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Feb 25, 2017|

Saturday February 25, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Lori and Lynn. Just don't you only do. Lori in Atlanta on the lie okay. Good morning good morning how are you. Special thanks to him I'm going well that I said. I. I'm between mr. Patrick aide to Napoli in your body. Haven't seen my husband but you know. I am and and me I think last night was one of the constant. Coughing and get up and get some MacWorld non and I can't Matthew get up to live and so I think and over the past three hours sleep last night. Well you don't look any worse for the Wear thank you buzz I feel like ten minutes falsely. And I hear you won't choose to wait too exciting I know that's true. I hear we have to. Two other beautiful brides and their troop raven haired beauty. And to come on there aren't they beautiful old they are we only picked beautiful drives around here have cats. So there really you know. Am well anyway I hope they're going to get better night's sleep the next well I hope that I'm your new mattress and every anti Zedillo announced. Hope this thing just goes away and I read don't want to settle land and become something that. Well there's only people around me there sex particularly well and as you know we read miss K don't mart tends. Kick off for the Scranton school board last night at the trip house prior to going out to dinner. And she was telling you that she was just so she made a terror speech without coughing because he has a bad. I'm all of her family does so it's crazy she says she thinks is on the other side as she is glad I was still without delay a cold is typically stuff is the last thing to sort of say bye bye. You know so yeah hopefully he'll be OK just yeah I am and breathe on me now thank you. Now I'm going to be of the minds says this'll just passed by the end of the day. I'm kind okay did we have finances Katie had a nice turnout is very I was absolutely. Shocked at the number. People that and a good hundred more than a hundred people there oh yeah and then and coming and going yes smiling what are you absolutely. So that's good for her good yeah that was great just I didn't really hear what she had to say because I couldn't hear what she may she was speaking about. The foundation of being and a hat and the importance of doing. Her kick off from the trip house of Scranton and the foundation that that it's the oldest house in Matt Bonner county and the junior league owns fits in the house and well it's actually on by the preservation of the trip and then what do I can't get all mixed up but. The preservation for that trip Stanley homestead and there's a separate 501 C three but the junior league sold it to them. And the junior league of timeframe premise saying something slightly ruckus is not Gil Martin is listening now she's like no masses but. Junior league did salad they actually preserve and take care of it do what they have to do is aboard but there is some things to do there is some. You know back giving to the junior league if there's an issue whatever but the bottom line is. I'm not that is trained junior league trained as Katie is as I am as I think. Kathy rapper is and I and I will go out on the limb saying that I thinks I personally think that it. It is one of the best organizations. I have some female run organization international that I love believe I am better for it. I am and it's so Katie was saying that that. Her foundation from the three pillars and her life the junior league shook her mom and dad it to be standing there has come. In at this home that they found as any good beginning starts with a good foundation and what she was saying is that leads into the school board that. If a child every child deserves a best foundation making yet. From an educational standpoint to be whoever they wanna be and get to the system in a very good way. And she believes she can make some ads you know some of her good ways have learning. And expertise to the school board. And it was a very refreshing way to look at the way he education is and how a child is formed due to education. Of course to Scranton school district with two I always say as. My one of my Fave is because I was educated in the Scranton school does it go as you know proud graduate of west Scranton senior high school sells it. And 10 YouTube you're Scranton central so I mean that's it's it's it is now things PL has changed and there's always complaining there's always this but I think if he gets the right people and the rain makes EU will. I'm make good to bring your insight I don't Ali say change the just bring your insight and therefore because of that it does make a change because. You create change you need today that sound is not a quote from someone. See the change I'm just what isn't it is change you want in your life or whatever. Yeah foolish I don't remember. I am really lowered their Mother Teresa so another combination. Smothering Angelo but you know. But we instantly it's just sitting there. It was great it was good to hear she's young she's energetic and she does a good job and I personally just lover so that's how. Well it was an interesting too for you and I just see the progression of that and her speak yes as we've come with her as she was C started by going to that event that was sponsored by the League of Women Voters or was this something that was no no no mercy as strand it's a group of women who I am Steve curb its wife is part of Stephanie. And started it too. Like progressive women on the exact title right but after the election