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Jan 28, 2017|

Saturday January 28, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Lori and Lynn. Distort your weekend. Lori in Atlanta on W lie okay. Everybody well. You're listening to Lori in late show and morning good morning when. Good morning ms. Laurie how are you doing today I'm doing fine thank you that's good I tell you wonder stuff. Couple to couple 23 men lining everything that I would have birthday wish is quickly before I I dare I forget first about my nephew Xiamen Skadden. There is I don't even know how old fourteen I think today and he is but today for being we're taping so that 26 of January Seamus cab. The also the 26 of January ms. Donna barred daddy one of our dear friend. And another dear friend born on the exact same day in years 26 to January mr. rose Broderick. I know died and rose the same year the saying everything is an an amazing I love it so happy birthday to those wonderful women and to my little nephew. Seamus and then the 27. Of January my first son the Christ child was born time. On January 27 19895. From ten days weighed nine pounds one ounce mine there. He only when he hears so happy birthday to my love to Thomas Joseph Foley the fourth. And he is actually I'm the end Europe as we speak on. The couple days he said TE had to go away from work as he does he works for apple so he travels and he had to go away for two weeks so. Many cities in Europe. For two weeks pace is somehow I thought why am I gonna travel on Saturday. Over my birth idea her being his birthday is Friday buddies like Michael did travel over the weekend since he sits like and a possible on the weekend in Paris fouling old. Can't imagine it's amazing what he did he's what what the heck he got a couple extra days he has a friend there who. Whom he met when he studied abroad in college and he's been gone backing gets there often and how is just saying he does spend some time does he does hair I was so he's gonna figure I'll go a couple days before the work part really starts and spent some time now. Hey nice things about the Poconos for the front yeah exactly but anyway it's my god bless him he does well so good for him and happy birthday to. My wife and we have to say we. A moment here where we have to pay homage. To the woman who inspired it are. Song I guess it caught that part theme song for the radio show Mary Tyler Moore. Her passing an aging baby is kind of one of those come iconic moments you know it's. You think about. That people that even then I'm an a peripheral way he's made a difference in your life and she certainly was one of the women. Co bridge that gap between the woman who is has it also does major. And a woman who chose to stay at home and raise children so she's kind of like that in between person. Cool and you know then as soon as she developed lead person on a very Richards. That was a whole other great character that really was memorable. But does it take you I know I know that in the last couple days we've listened to all the little excerpts from the show Mary Tyler Moore show. And Ed as nerves playing the role her red eyes and the things he says to her that he could never. It hit like. Why did he makes fifty dollars more than me book he's the man yeah I mean is. I mean it's it's unbelievable. But just everything about her my current apartment which I loved to have friends for strong women friends this year working in a man's world and she just was sold. I don't know I loved Daytona Barea in the middle of those he's seen a Minneapolis I sent to Tom because when he graduated he went to target for storage. And of course they have that bronze statue of her there. And I say timing did you happen ran into Mary tandem bicycle in the middle and throw your throw great he's like mom I said I would love to do. I knew she was just. So one of my favorite people I know I just love that show I was it was in the seventies I was young but I remember it. So well I remember watching and I love to those relationships that she formed with throw down. And and I'm finished I feel less with yeah they're all still living as she was the first woman because we had so we and Nivins Betty White who he gave god bless her. And then he had no I'm Rhoda Morgenstern whose Valerie Harper. And this that what's in injury jet Baxter who played I forget her name but she was Ted Baxter's wife she's still living and then you have Cloris Leachman but this is done. She was wonderful just doesn't have a economy her name is the main enemy had something in a court escort Phyllis. Yeah her husband's name was liars remember him. Let's do those things just it was just so far. I loved I loved her so well apparently someone else's until locally reached out to ask you about your thoughts. Come on the passing of Mary Tyler Moore that would be Caitlin. This teeny PSA and they need off she's a writer in the lifestyles department and I love her Oscar she is hot beautiful woman holding her son in the advertisements for the Mother's Day. I'm all right now I guess came as a little boy who's beautiful and she does beautiful writing and I was and that's how I was costs at the hospital just to say. My mom had surgery yesterday done by doctor Johnny create and she is doing beautifully. So I was in it to her hospital room in the phone rang and it was Caitlin and I think I didn't get this I called her right back. So that is so in the. Her view she talked to you about your take on Harry Tyler Moore and use ahead. That he sees what she quotes here when Laurie can then Linda seven started their weekly. Local radio program Delorean in show eight years ago they pick the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme song as their own. And of course at the end