Maximize Your Health

Feb 25, 2017|

Saturday February 25, 2017

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Following is a paid program the views or claims may not necessarily those of WI okay staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar chassis just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Jane ghoulish this team. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now they maximize your health with doctor Dan ghoulish SD. You were listening to maximize. Your help with your health coach doctor Dan and bullish just easier to coach you guide you in inspire you. To reach your full health potential so if you have health questions today I'm here to take those questions and help lead you down the right path. And helping you to build and restore your health naturally we talked diet we talk lifestyle we talk a toxicity how to eliminate toxins. How to function matter gain more energy in these stress right here on maximize your health. Again if you're looking for more information about the program we have our podcast channel on my website. Triple W dot Nepa doctor Dan dot com that's and EPA DR DAN dot com where you can tune in online. Or use do you have health questions you can submit your questions to me through email. PWR Cairo at That's PW armed. CH IRO at Well as always folks we have an exciting program planned for you today and we have special guests April Redfield with us today from young living essential oils. And she's going to be sharing her testimony and her experience but how she takes care of herself and her family. The use of these medicinal plant based oils so we're gonna get into that here a little bit later in the hour but just to give you an idea of April had her own set of health struggles of one time where she was dealing with an autoimmune condition. Dietary protocols. But using herbs changing her diet and using these young living essential oils east plant based medicinal oils. She was able to radically transform our health so she's going to be with us today and she will be here to answer some of your questions as it relates to the use of the young living essential oils. But before that we have our recipe of the week for raw chocolate I'm going to be sharing that here in just a few moments. And we have a seminar coming up better clinic on Thursday march 9 at 6 o'clock April who's going to be with us on today's program to perform going to be giving you a little bit of a preview of what you can expect to learn. During our essential oils 101 workshop so this is a beginner level workshops so if you never use essential oils or maybe you've heard. You've talked with some friends and family who Busan before but you're not sure where you should start this is a onetime event that you don't wanna miss the free event but again it's register registration is limited because her space is limited. So if your interest should you when a caller clinic to sign up for this essential oil class on Thursday march 9. At 6 PM the number to call 5708293580. That's 570. 82935. Eight to zero. And so. Before we get started here I just wanted to share article this past week we had our. Healthy heart workshop and we had a great crowd on hand for the healthy heart workshop eyes were open end. Health healthy lives where where were where there are people are ready to make these changes to help build their heart reverse heart disease and it's early stages. But one study that I just came across my desk this week. Was found from the American journal of clinical nutrition study was done at saint Louis university and that discovered that both dieting and exercise because a lot of times a common question that I masses dock which. What should I do what's more important diet or exercise and my answer is both but this study that recently came out in the American journal clinical nutrition confirm that it. In fact it is both. Diet and exercise there is no one superior. To practice in the other so you actually put both of these in the practice you wanna make both diet and exercise in a new lifestyle for yourself. And for your family so modest weight loss provides powerful protection against cardiovascular disease. And that comes through eating the right foods. And moving your body effectively. Does a corn and head researcher Edward Weiss from saint Louis university and the researchers analyzed in the study how the change is effective indicators of cardiovascular health such as blood pressure heart rate and other markers for heart disease and stroke. So anybody listening right now you have high cholesterol you have high heart disease but yet you haven't. You know put your best foot forward yet and looking inward and becoming more proactive with your life with your health take this as a wake up call today. This is what you need to hear this is what you need to begin to apply your life to developing healthier lifestyle it's it's changing your diet and becoming more fit making these things hitting these into your daily practice. So again American journal clinical nutrition discovered that diet and exercising was no better than diet and exercise alone. The research doesn't give people who have lost weight to improve their heart health licensee eat high calorie junk food or have a sedentary lifestyle. So let's say you eat well but yet you have a sedentary lifestyle or. You you worked out seven days a week. What you eat poorly you're not going to reverse or keep heart disease at bay in heart disease is still the number one killer. In our culture here today in the United States and according to studies 80% of that is based upon our lifestyle choices not our genetics. So that's