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Feb 18, 2017|

Saturday February 18, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Lori and Lynn. Distort your weekend. Lori in Atlanta on W lie okay. How are you are trying. Fabulous great feel great I'm sick of this weather. Right but by the time everybody is listening to us it's going to be in the 1950 son and then you wonderful yeah. But in the moment I don't care deduced it snows and it's dreary times the dishonesty doesn't accumulate I. I'd just I'd like I don't mind the snow flying as long as does I'm really it does okay. So who flies away just don't stick to the ground I should I go works. I feel badly for the people who this is a long weekend weary and so. It's mostly in the fifties upper forty's and for all the people come to go skiing that weekend which is one of the biggest ski weekends of the year. That's going to be slash. You know when you know bskyb is bad it's. Just. It is skiing. Doesn't ten biggest fan so I remember understand I mean my kids we took my kids my kids let me let ten lessons that they did mostly snowboarding and skis yeah. I am an icy people ski I never know why they wanted to ask. Because it's cold. You all bulky. You have those big sticks on your leg you can't walkway I asked about it. Makes me nervous to look at it like now falling 'cause I went one since flu flu under a bus confident yet why it's well. And here I told me in once before years ago I do who's in the west Scranton high school of course the best high school around. I'm going in this key club my wasn't in the ski club but I once when you're don't know what happened so were like lunge runs. My jeans. There wasn't even any stretch in the years ago and the only jacket stuff and I'm went down the bunny slope yes. At the bottom of the slope that was like a stride across world and the buses park took all debt. So I know who did not stop silent right underneath that thing and right into the bus the if it gets kicked. So let me get things done get behind you spend this without moral. I wasn't fast so it wasn't like I slammed in didn't you know that Melissa McCarthy think that they have lunch if it's not actually the sit. The plane or whatever what is the big championship podium yet don't know how you flies and average it. But it wasn't then makes menos squash it was like splash it was just one of those. Yeah I kind of ran into and I never I fret I got off the skis and went right into the lodge incest or to the bus picked us up but never when he gets. And I thought why am I doing this I hate to be colts have this all know the hillside. Don't think so big on your feet those big stick I just don't know how. I admire people who can do it. I just don't know why they want me tell I feel the same way MF trident on skis before and I just find it so clumsy club thing that's heavy work with those silly things Linear feet. And how people I know it's amazing how. Gracefully can be mama you know hills no and falling yeah. And those I guess Nordic Countries or whenever they come collectively. The kids learn to do that when their two and already know so it's a second nature to what happened families who do it and yeah I'll start so young and Nate it's like I said my kids did it but they did snowboarding man like that better so we sit and watch on Washington the big wind of what that but they still don't know not go. I want and I think people ski too if your parent I think you eat you should tend to do that if your parents ski kind them because my. Now that was not my. I cannot imagine. The big. Big gym tonight I'm I'm. In my head on either and of now he wouldn't have done my mother would never could she'd beaten as beaten and can RN she did think we would follow and why would you put yourself in that position and now Brooke group now. Okay ice skating was another story that we did do end my father did I scare did you. Yeah he used to take us all the time to ice skate we were little Annie had black ice skates remember like I don't know and he was he was pretty graceful I mean week I loved ice skate that is one thing I did like to do but it's. Skiing in the enrolled escape. And we went to get a lazy time has assets on Taylor hill. I didn't really serious question now when did you make out with anyone on the mushrooms back then now. Every that was like a writer yeah I don't know remember in my and that he wouldn't they were these and they called the net they were these big. Seats that hat look like a big big big mush trump. And you would sit down to put your skates on you Shuster could get and PB you'd see like people insist there's merging them people like yup that was the sign I don't recall that part has. I did go and I loved it yeah I love to roller skate I did tell and I like to I'd like to to the degree that was funded duet I hated being outside. With ice skating and music all the time till what was then like Lincoln yes you know but at it was funded development. True I was there Clancy I didn't mind and I says and does not like that an office says his skinny I love roller skating that was some. It just me being away. Please do all the time for gave him many and the need to at times you think your role like roller derby you nonsense today by icu do and I. Yeah I I did Friday Saturday night I didn't say there. We never. But it was good and I could ski backwards I was well Lou we were good because we went all the time yeah on. When you didn't have any fear of falling and exactly heaven your fingers run over by somebody else is rollers and OK but the