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Maximize Your Health with special guest Donna LaBar

Feb 18, 2017|

Saturday February 18, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh ASCII just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you heard on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SD. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health. With the doctor Dan ghoulish S ski. Welcome to maximize. Your health are in your health coach doctor Dan polish ST here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health and naturally. I want to welcome everybody for tuning in to today's program we've been excited show planned for you today. We have special guest. Certified integrated health coach Donald bar will be joining us here shortly we're going to be talking about her breakthrough book that came out just a few months ago called simple natural healing. We're gonna be covering all things inflammation today folks this is going to be an educational. Health experience for you if you wanna learn more about diet supplements. Are key elements to help promote your body's natural ability to heal itself. I think you have come to the right place we will be taking your calls and answering your health questions your during the hour so you can call in at any point 5708830098. Or 18043720098. In an am excited introduced on here. We recently met here in the past month Hearst's ourself. But how and I have been connected with her I've read her book and she is a breath of fresh air here in northeastern Pennsylvania and she hosts and and she actually believe it's a third or fourth year we can talk about this but the natural health clinic Aventajado Brooke in a Titanic every November. This is a huge event it's been growing and expanding with the vendors and with attendees every single year. So it's exciting to see the day though the push and promotion of natural health deriding them northeastern Pennsylvania we're going to be talking about that talking about the book and all the great work that Donald bar is doing here in our region but I wanted to announce said this coming Thursday. February the 23 6 o'clock at power chiropractic health senator who organized I'm gonna be leading into a one hour one and a half hour workshop on how to build and maintain a healthy hearts this is for anybody out there and it's a free event. Our seating is limited we need you to register and culture planned to attend but it's a free a man where we're going to be talking about your heart it's normal function it's physiology were gonna talk about key conditions that can lead to a malfunctioning heart like high blood pressure high cholesterol. Arabia's a fair and enlarged hearts strokes are gonna cover all those things no we're gonna lay out a blueprint for you how you can. Begin to reverse heart disease if it's in its early stages. How to prevent and protect yourself from heart disease which is the number one killer in our country right now folks. So this is important you're taking blood pressure pills if you're taking a baby aspirin a day. If you're on medication these sort of heart related medication this is a great works out to come out and just to build and expand your knowledge base. How you can naturally and keep your heart healthy we're gonna talk about diet we're gonna talk about supplements fitness stress recover all these key. Essentials to heart health. During this Thursday's. How to build and maintain a healthy heart February's heart month. If you have your schedule clear at 6 PM at 113 Weston road looks very if you plan to register and attend it's free but you need to call us today to register because their seats are filling up quickly. 570 570829. 3580. That's 57082935. Each zero and we will get you confirmed for this Thursday's. Workshop. On building and maintaining a healthy harp. Well what do you discuss now. Before we introduce our special guest Don I'm here today and I wanted to talk about four healthy so called healthy foods. That are actually bad for your health so actually rob you or your health. And actually builds disease over time inflammation overtime. And it's all clever marketing by the food manufacturing company's key buzz words and things to look for which so it's a matter of us properly knowing in knowing where to look on the package up on the label to determine is this food actually healthy for me. Or is it falsely being marketed to me ask such. So. Food marketers discovered that when they use certain buzz words on food packaging. The food acquires and often misleading health halo they can prompt consumers to eat twice as much or more than they would otherwise so recover these four. So buzzwords like fat free sugar free. These could signal that foods can actually make you fat and sick an inflamed neck actually weaken your body's physiology overtime. So for wanna highlight here number one is vitamin water. Okay most might in the water it's just colored sugar it's good to it's full of artificial sweeteners. It's both that your teeth your waistline. How much smarter choice for vitamin water would be to actually drink a real organic vegetables in the form of green see could to plan these in a blender a vita mix food processor or you can use season extract the fiber in the pulp out. You can also use it if time is a factor in you don't have much time your press you can use garden of life's perfect food greens power. It's basically vegetables and have been freeze dried broken down into powder forms you can do 12 scoops of that in a sixteen to 32 