of says you're gonna have to make it after always has. So I think really the way we look at life we are enemy because she and is Lorie says here men in the the interview who can't live by those words. As women we've got to take them seriously you wanted to be able to turn the world on with your smile but you also want to make sure. You're good at what you do best show in that song just exemplifies what women were were about. Send and you went on to saying that watching this show as a young girl miss can be felt hopeful. About being a woman. The friendships Mary had with characters. Such as road and show us reflected the relationships most women had she added and the character. Made being a woman cool FitzGerald I think she just gave women hope. About their lives about being women and just living your life and a woman's world ms. Kaplan says. So. They say. Thank you for Caitlin he didn't realize it went the way down I commented banker and this assignment returns Saban gives you a little PR on our show minute talk about you when your writing and it was great but we did think about because we were trying to think of the appropriate some. It's gonna senate creating my ourselves of which we could but I just thought that was so sure we both did remember we say it's a perfect song for suvs and and another to shout out is that I got a text from Michael Brown with the Mike Brown who want to mess. Brown's pharmacy and he taxi meany said as soon as I heard she. Passed away you're the first person I thought about because he listens to the shall come all the time and buses on Suisse and when I heard that I just thought if you. And then he said nice side I opened the paper and the articles there with your stuff he says so I it's it was just so appropriate and I saw what I kind of think like that's. How I think when we what we said about the shell it actually is and little bit more in their about that I said. We want the advice we give and I told Michael best thing that women are all here believing in each other and what we can do as women. And then you and I are such strong supporters of bad. That everybody who comes here as one of fire. I'm against our expert guest guest experts are are all about fidelity bank and supporting women and everyone else who owns and their own business and their women strong women who try to do. What they can't make a difference and I think that that she was sorted that the beginning. Above what the you know our my age group that could look at woman and think oh my god she's in an enemy hands Wheldon doing much yes you don't so yeah she was really I. I think a breakthrough kind of role model gray a lot of women and men and then I think back seated in the reverse of that. This success of this series on HBO mad men behind us now with a safe hands say yeah. And that's for those women. There was some very interesting characters there but that of course was I think in the fifties and sixties and watched Jeff Bennett gets a Jon Hamm right yes yes CNN and see his wife and all of her friends. For the women who did the country club routines and did all that kind Xena asked just how things away but then there was another woman who was a very important character in that advertising agency. And I forget your first name. But anyway she was a woman who wanted to be a copyright or she wanted to go through all of the ranks. And she had such a struggle between the one need to be accepted as a woman doing this job and also trying to define her own femininity. Because she didn't have a husband she didn't have all the other things that all the other women dancer she found herself and those in between world where she didn't know. Push it was supposed to veer west was supposed to do. And I think that Mary Tyler Moore in that role as Mary and not Richardson's. And Laura Petrie Marty had a nun and a very wish I was there Aaron Richards is her shop when she was lists. Oh the things Ali how would you marry under he's taken that was the other winner also Mary Richards she's only 21 now you know we can't forget that name. So Mary Richards was kind of the transition between. That you either do one or the other. I think she did a good job of it even though we as we both said. I think you could never get away with saying something nice. This guy that. I just can't put it best show. What was the first terrific it was that was one of my favorites it comes along with the scores on the families and loved that which you can never get away with sank. And her other one was I'm. How bad of Bob Newhart show both of his shows like top selling name into classic in May actually goes all they were such good. You know how included my friends will hand you know on aiming at the. I was wanted to be heard I don't know I don't know where Zain Alan saw him with Nancy weren't so yeah I don't know him but anyway. So let's talk I can we just say the big shout out to the big Dow. You have to Tony now now only 20000 and losing and end is still going up. So how and I coaches it was an Arctic. Today to which we can't we out of time but she's talking about Charles Dow and how is this was how he did his mathematical shot. Equation. Too we get what the Dow means and and then he was co-founder. I'm the tell me I just said it could be done but I Jersey journal yeah yeah I mean I'm dizzy I love to read those things and figure out. How I do what I don't really always get. Hi all of these indexes like the NASDAQ and then and the IMS and it's am it's amazing how those things start and how he did and now of course they said the mathematics are so much get more and you know because now there's what thirty companies vs the ten that he had. Right now but even more interesting at this point is that it's almost an irrelevant and Dexia. I