women who wanted to get together and either show how to beat part of the change which is eager to do back. The back work of an election or to actually run yourself and how other ways that they could support each other. Come. And go from there and Katie who yells yes from there should play that media analyst would mean a parent. Lee I'm very. Something clicks and all that and then she went from Madison to run trust us and I think that's greatest wish more. Women would do that more women would get involved in politics even if I'm in a local level like this is falls where everybody starts usually. I believe that women. Who are interested in wanting to make chains. Should consider either being in the front or behind the scenes great and something like this because it makes a difference did it really does. And I didn't it just thinking what we saw last night I was shocked at the number of people that were there are so many of them were not. Residents of the city of Scranton. But they were so. Reporting Katie yes well it's finally nice hearing that and I Imus got done more resident here of clerks were whenever already in North Adams zone anything township. I'm so yeah I mean it doesn't matter because you're influence can influence people you know who live in the city of grammar and or whatever which is why he do that. So many people try as to help with us so anyway sure was good steps. That was a good time and then and then of course the other big news yesterday which you know everybody is knows by now but since we're taping on Thursday in this just happened last night you're listening to us on Saturday. It's big news today is that Hillary Clinton will be speaking at the society by Irish women's annual dinner on the seventeenth of march the and I'm kudos to am Virginia McGregor and I because instrumental and and getting her hair and two. The Adam is Mary. And Claire Kingsley and Jane try both sisters sisters Duffy from west side are they culled. The president's this year and won a major. Cool for them so I'm. Was talking of the boys to reach here pal Brian Williams. Brian Williams so I think I've got back from MSNBC. Ripley yeah. My arm he's going to be there which is not a new thing going underground. What he did he'd lost his anchors seeded and yeah me because of the lying and that could fabricating. Sacks. This. This started as an alternative to actually use that will mesh those all together yeah. And and it's like he's back and he's an end and been set MSNBC music great anchor I love the I have finally yes he was back oh yes for awhile I always wonder how he is wonderful. He added the other forgive some of those things you know and I angry because the way he delivers the news is is. Everything about a miss Israel I mean I like them. I'm so yes he'll be speaking for them which I didn't realize until later yesterday they're so good for them so we've got a nice sun cast of characters come in Scranton. You know all roads lead to Scranton land I didn't know that but yeah. But found its yes so all good stuff so. And we zoo shut out whoever Buddy Holly yeah mr. Dave fox and I saw me yesterday in Scranton cultural center NEC pains you show you kinds of funny I love listening that's just. So big shout out today and mr. mine Manhattan Kansas can say I can't comma Lionel but now we can't say why not yeah. President of the that chapter of the American wines you know he's executive director around the hole for a yeah executive director move content so he does a great job and he's a great writer and he knows is on. I'm bound to wind it doesn't days. You know and a mine and I know mountain climbing down a flyer and I guess that's that's kind of wine but anyway. Because I don't exactly. Well listen guys. Yeah it's an old lions and all that unlike any thought OK and you are going I yeah. Yeah place I am I am back to them I'm going forward I was gonna say Chris I. Easter and Easter they may throw slow yes I'm going to visit my brother Timothy. Who lives about and CNN Jupiter welcome qwest still with his wife and children while one is in college one just finished and she's back comes out. Yeah he's still got one of the beads around my twin nieces and there's a Q. Michaela McKenzie and I love them could I am. OK. So that's sick yes but I will be going to Florida and I am looking forward to it. Yeah well I'm glad to hear you say that again because you rarely. Do things like this and I think it's okay how I in this I was thinking Mathis ankle can't I go anywhere. I eat. Really love and I know this is gonna subs don't put your finger at you open your mouth and insert anger but I teach who. Really like what I do I love my job I love to get up and do the things that I get to do every day. It's an all the people I get to meet and they organizations I get to work for him be part of and I love this town. And its surrounding areas and I love being present here so when I believe. To go to another state torn curtain where ever it's like I'd miss what I don't. We do everyday I'm not a good relaxer so that doesn't know we don't relax well let's. And so it's but I will be a will be okay because my really wants to do it's time railing on and wild card. And you'll probably enjoy the hard like you said where you grew up in the morning in the past and I love that I love BS it's just those and I don't care what I do this it seems. The thing I don't like is the plane sassy air. And he's did you see today they were talking about some cheap perceive that you can get an airlines and then you know and and somebody. Somebody tweeted. Just Tommy in the in the