ounces of water and just mix it really well to spoon if you don't have access to a blender or juice served. Number two breakfast cereals I see this a lot wanna sit down and coach people what their diet. People faint clicks special K Kellogg sees other you know we'd brand. It'll say hi EO. Contains all essential vitamins and minerals that the box will brag about fiber contents anti oxidant Stephen and in fact and in truth nutrients in many of these processed cereals may only come from synthetic vitamin C your body doesn't processing utilized in the same way as it would from car. Whole food real foods like vegetables and fruits. Nuts seeds. Additionally many brands are high in sugar. If you look at the ingredients how many of these breakfast Syria's you'll see ingredients you'll see chemical compounds of ingredients that you can have a tough time pronouncing. Typically took a lot of time to manufacture diesel laboratory for the food producer not for you the consumer from a health standpoint that factor is often way overlooked it's about shelf life it's about the bottom line for the producer in the manufacture. So marketing. Companies have done clever to say wilders fibers any toxins. Vitamins minerals however these are synthetic your body is utilized his proper properly so many of the breakfast cereals and many you folks are having you know maybe even this morning. For breakfast you know adding that and then you add your Mel to that which you know is mucus producing and highly inflammatory. It's not promoting abundant health and happiness and number three vegetable chips so these are market is a healthy snack option. So even if you go to places like wegmans you'll see ball vegetable chips soy chips things of that nature. These are basically potato chips in disguise their high in salt fat and calories. With most of the new trees processed out of them. Acrylic mine which is the byproduct of frying hydrogenated oil and starts has been shown to cause cancer. Making wholesome sweet potato Fries taking them is a delicious alternative. And there's a recipe with ex she sent this out here recently a recipe for for for making sweet potato Fries your oven. You know or you could do veggies you do organic celery carrots. With salsa or guacamole you can make your own and there's also pre made sore about the you can make with very little processing and finally number four store but smoothly so if you go to Starbucks if you go to Dunkin' Donuts so I think they actually make these and they model he's. Smooth these but the reality behind that is that these commercials movies. Are loaded with sugar and calories. So. On my website we have the whole foods human foods diet and again we will certainly see resent out every so often a smoothie recipe that you can make in a blender or food processor. A great Sunni for breakfast is a Berry smoothie. Yes it might take a little more time but what how your time is valuable when you're investing your time towards your health. You catch so it's about seeing the whole picture. Not it's not always about quickness speed convenience you know we're we live in such a fast paced society today that we have to meet deadlines we have to earn a certain amount of money we had bills to pay its stress stress stress but the reality is that we have to first take big deep breath and exhale and out take a step back and just who do you your whole life view the different components of your life your family. Your ear ear your own health pure personal health. And how much time and energy here you investing towards those things it can't all be about work folks. Okay otherwise that that you're not going to have a productive life you're not going to have a high quality like he might have a productive life short term but long term which in which is where the true value lies. It's is not gonna work out that. OK so vitamin water breakfast cereals vegetable chips and store bots movies you wanna ditch these. Four healthy alternative cities you can send me an email right now I don't that you will list for each of these four so called healthy foods. I'll give you something that you could replace these west. Our emails PWR Cairo at gmail.com. That's PWR CH IRO. At gmail.com. Also for more information about myself doctor abolish Escude though there are program here maximize your health that airs every Saturday and you can check out our podcast channel on my website Nepa doctored and dot com that's an EPA. DR DA and dot com and there you'll find healing foods diet you'll find our high intensity interval YouTube channel. You'll find our social media outlets like FaceBook Twitter and it's a Graham can't connect with us follows her always posting were updating we're sending out emails health tips. The videos and recipes to help you gain victory in York. Health why wanted to go ahead now before we take a quick break here and share our recipe of the week for this week. It's 42 bean and kale soup in this recipe if you're a subscriber for our emails this recipe went out yesterday. To being in kale soup. Taken from my recipes dot com the ingredients call for three tablespoons coconut oil one cup of chopped a white onions or red onion. Half a cup of chopped carrot half a cup of chopped celery and always remember folks wanna go organic with celery carrots. Half a teaspoon of cease all divided to garlic cloves minced four cups of organic vegetable broth divide it. Seven cups stemmed chopped organic tale about a one punch he Cahill and then you're gonna do to fifteen ounce cans of no salt added can only