know in the S&P 500 has more meaning announced world. But he's so close it down my no chance I get the Dow is 20000. Yeah my god it's that was a good thing yeah. So when you take a break and then you know I thought you had something tidy if you have enough feel we have about a minute now can't condone it. This is a story. Melinda is the woman who thought she had it all together. Until her husband presented her with his decision to get a divorce after thirty years of marriage. He said he just didn't want any married anymore. He thought he had done his duty as a provider for her and their family and now that he was looking your retirement he wanted to be free to do what he wanted to with the rest of his life. Well and had always envisioned their life together as retirees being full of time with their children and grandchildren. All of whom lived in warmer climates and a plane right away. Yeah she was planning on downsizing their suburban home to a smaller home. Within a retirement community where there were patches of land they have gardens mature trees to shelter the house in the hot sun in the winter snows. And honey of trails to walk in the milder weather. She could now seek the suit that that was a complete fallacy and one she had created in a vacuum. They never talked about retirement how they want to spend it. Apparently he had different plans she sheepishly asked him what those plans were and why they could not include her. He told her he had been thinking about this for some time his business have been very successful he had a buyer and is vice president. But he needed to stay on as part of their deal for a period of one year for the transition. After that he wanted to start a new career electronic engineering and moved to Southern California where the opportunities are. She could see he was in no way interested in staying near family are having them be a part of the next phase of his life. After the shock wore off she felt she had better figure out how she was gonna make her life work for the next 25 to thirty years. And how she would do this financially she had no idea about their personal finances and her husband always taking care of these things. Again she asked him how she would be able to live if they were divorce. He told he had planned this of the soon be able to keep the house or use those monies if she sold it to buy another place where ever she won it. She would get half of his pension or social security and the investment portfolio he had. He would keep the proceeds from the sales are business half his pension and social security and he is shorter she'd be okay. Thankfully something insider told her not to trust this need package as she decides to seek some advice from financial advisor. When she came to see me I realized the nice neat package. Was designed to reassure her that she was fine but it did not account for the equitable distribution of their whole asset base. In reality she was entirely too much more than he had calculated so we sat down and went over the assets she did not know she had a but I discovered by reviewing their tax returns and open a whole new set of negotiations was eventually allowed her to fulfill her dreams for retirement. The important moral of the story is to make sure you take responsibility for knowing what your personal finances look like before you're forced to. The end. Free to take a short break you're listening to Larry and so we'll be right back. Here lowering inland. Everybody welcome back. You're listening to Larry and when show I'm Lori cab neon of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And I'm Lyn Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I am also the author of a book. Called power of the purse fear free finances for baby boomer women. They'll line up Amazon.com. Thank you. They're here we are very excited this year because not only do we have. Five sponsors last year but this year we have six guest experts sponsors and I shall we are thrilled. I'm thrilled with our newest arrival. Caffeine rappers who is the owner of truly scrumptious Kathy is a cake designer again. A beautiful city of Kingston Pennsylvania. And Kathy has been with this before telling her story of how she got to where she dead. And again cat you're gonna make it after around may be because that's what you have seen and what happened and I think to start this week if you could can't let everybody know. Your story how you move came to what the stuff that happened to which people don't like to talk about. But it did it. And how you overcame that it. But. You know kind of punch in the guide to get to wary eye today and to be doing what you wanna do an expressing yourself. And in many ways but mostly through delicious cake. I'm apple decorations and I'm like I remember the bog turtles can't I'm Mary for gas Shonn can Foley I'm good at graduation cake. Kathy made her bloggers journalists from all over the cake because of the I'm trials that's Kennedy's daughter Caroline is also and had been a member of Wyoming seminary smack trials and Shonn was Scranton prep and that year was about but I have like an environmental case about bond. Turtles I never knew what it wasn't they are my life tonight we just. And one of the little one thing Kathy name with his debate with signed on can ask these kids still six. In my. In my lumps for in my phone with the pictures that at all however know that really aerial that she made from the cake I took off. And it proudly sits in my. Brakes front and might down in my cabinet in my dining room right rob my little trinkets are and I have been paternal and it is completely intact. Momo and it is. For you. I think. Graduated from this more than four to sort out yeah as you don't graduated and they would have been