bottom bootstraps and they're ramming Tommy in the cargo pit with a bag to print penis and I'm fine and I don't care how I have decided. If I can save money to get from no no. I know how are you saying you're going first club I am I thought so I am and there's no other way believe me because I'm not going Ellis I am. There's I age get I misusing the claustrophobia. And hope everything and people next you copying and can you don't know who it is because you're sitting with only one person and there's three in the seat and then the people in the kicking now. Now okay. Sorry but now. I'm an I'm a lighter note. How your nervous about a flight already which I have major fears around all this guy that's just adds to laugh at regular guy who are different completely petrified of that so that's the reason I'm saying I. Under normal circumstances I don't care about those those of distractions when you're already kind of high anxiety level for you out. Now I can't I'm sorry it's just too nerve racking. Think pitchers so far nervous about the day your coming how often. Yeah every day the tough I don't sign going up my aren't going down and I each of my when my kids are in the air I think come you guys. Because there there's only kill in my mind this is gone until they text me and they don't tax me and my did too. Are you home ice and then I was put thank god and make my mom I'm. Yet it's scary how. I did crap right now my eyes are already. Filling up with the fear I bet it's so ski it's a major fear. I don't get through it yes you can raven haired beauties in the lower Indian trail saying hello and I'll be back. We're going to take a very quick break here listening to. That paranoid driven are you can win offensively right back. Here is lowering inland. Welcome back everybody it. Here listening to large. Him and show I'm Larissa had no I'm the owner of Laurie can enterprises. Which is a fund raising. And special events business and PR and the reason I'm saying this is Lynn was chewing a cookie and she couldn't speak so I was trying to drag it out and interest on he speed apps via. I got my gas. I didn't have caffeine yet today. That one this is why they LeCroy an orange. Who don't sound like you're on your I do learn RI yeah and Clearwire. It's just pure and it's adrenaline Cisco has and my name is Linda Evans and I am the president and CEO. From northeastern financial consultants and for a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse your free finances. For baby boomer women can't be available on Amazon does come out and just Elizabeth podcast called power of the purse podcasts. So we know that's only got them shortly will be having. A TV network shows I love it. But I have nothing mayor so I think you'd expect there. Anyway we're here today we have two guest experts tonight. Which is a very lovely thing half than the first person we're gonna talk to today is still Valenti. Who is from. Tough fidelity bank sees the retail branch manager of the green ridge. Scranton read watch and she's been against her before tests and this is a return visit. And we comment sounds just say it was west I'm return visit on demand to cool truly wanted her bad. Yeah welcome JL oh Inky lesson I killed Lynn said I guess who's coming to my from fidelity and she'll Milan did. We're very happy and she also brought coaching I saw that and a cookie after I figured Chavez say those are the cookies and Lynn was eating wild week so clear as stressing forum. So is still. Thank you for being here thank you having me I appreciate you coming and good and we must talk about a little bit about your background because I'm curious to know. How did you get into banking. When I was in college I went to Penn State aid. Hi I'm I had a part time bank teller at a competitors think that I want to. I run and life kind of took me a little bit away from Mac because I I have my accounting degrees and they did some accounting and you know life went on got married. Got divorced you know the challenge found myself at the plane in my life where where did I wanna go back to infidelity was there with open arms for me I was a customer before I worked there and they were nearly aced me. So almost ten years ago had. Decade of my life I got a job and I Abington brands now and kind of worked my way up through the ranks and and then there for the past ten years my life. How long after administering expansion. I felt for years. Close call for a so so are you native food Thailand do not I am not I'm an army brat sorry. I'm home. I was actually born in Fort Campbell Kentucky. I lived overseas for eight years of my life in Germany. We lived in new York New Jersey about my parents are natives from Dickson city and Blakely. Oh yeah that's how I know that she's always been home to them. And an idea to me how long did you live in Kentucky flag. I think it was a year and a half and then we return we and the Tennessee Kentucky border for about two years so I'm. Every three years week. Think contestant moves up. So how many opponents of there were you when you said we picked up for moves. Siblings idea I have one sibling mention my very best friend and those are smaller family mom dad me in my sister's house crave yeah. So did you learn to speak any other languages when you're. Hi Dan. Ali my money's my mother sent me to a German kindergarten so I don't know fairness but she pulled me out because she couldn't understand and we just had a great interest there is this past October we were blessed to be able to go back to Germany and Italy and both of us were amazed at how much we were remembered