me means rain strain and divide it 115 ounce can of no salt and a black beans. Princeton drain in half teaspoon freshly ground black pepper. One teaspoon of chopped fresh rose very no folks it's a lot of information that the best way for you to get this recipe. For two beaming kale soup is to send me an email right now for PWR Cairo at gmail.com. To heat in a large Dutch oven over medium heat add in the coconut oil to the pants world a coat. And in the onion carrots celery such a for six minutes. Stir in the quarter teaspoon of salt and garlic cook one minute sir in three cups of vegetable broth and kale to bring it to a boil cover reduce heat simmer three minutes or until Cahill is crisp tender. And you'll place the ad in the beans to can only means. And the one couple vegetable broth. In a blender or food processor and process until smooth. And then add puree bean mixture remaining can only be means black beans and pepper to soup bring it to a boil reduce heat and simmer for five minutes in the you'll stir in. An additional quarter cheese for an assault and Rosemary again if you want a copy of the two beamed. And kale soup recipe you can send me an email right now also new not the end of the direction Z ingredients right to your inbox. PWR Cairo at gmail.com. Pets PWR. CH IRO at gmail.com. Before we go to break and introduce our guest Donald bar. Certified integrative health coach which will be doing right after here is our short break and a few minutes. I want to share quick study in how you can boost your brain health. So there was a recent study can't and it's all about how so what do what what will. What equates to better brain health it's adequate blood flow. Minimizing toxic build up and enhancing nutrient. Absorption an uptake and minimizing inflammation. So we want to balance our blood sugar we want to keep our got healthy. We wanna have good healthy blood flow in an ox incessant guess what folks that comes from diet and exercise and lifestyle. There's no magic pill out there there's no magic pharmaceutical or even a natural supplement that all sure. Any of these conditions is spelled approaching this comprehensive. Lee and and building a lifestyle. Now this study that I'm gonna show hey there I'm gonna share here now. If indeed these two supplements taken in conjunction with each other don't replace a healthy lifestyle let me just play such disclaimer. So stand eat and bet Cain TMG. Taken together SA ME and then that team BE TAI and. TMG. These are the mood enhancing power couple so if you're struggling with anxiety depression there's a family history of dementia alzheimer's. You know you in my. Along with following healthy lifestyle so. Nutrients your brain health that they recommend to our practice numbers one I like I coached them to work with them are Omega three fish oil easily won the 2000 milligrams a day to help reduce overall inflammation. Jean go below about which will help them enhance cerebral blood flow. Probe by onyx because pro buyouts are connected to restoring. You're GI health. You're digest of health and absorption of nutrients because if you're not your gut doesn't help your gut is directly connected to your brain via your Vegas nerve. Next is alpha look poke ass in which helps stabilize blood sugar protects against nerve cell damaged. Cooper Xena and Colin which helped boost CO calling levels which are one of the main amino acids involved with learning and memory and then toss the title searing. And an AC for anti oxidant support in detoxification. And this power couple Sammy and attain TMG. And Sammy is small naturally occurring molecule which powers over 200 enzymes necessary for healthy cell growth. Maturation specialist stationed in the brain. Sammy is required for nerve cells to make energy maintain connectivity. And generate mood related neuro transmitters taken alone Sammy alone data from numerous clinical trials indicate. Stanley Sammy strongly promotes positive mood in fact this new trend has been so effective that has been available by prescription in Europe for many years as an anti depressant. And recent research demonstrates that taking back pain TNG along with the Sammy pay attention to that affects of the Sammy on mood. In another city the efficacy of the combination of these two I was tested against an anti depressant medication after six and twelve months both treated group showed a noticeable improvement although the group treated with the Sammy plus potential better results in terms of score on a depression rating scale. A number of individuals and remission and side effects. If you're looking for a natural safe effective way to promote positive mood give Sammy in thirteen a try if you visited house of nutrition and lose or they have both of these products available for purchase. House nutrition is located at fifteen mainstream user and they're all source a sponsor of today's program. And be sure to visit them like them on FaceBook a house of nutrition. And I give these try especially if you're looking to just a for overall wellness purpose is to help boost your brain health. I CME and attain work wonders but if you have health questions. I myself and our special guest your dollar bar we have health answers for you can call in now right after this quick commercial break we're gonna be introducing Donna we're going to be talking about her. Her book simple natural healing you're going to be covering the key elements of the book of how you can begin. To build. No better healing for yourself and for your family here today to call in now with your questions 570830098. Or 1804370098. And will be back in just a minute to help you. Maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to rebuilding and restoring your help. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching that's. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic hole from. They started license. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten it. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were put all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and wrote books and. 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Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health and I'm your health coach doctor Dan goes Jesse reader every Saturday and WAOK. From 11 AM to 12 PM helped deliver the truth. When it comes to building in restoring your health nationally and in just a few seconds are going to be introducing today's special guest Donald Labarca. Search for a tied integrative health coach she's going to be sharing her story in her journey we're going to be covering inflammation we're going to be talking all things inflammation. Key elements of how we can begin to reverse inflammation. We're gonna talk enzymes are gonna talk a balancing blood sugar hormones weight loss and a whole lot more so few questions regarding inflammation or anything regarding your dye your personal diet. If you're looking to make changes were still here early in 2017. Some of you probably set some goals sets the resolutions and maybe you're struggling and a few areas Colin with your health questions were here to help you gain victory in your health. 570830098. Or 18043720098. You can call either number both myself and Donna will be here to answer your health questions. But able wanted to thank again today sponsor house of nutrition for sponsoring this program a maximize your health. An alternative grocery organic medium they creep Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading gets. House of nutrition inspires healthier living with healthy choices they're located at fifteen main street in Lucerne exit six off of these 309 expressway in Lucerne county open from 10 AM until 6 PM Saturday 11 AM till 5 PM Sunday at 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday could be sure to like them on FaceBook house of nutrition. We thank them for sponsoring this program of maximize your health well we're going to. Picket shift gears here now and welcome our special guest Donald toolbar here to our program. It's the she's the author of simple natural healing a common sense approach to eight total health transformation. She's a certified integrated health coach by the institute an integrative nutrition. Donna's approaches are unique in that she teaches you how to quickly boost your body's natural ability to heal itself. She works with alkaline pass a balanced and enzymes to create an environment appealing as well as creating more energy clarity with some easy approaches. She has helped hundreds with miraculous health transformations by optimizing the body's ability. To heal itself so if you're someone listening right now in the program she's going to be talking about how you can order this book it's very I've read this in just a few hours of cover to cover it's a very quick and easy to understand. For the layperson out there if you're looking to start somewhere if he's been a doctors and specialists and if you take. On a medication if you're in pain. If you have a diagnosis or multiple diagnoses. This book might be the answer in the game changer for you so she's going to talk about ways of how you could order this. It's intended to give you hope and healing so die without any further ado I'd like to welcome you maximize your health. And say oh it's great to have you here I know we just met you know a short while ago ending you know just from our first conversation seemed like we just clicked like or messages are right on our. And we're both out to make a difference in people's eyes to help equip them and empower them to help discover their bodies amazing ability to heal itself. Now what originally got you into natural healing in the end and Theo prompted a prompting you to go ahead and author a book. Well I do thanks for have a meeting here today doctor Deanna I'm really excited. Again my message out because. I've been really personally interested in how your body heals itself since I was about seventeen years old I just. Known people are out doing fun sports things I was laying on imports are on the couch reading some kind of medical journal or something about how our cells regenerate and how we can. How inflammation has an affect on all illness and so it's exciting to have a platform now to teach from. My book's simple natural healing. Hmmm I really grow for people to help sort out all the confusion that's out there because. You know now we have these search tools of Google and YouTube and they come in all the social media. And so there's so much information and a lot of that is conflicts ticket be overwhelmed I had serious. There's so much material out there and there's there's there's the blood type diet there's a South Beach diet there's this fitness program after this program and for somebody out there who. Doesn't know where to start who really hasn't gone off the couch yet or. Identified that there are different types of food and one food will help build healthy other food can promote disease we'll what do you say these people like into the the book from from what I read I believe is a great starting