another. Excuse a lot of people use white runs in my family so therefore it's a pass for meat to sit back and not do anything. And I'm just bound to get it eventually and that's entirely not true so when it comes a high cholesterol high blood pressure we talked all these deaths during our seminar workshop and if anybody who missile workshop. Once and seen the video the video is actually on our FaceBook page we FaceBook live to. Our seminar this past Thursday so if you like to get viewed the workshop. And you don't have access to the PowerPoint some things you can simply go to our FaceBook page. Can go to even do that one of two ways you can go directly from FaceBook like power chiropractic health center doctor Dan dollar chassis like our page and you'll find her right there are pays the second ways to go into our website at triple W dot need both doctor Dan dot com. That's any EPA DR DAN dot com and they're you'll find the FaceBook icon and almost shifty right to our FaceBook page. All you need do is that the life like button scroll down and you'll find the video from billion healthy heart it was a one hour talking. That we did with power points and notes and that you're taking questions from people in the audience so this is a a great opportunity for you if you're looking for moisture naturally lower blood pressure cholesterol. And it's just more. Confirmation of why diet and exercise are are in the forefront at preventing heart disease it really makes a lot more sense folks and it's really going to save you a lot of aggravation and a lot of money and time. By evening. By moving yourself into a preventative health model now if you just see your family doctor they're not gonna take the time and to discuss diet and exercise with you nine had to attend to a nine or ten and a ten times because they're busy in there it's just diagnose and treat you with prescription medication. But if you're looking to go the extra mile and our clinic we'll do one on one health coaching nutritional counseling. Bubble created fitness plan for you or if you just have simple questions you can send your questions now through email PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRL and Or to set an appointment for a health console. You caller clinic today at 57082935. 570829. 358021. Now it's time for our recipe of the week for raw chocolate and I was. I just got a taste this. Here in the last few days and one of our practice members brought this made this brought an end. And this is something that's really simple to make folks but it's healthier the most in the chocolate that. Your grab an off the shelves out there at the gas stations and and other places. Because it doesn't contain anything artificial. It doesn't contain any dairy and gluten. High sodium none of that actually has heart healthy this is a heart healthy recipe right here it's a heart healthy dessert so the recipe calls for 13 of a cup of coconut butter 13 of a cup of coconut oil. 13 of a cup of cashew butter 13 of a cup of a rocket cal powder. Four tablespoons of organic maple syrup and a quarter teaspoon of Vanilla powder and a pension sea salt steel melts the coconut butter and oil in a double boiler. Whiskey in cashew butter cocoa maple syrup Vanilla salt and import into an eight by eight this. Wind with parchment paper and then you won a freeze it until it's firm and then what you'll do is to cut into very small squares maybe about an inch. You know inch one a two inch squares. And and then once they're chilled. They do Mel rather quickly see one eat them pretty quickly if you don't plan any in the right away I would refrigerate or freeze them to just maintain their integrity so there if anybody wants a copy of our our rock chocolate recipe or if you like to subscribe for our weekly recipes of the week. You can send us an email right now at PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO at Or before we go to break we introduce our special guest April Redfield from young living essential oils are one of its talk a little bit about some vital functions of vitamin. It's very difficult to acquire vitamin. Which is why sunlight. Getting outside getting our son our skin getting a little bit of a pink tint or are gloat or skin from the sun. Is the right the best swayed to to get vitamin. This time of year especially our vitamin DR sun exposure is is almost nonexistent if not the very limited. So nine vital functions of vitamin. Most Americans are mean deficient in. We need to from the sun and in fact now researchers showing that vitamin. 200 different diseases. So what are some vital functions which areas of our body which systems do we need Bynum adequate vitamin. Number one is our immune system. Vitamin. Less sunlight means less vitamin. More likely that a higher likelihood of becoming sick or expressing symptoms. Number two is your skeletal system your bones it's well documented. And well researched and vitamin. Not only are they being prescribed the wrong type of calcium. But it's not being properly explained that in order to absorb calcium you need to have your vitamin. You can't be deficient in vitamin. It would help lower risk of fracture. It world by taking into the right levels of vitamin. Okay so the next system is our muscular system so our muscles work by contraction in relaxation. A muscles ability to contract is essential to a strength in response to outside forces. Vitamin. Your age your sword that might be vitamin. To stay healthy. Vitamin. 