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Jan 21, 2017|

Saturday January 21, 2017

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The following is a paid program the views or claims may or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar chassis just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now we maximize your health with the doctor Dan ghoulish SD. Welcome to another program of maximize. Your health I'm your health coach to doctor Dan Hollis ST here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health and naturally. So we talk about fitness function food is Madison how to reduce stress and eliminate toxins right here on maximize your health. We want you to become more proactive rather than reactive. When it comes to managing. And taking care of your health and I'm sure everyone listening now. Would agree wherever you garden. That if you're hit with a health crisis. Your help to become your top priority but unfortunately for many be listening right now it's not your number one priority because. You don't consider what you eat you're not physically active your under constant stress with no way out and eat your body's been on par with toxins you're not getting enough sleep your body isn't functioning at the level but it's capable of functioning at so work. We're not addressing these essentials. To living at your full health potential and that's what I discuss on this program I encourage you to call in with your health questions here during the next hour 57083. 0098. Or 1804370098. Maybe you wanna know lol what are the that the the top five superffoods out there that can help give you a stronger immune system. Later on in the program going to be discussing ways to strengthen your immune system and conditions such as. Allergies asthma autoimmune diseases and in the immunodeficiency. So you can reverse and actually. Okay and then we're gonna also talked today about fitness are gonna talk about. The movement how old movement is life. How that if you don't move and you'll need more rapidly your body you're you're action the ends of your DNA. Will did generate more. Rapidly if you're not physically active. So these things and more we discussed your maximize your help and if you have questions I have answers you can call in right now five Simoneau 830098. Or 18043700. 98 also appear interest Sid you're just tuning in for the first time in you'd like to gain more information about myself doctor Wallace Jessie and maximize your health we have the show's podcast sit on our website at www. Nepa. Doctor Dan dot com that's an EPA DR DA and dot com you can go there click the radio link and they're you'll find the podcasts for all of our pass programs now we've been doing this program for seven years. Think speeding god that we're still doing it we're still making a difference in your life and in other people's lives. So if you have a testimonial something you've learned here if you've been a regular listener for some time feel free to either call into the show during a live broadcast or to send me an email sharing your source so that I can share on a future program of maximize your health czar email is PWR Cairo. At To PWR. CH IRO at also be sure to connect with me through social media on FaceBook Twitter instead Graham and then be sure to check out our fitness videos and I'm gonna be discussing on today's show. I with the high intensity interval training to burst training ways you can begin to move with little to no equipment just by simply doing body weight exercises in calisthenics and just by getting back to the basics can make a world of difference for some of you where your your health is ailing right now. So maybe you have a question may be the common concern may be of a loved one nurse a son or daughter right now where they're struggling with. And digestive problems. Heart problems immune system problems allergies asthma. Aches and pains and an N and other sorts of problems may be they're not responding to conventional medical treatments or medications. And you're looking for hope you're looking for answers your looking for solutions. I encourage you to call in today 570830098. Or 180437. 0098. Also if you're considering. I'm coming in to visit our clinic and the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center at 113 Weston road in wilkes-barre ten this coming week from January 23 through January 27. Or opening up appointment times for new patients to comment and receive a full evaluation including X rays if necessary if first adjustment if necessary. So final rehab and any report findings follow up visits so that's a 300 dollar value. Only fifty dollars if you are a new patient and you would like to get your spine and nervous system checked to determine how well your body is functioning remember a few minutes in opening up I said you know how well is your body in neatly functioning right now in chiropractic adjustments can help remove nerve interference. Opening up the pathways between your brain your cells or tissues your muscles and your organs so that those organs can begin to receive the input in the intelligence that are required. And are necessary to function at a higher level so if you're new patient you like to get your spying checked. You can call up our clinic day I wouldn't wage because we expect these times to fill up quickly here during the next week. Monday January 23 through Friday January 27. Caller clinic today don't wait 5708293580. That's 57082935. 