music was great the Disco balls were gonna and then when they had couples skating. When used delayed guys we'd all be there needs to see who was gonna escape with each other hold hands with so Q really was harmless. When you think about to attack by today's standards yes harmless when I'm. I never did what I never went on a couple Shane insists it out myself. Wink wink scary all right my mother so I think. If that isn't fit. How do we get up the mess hall we tell you I start talking about the crowd chanting and does so big ski weekend Phil I don't he's not sure they do they'll be all right. And each other well but I'm and the other thing is at CM. Ice Abington business. Professional association their sponsoring their ice fest this weekend. And I'm saying the thing that amazes me about that is that they either go to one extreme or the other they never get a really great weekend. It's either too warm bush friendly ice Isabel melts hearts so cold pills and went down nobody will wanna come lasts forever. Yeah. Well here I think it's a warm one less than an hour no no no last year was freezing on Valentine's it was the only. Cold really freezing freezing weekend that we had last year. Mother looked so we're good it was a Melky and last year was freezing but that it melted right after because we had a mild winter. So. I'm just. I'm amazed that they couldn't they always seem to pick a week. What they do we can't call a time when they suddenly making an antique and I think that there sometimes it. Had to move it because as some whatever reasons and I don't know if that's because C found the guys who carved the ice. Couldn't do it because you know they have a very short window. When they can make money at this young as they didn't do it in a certain weekends and moving it was. Craziness 'cause they just have so much so limited time but it was one of those I think they moved wants an and I don't know. Why but in any event. I just really feel bad fed a lot of the merchants. Who. Had their stores open an have a lot of themed type things have for people to do hot chocolate at this place and something at that place. They don't get the kind of response that they want because the weather is just not very conducive well there will be this weekend as well who may be saying after the ice maybe. But yeah and I think it'll be fine for the ice that's still cold but I mean it's not freezing up now Blake but I'm I think it'll be fine and they also are doing a Broadway team this year. Yes that's right they are yes yeah Broadway theaters involved in some way up there. So Bradley dearly so well that I dragged it we have exactly they're doing carvings. Some of the famous yeah I don't Marilyn Monroe saying you know on any runway and then I don't know Michelle yeah. So. So I and that's what's going on around the area. We were to a few places last week. Francis our nest for an AM Marine Corps for the iMac line for guys like her want to sign yet. Can't do that and I was in Florida and you influenza. Yes he really really run wild and Cigna and the baby boy was sixty years old right. And my guess somebody your paper for a birdie sixteen years over a wonderful birthday party for him at home. Now it was just nice to go out Carl at different restaurants where you can. Sit outside and I now that's the nice car and watch the inner coastal cities yachts coming up and down and and I just. It was the first time we're there it was six C eight degrees and they are less important freeze them at the same creeps. Yet 8068. Free had to endure a hurry nine. So we don't we had a hotel and that was fabulous it was slowed from fourteen to 124. And we have balcony looking right over the ocean. And it was fun to watch all the cruise ships coming in and leaving again in one's bigger than the next one and I just can't get over. How they. It supports. Thousands of people on these announced he's won this is don't you think it should sink guess that there is the fact is you really think about it how much you go Porter and water it's thinks what happens yeah I don't. Isn't called physics or something yeah something like yeah I had no idea I didn't take that clean either I. Totally I was able get out of here is not anywhere near like my brain doesn't even Garnett during a little sorry yeah. I'm yes I can't figure any of that stuff out even if you just thinking about it I think how this is really work and I understand but I don't I know. Yet it says why does he just throw it up a gun and I'll say OK I know how about Valentine's Day we forgot last week to wish you while happy family today so happy I hope it was very. Nice and not you had it was all play in I had somebody say I heard someone say. That they didn't like Valentine's Day it's style hype it may be it is just so why even if you don't it's all about. Having a romantic gloves just. It's a day of love in general so yes somebody you love. You know that your boss may be pure Iron Man should. Anybody so you think about I don't know that you know I don't mind if you can't be with the one you love. Love the one near west. Okay will leave them alone and so I'm love because my love is involved here we go I know I'm hearing this and well but. That your love was in Florida on Valentine's Day no doughnut falls in his talk but that was the mistake. Lordi yes but. I'm so might alternative love ranch owner and inside Africa and I'm Deb Dudley and Andy were falcon McNulty and I had a nice Valentine's evening up act. I Brussels Brussels we and a wonderful dinner we were sitting in the little. Little. Al