and ran really. So yes speak Italian ten hi I try anybody. It's very butchered it comes out from my high school friendship began and a right now. Just didn't say that that's my background is that I have a degree in secondary education with a major French. So what's totally irrelevant to what I do but the thing is that's what I learned it when I was teaching math. Is that children. Especially. Very young show Mike you talked about kindergarten. When you don't see the words. And you just listen and you understand what they mean it consists simply vying audio book called beyond illegal methods. You learn it's so well you speak like natives from the get go instead of the way we traditionally taught it is that you have a book and you look at the words she and you start americanize. The words. And that's how you speak and which is. Now the way it works so what you did when you went there as a child and this is the best way to learn and that's why you just setting came back. Came back I don't know amazed that it was like don't know if that means so I know if that's me and that's great he knows how many is really your. Three years the first time five years the second time and I my sister was actually born on the air around me and I'm. This year dual citizenship she does not she's still a US citizen but I think there's some kind of patio we she can never become president because she wasn't born. Yeah hi. I would I don't know if you heard the hotel. Yeah harness okay. Am so you tell us so what's going on time and finally there's some really cool things are gonna she's of the drinks is he and we just have rolled out this. Initiative which I think is outstanding I mean you know as a community bank we love to partner in dealing give back to our community and a lot of times I comes force and dollars. But a new initiative that we're doing is opening our doors after hours to. Community libraries. And nonprofits even business owners and small person selling Mary Kay Erie times. It kind of gives them exposure in children events around it used some of our client base but also to expose their customers said that we have. This voice in the community to give the exposure and set. If there's a need so for example we have a chiropractic doctor coming into one of our branch is given and hour and a half long recession on what it's all about. We can have a librarian come in with the children's group and you're reading there. I'm so there's a wonderful wonderful things happening so that is all free into the community. Whether your customer non customer of the bank doesn't matter really for non customers CNN makes sense its marketing upon. Lagos is he not counting yeah. So that kinda get some exposure and says to give our our business partners and our small business and nonprofit some places to go without having to foot the bill for it if they wanted to host in Havana's. Nice pairing and how how many time one how how often he doing it we're trying to do it once a quarter per brand so with eleven branches. Check and I have not yet and the different areas so we have a ton a ton of opportunities. Can't because if you've eleven in Europe and fourth quarters that's 44 iron in quick math than actually 44 iron and people who can speak. A year gem that's pretty good news so we had a and how we getting the people is it like a lottery system or just to say ask how how the people you're going to do that. Was going to do this this speaking. Right now it's very free form so Doug managers are. Business bankers have been asked to reach out to their business customers because it's new but word of mouth is OK you don't have to be a customer of the danger. I'm so because it's a new initiative we didn't they brainstorming session and came out west so one of the ideas I even thought as I have a lot of tired customers south. How to change a tire. And the hammer why don't I just doing free clinic on that and how our business customer kind of and like Max. Especially if you're a woman cosmos some men women deal but most don't know how to do it the united changing times. Anybody you do lint in my mind do you can't. My dad taught me when I was very. The hardest part for me is to get those damn well another. Because they've put them on the shows air cozy as a Minnesotan I ate support. Mike Garcia can't get them off I I don't know problems I don't like to do and I hate doing it but I've done it. Let the figure right that if I just played on the phone comfortable playing away and yeah I know but yeah there's a time Lee Anthony Quinn is very even. You may be a mom who's trying to it has some of a single mom marrying mom whose home and small children and tell us what what is that blue blue room where we're. Hopefully she can I'm NN host a party there are so she doesn't have to happen. We provide refreshments we provide whatever is necessary for at least had a wine and chocolate tasting for some of our customers. The coffee he's staying we have an attorney coming in to do freeze state will play and they love it so it's really really good. Community can I think that's wonderful and I society if you're gonna have to do more than once a quarter yeah I show that he might have you know I'm new at how what's it called. Just sat community brick ranch based events how can now convince his grief I can't just wonderful blue. Yeah so. Would you have one lined up for sure now. I do you know what I'm the next area we have a younger Shaq coming or not on March 23 at the green retrench. And she's gonna do age. Free Obama administration an entry and so we're gonna provide the other masks