point for people it really keeps things simple and easy to understand and it's not overwhelming it's not like. You're getting hit from every direction I need to change this need to change that because one of the biggest things just from my personal coaching with people. People get overwhelmed very quickly they feel like they have to do 180 transformation and that's not true in your book is easier for people in that. The area. The very end and really I wrote the book around simple things you can do so and denied the you know expensive. And and I tried to explain it well enough that it actually does it feel like common sense that right you know and make. Walk away from a very short book and feel like I can do this right and that's that's really bend. The most inspiring thing to inform me and my work and and to forge on with folks like Kyoto and really try to get the the public to realize how much power they have Teresa or right around health. How one of the main subjects were not discussed here at today's inflammation. In January you know if those do you read time magazine and you knew you surf the Internet we know and sciences concluded science has confirmed that inflammation. Is at the core of 90% amid illness today most of the chronic illnesses that would be diabetes heart disease cancer. Strokes. And other neuro degenerative diseases. So we're gonna spend a lot of time on that and and and it's helping to break down and help for you the lesser understands day. Specifically would diets fairly. You know what you wanna look for where you wanna begin to make changes so would your book we'll highlight things like enzymes. And staying hydrated rest stress. Hormones weight loss all these different and not only a small better. Rite Aid how to achieve you know as fleet one needs do you think I'm just a bad sleeper terrain and I think it in order for anybody to heal you have to achieve sleep Guerrero. So all kind of ideas in there on how to do that in and you know all right it's just. The radar and the mark for people to just pick up and kind of look up what what they're trying to work on and take her. Right and I know may be looking EU and I you know we consider ourselves healthy we're proactive with our health but there was a time in your life for a year your your only child your daughter. Facing health challenge and an as a mother of your only child you know maybe share a little bit. The distilled the listeners don't think we're like to feel superior helped people out there more you know we wish you were there yet you you went through your own Charles Sony's share and ending you know just give the listeners idea of kind of that hold chalice that diagnosis and and how you approach that where you went from that are. Well about eighteen years ago my daughter was twelve years old. And she was an active app police she was cross country team slammer she gets on Dennis swimmer on tiger sharks for years. And dumb she just it was a very active so. I'm going into seventh grade and you know life was just chugging along. And for me I had always studied and had an interest in natural health and and holistic things but. Really deny it any more than just wipe the what I like to read about these don't push really came to show for you so that could've been at a crossroads like OK what do we do here I need really diagnosis was subsequently it was and now yes acute Miley leukemia. And she was sick for quite awhile before she actually had the diagnosis. And that type of leukemia is very. Quick kick it to come on and very quick to become a terminal diagnosis is so. By the time they figured it out they gave I say two weeks turn till live while and so. You know so devastating. And of course we knew we were struggling to figure out what was wrong and when we got the cancer diagnosis we were so shocked. So at that point we were given a choice of putting Aaron a cancer study because there wasn't a protocol for. Someone that young it's typically cancer and AC. And people over 75 feet. A great ID 85 years old so there was an a protocol for her. On to try so they said weakened randomized her image and I children's cancer study. And on so at least it whatever happened. Good churning her journey would be documented so. A mighty struggle with that it was that I had studied. On four decades of ballot how the body works and how it heals and just casually had been a lot of information in my head from the right now so I knew all this and now push really came to shove so what did you begin doing at this stage for your daughter Malone the loaded duct tape sent to the oncologist that I really felt like. I would struggle with its on signing her into a study that wouldn't allow me to do anything natural. Along the way because of something did happen to her I don't know that I can live with myself buddy didn't even try any of the things that I had ran over the da ain't so. But he was this an awesome. On doctor and he said listen we don't know if anything we have is going to work here. And you also don't know if anything you have could've worked so let's just work together and he had the nutritionists. The registered dietitian. From the hospital he told them whatever she wants just again it till he worked really do which is great oh yeah I hear you've worked with me and they worked with us. And so I had. It's a wall or some of the the natural. The key things that you begin to focus on you know to promote healing with Monica you know there through this diagnosis for the will heard that her protocol was on three huge rounds