called love off the bar and we had a great night and Randy was thrilled to have three brides with some room as is Valentine from them. As his some good old phenom. We would love muffins for wildly with his parents for the there CN you know and so any posted on face well. And it was so cute because he wrote after he says I love I love these three girls soccer and so are the very nice yes so it was nice he would smile. And Russell's the food was delicious as always and I love young Russell 'cause he doesn't his father does which I know most chefs jokes he comes out to see when shake your hand to make sure you're okay and that is such a nice thing to do is such a nice touch him. And of course I had grilled salmon land which is delicious your country so we had a good time very nice time. Well Patrick KN IE Patrick aides in Appalachia I. Went to the Radisson we went to Carmen restaurant had a wonderful dinner there to have I'm really nice piano player. For the whole time beautiful music and the food was great. Really was viewed as we said the other night he's just just a place I forget about I forget that if there and it's really good. So can you said DA said the food was great there was sorry and play really enjoy it. Well we're gonna take a quick break because we talked long enough about everybody. We connect we'll talk more about. May Christians getting a book cook the it will be right back you're listening this morning to learn in my shot. Your lowering inland. Well let's ask. My name is Linda Evans and I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultancy. Where she only financial planning determined clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Your tree finances her baby boomer women available on Amazon.com. MI co host had to step African commander killed she'll be back. But in any event we have. Our guest expert doctor Barbara plot that with us doctor clock that is the owner unless. I can't gynecology associates in Scranton. So welcome doctor left that would have been talk about today. Well good morning how are you one of my favorite cafe moment because it affects me as much as it affects everybody else that's how fast can. Lack of sleep and how to get more. He had yeah I didn't get hit critical function and we don't realize just how important sleep is for our. You know the lack of sleep can it actually tied to a number of chronic diseases such. I'm it also doesn't add texture and you can't and so it makes you more susceptible to illness history of that region. Also from my perspective of course I thought about hormone all the time. An oblique is tied to your normal production and economic tied to not only melatonin which all mellowed out melatonin didn't. What compared to be an anti oxidant which means it helped protect against connectors which but it also tied two quarters all your other hormones so that we don't have enough sleep much. Our stress hormone corn dog goes up and that and wreaked Havoc on the rest of our hormones and know that I used to lead and the may make sure I understand mr. That the melatonin is a kind of time posture against the cortisol art in my. Putting her words you can. The cubs so melatonin did not have buffer against cordial about forget can't care. Yeah okay. Our rates so it's that but if the melatonin. Is down the court if all goes up to that the way it is when you sleeper confidently. Not necessarily. They're not one equate it to the other sometime they're both a downed but sometimes your quarter results. It elevated too which then makes you not really and your melatonin may not. Be rejuvenated during the nighttime such that kill can be seen together but not necessarily sell. Okay I just chronicler China because I was hearing something that probably can't keep track sorry go ahead so let's look at Michelle. They would. I have you ever heard of doctor mark cola but I'm sure a lot of our listeners we have tried doctor Merkel X. In an integrative medicine tradition who's been publishing for you a very long time the end of the supplement line bench we had always some great tips and tricks and he actually haven't got a letter just this week that he had been hit and check I thought these are worthy of sharing her comment we're always looking for new trip tactics and chicken. Still he had said that one of the worst thing you can do is reach for that sleeping pill and I would I would very much agree. There's been a lot of research out there that says that some people aren't sleeping pill Plavix increased risk of accident it's depression and amnesia. And there was that I've studied 2012. That said that people who had to take sleeping pills actually had 35% higher risk for certain cancers. Ward nearly four times as likely to die from acute prompt any cries as non users himself. I'm just hurt you know we know these folks. The team to have a 35% chance. Now higher risk cities these problems so what do you consider to be a sleeping pills. And just the usual one that we know about most of the time like an Amy and number net. I don't think these average why didn't he Monte the only time that helps you get to sleep and Chico had a better chance to. Sequel that. But he quell. But I think if sir the that and they're kind of antihistamines are thank coming right over there what are they telling you different more to the prescription medication compact. The post Q did Bennett drilled and things of that sort and okay. So we can but there are things that we can't do that might be more safe for instance have been shown to be helpful. He like to keep a gratitude