this may will be five years so that my name yeah and a half year and a half years that's soccer studs and what I made out of steel now Italian and needed a fund that you and that stays forever just like you know well it's not doing anything and I'm maybe I have maybe because up to my house is like a museum in its own higher it's not lend even in a -- Imus well. Girls I don't know did but it's you know. You were home I got so when I said to make that turn on says. Can you do something and then incorporates it to keep she's like of course I can't and it's fabulous it was fabulous self anyways happy tell your story this morning. I tell us how you got to Wear your iron. Your victory that you've told us before but bears repeating about what you did as an accountant believe this or not. She uses both sides of the brain you count my time and the creative somehow had a. I tell you write a brilliant things. And graduate school while mine my undergraduate degrees in economics or payment treasure of Lafayette College. And an and I. I'm an MBA in professional accounting. MI onto. Attain my CPA license. In Pennsylvania which is now contrast in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania Diaz OK I won't have to use it again yeah David. My serve my career with Coopers and Lybrand in Philadelphia planet was Coopers and Lybrand. Columns. And over the years IA. I need to. Drifted from audit into the tax department and I just hated where I was doing and I just could not find an inch anywhere I really hated it. Financing got married and we had Caroline's. And then we moved here. In 1999. And I started working for a very small accounting firm and I was fired on April 15 2002. Now listen to them words she said that you heard it I was fired in chino C. Dat de eighteen. And true adversity always comes strength and that is why this is so important because that was like punch in the got one out. I wasn't an hour her piano and what did you do. It was the best thing that could've happened tie up the best thing always and you see I went home and I called my husband I said Dave. I am never working an accounting again. Ever he's so what happened I told them he says okay you know that's fine. So for a year I look for jobs no one would hire me. God knows why I think it was because Carolyn was only seven the time. Come but I don't know for sure. And should fear was up by just. My Dave and I decide you know week you have to do something I think I couldn't stay and in fact I just couldn't stand and I always worked. So I. When Caroline was a baby I started taking cake decorating classes. And you know just here and there. Started out with Wilton nine W where that idea. And I took those three classes and then so going into New York. Took classes from Colette Peters. And I thought you know it I'm finished over the years I hadn't done cakes for friends and family and I think you know I'm gonna try this if I feel I feel. But I'm gonna try. So I found a truly scrumptious Carolyn my daughter. Gave a name to the business. Ended my anxiety and I learned a new. Surely that's it's okay and nine started in my house in 2003 September of 2003. And hopefully I can actually aware are you today. Mantra my cousin and I purchased or commercial building on Wyoming avenue Kingston. And so I'm doing business so there we do everything in house. We think it takes you scratch we do all the artwork. Everything's done. And even deliver became millionaires yes well that's an absolutely areas that is now. The area. So you know those emergency when they're trying to Karina getting to the table and it's perfect in the mid table fault yeah yeah I got like. I please ask I see anything with Kate do anything you have. I can tell you didn't we have this. Iron in North Dakota this toolbox and in the toolbox we have the show ends we have all kinds of things because. You can't believe in these upscale places that's the case tables that rock. And our ends that are unstable. Said Dave has these tools and sometimes he has to go under the table and tight on the legs and it's crazy. And so we we come prepared but how do you get your worry about I'm sure you do but how do you get. The cake from. Where you've made it in the kitchen. Out to vote even van right. I among women SUVOK. So you get it from there to the SUV in men from the US UV into the place right that's where I think all the mischief can occur. So how do you how do you make sure that you do have any kind of special. Type of caddies are something that you used against them in and out club that the cakes. Our. They have lots and lots of dolls and number. To give it Sandra strength and thanks so it holds up the tier Obama's yeah. Then we have one large down that goes all the way through the entire cake and into the cake for so that they kicked doesn't show me the man driving. And done and then we put the well and then we we refrigerate the cake overnight so that also cemented on yes yeah. And so we is corrugated boxes. We took the cake in the corrugated box. I'm actually doesn't have just lifts step up and put it on to something else I mean physically carry it out to. As you need sometimes it's you have these and I am so we have. My cousin works for an amateur industries and for a lucky to have their metal carts. Only for the car right next shift. Connecting the refrigerator we kind of slide. They kick from the refrigerator onto the cart wheeled a cart. The SUV in the slide and also cards so you ever ran for something on the side had to get from the it inside out Sylvia you just go right now I just don't we just go right now Yemen often don't OK we have two doors and I'm right out of the kitchen and then what do you find when you get to location yeah I know well. My kinds he's saying now