88 if you suffer from asthma. Us GO PD. I would have your vitamin. Research demonstrated an inverse relationship between vitamin. In other words the lower the vitamin. Causes the corn area arteries serving the heart to slowly narrow and hard and which can speed up your risk greatly of cardiovascular disease exes are kid near Reno says some vitamin. It helps regulate kidney function plays a beneficial role in treating kidney disease next is our mood. This is part one in the most powerful. And most well researched document documented studies on vitamin these effect on the body. Low levels of vitamin. And when vitamin. 2014 study. The positive effect vitamin. Next weight loss and finally cognitive function shores or vitamin TD can actually increase your risk of dementia and alzheimer's later in life. So my recommendation is to recommendations number one if you're uncertain if you suffer from vitamin. If you suffer from osteoporosis. If you're suffering from depression if you're struggling if if you're suffering from asthma. Your muscles are week in mean these are all you know you're getting sick frequently your immune systems and I would highly recommend first. Setting up of an appointment with your physician to have blood work done to have your vitamin ST one of them to fall between. At least 25 to thirty gram that 35 nanograms per milliliter. Okay that's 31 align most people are under that he only wanted you to get that up. A lot of the prescription prescription vitamin. It's not the natural form a deep three that you get from direct sunlight exposure so what I would recommend them the brand that we uses something called garden of life and if for an adult anywhere between five and 8000 IUs a day is consider completely normal a vitamin. So let me immediately goes to work to your benefit to help. Build health over time. And to get your. Vitamin. That in a healthy range for a child you can do between 2004000. IUs a day but even your kids you wanna be your kids checked because what the upper respiratory infections that the asthma with the digest of problems. A lot of it stems from vitamin. So view of how if you've questions on the subject you can call me up right now five Simoneau 830098. Or 1804370098. Also you can email me your questions. At PWR Cairo. At That's PWR. CH IR oh at It's time for a quick commercial break when we get back LB introducing our special guest today April Redfield from the young living essential oils were going to be giving you a preview. Of ar seminar coming up on Thursday march 9 and you'll also have an opportunity maybe you've had conversations with your friends with your neighbors that your church at your school. And you're looking where you can get started maybe there's certain conditions that you're struggling with senior just curious you wanna get some more feedback and build your knowledge based. How how you can use therapeutic medicinal grade essential oils. To help prevent health problems and build or restore your health over time you can call us up 570830098. Or 1804370098. And will be back in just a minute to help you maximize your health. Power chiropractic health center is a northeaster pets. Sylvain these leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in the correct is how. Chiropractic care for all ages Scalia is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching that's. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement eats we utilized top of the line and not sabbatical from. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can co Q ten it. It's suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest in ill health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better healthy 293580. We were with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR DAN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road looks. Dating back to the administration of Robert. 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Welcome back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan gaullist Chesapeake here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally and in just another minute or two we're gonna be introducing our special guest. On today's program paper read fields from the young living essential oils she's representing them today she's going to be sharing with us of how we can begin to use these medicinal. Plant based oils. Into our license how we can begin stocking our medicine cabinets of home. Rather than all the pharmaceuticals. On the drugs in the hills and and the things that usually come with some very debilitating. Side effects. With no side effect plant base oils. That have healing properties behind him so she's going to be with us here today and we have a great event coming up on Thursday march 9. They you can sign up for it's a free event that's called essential oils wanna one you're looking to gather more information more education and how you can begin to implement. High quality therapeutic grade essential oils this is an you don't wanna miss going to be Thursday march 9 at 6 o'clock to will be sharing of how you can sign up for that. Has ventured today but I wanted to say today sponsors house of nutrition. They're located at fifty main street in loses earned that exit six off of route 309 expressway in Lucerne county house of nutrition and alternative grocery organic vegan bakery Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies. And fairly trading guest house of nutrition inspires healthier living with healthy choices be sure to like them on FaceBook house of nutrition. Or a few health if you have questions about. Products they have fresh produce they have grass fed beef they have. Good grass fed pastures exits a really great place to do some healthy shopping for you and your family they're opened today on Saturday from 10 AM until 6 PM