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Jan 21, 2017|

Saturday January 21, 2017

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors and it's time for Larry and Lynn. Distort your weekend. Lottery you win. Until you lie okay. I'm morning. I mean they're lovely day. I mean I. It's one area school so he men it's always a good day to be a lag my guess CN his clients he can wake up to put two fees right around it's X but. I think that fifth game. Marriage so let's agree to say he NATO northeastern Pennsylvania. It has been gloomier than gloomy for far too many days into not like however. We're here baby when I and the other point is if we didn't have the gloomy days we wouldn't appreciate the sun. And my desire to excel with in Florida right turn. And then yes so there where so yes it's a great day to me that what's going on in the world excuse me. Mind yes. Your boy is gone now all right he's and Washington DC yes he's officially started his job on Tuesday the seventeenth and the name of the law firm. Is Jones day okay. That's good I finally got it right Kyra he got called the Jones Lee or some big ones. But last week I think I did say correctly I think you mind if I and I I tillage I said to Jerry Karen Johnson does lack of Jones day. OK so Ari. So very letters that really matter right okay and have begun it yet. I so. We have anything coming up be well we have to say that we saw Jersey boys yes we did. And they present a woman who came to see if Patrick today. Who happened to pick up the Franco play bill PS that's called an eight she saw an unarmed. I side table and she wanted to know if I had seen it and Patrick can already regale her with all of us. Songs phenomenon how much she's loved the play him and that it was in his world. The best player we've ever seen there. Really get well. South I get it. Yeah well doesn't it all Italian and he would that happier now they don't know I think Jersey yeah definitely unique but you know truly it really was excellent yeah I saw on a couple of years back in the at the cultural center it was wonderful and was equally as good I mean they weren't very talented guys Sam Perry and get house they would have great shock. Yeah I really enjoy it because as I was saying to this woman whose name is Lee I simply you know thing I loved about the show is that. Never ones that I stopped back. To look in my not to cut I was completely in gay yes from the moment they started yes and that's a good place. You know when they can capture an audience and keep you that closed little thing known alias grace. So. That was sent that was really enjoyable it's really good because. Of course you know I did some and do some work for Broadway theater and on what I what I must say as well of course this season is sponsored by Toyota Scranton. Last season in this season and they are wonderful the cars are parked outside and can they support the arts and they are terrific terrific people to deal with and to support us and we thank them for back. And also people security bank was dish particular show sponsor and Ford Broadway theater and a big thank you to them because. Again believing in the arts it's an age show performance. Weeklong and that was good for them a spot you know from from clients simply standpoint from the publicity. I am because it's been a ton of publicity on oh yeah. I'm it's all been good so we always like when. And the people. Step up and sponsor the arts because it's usually the first thing that people cut. Yes and it's so important to continue that as no different than. As you signed the I'm. All of the back and forth from the commissioners on cutting them are attacks and how minimal it is. I am that it's so so important I was so happy to see commissioner O'Malley. Say that he was in favor as well as Jerry I understand commissioner Cummings on it you know what she's how. You know she her thought process I just think we need to support the arts and all costs we do men. I'm an extra better community. And it's end in and better for the people. I'm a trip to get people in here for people to come I mean look at that place it was packed their. I was talking frank glassy this morning and he said Tuesday and Wednesday night the first night and then the second night at about 11100 people. Thursday being who who we're talking to was I'm. A little lamb. You know just a little. A little less but the weekend. Was gone is slammed the whole weekend so are there any tickets avail companies say. And now a lot of grape seeds there's always some tickets but a lot of great you know really good seats probably not that you should call you could call it cultural center. If it's cause you're going to be listening to us in the morning. I'm column 3441111. If you want tickets com called directly to the cultural center because broadway's office will be close to contact. So why does yes it's worth it because I can relate to so went and you know what you don't have to be right and up front to enjoy it and it's all about the music right. So and you hear it and it's great so I am I that they were wonderful I cannot. They could I hope you didn't hear him but Patrick has no without filters as far as that is that the decibel level of his voice when he speaks and things like that when he's at a movie theater or in yeah it is. No clue that he's speaking very loudly. So he kept turning Meehan saying I love the way they keep movement sets around I love the sense I alone and can thinks. But if it. But he says that's one thing that fascinated I