80. And so I wanted to kick off today's program talking about movement fitness exercise and physical activity. There is a recent study here that came out from the University of California. In San Diego. That discovered that elderly women who sit for. More than ten hours a day with low physical activity have cells that are biologically older. And their chronological age by eight years compared to women who are less sedentary. According to a study at the University of California San Diego this is published on January 18 in the American journal of epidemiology and they discovered that. The telomeres in people who are not physically active or who remain sedentary. Begin to shorten. And you're you increase your risk of accelerated aging. Cardiovascular disease diabetes and major cancers. So according to the of the head researcher doctor shot he had Xian. Just says that chronological age doesn't always match biologically so what that means is chronicle chronological age is your actual number your agent number of years. Biological agents how. At what age you your body's actually functioning healing at the performance of your health. So people who don't move and who aren't regularly physically active. They actually appear eight to ten years older then they're chronological actual age that's scary I don't want that to be me. So I make exercise a habit and I encourage others and some of you listening today. To begin to take this as a wake up call to begin to move more if you can if if you if you have excuses like I don't have time I'm too busy. I don't have enough money I don't have enough time I don't feel good and I'm not healthy enough I'm not strong enough. I'm not fit enough. All those are excuses they don't fix the problem they just prevent you from becoming your very best they prevent you from reaching your full health potential so you have to develop the mindset. To overcome those excuses. And if you need a coach if you need somebody to hold your hand to walk you through this plenty of personal trainers planning a fitness coaches out there including myself. Who would be happy to hold your hand to guide you through the process not to scolds you not to yell you not to talk down do you like a drill sergeant rather walk alongside you as you begin this new chapter of your life that will read. Not only you know you looking better you feeling better but you'll add years and quality years to your life. That's what it's all about folks is about you living a more productive. More quality more beneficial life in so many people on our our country in our area and our region here in northeastern Pennsylvania today are being robbed of that because of these excuses because of hanging around the wrong people who are negative and end to save up your old year a key your your broking your Brill you can't do this you can't do that you know. Your family history you have bad genetics. Blah blah blah blah blah c'mon people let's rise above that that that it you know that that keeps you stock that doesn't make your life better for those of you seeking a better life. You need to rise above that you need to get develop a stronger mindset to just understand that this research. If you're not currently physically active and you're just gonna sit back and this will be you you'll age faster you'll be in a hot greater risk of cardiovascular disease. Diabetes. Certain cancers. Your joints full rode in to generate more rapidly you're dissing your spinal column or wrote in to generate more rapidly that'll lead to more pain more stiffness more disability. And more medication. Who signed up for that I didn't sign up for that I know a lot of you listening right now. You know you're you're there but guess what there's good news there's hope. You can reverse that you could change by simply changing your mindset and putting your best foot forward saying today I'm going to make a choice. To change my life so to make physical activity and fitness more power and we're gonna discuss that. Where you could begin for those if you who never you never moved to Dane your life or maybe you've you've tried it and it didn't work out too well you ended up more and more pain more soreness and more stiffness in and if you know. Don't give up don't give up just hear me out here so this study here again I guess it should be a wake up call. Okay 15100 women between the ages of 6495. Or evaluated in the study. The participants completed questionnaires and antiwar and excel around and are on the right hip for seven consecutive days during waking and sleeping hours to track their movements. And there are the conclusions were that women who sat or longer did not have shorter tellem her legs if they exercise for at least thirty minutes a day. Which is a national recommending guideline according to the head researcher discussions about the benefits of exercise should start when we are young we shouldn't wait but that doesn't mean if you're listening in your over age 65 right now that that this this doesn't apply do you. You can't start that you can't change now you can change now. And tank so you can see you can begin even if you're eighty years old or 85 years old to just make any concerted effort. To move more for at least thirty minutes a day three days per week and not be sitting in a chair all day long. OK walk around your house if you live and and this