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Feb 11, 2017|

Saturday February 11, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims made are not necessarily those of WYOK. Staff management or sponsors. It's time for Larry and Lynn. Does don't your weekend. Lori inland. On W lie okay. Good morning good morning how are you in this. Just fabulous. We're recording this on Thursday with these super snowstorm. So which really we got here no but I mean that we had at least ten inches of snow you. I hope he yeah you don't have a skull yes none done well we'll get that much and done more I don't know enough to other people oh we got something now here's my. Now ten inches yes and I and I'm serious it was US it's bizarre there it's like another world is in us now we don't I can still see like from. These paver type things in my yard and going down and I can still see that I now only a couple inches and I can still see the top south now. They have a lot I have again a lot of snow off the cars and I felt just walking through that I had my boots are up to my knees and there was still snow over my knees so that's yeah but it was very heavy very sick so I know was happy that's not a good thing. So shoveling gets me nervous it was okay -- nice and I'm taking the GPA had to because I thought because I was thinking of viewing your client and I don't know how she does in the snow with epidemic stuff Patrick's Jeep but now I had this that car is really very good no sell out my car but it says that it is because the snow so high I needed to get above the snow we get into the door of the car and equipment just so so I have the Jeep. He AG and. Speaking of the Jeter reminds me of some Patrick is unfair to his cousin. Christian Mer from downtown called the other day and said that he was being promoted to a general and he would like Patrick and I to join him for the ceremony to where he's being made the general and I said that sounds good sense next Friday. I think it is and so I looked at the invitation what I thought was centrists and many came through the mail that was in eve night from the federal account. It's it's so what I expected. And we're going to the Pentagon for the singer miso rate is so excited. Memphis says he helped me crying the whole time as you know BSE will they get he is probably crying talked. Chris let me Chris how Florida's. So. He's just gets all cuddly about these things and he's is says that nobody in their family has ever gone that far if the pats uncle and Cruces uncle. Was in the service and I forget what rank she was that he was an anesthesiologist. So key word to you know all over the world. What if the army and they always held him up because you know the guy who did the most known as sudden. Was this his first cousin pants first yes there's going to be men columnist against the question Houston's early fifties while he's young and unions can. He she was a lawyer an end. The law firm in New York City and was doing very well and he just had this opportunity to join the Jang group and then the army and this for the National Guard and he didn't and fell in love with that and he's been in a couple places up mostly she's been in Virginia and and I guess CN a couple of different spots in Virginia key where she's from new York and Long Island originally moon that I Menendez for now. Home crowd is from. But he just as they love Virginia they love being there they love DC and all that good stuff so we see them every once in awhile when they come too late in the summer but this'll be a very impressive ceremony his mother and father are respectively in their early ninety's some lady. So. I don't know if hills billionaire coolest uncle Joseph you know who is it his mother's Patrick's mother sided fathers and mothers kind. Yes chris' mother Anita and Pat's mother Frances we're sisters. And the other when I was just speaking about the one who was anesthesiologist. Was there brother al-Qaeda so they had. Fine if I think five children and that generation. And there's only one man she's a living in her ninety's well that's terrific president got it because she's certainly beat the odds on her surely does. Yes so I. I'm we were other reason I say he'd be he would cry is because Patrick is. Which the army we're ask. Farm and he was what was his perhaps in ia century yet and so he gets very emotional. When the any un patriotic song is sung and it was an like watching the Super Bowl and then the flyover. And he starts bawling and some of the commercials. He's crying and I. Which is a beautiful thing because it is okay patriotic he's very emotional about things having to do with animals kids and the army. An order I think. But every time and it comes on television I just have to look over enemy that you know what I Schoen and I know is you're not clear result and Ahmed you know I'm. Yes yes it's. There are ten. I was I watch a man I asked him that question if you read you were kind enough to hurt me but I said to him Patrick don't you think that there's so much pride about the military's lately and more so over the years and there was. Not that there. You if you're in the military you are proud that I just mean that even the general population and the feeling of surprise you get from