is yes and all kinds accusing us you have to go scoped out before yes deliver gas compact and RN I don't have to do it anymore because I I'm not pretty I'm there with with the venues in the area. Come find sound make sure there's a raft make sure someone's there to hold the door open and then. So has anything ever happened where you lost to cake like. And he's a definite no no. We know you could ever go. Hey you know what I bottom line is I'm not I've been doing this stuff myself so I snack cake I mean being in this business of event planning and yeah. And I'm having done so much at the cultural center before I start my own business. And then people would get who is committing cap these Don I mean guy knows when Kathy gets my car as I was I can't. Have an opportunity pass you wanna do days and she has made and I means. Beautiful things but for the 150. Anniversary for the city of Scranton. Where. Five a bill I'm Bob cart ranks. His inaugural party at the screen to cultures and she did the I'm City Hall yeah. And did it Eaton and then the komen foundation and many many things that Ozzie Kathy this is. So good for Dino you your business for you the recognition to see it and then she has the sheet cakes cakes. Bet she will give out details for tab that and that sheet cakes taste like heaven to. Anyway so I can it's like it's perfect but nobody data are so skilled. The Melinda did that when you walk in there and you they know that's it's it's become almost just like anybody else's business second. It's second nature and you just put it right in and Andy do we have to do and their junior league had put the or pat away as you know what to do what do you teach you have that this is for someone you know you you how to do what we do but I never take you take us for Graham never out and I'm only I'm only as good as the last king exactly. Yeah sorry never ever and a ticket for currently and as you never know yes because that people say I scenario and I am only as good as my last demand that's. I don't really that's what it's true and that's what you're you're looking at Virginia case and what. And your ability to really Kathy is just kids it's unbelievable. Tell everybody to how they elect people who can be as we have about a minute left say how they can get in touch with you and men. Go from their town where more on FaceBook. Truly scrumptious Kingston Pennsylvania my website is eat cake person dot com with the again you can reach a cent. 283. Cake. 2832253. And relocated to 71 Wyoming avenue Kingston should remember that two K three K came home and I also wanted to let people know that we are hiring. We're looking for full time part time employees. We're expanding and you interns as well. Well so please send your resume to to my web site. Now say they're against each. Kate K press first dot com yeah I love it wonderful life hey if I love it can only Kathy leaves when their car and yourself unsure even mentions it remember. Just so much for how relevant. I mean well here in the realm thank you very much and welcome aboard we'll see you next month with more tips but that's Kathy story and it's so important you know just. You're gonna make it after all will be right back you're listening to Larry when shot. Here is lowering inland. Hi everybody welcome back you're listening to learn when Chela Murray can the honor of my caddie enterprises which is a fundraising PR and special events business. And my name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse fear free finances her baby boomer women available on Amazon.com. And we have our second guest extra with us this morning. And she is from fidelity bank and I didn't even ask Trish what you're. Your title is because I forget no problem I'm just keep moving that fast serve many things on retail branch manager in my actual official title okay go ahead. So what do you tell us about today. I ain't going to talk today about the advantages of doing your banking online person steam standing and waiting in line. This is good it is good you guys are getting. Better and better at this aren't any owner I have enunciate our visibility in terms of the on the go banking because. You know let's face it how many of you in this room. Do your banking on the phone I mean you can't get to the bank you get most people today are working the same hours as branches are open. And it challenge becomes how only going to get the checks two deposit into my count how many going again my money efficiently comic gonna keep track of my finances. Com there's obviously a purpose you have branch locations in terms of closing loans making deals I'm cashing checks. It also depends on the demographic could of Asia customer. That we know we love our seniors who come in and that's their Al. Should be up to come to the Braves got no comment on cushy little iffy because they wanna keep those delicious cookies and I'm sure that nobody in minus watching them with their zip lock bag take. Your daughter on them fit because clearly that it. OK Casey do and we appreciate. Ali I'm about it Kelly hey you know desert on the go anyone do their bags they won't do their banking on the belt adopting the desert to ballot that's kind of have my money it is. But it's definitely challenge for some bad you know week. Constantly hear you know what I just don't have the time to get to the bank and how it went fast tracked my counts and that's where we come and at the French level to educate and provide an education to them I want to know what we have what channels they have. Com if you weaken you can do your banking anytime anywhere you can be on your lunch break out work and you can view your account timeline simply by downloading our application. That's how most people do their banking today and content