is a living home Laura highrise apartment center walked the hallways were bought with your walker walk with your came just get out of your chair and move more. It's better for you. And had and so. With that I wanted to have shifted gears and stand and address the echo a common issue that I see all the time when they work with people one on one. They say why don't have access to a gym or health club or don't have enough money to pay for a gym membership or higher personal trainer. What do I do I can't exercise I can't move and then all the excuses again. Okay yeah that again those are excuses just starts with the mindset. Okay you're in charge of your health and nobody else okay you make the choices. You see here that we owe you put your foot in the gas pedal or on the break in you determine with your thoughts what goes and action. Whether you exercise and don't exercise nobody's holding a gun your head saying exercise or die no ones no ones to no one no controls you. OK but you and I want everyone listening to understand that first and foremost. So if this some of us with the reprogram our thoughts we have to viewers as we still love ourselves more we used to value ourselves more because if we don't value ourselves what's the point of beginning exercised. We have no hope so. We were created with the purpose of mine you were created with a very specific reason reminded to bring value to others to be productive and to be a leader in your sphere of influence. So now when that once our mindset is an order once our thoughts are aligned. Once our health becomes of greater value any higher priority now we start to figure out okay where we fit exercise and not where we know is it's not a non inside and the negotiable thing is you know I have to think the song. Intact so if you don't have access to Jimmy on enough money not enough time so two of the greatest excuses for lack of exercise are obviously time and money. And in the other thing is he you know if money is a factor we don't want to get home jam we don't wanna pay a personal trainer. The other option is that you can. Not easy ways set in you could just use your own money how about that callous thanks body weight exercises. These again are beginning to emerge as a fast is exercise trend in the country because they are fast you can do a fast work out with a very little or no equipment. And they're free. So the states all the way back to ancient Greek times the first olympians many high level athletes as well as united states military they used calisthenics in body weight exercise during physical training programs so I'm going to just break down a few here in the next few minutes so the first is he squats. So it's one of the most functional exercise primarily targeting the lower body the legs hips but the feet. So it's great for targeting all the muscles and your lower body so we wanna do you wanna do as many squats air squats. If you have bad hits bad knees bad ankles bad joints you don't have to do a full squat the vesting is so until archer lord back tighten your course such your tummy and a little bit. And then should pretend there's a chair behind you and a good thing is if you don't if you lack of balance you lack of coordination. Literally put a Chara soul behind you and and basically sit down. And pop back up pushing off of your heels not your tell us. OK so that's good for beginners C uses chair using she'll if you're more moderate intermediate or advanced go without if you've done air squats before. You wanna do it at a fast pace you wanna try to time yourself for twenty to thirty seconds he was many air squats is you can't the best thing is to take your. Legs to a 92 parallel to the floor. A ninety degree angle at your unique and again you know we you're need to come over the front of your toe you don't wanna shift your weight for on your the balls you're feeding your tell rather you wanna push off with your seat the heels of your feet. And cat and you reduce means you can but you're beginner put a chair still behind you and simply set a timer. Twenty seconds thirty seconds or for beginners even a minute please just go down. And you push up. And pat you know speed really is a factor for the beginner so squat great thing to do to simply sit tight it's helped develop your lower by certain number two. On the conversely is a push up now this is going to target. Your biceps triceps shoulders back and chest okay all your primary upper body muscle groups. So pushups. Well. Again in his spare there's a lot of ways or you can modify a push up if you're begin Eric you can lean into walls. Okay and the further you place your feet away from your hands in which are contacting the walk the more challenging it becomes so if you're really if you lack upper body strength or coordination. Just lean into a wall you wanna take your hands about shoulder width apart you wanna keep your elbows in your size anywhere just simply. Lean your chest in your hands into the wall and push this far out until your elbows locked. And again if your begin or you're not really going for 82 for going as fast as you can you wanna concentrate on using proper form. Once you start to get a good thing you can transfer into me or you could do such a slightly wider grip you know Wi -- your hand placement is slightly wider than shoulder width and that will target more shoulders more upper chest area. The so it also if you're intermediate