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Feb 11, 2017|

Saturday February 11, 2017

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The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh ASCII just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SP. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with the doctor Dan ghoulish SD. You're listening to maximize your health and I'm I'm your help coach doctor Dan ghoulish ASCII hear a coach you guide you and inspire you. To reach your full health potential so whether you're struggling with heart disease. Headaches. I just have trouble or allergies you have come to the right place because today is the data you begin to get healthy and well we equip you with the knowledge in the resource is a you can apply to your life right now today. To begin your health journey I'm here to answer your health questions during the next hour 570830098. Or 18043720098. Your questions matter to me here on the show so when you call and I'm gonna provide you with simple and effective action steps so if you put these in a practice you put these you know you crate new healthy habits. Your health will begin to improve. For so many of us out there we believe that our health is someone else's responsibility and I'm here to tell you that is not true at all. They're cool thing about this right now what we're talking about maximizing your health is that everyone listening right now our house now has the ability. In their mindset to change one thing and that could be a day and I could change the whole course of your future right now today. Something it's something you hear during the hour here during the next hour that they say if you apply that your blood pressure comes on your pain starts to decrease. Pure energy starts to enhance your immune system starts a function better that's where help comes from we wanna work with what god gave us. And not interfere. So for so many of us it because we have the mindset of O. Health isn't my health is my doctor's responsibility. My held as my son or my daughter's responsibility cut because of that mindset that negative mindset. We're not healthy right now and until we're able to switch our mindset around a reverse that thought process in and take ownership for our lives of our health. Then our health will never improve so you might have a question about. Of nutritional supplement or multi vitamin or Omega three fish oil. Evening primrose oil pro by onyx vitamin. 570830098. Or 180437. 0098. May be the son or daughter now. Without chronic allergies digest of trouble. They're getting sick they're getting a constant ear infections. And the the doctors to prescribe antibiotics. At the antibiotics how it works and you have concerns because you understand antibiotics have taken to its for the wrong reasons or for too long can lead to other health side effects overtime. Call in I will give you a plan of action for your son for your daughter right now today to the unhealthy and well 570830098. Or 180437. 0098. And as always have a great line up planned for this week's up program of maximize your health a little bit later in the hour going to be talking about the benefits and uses for apple cider vinegar. For different conditions such as heart disease diabetes and weight loss but also other ways that you can apply news. Apple cider vinegar in your life. And then also a later in the hour I have arrested before. Tumor she AKA a liquid gold this is a boost this is an immune booster. Anti inflammatory joint health heart health better circulation. AK Ed this is the tumor a key AKA liquid called. And Morgan also be sharing our recipe of the week here in a few minutes so call with your questions 570830098. Or 180437009. It also you can download our podcasts from all of our weekly shows on my web site. Www. Nepa doctor Dan dot com that's an EPA DE RD AN dot com simply click on the radio link. And there you'll find all the podcast from our previously. Recorded shows of maximize your health and then you can also find it us on social media to connect with us on social media. FaceBook Twitter instead Graham if you have questions you can email me your questions or if you'd like to subscribe for our recipes of the week. And to receive our updates and our upcoming events you can simply send us an email at PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRO. Act Gmail. Dot com for so then now you can become subscribe for our weekly job health updates. I wanted to start off the show today talking about protein powders. You know we have the GMC divide the world is all you know we we see these these proteins advertise especially for those photos those who are fitness enthusiasts out there. And you're physically active may be bodybuilding lift weights and you know that protein is important for recovery for muscle growth for endurance. But. Is the protein powder you taking right now of the healthiest that you could be taking. Or is there something better out there and wanna talk about that here momentarily protein is a critical component it's a macro nutrient along with carbohydrates and fat that many people are deficient and they're not getting enough protein and because of that. They're hungry they're blood sugars out of balance they have trouble losing weight low energy. So if you're not can consuming enough protein and the right protein these can be a couple of side effects. So eating lean protein every day has a variety health benefits it can help. Chased away hunger improve focus and boost energy stabilize blood sugar. Speed up weight loss in enhance cognition. Most adults need an average of 45 to 100 grams of could clean dietary protein daily depending on their size activity levels. And metabolic demands. For some the prospect demeaning to end just