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Feb 1, 2017|

"Special Edition" features coverage of the inauguration of the 45th president, an interview with Lisa Servon, author of "The Unbanking of America" and a discussion with Dr. Richard Haass about his book, "A World in Disarray."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome this special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the story so special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's program. We'll recap last weekend's historic inauguration of the 45 president of the United States Donald Trump will talk to an author about her book regarding the und banking of America by those who are using different methods to handle their money and will hear from any foreign policy expert about the precarious position of the United States in 2017. Probably the most memorable moment of what you say that I had a wonderful life a lot of great things that's been kind of scary the past eight years. That's the president were excited. I'm glad it is a proud moment well. I any moment I really don't fit and yeah. I think you can't believe we're here watching it. And I like to imagine that person and see your political backgrounds. Or anything choke because the United States promised him break. It's a great day in history. To have someone is not a policy issues it forty different. And I think everyone should be proud that this man wants to make America great and beat the president all of the people. It's great because that's what it's all about the people. We are the people realize nation for so many years we have a voice we've been shut out for eight years. Finally finally someone's taking the time to listen to life in the us I'm happy. But yet you. Okay. The political aspirations. Of a candidate. Who never before held elected office. Brought Donald. DC. On Friday January 20 trump supporters came in droves to witness the moment. Some of them stating they weren't bored with the candidate since he rode the escalator in trump tell our. To make his campaign announcement on June 16 to 2015. Other people were also in Washington to voice their displeasure with his victory promising to hold him accountable for his decisions as the commander in chief on Thursday the trump Stanley attended a concert at the Lincoln Memorial as did many supporters. We have a chance to talk to several people around town that day in Washington to gauge their thoughts about the incoming president. Polish she Blair traveled from Oswego Oregon to participate in the festivities she told us about her unique seats for the event as well as her reasons for supporting trop. Donald Trump. Alliance where's my views and I think that it's time that many of us spoke out. I'm pro life I believe in tightening up the borders I believed in and his immigration policies. I think that a lot of hard working Americans feel the same way that I do. And there are some Oregon -- obviously that felt the same just not in the probably in the metro U across the country for this moment I am actually the guest of father pack con right. Who is the chaplain of the House of Representatives so I will be on the platform without a cut tomorrow. Watching this swearing in of our 45 president and it it brings tears in my eyes I keep pinching myself. And I really here are my really witnessing. This moment in in history because as spotted out with say the pendulum needs to swing back the other way. And we've had eight years of one party and now it's time to just check it with the other party. And give it time it's gonna go back this way and we all just need to be patient with each other and appreciate. The blessings we have in this nation with a peaceful transfer of power I like the fact that he stands up for himself I ain't like the fact that. He if if someone says something ill about him he will defend himself and I I think that's correct and I think that he's he's. A great businessman that he he's obviously proven himself in business and if you look at running the country in the same way that you run a business. I think he's he's going to do great and that's me is very appealing. Think he's gonna help you as a person in a business or concern you think he can address. I have a child with a disability. So I'm looking forward to. And hearing what he would like to do with the Department of Education. IE. I do have a concern about security of my nation even though I'm one person may not be that way I own a business that he will help you went. But I am concerned about the security of our nation and I feel that that he's gonna tighten tighten that. For us and I do believe that he's going to put people back to work. Yousef manager of Chicago is also a trump backer. What do you think about Donald Trump. I think cave people need to get my chance I truly believe that and do things that. He mentioned they got my attention that he wants to bring jobs back to America build the infrastructure and I think that was impact the economy and the positively. Consistent in the you do for a living that might be helped pioneer this yes and the medical field. Given that he's. Be looking and Obama scared that might prompt a lot of position forget about positions even people that I know personally. Debt affected it time for example do you working middle class of people there insurance went up from 400 to 67 London and now they feel. They cannot use that insurance. A deductible is five to 7000 dollars was summoned grounded. Dollars a month payment this is about 151000 dollars and so these people are not able to. Committee keep themselves. And