advanced you can go down on the floor where you're doing again it's good to search shoulder width apart or slightly shoulder with a par with your hand placement on the floor. For beginners who deal Lotto Lotto ladies out there who like the upper body strength they'll go on their knees and so on their feet when you're in a plane position all the way down Chester for all the way out. And again you can do twice her for intermediate or advanced people to do that in the in this training at home do as many as you can do set the timer next year. For beginners you don't really need the timer conscious uniform next is a bridge so now on a bridge. You go on your back. And this is going to cop cock this is going to affect your core strength. A lot of reasons why people suffer with lower back pain is because they lacked the co. Or strength. Your core it's what it's right in the middle of everything it separates upper body from lower body and if you have a beer belly if you lack course strained. You're more likely to ruptured discs are more likely to develop muscle spasms faster degenerative joint disease spinal so noses which are more advanced forms of the generated by audience fine. Because of simply lacking the course in which is why physical activity could be a game changer if it's for some of you right now regardless of where. You lie on the spectrum to put a bridge. You focuses on the muscles lower black you're glued he's just muscles your hips flexed his hamstring simply Lan your back. You're going to turn your feature here in your knees are ninety degree angle playing your feet firmly on the ground and then simply push your lower back and your butt off the ground. And holes this is what's called an iso metric exercising you're going to set a timer next year of twenty to thirty seconds for beginners you can do it for five to ten seconds. And then you come down. Do it again for five to ten seconds come down until you build up a level of strength and endurance to protect. Next is the planks a plank is simply getting into a push up. And holding it for time but not actually doing the pushups. So again this is what's called like a bridge in iso metric type of exercise. We're keeping constant tension you're not taking muscled through concentric or east centric movement rather it's an iso metric where you're keeping constant tension on the muscle. In your holding for thirty to sixty seconds so plenty to be on your hands or on your four arms. For ladies are folks who lacked the core strength her upper body strength there or this or I'm. To stand around you could simply. Get on your knees. Okay in the next one here back to lower body are lunges so lunged you can do stationary lunch. Where you can place one foot back one foot forward and make sure the tote the need is a track over the front of the Intel keeps keep your Tommy sucked in archer lower back secure bottom and a little bit and keep constant tension up all those muscles above your knee like your hand saint strings your quadriceps your hip flex yours. Your abductors abductors and Hulu deal muscles. Okay and then there's more advances the Burpee is that you talked about the past the mountain climbers. And tucked Johnson finally pull ups if you have questions about these if if you want me to actually prepare a fitness plan for you or email fitness plan to you. Something that and you could you kind of let me know in the email where you stand where you where you start but it's a new year it's a new you it's time to improve your health. And doesn't happen by you just sitting here listening to the wars and I say it's about taking what I'm saying. I'm putting that information into action that'll make a difference in your health. And in your life so send me an email right now if you like he fitness plan customized for you PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IRO at Gmail. Dot com we're gonna take a quick commercial break when I return I will be sharing the recipe of the week for creamy and begin Carrick fennel soup. And then we are going to talk about. Your body's most abundant mineral magnesium. And we're gonna answer key question do you suffer from magnesium deficiency is indifference things you can do to help reverse that magnesium deficiency if you have questions or a testimonial you can call in right now. Five Simoneau 830098. Or 180437009. KW back in just a minute to help you maximize your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold food. Based startup. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can co Q ten if you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and road will swirls Ford W wild pig contest can be found at W while K news radio dot. Com slash rules don't see why you. Radio news news you. The news what can. Is when Turks. We're all stuck inside for a while now what is the perfect time to spruce up the inside of your home and right now giant floor is holding their winter inventory clearance sale save problem. Fifty per sign off the best selection amends stock flooring in the area. They even have a new waterproof vinyl floor starting at only 99 cents per square Floyd. You're the Entercom building we had giant floor install a new kitchen floor and hit some amazing giant floor in Wilkes-Barre Scranton in the pocono always. She business owners what can you accomplish in just ten minutes today organizer post it notes ordering two business cards how about incorporating your business. 