of chemotherapy. With a lot of different medications. That supported the chemo drugs on through that process so. On the days said Marla shall be a with a solid team three times over the next nine months. And hopefully her she'll recover very each time for the next round right. So. During that time. He would there would be a few days that I have to leave the chemo just in our system before you get star holistic measures. But after few days I would just start getting the vegetables and now berries and and some salts in the holistic well we call assaults that John Ray you know and and salts meaning. Your primary minerals right and end primary minerals and a source where they're all working it synergistic mostly about garment itself has an out going out in the villain that's also. So I I had lemons I have lines I had salt. Lemons in lines have your organic salts in the naturally. So. I knew that the protocol we caused her to have a high acid levels and ray and see you weren't totally anti medicine you and you were in both sides of and of the health care. Definitely. In Al Vatican analysts say yes and I think that's unwind my education later on when I became certified. It was very important for me to to study something now was integrative. Command Perez. There's just so much out there that's east or west and there's nothing in between. That's what it might or hair that's why our hair easier sharing this with you listening right now to integrate you know there's value and Allen Patrick menace and typically for crisis emergency to stabilize but then once you're at a at a place where you're now stable had to rebuild your body up again. That's for nutrition and lowering inflammation and addressing key elements to your lifestyle can be a game changer for you or anyone you know you know right now who might be struggling with their health. So let's go a little bit here into. Some of the key elements are so we're gonna you know inflammation is the main subject so if you're listing now on you the question regarding your diet healing may be you had a cancer diagnosis. Maybe you're struggling with high blood pressure type two diabetes. Maybe you have early signs of dementia alzheimer's or maybe you have something like parkinson's or an autoimmune disease or some had a thyroid issue where you're struggling to lose weight you can call and right now and ask myself or Don are your question. Five Simoneau 830098. Or 1804370098. And I don't want my favorite quotes is. Food can either be your greatest woman Madison which can promote health and healing or. The slowest formal poisoned so many people out there are digging their grave unknowingly with their forks and Witherspoon snack. And there is no short term. Pain or diagnosis or illness. But what would you say to some of these people to try to get their mindset in the right place and now that when the food that you put on your plate. And you know throughout the day. You know how how do we get people to begin to look to food as a medicis and then they can begin to heal and optimizer by not interfere with the body. Well one thing that I eat when I went for my certification. It was important for me get to pick the right place and I chose the institute of integrative nutrition because they study over a hundred different diets with the hope that you'll come out with the certification and not teach dieting. So that was pretty powerful for me because I just believe. In healthy lifestyle and and balanced eating but for people that it's very confusing as to what that is so. The thing I saw in common with all these diets I studied was that. Vegetables. Aware of where breakdown in the forefront as important in all of the diets. But everything else kind of it was different is the end Annan so the diets do no overlap or had a lot of differences actually but the commonality was. Vegetables. And it when I coach people they'll say to me TI and I'm making some some healthier choices these days I had a meeting fruits and vegetables. Or I needing to hold the wheat bread era and you know hold believe this sorry that. And I I think people do feel like they're taking those steps but they're just still challenged with health problems so they're like this is now working. So a few little adjustments you know people are missing the mark but a few simple adjustments could be open can make a world of difference for sorry guys listen right now so maybe. Give a question about you know gluten free foods or maybe you have a question about healthy fats menu foods like coconut out of Colorado we're here to take these questions now. Anyone know about you know whoa how much wheat is okay to consume these are just examples of questions that you may be Samir driving now you're you're sitting at home you're listening on the web right now but please call with your questions 5708300. 98 or 1800. 