they feel they're making a payment and that it is going to. Made the majority of the time that unemployed. And I think at fifteen to one the years down the road you might see those people who are working hard to McCarthy greatly increase. Because it won't be able really to those who did doctor. Regularly the way they wanted to see people who are benefiting from this insurance for free might be able to take care of them help. Very first and better. Lauren a Stacy of Tucson Arizona traveled with a friend to Washington to oppose the incoming trump administration. Can modeling from Tucson to get to protest the inauguration. You plan to get them peacefully. And number one and we're going to join answer coalitions protest and down and meet new memorial. The way from Arizona but the fact that it's about three million people. Voted for the other candidate and to so there's not mandate which is assuming that he has and I just once in a message to them that you know there's. A lot of Americans who don't condone or endorse the app for him that he is that he ran on in the things he says he's going to do. Bill all are of Baltimore a street vendor was selling his merchandise near George Washington University. Brings you here today try. We come we come to be with mr. trump pretty. Any event let them before. Number we celebrating. The inauguration. Of the president of the United States of America. And we are proud would be and participate in. And economics. Economics so far on a Diebler is they and had management in mining. And they glad to see memo bay and some of them. Lynette gonna lose our county was on board the truck train and her words since day one she shared her thoughts the night before the inauguration she served as a trump delegate and traveled to Cleveland for the convention. The Lotto was excited to see her candidates road end in Washington DC. So far today I I was struck by the excitement and the energy yet I feel. Everybody's so happy to be here everybody's celebrating. It's the end of a long journey that started eighteen months ago for all of us and I think everybody's just happy to be excited to NC RQ president sworn. In terms of seen that the concert and seen prison electron there. Right in front of the Lincoln Memorial what how was that for you what your feelings on that. Well like tries I actually tried it it was very emotional it really much he he's he should of man of the people. And you you see that you feel when you see him in the Stanley. It was very emotional. Washington DC was overcast for inauguration day. The rain held until the newly sworn in president began to speak. And lasted just a short time security for the ceremony was extremely tight. What color coded tickets necessary to enter certain sections. Bags were screen and umbrellas had to be discarded before entry. Members of the crowd squeezed through small openings in order to obtain admission to fenced in areas. More artists glioma a lot of growth was sporting a full length coat that she had pain at red white and blue in honor of Donald Trump. Here. From the job that sense. Allen in his support day one day one I've been wearing a tan jacket all over the world from Iceland's. London. Everywhere we always hear that people around the world do not support them a chance of hash as we were at the changing of the guard in England. Just like April like go to notre there you know I never heard anything bad. Ever and I've been wearing the coat getting a lot of times he did have a very elaborate code and I heard you say you're an artist did you design this yourself yes and it's a drying. At this morning at 3 o'clock it's still trying don't sit down brightly. Read it looping out there and not the worst thing that could possibly happen here today this moment means for you that. This is historical probably the most memorable moment of our lives. You say that is I've had a wonderful life a lot of great things that kinda scary the past eight years. As president. We're excited. I'm glad this is proud moment for all of describe your jacket Arabia. For radio on I got just red white and blue. It's along leather coat I would like to give it to. President counts right. And I'm still working I'm going to a ball tonight and more drastic results. I have pets once. Jump on the other obvious answer ask season. Out of 45 or the president on the back. Get this up annexing it can make some say I had hacked it down into the White House. We caught up with Margaret Phillips of Lucerne county who had a bird's eye view of the inaugural proceedings. It's great. Day in history. To have someone who's not a politician becomes the forty and threaten the United States. Everyone should be proud that this man wants to make America great and be the president for all of the people. Tell me just remind you of the Reagan era politics talk about. Well it's just so exciting to see all of these hundreds of thousands of people come out proud man that wants to make America great. EEE. He adds them and that he he's the people's president. What does it feel like you see so far at this event today that we have great athletes Steve the next president of the United States. Going to off this and it's a beautiful day Lynette Avalon L loser in county echoed the enthusiasm of her friend Margaret. What do you think he's got it looked like at the moment like I am wearing like even Telerate. Coordinating. What's your impression as you watch that. Decrying any moment I really don't I can't and don't let us. I think you can't believe that we're here watching him. That's what you thought I would think. A thousand times better without that tiny bit of ads and the excitement and the energy and it just so proud to be here today. Tina Larson of Kern County California. And her friend Larry Barrett. A to have chippy California. Shared their thoughts about traveling across the country for the inauguration. Mac earned brownie was it a tough place your trumpet the election no actually. 