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Feb 4, 2017|

Saturday February 4, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and Lynn. Distort your weekend. Gloria weigh in on double BYOK. Morning good morning. Are you doing today. Thunderstorms today half well and I am too I think it's. It's a very strange days I was driving here there was a major snow squall dorm and then turn into sleet yeah and then when I got about two miles from here I was so you that I I announced the rainbow I just experience -- does those snow squalls are bizarre they are. Because you feel like you can have the big major. Dumping of snow and and you see this clearing in the Verizon nearly. It's so nice then put the sunglasses back and I think you've passed me on 81 and then I passed you I've been coming here yes yes did you pull them in front and I happen now I sit. Coming on Valentine's it was crazy yeah. And I really do rain shine snow and then unknown. The end so here we are I missed it's February 4. Oh yeah that's right I forgot I did and I no secret that the cash. How and I have to also say as we are taping today and the sack on the second round Huntsman yes but it's also Lynda buries his birth and yes say have Gary Berenson and her two OK doctor Linda berets and is a wonderful lady at whoever. So we have a lot of fur we have to say having birthday to brandy Williams Kelly's aiding mess he hate. Any attention called to his birthday he hates it when it is so I said I know you hate it so I will saying nothing except to the radio is now. I thought they had the houses in every day but to a Randy Williams who is 55. Years so well. Larry Connell third idea though that's your birthday 255 now I'm 56. Oh that's right here the BS here right now because we're still on the second and I gave it fat at all. But I'm G six on Saturday again and I you know we talk but does not I wouldn't could care less how long and I am yes because. We are on this side of the grabs it and we are doing our thing that's a good thing that is good. No I don't know if you'd be so excited about college I think it looks so fatty well yeah you know what he guides my leg and stomach you know what. True I don't know yeah my age so let's just go with that LA and high speed fear that. Good guys saying I he six wells season says that rally didn't. I was taught my brother Jimmy is set had sent to make. He says some good I was in those pleas asking who my siblings a word siblings were and I told my of the younger brother and tools are sisters Osama we're sisters to Jimmy said environment cabin. You know she owns cab for a she's so yeah and he said Mari chief Larry he some Irish your sister DSM sort of paraphrasing here but anyway. I sit I know Jim because he can't believe I'm your older sister right and he goes well he needs like. Like too cold and tobacco use yeah I have to manage he did say you Rhode Island little hole there aren't a yes athletic guy is I love them all the that happens any on Thursday night and here I was so excited to what they saw you were younger than your Brothers yeah there you go will you do look young. Now she's so that the main issue is the old SSI Hyun and she has two younger Brothers I have two younger Brothers and younger sister but. The nation does look younger than the voice to it Cisco's with good moisturizer and all they didn't pick. I'm okay you're up. No matter what you might have to pay for a look it's gonna do I got a wrinkle cream I had and I I didn't know exactly it's. It didn't need perfect Segway well. Conversation with doctor Barbara plug now say it again you know that's a hell yeah. And then the next big date. A big day birthday before it's a sad and then it went from go right into. The fifth the fab all you Austin to say happy birthday to. Attorney Michael Egan. How can he is his birthday is the third of February as well so happy for I love Mikey get to a happy birthday to Mikey gets. Pain and who went on turning making him out of it. The fifth this ball a little movie I go to mop I actually had another person I know now I probably do now we I don't know fifth hell and end McGregor. Sorry and man Greg wells irons and six Ronald Reagan. But it's also your fair pay out that way right probably yes. Yes William. 55 now got a sixty ethics and say okay he's going to be sixty funeral banning Jesse. This flow how. Sound cannot there but baby you fix it looked it up calamitous. What is great we're going to be a bit delayed for where a little left and we will offer some festivities yes. Around the Super Bowl or hung Fisher will have getting into particular. Favorite for the scam Scalia I'm going to patriots. OK I can I I know I mean I don't think. Either way I don't know they have any feelings about Tom Brady one way or the other guy don't keep. I'm he's Irish say that go with that 00 not bad but I he's not ovarian cancer and he's handsome but also. When somebody asked him the other day it was a clip out there when someone asked who was hero was he. And he said his dad any filled up. And dad. It like when a guy can do that talk about his father that way and when he won the when they won for that big of playoff whatever they do whenever there an FLA that an analyst at an as a what is ace it sure felt known all of hey look at what. And all the way here whenever they are sharing instant message yet so it would he want to get he thanked his mother. I think the almighty god I love you but I don't but I have always been way back when Jim Kelly was the quarterback who I loved for the patriots. I've always liked New England teams so it is so I don't know it you know. My you'll probably be in the minority and I have to