43720098. And again let me just say this is not about changing everything at once folks about allowing your body slow to slowly but surely begin to heal removing foods that are triggering inflammation. So what are some of the top. Food traders said that wolf that the common food triggers an inflammation that that people might knowingly or unknowingly be consuming. Well I think one of the greatest ones in our society is unstable blood sugar. No and so some things that trigger and I I wanna add and that. Inflammation. An end in itself in the body is an intelligent response I mean the body. Shows up an inch shows sign of inflammation because that's its first line of trying to heal something that's every time and that's amazing that you bring up that point because every symptom that inflammation is a symptom of the by doing the right thing if the right time for the right reasons. Great great stuff so you know all indications that the body has the ability to heal it self so. So when it when people on our eating fruit first you know I always sit think I hope there eating fruit vegetables and and now ordered because they they it's alphabetical order not because they like through better. Because in things like your diet where you have fruit as a big factor and you have wheat as a big factor or you know at. A carbohydrate like we. Viewed at these things are a lot of sugar for your blood. In our body only has about a teaspoon. Of sugar in the blood at any given time so. Anything more than that. You have they sugar hanging out an insulin hanging out in the body's been got to remove those things all of this causes inflammation I want. People don't realize guys guys that is stressful to the body Altria and every year tankers has to produce at insulin overload. It's it's a help lower to keep only a teaspoon could mean that's that's innate intelligence parting with and so folks. We can be unknowingly injuring ourselves it's an injury to within you can't see it and initially you can't feeling you're not diagnosed with a problem but the message here is. An ounce of prevention of cause worth a pound of cure disease. So let's consider blood sugar. Well and in they can tell if this is the case because. When the body has too much. Glucose or sugar. And insulin hanging out that needs to be removed the body has you can has you're going to sleep mode so it can remove it because he can expend the energy. To keep you going. Doing all normal activities and remove all this so you tended to get very sleepy. Hammer out a while left Germany all on. If you have too much. Of that carbohydrate sugar. Conversion business going on Cairo inflammation so. So that's a good indication that you're taking in more than what your body needs because you really shouldn't. You should eat and have energy from it and you should have consistent energy. Cells so the more nutrient packed foods without all the high process sugar you're gonna few more energized for a longer period time. So this is we're just get a role here folks a few questions can call in 570830098. Or 1804370098. Madonna and I are gonna take a quick break here but when we return. How we're gonna move into this concept of enzymes and how to help balance your gut which is your body second brain. How to make sure that your actually absorbing the right foods more effectively so now you're beginning to build health and maintain normal healthy healing over a period of time this is maximize your health. With doctor Dan Walsh ASCII power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your cell phone and operated by myself Doctor King dollar just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in the corrective chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching that's. And one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and knock some data pulled from. They started life. 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To reach your full health potential we're gonna pick up our conversation here with our special guest today Donald bar she is ace certified integrated health coach. I trained at the institute of integrative nutrition. Helps to promote the body's natural ability to heal itself Madonna before the break we're talking about it's. On your story your journey inflammation food is Madison. And we have found a caller here we have Margaret from Scranton. Margaret how you doing today. Doing well hurry up and do wonderful how we help youths. Well I'd. Be ensuring the area and divorcing traditional and I'm just fascinated by what I am hearing here. Tar and I've been doing a lot of Reading on integrated power from natural healing to try to turn actually. Understand there's a booked your guess and that's what I'm looking to find out what is the name of the book that Donald has. Well thanks for calling in my grid my book is simple natural healing. A common sense approach to total health transformation. And it's in all of your favorite bookstores on the year in the Scranton area so. It the young bookstore. By the Dickson city. Mall and you know they can they have it died just in a book signing narron January. And also irons in noble in Wilkes-Barre. Has had I did a book signing their last weekend. And and they carry my books so. Feel free grab it locally and it's also on Kindle and not kin all those online favorites. I so this so glad you called and it's really exciting to see people. Picking up on all the really reasonable ways they king John restore their health and and get themselves. On a good path. Green had very long overdue and has since time so Margaret where you passing through from street where you originally from. Well I actually lived. And he I'll order. Edge of upper Wayne county and that was another question I have for you I cannot always. But popular radio station where I lived in air a web site less waste where. Yes all of our shows are podcast sits on our web site it's at any EPA. Doctor Dan DR GA and Docomo all lower case no spaces and EPA DR DA and dot com and you'll CL a radio link on my site. But if you just if you wanted to catch a live show you can visit Theo will news radio website and that's where my link will take you to help. Act and pack. So yea he could. On the web and then you can also like me my