21 overwhelming. We've lived and that pretty conservative area. For California so I'm really proud that I am here representing. Cannot mean and Mike down. Your impressions standing here right now I'm watching the children of Donald Trump come out and overwhelming. They hurt absolutely. Stunning Stanley every hour bringing class back to Mary. Your impressions of what you're seeing right now as these terms are about to be introduced. Oh I'm so incredibly proud of the Donald Trump president trump. And his whole family. And I'm just so excited to be here I can't believe what an historic day. Ever been to Washington before yeah it's your help or California they don't have become a little bit more conservative. It's. It's about being run properly in my opinion right now. Like being yourself out in California to meet a lot of backlash. Now in fact our county. Mr. from one hour counting vote wise. And it's quite conservative county bad the northern. South of California are not as much talk about Donald Trump when you meet people outside of your count as a hard conversation I have let them. Absolutely. Yeah. Every day's happy trump days since the election. He's the naysayers the doubters the haters. Given time government stands as the NL give them a chance. You'll be really surprised I think he's gonna do great things. Blue in million of Dallas Texas shares her reaction with us minutes before the swearing in ceremony. But right now as they see Donald Trump coming out. You know it's really an amendment to be here it's an incredible honor to even be here at transition of power that and she sees them. Take nothing that we really believe in an eighteenth in America is very good morning very memorable for survived. We also spoke to lane after the president's speech. I feel like the speechless I hope. Seen her. Put a framework together is that at what his plan is the next three years. And he included Americans as the number one leader of that framework and I think. He gave the power back to the people and I think it instills hope a novice who felt ignored and lots and disenfranchised. Andy Hutchison is a rancher from Oklahoma who attended the inauguration with her granddaughter. Yeah. What's your reaction to all this. It's overwhelmingly. Wonderful better than Christmas we think about their favorite it's. The fact that he's not afraid to say what's true. Aspects they pronouncing the name of god. As someone that watches us so well because this land was founded with that. Andrew Juba of New York City also shared his thoughts after the president's remarks. When engineered. I can only just made a wrong turn up the belt way and that the DC. And the press software here and then re here to see. To witness this historic event it's fantastic. Is your impression of what is soft right before your very eyes about fifty yards away to back. That this belief. Kind of hard to imagine a person with sincere political backgrounds. Or anything choke because the United States promising. Break but giving about a speech. I like death and it was so that it is consistent with happy runs throughout like this energy. And believable politically that. And do you believe that will be a great later in life. I do believe it is it is I think most important piece of it is that keys. A leader knows how to choose the right people think he's shown that professionally. I think he's surrounds himself with. This means you personally and in what you do for a living and in health care. This hits me. Right in the nose and seeing a lot of changes in the last bunch of years that have negatively impacted me. And hope and zeal to figure out a way to make it better Debbie Dawson of Alexandria Virginia shared her thoughts with us about the inauguration. I think is happy mood. I think people are hopeful what do you think about the speech. I. Tiny try to get an overall big picture and I've tried to be hopeful and tried to speak to everybody in America and I think he was talking about. Bring an assault again and I ain't. I really think through landing his policies and send ideas he can do that in what you do for a living. How do you think his presidency might affect you well I guess Lieberman has been. Is in the financial industry and they're regulation the past eight years have been incredible burden and an incredible costs. And if any of backing get reduced act and you. The economy will be at least. Another new Yorker Brian trust of Staten Island also attended the inauguration. Wrapping himself in a large trump flag. Get on board the charm trained. When the day came down escalator he slowed me and the whole race I was behind him a 100%. And I was so frustrated that he was given such a hard time. And I really felt that he could win and today we just like enjoying finally enjoying that win. And hopefully a beginning have a great new era in our country. Hey handle the speech he made a lot of references to the people. I was right because that's what it's all about the people. We are the people we are this nation for so many years we have a voice. We've been shut up for eight years and finally finally someone's taken their time to listen to lies in the us I'm happy. Couldn't be happier. Take any flak from Korea come