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By calling data recovery you're in safe hands with access to the best treatment centers across the country there advisors are ready to match you with a proven treatment center that will help you and your drug or alcohol addition once and for all don't waste any more time -- drugs or alcohol your future is still a bright place led aid in recovery help you break your addiction to drugs and alcohol before it's too late this. Completely confidential and if you have private insurance there'll be little to no cost to you even if you already been to treatment. Give us at all there's no need to let drugs and alcohol ruin your life make the one call count call eight and recovery at 805469815. That's 805469815. 805469815. Northeastern Pennsylvania home and Garden Show is here get gardening tips from the Penn State master gardeners can meet leaking and Greg Raymer stars of animal planet's tend to January 27 degree night at the Mohegan Sun arena. Very home showed dot com yeah. I'm Jackson salt. This season maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Dane Galicia ski. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. This is maximize your help with your health coach doctor Danny polish asking if you have health questions I have help answers coming up right now it 570. 830098. Or 180437009. May also view the testimony you'd like to share. And he takes an addiction like smoking or drinking Soto or eating fast food. Come on share your story so other listeners can be inspired at this time 708830098. 1804370098. Also if you'd like to subscribe for our weekly emails are recipes in the week. Health tips podcasts you can send me an email at PWR Cairo. At Stating your request that's PWR CH IRO. At Will be sure to do you subscribe for our weekly emails so this week's recipe of the week is for creamy begin to parrot. Fennel soup. So this calls for one tablespoon of extra virgin organic coconut oil. One medium fennel bulb thinly sliced one large garlic cloves finely minced one and a half pounds of organic carrots chopped five cups of filtered water. A half a teaspoon sea salt 13 cup of plain unsweetened coconut yogurt or Malcolm. And fresh ground. Black pepper to taste so you heat the oil over medium heat and heavy saucepan or soup pot and in the fennel and cook stirring until softened for about three minutes. Do not browned and the guard the carrots and garlic cook another minute. Port and water in season with a cease all bring it to a boil then lower heat and simmer covered until carrots are tender. He's zero to 125 minutes removed soon from heat and puree it. In batches and a high speed blender or with an Immersion blender stir in coconut milk and seasoned with a more salt and pepper to taste garnish with a fennel fronds if desired and be sure to serve warm again that's for creamy begin Carrick fennel soup. Great guy a nice win streak. Day. Packed with nutrition you're getting the garlic which is antimicrobial defend all it's packed with vitamins and minerals and an accidents. The Kara swisher great source of vitamin Ames five or. And then you to coconut oil again. Which is a healthy fat. Great for the nurses and great to eating detoxification. Greats are really keep all your systems and harmony with in your mind if again if he'd like to copy this surge like describe subscribe send me an email PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH. IRO at Also again the next. Our next new patients special is this coming week Monday January the 23. Through Friday January 27 we have morning afternoon and evening appointment times this is for folks who like to get the spine checked they wanna improve their posture maintain the health the spinal column. And they're nervous system because your spine directly into his influence is how well your nervous system functions. And how well your nervous system functions will depend on how well your organs your muscles and all your systems in your whole body function because your nervous system Z intelligence. That runs your whole body. In case of postures the window to your health. If you're heads judging forward if your neck is stiff. If there's pain shooting down the back of your leg if your hands are known none of your thing years ago an undershirt you legs are going nom or if there's electric like pain those are warning signs or symptoms aren't normal which are very calm so simply correcting your spine realigning removing the nerve interference to make a huge difference of this coming week mourning afternoon evening appointment times. And valuation including X rays if necessary first adjustment if necessary spinal rehab and then a follow up visits. With we know where we go over the report findings with you such a 300 dollar value for only fifty dollars. That is the steel that happening this week only at power chiropractic it won thirteen Weston road will spur so caller clinic today to set your appointment. Because spots will fill up quickly 570829. 3580. That's 570829. 3580. And I wanted to thank today's sponsors house of nutrition for sponsoring this program and maximize your help him a lot of great specials a lot of great healthy items on sale. I'm gonna be sharing some here a little bit later audio immune boosting it as. Supplements. They carry all of them how some nutrition be sure to stop and visit them today either open Saturday from 10 AM until 6 PM. They're located at fifty main street in the Borough of loser and loser accounting that exit six. Offer the 309 expressway and house of nutrition and alternative grocery organic vegan bakery and Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trader Garrett gets. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices be sure to light them on FaceBook at house of nutrition or a few questions you can call limit 5707140436. And we thank you house of nutrition for sponsoring this. Episode of maximize. Your health so I wanted to talk now about the magnesium deficiency. A lot of people then I come in contact with or that they sit down with and do health consultation web. Or tell me that their doctor recommended taking calcium because they're calcium deficient they have. We decreased bone density they had a recent Texas scan and came back positive for osteoporosis. The problem here is is that calcium. Works synergistic Wii with magnesium in your magnesium is actually your body's most abundant mineral. Over cal even more important than calcium Kelsey has its place. But because we're consuming in Iran the cut type of calcium the wrong calcium compounds. We're not utilizing it effectively. An act actually have detrimental effects on our heart and other systems and organs within our bodies. So if you're craving chocolate. Okay. If you're getting muscle cramps that keeps you up at night if you're having frequent trips to the bathroom and you're having a trip having trouble going to the bathroom. This highly likelihood that you did deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is essential for over 300 different and dramatic process is to help your body function properly it's also a common mineral to be deficient and yet most people have no idea. And it's commonly misdiagnosed by your doctors. That is a vital nutrient is lacking in your body so women go through now seven key signs are ways that you might be deficient without even knowing it number one is that you have. Chocolate cravings. Your body is intelligent. When you truly listen closely to your body will tell you what it needs. Dark chocolate is actually a good source of magnesium containing 24% in your daily needs in just a one square. A 70% or greater cocoa content. Dark chocolate and if your vice Deseret desperately calling out for a chocolate fix. You need dark chocolate not just any type of chocolate. Okay the problem with with milk chocolate and white chocolate it has contains lots of sugar and sugar won't flame your body and it will not. Correct the magnesium deficiency. Okay you wanna look for 70% or greater cocoa content of dark chocolate because you will this contains magnesium minutes. So that's the right type chocolate that your body's craving number two if you're suffering with chronic muscle cramps particularly in your calves your legs. Your body remains magnesium deficient. So we're gonna go through some food groups shareware you can simply just by changing your diet. And adding in more magnesium rich foods those could fulfill the deficiency. But if you're getting involuntary muscle spasms periodically throughout the day. Magnesium helps relax your muscles and axes a natural muscle relaxer. So when you are running low on this mineral you're likely to find your muscles contracting involuntarily. Causing your painful spasms so if you feel like it's you know your eyes are twit do you ever get your eyes twitch. In -- cure cavs get really tie your feet get ready on the muscle on the bottom you feed your hamstrings. All these get tied. Usually they say it's potassium it's calcium but they're often overlooking magnesium magnesium is again still remains the most abundant mineral in your whole body so. You might want to supplement and you might wanna circus doing more food groups like more organic greens. Run nuts and seeds and foods like avocados. Number three are you constantly anxious do you trouble falling asleep tonight is your mind constantly racing. It might be due to a magnesium deficiency. So it affects your central nervous system when your magnesium deficient. By increasing anxiety so he could supplement with 200 to 500 milligrams per day I recommend a brand of magnesium called com CEO and this is available house of nutrition and lose our need to pick this up. It's a power form that you mixed with water it's an effervescent Susie type injury which has calming effects on your nurse so if you're someone where you can't sleep at night this is great to take right before you go to bed. To help you sleep better but to also shut off your mind to be tuned get rid of those racing thoughts into alleviate that make them that I anxiety again. This might require you seeking the services and mental health counselor. Psychologist someone you know a mental health therapists who beats who can work with you through. Whether it's it's it's stress or fear and Theres different phobias different limiting beliefs. Obstacles in your mind that are affecting you from reaching your full potential and that. Izzy Izzy is the area where people aren't addressing the cause so I highly recommend if he if you have questions or if you're looking for someone who can help you to. Simien email PWR Cairo and and I'll be sure you connect with the right health health mental health therapists other. Who can help. You overcome these feelings of anxiety and depression number four is high blood pressure if you