and lots of water and fruit tray there and we'll be their first two or three hours. I'm internally where marketing we're providing them external marketing materials to get to their customers or anybody who walks and who wants to try and sound that's what's happening nothing green Richard Branson as I mentioned we have. So willing to state planning on our financial center and we have the chiropractic doctor coming up better keystone industrial location so. There's a ton of different things going on in whatever peaks your interest you can go to. I don't think it's our office the same day not the same day now someday you can do anything you can go to any or all of yeah yeah they all in the evening are they different times today we try to keep it after branch traffic hours time depending on. This weekend yeah usually after five but we try to keep the midweek between 530 and 730 back. Yeah I just doesn't break out there customer. Action by him I think that Chris. Oh back and I was I was speaking to joy and our silly yesterday and she's coming in and around these crazy events mean. And I just thought it was a great idea it's she said there were doing it it's a new thing here than you and nobody's done it before bush. In this area that we know of correct. So the solo kinks to work out and I think what. We learn on the fly you down and apparently that's basically what she said that she says it's like it's a great idea they really everybody's really. Supportive of it and it sounds like it's really gonna take off the and I think you're probably gonna have more people screaming and they wanted to do it he'll have time to do it. Let's hope Franklin County entry like the community. For the coach Randy senator never could understand. I'm not good highlights them a great great idea and of course there's always good stuff I'm. And we talked to. Jill I'm. I don't know. All of the things that you're bank provides Wi fi service hours and giving you the time to get out. I'm do you really do not just to you know what. You you do what you say you're gonna do you don't just walk the walk Q what's the word what I say Cotter tough Gary Condit talked to walk the walk. Bottom line is that is what happens with fidelity because. I mean this is just one more thing that you're now doing for the community. That gives them the people the client as a person out there the customer and opportunity to showcase themselves with the help but that the bank that they. Banquet absolutely miles an I don't think with us that's still glad that in fact that god is yeah I think it's great PM. Especially by Q&A mansion where on each employee is a lot of volunteer service hours right they can go out. Whether it's a joint thing or whether it's I just wanna go help at the soup kitchen Monday our I wanna do something with dress for success are. I wanna go locked on to the humane society you know so I think that's part of the reason why has lived infidelity for so long is because you're not just. In dollars and cents EU actually gets to give back. My name and that's terrific that's that they believe it. Jill how can anybody who would like to get in touch with you regarding any of these things are banking in general. Well our website is always a great thanks so that's WWW. Bank acts eighteen nothing hammers him symbol fidelity dot com's home for our FaceBook page so the so if you just do a search for fidelity bank all the events are listed on there. Great well thank you very much for joining us come back zona candles at times so we bring cookies yeah. And then I don't quite a mix between commercial okay. So anyway we're we're going to be right back with our other guest expert she is Kathy rapper who is the owner and Kate get designer of the truly scrumptious we'll be right back. Hi this is Nancy came in from W wild case morning news with Webster and Nancy and I know Lari cannon a lot of people know Lari can. And more importantly Lari cat knows a lot of people. Marita had an enterprise is specializes in fundraising public relations and special events. Your jewelry and win. Welcome back everybody you're listening to the Larry and when show I'm a large cat in the honor of Larry can enterprises such as a fundraising. PR and special event business to my name's Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO. A northeastern financial consultants were of the only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Carefree finances for baby boomer women available on Amazon.com. Also the host of podcast called power of the purse. Which is available on iTunes huge stitcher. And go moves like. Stitcher and. Okay okay so we have no lovely candy record with us. Kathy as I said before is the owner of truly scrumptious she is a cake designer and has designed to many cake in her time. Since she's in in business now. 4 where I am a fourteen year us campaign pioneering how are you good to see it. See man we're talking and having a lot to cabbie to about a bunch of different things because Kathy is in as a new podcast Dexter and we're thrilled to have our. And we've been to give linen I have personally been dealing with Kathy for a long long time. And we. What I used to be entities her brownies are the best things in the world capitalist today tell used to BM and they're cracked my. I thought I don't didn't admit a lot of it is and they didn't stared. They are again because my Celia I can no longer have not however. Really I ended just unbelievable can make any gluten free ones. Firm and she wouldn't do because of the sacred traveling seeing you gotta be careful now. How Canadian