journal. The topic that without immediate recently just being thankful for. What you hatch you know my money Alicia economic count my blessings that you might and a person growing up I thought that was the worst thing that somebody can ever tell you. I'll invite you now what I understand the blending them what they mean. That's exactly what he can get that you guilty but gratitude journal and count your blessings which. I'm be thankful for everything that you have even a bit with the littlest things in life. The other thing he can guess it would if you're worried your people worried journal. Right yeah and instead of picking at the bed with you look I'll write it down before you go to bed city contract potentially empty your mind of those spots that are going through there. I'll at least supplement for things like wearing something simple it be any religion are very calming. Supplement that paid for children with ADHD in he works for. That person who just can't turn their mind off. Until it's all about just trying to calm down to announce that you can hold police followed sleek action. Stop working. Cute it's 313. A two good two hours before you think you're going to go to bed and I'm terribly guilty that I can adopt. Found my work ethic of the time it's great to go to bed. Yeah but if you're having problems could. Calming yourself down and falling into that rational thought process. Eat your work away. And you need to head turns the light down and you can you need to think you know I'd make it very calming and rental in your environment it's. He can get it backwards from 300 by three eat. It takes a lot of thought process can be able to do that in your leader I'll meet you can't focus on anything else that you're focusing on doing your mascot. That indoor you'll be so bored children boldly confess I really would be tricky after the first several degrees and I McCain got. A good math person you're gonna have to think about that entry. And it got a distraction not trying to focus on being wide awake the trying to think about something else so maybe you could simply solidly and but wouldn't that also activate your brain. To start really focusing on something keeps you awake at. Well I think that your brain is already active and so sure he's trying to narrow focus and so that it not flying off and so many different direction and that's true that's a good one. Yeah. And questionable we talked about turning off your screen that night no. Melatonin and getting your melatonin levels to come up and in order to do so you have to dimmed the light and and the blue a day of the computer screen doesn't allow your melatonin can be produced its. Until we would like they are nothing got plenty of good old fashioned books are much better than the one of the most common sentiment had an article again and of course don't have caffeine. You know some people may think that they have an alcoholic drink a glass of wine or some type of a beverage. Two real lack of them come but actually what they find is that people that haven't actually. Alcohol too close to bedtime actually have more disruptive to complete picture. I'm therefore your left Trenton in the morning. Even if you don't realize that you get short leaping and deeply camp and fatty foods spicy food people also in Iraq usually pick. And eating too close to bedtime the sugar low income would be bad throw initially process docs and then he had recommended you know avoiding food for at least three hours before bed. Make sure that your your blood sugar has properly gone down and won't disrupt your sleep. I am about to the breeding technique can to prevent this week. I find it funny that now he's also speaking about it which. Doctor Andrew real do we know for his Hannity and healthful effects on many levels. He talks about a breeding technique that he called the 478. And breeding technique which. And it could it have very good doctor will computers that AM. A potent let me train variety. Many idea is you need cute taken the tip of your time put it against the back of your front piece of almost touching the roof of your Malcolm. And then. Well executed when you actually tell you what try to make an allusion to challenge when you do it until what do you think they're pumped they did the whole time and they want you to breed in through your nose. To that challenge for our. Ben hold your breath a technicality seven. And finally exhaled. Again what you're talking behind your peak. To the town of eight point making an audible worship it's bound to have you tried that. I haven't I haven't announced pretty funny how I have literally. I course 78. But I can't get any. Meg emerald Aaron outlaw but I know I didn't want Jerry typical Andre could repeat that four times. Just wartime. Kept short time you can hear it and multiple times in the day but. You can make it that you need to get my working your way at eight full bracket at a time but it is supposed to be very calming. You know and do a couple times today and pretty soon if you don't get content Jameel did become routine habit and it's in theory we lacked anything to do this type of breeding in breeding you abruptly called prep work. That's targeted very helpful for calming effect at any point time it helps with blood pressure the help of anxiety. It helps to maintain focus. We talk about the way to beat about the variability in your heart rate. Your resting heart rate though these breeding techniques that breath work. Worked very well for that type of thing so that's a good one to remember the 478 breeding