these servicemen and women it's amazing what they don't I think. Him especially in all of his generation who served in Vietnam it's. There's still that. Pain. When they came home nobody cares and nobody ever gave them they hero's welcome there or just kind of disregarded and just get back in your life because. The Vietnam War was never popular war in this country so they were never given their dues so to speak as being. But those that serve their country and I think for him now when he sees all this if it really makes him feel so much better that the military is scanning that. It has their respective DA deserve death and he and his generation missed that so I think the whole Vietnam memorial saying the walls was extremely important to all of them because it at least acknowledged and recognized and memorialize the event to him. So he's Solomon who used to go to the jets came so blind and they would do a flyover he's loath to tell the story about everybody will be looking at their watches thing. Hey where's the flyover I thought they were supposed to be here he would turn them and say don't worry about it they will be here he exactly on time. Mainland they were exactly on course on military's I was trying to actually until right. So he was so proud of the fact that he could count and that and told everybody you know worry about it till the year. How about when that flyover happen and that's single plane would veer off you know until the laughter right whichever was that was guaranteed Huntley time com. Thought it yet but she came as a lead and it really is a very impressive. I know but I like to see his. You know I was reaction to that because that's speaks volumes now with what we can't really fully grasp to write any of us sitting there and he could so that's it's amazing to see that. South you know they just have to be animal Memorial Day are veterans day to say thank you to all of our troops because it's. And those who have served before. Big big big smooch and thank you because it's amazing when you see that ended just as Connor it is that's a man south. I am so what else that was Super Bowl so I hate to say bit. Man and then and man. The patriots won. Thank you woes is over and want a say I'm now what what about Saturday night didn't we have a special woolly uterus. That's only ten so look at Taylor of ten was this yes and it was nice I love I love round tables I know you size careers to have a bigger party Dendy rectangular certainly has here. You can't hear her sing yes I love they rarely do all of us all tenements that one table we went to Brussels and there was a Lynn and Patrick gage in Napoli. And Debra grant Peterson and John Peterson. And dead Dudley and Brendon soaking don't mind me I'm trying to look good now and my cousin Kathy and sharing and they booed TA. And yours truly and and the other day I hit out was done. Higher mosque that's. And we had a nice little room will be there along bloggers I was gonna say we know what they are and dinner Saturday night was packed and they know we don't care because we heard. I hate when you get in to a restaurant anyway and it's boom boom boom in your row it's like why did I batted pitch it was kind of nice because we have a lot of celebrating and it was fun. We have an organization had several courses yes and so not much less hungry we can't pass. Everybody was up to their eyeballs by the time we left with food. But food was always always is good and it was good in the hands as necessarily want to good people in there and it was nice we had a good time and then the next day we had our. And State Street grill which I by the way spoke ton Mandy yesterday I called her. For something Alison told him what a wonderful. Experience we had at the shower who in the morning the little baby sprinkle some food for our wonderful friend to miss. Time now her doctor to know about. And her new tests who was adorable. And Webber wasn't so nice that little area that he had designated I love it yeah to never again. There was that I missed without being closed alas those very nice the waiter was wonderful can add his name but he was great. And there's stuff I told me that says it was it was Selma was very. Different in high end sort of way but yet a dairy down to earth kind of if you set up it was great and I asked about the figs and she said. That they roast them and yes that's exactly what they did. Because we liked Saturday roasted egg you know yeah. That's actually talking about. Gluten thing. Did you find out anything. That they served had any clue then that we know all of the cast or germs had gluten in them exempt for the stuffed. Mushroom mushroom with sweet potato kind. Everything else and then of course Sunday you know Bahamas and the carrots and for the vegetables and not the cheese and other had that wonderful Brady it was Craig it was it was so I thought pull. Morning was great and then of course we went over to see and can RN. Lynne and I stopped in their very briefly my mom who had surgery and she Ben was and she's getting our when you listen to a she'll be home. Shift Friday she is discharge from the allied when he and a little PT can she had been and you know when you're not moving around as much you need that. And she did a great