Sunday 11 AM until 5 PM Monday through Friday 9 AM until 8 PM again house and nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices and we think house of nutrition. For sponsoring this program. Of maximize your health. While April I wanted to welcome you on to the show here today. One you give the listeners an idea little known little bit about yourself your background your family you know your mom of three kids. Three young children and lots of sniffles and sneezes and kind of give the listeners and ideas they aluminum background about yourself shore doctor Kenneth good to be here with you this is a subject I have. Lots and lots of fun talking about. We want to welcome to show here and he's gonna listen to a background you know you had viewers you're struggling there at the time with your own health with with an autoimmune condition. And you started you know looking to your healthy sort of become more proactive with your health. And for many health problems so why is give the listeners an idea here of who you are and you know. Well it's good to be with you doctor Dan. I've been absentee for awhile and so it's fun to be on here essential oil to the subject I love to talk about because I love I am based. Mitts medicine I love herbs and with the nutrition and I love an essential oils. So basically. Kind of got started this whole world. Over ten years ago my husband was having health issues and he was going from doctor to doctor and nothing must really addressing it the only solution we are getting this cortisone shots. So how we had a friend who offered to take him to the national Catholic doctor. And after a month of doing her protocols he was doing phenomenally. So I read everything I can get my hands on regarding natural health. And then later on I ended up with a autoimmune condition after the birth of my second daughter. And it was no fun at all and I just scratching my head flocked to prayer lots of Reading and I finally came across a dietary protocol. And with that it was her first within a month and this is after being told my doctor there's nothing could be done. So I am and made a passion and stronger in the dried even harder so the might that he liked to say the most would be nutrition and herbs. And I found so much promise in Nam and I would use herbs and things at home apathy and stuff like that treat my family. And then on the scene came essential oils and they've been around for quite some time but they didn't catch by catch my attention. I'm until parlay hold out for four years ago. And I thought OK is this a gimmick is a 30 let me look into it a little bit. Until I started using them. And while they are a very valid form a game out arm of plant based medicine. So from that point on I am just starting using many different brands many different types but I. I came to really enjoy and love and find the potency and healing potential. In the young Redding royals so I am I used them consistently used the model tying. So why don't you ID give a little background you came you're a crossroads in the you know essential oils are becoming a popular subject out there and there's a lot of different brands out there. And from what I've learned and I've I've had some a little bit of training and essential oils above the it's by no stretch and an expert. Which I'm really excited to attend this workshop coming up on March I think you're going to be leading had power chiropractic health cern wilkes-barre. Two it is it's to be very informative very educational but. Why don't you give the listeners an idea why you selected the young living essential oils. All right so that was. A brand that I had to I had been using amongst other brands so I have 22 distinct stories on my mind you ask that question. On the first one is. What does a little funky and weird tossing them for second but the first and is I was I always have my royals on hand and one day was burned to Imus them. I was cook and I burn my hands pretty significant and I sent off that's can leave a mark so. I usually running grab my my lavender oil and unfortunately I was out of the many web site and buy a different on the for a good deal at AM at a health food store it was a decent brand. It's supposed to be. I'm very good so I put it on my burnt and it did not stop the burn affected irritated it's even more and it up and ended a bubbling what I know in the past if I have had a be staying or a bug the bug bite or any burnt. Young see easy winning lavender it's Suze that and usually does that bubble up that off. So I just like man that's interesting and as I used them I would see these things quite a bit and I also have friends. Let's helmet surgery she said yeah I used that same brand the number and actually never 1 of the ever am. Speak poorly about any other beat any brands at all but the city's sprint nexus defusing an ancient getting headache. And I thank you don't have the same thing that's supposed to be a really you know reputable company so. Time after time these types of things that happened Riley trying to. The results of therapeutic human missiles are you living that I did not find with the other brands. OK so my weird sir Harry don't. Com. Price about two and a half years ago I was breaking out in hives rashes on my body along with other weird random symptoms like I had three nods. And she. You know knowing me start researching and I go on an odd and you protocol diet and I and stick with it for a month and every Arab I can think Evan nothing is touching this and I think my goodness let me until. So I prayed concentrates like gotta gotta gotta help me out here cut deductible listen very very high cost