sand sun and what I know cause you guys all want those other people see it I like them anybody Al candidate campaigned in announced the I don't know if this felt Sarah there with places how bullies in the redskins' teammate I don't like any of those teams so I'm going to patriots are now I don't care. Yeah Italian Larry king of Prussia and shop hang condemned both of them at ten under both the East Coast cities like. Yeah so that's so yeah that sounds as I was gonna go for that the East Coast if there's a West Coast so much love doesn't the niners Serbs now Webber real rulers well okay. In other raiders out via I'm just think in our boy Matt McCoy I know now would've been nice bet for the it happened but that didn't happen at some parents. So again I always in East Coast team and the raiders and you had dead root for the hometown hero our niece Christine who would you pick. You mean like if it was the blue Eagles yeah I would go with the Eagles. Definitely even against her in any guys going yeah I would the greatest I like because my father probably anywhere. You know I want but even. Even if my father. I'm loved the raiders and the Green Bay Packers is so I always get an of course the reason my father loved the raiders is because John Madden was coached. And he's I'd say dad what what do you know one piece didn't help but number one he's Irish number two he's won a continent away from being captain chip and I'm. But up. So I'll remind you either like the raiders but why did you like Green Day and because he told me it was the largest fit a huge. Two. I don't wanna say the largest but some large population of Irish people who live in Tom Green Bay, Wisconsin home. That was the other reason it always has to come back to the idea of Mara and tablet when I'm sure that's okay can be proud of who we you know. But anyway yes those are the reasons open ice is shining kill me if I would root for the Eagles if they weren't at all sure he and I ego so I understand that too. But I just don't want to make sure we Andersen Alan let's Pennsylvania team now now like maybe the giants even though I like them until. Against the raiders and their west East Coast I would go with the raiders because they're not just eighteen. Is really got to go for your state I know I have weird what about the Steelers are we get to go down to what I wanted them to win I don't know I sitting by and yes they did. And so did the Packers fan now. I'm very sad time. Very sad. Whenever we're left with what we have and that's OK go go patriots. Consistory in the world alias and IDS. And the people say I don't like dead Belichick guy shall not vote for them I don't want to. The patriots and become the whenever. And deflate gave dominant stuff whenever. IRS so that's this weekend yes none of those so we'll have a good fun. Busy weekend we'll have us food. Well look fun and laughter. And lots of festivities F and that's for the February 5 right yes and they headed that February 4. Very well know. Maurice the Coburn OK. So any married so we got thrown out of business segments we did married so. Found there was something I I didn't want to. Talk about because I thought you looked like this no number this is now you don't that this is something that was. Something I saw and I thought about you when I looked at because I thought that this is I'm Lori went blank for sure. Semifinalist here. Okay this is nine signs your successful even if it doesn't feel like it up okay so. I may read this story this was something that was on the Huffington Post. But I like Serena dad and mom just was written by a guy named doctor Travis bread bury. She is the author of a book called emotional intelligence two point zero is that available on Amazon that I'm probably in the but I'm not gonna love the mind on talent not even love it yes I know. Insane things and I just wanted to go to that I'm. Are we gonna pay if you're ambitious you're bound to feel like a failure from time to time. Lofty goals lead to inevitable moments when you aren't here living up to your expectations. We live in a world that reinforces this feeling so most people won't admit. Other than a guy with us he would dies with the most toys wins bumper sticker. In the back of our minds we equate material possessions with success. It's a shame we fall prey to materialistic thinking because we certainly know better. A study by stray university found that 90% of Americans believe happiness. Is a bigger indicator of success then power. Possessions of our prestige. I'm digging a little deeper 67%. Define success as good relationships. With friends and family and 60%. Said it is loving what you do for a living. Only 20% stated the monetary wealth determine success. Nice thing but saying and doing are two very different things. When it comes to success our eyes off the lead us astray. It's hard not to feel like the most successful people are those with the biggest houses the most expensive cars and the most influential friends. Regardless of what you achieve there's always someone with more and this can make you feel like you're losing. The problem isn't your lack of toys it's believing that toys indicates true success. Here are some of these ways you can get around that number one Q are no longer the center of the universe. We all know successful people act like that the center of the universe. It's their world and the rest of us just living it right. That's not success true success requires the ability to feel empathy to realize that other people's feelings and drains are just as important as hours. To his stay positive. Hope and optimism are essential components of a happy life if you do on the things