was. And they did I know I move my mom's so fat examine out and it was the cast moving mouth as I mean it's yeah it's simple things it's not like. The backdrop and everything changed all the time but it was so there was some how that they were moving the back 7000. The dead furniture and staffs and that I love to the next guy came flying in those two guys on their their wields like office chairs yes. Yeah a bit it was grade you wish you and it's nice you know this Larry yes to another go one guy was Joseph Pesci I forgot about that I didn't know that's I didn't I don't know that was it would relax and because the last shot or nice. So that's for real all right that really was him Scully yeah yeah I mean that's who he and that guy is working form. Now the other Tammy I mean that's just funny. I didn't even know that but I I did know some of the things that happened there and I remembered reading about it. Reading about those things. But it's interesting that they brought those into the play. Without. Any judgment. It's just this is how it is this happened and this is how we cleaned it up for took care pro whatever but yeah it was them. It was a fascinating story and it hit every time I see something like that. I think in the all of the movies that have ever been done and the plays about people who find sudden fame in Iowa say sudden. But I people who ride all related topic. And how much it impacts. The quality of their families and the family life they have and how many times it goes into. And drinking and alcoholism. Drug abuse and all of those typical things of being out on the road like they were for so long. And everytime I see people like and they think they're really living that as well as it being the theme of the play. I wonder how their lives are impacted by this I wonder how many of them. Really our home. At any point in time why can't we be constantly on the fly you know then this would happen life. Feel so insistent just enemy that people will choose that at some point and say yeah I'm like going to he said he says no he wanted to go home. All kids Kathleen just finding a home. Yeah and it didn't have a good reason he just said he wanted to bahama. And I I don't I wonder how many people make their choice and at what point in time in their success today. Say isn't worth it. I don't care about them I am now. I thank you live from the one that was done with the temptations I think it was the movie that was about them. Same exact same issues exact same vicious. And one of them did die from a drug overdose. But it's just that that's so much a part of that world and it's this is all the songs he. Growth though they they were aware about those kind of things that. You know the daughter. And I'm that he hit it dying which I forgot about it and also I'm them in the you know. He's moving you know headed for city life see you know the and we look at for fortune and fame that's HD dill so Lincoln until accidents when it is he's got to work hard at that. And you have to run around like they don't. I mean not run I mean run around to the place to put in up front around any other threat. It from chase to flex its instant could be where you're going to be you know me where you're asked to be you have to yes south. Say you know what I am I wanna give a big birthday shout out 02 home. Well number one my cousin Danny cannons birthday is. When good men you're listening to us on Saturday it would be Friday the twentieth so happy birthday to DN cabin. And my boy Shawn can Foley turns 23 today from. So we're leaving we're going down to Philadelphia had dinner with him he's coming in from DC and meeting us there. And so we are had a lot. With I am not and my nephew Timothy cannon is coming from temple and Fran you know Terry Annie Jerry and Susan's son. Is meeting there it Shaun Shaun best buddies is joining us as well so there is made of us for dinner that's nice and it'll be nice hole a big big big big to be having Aaron birthday song. My life now and who I'm very proud of China can probably happy birthday baby and that's my insane. My step son's birthday will be signed the 23 or money third which is what to say. Yes I am now my now Monday OK so he will be I think 35 if yes. I maybe his 36 for the moment I guess 36 because he's born 1981. So he'll be thirty Alex yes and I reminded Patrick that's that's how old he was when Tyler who is born born via. So I'm Chris Patrick social anybody hurry up and have some kids yes and pops up. I. So anyway. That's the good and I am very happy for and also Lynne we have to give a shadow we went to a posh for dinner before which was very says we don't we had a good time the boys were there. As my hands. Person I know used to call them Josh and posh. Joshua Paul and they had a good. Josh and calm there's good guys love them win a good time. So. Can any one else. Nothing nothing I'm just. Trying to think of all the different. Things we do in the course of the week I have to live and you learn any plans for so people are being made because they are as we speak. Yes. For sure you were canceling us now bring well that's the brother. That's the primary issue for many even though his birthday is between those two weekends. If she doesn't in he will do nothing I'm Super Bowl weekend because that is like. The high holy days for him you know so even though that we were making the offer to come down there and celebrate his birthday. He said no next week. And so the following weekend we will. Venture forth until lovely Florida's celebration is