job and shows that so I have to say that everybody. Had to Moses Taylor hospital could not have been more wonderful. Doctor pre eight Downey create junior incredible. And then the folks over at allied. I'm that the physical therapy hospital for a while she's been there for a little over a week have been terrific sound. That's local guys and they did a great job. That's correct. Yes and knowing that we didn't hit our obligatory. Dunkin' Donuts stopped. Of course it's better for a large. Let's face it it's Olympic what are you doing with ice in C of course and had to say this too. All of the gifts I gotten maybe am I in most magnificent. That's where I said I could descend no aired you know yes sir you denouncing an unannounced visit to some other SpinRite because rumors we would last Saturday was when it was my birthday but. Everybody nailed it with everything they gave me and now I've all of my Dunkin' Donuts cards which of course I love the feet being and my ice teas and the dead a couple of day. Yeah you know I'm here because suffer why I love that thank you but I don't want to mention that I did this. Exercise some extreme control because I know that they were making. Hariri. The chocolate cream on the inside I'm very sorry and on the outside. I just I everytime I seen in my cell mate but I said no I'm not getting one. I'm not getting one and I did not. A bit rinks there is nothing you can get there if you happen if Syria Syria to these are correct there what does a good thing for me I just hit the ice teas. Sorry we're gonna take a quick break you're listening this morning to Larry lynch how would be right back. Lowering inland. Well we're back here listening to Lori -- show my name is Lynn Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. We're fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book. Called power of the purse fear freeze finances her baby boomer women available on Amazon.com. I'm Mari candy owner who I can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business and this is something of an end here. I'm good buddy Johnny Lucas here at WAOK he's our about producer and everybody loves Johnny will Johnny's dad has been ill for awhile and we got a call on Sunday while we're watching the super ball that his dad had past tense so Lynn and I went yesterday to the funeral and to be with John and his family and of course Steve Corbett was there and Kathy Donnelly at the funeral on with some nice to see people say. That most of my news SS if you are dealing I would completely without him but they've got Taylor itself and it was it just he's just a wonderful wonderful guy so Johnny is the guy who takes care of all of our shows and many others and works full time here and he's much loved side this station and so we just want to know we're thinking of them and we love them and. And you know had a request kudos Johnny deep was. He says anybody that wants to sell him heading home cause I mean I'll bring him back this way. The show as we want our demanded says well Myrna how well we don't wanna let everybody know where you live so anybody can drive by a phone call CL tear I don't feel I am OK and he would be very appreciate women laughing so could recent Johnny what when he couldn't do with just kind of caught me who has known. So we so what do we can we do for you bring me meals. I love them but he really. Mean he's just such have a wonderful guy and I'm Johnnie. And I about we said to him Johnny you know that you have family because you know he comes to my sisters and our families functions for every Christmas Thanksgiving Easter and mother's every event that we have win by Johnny any comes any we love a decisive Jenny you know you may let me just add cat into your last name Johnny Lucas cabinet is really nice ring to it the study shows you how many said she should because. I really can't do it right behind me. I think that's okay it was meant to with good humor. But anyway yeah the he's so so think of them keep them in your thought he's a great guy yeah hands he's going to be fine we're gonna take care of them for sure we love you. Danny yes we do OK couple things I wanted to share with everybody. This isn't an interesting one because I find myself doing this and I don't get an F I actually said download to all of the time since I've purchase things online. Many of them because I saw something. Through an email I would say 20% off today only because things and so go check it out and that's probably. Not a good thing. Why well because it's. You and make sure sign mourn a lot of money on things that maybe you're really need to wait a minute so you are a shock theory you're more of an Internet traffic and and go to store shafts aren't your thing. And yes. I can't tell anything that I am it's time for me it's time when I don't know I am now so I think you're the one that goes shot Thea of course but I am. I've been going on line a little more than usual and only if I already know what it is for the most part pit west generally when I do I know I need something and I. Go looking for NASA's I just go on their shot at huh so this I think is an interesting way of looking at this because this person decided that she wanted to take it an online shopping clans. A week. Without