technique. Yeah I think interestingly enough the whole idea behind yoga. Is to work with your practice. Exactly and that there are I remember reading something in a Prevention Magazine article of it's a woman who does a lot of yoga work. And says that there were four particular pose is that she recommended that you do right before you get in the bad. There were designed to try to relax the muscles and also and he says this is part of that is breathing. Yeah I thought I would I would create guide I look at I think well that's a really neat idea votes were poses. For you have to take deeper grass and hold them longer. And that's ultimately what the doctor well wild thing. Right now. So yeah I would agree it is all about the breeding com and lack Brit you know we all talk about what the ideal sleeper Mel to you know they studied detonation and an anywhere between seven and nine hours of sleep. It again get their optimal health which I'm now iPad two have a conversation with people this week about that fact at fighting have to take an hour it's just not going to do it. And you're gonna have to DeVon may not even be enough so. They suggested that seven point 63 hours a night for women trapped amid adequate and seven point 76 hours for mantra they need to do a little bit more. Is the amount of that they'll keep you well org and not having to at least. I just think of how this artists that we have to. Smasher how many hours of sleep we get because we're sleep deprived functionally as a nation I mean. And are so terrible. It's crazy that you think about that that has to be something you manage as well as. Anything else finances food you have diminishes fully. And I think you really kill you really you know I know my assistant saying that we really have to even think about that because. And if you can generations ago we went to bed when that. Contract. And we got up with the sun rose. It was a good eight hours are more yet but it would take your right I think about it I'd get I had planned every day based on what I might have to get up the next morning. Think that my night is spent on what I meant to get the next morning play at least. Try to give myself the proper amount actually whether it's an example or not is a different story. But earache if it's become another job another duty appeared to age in order to make it work. If it can't crazy and I was thinking 01 other thing that I learned from some yoga. Instructors about. I kinda get yourself and called sleep another way to do it. Is to focus your attention when you turn the lights sound focus your attention on relaxing the muscles. From your toes all the way up to your head. And if so it's really weird because you start with you totally can physically feel the focus. Physically feel that your coach Rick and yet and your feet your ankle. And you look at all the way up and down your arms up in the your head and by the time you've done all that's somewhere along the line you probably already felt slate but the thing is that it just like you said with a 300. By you know reducing it by three yeah it's the fact that you focused on something. That forces you to its sister still your mind. And tried to do something else other than having that. Incredibly rapid conversation that goes on in your brain between you when you. At night right and you go to all the things that you didn't do right and that thing you need to do tomorrow and trying to make a mental list and this is insane. So I agree totally a myth so when he could of put in to play more practices that allow us to get a good night's sleep. I would agree. So hopefully. That will happen and we'll all be more ready didn't brighter and that much risk for some injury an act and then the movement. Any more pleasant and well I gather facts and the and also better immune system. Correct okay. Are right well we need to. Let people know where can they reach you. Are located across from regional hospital in a conditioned building. Which it on Jefferson avenue in Scranton. And our phone number is 5703449997. Okay thank you doctor plucked net and we'll be right back with our other guest expert. Jen split from. How they've had struck a that's message problem the veterinary referral an emergency center will be right back and listen to Delorean mention. Good morning good morning. My name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I am also the author of a book called power of the purse. Carefree finances for baby boomer women. Available on Amazon Dow mr. Cuban girl because I my eyes closed because I was there when did you see what I was still NC can't. Just need to go ahead what's your name gone. Hi everybody I'm Larry Kazmir and if Larry can't enterprises such as a fund raising PR and special events business. And we have against today if this expert from. Veterinary referral and emergency center and one of our sponsors in. I clarks summit. It's best we can do right now because you can say actually beach and chiller so Evan and I don't know what if anything besides the so why Nintendo what does it Diana. Yeah just a plain clarks summit anymore now certainly is that Dennis don't astound us who thought telex cloud summit proper. Yeah okay something like that my. And our guest from DR EC is Jan Smith. Who is the referral coordinator and leave client services wrapped. Welcome Jan thank you hi there. OK so and you could pull it over nary a little more than any area got access had been a squeaky it's like an old we'll. So let's talk about how you've got into veterinary medicine ready to start. I started