that go wrong he become bitter and resentful. Number three you know this failure isn't forever you've learned that the only people who never fail are those who don't try to. When you failed you don't automatically assume that your failure instead. You embrace each failure as an opportunity to learn something and then you move on. If you struggle assists at times I know you'll never experienced whose success until you learn to embrace failure. For you keep things in perspective. Sometimes bad things happen as part of life. For most of us however are very worst day was seem like a vacation. To somebody who has a real problems. Like not having enough to eat we're trying to survive a civil war. Blocking your keys in the car for even getting passed over for promotion aren't that bad once you learn to do to develop perspective. Number five you ask for help when you needed. Refusing to ask for help no matter how much is struggling as a sign of emotional Britain and maturity. Asking for help means he no longer feel like you have something and approved by being perfect. It shows you aren't afraid of people discovering your weaknesses. And you understand no one succeeds alone. Six he realized the life isn't a zero sum game if Tennessee saw either just because somebody else that she is a big success. That doesn't mean you suffer a loss in equal proportion. You just didn't win that particular time one sure sign of success is the ability to celebrate others' achievements with sincere enthusiasm. Number seven you can tell the difference between drama and excitement number eight you're no you no longer care what other people think. And number nine here except what you can't change and change what you can feel old. What's that's done let's put up a multi clip that we get back cash and we were going to take a very quick break we'll be right back you're listening to this morning to Lari mine shaft and lowering inland. Welcome back everybody you're listening to the Mari in Maine show I'm like hadn't I am the owner of Laurie can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special event business. I'm Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants for a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Fear free finances for baby boomer women. They'll want that Amazon's. And it podcast I think she and there's a podcast just hit the power of the purse podcast Doug come. Yes and it's the serenity prayer don't think that I realized that I was like yeah we'll get she is so we are joined didn't diss this morning by the lovely Misha Arora amnesia is General Counsel for ERA one source realty. CRA has about a hundred agents in seven counties and it's ten counties did and seven Ivan out there we go out. Correct that. And she's here to join us to have some fun and you know what this week and I was gone too is we have to give another one more shot at because neither one nation while mind. We rats at a stern as for stern is last night we're Kathy and Brenda said they were gonna kinda do with middle shall remember yeah. And everyone was saying we that would be awhile shellfish are good with us tough but anyway so big hide it. Brando and all the gang at stern S. Banesha what's on your shirt what's your talking points today well I thought I may go over obesity has. Talk about a man's real estate topics and I bring you back to be six in its talk about how long it actually takes in all the steps involved in purchasing a house. I'm sense you know it's always a good time to buy a house since I was a better time to buy a house dairy area once or really valueless. So a lot of people I'm like. I guess a lot of people don't know what the process is that they are gonna go through and they look at how some of my non and I did a first time homebuyer seminar for around some of the new or doctors removed in. To town and I didn't realize. You know actually I mean it's because they dropped in this business fat. You know it's not common knowledge for everybody to know. What all the steps aren't about appraisals and inspections back. And tell that still number one reason why it's important to get a realtor and a realtor that you trust and you feel comfortable it. But also it's it's important time to educate yourself a little bit about what you're gonna expecting them processed hum. So time it. A lot of people ask how long does it take to find a real estate agent obviously you don't have to stick with the first agent that you see house with and you call. But most people end up doing that actually because it you know it it's. I guess. That's a personal. Decision and in a lot of people don't really you know they realize how close are yet they're out there now and maybe innings so they don't think aligning make sure that we match ups and say. That's import an NF. Camera with a knee are aging you're not happy with that AJ we encourage you just to give us a columns and I'm EJ who's a better fit for you without any questions or problems are so you don't even have to do anything to. To get right of the wanna you don't like. Yeah because the debt in Vegas a big issue because it is the like you're saying it is so important. To have that relationship because you're trusting them your divulging personal information you're spending a lot of time with these people. And you're in entrusting them to do what you need them to do for you play and it is sometimes student you know many can be a personality conflict just like any other relationship you have. If that's the it's not it's like if I equate this to leading your hair stylist yeah I'm not going to another one in the salon because you're afraid you're gonna hurt their feelings I guarantee you