from about your support. All mine that must we go there. But you know again I sense showed on this guy would do my part for him I'd. Decorated my game with these flags. For a month before the election. And I drove around and as I drove around new York city New Jersey. People said you're crazy you're gonna get killed your bank it's gonna happen to you did not catch it guys. And the complete opposite happened I was a rock star as I was driving around the city. There was women what the thumbs up and I was saying. You wouldn't mistrust trump the year. And give me the thumbs up in the stopping me on the road. Saying can I get a picture of your brain and with you and and I said something wrong with these polls and then. As I was going places people where's the stop for me and saying hey I'm. Can tagged by those flags I wanna do that to win and just hit it I got to opposite reaction everyone talked about. And to me I said. We're going win this one. My greatest hope right now for the country well my greatest hope that we come together. And and win like we've always won as a country. And I just pray that we get the strongest most conservative. Supreme Court justices into the court. What I look forward to hope that trump. Finds a big fat and that doesn't run I'll think to get rid of all goes executive orders. The inauguration was followed by a parade. And three different balls held in Washington DC for the new president's supporters you are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. It's what you were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Posted by sue Henry. With the volatile incomes and little savings many Americans have decided to cut something out of their lives that might surprise you. Banks you may believe that payday lending and check cashing outlets are only for low income people. But University of Pennsylvania professor Lisa a servant found out otherwise serve and got to work in those locations as part of the research in her new book. The on banking of America. How the new middle class survives. Bellic in order to really have a look at like people were chanting. You cannot achieve some bad technical at least had a goatee the institutions that they worry is and so my job that the tire that capitol door but got on the at bat a payday lender in Oakland California. Would employers aware are you reading a book. Yeah weren't they were aware that I was here in brief surge they were really opened Timmy coming up I was surprised that I actually thought that yeah not a that would want to have a pesky academic and I'm hanging around the backroom bank to bad they were pretty have to do it and I had felt like it was the only ethical way to do it every search and actually ended up learning a lot by talking to my coworkers about it. OK and we'll get into that just a little bit but for a long time I think and many people have seen the situations we put yourself then. I check cashing and payday lending has set predatory. OK did you. With any kind of impression and all her open minded under. You know I mean you might try to be open minded what you do resurgent I thought this sort of believed it received wisdom right that these guys were. Territory at sleepy and take it back just people that we comments and there's plenty every surged which cited signs. You might students about that and now and I had a guest lecturer Monday at a classification and that is school. Where I had this guy who would have a chain have check cashing stores in New York haven't talked to my class and teaming I don't really compelling argument about why he thought that his businesses are really serving. The consumers the people at an ever had and that's what made me kind of scratch my. My head and say you know what when people especially people that don't have. Have a lot of money to make the decision to put their money they're usually pretty Smart about them and so there's got to be part of this story and that's what let me ago and and do everything are still it did it and try to figure out why it back people or you think these different businesses instead are in addition to banks. And so what did you find out why are they using these different businesses and services and it in a way that they they find to be legitimate. And they find it to be the right thing to do. Advocates of and check cashiers I think. The most surprising findings remain with that I ask people why they re image capture and you know we're when he read that these guys that in the news. When he says that they are super expensive and what people thought me was that it cost the authorities the bank and that it did she used to check capture. And I had a bit more deeply into debt to figure out whether that was right at what I am glad you come to the tech catcher where I worked in the Bronx. You pay close to 2% up at face value of your check to cash had a dollar fifty to send the bill eight united fans to send them money order. At what people called me was that you know they didn't a lot of money to keep as a minimum monthly balance which meant they were usually paying monthly fees. For checking account and then you know it statement calculated at one thing like how long it would take its tactically here they beat him with an overdraft fee of more than thirty dollars. And and it cost more right there it without one mistake or miscalculation that would achieve the check capture. Oftentimes that had bad experiences that banks that felt like they were. Well late charge. Sold product. Access we didn't saw and Matt Wells Fargo scandal that they had signed up for and did that there