I always just think when you win you know some cars when they're in there and they treat you well it's yeah it's a little you know. That's kind of the fear the unknown with beyond that no one you know we need to don't know but she did and I'm happy it's mean I love it so far and I'm happy good. And we had Sunday we had deep pink elegance goes Hollywood and the am. Black wanna. Apparatus and let go and a station and it was great we had a good time and when we come up next we have differ ERA one source coming up in the next after this session. Section will have George Cindy and hearing he was there with a bunch of his friends who actually live in depth the place a little so we'll talk about that for a minute so in in between his stuff. But we did have felt we had a lot of fun and it was a good night for. The common foundation and and raise some good money and Joanna between now. And Brendon stoking Julie Jordan. Dialing what he Marion care mirror as mayor Brenda cause or Mary and Carol my name's Mary Carol. Donahoe but she cousin marrying character. And Kelly. Authority from the Branson and valley meat we just have a great team and it was so thank you to everybody who came. And participate because we had a good time so that was on. Sunday from Hank and and I remember when I did this and then this week tonight today last year we you're listening on Saturday. So all weekend is dinner by design at posh and the Scranton cultural center to benefit the plaque on historical society so if you think about you wanna don't see some really cool. I'm tables gates and decorative stuff for your house or parties or any of that please stop over. Either place and see what the designers decorators Florence. Event planners have to to show you gets into place us yet this year we did too. So some posh and and they went on we started it was at the cultural center and alone then we moved it to posh and this year we were able to combine the tilt the larger. Type this situation. Aaron would larger type settings are at posh. And the more the smaller event will be the smaller type settings will be at the cultural center. Her. Yeah I would have thought that they can't Wear helmets now. You don't think that so Mandela playoffs tickets where you get tickets had at the door fifteen hours to get him to show up either place. Okay. I'm so I don't think that. And then we have to Saint Patrick's Day stuff coming up in the course last week we we talked about you know Hillary speaking. So we're all happy about that things are gong cradled outsold Alia. How many tickets were available. I don't know exactly 600 on any yes something like miles yes perfect. So I'm I'm looking forward to that as Al museum. Good night out. And what about you what's been gone nine your life I. I've just been a fantastic. Wealth all last week I was taking care Patrick can still taking care Patrick and me so he's still sick yes. India's. I don't I don't know. I think it's just been tough. That I said I went to Philadelphia yesterday and then I was. Happy to be away on a day it was just so nice it was a great danger dry mouth and then the crazy wind but. All day long we were supposed to have this severe thunderstorms and all his business going on offense. And there was nothing I yeah I hear a thing now some us and did port one point I when I guess I wasn't around to see it but I didn't I have didn't sit down. 'cause Yankee fans like Saturday that. Wind yeah but in the rain and hail yet yeah it was I was lives are. Unbelievable. Don't and we were in Pittston township because we read bowled well yeah and we in Pollock and we saw what looked like a funnel cloud. Yeah definitely it was started in Pittston township. Not yet but it went the other direction but yeah now we side. Wow so it was really scary. Anyway what we have Jesse had phone I have thought you know the my favorite day AARP. Magazine. And one of the things that I know people always talk about is and we talked about a million times here. How. So many baby boomers are so ill prepared for retirement because we have so much. That when you say ill prepared in means that. You're gonna maintain your current lifestyle. For whatever that lies. But I think another way to look at this and the reason why I like to say things like this is so people can still have a great life. Depending on where you live that could make a huge difference. And that's when the lead articles that was earned them. Derrick this is an old 1 October November of 2016. Was called great places to retire on 40000 dollars a year. Stuff that's that's not outside the realm of possibility for a lot of baby boomers the 40000 a year could make a pretty good life. So they found five places. None of which I would never think to goto because he's just don't even know about them. But they were places that had several criteria. Live what they called the live ability index the average being fifty. And a population of over a 100000 people. Average from housing prices. Sunny days per year. And that kind of things you can do in the areas that are free. And then that what they called a five bath what what kind of vibe was in the area. So given all those criteria for the the first one they came up let's play Sheboygan Wisconsin. Have always heard of Savoy against Canada like a joke field for most throw away places to Coke to. But apparently it's on the shore of Lake Michigan. And it has a win ability index was 65 well above the average surface state. The population is a 1151000. People which is similar to this area. Median housing prices 127000. And there see talent woodland sculpture garden filled with mythical and historical figures that's one of the free things there. And the five business livable and lake front. I'm. I never thought that no that's another one is Abilene Texas. That had a 51 liver ability index. And comedian at the population was a 168000. Housing price averaged a 106000. 