clicking so c.s are soft by saying it's 3 PM on a cold dreary Monday as a freelance writer who works from home I'm in my usual place in front of my computer when I suddenly realize I have two back to back birthday parties from my preschool aged sons coming up in just five days with my brain and auto pilot I start typing Khamis. I'm since. And in my browser intends and searching for 25 dollars and under gifts. With next day shipping a benefit of my 99 dollar a year prime membership two seconds later I realize when I'm doing and my fingers freeze I can't go online to Amazon or any other retailer. Or I'll be breaking my commitment to take a seven day cause from Internet shopping this digital shopping detox. Comes on the heels of a holiday season Brian and I only went over budget I'm like give some lines so many times that I felt sadly can disconnected from the holidays so I grit my teeth and carve out a one hour slot in my calendar to hit the toy store has five miles in my suburban Connecticut home irritated that I can't cross this task off my to do list yet it's at this moment one day and on day one of my cyber shopping sabbatical. When her realize that abstaining from my routine is going to be a whole lot more challenging than I hoped. And then she says I'd be the first to admit that shopping is a deeply ingrained part of my lifestyle. As a mom of two preschoolers I make online purchases for household necessity three to five times a week. I've never experienced motherhood without Amazon prime or buy buy baby dot com. The minute timeout or something my first thought as to log on them biased. I am I web browser or my iPhone app I also shopped for groceries on the web. And that's up online for food delivery services that cost me thirty is sixty dollars a week. Yeah. You mean like I think that blue apron and went how noticed it's if you dare place you can actually go on line in order for allegedly first she said groceries then she said. Didn't she this Amanda double that's what I said do you mean read that again I should say also shopped for groceries on the web. And I've signed up for I'm signed up online. For food delivery services that cost thirty to sixty Lee and that is what I think and that's rarely rarely ever again but they're also. I know Weiss who markets has all I know Leon in the do events this fine man wegmans needs to do that because that would make me happy. A anyway hey I did it all the time is Sam's Club I go once online order everything they even keep it as of a regular list. And I just go through the listened they need to buy more events I go there. I go through the front door I pick up everything and I leave. Where's this where they keep the stuff you have to go through this no they haven't in a cart in the front Xavier Florida daily day you know you tell them you're gonna pick it up and the time. And the timing on the planet now thanks so it costs nothing to do it so I just said that's great would just go and it. Hey I want to say the other day because remember I say it I was I got married and I guess. I got a whole lot of things. I'm Suzanne I can't blame my independence and my kids so in addition to shopping for family essentials I know from clay come promotions. From about fifty different stores I love I don't have to leave and fifty all right my main school. Urged his clothes. Gifts to the minute after our sleepy for an event I go online purchase one or two items plus gift wrapping. It's fun to have an excuse softening. And doing it immediately makes me feel so organized and efficient. Actually goes on to say that first today's ever detox for hard. She resented not being able to take advantage of sales offers email seat to her such as the 20% off leggings and athletic as Toledo. And another friend online jewelry outlets that are offering a 25% discount on some bracelets you know. So as you know this is that this is amazing because I can I can see how old. You can just keep spending money and not even realize that you're doing nest. And I think to me the first way I noticed. How ridiculous it is this a look at the number of boxes empty boxes I have in my basement. That I need to deconstruct. And take the foot fold up and put out further east. Garbage guys you know who do their recycling. And I have at this point at least twelve downstairs. But I have to admit that much of that was for holiday shopping. So that was done and really I didn't go to several stores on purpose because I wanted to. Make sure that I supported the local. Entrepreneurs and I said you know let's do some networks here. But there are certain things like. Brand names and I know. That that really work clothes that. Fit Patrick very well they award very well they wash very well. And so they were known commodities. And so I would go online to places like Land's End. Brooks Brothers. Some places like that in. And then I don't as you already know that it right you know they fit us and I had it's easy to do I can't I literally can't take him places to try and close. So it's so much easier to have something like that. For someone who is I'm disabled sorry her makes a lot of sense but I can see how can become something that because it's so easy. You can really get yourself and the some serious trouble. And