so much protein eased they might seem daunting. So there's topped there's three things that you wanna look for one year us selecting a healthy protein power. He wanna make sure number one at its plant based. The two most frequently used protein powders are made from way which is a milk protein. And a lot of people out there has sensitivities to dairy and the other is soy and I'm gonna talk about because both of these come with significant health risks. Top scientists are beginning to recognize what many human intestines have already made clear. Cow's milk and whey protein in subsequent dairy products are unnecessary in the adult human diet in fact many humans have trouble properly digesting dairy products are additionally. Wait approaching contains bovine growth hormones commonly given to dairy cows increase their milk production. These are suspected of contributing to early puberty in children because of their elevated IGF one which is insulin growth factor in. The other jobs and bad had approaching we wanna get rid of this soy protein. Soy cut contains components as high concentrations of elections. Collections of the protein that are also found include include I gluten which is highly inflammatory. And can upset your GI tract these are carbohydrate binding proteins. Particularly to leaky gut syndrome. According to doctor doctor Daniel unmanned. He says eating too much soy protein can affect especially your hormones in your endocrine system. Soy proteins may include too much fake ass and again also a component of gluten. This whole I'll reduce the abs or should a vital minerals. Also soy protein contains vital estrogens which are plant estrogens. These can contribute to the development of some cancers such as endometrial type of cancers breast cancer is hormone related ovarian cancers. Just too high levels of these final estrogens can lead to a premature puberty in girls and impotence in men. And there's new research emerging. Showing that plant based protein on the other hand is a healthy alternative providing the same protein benefits as a way in so way but without the potential health detriment to. Study found in the journal of the international society of sports nutrition found that plant based protein performed just as well. As weight protein which is the industries dairy based. Standard. Plant based protein is also good for the health of your heart in study published in the American journal of epidemiology researchers found it in take over time of plant based proteins. Brennan an animal based proteins like whey protein. Decrease the risk of heart disease furthermore plant based protein is very hyped bow our Jan Ake it easy to digest and doesn't cause bloating which is a common side effect. Of whey protein. So what I recommend for a protein supplement and we have this available at our clinic power chiropractic health center in Wilkes-Barre. Is guarded of life's raw fit go. Garden of life's a rush it contains organic Pete protein. Organic sprouted around rice protein. It's Chia seeds and sprouts. A little sprouts are bonds of bean sprouts and Dockery sprouts. Also crack to walk Corel. These are all abundantly high protein. Concentrated ingredients. Okay it also contains enzymes and also contains pro by onyx. And also contain Stevie awards have a little bit later in the hour about sugar pure craving sugar what adjustments he making your die in your life Celso that you do your body stops burning sugar. And you become more fat burner for energy instead. So in addition to that you're getting a complete. Amino acid pro profile so you wanna choose. Not only the right type of plant based protein what you wanna consume a protein powder with complete protein soap. The human body requires 22 amino acids which are in the building bonds blocks of proteins. Thirteen are made by the body and nine must be obtained through diet. The presence of these is an amino acids is what determines if a protein is considered complete or incomplete. And you also finally final point on how to choose a protein power properly if you wanted to choose a protein powder with. Adequate fiber so the garden of life rough fit that I recommended contains tapioca fiber. It also contains Chia seeds flax seeds. It contains pumpkin seeds sesame seeds sunflower seeds all of these are create an abundance of fiber so you're getting a total of nine grams. A fiber per serving and 28 grams of protein per serving from the rough fit the guard in place trust that the we have available on our clinic. If you like to order this or if you like to have this ship to you or for more information you can caller clinic today. At 57082935805708293580. The other type of plant based protein that there recommend that you could purchase a house of nutrition or wegmans is something called chem protein. Have protein comes with a full profile of amino acids. With five or you're getting at least twelve or thirteen grams of fiber per serving with to have protein so you could add these UMass why do you take them they come already in powder form. And they're great to add to this movie for breakfast a smoothie post work out after you exercise. So that we Europe replenishing your muscles that you've broken down during the exercise and then write the first thing during the day during breakfast doing something like the Berry smoothie adding in spinach. Flax seeds Chia seeds banana coconut milk say you're getting a full balance of carbohydrates. Proteins and fats. You could add in a scoop of the rock fit protein it's my personal favorite it's what I've been using for many years now. And it's it's what helped me make gains at the gym develops strength develop more lean muscle. And two make sure that I'm getting the right amount of protein in every single day. From aim a very healthy