243. Days a year son. While. And found crease after dark the second Thursday each month increased museums free roof top film series. Okay canonize his old west with new blood. That's into sand. All of us okay another one is fort Walton beach Florida that's another woman ever heard of it's in the panhandle how can. And that one has. 226. Sunny days a year even. Less than Texas. Linda millions x.s 55%. Population 258000. Median housing price 208000. And it's solid and then they say the vibe it's all about the beach. Another one that I was surprised influence here in afternoon. I was surprised about this one found another when they may. It is Cleveland Ohio crowd pumped penalty. I'm a sunny days camping up there. Then now they have the votes they live a 160 actually is okay the median housing price 124002. Million people in Cleveland and now. Tony Snow around acquiescence of so we're drew Cary memories does yeah pin. Some fans and the time is boomers colonials Renaissance he loved it there I know this is this is some. I heard of this kid heard about it I mean I've heard people say I had no clue obviously part of Cleveland's. I just think people have been talking about that how wonderful lettuce and another one they have here is. Eugene Oregon. So I know or against a great place it's very clean and you know that can't sunny and no I don't know if only hundred he actually said dozens of rain refrained. Ramon wouldn't Scranton found can be in one of those thing don't you think you could live in Scranton Pennsylvania and 40000 downs. Yeah it probably kind CN but I am not that you would have you don't live on either alien act well. I don't know confirmed I don't think so he can be positive about it. Wealthy yet that's neither knows or doesn't divide didn't have the so McCain by five in Eugene Oregon. Tie dye Birkins Imus and the great outdoor I love it cut up the that's funny fed is 40000 yeah that's it so I thought is that you combined for one person. I think it was for couples that's the thing says al-Qaeda cells and I was since criteria. So it's not bad for me in the housing prices are really good and if you can do and I'm 40000 dollars a year you can have a very nice I get away nice and neat. Says it's all right well. We are going on you know and I have to tell you I saw. No called Sonoma both add to Russell's the other night. And it was her birthday did you know it was a Brenner ONE eight to February. So we have to say a big leagues to be related but a nice big happy birthday to know called Sonoma who is one of our. Guest experts say she is the president as I say the grand Cobo what do you call because of the grand Hamas Hamas and I just in the two big wave the whole nine yards that's V wreck or veterinary referral emergency Sunday south patty USA and coffee. And we will elated yeah we will be right back. With mr. George Cindy and pose representing ERA one source realty and we'll be right back you're listening to them. Our election. Eve Saturday morning a little Korean live now. L'Oreal and. Good morning good morning how are you today wonderful thank you. Good. You're all stuffed up with your new car hand in hand for sip tea. My name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book. Coal power of the purse fear free finances for baby boomer women. They'll on Amazon.com okay. And I Lari cat and the owner of large cat and enterprises is just a fund raising PR and special events business and as I said earlier we have George Ximian in the house here. He is a realtor with ERA one source and Tunisia and Sinead I have said joy each year earned today baby so here is helping us out. We ERA he has sat seven offices intend to. Counties have. It has about a hundred agents are as I like to tell you Linda we say every month she gets a hundred more so it's idea they let her keep scrawny after it was only now they're my minutes ago about. So anyway George you said we are talking about black. LOL. Lack of listings. He has crazier now of course spring. I don't know if it's here it's not here earlier he can. That's actually good today it is no I today dangerous thing because there are a lot of buyers out there but we don't have a lot of listings and there's. Of course certain areas where we need to go sings one of them being the having tens. Which is usually the best seller I think there's SATs came out today in the paper where and once again having tonight's number one cell. And you don't they say George don't buy a house seat by a school that's out there and also Charles really yeah hernia. I'm different. Hunt and that was my favorite line of the guy that some parlance bowl and he was the president the bank and worked for and he that's always pleased to say yup but don't buy a house in my school that. Streak have come flour soy and Taylor that anymore regions where they need you know what they need to be what they need to do and in doing very search. Coming into the area so most of the relocation business of course. Is going to be Abington stand there's a lack. I would say probably from a 150000. To about 350000. That price range. Anything over that like 500 mark should be an hour days on market is this a lot longer. But what's interesting this year and I'm hoping it might knock on word on. That because the stock market's doing so well. Yeah I'm hoping that betrayed. People then yeah that we have made money in the stock market and are gonna take themselves to the next level. In housing content. I see it happening a little bit parity we have. Your house is under contract in Lamar both of them in the 900 arranged. So. That's that's good that's a good sign so we're just hoping like the lake front picks up the second home market kind of thing picks up. And you know kind of positive while most positive about that