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Gary St. Fleur organizer of SaveScranton

Feb 15, 2017|

Gary St. Fleur organizer of SaveScranton with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sometimes it takes some fresh eyes. On a problem in order to bring clarity to an issue. And that we are back to talk to somebody who has those fresh eyes. This is going to be Garry saint Fluor who is. For New York City but came to Scranton to work. And Nat has found much changed his dismay it's not a very workable sitting in terms of the cost in the taxes in the fees and so on and so forth. So he has been a principal. Of the group save Scranton which has the hash tag. See Scranton. Who tour shell. Adding it is so wonderful of you to be with the senate about. Why he chose to come to Scranton it seems like you have had a great idea that you're working on these say is obviously a concept that not everybody. We'll understand that F first speech came here to work and tell us what you found when he came her to settle in Scranton. And sure most working aren't they polling. Companies are actually technological concern that the report will surrogates. So that I would lose I can disrupt the polling industry. I couldn't application you can take polling data or certainly we hope. Gluten used in the interest such as relationships so pop culture. And the Internet. Important questions things other than the machine learning to stack up to the mission creep democratic democratic sketches. About people. Of course they'll anonymous so we'll pry into your personal mission. I still. That'll hold it that the diplomats involved in the politics of scripted idea a lot of my friends and that he got a lot on my. We'll have Jerry have you lost your mind. I have not a good OK now when you came here I'm I'm sure there was a reason you chose Scranton what was it and then what did you find out. About Scranton that you found to be somewhat stunning. OK so I. I was told that do we give you money this competition church our own interconnectivity that you could pitch right here receives star capital. Antarctica that you know in their city sports decongestant yup a lot of people startup companies are trying to mine who has started companies and out quite simple. All of a sudden there it is working have to start up ideal working. Vs something peculiar where it might not be the case we have more visibility more opportunities. So I think let their respective political what is more competition you actually go with a less competition package eventually succeed. So that that the process had a little much it's going to besides that the is that there are what I abstraction. Of the change of pace and I like. The world looks great it's. But IQ is there. Immediately I first came here the first person spoke to actually compliment from our syndicated. Thanks in London here and I told them at least at the passionately. And let us now with. I thought there would be hysterical a that there will be situationally at ridiculously good and I kept on hearing it. I hurt my taxi drivers are relatively dark. From everyone that the destruction the statistics that do corporate America and I kept on hearing that. But again I take it seriously until I want to look at government I would go to my source is on top of the technology up with the web site. Into the crowd try to look at China did this call will also bring appeal applied to city. And the the budget comes out well look the budget I find. At the moment. You know there are thirty million dollar material on the expense that person who you arms on the list about the the human expense which if any of those accounts and it totally unacceptable. Site that it's important post it took on the front and focus. He upfront told me that yes on the city that happened when he. Keep up until the people are told the people give the public officials get their responsibility so people actually think he's refused to stop it is done here. He proceeded to tell me that the political society to control the city. And that we've been sort. And so probably some of the primary can rear positions in the parade. And really we lately are about but parade that they have are you talking about a metaphorical for eight. I'm talking about to operate the actual parade. The time I know what you meant but of course that in January that we talk about now. Such as talk about the Saint Patrick's Day for it is isn't it is a pecking order of Greg essentially tell me a good job of it. I go straight to begin shipping all this I'm a wide eyed. A bomb blew a bushy tailed guy you belittle them like. What am I hearing now. This might sound more like Congo or these are but what countries we got a strong mental corrupts the society looked deep state that the situation so sharing this really. She looked like that is so that's so much there was yet the people indefinitely keep. I should be selected all right I'll do it. Slack is granted but I didn't proceeding at seven cents. The most important probably compelled me that I realized that's Brett it has been a pension problem propensity opposite the pundits. Stupid to be insolvent and a couple of the a couple of years now a couple of UND year who knows. I'll it's not the only place that had potential problem that the research involved the magnitude of the problem won a national