today that relationship. But servers that I was not nearly as good as they got a detect cancers that would really. Costs transparency and service. In the case that the pain letting you know those plans are expensive and people knew exactly what they cost that they offered had no other choice they were really stuck between a rock and a hard place you know should I take up the expanse of land to fix my car so I can still go to work. Fortunately my job should I take out the club like to put food on the table or should I children go hungry so these are. Choices that I had never had the face but talking with people at all and working across the plate glass window the bulletproof glass window from them. Really made me see up close at a very real way. This eye opening look acts financial insecurity. In America. How stunning was this for you Lisa. You know it would it was sent depriving it when I first started working act in the South Bronx you know I expected to be a problem mostly affecting. Low income people and what I quickly. Out was that it's becoming more and more widespread I did some research using data on people who take out payday land and down that. Many of them out of their homes have college educations. And and have a tabletop to where they make fifty or 75000 dollars a year. Went down with so many of and if it's not. You know it might be your neighbor or your children or somebody or quit if people who have. Big victims and declining wages which has been declining since the seventies income volatility lots of people who worked salaried jobs are now an hourly jobs and can't predict their hours from week to week. And the benefits that we get both from the government and from our jobs has really declined so we're all paying more for our. Health care for education and for child care and said that the issue of chronic stability in the chronic financial instability is really why it's. Spreads 53% of Americans. Are struggling. And that same number could not come up with 2000 dollars in the event of an emergency weather through their crown assets or accounts or from their network of family and friends so. It's it's something that I can get invisible because we're so. Ashamed to talk about money it and how many of us to feel like it's around all that it's it is very widespread at the big problem. Do you believe that says there is an attempt to demonize. Some of these entities. By the banking industry. You know. I think that the point is that the bank is trying to do that the that there necessarily trying to do it means banks. Hasn't some of them have offered to payday like love and that he had they're worried about their own reputation Allred because they don't wanna be the in the same basket as them but you know they're really close relationship between them to where. You know once you. Campaign that lauer on time allotted for the way it paid a lot of work the greatest. It's a small dollar line. With high speed and it's due accommodated your next paycheck. And you basically give the payday lender permission to take that money right out of your bank account you don't have enough. And the bank is the hate is hitting you with an overt or actually said the banks are making money out of the proposition that the welfare. They're bid banks made over thirty billion dollars it overdraft fees last year and most of those these are getting that same people who were taking out payday loans and currently living in very close to the edge financially. You Indy people. That do not. Of bank accounts how does that impact. On one's credit score or other things that happen in the future if you don't have a bank account. It's certainly more difficult and I think. For people who work you do not do that sometimes that the choice. Sometimes they're getting pushed out of the banking system that they had any problems with their bank account there's a huge database that most banks you can't check systems and their millions of people most of them low income Hispanics. Denied bank accounts settled once they're denied one at one place they usually can't get one at another place and you know as an aside many times says the data is. The crackdown that instead there it's there it's through no fault but there aren't. But some people how much you can use prepaid debit cards which allow you that they've they let the money on the car and and they used it like a credit card. It doesn't necessarily. Affect your credit score poorly if you don't have a bank account but if you got kicked out of one and certainly does. But it does make it harder for short to kind of be a full participating in the economy and in civil society. Yes some people look at those of prepaid debit cards and name. They balk at send the fees that are. Yeah it's usually not a bad effort for only I would say only a small minority has had cases are they really a better choice that an account. But you know I think like. People need to realize is that there are. Better option for people to use credit union for example. Paid less than he is on average per year and people these banks. And there are also a lot of smaller more mission oriented and even some of the larger banks they're right back keybank in my book. Has been one that's really trying to provide some of these same services that you gather at a check cash or payday lender. But in a more are transparent and responsible way. I actually have a button on my web site which says how to lead your bank which would help people actually provide the tools for how to look for a diet banks that may be. Serving your interest in a better way that made. Cost less money. Be more transparent and frankly moral and more in line with your values. Now I know a couple of years ago I believe there was federal legislation. What about some of the situations of people find themselves know what these outrageous fees I mean if you ballast. Four or five checks and they use at twenty dollars a piece. You ended that any of those things have been effective for the people to protect them. The legislation yeah. Yeah I think there has been effective legislation I mean. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which. Was created as part of Dodd-Frank in the wake of the financial crisis has been a really good job of cracking down on provider of financial services Oppenheim is not just the banks. That are not do it right by consumers so you know right now does the PP this Piero is in the news the bad because and it seems like it's gotten to be potentially eviscerate it or eradicated with the new administration had. It's say it's consumers billions of dollars. Since its existence of the came into existence about five years ago and I'm so that kind of said that the legislation and he added that regulation and the times I think are effective. And we need to make sure that the CPP doesn't go away. You know so many of us at least so have been indoctrinated into our parents banks if they paid somewhere we chances are only open up an account so will we doubt as well. When you see. Them people out there in the real people's world who are getting away from using banks do you think future landscape may look a little bit different with the new generation. I I think absolutely. I talked to a lot of millennial when I was giving this three search and he had the fourth biggest banks are all on at the top ten list that millennial most hated bringing. Not 70% of millennial say they'd rather talk to a dentist then have been talked to a banker. So I think it yeah that the kind of built waited consumer behavior is different fact that we're all carrying these little supercomputer called Smartphones that are pockets. Makes it create a lot more opportunity for news solution. And like that you know today it considered my kids to did not go to the bank of like I did with my dad. They'd go to the ATM and there's no customer loyalty there are also. Millennial younger people are really searching for alternatives and the alternatives are are coming up behind people are starting to really. Think about how to use technology in a way that they can provide better cheaper. Safer financial services and I think as we look to the future hobbled team more more of that happening for sure. And others and things like cup popped money and and other. Apps that young people seem to be into these days to transfer funds because there neon right. That's right yeah I mean sometimes I speak to that large audiences they have an idea that. Who who never knows what band now is that everybody under the age of thirty puts their hand up and it's. And the theater at the age of thirty looks around at its. If confusion and as a way for people to pay each other quickly now a lot of those apps are linked to back. On the back and millennia that really interest in being able these things. Quickly. Cheaply there comparison shoppers they trot their friends. And the new but it does the whole industry because syntax financial technology they are really looking at millennial and trying to. Create products that will serve detonated I would capital tainted that large banks are not innovating in the same way. They're big they're not so nimble it's really that small. Small firms that are really driven to solve problems that are totally rethinking the banking model. And there are some dead there are some really good products and services out there I'm quite some are what companies that I talk about my that. Has come up with that. That's small dollar credit card that takes the place that payday loans for a lot of people they're also pioneering a student loan and a mortgage. Upper hand it says a lender out in California that's starting to branch. Also providing. Much slower rates and the payday lenders themselves. We're really seeing indicators from the outside oftentimes either I'm they have experience in the banking industry that they are not necessarily coming from within banks are doing. Really great things that we need to be on the lookout for. That's Lisa servant author of the new book the and banking of America. How the new middle class survives. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You're listening to special edition on intercom communications. Post advice who Henry. As the fates of countries rise and fall and the struggle for economic gains in a global economy creates winners and losers. Some of the old principles about power changing. Doctor Richard Haass president of the nonpartisan council on foreign relations. Offers his perspective in a new book a world in disarray. American foreign policy and the crisis of the old order so great feel to be her and I see the year. In a nonpartisan group here the president of the council on foreign relations so. An umpire and that should try to call on both ways that both our freedom. But I've been lucky not to have worked for democratic presidential under a Republican presidential. As an outsider I think I've probably done my share of angering people on both sides of the aisle some pretty comfortable with future or sports analogy calling a legacy of. Yeah and I think the vasser refreshing in our our in our world today you see. How each side tries to play the other when you're writing a