of course I think rates are gonna stay interest rates are gonna say the same for awhile. So yeah lack of listings so you know so. Or you're saying is those that if people do the you know they in the train up then that block of I'm housing between now 150 to three are kinda that the areas where people would go take the plunge to jump up to the next level and hopefully then open up some of that market that's sorely needed is that. We're hoping now wells well I would say someone does send a 150000 dollars out untraded to have 500 yourself when I just illustrated to 300 the end here and I'm saying like. But. It it's such an advantage for those people are now because first evolved carrier and ours is only in 2000 market until May end when things are. Green but just have to realize at that time. My good things agreeing right now yeah Alabama Arizona blade again but and a am I always say and this is kind of one of my spiel Sino land. Is. In May your have a lot more competition yes okay so you're actually beating the competition right now. And the fact that there aren't a lot of houses on the market you know don't miss a ball I think it's you're planning on selling. Now's the time the. And it is it's in me I like this time anyway because those are right throw. Like he did as I said what is the fall market which they always say the tenure and to the holidays and as we say all the time people never stop looking even though it is. Holiday time they don't tell me I always like this time because it seems like it's just a wider. People are looking longer and more seriously I think at that point they wanna get in because they if they. Change school districts George Wright they wanna be an unsettled so the child can start school at the end of August or whatever it is so that's sort of that's it it's a good time there really is so how have. I am as far as the relocation services and and all that stuff just to explain what explained to everyone what that actually means a relocation and the. Total relocation is. Think it's taken care of usually by employers where they're relocating to the area on right now we have a few that are coming in were disguising yourself guy singer. Lorie further now on we give them every Furl feed back. And you know then they start search X other signs were our real estate agent traditionally. It's one of the franchises because Gerry called anchor and century turning on our own good our parent company Israel Agee. So they actually own the three franchise is a lot of people don't know I don't know. Yes me mom so it goes franchises. Get 90%. Are relocation business coming in okay. And going out so someone was selling. And they were all leaving with some are back serves. Again we have should. And we've we get most of the operative here we have the opportunity. To go in and give our marketing plan to sell the homes while. So that's how works. Yes and it's neat lend because what happens is these people come men who are in higher levels. Usually and that's package comes with them when they are part and the earned their their one of the perks. And then and they are able to save this company this is who you go with an air they know exactly what's going nine. Who you why and how do what you need to do and then that care is taken. I'll buy one and the agents assigned to that person to me and make sure they're able to get their house because they have to buy something because they're relocating to this area. And the same is true someone who has since relocating out as George said the listing can happen in the same way south. That's always a good how much how much activity. Like that. Do we have in this area of the homes sales on for the year what what percentage of them would you say are from a freelance. I would probably say. You know I mean are. Local market is and you know this transient as and I'm metropolitan planning room I would you probably honestly about 20% relative hurry ahead and that's. Yeah it's amazing he get what I find really interesting journey I think to a degree. Being hearing that that it's there and how many more people actually. Aren't doing it then you would even think happened here happens in this region I never realized how much it's used George. It it's at as much as it is scars in this and it's a good service it's a great thing because. Indeed they you know they need to do if they're serious they have to get settled. And they eat they are already cleared to deal with the company they've hired so it's it's really good thank you. That would put whats also nice about it is say for instance. The ruling I have a I have a client that's moving actually to New Mexico. And ice when I said terror warrior working with an agent down there. And I'm now working with an Asian one certified residential specialist so of course I helped her with someone down there. Can someone that you know I researched and you have to. The first always try to go with someone within our within our franchise I knew but if I'm not happy with the person you know I do my due diligence and make sure that. I checked this personnel and see what kind of you know. So I know the only kind of properties are selling it there for is if they're doing for closures SID agent that I want I can't make people sell. And they love that because then. They feel comfortable that person they don't feel comfortable that person you know maybe I mean. If you're not comfortable with us every night every when he's fine if so then will you know will guide him along to someone else. This is and that is the important stats the relationship part of real estate that so many people don't necessarily think about there's so many facets of it. Then you're agent is able to help you with cash to at least give you some. Some comfort in going somewhere else. When you have to move so my hair and his personal hooking