the I know use of B dad's credit cards were. And because people went to places and shocked. One I can do all the stuff I'm lining you don't even have to have your credit card with you they KeySpan file. So when you go to places even my sister was QVC Suzanne maniac with QVC home the only thing she ever wants for Christmas it. I accuse Egypt clash. Well you know easy but the thing is about to QVC thing is the difference between a QVC it was sinking and this last night. And just going online is you've seen what you for the most for you right see you can see how function the functionality conceit. So that's why that works if you're visual person you need you now are you need to see it more than just online. That's true I just doing its does an online and it came from my birthday and actually my nearby farming can. And I loved it online I love it even more in person but the point is it looks different. Physically when you're looking at it and money did on line. True colors are more vibrant cash there's just something I love it more ad in it now that I haven't done what I saw I thought it was much more pale. And so does kinda things surrounding a level twelve yeah. He can't really. See things that while but I think I like to go online to shop for things unnecessarily for clothes but for things. And I did if I eat it by any clothes online it's generally because I have a catalog. So I can you see the and you know what and I and I know certain sizes certain brands. But what helped us for a woman. Survives is so when my seven days were up I expected to go right back to green but I'm but after ayalon done in my computer something strange happen. My craving fresh leaves a leggings had evaporated. As the may need for the gorgeous wrap free so I thought I won and now I don't have to live with the guilt of overspending on apparel. I saved about a 120 dollars in one week to find not find the clothes and jewelry I've been kind. But I didn't save significantly. After switching. From online grocery shopping to the actual store. She said for the food and supermarket I as I normally part with 19 DO week I spent a 192 during the weekend they experiment. I didn't resist trying out a food delivery Promos sent my email inbox so I say 36 dollars on that. Yeah interesting I mean I. Can't stand to sit that long looking at things that that can fit. In all honesty computers and and web sites stuff drives me crazy because there's too much too much conine. I'm and I Ike I prefer just to go somewhere. Yeah and there are times when I actually do enjoy doing a nice stimulus similar room like you said for convenience of knowing exactly I know I can't get it somewhere. It's can. I think you know what can I notice a some people's web site to really aren't that great now I know easy to navigate and up to you this I just don't like them. But yeah I do we got to do yeah. Self. Harm that's it we're going to let's take a brain quick break because we have the lovely attorney Barbara. Who is. Up next so we'll see you will be right back you're listening this morning to them are human shell. Here lowering inland. Everybody. You're listening to admire him and show I'm Larry caddie and I am the owner of Laurie can enterprises which is a fundraising. PR and special events business. And my name is Lynn Evans and I am the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse carefree finances for baby boomer women. Available on Amazon.com thank you and we are here. With yes thanks guest expert the lovely Barbara. More people Santa can I know it's drinker and I really know what I fingered one has nothing to say it's the last to building time and you're going how do you drink her dad aunt by assistant how we speak whatever that is north east west and east done drinkers if you're east right five million newly yes tracer so east Andre wins at Elmhurst is yes I'm doing OK okay to get right there in the last building and Michael led by Betty is underneath so you know there on the ground. All those good people in one officer Don Padgett to that point. It's a nice group of people in this kid is some virus has been practicing family loss worth about 35 years now. Murray and thanks came down here us and what's timely this time a year. And the calls I guess are who gets to claim the children on taxes because everybody needs to do their taxes. And it's very disappointing to some people fled. I will tell first first off always consult with the tax prepare for a taxi just he would have an accountant. A CPA and so that you following all the right rules. But generally it's the custodial parent to parent who has primary Cust each state gets to claim the children. Unless that parent gives up that naive in writing and what you need to do to give up that right in writing there's an IRS form that you can download right off the Internet it's a form 8332. Which says I'm the custodial parent and I'm agreeing to leave. Taking this giant now very few people are treated that's a lesser some kind of negotiation with them. But switched every year it can be switched every year and what I'm seeing more and more is people who had 5050 custody of children will switch every every other UNL yeah so I can't take dead takes he'd been hit and air and they do dad