or how she was about anywhere. But can't see it really has been again we we talk about this cap because Europe we told you story a little bit last time about. How you were CPA CPA treat your trained in accounting got your CPA much like Jill and her Sarah accounting background so I am. All you number's called I'm still can't count yet right. But at this gas fit all the changes you may and I loved it was so important when you told everybody last time that you actually got fired from. The job that you thought was what you should be doing since she went to school to be an account you got that went through all the action testing to be a CPA in there you are. And so I think that's really neat for people to know that we years to come I think when you here I got I got fired it's like you think it was the worst thing in the world and really. What it is is his ways that you end up being. If it doesn't kill you makes you stronger sense right. You what you went through all this to get to what your passion is a weary are today but along the way cafe which you would want to talk about because again not not just bad. But your health the health issues that you had to deal with. As well as raising a child and starting a business going to all these. Upheavals and you know ups and downs in your life has been a lot so let's talk a little bit about that and and and the fact that. And Sunday tomorrow. Will be having our sec are boy actually it's many many years of doing an event for the komen foundation but sure I'm dean found pink pelicans goes Hollywood with these wonderful female impersonators who are just unreal. I'm Kathy is once again donating the dessert and doing a cake for us for that. And the reason Kathy has contributed in has done this for a lot of years is because of her. Phone experience with breast cancer and where she's come from and and I again kept publicly Kathy thank you for helping us because this as you know of so many people step up because. Most people from our doing it because they know someone in their life who is affected or has had dealt with I breast cancer and I say people all the time I do because women have breast cancer and there it's and living longer now and the neat things are happening for the better. I it has meant everything but it's a good thanks Kathy here. And she's gonna talk a little bit about that so go and get it because it's amazing how well what event. Well as far as being fired it was that it was so freeing yeah. I. Know is going to be a news story liberating yeah. They really Verizon now and I drive by that place I say thank you get a AF. It was the best thing that could've happened another stock. And problem. Knowingly hire me like I was. Saying the last I know it would hire me for about a year so. But as far as my house I mean it's it's really it's such a huge impact. On my life. In 97. I was first diagnosed with thyroid cancer and then again in 1999. So my last treatment for very cancer was in January of 2000. And then as far as though the komen events. I was diagnosed phenom of march of 2010 and some coming up on the seven year anniversary. Was breast cancer have bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. And I actually had the reconstruction done twice I've had six perceived stress for breast cancer. Plan that I'm healthy and I'm so fortunate. It's so important to be stage one or zero and be treated very early on and that's that's key to the success of. But those decisions had to makeshift. And I know they're changing the way they do things now my but the decisions are. Major freeway means but I guess if that's what you're faced with Kathy this thing is it. I just I give written do whatever I have to do is I guess I wanna live and I want to survive Grassley Dell and there was a no brainer type I didn't even have. Just think twice about it when the doctor said you have to have a bilateral mastectomies are okay yet he can't get away yeah. And the sooner the better I did get a second opinion of song carrying fake concurred with the local people so I I had some locally. Two out because. So Kettering came up with the same diagnosis saying right. Same option in the same course of about treatment. And I wanted to make it easier for my family because I knew what was involved so. Typical mother has taught us right thinking what's do what's best for my family how to do what I got to do that mom yet. Good is the fear there about Kathy I know years it was early diagnosis which as you said thank god clinch its debt fears so present at. I eat in new four as a mom. You would you just wanna fight because here the heat death comes out and you are just a little I'm I'm I can't pass an English Mae and Caroline was. Fourteen my daughter was fourteen when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and she's now a senior in college. Let me tell you when I looked in her eyes and I saw the fear me. I just gave me so much energy to fight and do what ever the doctor said do it ever was necessary. To get daughter. And all of this you herbs you're dealing with theory here in new business right I have. Now I mean I knew this because when did you get by this when did you buy your store we've we bought a building and choose. Bringing the building up to code. And renovating the whole space. Com. And in the middle of so I was diagnosed with breast cancer so. Tom Brady. You know life throws things that you and you just have to go with that. And now you can what I wanna know though it may be didn't ask this but did did you ask because you had already had eight prior. Cancer diagnosis it albeit