that the sixtieth birthday he's an old pastor I know when that happens but I'm. Interestingly at. Of them Tuesday night performance of the Jersey boys. My cousin my first cousins Lee Miller car. And her husband Michael Carr from Don more. Could be more ads. Then event and I realized that Lee's birthday was December 4. So she just turned sixteen pin and my brother was born two months after her. So there we always through in together and they always became the kissing cousin yeah why that's so and they're two months apart so she said to it through she says that I and I can't believe you tour sixty she's winning is his February 9. Six yes OK these two days after me again. I love I think about the query and as a Ronald Reagan's birth attendant says yes the sixth round I think most positive kind. So. CNN's going to say something else tonight an option that big shout out to a dear good friend miss Kathy rapper who I was with last night. From time give her a big play outside Cathy is the owner of truly scrumptious. And she is a cake designer. In day out and I'm Kingston. And I love it. Did you ever go to her claims yes I have don't you love it yes amazing I love how antiseptic I. It cleanly she is an absolutely not easily met her habit when you have to but I knew. Complain that they're just outside nine now the skit where it's beautiful and she's the and everything is so good. There's so anyway we are going to take. A quick break we will be right back you're listening to Martin mention. Lowering inland. Doesn't sound very good. Good morning and good morning Bob. There you go that's what's banner my name is Linda Evans I'm the president and CEO of. Northeastern financial consultants. Where fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse. Carefree finances for baby boomer women. Available on Amazon.com thank you. And Larry can be on a large an enterprise isn't just a fundraising appearance special event business. As a duet I just forgot this little shadow tour for very. It's generous neighbor mr. chalk spot toasts and his little dog he named Stevie. Because he's the guy that comes around and color as garbage time brings all the garbage cans from the curved back I think that's a wonderful thing. It says it how many doesn't do you still hope critics the whole don't ever want development he knows he doesn't yes he does every person and he does it twice because first to have that garbage guy and the recycling right. How and he does it twice to the whole development. A hundred somehow says I'll I go yeah. I think Jesus walks around with Stevie and she runs around has a good time and came just walks and he said he walks up. Five times a day and thank him five and more than five my love and I think that's terrific it's wonderful it's a great neighbor to have that ten people dead is unbelievable and that means that he keeps assign and things to Capitol Hill -- while it would punish him if it's just it was a good learning name shock shock while good for you buddy we need more people again. Good thanks terrific. So thank you shock and and I also wanna say that we talked many times in the past about how much. People say to you that they think you've seen quizzes that I give you yeah I always do so well. Well I'm here to say that this is another quiz for alarm had enough and she has not seen now I never see them. Yeah I just want to make sure people know and it's a true or false how okay is a financial in nature yeah column now I've come you can draw on all are now all soft you know and they. All right ready to. Here's the first thing. 60%. Not all women and up managing their own finances at some point in their lives. But in truth. That's a trick question. And I'm I'm saying that because I'm like the way it was written. It's actually 90% of okay 'cause I was gonna say it could mean more I don't know yeah sixty about doing yeah but the point is yes for the rest of the more than that women. And I got a half wrong. If I I would even say it's wrong now I cancers is right more than half of all women. Number two. Most women. Invest their portfolios. In investments that are too conservative. Yes I sorry that's true they do. Men are more risky yes but women really should be more aggressive because that's public enemy especially in the last what ten years. With bonds being what everybody defaults so gray made nothing break. OK number three most stock market investors get wiped out at least once in their lifetime. Yes true time with follow his sister yeah. You are periods of decline but the market has shown that overall long term growth does. So that everybody I think that's the fear most people had. Even in the worst event in the recession that we had in 2008 and nine. Most portfolios or worse of that would have been and maybe 25 or 30%. That they retained the average portfolio lost about thirty or 40% from current. So it's not. Zero unless people sell everything and get out definitive yes. December 4 2000 dollars is the minimum amount needed to invest in the mutual funds from. I don't know the answer to that. I'm I'm so I'm discussed at all CF who I don't I really don't know it now and I think that the point they were making this came from Oppenheimer Funds some really is a minimum. There really is how and a lot of other places. Yeah most if if it's not in an IRA if it's not in a 401K Kate usually is 25 dollars a month is the minimum they'll accept some kind. But if you are involved in 401K plans it's whenever they could be five dollars. Five you need about 75%. Of your pre