says that formed glory and it says the top line is for one year and the bottom line is for future years is okay so you could do that it if you've negotiated with with some other parent that I will claim in 2016. And every odd year annual claim an even years he could do that for him and that reform should be attached to your return or do you see where it's dead what happens if you if say you have two children age so I. OK okay so one parent agrees to wait for the other child and they signed that form and the other parent agrees to wait for the second child health and and that's that's how it should be done what I am seeing instead is people get there there W two's 1099. And then they rushed to try and there's that sense of I'm paying child support I she gets claim the child that's not the IRS rule my. The IRS rule as the custodial parent unless you agree to get given topic give up the right to claim so what happens is the first parent who goes to trial they put in the child's it's a security number and then maybe they are not rightfully claiming the child and there are rushing to grab that right and they are doing it contrary to the IRS regulations they grab and they put Italian puts a security number and and then the other parent can't file online they can file a paper exit out or something that's in dust. I need to dial Hepburn made so that now what will happen and here's why you shouldn't. Claim the child if you don't overreach and China when the IRS catches up TO a year a year and a half later whenever. And they see that two people of clay in the same town same Social Security number they all go back and they send you both the letter. And the letter will say to the right claim the child send us your custody order. If you don't have primary custody he denied their rights claim the child and not only will they disallow you taking it. But now there's interest and penalties on the well that that was a very Smart because the other parent is gonna is good and tried to claim the child. Now years ago I mean doing this for 36 years and it hit it through leery ago that it would be. That. You know one parent might make more than. Then the other and therefore it was more of a benefit to higher compliment my parent term and you be able to easily negotiate that. What was the game changer here is earned income tax credit. So if a lesser compensated. Parent is also the custodial parent. They have a financial incentives to claim the child now because they might qualify for earned income tax credit which is a significant amount of money. And it it's in people's best interest to look at. The dot IRS dot gov and say hey could I qualified for earned income tax credit. And they may need a qualifying child I think they do need a qualifying child to claim the earned income tax credit. So there's income limits on that and you know how many children your claiming depends on it will determine how much money you guessed. So. It's something you need to follow the rules. You can't just grabbing clean nice Childs. I talk to people a couple of times a week that say I pay child support there for I should be able to claim. That's not what the IRS regulation ends don't think you're gonna get when he was dead because the other parents can claim. Yes it if we as a city happened to me. When Byron majora was my accountant and she can't she said you we tried to file electronically in it and Europe's oldest son was claimed that. I'm already be in use Social Security numbers I said what and I knew this was the agreement. That I had had with time so I knew it couldn't be him he wouldn't do it and he did an. My son he was dissolved when he find the dead and up because you worked she was dead Yale school and college I think and he was working and he used attempts he's I caught because what I call there and that could be found so anyway he we riveted take care of that but nonetheless that did it kicked it right now farms like it's saying you Marty claim mistress child are even claimed they said no he hasn't won here eight well he's played themselves out exactly who he was so and you can't like there was no I knew who I absolutely positively no. That it would never be his product is we knew that in and it we had done this long enough but I don't whip who did fit ethnic well. And very fortunately some people are doing your fraudulently to colonel cut him grabbing ass security number 190 and you never exactly how to make. The death and that wasn't what even what I thought of but nonetheless it's. Was bizarre and it kicked it shatter right back to our. Now irony clay you know I mean it means I get a couple of these a year where people come in with a letter and say. Hate the IRS is asking who has the right to claim. And you know I think so by the 'cause sooner and they look at that. So if you didn't have primary cast senior claiming you're gonna have a big problem it's not worth doing it wrong. So do you what do you recommend that when this happened let's put it this way when you when you see couples now I they pretty is is is a pretty fair and these days with people aground today no it's still LA it's still fight kind of what happens a lot of times is people get emotional about it. And they say. Not an analogy yet a financially they