struggle with high blood pressure and a doctor says here here's a pill. Take the high blood pressure pill. And he's not addressing your Mac he's not assessing your magnesium levels through blood testing. Then you may not be fixing the problem by just taking a blood pressure pill because if you magnesium deficient that can lead to high blood pressure that. Even eating well you even been exercising ready regularly but yet you're still. Your your blood pressure remains high it could be due to lack of magnesium and electric lights and he's in house to dilate to relax your blood vessels so when you're low on this critical manner all your blood vessels tend to constrict more resulting in higher blood pressure. When your electric levels are also announced due to a lack of magnesium this camera security high blood pressure to next constipation your GI system is off. If your digestive system isn't quite working as well as usual and might be because of magnesium deficiency. Urine tests incentive contract more when you look when you're low in magnesium making it harder for waste a pass through and ensuring you have enough manes and is important for your bells for two key reasons. Number one it helps to relax your balanced and number two pulls water into your bells creating an Oz Monica fact. That makes. Passing wastes a lot easier. Next number six if you have trouble sleeping and we kind of tie this into the muscle spasms. The anxiety. A deficiency in magnesium can be contributing to your sleep patterns and number seven injury regular heartbeat if you get heart palpitations. If you like your hearts. Skipping a beat. If you feel shorter breath if you're struggling with symptoms of sleep apnea. So that can be a magnesium deficiency so what foods contain the highest levels. Our early before we get to that what what polls but won't believe what will cause a magnesium deficiency number one food and drinks high in salt. Sodium sugar and caffeine. And alcohol these should be greatly greatly limited if you struggle with magnesium deficiency number two stress stress plays a role. Try implementing relaxation techniques. Deep breathing exercises where you inhale through your nose for five seconds. You hold the breath for ten seconds. And then slowly exhale out for twenty seconds you can also do meditation yoga prayer life spiritual life all those things will help to relax your body calm your body more. And number three check with your doctor to see if you're taking. Certain medications. That can cause magnesium lost many high blood pressure medications may be contributing to your problems. So I'm not telling you to stop rather I'm telling you to consult with your doctor first. Have a discussion with your doctor to see if there's alternatives or if there's another medication that might help or a simple lifestyle change that can help I wasn't brought up from your doctor in the first place. So foods that contain high levels of magnesium are going to be on the condos. Dark green organic leafy vegetables so kale Swiss chard Collard greens and spends. Dean's okay kidney beans are bonds of beans. Lentils. Okay high levels of of non magnesium gene Locke he was a great substitute for war rice. It's natural protein but it also contains other high levels of magnesium. Ron that since he's like all almonds pistachios. Macadamia nuts these are great source of magnesium seeds like Chia seeds and flax seeds. And sunflower seeds and finally dark chocolate 70% dark chocolate or greater. Content or satisfy almost 25% of your daily magnesium requirements. So few questions about magnesium fees if if you suspect you might be magnesium deficient you can call me up right now by Simoneau 8830098. Or 1804370098. Or you can send me an email at PWR Cairo. At That's PWR CH IRO. At Time for another commercial break when I get back we're going to be talking about ways to boost your immune system. To no end to note here immune system currently is performing at its peak potential. Stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan girlish ASCII. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. 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Download the radio podcasts as of healing foods diet there is the fitness videos are YouTube channel visit our website today at triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com. That's an EPA DR DA. And dot com sort of wrap up today's program talking about how to boost your immune system. Which is your body's defense system so your immune system is an interactive network of organs cells and proteins. They're protect the body from viruses and bacteria or any other foreign substances. This will help neutralize or removed pathogens like viruses parasites a fun night which are in the body recognizes neutralize harmful substances from the environment and then your immune system. A synergistic he works with your lymphatic system which acts as your body sewage system. Here the cells in Maine sells a compromise your immune system that comprise our comprised run a compromise rather compete for comprised of your immune system. Originate in the bone marrow right in the central part of your bones. So. You're immune system in your lymphatic system worked together hand in hand. When your immune system is working properly. We don't even notice it because we feel good so because we feel good we assume are healthy and it's when our immune system is fighting