clean source that and again it's always that always comes down folks if you're listening to me right now and if you're gonna take away one thing then I'm seeing right now always go with quality of work on he regardless of what how much something costs. Typically if something it's cheaper in cost it's not going to be the best and healthiest thing for you to consume. So I recommend you go online garden of life dot com you can contact our clinic we have these products available on our clinic and or them directly from us you can visit house of nutrition their sponsor her show or wegmans. And guarded him life supplements really are at the top of the totem pole. You know how they're right now in terms of quality. I'm getting the right amount for the right type of protein fiber. And also the pro by accident does this help a suggestion and absorb some of your vitamins your minerals and these amino acids as well. So if you have questions if you have something when asked me do you call me up right now 570830098. Or what 8043720098. Also if you have a question about a protein supplement our power or something that I said. That you would like me to elaborate further upon you can send your questions or email today and PWR Cairo patent Pets PWR. CH IRO. That's So our next help blockbuster event will be coming up on Thursday February 23. 6 PM at power chiropractic won thirteen Weston road looks very and this month's topic is titled how to build and maintain a healthy. Heart how to prevent heart disease and how to reverse heart disease if you have a in its early stages. I'm gonna go through ways to lower blood pressure naturally. How to lower cholesterol naturally reported talked about a heart healthy diet we're gonna talk about fitness room talk about stress or to talk about other types of supplements what supplements he should you be taking right now. And we're also going to talk about the neurological connection between the brain your heart you wanna make sure if that pathways fully establish that a 100% so let your heart. Functioning properly because of that pathway isn't fully established. Your heart will begin the malfunctioned things will start to not perform the way that they are capable of performing us though that workshop will begin at 6 PM until 7 PM it's a free event if you or someone you love has heart disease or if there's a family history of heart disease. We know heart diseases Arne is the United States number one killer right now. Okay so were prescribing more blood pressure medications cholesterol medication so we should begin to see these numbers decline. That is the case so what's in place right now is working for us that we need to do something different so we're gonna go through different natural lifestyle changes you can begin to apply to help reverse heart disease prevent heart disease for you. And your family on Thursday February the 23. 6 o'clock until 7 o'clock. Our space is limited it's a free workshop there's no feeder register but we need you to call to know that you're coming in this workshop so call today are seeding is filling up quickly. 5708293580. That's 5708293580. Thursday February 23 6 o'clock how to build. And maintained. A healthy heart or gonna go to commercial break when I come back I'm gonna be sharing this week's recipe of the week. For a raspberry go G breakfast ball and then we're gonna talk about headaches. Different types of headaches and how your headaches might be directly linked to TMJ. TMJ dysfunction which is the temper Amanda Diller joined we're gonna make that connection for you how we're gonna go through solutions of how to correct Jim Jay and how to correct headaches. Stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health. With doctor de Angela show ASCII. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster test. Sylvain is leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building in restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself Doctor King dollar just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in the corrected chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold from. Base garden of lights. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe chaotic scene co Q ten it's suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest in ill health for the future of the power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better healthy 29358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA and DRD. And dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road. 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Theory and one and area's coolest events here's hoping icebergs into how. Had to prevent the eleventh annual crystal haven't been married February 3 get a 26 from eleven to time they're determined at racetracks on route five Iranian film this year so I haven't seen her present. Once upon a time bring the whole family brings fun trip down our safety so nice try and make your way through the ice needs to enjoy a wide ice carving demonstrations are free wine tasting and the factory tour ticket and a little minivans visit crystal cabin fever and I'm. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor deemed malicious ski. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health I'm your health coach doctor Dan in college just key here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally NSA said opening the program a few minutes ago it's your choice folks let's get the right mindset. As we can Dow all have the potential to improve and change one thing today right now. It's up to us no one else is responsible for our individual health except for. You and I starting with me for myself. So if you have health questions you can call and if you have a testimonial if you had a breakthrough in the last few months or weeks or years. Or maybe you gave up soda you change your diet you started exercising you lost a significant amount wade. You're able to come off of medication because now your body's functioning better in your healing better all by yourself. Because you adjust your lifestyle to that and a healthier life cell come on the air share your transformations is that other listeners can be inspired. And they can and begin their journey to better health 570830098. Or 1804370098. For more information about myself in the program and podcasts and nutrition fitness videos testimonials. You can check me out on the web at triple W dot need bud doctored and dot com that's an EPA DR DEA and dot com. And now we're going to share now before we do that weren't I think our sponsor and upon your sponsors and a house of nutrition. They are at fifty mainstream is earned. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices begin baked goods daily organic GMO free. Grass fed beef. Poultry. A fresh organic produce all local also Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Assorted vegan chocolate truffles and velvet heart shaped boxes from C Ajax chocolates are available and also their running 25% off select aid through trade it. Beaded fair trade jury now. Through Valentine's Day is right around the corner it's Tuesday house and nutrition is open today from 10 AM until 6 PM Sunday 11 AM until 5 PM and Monday through Friday 9 AM and threw 8 PM again housing nutrition. Inspires healthier living with healthy choices you can like them on FaceBook. House of nutrition or you can call with questions 570. 7140436. We think you have some attrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your health. Now one of the recipe of the week. Raspberry go G breakfast ball in K this makes for a stellar breakfast you're getting. Anti oxidant. Vitamins and minerals enzymes protein fiber and healthy fat. All from the stress very goes you breakfast ball. It's quick it's easy to make all you need is a food processor or a blender. And you poured into a ball and you stirred up early well and you consumer. Does take a long time to prep does take a long time to make and it's packed with a nutritional punch. One cup of raspberry is fresh or frozen one half of banana mashed one half of banana slice for topping. Two tablespoons of go to G berries for topping one tablespoon of hemp seeds one cup of either Allman melt our coconut milk. And one tablespoon of coconut treads for topping blend everything on high until smooth top with a fresh sliced bananas various coconut treads. And enjoy it if anyone listening like a copy you can send me an email at PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO. At And we will send you this recipe also if you would like to subscribe for our weekly recipes of the week along with podcasts. Health tips upcoming events. Please state so in the email PWR Cairo. At All sure to follow us on FaceBook like power chiropractic health center doctor dangle SSD brunch FaceBook. Twitter at any Nepa power Cairo. It's a grand. Pay interest. YouTube were on all over social media folks have to connect with us today so that you are in tune with and getting the right information when it comes to building in restoring your health. Naturally. And I wanted to announce again how to build a healthy heart how to prevent and reverse heart disease. If you are a family history like I do heart disease than you don't want to miss is event. If you're taking blood pressure medication cholesterol medication if you have an arrhythmia if you have a stent if you have a pacemaker you don't wanna miss this event. Heart disease. Is number one killer in America our current health care system believes that more pills more drugs is is the solution. But yet the statistics are not dropping their actually increasing slightly year in year out. So there's things that need to be done differently from our end we need to become more equipped more educated more knowledgeable of how would love what heart disease is why the heart malfunctions. And how to improve its function and not interfere with function. Okay so we're talking Trish or talk fitness for a talk function or any talk waste a lower stress. We're going to talk. And about blood pressure from ways he can naturally lower blood pressure naturally lower cholesterol we're gonna talk all about Clara cluster cholesterol. When talk about what good cholesterol is called bad Colette cholesterol is really talk about triglycerides. Brent talk about pop pop atherosclerosis. Or hardening of the arteries. Recover all these popular buzz horse that you hear when you go to your doctor your cardiologists and we're gonna help it makes more sense for you gonna make this a very simple workshop that's easy to understood. And for you and every you know leave their equipped with knowledge and information that you could begin to apply. Thursday February 23 mark your calendars today. This is a free event. OK from some begins at 6 o'clock at 113 Weston road wilkes-barre. At power chiropractic health center our space and seating is limited so we ask that you call today if you wish to register. There's no fee but call today if you plan on attending healthy heart workshop on February 23 Thursday at 6 o'clock. Number to cost 5708293580. That's 570829. 