that the owner that's aligned. Would rather you stay and move and be happy with someone else than just to bolt out of the place and same thing as what you're he's actually make a personal phone call would they call you a fan I could and all you need and shower scene that's so important to know what's gonna be offended just to remove. I'm within our customers harassing my and services are number one priority so that would be something that we would appreciate if you would reach out to us myself you're not happy with someone and then we can fix at. Can make it better and finds money is a better fit for you because your right. Maybe your highlights didn't come out god and you are enticement yeah you like this funny like we're dying but you know you don't hurt anyone's feelings are hurt their feelings for you don't worry. How can I could put this thing is how. People don't Dayton Dayton with they would think I made I just have to get out of here now because. It's that mentality that you think you'll be but that's not true value and a just how many people as our agents still with. Mark mart I'm younger buyers and especially money off they you know. They're pretty sure what they want and they're pretty sharp who's against fat and if it's night and fat sensed an Intel yes I encourage that kind of honesty here. That's how the foundation of betrayal you know real real estate because it is a fiduciary really yes persona representing your best interests and yet you wanna have that level of comfort. On another question people ask is how long did you teach yet prefer markets. Found it used to be that you can well full rocket Marty aging Quicken Loans and everything Monique you think that you get a prefer mortgage in ninety seconds yes. I exactly yeah. When you get inducted as a nineteen and that's good to have. It normally takes about two weeks to get up I prefer market and I would suggest if you're serious about buying a home in fines. A financial institution here Contra Moet cameo a couple of different mortgage brokers. Finally you trust the same as you. Feel with a realtor. Get them to preapproved you have pre qualify you. And start. With that because and they party hack your information. Can I get a feel around the bunch people. Dean your credit score tent playing the things. On my miners are great they can often offer lower rates but you need to be a savvy consumer to be to deal with them. Let me ask your question there because I think this is something that a lot of people think that they don't ask. Is it unethical to ask you real terror. If they can refer you to any kind of a mortgage broker or brokers and is that something that's located there yes. Yeah I'm the sale I have to go do by yourself don't want to. And you love your real turn you cast your real turn your realtor has relationships with certain mortgage brokers and good working relations them. Here she should give you the last three or four PL. And that's perfectly except talk and who knows better than mortgage is an excuse me realtors as two hole. Is a good mortgage. Back. Underwriter would have professional because you deal with and you see you can see it dad did the best person to ask and it's strictly I have. The cable we've worked with them Garcia my dad happens all the time flyers don't go to this 18. I'm at at the end of stroke especially if you have lower credit score and you're trying act you know we shaky like guarantee he grounds for financing. Don't mess around to calling someone who's gonna have a few who can assure you can do a whole thing is we just had a deal fall apart because. That it was that an out of town of mortgage broker and ultimately decided that they weren't gonna take alone on. But they should of never letting go for eight weeks without. Throwing them by air that they weren't giving teco alone and it came down to the fact that they wanted to an extra bell that was a condition at the beginning in the traditional kind of weather. While also being pre approved just helps the east cellar decide who are going to go with because if you Nash if you don't have a pre qualify application letter in your packet. Day he had no idea whether this is gonna pass at least they know can't the seller the body here knows what limit they can do as far as a house what they can afford so it makes everything so much easier to get at all done upfront but it's a kind. And misconception is at a pre qualification has an approval as an improv I exactly the ills. Get one but ten. Chiding get it from someone who your ultimately gonna go to you for M Gloria he's ballad take a lot of pressure off from the US and by air. There's documents you have to sand in my mind my brother and his wife father husband brother is the youngest and he's a little bit of a high maintenance child's self. Nothing nothing niece came to the so when things Damon dying here you are OK you got left his wife Diana she called everything and it's really easy now you can email everything everything goes your secure transaction and you don't have to worry about drop calling dropping off papers I yeah per cent to. So just follow what did Marty broker and the lenders has to do got them their paperwork on time because. There are bound to eat it's not that he's making the decision there a hole your hearts whole file goes to underwriter right. That underwriters dilemma they're real power so there are like the ones who can judge Jerry in gavel everything's saying whether or not you've you've got the ultimate approval. And that doesn't happen and oftentimes until seven or eight days before your actual closing the so there's a lot of moving parts that are involved. I'm sad to see you