they want those mobile functions they want to be able to make those transfers deposited checks that they could be you know. Eating their lunch they're doing their banking at the same time without having to take half of their lunch hour coming into the bank. How we have some great opportunities currently going on nice little sweepstakes promotion where he could. Enter to win a nice to George I'm sorry Holman growled a standalone like a tailgate grill. It's very nice yeah we've even had our very own CEO against Intel I'll cook for access I don't know anything in. He does not mind throwing up this Giuliani down in Florida where his team of employees at the branches so. I'm great opportunity. Comments in Pittston obviously we're celebrating our one year six month anniversary and paying nothing in any stingray and Kennedy boulevard. How we're celebrating many things in Pittston actually on my favorite time easier saint Patrick's parade day coming very soon march 4. It's great upper generally used. It is in the usually to death because they don't want interference this Grand Prix and I don't know is Mallory says while she's missed the third the fourth forceful and your own country. Okay we're getting monetary fund I love it. Second annual leprechaun Lou. The leopard car movie is day one mile walk run. That obviously encourages wellness and good health. He had the other mass first how the whole great kicks off is they have a 9 o'clock mass at saint John the evangelist church. Then at 930 starts a leprechaun Lou and a great starting at about 12 o'clock. So it's a great time for the downtown obviously to businesses and the encouragement obviously is to see state saved drinks days. Celebrate in a safe manner and if you have not been downtown can't stand it is just to obviously such a revitalization that they've undergone over the past it looked the better half is the last three to four years. Comment that when the French Open we were just an integral piece of the revitalization that have occurred I was a great time for us obviously to increase our visibility in our enhancement in the downtown area. And I couldn't be happier to be back downtown. Obviously being in the community banking infidelities been around for over a 114 years. How are celebrating her 114 here this year. And without being sent its people from your local community lost you know you live and work and getting easier and and I don't debenture over eleven years and celebrate my eleventh year this year. Thanks. The community is very nice tight net you know you wanna be visible in terms of networking your socialization. I'm being visible face in the community and having that presence there so obviously the French will always remain. But it's those are mobile functions in terms of doing your banking and how to best. Create that visibility. And enhancing features Thomas what is important to us so we have channels such as online banking with small deposits. Com you can pay bills through web bill paying feature so there's so many features in so many different variations of how you can best do your banking. When we're not open how we have applications available for Cali usage for your cellphone usage and obviously your your home PC. Tom good to create that strong visibility and sense of the bank is not the bank branch locations may not be open 24/7 but certainly could continue to do your banking and utilized those enhanced skills through your technology Tony for hours today. It's amazing yeah. What it's come Toby as you think about it. The only piece of that that I really wish they would. Do this allow us to do it with our business accounts online. All very exciting new world I know because my second quarter this year were hoping by April. We have that process you can. Thanks so huge celebrating. Yeah I EU will be able to argue your accounts are mining transfers are mining as well as pay your bills on my fabulous and deposit checks. Robin Wright of Miramar love it that's great because seller get much better than that you know you leave today my darling you're gonna help me. Do something on my apt to get my. Site if I could help. My mother you know you'll figure out her banking online. I could help to anybody then because I might I don't know how you do that I was with Deanna went in my day and should we read it just finishing a board meeting at Sid didn't. Could she can he goes you just do this I said that's I don't know you have to okay I'm getting someone else talent and I have to tell you I know I know. Our listeners can't see it but now have to get you one of these highly always I don't know why and can I make my. And it is eight debit card holder that will help protect to Gaza Strip on your. Don't argue not only but for the easy convenient everyone else for their fondness at all to ask him. And if you're anything like I mean ladies and little gold digging our your purse looking for your car destined to be wrapped in her seat that you can't find ten. Right now you have a right in your back pocket so I don't have made do not cut and nothing falls on announced that it doesn't you can keep business Claire's very very honestly is there money for going in somewhere because you haven't. Yes they're great way to get us. How we can get them. Threw me I'm happy to give here we go. What I'm better teller Benny I realized I forgot to say your last name Tripp on the earliest try selling pressure fed up we know who you are but the people are lists he took a couple. So it's. Psychology curly and retail branch manager of the fidelity intestinal patient located at 225 Kennedy boulevard right across from Domino's in between the post office. Hands the YMCA so people like my interview with the bridge is there little thing beautiful Gelman askew