business is power chiropractic health center by if you go to my website there's a FaceBook icon you can click on and like it's on FaceBook. We typically posts on there as well they can listen to act. Okay. That's wonderful I thank you both for taking the time to talk to maintain hope you have a wonderful multi day. Think Q using well Margaret it's great to hear from him. And that's why we do our job right you know because there are people out there they're searching they're looking they have some grass but they're looking to build their knowledge base and apply and and continuing improve themselves and that's that's the audience we we we speak to and we resonate most with so back to the book peeling a few minutes left you know time is flying by but. Let's talk about enzymes a little bit enzymes. I know you Rhode whole chapter in simple natural healing on an enzyme so let me just give the losers idea of what what it enzymes are for and why they're necessary in helping to promote. Stealing more. Yes well I do. Try to teach people how to support. They're glad to its alkaline AD for good PH but also enzymes are so important. And no my after the gift of them enzymes. They so don't try to explain when and doing a workshop. Is your proteins fats carbohydrates. They're the building materials Friday and so the contractor sends the didn't meet building materials and but you're enzymes. And your bacteria is you're healthy bacteria is in your body are the busy little workers that make something out of them that do things with them. I'm fine numb with what they need to be down with sue get them to absorb and and do the job either earn your blood urine into war again. And now on to properly synthesize everything into your body so. It's still enzymes. Hum are tricky though because. There are present in all foods that are rock and also are frozen foods on especially flat flash frozen foods here enzymes are still. Thumb OK and knows but what happens is once food is cooked to the enzymes that are no longer active and do so. I kept I've seen things say anything over a 118 degrees but actually some foods are more volatile four enzyme. Deaths so. Anything really between a 105. To an 116. Degrees could be your enzymes could be just. Right so how much. What's the breakdown percentage wise of what you recommend for your clients. Uncooked food to cooked food. Well the what I do is I try to give them a jump on point so. If you're just going to try these things to see how your gut response. And you are used to eating a lot of cook food just start having a life component would every meal or snack so now might be some blueberries some. Some cucumbers lettuce tomatoes so generally I have you look at your play 75%. Of it should be vegetables. Because that is of really well optimizes your body to heal. So come on a smattering could be very sad but on that's why people who go a little too far with the fruits because of fructose is really high impending damaging so. So of says 75%. On half of that would be in raw in the other half would be cooked vegetables and then the 25%. Can be. What you have a propensity to enjoy. And everyone listening has the potential to work towards that may be you don't get the exact ratio or proportion down right away but if your joints are a key if you're. Getting numbness tingling if you were inflamed if you've some type of inflammatory disease if you're diabetic. If you're to have heart disease. Year in cancer remission this is what you wanna begin to migrate towards long. So enzyme rich foods of building blocks approach seemed to help digest your food. Blazing good foundation for your gut and you're got health. And the other lesson I think you know in the few seconds we have here let's talk a little bit about hormones and healthy fast I don't you also add a chapter there on on on on thyroid health and metabolism. And so many. People women especially are taking thyroid medication they're listening right now what he would you say to these ladies. Well I have a chapter called hot flashes down. Panic attacks and anxiety because they are all all these hormones right together so when your blood sugar is out of black. Insulin is a hormone. So all these hormones can be up and down disturbing your sleep disturbing new actually getting day they nutrition from the food do you week. And causing your body a lot I have neck so. IE is suggests that they get fiber fat and protein. That and we just came two decades where they've told us to. Get fat out of our diet and so people have really increased the carves beyond what the body can tolerate at any given moment. And Obama has eliminated fats so we have to get healthy fat stack and we have to get people have more prone team. Of course I ever with their vegetables helps bring those small things can make a huge difference. So our at a time but just real quickly how can people get in touch with you you meet you do one on one health consulting and coaching how can people get in touch with you to set an appointment yes I have a website it's www. Donald fired dot com and I do health initiatives for employers don't want programs for their employees. Com I do our workshops and seminars I also do private consultations. I have a free downloadable ebooks on my site. Com need on the town down it's called doing. And then my book again simple natural healing is an all your book stores and cash thank you thank you so much your time we'll be back next Saturday same time same place to help you. Maximize your health. Take care be well and we'll see you soon.