of 5000 dollar per person. So to get testing done must not really tough financially good option. Site I bought from a digest a blend I'm not gonna name the blend because I don't want them. Any complaints he issues I I thought they just a blend. I'm and one night I felt slightly bloated. And I printed on my stomach. And it didn't think anything I just it for the gloating well the next day I woke up and I are transaction. And into the bathroom and I had passed. I passed a salon round form so I know that sounds actually discussing an I'm sorry. That and sleep that but and that in and of itself when I eight for disk and a lot and I took a big threatened you know ran yelling. The senate like holy Toledo I know exactly why that happened that digest a gland had I'm Teradyne oil which is very anti parasitic so I knew he passed a excellent. Brandon good blend evil go into the system and we'll do it needs deal. So you the experience that the healing benefits right then and there and I was like your first breakthrough experience with the terror on oil for. The parasites they had so you know if that's. It's kind of a funny story but you know I'm sure a lot of listeners are laughing enjoying this right now but. Hey you know your body began to heal your body do what I needed to do and it was the oil that propelled it. In that direction so. From their Ford became young living. Yes as of the seed this deal promised while you discuss a little bit what you know I'm just basic stuff about purity and the integrity and how how young living wills or processor vs some of the other brands out there. Okay shore in order to do damage to go back once staff and I am going to tie it kind of explain what essentially is and then that will show you the importance of how it's cultivated. So when you think of oil some people out there may have dancing no status and toils and you're in your head your picturing maybe like an olive oil or a grape seed oil canola oil. They are totally different so those said he. Fatty oils like your picturing their. Played her on the plant that is food for and an embryo so you have a seat and that's a food to so that it can grow into a clean whereas essential oils. They perform many many functions with in the plant. And so and there are all the essential as our our followers to plan so you can get them from the seeds to bark leaves stems and roots. Any kind of pant. And I am. And has gone unless. Posted and processing the other remained bright so. What happens is when how you grow from its UK if you grow and a certain soil if it's a certain altitude. If a certain time of the key air. When you grow and you just feel that plant different chemical compounds come out into that I can't so there's some companies who. You know in order to make little less expensive. Let's say lavender for example. They might grow eleven to plant and steam distill it for maybe fifteen minutes I pressure that will give you something that smell some like to lavender. But if you were to grow lavender properly into civil properties and has every single one of the compounds needed to do what you wanna do in the body. You need to have at low pressure mean ECB still for at least an hour. So eat. For the young living goes through. Very very careful processes to make sure that. The number one there's no synthetic fertilizers chemicals used on the plants. That there arson distilling the right time of the year and that the distillation process happens. I'm gave very carefully so that his department time to permanent pressure. I cannot cutting corners that you get every single chemical compounds in there so that's good therapeutic healing going off. So you're really getting the real deal when UN when you're talking the young things and I've I've started to use a little of government for you know a headache. For entitlement about the RC oil which I haven't tried personally yet but have had a few practice members use it and reports that does the better amazing benefits of how that can help with allergies and sinus trouble on things like that. But that's why folks you're getting the potent the most superior oil on the market here with these young living. Essential oils ordered to take a quick commercial break if you have a question about. Essential oils or which ones are good for certain certain things and you wanna ask and ending get some feedback from myself or from April feel free to Colin right now 5708830098. Or 18043720098. Mo we return we're gonna be discussing how these essential oil support our bodies. More gonna talk about the different systems different different types of oils different ways you can use these soils. I'm the remic get a little bit more detail about the upcoming workshop on Thursday march 90 essential oils 101 workshops will be back in just a minute to help you maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Sylvain these leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself Doctor King dollar just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching and one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement eats we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold flu. 