for us. When is trying to destroy the harmful pathogens like the viruses in the bacteria and fungus in the parasites. Well we developed symptoms. Fevers aching joints. Naji. In some cases vomiting diarrhea. Inflamed sinuses sensitive sinuses sore throat inflamed consoles. Are organs our system is working for us to take to keep us and to become stronger over time. So for our body's natural defense is run smoothly the immune system must be able to differentiate between self and non self celled organisms and substances. Not so substances called antigens. Which include the proteins on the surface is a bacteria fungus is a viruses. And when the cells of the immune system detect the presence of an antigen the immune system recall stored memories in order to quickly defend itself against. Known pathogens and the amazing thing about the immune system is that it's constantly adapting and learning so that the body can fight against bacteria or viruses. That change over time. And there's two parts to our immune system there's our innate immune system which works is a general defense against pathogens and our adaptive immune system. Which targets a very specific pathogens at the body has already. Has to contact with and these two systems intertwined making a premier system complement each other. In any reaction to a passage in our harmful substances it's something a substance so the immune system. There are diseases that get associate with her immune system. OK so disorders of the immune system include allergies and asthma who Wear our immune system. Is is it working too much it's hypersensitive. So. Allergies these are immune mediated inflammatory response. And they can lead to allergic Ryan I guess it topic Dermot Titus. Other conditions like psoriasis and eczema. And even food allergies when the body overreact to allergens such as dust Mulder pollen that causes. Is an immune reaction. Which leads to the development of allergy symptoms. Allergies and as a we are growing epidemic there it's estimated that more than 35 million people in America mostly children suffer from symptoms of asthma. Which leads to constriction of the airwaves making it challenging. To breathe. Other categories and immune deficiency diseases are immune deficiencies so that can mean human it human and mean immunodeficiency virus acquired immune immune deficiency syndrome. Drug induced immune deficiency graft vs host syndrome and in the final category are. You're autoimmune diseases and and I'm Manu mean diseases over the years have skyrocket and these include. Rheumatoid arthritis with Lucas. And MS type one diabetes graves' disease Hashimoto is. Which are basically overactive and under active thyroid problems. Now treatment for autoimmune diseases typically focuses on reducing the immune systems activity but the first sign a defense should be. Addressing leaky gut and removing foods and factors that damage. Here got. Several studies have shown increased intestinal perm any ability is associate with several autoimmune diseases and appears to be Balkans to be involved in this. Z.'s paso Genesys cell. I wanna go through now a top ten immune system boosters number one. Is echinacea. And down. A 2003 study conducted at the University of Wisconsin medical school found that echinacea demonstrates significant in you know module at Torrey activities. It's stimulates immune system especially with people. Suffering from acute upper respiratory infection echinacea is one of the best I mean. This stimulants out their number two elder Berry. This usually comes in and extract but the bears and flowers of the elder plant have been used as medicine for thousands of years. Even hippocrates she's elder Berry because it's a wide array of health benefits including its ability to fight colds the flu allergies and inflammation. And there's several studies backing its positive effects and elder Berry has the power to boost the immune system. To help alleviate symptoms of the common cold. And flu virus tip number three is Colo legal silver. Dating back to ancient times and so we're has historically and extensively minute as a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent. To experience loyal so we're benefits he could take in several ways. Typically. You wanna take one drop of true colonials over. Orally you're eternally and it could also be applied to the skin to help heal wounds sores and infections. Always keep in mind it should not be used in more than fourteen days consecutively. Because they can't turn your skin blue they can have hazardous kind of side effects if used too much. Number four AITs are good bacteria because again. The leaky gut syndrome is a major cause of food sensitivities and autoimmune diseases. The pro by attic foods and supplements are good bacteria that help digest your nutrients and boost detoxification nexus straddling gets through. And the final once here are ginger. And ginseng. Vitamin. And frankincense is finally all of oregano we carry the garden of life supplements or we have the vitamin. And we have a lavender. Eucalyptus. And many other positive essential wells to contact our clinic today for purchasing information 5708293580. Force a mean email happy W our Cairo and It's PWR CH IRO and I'll be back next Saturday right here on WI OJ is always help you gain victory in your life and in your health by maximizing your health. Do you well it stays safe. I'll see you soon.