piece like this a book like this that. How do you get your ideas across so that we can all listen to what you have to say even if we have a deer and our next turn game. Why does that was going to be the president when I wrote this book this book was essentially finished over the summer. And I just knew this was going to be the world they were gonna inherit a president can choose is vice president countries is cabinet. Country's policy the one thing they can't chooses their in box. So what I wanted to do was sit out the Indian market is not a Republican in box or democratic and boxed it's simply is what does 45 president of the United States shall inherit. And then I suggest policies that I think ought to be. Follow the policies I think ought to be avoided. And I don't know again these are not them democratic Republican battle and foreign policy lines up neatly along party lines. The last time you feel that the world was. In order foreign policy wise when using it was at its fast. Until it's for the president one of the president so I worked for which is George Herbert Walker Bush the 41 president. And he was there he presided over the end of the Cold War. The beginning of the post Cold War Europe uses about 2526. Years ago he led the world in dealing with the ya invasion of Iraq invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein he put together this unprecedented coalition. So the way you handle the end of the Cold War the way you handled the first great challenge to the post Cold War world. I thought so so a lot about the direction of American foreign policy but unfortunately over the last 25 years things have not improved they've gotten worse. Unpacked and it where do you think the word the worst are we in those times now I hope you say now. Ansari. Over the disappoint you know it it is force now and it's cumulative some of the things have just happened. Country's rise countries all of globalization. Way outpaced our ability to contend with those. Things like cyberspace we don't have the rules of the enforcement. And that we've made it worse we made it worse by the 2003 Iraq War. Which helped undermine stability in the Middle East. And Barack Obama made it worse not so much by what he did but more what he didn't do by not acting in Syria went all sorts of challenges forward to on the crossing a direct line and so forth. By invading Libya and then follow not follow or get up. And then more recently. To give up when we haven't gone ahead and then put into place a trade agreement. That the United States on negotiated and signed. To add all these things up and I I think it's largely increasingly it's gotten worse and fruitful for things we've done things we haven't done. A little bit about the responsibility. Of individual nations to take care of themselves. In this climate. The book but my thinking is is that we live in a world where very little stays local for long. If there's an outbreak of disease can spread computer hackers can reach across the world terrorists and either directly or through through the Internet inspire others. If you have a country. Burns coal and large scale it will contribute to climate change. So I think as we need to apple world order I call it world order 2.0. That would Sovereign States also take on the obligation. To make sure that things don't happen with the dirt inside their territory that could make the world a much more dangerous or less prosperous place for others. Compact and when when that Donald Trump was running what we know that doctor Oz one of his slogans that he used. Was America first now we're seeing. Then there are some things going on around the world to which made. That the transition out of power and some of the things that the Obama administration isn't doing on the way out. Especially in regards to Russia. Do you think that this will edgy rail America first. Well not exactly sure America first means I don't think it's isolationist but I think it it seems to have a lot to do with that we're gonna make our decisions on what narrowly seems best for last. And I think we have to be careful about that we have benefited enormously from stability in Europe which should turn. Has you know has been the result of NATO the European Union so we have to temper American first with the idea that we can't withdraw from the world. And we can't simply dictate to the world we need partners so I'm hoping that the administration. Defines what comes to define America first in a way that that reflects the realities that the United States can lead but we need others to work with us. Is Vladimir Putin's a partner. Up for the most part know he's been a threat to stability in Europe. Obviously in Ukraine he's been a threat to stability of the Middle East to commit at all sorts of atrocities there in his military engagement on behalf of the Syrian regime. I know but I don't wanna ignore them I don't want to isolate him I don't want to humiliate him. And I think selectively we could possibly work with them but only when we only when we make it clear. But he will not be able to succeed if we continue initial one of the things I would recommend as we continue to add military forces to the NATO countries. Darden neighbors of Russia. I don't want to base American foreign policy on trusting mr. Putin I would simply give him realities that the unit leader and pastor react to. Other partners do you think that the incoming president might have around the world who are some individuals can you believe he should be. Reaching out to in order to. Assess that there needs it and their partnership. And