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This is WI OK powered by Sherwood Chevrolet into uncanny PA stop by Sherwood the view full lines a Buick GMC and Chevrolet. Now back to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dana ghoulish SD yeah. You were listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan go English desk heat here to help you gain victory in your health. By applying simple and effective action steps that are proven and haven't practiced today and hundreds of years prior. By millions and millions of people across the world. To help stay healthy and well it's about being proactive and not reactive. And before the break we have our special guest April Redfield from the young living essential oils with us today. We've been talking about the quality of the young living in comparison with some of the other brands out there. And we're gonna get into kind of a star are you starter guys starter kit here a few minutes she's going to be sharing kind of what she has her medicine cabinet and home. And a couple of examples of how you can begin to implement these essential oils to help build and restore your health tonight. First we're gonna go to the phone lines we have Monica from hazel to listening with us today. How are you unit Monica. I'm doing fine thank them again can't figure action come that you're still. Oh we're 0113. At west and rode in Wilkes-Barre. And I am Jack slash spending coming in on Iran. Yes you wanna think anyone north. You get off of the mountaintop wilkes-barre exit the black and street exit we're just a few turns do you have a GPS. All the output into a good week again to what really aren't going to be now open. Oh there on our web site. How you define them right on the home page or there do have our web site. I'm gonna do that I can tell I'm proud to show I have. Okay. And bad that anyhow. I have a and I can you slash follow it and not help my walking back. I'm really into vitamin and essential oil literally being intimate kind of come back. But I I would admit they still are and maybe make an appointment wish you can pan. Okay what I'm gonna ask you to do is I'm gonna hang up with you now you can you can actually leave your information with Jake our producer. He'll take your name and your phone number down and what we can do is I can have somebody from my office call you first thing Monday morning and we need you set up for an appointment how does that sound. Can I get very hot. Okay you only got an apple news mobile somebody from our clinical call you wind wolves try to decide if figure time when we can. So you could maybe arrange transportation how you can get to us between. Now on Monday morning. The I had to let go here but just all right thank you may I have your number here are. Yeah we look forward to serving in the near future thanks Monica picked you have a great day so back to our conversation here with April. We are talking about the quality of the young living essential oils you share a little bit of back and about herself she's a mom of three she's a teacher says she's like a lot of you listening right now. And she hit a cross it was a one point her husband had a health crisis she had a health crisis. We got to the root of and they got well naturally. Without drugs and without surgery which is so common in today's society especially here in America so. April YE you know we we talked about the CDC a promise he tried and had some experience with the other brands out there weren't successful. Sar with a young living brand and Denise are using these are stocking up your medicine cap new home you know for yourself for your husband for your your three children. So we give the listeners just some. Idea of how these essential oils support. Normal function normal wellness normal healing. Okay now that this is such a big topic but I will try to condense it make it easy and fun. So as a missing the fourth in the Clancy essential oils have many many roles. And I am one thing that they can help do is they can help put the regulate growth hormones so let me in the plans to I have to have the same effect on humans. So there are such wells that are really good for supporting our and you can system. And I love the black blend personally I love and deflect it smells great smells like almost Minty and I read that daily. Humbled and my thyroid my drew a glance I know that that has I'm kernel oil. And now Maine and something that really helped pass the end of camp system. So I'm another thing that essential oils do with in the plant is they really support the plant immune system so if you think about it plans out there growing. And they are bombarded with bacteria and viruses and fungal eye and things like that. They can't call an actor for antibiotics they have to deal looks like not so the essential oils are what kind of help because microbes. Our bodies they do similar things they can support our immune systems tremendously one Glenda I actually love for screening system has to she splint. Many people probably courtesies thinking thieves is sound that number one product from younger I think it is Atlanta Austin and then clothes. Rosemary and lemon and eucalyptus and together those make a really really. Nice supportive have to essential oil what I do personally I like to put on the bottom of my feet at night or my children I diffuse it. I'm in my kids I feel like their respiratory systems are not due until hot they will get. Don't get thieves in the diffuse or. I'm also I personally taken internally now that's a subject that's kind of controversial on. Everything has an opinion I think you re different aroma therapist you're gonna get every different time depending on that. Let me purse plant and a three sets I feel comfortable doing it carefully cautiously and done. Only for acute. Issues I don't do it constantly I don't think any change. Anything done constantly as far as essential oils internally is the best idea. Because your your liver and you can least you have to process it but I do use them internally for acute issues. I would now. Just to kind of just interject here as far as side effects go have you