at a hospital a doctor to know. In 2009. And common then when she opened this hospital I kind of just followed her there. Kept up a lot of people did for money yeah Sandia and she's like oh pied pipers and she yeah. Plus this is very enrolling human being kicking ass I yeah guess so. I had a skit started in medicine not in the veterinary medicine. I actually had a family member who worked in the field and an interest to you very much so I. I'm just applied for a receptionist position at the time and I got it and I just kind of learned from there so it's a receptionist position he started it is okay so. You are not a veterinary technician I'm not okay just wanted to make me I'm not able to give any medical advice OK I thought. Couldn't keep happening now it. I'm young I know I know yeah. You're right. Okay you've so. Then you've been there since when I went and opened since the group India which is 2000. Why don't listen listen. I think again it doesn't 100 gosh I'm Catholic I know it seems. I I can't believe it is then there and he has the time they had no end zone DM. So what does a referral cord. Neither do I referral coordinator is specifically. The receptionist for the specialty doctors so. We were there to schedule appointments and keep organization of those departments. So one of the specialties that you have there at the REC we have surgery internal medicine cardiology. And then obviously we have the emergency service that's just a little bit separate from him. How many physicians physicians and guess how many veterinarians. See you managed. And as a referral coordinator. There aren't street apartment so those doctors specifically. Okay. I'm so then you also have another role for us who he's client services represented half yes that's specific to the emergency service so. That's. The department where it and we don't have to get an appointment so things kind of common. Unannounced yeah. Sometimes a lot of phone calls be happy prepared for the unknown that's where a lot of the critical stifle con men. I'm just general concerns anything in anybody's worried about as welcome to be seen their cell. So when you win and when you have a frantic pet parents who comes in with a cat or dog catcher and there in great distress as is the animal special. What do you do with someone like when they walk in the door immediately we triage nurse technician to come to the front to assess the pet bring them to the treatment areas to be looked up by the doctor and then our role is to calm the client yeah and obviously need variants. These are babies here and I am now. We have to you know depending on the situation you know gets a grand tour rooms and doctor can accept an X can get to them quickly. Or kind of keep them calm in the lobbying we have to get the paperwork done while there. In this emotional state where even many. You know get that kind of stuff organized. And how many times have you had people totally freak out. Snaring anything. So that's how nice guys and how you managed sad I mean that the how you learn how to manage staff is probably the better question you just have to remain calm in the situation you know assure them that whenever can be done is going to be done they're in the right place. You know so. And then I'm allowed to go back dislike anything else right right it is an emergency ever so yeah they can't unfortunately go to the treatment area right. So so hard so you can you actually do put those pick do you put people into the examining rooms. We do weight Smart well they're for them to wait out and then generally content on the situation if it's something you work out where to come in very critical we would prefer them to being an examination room so we can't. How the doctor be able to get in their very quickly and speak to. So accident that you would move them in their. When they come and this runs on arrival though I have read and right OK and then it then. They stay there and wait until the doctor comes out anyway I was on the phone via. Discuss with them the situation that you. Played very good. I think ten but I still on several people who have had and it's very stressful situation with their animals they've. And then they went and then pat was taken and they were in the grounds and the doctor came back and talk today they laughed. Came back and things worked out. Obviously absolutely in a good way which I know happens so often carry out and it's so scary scary you're so scared walking in June and you don't know because they can't talk they had no you just don't know what I do for them great absolutely I am but I can say and we say this all the time but both of my. Dogs. Who are no longer with me both of them I think I had to take up sad and then buried. You know not good circumstance good circumstances at one point but not in the end I knew that that. What I had to do and I I must say it's. Heartbreaking. To. To be there. For us to go win and that you guys were so good and so thoughtful and and to kind and even going lower the paperwork it was not a push because I know that has to be done and you're trying to do your job and we're trying to be who we need to be at that time minutes. It was a if it could have been you know it's not a pleasant experience however what you guys made it much easier then what I think benefited today. Because it's when these deaths for every effort to do so so I know I know what I also love Jen the deal is the cards that come in the mail that you want to sign and the doctor sign and then just makes you feel like you it wasn't just a one and one