know Google let you know just get in the papers turning me down for. I am for a don't look at me. A big question if we get is how long deeper and opera two weeks after it. Tennis is finally here is an HDTV I saw her come accepted in five man and get everything done and adapt the price of the good cut into place they sell more honest I'm okay. You have been doing and Aaron Aaron digging everything up within two days and everything happening. I had no way can normally it's about three business days or not for to be except it. The sell another reason Nina could real terror is because their time frames that we put on the agreement of sale which is a binding contract. So when you're presenting your offer seller has the ability to either accept the offer counteroffer or refuse them out for him right. So you lots of money used to be able to negotiate that for you now in Pennsylvania it could say that you have. I'm three days to accept the offer but if negotiations are continuing back and forth Scott is deemed extended battery time period. So you're not really out of time if you're still fighting back and forth by the price playing presented findings is that coming negotiate. If that's another good point to make enough round lead in is and real terror and and being a good negotiator and knowing how to salads because they are the ones who on your behalf are working with. The other person to make this deal. Happens so it's crucial that they're good negotiators. And how do you find them. Talk to them I mean I moved up. My favorite part of real estates and video then the only thing I hate the house's behavior on an ice sheet because every house say you know you get it just in plus I think a gun I would love this I almost think it's like it could put. So I loved it it's the art of the deal for me I am not bad back and forth the stat that just is the best feeling courtesy of drama the yes we love it. The most serious errors that's their favorite part is playing in deals done anything fascinate tracks that certain personality to this profession. Yes famous kind of lawyers who who litigate and smooth negotiate our deals they think it's it's a personality trait. You that love the staple act he's jumping down. So after a year at the plane when he deals together. Any of the meat and offer the offers been accepted. On the next step would be to get your inspections in order inspections I think are very important to all. And Pennsylvania. Agreements Taylor standard agreement and tell us you attendee period with a nice to complete inspections. So you've got a state licensed un inspectors turns back. An and you know what condition your property is games before you're actually bound by a U. Inspection agency period allows you to back out of the deal at the house comes back a big disaster. But that's how it what do you how do you work with a ten day thing if you call. The inspector who says I'm sorry I can't make it out there till the third week in February another easy meaning they're really going to be up there. I am planning. Salute when we Connie inspector he says I need your tie absolutely that is that's important yes it is just very well you know I'll be there I'm get nabbed about how we act and no get it done Beno the roles they know how to stay works until an idea. And I want to business they want and they. Sir and there's there's not that many of them actually no I don't be eating and it's you know I'm there's. Twenty or thirty they're telling only half dozen Emma gone encountered well I think any kind of like I can trust me day curry your favorite they'll be all over the place and making sure Christmas and everything right knee strapped and off yeah and he never could get because they want you to know they're here to do this business and they wanna help you make this deal and they'll do it. But it is a relationship driven but I did say although lines like I mean we've used how it all alone in my going county in Merrill's very thorough. Good job. So I'd never had a and a disaster with any in my all my years of doing real estate ever with an inspector they've always done beautiful work. But true information and make and then the follow up it's got it's worth I'm really I think that's tough for north and money south. That's a guy that went on some good ten bad sir and ask getting him out alumni list still mourn this next month I like them than I could just. PN nation because this is some good stuff that people should understand duke on good thank you. Let me show how can people get in touch with Theo you can reach me our corporate office in clarks summit at 57058. And then 9999. And our website Jenny Jenny Jenny dot eerie one. Fry your buying and selling means you couldn't thank you nation. Can we will be next up with the idea. Doctor plaque that she is the owner of and danced gynecology. Associates will be right back in listening to Larry and when shuffle here I lowering inland. Ask this to let Evan when the president and CEO. Of northeastern financial consultant. We are the only financial planning firm clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse scared shrieked I need and it's her baby boomer women available on Amazon.com. And my co host hasn't stepped out for a little bit Allard is not here with us. But our guest expert sport today is doctor Barbara a net. Well with the owner I would then gynecology at both here and grandpa. Welcome doctor Barbara. Good morning how are you. Trying thanks what wonderful staff we gonna talk about today. We know I had to get indications recently where you know I was on my soapbox talking about what I normally talk about and these. Folks that I work with indifferent