35. Eight zero so wanted to discuss now I wanted to talk about headaches. OK if you're struggling a lot of millions of Americans are suffering with different types of headaches from tension headaches. Cluster headaches migraine headaches. But I wanna make the connection here between headaches. And TMJ am. And what do you believe is the number one treatment that folks will turn to once again at any type of headache. You guessed it spills its Ibuprofen it's Motrin Tylenol it's aspirin. It's take a pill. Masked the pain and pretend like the problem has been resolving corrected but again we know. Aspirin Ibuprofen. These come with some damaging side effects especially to our liver and our kidneys. Have so what are some other solutions what can we do what can we take book and we changed. Help correct headaches to correct the TMJ there's a strong connection so the TM JF those of you listening who are familiar the TMJ is. An acronym and abbreviation for temporal and and regular joint so if you come in touch both your ears and then you come a little bit closer to your mouth. And you open and you close your mouth really wide if you're driving a car donor advised doing this pull off to the side of the road if you if you are that curious. Sliding from your ears about an inch or two on and you'll feel a bump. That's your mastery of bonding underside to manic owns you all the different facial bones. And there's a joint there that joy when you open and close your job is called your temper oh man did you join because you you temporal bone. And your man to bullish is your primary job on what happens is. If that doesn't set properly and if there's pressure in the back of the neck more than more than back in this called. Ends you've muscles called the sub box capital muscles you can have some sort of a misalignment. With the mass so a process back in that area back to refer pain and neck to lead to temper on the and tubular join misalignment or dysfunction. And that's become more and moreover in recent years. Something I've been helping in treating patients for a power chiropractic and we've had tremendous success because when we take the extremely determined player in the misalignment is in the cervical spine. And in the skull on the back this fall we do pal Pretoria assessment of the TMJ and we make an adjustment to return under restrict any restricted motion and all reassessed by having the person opened their enclose her mouth and move their job from side to side and chiropractic really is the the first it's it's really the primary tool to help. Correct TMJ dysfunction or any type of TNJ disorder are out there but there's a strong link between headaches and TMJ. Disorders. So that's huge again it's a place for the lower John the temporal bone inside the head meet so there's five signs if you're getting headaches. It can actually because from any end of an imbalance a missile line temperament to do a joint. So. Number one your job will clicker pop. Any joint. In your body should work silently in seamlessly if you're jock clickserve pops when you open or closed. It's a clear sign of the lower half of the joint is not in the proper position. Even if the popping in clicking doesn't produce pain the muscles that have to support stabilized to join become fatigued and eventually will produce pain number two your bite feels off and you're chewing fear favoring one side more than the other. The TMJ is the only joint human Biden has 28 teeth stuck between the opening and closing motion of the joint. The GMJ's position is dictated by where our teeth and come together in our bikes so pure bite feels offer if you cheat don't fit together well as a chance you TMJ. Is off to number three you have pain around your forehead your temples the back of your head radiating down into your neck. Most pain comes from muscle. If your muscles are not functioning well because of fatigue from supporting your TMJ are surrounding facial muscles and I'm improper position they will produce pain so any type of upper cervical or. Our support ox to put is the us capitol bonus the ball in the back of your school so if you put your hot hand behind your head. Right where your easily your hairline ends. You'll feel Bolton bone and then it'll it'll turn into a softer area. That's called your ox simple bomb. And paid the ox sip little bone has a tendency to help to extend back. On TC one which is that your house is hit the first owning your spinal column. In your cervical spine or your neck so these two bones and a Salina causes tension that causes inflammation. And more stress and recommend an effect on on economic functions nearby because you do have cranial nerves exiting and traveling through that region of your spine as well but in fact can produce TMJ and a missile wind TMJ can also cause a misalignment there. So there's a direct relationship between the oxen couldn't see one. And your temper old man did dealer joint. So what can you do what are some solutions number one CAA corrective care chiropractor such as myself. This is something I've had significant training in significant practiced with him in working with individuals from children to adults and it works because number almost taking extra in the area we will see we will have we will look at the problem directly and see where the problem is starting from. We'll do an open mouth X ray we'll do a lateral cervical image c.'s Jeep into these all take. And go to a power Pretoria assessment of your temperament to be enjoying. And obviously we'll do a detailed history. Health history as well but you wanna make sure you're getting the right assessment. You can so chiropractic care and an adjustment is needed some folks might be traction inning and had waiting in addition to an adjustment. OK so we do directly adjusts the GMJ. We just a cervical spine but some home care might be essential for his well the only way to determine that is if you come in and see us and our clinic so that we can do the assessment we can take the extra is McKee we can see where the problems are lying. So if you're interested if you're having if you're getting headaches if you're getting TMJ problems. If you're getting pain if you're if you're just popping your clicking those are all signs that there is dysfunction there. And if if again if there's no pain yet in pain can eventually show up if you wanna wait for the pain you wanna take care of the problem now you caller clinic as we are setting I hate points for new patients. If you call our clinic today at 5708293580. That's 570. 