and done and ye it's just another thing. In addition to. What happened and to continue them they're their to their little life self control with a good thing funnier and we'll think you guys are. And it's so important because customer service and we were saying before I don't care who or what business that people you meet. It immediately whether it's on the phone or in person fashion sense the bar absolutely. Great first and last impression of learn from him. I know it's drilled and that's a major. But component to being out there I know that Nicole is so. Diligent about that being part of that deep in the whole experience of the military of murder and BM. I mean you know and this wasn't happened there hidden via so except and then you got the other two there we'll have a little do you August 5. Crazy idea but now known as Calvin and ha yes yes we had anything needs billions it's. So again when you have someone command. The work twice and you hire people. I'm. Is there some type both and I don't mean this how I can says. Is this some type both. I'm just. Training you give these people for them to understand just like any other place that you expected this and if they're personality. Can they can be the best it's something but if they don't have that right fit is that is that a game changer they are or we UNICEF that they will. For that in the hiring process on somebody's personality who you know has the customer service experience and you know would be able to fit that we fully explain that amount. Kind of what the circumstances of our that are involved in this position you know will be and we ask them how they would handle things like that sound. Think something that we fully disclosed and discussed you know during the interview process so. Yes so that's that the nets fan and I think that's. Again crucial because hard to find her yeah I really can't and that we would get it I was just having a discussion and I mean I was at yesterday about. But even younger people how. Some of those traits that we Indy in. Think they are if it's learned from home and and you hope you can get these young people in and they they possess those skills because. They're so used to the phone and the quick messaging and the instant gratification of getting to summon that those inner personal skills are not always. I am as well honed as we would like to debate with the generation coming up how do you see younger people coming and what do you what's your take on. That feeling did you do I know you're young yourself so I don't mean that sure but like do you see that or do you see. When people are coming and they're much more. I'm. Can present. Yeah I mean if it. It's difficult to find the right person and I do see the younger generation it's kind of been a struggle to get that right person and so. I I agree champions and you can tell us that yes he can absolutely I think Tom Skype I have seen. Time has had a couple minutes of conversation. Just about everybody who's had TR EC. Mob attacks send everybody and the physicians to my two saying that and the veterinarians. And then I have to say that I think could to a person I have never banned in the company of someone who I did not get a sense of compassion. And concern before it's not just. The animals' fur that just that's a trade in the and the people who were there that's and I think it's something that isn't perfect that you said that that you actually interviewed for that. And knowing given them situations like here's the situation what would you do. And that really is a way to cut through a lot of nonsense because you do with hate I have to remind. Another run time definitely as somebody could have that daddy is worse than there has been the worst possible scenario cash. Oh my god we've got to send forget it. But I don't know she still there and we can say this because so many people move on to do different things but is Alejandro still man isn't. I'm telling Hillary she truly is I seasons we love her true when I eat I met her once and I had a call back for something and she. Knew who is neat when I said you know hundreds it's Larry Kantor about how she was so. Oh my god that yeah and she helped me with one event mind. Dog he's a little low end it she was wonderful wonderful. Top ten young she's I just can't say how many young I am so seasoning lemon has started in the restaurant business as you know you client service Xperia. Out on me and I love her name until goodness I. Cents a the main thing here is that if it's it's like perfect. So it can tell everybody if you would. Again you as we say your not a primary veterinary. Who location assists for an emergency situation our referral. And but tell everybody if you would if somebody needs your service how do how does that happen in my how. They can get TO. If you have any sort of a concern you can certainly come in and be seen you don't necessarily have to have an emergency. The only types of services that we do not provide our general care which would be wellness exams vaccine stays commuters. I'm otherwise you know even the smallest thing that's a concern can certainly come in and piecing through our ER service. Any time 24/7. And your location in your phone number for a 318 Northern Boulevard it's in south Abington Township. And the phone is 5705877777. And have a website. Www. ER EC PGA dot com. Don't know it's just great to. You look at your basic. Okay everybody Hendrick a great weekend we will see you next weekend if you have a long weekend enjoy it thanks for listening. He's safe and please be nice I.