on both and hospitals that I work act had you know. I had no idea what I'm talking about and look at me as though I'm. I had to I had two or three guys or something of that sort. And I think that these things are commonly known only problem that we haven't and with our food source than our who I'm gonna tell a cosmetic danger that. But the truly needs friend of mine. I really hadn't heard that information and and thought that what I was saying was what quite odd so I got a would actually talk about you topic today that I find I'm concerning about. Our health and being healthy. I'm the first one is paragon. So what happened was we were in the operating room and our pressure him being in water all the time we can't get very dry. And someone had some very nice hand cream and they were happening to people to put on. And of course I always slipped the container over to read the ingredients. Bigger and very hard to find good healthy skin creams escort group I put it over and I read it. Something parent and and there little really thank you so much for offering the lovely hand cream and make sure he can't go better but it's really not good for you because it contained paragon. And they look we make that well what does that have to do with anything and what is apparent that. And quite honestly. You know I have a hard time finding Caribbean screen. Cosmetic in hand creams and make up and things of that sort. And and what are that you'll even on the back of most of your products. Aren't you go to one very good very popular commercial warehouse. You know place where you buy a lot of your product. They're not one product down that I feel that doesn't contain a paragraph. An apparent end. In the preservative but obviously it. The Who the manufacturer can put these pair abandon their products because they last longer they helped prevent over growth of bacteria mold and history heat. They're gonna put these things in product because. That's what. I'm will preserve their product without that shell for a prolonged period of time. But I don't think Durbin are they act like. They are chemical that they act like. Some of the hormone than our body and so when we put means. Chemicals on our skin or on our hair product so we're not deodorant or may not. Dates the body may be confused. I think that there are like our hormones. And therefore they start up until I think like a hormone does it. And a little really the communicators in our and the content and our system still we talk about viral agent I talk a lot about female hormones. Found that these dean preservative. In these components. They act a lot like estrogen one of the main female hormone. And they interfere with a your body only hormone. Function summon help and can interfere with testosterone until it can affect men as well. Don't need a hormone these hormone disrupting urgent public caller we excrement endocrine disrupt terrorist. And be deposited many things like miscarriage. Premature birth birth defects. I'm deficient Berman the mail obesity. A lot of metabolic disease. Problems with our bone strength her bone density of course Brett cantor. And settle their parent and I'm not like to look like estrogen there where they buying. An answer your risk factor which is what it they hook up they should be estrogen too attached to our held until I only until. And when the body and can we have too much estrogen. Well it stimulate things like ourselves can grow much which is the whole idea behind. The breast cancer issue. And actually there were a couple of studies that sheet that noted that these urban works found in biopsy samples from breast tumors. But found that GDP. So we know that deep seeded second indeed control. They noted that it they did a particular study they were looking acts. Urine specimens. And they every sample that they tested. Showed evidence prepared and in their urine every single one. So we know that there are prevalent they're everywhere I'm you really have to work hard to find product they're not. Kara didn't. And to know what it is that in these projects. The other strike they wanted to talk about that they came up with that is a ballet that actually have PH PH valley. Found these are disrupting of the male hormone and you'll see that. Ballet. Are used in plastics they're actually what you can make it. A solution for content and pollution so we see the men fragrance is nail polish his hair sprays. I think that's sort. But you can disrupt the male organ male hormones. More than they do the female hormones snubbed and you'll see decreases sperm count insulin resistance things that this sort. So although the cosmetics may seem great and they may last a long time and they don't have any product concerned. They're really harming your body in the long run kill that's my soapbox on pair beta. Alina I get question about that it has a from my understanding is that carbon. Are black. It and dialogue unless. No correct added that it preservatives. OK then. If I'm thinking of drugs a treatment that I yelled at Yankee. That I know and and I am not bad but I'm thinking that when do you go to a lot of women would go to info on. They haven't is a terrible black treatment. For arthritis that you just that your hand yet ready don't want anybody acts. Yeah it and so is that still doing the same thing is that the importantly. In. It can be act that pyramid of the Arab and documents that but I but I think we're talking about Cuban thinks should perish end. And pair of bent out yes you're right there's Derek get fined whacked. I'm but if there's pair of Ben and their products that they using for preserving and yet the that the character and why so little bit