829. 35 feet eight. Zero top its time for another quick commercial break when we get back I'm going to be talking about two Emmerich Kirk human and then the tumor a tear recipe AKA illiquid goal and Cameron talk about benefits and uses an apple cider vinegar if you have health questions I have help dancers call me up right now 57083. 0098. Or 1804370098. You're listening to maximize your health with doctor dangled Chesapeake. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes corrected chiropractic care for all ages Scalia misses rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not sabbatical from. The base garden of life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten it. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest in ill health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so. Call 8293580. Or visit need us. 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When it comes to building the restoring your health and natural your health matters your health is your greatest asset. So what are you going to change you do differently now. To ensure that you are building health over time. And it's something that you work act just like you know I your job when you go to school you learn you build your knowledge base and you you practice your craft once you get out into the field. Same with finance you know a lot of people starting out very dead men there working a plan to pay down debt and then build wealth and save and invest. So things take time the same goes for your health. And you really can't put a price tag on your health because if you get sicker you're diagnosed with cancer or if you have a heart attack. How important is your health become an a moment. Becomes the most important thing in the universe because all you want back is your health. So I'm here to tell you that maybe you could prevent some of those things right now by applying some of the information that you hear me discussing on the program today. So that's a great to since it's free information and I'm putting out there for you guys. If you have questions you can call me a 570830098. Or 1804370098. Also you can email me your questions at PWR Cairo. At PWR CH IRL and If you like to subscribe for recipes of the week. Health tips podcast fitness videos I hit a highly recommend the subscribed to PW just send us an email today at GWR Cairo. Pat also he can visit us on the web. Www. Nepa doctored and dot com and EPA DR DE a N dot com you'll find this. Mission healing foods diet fitness high intensity interval training videos of ways you can schedule an appointment in our clinic. Testimonials and a whole lot more also our total health make over dvds to discs. Four hours worth of material from a workshop that we did. Is available for purchase you can contact our clinic for ordering information 57082935. Needs are also two or retailer of garden of life nutritional supplements. And young living essential oils pap permanent panel weigh thieves. Frankincense. Peppermint lavender all available at power pair pretty healthy could stop and during any sit there anytime during our regular business hours Monday through Saturday and or few questions you can call us today at 57082935. Mean zero. 5708293580. And also our next upcoming health workshop. It is Thursday February 28 there on how to build and maintain a healthy heart how to prevent or reverse heart disease this is for anyone who has a family history. Anybody currently diagnosed taking medication for high blood pressure cholesterol. A written media pacemakers stents. Strokes. And if you're just wanna learn more this workshop is open to you. It's a free workshop however space and seating is limited we do ask that you register before attending. Please caller clinic today if you wish to come on Thursday February the 23 from 6 PM until 7 PM 57082935. That's 570829. 3580. And wanted to think once again our sponsors of today's program house of nutrition they are located at fifteen main street in whose term. They're alternative grocery organic vegan bakery and prep foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly turn against. House of nutrition inspires. Healthy living with healthy choices you can like them on FaceBook house of nutrition or you can call them with questions 570. 7140436. Also they're gearing up for Valentine's Day in house and attrition with assorted median chocolate truffles in velvet heart shaped box disease makes for great Valentine's gifts folks. Time is running out Valentine's days Tuesday is. They're also running 25% off select eight through trade beaded fair trade jewelry now through Valentine's is to be sure to check the mop their check them out they're open from. 10 AM until 6 PM today Saturday and 11 AM until 5 PM Sunday at 9 AM until 8 PM. Monday through Friday again how some nutrition spires healthy living through healthy choices and we think. House of nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your health. We're gonna go to the phone lines we have hobby air. How we do and Javier how can I help you. Hello to. This it'll sort of how can I turn out but I haven't scope. Both of both I want a ninth when I got up photos didn't they eventually double b.'s you have. And I stopped walking and. Coca what I would highly recommend sir that you do is you go visit your doctor right away. If you had hit in these symptoms double vision trouble walking numbness paralysis. That's it's clear sunny had a stroke and that's something that's gonna require medical intervention