retirement income. To live comfortably during retirement. Sending in seventeen and I need to send you need about your 75% of your pre retirement income to live comfortably during retirement. I. Found hidden problems. We don't know. I think it. I would give a 100%. I don't see the based on what I'm thing get this funny yeah and we're and apparently. How much Avandia as is true is that he signed an 80% at. Seventy fives though but I was commit. Point so I don't think anything that is. I think that's a meth. Really yeah because that's exactly what you said depending on who we are all most people but they always starts with about yet commuting costs you have the clothing that you buy yeah and no I'm sorry because then you add into that you now have time to do things that you didn't do so you might spend more so you're gonna the if you think it's gonna work and Sony is Sony cyber saying you're crazy how many 100% drank all. I know I disagree was. Says but the answer was true but I think it's false. So you gotta you've done and that when OK the man number six and this is a weird question I'm gonna tell you why I think it's stupid but. In any event if a 45 year old woman plans to retire at age sixty. Can she can expect to live 21 years and retirement. I played if she's how much are you where 45 years old and she's gonna retire sixty. Can she expect to live 21 years summertime a song she's okay Ameen is 82 of these the poor the date for women so I would say yeah yeah you're right. But here's my micro sim. What has her current age go through with anything yeah well maybe because it's only fifteen years and from what she can invest it a little bit does mean that doesn't it just that it's just says can she expect to live twice I know I had slick looking I was at first on some kind of answer. Well anyway OK number seven. Between stocks bonds and CD's over the last thirty years. Bonds have appreciated the most out of and the investment overall tour fall. Well I know it isn't the CD is so where would Kindle and eliminating them. Because I can tell you that I sold CDs at eighteen points something like any annual yield of 21 point one in 1980 best show. And they're nowhere and absolutely. Nowhere ever gonna see that binds I would say have gone up but I think staff can't so I don't know with. Time is saying he hit it dead it's probably. I'm. Stack so it's false as far as out. Yes because that is just that's how it is and so stop them it's the concept Ghana 21 when the bond market does well the stocks are doing as well right generally generally speaking yes don't know at a time their in the eighties that the killer look without question I was should ask spreads false hope but a. Agreement. Between stocks. Bonds and CD's over the last thirty years. Bonds have appreciated the most out of any investment overall and it's roast beef a cell and follow the stock so right. Number eight if a woman can afford to invest only fifty dollars a month. She shouldn't bother tour false false yes we know that. But here's the thing here's a fallacy behind that once this is of course when you know the research done by a company who sells mutual yeah. So let's just start there. Said that the answer the question is fifty dollars a month growing at 8%. A year. Would be worth it for 9147. Dollars and ten years and 29000. Something in twenty years. Now that's now in the scale of one to ten what is there really any cancer. If it's an annual figure not a whole lot it's. Okay. The number six. Sorry Clinton that I. Number nine that's where we are a 65 year old woman. With an annual income. A 50000 dollars can expect to have 50%. Of her income to be replaced by Social Security. She's 65 she is an annual income of 50000 dollars can she expects to have 50% of that. Replaced by Social Security moon. No country for sauce it's only around 30% and I was gonna say 33 contact him. And the last one. Is that Jimmy. A woman's intuitive ability to manage her emotions around money is one of the most important aspects of creating wealth over the long term yes fan. It's true. Which we talk about the time yes because men are more of tend to be more reactive. And then we think about it too much at it the Welsh emotion and it's a well yes but sometimes that's that is good thing because. We invest for longer term. Men reacted more to a tip from somebody they'll love that stuff yeah. And they will also a bad tip how do you feel why is that the worst investors and women are playing notoriously they are the statistics show that how unarmed buffet something and it. Well because he's not a normal investor now. I am and I and I didn't do things like that you know she fits a little bit different his world. So that was pretty been pretty good job or he can you should give me money when I get these right now. I didn't do too bad and that want to know why you didn't this event on that. On the other thing I want to talk about today is something that's okay I thought to and that's an old one that hasn't. It's not a brand new job but it's really cool it was done in 2013. And it was something that people all over the world. And it in the area of personal finance agreed that it was one of the best of financial writing. Books in 2013. And it's called the index card. Why personal finance doesn't have to be complicated. And in the back of the book there is a terror outfit is an index literally an index card. If you follow all these things. Excuse me and then. You're going to be fine. So here's rule number one strive to save. Ten to 20%. Of