look at it and say well he doesn't have custody of that child ends. Healy sees her child for overnights a month why she generates claim the child so then it doesn't become. You know what's fair and how is this going to help each parent. And really that the support rules say it's. The court would have the right to award that I'm not seeing them doing Minsk but the the support rules say they have the right to. Determine who gets to claim the child. This if they can maximize the income to the child so let's say the court. I don't see them doing this but. Conceptually. They could say okay if I debt estimated to claim the child they're for his taxes would be less that ink. That increases it is income which in turn increases to transport that's what the rules anticipate. It's really not what happens around here. And a lot of courts to support chords to custom chords the divorce courts are all walking away from the exemption and saying. Pay follow the IRS rules rules we are not going to to make a determination for you. Even though I think they have the right to. So I have put that in front of theories courts around here and they. They back off the issue. So there. And then it goes back to what does it went to the IRS regs say. Can you Soliai Harris ranks. So then when that happens I'm. Of course series to the number two we're talking about from now through the fifteenth of or whenever it's a little bit extends a little bit here and efficient. I am because those six to feel wide these and who I think Brad is all sit in on us Sunday as it that Easter is on the six he shares on Sundays and maybe because it's Good Friday and people I don't know but they're guilty I literally can. And so they're giving it to you until the eighteenth M Monday or something right. Is that why I don't know something I don't I don't per gallon I forget how much they would lead to seventeen done now is bad that no money watch eighteenth. Colleagues team is is is this Easter Sunday so that's on a Sunday and then right so the fifteenth would be on a Saturday that's why. So and in Arizona Washington holiday event. So imagine the nannies and I think that yes but that's sadly that's Smart and I April but I talented and it is it is its people go. When this happens and they're looking for that issue in seats and my mind I think it is extension extension. But well lucky hello I offend everybody finds and I know that's why you and ask yeah and that's an unnamed but these kids could slip. You know you just eat so when you get the when you talk to people right off the bat do you discuss this stuff with embargo. So that it doesn't become a last minute like when your great insured Yasser an. What I'm getting now is climate Collin Graham in grand. Actually there's there's a tax case that says even if it's in the agreement and you haven't filed the they're right for him. You need to file little breath foreign assignment form and you can down that load that right off flying it's at 8332. So I do what I sought to have somebody signed the divorce agreement. I have that form there and they have kind and then people lose it and call me up yet another year conveniently here yeah I think it's. People make out like this again and they say it's. Do you have a copy of that form and then. I need to pull enough so I have fired reduce some day can I tell us every form and the numbers and we're gonna see. You know how you do know this remains you're gonna quit choir because she always knows the numbers to every form there as well right number of five and 8330 kick. So we're gonna make sure she has now that I see that's one of the few I know Mary golf again because I need to know how. Oh Obama to tell everybody how they can get in touch with the OK to get. In touch with me. IPhone 5 703447171. In my office again instead is on drinker street and we're trying to play like he's straight you're seeing done more. And I stay I practice in black wanna Lucerne Susquehanna. Come Wayne Wyoming. So no I she's been around a long time yes. Yeah and one quick yeah he's won what with the quiz question is did. It is it getting easier with certain things or a worse is it harder to do what you get. It's more challenging market sounds like challenging because every dollar bench outside stuff social media and I'll social media has made it's crazy yeah. High end and that end and a new aspect to things said that he could never anticipate and cool and now people open up. All of PM Nancy in their life. I think I would ever say Nancy things to each other and then again if it is goes on exponentially. Beyond that insists it's so weird when you really think about I'm sure that's what like people believe years ago probably could driving cars and airplanes who did. Have been like he could never imagine what it's like cats so. Things you need all did was out here. Cell phones Seles doesn't want to Lindsay Nelson tour is in my DDoS than he can wait an hour now. I know Susan Writely doesn't social media and they don't. I'm not. I don't know its. Friends and examine me. Stanley. All right thank you my best. NFL had a nice weekend continues to enjoy Palin did as soon. So and as you know how everybody yeah thank you so much for listening and then wonderful weekend its face. Thing.