level it really shook my pork. I'll pass that there's a lot to consider her ended. Gary I've lived here for a long time and I was well aware of the Scranton was in financial trouble my goodness they told us along time ago. When they apply for distressed to step this which has been quite awhile we must demand I mean this is. Something that Scranton has been grappling with very very very very long time. Com I don't think it's really a secret that they've had monetary issues. I I think that. The extent to which eased monetary issues and impact that it actually and the pistol without actually concrete numbers. If you act to that's and so it was straight I can launch on the like you know you have a didn't sort of family or whatever you billion long term debt to complete. Mortgage principle you Marty you principle on a credit cause a total figures sitting back there are particularly that. Eight that that it's built built fifteen million probably than eighty million. It's a lot is a 500 million or is it more. That again but that's what figured that one figured out by a hundred million. It in a could be more I definitely believe it's more how much I think it is Gary. All of not a that you normally what you'd but it's. Do and have what how do you based here your finger what do you think shook the real that is a. All right so hard they play a bigger is articulate didn't that this city's interest artists that. Back from those sewer authority to restore our bottles of that. I think the whole city shared account that this should be stern school debt and this year interest part. That the detentions and other pensions on. A population so police can put these things together. It is not a pretty picture. And I all of what does it say in your estimation how much do you think it's. I am a billion dollars billion dollars what Powell. Yes Aaron and. So desperate for capital we're talking about thirteen thousand dollars per man woman and child. So that means that even to children which was born are basing that it into the current house. Yes exactly and I'm so even to what are urgently go if you look at payment schedule. When the two of them got through the city but to see the type from under 40065000. 32 the population about six income didn't sleep either blue or actually. I'll more people not moving too easy to click these people so you have a situation where you're never gonna pay your debts. And oh you didn't speak he bogeyed the city. We the taxpayers. Until the inevitable collapse anyway so this city basically collapsed as it went bankrupt. Either willingly or to an explosion chaotic and that. Where they say the comp the comptroller's comes. Mean there's like it would ensure we get the attention it is to get people to sit together cash that would happen. But interest in the agreeable sort or liquidity of our property budget. And the big to be paid for anything. And so my situation that art is the politicians that the public officials seeing the sister people. Is that our mayors seem there's decent to people hey you know did all these things but in reality that situation quite dire and we're probably going to receivership. Though he think that opens a better that's like the big so what what you've beaten so are based on the fact that cost of operating budget smaller. Downstream streaky enough. On the ethnic and that the Clinton had a population of 140000. And operating budget was a lot smaller than this today. I'm pretty sure principle but about inflation big huge if you adjust for inflation the cost to serve as small population half the size which it. There's been so high 300. Dollar Kirk government employee or per capita completely. And like why why these 2% of the population also the other 98% population so much money. That doesn't accept and I believe the reason why are all Strickland though. And what they showed the court case on Monday is that the city's golf function for the people scripted it functions but the government work is really. I had been. And attach. All of our bodies objectivity to stay back quickly. It's clear when it comes to taxing taxpayer but we got lawyers. They'll bring up their consultants will do whatever it takes to protect their money when it comes in negotiating contracts and employees or cut costs and government level they have difficulty doing that. Right now the reason that we wanted to talk today is about the court case that to have out of it would be the triple attacks. Let up early this win. Unopposed in the past in people right now. Of the guys exactly. But I have what is in the citizens and their attorneys who have said. You know why we don't think that this is right to explain why. There is legal standing because they understand that there are two statutes that can be interpreted into different ways or can you kind of lay out the case that you believe. Is proper in this regard. Are sure are depleted. I know that at that gets a little bit technical China be as simple as possible and can be. OK so the situation that the triple terrorist attacks. We have to Aggies started doing it right so for people. To be clear this matter they want to go to court to get approval to triple attacks took a 200 to six dollars. But if you thinking about this is adding that the court case they'd already been collecting. At a rate of 136 dollars to 2014. That equipment battery