I don't know if I can give you the tips once you couple broke. And you wanna make some lifestyle improvements then I believe. You came if you come to the right place but right now despite the sentiment that this is a and that's happened within the the last few hours and her day. I would immediately go to see your doctor right away so that they can assess you they can diagnose you and treat you properly for this condition because it's a stroke is is something you'd you don't wanna take lightly if they if you've already suffered a stroke. Because that can be and nick -- a matter of life and death and that's and that's a medical emergencies or so I would highly recommend checking into a hospital senior doctor calling them up right away for this issue so backed and it's beyond the program you're gonna talk now about apple cider vinegar. OK apple cider vinegar. Benefits and uses what can we use it for what conditions can apple cider vinegar work to even reverse an end and you know managed naturally. Com. Heart health diabetes weight loss and a whole lot more so when diabetes. Vinegar is shown to be anti go lacy Macon has a beneficial effect on blood sugar levels. Todd this gives your body more time to pull Sheredy your blood preventing your sugar levels from spiking and great for diabetics so doing a tablespoon. Of apple cider vinegar mixed in eight ounces of water drinking that down first thing in the morning can help balance your blood sugar more effectively and also curb. Sugar cravings and sweet cravings. Heart health vinegar supports heart health and multiple ways this Polly females which are antioxidants. Which is. Found in high levels of apple cider vinegar this can inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol and improve health by preventing cardiovascular. Diseases. About weight loss diet. Apple cider vinegar has an anti obesity affect increasing UC she which means you feel full you're not always hungry and it reduces total amount of food consumed. And volunteers consumed a small amount of vinegar along with a high carb meal which is a big orange juice in this one particular study they consume less food. For the remainder of the day. In addition it. In other research found that taking apple cider vinegar along with the bread not only lower glucose and insulin responses but also increased levels of station which is full mask also if you're struggling with sinus congestion. Apple cider vinegar can help break up and reduce mucus in your body helping to clear your sinuses also as anti bacterial properties. Making it useful for infections sore throats again the anti bacterial properties are great for sore throats you can cargo with a mixture of about. 13 cup of apple cider vinegar mix with warm water. As he needed to help relieve a sore throat. Digestion an acid reflux this is something from her from doing news health and nutrition console some folks. Prescribing them apple cider vinegar one tablespoon with eight ounces of water in the morning one tablespoon eight ounces of water in the evening we bring you down has almost completely resolved acid reflux. Way more effective and beneficial without side effects. Compared to some knees and ask said that the proton pump inhibitor medications that are on the market today skin irritations of boards. You could topical we apply apple cider vinegar to help remove warts so what you wanna do is a jab at a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar applied to the war covered overnight and a lot of times he's more to go when their own also energy if you're energies are lacking and do it do a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. There's other uses in addition to consuming apple cider vinegar or leave keys and as a natural cleaning agent. A weed killer that can help neutralize voters in your home great to have help clean your fruits and vegetables. Also. Can uses facial toner a deodorant herrings or a great for oral health please swish it around your mouth for photo or Athlete's Foot. So apple cider vinegar if you won an email if you miss summarized this you can send me an email today at PWR Cairo. And That's PWR. CH are so active Gmail. Dot com. So what is this talk now about tumor and K tumor GM arrest to be here AKA liquid gold what is the difference between two Emmerich. And Kirk human tumor can get is spelled TU RM BE RIC. It's widely uses a spice any supplement and acumen is the powerful bio active Asian found in tumor can and is a nutritional juggernaut. It's important because a lot of these supplements you're taking the tumor capsules. You're not absorbing yet properly your body isn't utilizing him effectively so. From Rick can be challenging for your body to absorb. When you take you with black pepper it's absorbed more easily although ginger might be able to achieve the same and without the potential for digest some discomfort so you can take it along with ginger or black pepper to ensure that your properly absorb ringing in gained health benefits a charmer cuts. So it's. More superior if you're taking it to Rick supplement and capsule form I don't advise that I don't recommend that instead I would take in a powder or you root former U copper roof. Shaved the skin off chopping up banana into me Jews are smooth the best way secondly. A salad subdue a big bowl of greens drills and extra virgin olive oil and then you can apply some organic tumor powder does is available house is nutrition for you to purchase. And finally number three way to get to Emmerich and is brewing your own tumor TA KA liquid gold. So ingredients call for one cup a coconut milk one cup of water one tablespoon of T which is clarified butter one tablespoon of raw unpasteurized honey and then one or two teaspoons of organic to America power he gonna pour the