but they can come and see me because they're handy tool they really are to help support you're on the go banking on him. Yeah but I what I also love to. He knows the Trish was saying I and it's very important to me. Because I didn't I started my career as a banker. And and I learned a lot of that it and they indeed the fact that the banks are selling bonds in the community. There is so important to come and you guys being the community bank that you are. To have that like you just rattles off everything there was about that parade. And that's a volunteer position and that's an involvement that you guys want to make because you're right people these these stuff going on in we say this all the time. I'm pistons should be paying less royalties for their sake they talk about it all the time how wonderful today. But see that's cities it is. Doing and they don't really know someone who is involved I think I'm some kind of joke mask and they all are you all are. I only ask so we have to get the big shout out mister Massa pits but I'm and he he's my almost brother and my say now yes well you know. Say I Holloman anyway can get my dad for that. I don't army's one and lucky SOB for that having met our heating and Diana really should know he's the city manager and there's a lot going nine with so many people I mean change it if it happens is it as a community and you get to where you are. And where it's come from and really kept me little Al Intel doesn't twenty. When you see those figurines so I'm going across the street and and one of my favorite places in the world this class of fifth. Plaza 53. Love and Sharon who I mean gee she's that this wonderful soul and Sharon and beach. You know you didn't have you can't be everything about it is great as NATO. Do you honestly why do you just try. Downtown mainstream Pittston and you feel like you're in a big city. Did the disability that they've promoted how we promote our own. Business yes kill that yes he'll he wanted to you wanna shop local spend local he won a bank local as well. Conflict as to where fidelity really set herself apart in and we will look at our backyard and therefore other banks across the street. But we're just the people that are in those buildings are white represents fidelity. Hobby and very involved in the community to think pays us for community volunteer hours because that's an integral piece of what we do. That we're not just representing. Killed the bank itself but we are in the community being visible being active and proactive in looking for opportunities. Advertising for around customers rep you know we want we encourage the utilization of our own current client base for anything that we could possibly isn't. And what's the name of that Italian place like the equivalent of Catalan thousand web site Delmas and Donna marsh is its seventh talent something else had to tell his market yes oh yes I've never gotten there yet I have to go Alex Jon and you'll find you see it it if detriment it's just like a Catalan Azeri Don Imus and and I that's the pits an equivalent and I did you have you ever meant cats now. I just it just looks fabulous tennis. Tennis there are many local businesses there they have ended you know again very successful because of they're people who know the owners that there are small businesses I came from small this is Stanley my parents always. Encouraged usage of guarding your small business you're helping put their children through college they're gonna know you buy your first name. You're gonna pay maybe a quarter marvel what's at quarter to you for that personalization. Technology education that they have. That's what's meaningful and perfect for me that's I've taken that into my own professional career. It's important that I just love everything. Then I'm his. That the bank looks to do an involve themselves because I. I think there's no better way than to. Be part of the community and volunteer and get out there and know what's going on it truly has ways to feel it feels good you know study and I just doing it. It's keynote I look at this had eaten. If you're looking to go to work in these classified as works. You're not in the right place you have to enjoy what you do and they absolutely had to you know make your best foot play your best foot forward to that's. I love volunteering I love it my client base I mean honestly I probably know more about my customers and do my own family that I missed. But that's that's what again sets us apart from our competition so thank you for the opportunity. While we here today aerodynamic cookies and and we also just taking and banking go hand hand they do a lot of I don't see there's the other one over the the other thing I don't baker you can get your cocoa economy but make sure you get your case from. So and also we have to say if you guys can't see Trisha that you could see the entire conversation we had. Yeah she did not lose a smile. Did you notice that he's truly means what she's saying about him being sown Bob I'm liking it loving our job no different than and then missed record sales and again you do what you love and no different than you and I landed. We love what we do here it's great to be doing any. Beginning of married here and get it once did just to say thank you to fidelity bank nutrition to Cathy from truly scrumptious. I'm remembered to eat cake first as submissive for miss Bradford and fidelity bank how can they get in touch with you trash you can get in touch with me by calling me at 57090820104. Or you can email me at Trish I'm currently at FT deep dank dot com. Perfect so Lind had a good weekend gives him OK everybody. Safe out there and no one will see you soon please be nice and remember. You're you know making after I'm by bad I side.