up with them and Faneuil you know see what you think about things in the good feeling. Good to be able to do it. How many am companies are there like that. What we're really relocation and I do enjoy what government can do relocation and I mean really here well. Highways this specific companies that doesn't do that he had AM and the franchise is alignment of the mountain pass until it they don't well I guess they don't they every time my CD. For real estate transactions in the newspaper. But there's something I don't understand maybe you can explain this to me. Let's say you know. Mary Jo and Joseph Jones are selling a property for 300000 dollars. And they sell it to some company is cartoonists or something had a that that's okay. Haitian media lens company caritas turns around sells it to somebody else for exactly the same amount of money. Why isn't what you need to caritas in between there. Well first of all it's before the liability. Of the seller. Gives us sit there relocation service. And basically the relocation service sells it. To the buyer but they don't take responsibility for the integrity of a home at that point that's the way I'll die. They riot they sell it is immediately if it's done immediately but most of this because of liability. Like for instance when we listen house with the relocation. The buyer. Fills out a seller's disclosure from the seller I'm sorry fills out a seller's disclosure. On but then. The relocation company fills out a blank seller's disclosure. All right so the buyer is given the one made the original seller stand by artists paint president Carter's for instance would be selling again. So has federal liability thing they wash our hands about it. And that's the other thing about using a broker with an eye about using it. And real estate agent to sell your property is that you have the backing of the company to support you when you're doing this so much like having a seller's disclosure sign because that tells you. In the best of the sellers knowledge what's gone on in the house and if there's issues after you have that paper. And that yes we did didn't know Bubba blush it's that you're able to have the backing the company to protect you from her home. Which is the we didn't see me in that's the most important part of us. Real estate transaction. I sound. You can ever plugin for something yeah I. We're starting a new business I don't know if you heard about it foliage Utah yesterday. On and it's very dangerous and it's going to be called opulence on spruce. Main focal point are they do is I go into a house. Whether it's and stayed whether it's not an opera and house there's a lot of things that might be worse. A lot of money. Antiques. Waterford crystal. Sometimes stories sometimes. Accessories but there are things on the house that. We feel we can get money for for these meanwhile more money so we set up it's kind of an operating consignment shop. Com which is really cool because also. Eyes I've got into houses where I tell them okay you have too much and here you have like cats too much going around saying he's got rid of some of that size. Bottom and it might be something classic like I listen thousands of Amara she's selling her grandfather's clock. You know so nine times out of ten sometimes we're not able to take all lead into our space but we're gonna create a service where. You know I I buyers looking for been dining room we kind of set them up together but the space downtown we're we're doing them a lot more accessories. I'm we are doing everything is is high end and we are doing some limited so we are now men's. Clothing and accessories and women's clothing and accessories by. If I am stuff when's it going to be open January 17 the good Ole saint Patrick's desk. Mark Dell and I. I think in well yeah. I know I'm sorry that. Are those who are inside the count quickly tell them that we can talk more about that next time to cause Moran and attended George tell them that that they is location how someone can get that the informant in there just information about yes sir Charles Bruce. Our office is also linking located there and let people know the location as the old. Colin short story yeah so that's so Werth scoring to be and you know if anyone has any questions on it they can just email us at bats. Opulence. I'm spruce at Gmail that car there we go on the right and good luck with that. I should OK George thanks for and none of pinch hitting here for the girls we appreciate that. And did you love there assess Sunday Obama Geithner is very okay thanks for your help could definitely make so much work on something extra math and he's a straight. Hi we will see Sony but we're actually. We have one more. Tell us yet one more we have our what our lovely Barbara. So will be with parent and two minutes and we'll be right back you're listening to Larry mentioned it Saturday morning with the Korean DeLeon and. Lori inland. Good morning good morning. How are you I'm fine how are you knew in good welcome back you're listening some are human shall I am Larry cash and the honor of my canned enterprise such as a fundraising PR and special events business. Then I am Linda Evans and president and CEO of. Northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Fear free finances for baby boomer women. Available Illini Amazon.com I'm writing our times hey sorry my bad you get your shoe and we are here with CS AO ECD yeah me how attorney Barbara JR parent who has been practicing family mocked. In several million counties. For the last 35 years he's he's 36 CIQ we're always know what what's the data year anniversary virus I can't. Finally burst into pioneering a citizen I can practice since the 1981 what how long time now sophomore he. More than a lot of people that are listening unemployment. Me how innocent clients are in my life I'm