that we can develop put them at Sutter who do you think he should be on the top of this is his list. For outrage. The question I think it's somewhat. Varies depending upon what challenge to what part of the world so in Asia. You've got allies say South Korea Japan and Australia. And since South Korea and Japan will be particularly important for dealing with where the North Korea. Gained in places like Europe obviously Germany took also France and Britain. Italy Poland is the most important countries. In Europe in the Middle East it is Israel that several of the Sunni. States are dealing with the challenge of our Iran or or terrorism. And what we have to do is just fine partners around the world of organ adopt what is is different combinations of partners. For dealing with different global issues are different regional challenges. With the Breck set and then Donald Trump for some people believe that more conservative policy is is a foot in the world. Gee see the world as becoming. A bit more conservative and I know on some of the European countries they are about to have a elections are changes in power so what what do you think. I don't think it's conservative electorate anymore what's conservative with it could cost you what I see is more disruption. And that's the opposite of conservative conservatives wanna preserve institutions preserver arrangements there wary of change but I don't see that in mr. tranche outlook and announcing that a what Teresa made is doing in the United Kingdom with. With Greg says I don't see that in some of populist or nationalist forces afoot. In Europe so I'm actually worried that this is not a conservative here but this is becoming a radical or disruptive in Europe. And who from where I certain. Most of the potential change to me. Tires. Associate potentially much more negative. And send positive. I don't see people prepared to put into place are arrangements that will help keep the peace shall promote promote prosperity. What is your opinion of the secretary of state yet to be if it is so Rex Tillerson what do you think about him. Oh I know Rex told city comes to the job with the enormous global experience also a lot of management experience. I simply say though that the biggest question about whether or secretary of state succeeds. Has less to do with the individual that's obviously important. But it does put the president. And the president has to make sure that the world perceives that the secretary of state speaks with authority. Represents the president represents the United States and the administration. So mr. trump passed to make a commitment. That there's no daylight between him and Rex Tillerson otherwise Rex Tillerson won't be able to be effective. What did you think about to John Kerry's performance as the secretary of state. Well and I admire how hard he worked at it. I was not a tremendous fan of deer ran agreement I think that was an example of we knew we got an agreement but one we wanted to much. And we settled more than we had to. I also would not. Dedicated the time to the Israeli Palestinian issue that he did or the way he did it I simply didn't think it had much shop promised. I probably would spend more time. Both in Asia trying to promote stability of their deal with North Korea but also more time at home it's a funny thing to say about the secretary of state. But I think secretary of state now has to spend considerable time and home. Having the conversation that you and higher having yourself a little bit about why the world matters. Now what the role of the United States as to what I'm beginning to worry about is we're seeing more and more Americans. Questioned why the United States has to stay active in the world question and then the door to desirability. Of free trader or what have you saw. I would hope that mr. Tillerson. Will will probably spend more this time outside the Middle East animals spend more this time at home. As your perception of the influence impact and power. Of faces slash I saw. Well it's considerable but what's gonna happen is it is going to lose its control over territory in places like Iraq first and then Syria. I think that it will become more scattered more like a traditional terrorist group LLC it to terrorism around the Middle East I'm afraid we're gonna see a lot of that in Europe. We'll probably see some of it here in the United States. These groups are not going anywhere so whether it's called my sister I sole Iraq al-Qaeda or you name it. I think we're going to have a number of these individuals have a number of these groups for the foreseeable future and then some this is now part of the this is not part of the architecture of our existence it's unfortunate but it simply reality. Where are you hopeful this is the last question a lot of hostile. I do CIT group thought the US economy has the potential to grow. I see hope in the Western Hemisphere where I think. While people are turning their backs more more populism we're seeing some strengthening of democracy. I see hope in India soon to be the world's most populous country growing at over 7% I think there's real hope there but I haven't given up. I'm places like Asia so I think there's there there's a reason to be optimistic and not fatalistic we've also dough just we've also got to be realistic. That's doctor Richard Haass president of the council on foreign relations. And the author of a world in disarray American foreign policy and the crisis of the old order. You're listening to special addition on Entercom communications. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.