pack now while we content is. That act 511. Which is act order law that the government and local taxes including local Serbs to accept and act are the tactics during the attack to the U mercantile taxes. Mean taxes. Didn't protected speech he attacks is opt out of property tax it's Alaska. I believe the tactics. I am. Achieved or that law this the cap on how much local taxes you can collect and Packard bell in the total sought. So that that number this is tabulated by multiplying. Politicking the property value their time principality more public school twelve mills on that was one of 1000. So when you do this formula for Trenton you get it a cap of 27 million of course is important to also understand that the property values that. And I've stated. And on Tuesday that property values a script to have been stuck in rising like a year. And so it. Affects how much money the government can think electric makes sense you would want to collect tax is an accent so people quote basically losing value and homes which is an indication. We itself. Didn't even think economic viability. So he actually put people into oblivion would be unfair to assume the statute exists. What the CD contents of that because the stress that it might you didn't stressed at four quarter century we should not lie but at the equity seventy. Even exists. It should be temporary measure but they've been bought it for a quarter of a century and they're claiming that act 47. Disbarred and cap there's no cap. We can root access to teach to the now the fact anything about it's not a right a position opposite. That you look at actually southern U but it subsection. B. Arm. Section two or what I believe. It says that they only talk about rates it says that you can approachable sort of attacks to. Up next a look at these six but in the refers back to act are relevant factors such an early in terms of the triple solutions X two. Indicate such that they did not give you permission to say or yet could you are pretty senate there's no capture you the worry about that. Define whatever you want to double the case we need to be to predictions they would they oh beware about our prevalent than you got done about. What you do. Notice in all our problems don't affect only Tom but the fact is that this particular instance. It was very clear that. That into my lawyer Tom McGovern she made it very clear. For the city what's estate that some out of salt from any responsibility each have a cap and I'm not sure how that W beat himself to state that all because June stress that is. People have a cap of in fact it's a pity to a more viable to have more economic standing have more property to have a cap but you can change your status you can raise taxes to observe bubbles. And that somehow did not sound right at all. How are you think the judge may make the decision because I heard when this was done he said it would be soon. I guess that's a broad based interpretation but you sure to be within the next couple of days. Are the possible it's possible that so it's not up to adopt him and I think that it notes to two statutes we do with. Actual force that 47 act Bible that. But that's promising that. She can read it to look at it he LB also impacted certain of that thing that people who are not familiar with which to understand. Our side. Side of the court cases the supreme Pennsylvania. Police stood in opposition. The decency respect did not do so right we have no practical side decree that it will caps. But that I should patent problems these guys say we don't have the observed in minutes and the I think the best of algae to do it at that duplicates and speed and re. By Teddy that you can travel a hundred. Miles that's a distance that after capital. How you do with the child after he lost power that you can that possibly more power but do you. And the global argue that we don't China watcher rates you can release commute actually can release. A local or just action can reach the top tax but that aggregate sum that you collect. It's capped. And the fact that he refused. To even acknowledge that it's very concerning. Say it if this does go your way Gary is it possible they would have to reimburse people. But I thought that I am. That some consider it they've been doing so five years while we argued is that. The local service attacks to tip the iceberg if you used our Bible and I'm language specific about the cap strapped in the bin over the cap for the past five PX. So blatant what's improved actually said that the question you know do people back. Fundamentally I I've done that and same thing that the city strengthen its options open. Should follow bankruptcy issue about the nine bankruptcy which 22 triple a bond obligations to negotiate contracts. Actually saw the pensions the slushy and contention at the world's stability to the camera on the road into this. Keep the status quo. On the numbers clearly they're not that they. A good picture for Scranton going forward and need this wouldn't happen at all or targets. Gary we have to fly evident let us know get them comes down today give us a call back and let us know what happened sure Gary Seidler is the the Marines behind can save Scranton you concede in the hash tag they also have a web sites say stand up comic in northern read all about it thanks again show Gary. Sure about the sudden.