Anbar show is the I'm now a partner with Hughes Nicholson Altera. Mine east drinkers street in Denmark and she's here to talk about a lot of kings simply find it necessary to tell you about because she is in the midst of all these things and knows more about the bin mouse how can still. What I wanted to address today is is an issue that I'm seeing more and more. And it's grandparents' rights because what what you're seeing out in a lot. A lot of cases is that the grandparents are now taking more of low Crennel role or more of the custodial role than ever before. And what what's happening so what's happening down in the counties is that you do you have a lot along with the appealing problem. You have a lot of parents that are not caring for the kids an are either. The kids are taken away by children's services for taken away by the courts because the mom or dad has has a drug or alcohol problem. And now who's gonna raise the children. Well at least on a temporary basis a lot of times think the children will be placed whether it's through children's services or through the courts of being placed with a grandparent. And that's happening more and more. Because see you do have so many parents with their own drug and alcohol issues or even if there's an allegation of neglect and a couple of cases where. They're they're saying neglect or abuse by a parent and where should the tango. These might be dependency cases which is where it's just the opposite children new services gets involved. And says we think mom or dad may be abusing the child and we're going to place a child either in Foster care with a stranger. Where with grandma or grandpa you know maternal grandparents paternal grandparents. Because that's where the task going to be most comfortable. So in many many cases to easy grandparents taking care of of young children more earnings. I've been doing this for 36 years I see that more often then. Then I ever have in my whole career said grandparents are now playing such and instrumental role in in a child's life. So. You have those kind of cases where the child may be placed in grand parents' custody because of a drug grandpa how problem but then you also have a cases where. Hey mom and dad are splitting up. That children are in the custody up mom I'm dad's and dad yeah I'm the paternal grandmother. She's not letting me see the child. So many have to look and say what's going on between the parents and it may be that you had an underlying fight fair and maybe US. And paternal grandmother. Can share in some dad's time if dad's getting the company to weaken alternating weekends. Then. The courts don't want the grandparents timed to interfere with mom and dad's time. And with everybody working and the kids in school. It becomes very difficult to now say to Parse out the week between moms and dads time and various grandparents' time. So always I tell a client end it's best to share in your child's time so that if it's a matter of he has since the children not on the weekend and don't see the children when your child has passes the children. There's didn't statutory change number one when you as a grandparent if you don't already have custody of the children by being placed. Or may be you know they found your child overdosed and you went and got your grandchild so there's no court order but you have custody of the child. The court always looks to see does that grandparents. Have the right to sue for custody. So that's what's called standing MI in the right party to be suing for this so standing is defined by the court. Is is are you the parent of the child. Or are you custodian for the child is the child placing your custody or are you a grandparent. Cleared the child to live with you for twelve. Twelve months. Are you a grandparent is that where you're taking care of the town because of the drug or alcohol. Problem or placement. Issue. And look at that so if you're a grandparent just listening to yes and you're saying well I'd like to see my grandchild more. You have to. Number one you're gonna have to prove too quickly you fall into one of the categories. I wish she would have seen things you can't just say in airline I'd like to see them more and I'm going to go winning get get more. There were times where the court was more forgiving there was a statutory change because it used to be if mom and dad have broken up if they're divorced or separated for six months you as a grandparent can billion. That was found to be unconstitutional last year because they said well wait a minute why is back. And we're not letting people from an intact family. Do so if let's say I didn't get along with which you know might my parents or my in laws. They can't come come into court where there's no divorce or separation of of the family and just say I wanna see my grandkids more. And increase our NSA freefall lets everybody sue just because it grandma's not seen the kids even though you're in in an intact family. But do grandparents' rights have to have rights have to involve the loss so. Another words what about a family wealth all of this is. Can you go to court to get right well that's okay so that becomes a loss and automatically and a well if you bring it up okay so let's say. Let's say your your son head. Has I'm a child. And the mother of that child is saying you know lines I'd only glory in their four I don't want Lori had any time that this baby. So then you look to see what custody racist your son already has. And can you sharing some of the 'cause he writes that your son already has and he might at a situation where you send us an exercise at all and what about grandparents' rights where there is no divorce they just. Choose to pull the children who have been part of your life but for very long time and because they're angry they pull them away and won't let them see you do