ever experienced any side effects or to your knowledge your kids anybody your family personally from using these. Us is they are so potent they are powerful and they do have healing properties I'm have you know let's see. Okay Eminem I'm Jessica crash and a mansion and two parts. The first part is I do wanna address that you had said about how potent they aren't they truly are very scary I'm concentrated. The two I numbers I always hear aren't what did you put peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 bags of peppermint tea so you can see the potency or. Rose oil for example I always hear this. This number again and it takes 5000 pounds of rose petals to meet one pound of frozen oil that was a very very expensive and it you can see why. But because of that potency you have to use them with care and some some caution. I'm especially with young children. But for me personally I had not experienced any kind of sex except for if you use them on diluted. Certain oils can have a burning sensation to the skin but if that ever happens you can use. And other oil like of a vegetable oil like we are talking up before I just keep all of black pocono when you put it over and that would dilute on the skin and the burning will go away. Yeah I can't think of any others I check in her. Yes those things very very minimal you know when you turn on the TV in these young pharmaceuticals and even the over the counter medication that people have been sold. Ability goods to say that this is what you take when you have XY and Z. They have side effects Tylenol for example can lead to kidney problems long term kidney failure if it becomes say a common practice over many decades. An aspirin we know can actually increase the risk of heart attack and stroke in people were told they can baby aspirin a day so. But you can there's plans plans are living organisms out they're just like we are living organisms so by using the power of these medicinal. Oils extracted from the plants. These go immediately get absorbed to go right to work in supporting a healthy body to restore normal functioning ailing back to the body. So would mean it is so exciting saying to see that. I take place now some of the other oils out there even going back to scripture. Frankincense and are I mean he's like you mention with the Roosevelt Camille Little pricey but. What conditions are you know frankincense like how would you use for eggs we talked also about using oil stop Oakley and what would you say what are some of the best ones suing just internally and then we can talk about the defusing hermetically. Okay well I'm just start out that without him letting everybody know that if you want to get into essential oils. I'm these are really good questions and their tough funds to answer because they hoyas active community and every person. And if you are prescription medication and it's you know this one story a few young child if you're healthy adult. They're all different time story so. The nice thing that I find about young living is that you can get some really good reference guides. I have two very large funds that I use and I like the Bible and essential oils with one Imus called a reference guide for essential oils and it's by Connie Ann Allen Hinckley. That can be purchased from abundant health before you and then number. As the number four not spelled out. Another one his and essential oils desk reference and that's my life science publishing. Now that and has the research unit as well so for every essential oil he'll have some research in there. So if you want to if you have certain conditions and you want to few essential oils to help them. I have a suggest purchasing at least of one reference guide and death. I know doctor Janet his office he has little mini guide that he felt. They're right there fabulous too. Right now and these are like condensed version of this and the Bible essential oils which you know we have the one of the big one in our office still. But you can purchase a little handbook like if you're just again looking what's good for wide in just a breakdown on how the royals are processor manufactured I mean the little reference guide horse race two dollars and fifty cents. And we have these available we have been stocked up on our office. We have the workshop coming up so we're gonna talk a little bit about that non you can register now for that that's going to be Thursday march 9. An essential oils on 1 April we're hearing now I guess our show here today she's going to be leading this class. And it's going to be much more DTL we're just scratching the surface here today folks. So this is something if you have nothing going on on Thursday march 9 6 o'clock and you wanna register this is a free event. Our seating is limited so you wanna call today to register and hold your seat hard numbers 570829. 3580. S 570829. 