thyroid did you say was did they know if there's any correlation between. The children can count it's very interesting because Sloan Kettering does a lot of Haitian symposiums and that question always comes up because these statistics. The number of people who. I diagnosed with breast cancer are our third cancer or treat different sorry cancer and then go on to develop. Breast cancer is just statistically. Significant while. And no one will give you an answer as to why our her own all I would say I wouldn't you. They're just so many explanations one of the explanations is. He radioactive iodine that's given ground floor treatment Osiris cancer that's that was one explanation not a doctor gave me. Among its many many others I have the testing done my breast cancer was not genetic. Okay so I under rule that out. And at this point nobody really knows. I just wondered if they. Can ever said that because it's stats statistically tied and there's got to be something. Something mayor. But it was so you went through all this she went through days this thyroid as she said. Thyroid is a long time and I'll raise her seventeenth 2002 she said 2200. And now the breast to seven years and doing what you have to do we know about this might be a weird question are personal question but T get scared then Wendy have one hit to its. It did get nervous Sione I think about it. He don't always an issue you'll ever see. Well it's always in the back of my mind can never know what can happen again. He never only knows I guess maybe hadn't won 23 just don't know what's gonna happen but I guess if it. Because you're different focus on life you're not focused on things or things that just don't matter com. The focus is on just a very different. Living life very differently can do what you love to do yes we know cakes. And brownies and hadn't added Caroline and your husband. Deal with us. It was very traumatic for Caroline's. And my husband was such a trooper he just did whatever I had to do he helped so much. And cook dinner his son to make sure that I was comfortable took me to the doctor's son. Paint he took over everything literally. Not so how long was it. Until you are back working in your new business after you started the renovations and then went through this particular. Episode quote they put everything on hold. I've stars they are the renovations. And and then when I was well enough. About six months later his day. They started renovations again and they came right back every single. Contractor came back when we needed them plus great. So trying to place looks beautiful and I think you didn't miss much time and all cash because you I knew you during that time this was and that is something that was just. You wouldn't. We Al well there was. Actually that it like a bunny get and then I had all these contracts are wedding cakes and I actually Danny doing carried out and two weeks after the surgery I was baking. I was making again. Because I was under contract and he just yeah how can do it. Found somebody was saying to mean I think it was not a Gil Martin's. We're as desperate and cultural siren. Committee meeting for evening of fine right line and she wasn't feeling so great and she said but I can't take a day off I have to be in the store and I yes. And we are today curious to me is that yeah because that's sensations of cold today some hiding yes there are so yeah that's. So you have to you have to have a do we have to Jenna whom. I know we're amazing camp because those it did to. And if you know what I mean she doesn't you know with Kathy is she's a cute this little thing she's kind of this beautiful thick black hair or runs around like she looks like she's a teenager. When I. And then she'd been through all this stuff and so my hills the throw everything and I normalize well paso is gonna say I think that's so indicative of all eight women and their ability to empty you know they fight it and and there is looking out for the other people. Not just your family because they're fearful but now Lehman I got contracts I guess this I get. You're the only one when it's your business who can do. That things that you do male friends so you just can't go wrong with no real idea out there I know you know and I think it. Also helped. Mentally. Yes has it here are if you're working and you can't eat I couldn't focus armed on the cancer are not feeling like I just had to keep moving hits and no magic going to. And I think immunity was amazing. So many people helped us and one of the things that Carolina senate is Howell. She wouldn't change a thing I wouldn't change a thing because we get to see the good in people can't. I want something like I have asked his people really want how they wanna do something they feel so helpless. So it. We we use the word freeing and liberating. It's so liberating to be able to say gosh I need help we help me. Exactly and to be able to stay out there and and it's someone responds to what you know what we do to us women we don't often do vets and active. Good thanks Cathy tell everybody how they can get in touch with them. Eat cake first dot com because it. Par 5702832253. Wood just take. I love that Iran is to grant FaceBook Twitter and all of the above. And untrue is conscious is open by appointment only love and it's in Kingston and a beautiful facility. Thanks so thank you for your time and being here today again and thank you your time and ship them to Jill thank you. And we're gonna mean so we'll see you next week everybody thanks for listening have a great weekend. Be safe and please be nice by bank five time.