that does anyone like that at any rights. Larry well yeah. After falling to one of these categories to say don't let go and I don't miss this this and this in their life before I deserve it they look to see what was the relationship okay so let's say you had no relationship with this child. Years ago there was a mentality in the court system of this is another person is willing to love this show I correct and they were mortar. Forgiving. And then noticed at that and now they look insane and does Laurie can have standing. Suited to it as a grandparent. And we're not you would have to satisfy their standing. That the statute. That defines enjoy fall into any category says the child live with me for Japan for twelve months just to child had a relationship with me for twelve months as a child from place with beef fruit. For any period of time have I stood in local Prentice for any period of time. That's when you would need to prove to the court so it's not just you know I don't get along with either parent and now I want I want time. So. It becomes a tougher thing for the grandparents is trying to work out something on an amicable situation. But once you do through that too that litigation process you efficacy order. I patsy orders always enforceable at the time by a judge that says this is the time I get. I get the second Sunday of the month from two to six car and if they don't. Then you know if you go to their house and if they don't produce a child. You can call local lured law enforcement say it's 2 o'clock and the second Sunday and I should have the grandchild and if you don't then. Sometimes it's the local police will help you and sometimes they'll tell you take it to. Take it up the court system which is the contempt so then you would go in on contempt petition saying cook your cellular and they did not allow it. It's an along difficult emotional process yes yes all of these things are. And I think we're still on one leg or her child's anguish right here is because god Andrew and hopefully have a relationship with the child and and that. The child who may very well be expecting. IC grandma Laurie fine on Sunday and I'm gonna Wear this pretty dress because she's gonna take me out to pin him. The American girl doll store and do this analogy I'm disappointed yeah and air the court always looks to see what's in the best interest of the child. And that there is still a mentality of OK finally it's is trying to make nice and there will always encourage you to trying to work that out. But the tough thing is you have people with emotional histories with everybody. And you know play daughter mom or mother of your brainchild successful I remember a time Emery wasn't so nice to meet. And she said this this and then send. Whenever people bring up stuff did you when I know he did well late split is there minded dust so when you're looking for an attorney to help you with Barbara yes is it good to get your phone so that you have a separate. Two A oh absolutely out okay because it away all of these things around the Syrian interest. So it might be that you say OK fine my my child thinks the same as ideal. Well maybe they do today. Right. Things do change and it might be bad you know and yours child then starts engaging in what you consider to be unsafe behavior. They're taking drugs and you say wait a minute. Now that I see more of what's going on with my grandchild. I see that there's a drug or alcohol issue here maybe that's not so safe. You are already a party in the air so. Could your interest at that point be adverse yes because it's so should everybody get counsel. They should and they do not have to come and in LA you think oh my child and I will never be adverse. You know. My dad did say that could happen OK now I want it to happen but he could have. And you know all of these are very hot button kind of issues. And you know may be viewing your and your son had no no disagreements but Denny takes up with a woman met. Thank you have some real safety concerns then all of a sudden. That would be like to ask yes ma'am fifty K it's terror when you're involved where you seemed order. Yeah which she is gonna now. But what I can be reached. My office isn't done more. How can be reached a 5703447171. I practice and lack wanna lose earned Wayne Wyoming and Susquehanna. And I've been doing this for 36 years. Snow and highly qualified. Thank you thank you very nice for more than a million counted and I said that he can. LA just how you know I am so. How are these changes are these and and this is a good. It's a very very changing it's changing field and now get this changes in the statue but there's a lot of changes in society and I know. And society what after my goodness has changed a lot with social media from hernia and they are for the worse. Because people do instantaneous responses when they should hold their tongue. I just feel so sorry for my grandchildren who'd just keep getting bandied about. You know when. Her parents who put so much into their you know Wednesday it was hard for them to just. Not because that's child's play for even the IVC the child that like to grandparents are so. It connected me I know raising my children was so she's good for me to have so many of my like my grandmother was around my mother sure I'm my kids got you know. Dad intergenerational. Sort of I'm now doing a wonderful things are I don't thank me because they see the whole structure I know that's also important. So maybe in the hunt and play with mom but I could talk to grandmother yes maternal Yale thing yes I want to add the density much healthier than them so well. We'll just keep doing barbecue don't your good work we'll see as the months. And I guess everybody has UN under a full weekends thanks for listening everybody. Police say fans please be nice happy march happy much that I.