3580. For the essential oils 101 workshop again where 113 Weston road in wilkes-barre. OK so pretty easy access from 81 from route eleven from the 309 expressway are pretty easy to get to from all different directions across northeastern Pennsylvania. And downs are going to be an informative workshop I'm actually excited to come and learn myself like I said I am not the most well Mercer experience so I brought April on. April uses he's on a daily basis how much so I'm through with that you know why don't we just share you know. Internally which ones he'd like to do eat oils you like season. Turn only turn hit successes as a tough fun. Comfort and I do I go back to Franken since the final round I did pregnant is one of my favorite essential oils for me it just resonates so well. I am I use it multiple leaks of a stringent as is the one that it can be taken internally but once again I would always defer to a reference guide before you just start. You know I don't I don't recommend anyone taking anything internally until they have done their research and it's used. And if you're going to do any essential oil eternally happy very very careful once again about that the quality. Every parent company now has arms that essential oil bam bam I can you can go to Wal-Mart and buy essential oil if you take those internally I think he would cost much much damage you have to make sure. That they are a percent pure are nothing had a no synthetics so that things have traditionally used to. I am. I personally I can teach them to go back to for into the afternoon at the internal thanks so I do. Internally I will do receives every once in awhile if I feel all I am I need support immune system. I'm trying to think. And another tap the town's other I actually make a blend I I know which essentially you'll have some. I'm antimicrobial properties come out lemon essential oil yes it's a popular one tangerine grapefruit but those all adjustable. Yes. They are high and compound called and he let me mean and that can be very very beneficial for kind of clearing their sector sites themselves kind of found break it up some of that. We are exposed to so many different petrochemicals. So I take some such as whales apparently to embrace some of that stuff down and get out there's a blend called citrus fresh. And it has all this to soils along with a little bit of government and its taste phenomenal so I didn't water. I'm every once while I like me coming jello with coconut water and I always advantages freshen my kids absolutely love it come. Oh you're out. My guess this is this is this is awesome. So this is the stuff again that's going to support health Asarco and interfered these royals owner fair. And it's just like should we were just talking about some sort of citrus oils or greater just Orly I like to do oregano oil tell him we talk about oregano being anti microbial things whenever I am expressing upper respiratory types and tons viral type symptoms. You know feeling achy feeling the chills fever oregano is my go to. That's restaurants I was recommend it if you're going to internally and you're in a tiny capsule Ali's dilute it with some. I'm Ryan plan that the that the yeah yeah that's. That's that's pretty powerful so I finally here before we kind of discussed how folks can purchase oils how they can order these. How they can contact you for more questions and information. Let's talk about defusing dramatically. Most people think Waltz is gonna make the room smell good but this actually is is the way to go if you want to minimize toxins. These plug in air freshener is these these these other types of artificial air freshener is that are out there. Nothing beats a good quality young living defuse her. Oh my goodness yes that's like that's such a topic that I get a little worked up on if people understood it on some of that synthetic chemicals and the fifth fragrances of I'm these artificial it. Silly things Hewitt do you be appalled they are not supporting your bio all of tech they're tearing it down. So you your house is now that you could do it from the magical power plants and that's how I am. There's there's 11. Way I personally I tend to be a paper or person. And I love to defuse them to kind of set the mood of calming you and I also you know SS three children so I loved to be some calming why else. On and so I thought I was had to get a little guardian signs he would just want. But we have to ice systems and our body we have. The pair sympathetic in the sympathetic so in other words we have a fighter flight where we are kind of worked out. And in our modern times that we tend to be in this system quite a bit our adrenaline is higher cortisol high. And we're not and the other portion the rest and I jets which is so important to be end. So I like pack or something that I use is. Are essential oils to thank him myself back in the air so there's some that are really appeasing there's a blend called piecing calming that's my answer fever it's my Peter smelling but it also. Kind of brings that body. By those molecules getting things they are going into the brain. Hitting a certain section has his Olympic system that emotional. Calming system. He can on the body down so I love yeah Lang Lang has welts settle. Settling down lavender is the traditional one that people use say lefties as a bed spray comfort children trying to go to sleep. Found but for extra defusing I tend to personally. I'm due for calming. That's a person I need that there are some other really good uplifting subpoena mood uplift your. Citrus oiler great impediment royals try to pick yourself up as well. Fantastic so loud that's just again the tip of the iceberg of what you're gonna common experience on Thursday march 9. Add power chiropractic in Wilkes-Barre won thirteen Weston road essential oils 101 with April Redfield represented if for me young living essential oils. For a contact information for more ordering information of how you can get your. Pan your medicine cabinet stocked up with these medicinal plants. Base oils that are potent that are gonna go to work for you without any side effects you can call our office for today 570829. 3580. 5708293580. And we also hope to see a lot of you at the workshop caller clinic to register 5708293580. Try to time on the deck next week same time same place to help you. Dean victory in your health. My maximizing your health be well be safe and I'll see you soon.