coconut milk and water into a sauce pan of warm for two minutes. At a in the and then stir well poured into a glass you have your fresh fruit to Martier AKA liquid gold so what are some of the health benefits behind tumor in the number one. They can help improve circulation. It is an anti inflammatory agent which means they can relieve joint pain if you rheumatoid arthritis knee pain hip pain. And each had a spinal pain stiffness. I can help relieve some of the stiffness and tightness that you're experiencing it's also it's an immune booster and there's over thirty studies citing in reference in nets who break can be is is it is and as carcinogen it. Anti carcinogenic which means he can help kill off cancer cells. So that's quite consuming one to two cups of this fresh brewed tumor cheek this liquid gold daily. Can become a life changer for some of you right now. OK so if you want to recipe email me right now PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IR oh at Gmail luck come from this tumor key recipe and again if you wanna register for our upcoming event our next workshop. Thursday February 23 how to build a healthy heart. How to prevent. And reverse heart disease so if heart disease runs rampant in your family like it doesn't mind. The new one educate yourself you want to empower yourself and you wanna change your lifestyle you wanna align your life celta one where you're. Actually defeating heart disease and not setting yourself up for heart disease. According to studies research. 80% of heart disease. He's due to lifestyle not genetics is only 20% is genetic sort of talk about how genes cyan group or to talk more so a boy you can do differently for your health. To maintain and not interfere with help with your heart health. So this is a free event a free workshops are ceding our space is limited and we're only going to take the first people who sign up register. So don't wait until the last minute because we will be full for this event cultivate a register 570829. 3580. That's 570829. 35. Each is. 010 wrap up today's show I wanna finish up talking about a study here. How are taking a handful of nuts a day cuts the risk of a wide range of diseases again it all goes back to diet that food be your medicine. And let medicine be your food a large analysis of current research shows that people who eat at least twenty grams of nuts a day have a lower risk of heart disease. Cancer and other diseases. So twenty grams is equivalent to a handful. The study was done they researchers from the imperial college of London in Norwegian university of science and technology. It's published in the journal BMC medicine. Quote we found a consistent reduction in risk across many different diseases which is a strong indication that there is a real underlying relationship between nut consumption. And different health outcomes it's quite a substantial effect for such a small amount of food and the study included all kinds of tree that's just hazelnut and wallets. And eating peanuts. Which are actually lagoons. The results for general similar weather in total nut into a tree that's or peanuts re analyze what mixed nuts so potentially beneficial according to the researchers. Is there nutritional value and nuts and peanuts are high in fiber magnesium. And poly unsaturated fats which are nutrients that are beneficial for cutting cardiovascular disease risk. At which can reduce cholesterol levels. Some not a particularly wanted to impeach him nuts are high in antioxidants which can destroy our exit date of stress and possibly reduce cancer risk. Even though nuts are quite high in fat there are also high in fiber proteins the so their high in the good fat the fat we want the poly and saw saturated fats. There's also evidence to suggest nuts might actually reduce your risk of obesity over time. So the study found that people if they consumed. Average of more than twenty grams of nuts per day again that's a handful of nuts today. There was little evidence of a further improve. And government health outcomes so. Start consuming more nuts folks so when more nuts like wallets Harmon's. And even some peanuts are okay. Did you hazel nuts you can do pistachios you can do peak cons but these are what you want to start getting more of in your diet and rod nuts and seeds again if you want to study it's from the imperial college of London. I see in the journal but this is one great way to help lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer right here just by simply making one simple change. Remember I open up the program about an hour ago and I said if you just take one thing away. It's not about changing everything once I think a lot of people on here. You know everything they've been doing wrong for so long to get overwhelmed easily intent here to tell you don't approach it that way. Okay take one thing that you hear. If it if if you take it in India your brain goes in your heart and your sewing you sort of feel reflect on it and ponder in research and further on your on your own. And then you begin to make changes. That's where it. That's where healing begins OK I don't feel like you have to change everything all wants. Okay if you'd like to set an appointment if you want a simple one on one health consultation we are accepting new patients for health consoles. Even caller clinic at 570829358. Or otherwise. I will be back next Saturday 11 AM to 12 PM with special guest. And local natural health advocate Donald bar she will be on. Maximize your health with me next Saturday from 11 AM to twelve against the mark your calendars. And putting your phones. And don't miss. Next week's episode to maximize your health thanks folks for listening and I will see you soon be well be safe. And making your health you're number one priority.