different. Okay yes but that's right I I was getting them confused. But that the other question I had though is Eric. Sub. We level that the CDC has determined is now on top pick that the colts or is that just all of that is a problem. You know are they so if you look at the what the FDA shows. I'm the FDA doesn't actually correlate any particular level of caravans to being a cancer causing agent. And went what typically happens is if they work finding anything of concern. An anti debate or just simply raise the level. So I'll. You know they they re limits so that things are no longer quote unquote concerning. If you look upon mine if you Google Caribbean the negotiation that can't search. They will say that there's no specific study. That has shown a direct link between care they knew and cantor. But they're each other studies that show that you know they found it in this seldom breast cancer breast tumors and the things of that sort. And settle in it it we noted the mental condition appeared to act except you know. The BP A in classic and that's why we got away from using. That the plastic all the time I'm not one of the things that all the talk of a lot about it. Because it it it struck. You know the entertainment system regulate all or hormone from the brain to the nervous system to our metabolism are blood sugar. Now imam we get to rock these hormones. Our bodies not quite sure how it's supposed to function and when we get these disc ruptures. They either increased or decreased production of non. Or they initiate other hormones they could interfere with how Armonk worked. They could help sell to die prematurely. They can compete for essential nutrient look you get trapped in that you all kinds of things that not to typically one I item on the agenda list. And there's no real dose dependent effect so sometimes even get the very small amount of eight a hormone disrupting her. Aren't endocrine instructors such an impaired and can really conduct a graves being you know effect on your body. Well look at that within the last time tested negative sense. Electric I that we we had a conversation about genetically modified food organism right. There was there was something about the fact that affected. And the content and the clout correct. Right right so that was we're talking about the pollutants. And they the roundup. And yeah neglect of thought they'd ended is it is Ethel and agreed to chapter that's one of the other thing that's recommended to avoid anything really that. You know even chemicals. Many chemicals. I am what I thought to serve a purpose to make certainly ilk. But unfortunately these chemical our body see these chemicals that something different than what the inventors originally thought for them can be. Being on their function. And they really do interfere in our our on our body function. So the Internet so what are we look forward. Paired in anything would the last word pair Bennett could be knuckle paired then there's all kind of get prepared and many need. You're looking for the word caravan and you want your product to be pair have been free. It does pass I will tell you you really do need to put that I'm an effort in Iraq I mean actually everything over and I read the back of every product that I eat drink consumed use whatever it. I would wanna know what is it I'm putting into my body. In the light tight and I would take. If you can count the words you probably should be using the product that a little bit more difficult we're talking about cosmetics and things of that sort there but. You know you just need to go with pure products that don't have a lot of no fragrant but no fragrance because Franklin is an issue. That part of the whole valley issue but you want them to say that there's no. I'm conservative in the product that you used in understanding you're probably gonna have to turn around in and read behind each product and sooner rape because if there don't. Lipstick and hair sprayed they may well I mean we don't think cosmetic and boiling but they know I. Hear the bell played immediately complied more often. The picket Hubble that you really like and stick with them but you know I've certain brands that I know I can trust in the other one I that I really like is the Environmental Working Group. I'm in the way I think there's so much information on. You know product that they trust. Some guy did a guide to onscreen I'm gonna talk about the imminent and another minute about food. Chemicals. Is that. I Environmental Working Group at the skin deep guide to cosmetic. You know there's all kind of things on their website at that age they actually. Work through all these products and decide what they could want to not safe and they try to look at the science behind. Okay well unfortunately there were running at packed here so how many. I tell everybody how can they reach you look I have more questions about it like to get in touch with you. So we're located on Jefferson avenue across from regional hospital. We're in the position building on the second floor. Sweet fueled carry her phone number 570. 34 board. 9997. And we can be located online at doctor Barbara about that he tells you eat cake and eat meat guy come. You emea that anything can help you figure out hey you got way of achieving your help. I'm wonderful. That I UK held back because it's something on the bed you can thank you look look more. Hell no I think Kerry let my friend didn't either build you know that would Melinda I am. The good thing and then I met him I had none and god yeah. Okay let me look at. Thank you doctor blood that man love. Yeah. And Laurie good saves you guarantee they and you know I five and I.