their income. Well number two pay your credit card balance in full every month. Number three Max out your 401K. And other tax advantage savings accounts. Number four. Never die are so individual stocks. Now we can talk about that because there's a different story that. Number five by inexpensive. Well diversified indexed mutual funds and exchange traded funds. Number six. Make your financial advisor commit to the fiduciary standard. Number seven by a home when you are financially ready. Number eight insurance make sure you protect does. Rule number nine do you can to support the social safety net. And rule number ten remember the index cards. And I think it and we'll self serving here. But he's so though that I think we can actually do that every week I can take one of those and talk about what they are you know like they do and they did you read the book at the Booth of the book is only about how Mike national amazing how many pages here. It's only about. 200 some pages it's a small size and focus on a normal sized books and that's very very large print. And a lot of graphs. And pictures from those of us that can't sit there isn't. But it's really a well done book and it's sick in very simple terms and I would highly recommended to people as a place to start. If you want to know how do I need Gloria I start what do I do to get Smart. Other than of course my book. But they index cards it's great book you threatened by Elaine Olin and Harold Pollack few. So yeah those are all fun things we can talk about each of those for a little bit every weekend. We're gonna take a quick break now and for him talk to our next. Hope we come guest expert and you doubted that would be doctor. I'm sorry untouched up their front line that would be attorney. Barbara. O'Hara of Hughes is goals and an heir and hair I gotta get right guests and will be back with attorney Barbara. Here is lowering inland. Teach for a little bit and I'm so then that its actions in the moment than than the China took time. To play an extra. And yeah. And so and so Google glamour women. And you. Couldn't clinch. The Pentagon. Didn't go to. I guess I'm gonna push. I salute nickel and go out how well some. Of the saddleback. Barbara O'Hara is our game today. And talk about county jury topical. What I wanted to discuss today was something that. You did in the newspaper for the last three days and that was a key domestic abuse. As a pretty horrific injury. And we're what I think I wanted to discuss was. Protection from abuse actions. And need for the protection from abuse like a ground for protection from abuse and how come when he hit an abusive relationship. Really need to avail themselves of help. So Barbara what are the ground for someone to forget it appeared that. The ground I am going to get appear that they would be if if someone is threatening to tip ethically her cure kill you. If they are engaging in any kind of get physical. I'm injury can you like it getting hit or her. Club and choke tour rule whatever if you're being. Go ahead if you being talked. And there's another whole category if you're being. Ready yet if you have to beat them I think that to a community if you're being forced to be something sexual. So all of this would be grounds for a protection from abuses. And you could go if it happened Canada later weekend you can call the police didn't get to the emergency magistrate. The magistrate who would be on duty car and later weekend. And that. Emergency PM today is good until the courthouse reopens. So the next morning at that a weekday. Early Monday morning and happy whenever we can't get a protection from abuse. Action and first I wanna go into that under what grounds can you get at the yesterday and secondly. Cock in terms about that they need the fact that people drop these frequently and think OK fine he's gonna change or whatever. And really. I'm not seeing that unseen pattern of abuse. You know. Beating and then they go bad things are good for a little while. And then he beats her again and I'm sorry so what I've seen in 35 years of practice is what it's really. You know what could happen. The next time we keep your appetite. I keep you've already done through that threshold and you get to the point where you know it. I have to do it raise your hand that you know what the guy can do good. Debut or the kinder select what you could do because he of these with women women on on men also. But let me ask in the paper where I read it said that he hits states who's now bruised debate and and and not got them up with that because. She tried to defenders for what well with that in the pursuit of him what happened you know I don't I don't know that but it's not usual. To have the defensive line like that. If them pummeling you know. Pretty good afternoon that they can get more more than. And that should not stop someone from getting up yet today because I think that the judges of the court are practical to the point where they look at kids. I'd say OK fine it if you're getting hit. It's not unusual to have bad sound defensive wounds being inflicted on on the perpetrators. Really why that really shouldn't stop you. Okay yeah yeah and yeah it got him right now I'm just making it clear that it can't because she was trying to fight back. I don't I don't know those circumstances. And but. What you wanna fight back at them yeah and then you went. At it that who like her even batting her head on. The floor I think it without in the garage so probably concrete floor it. You know she is she had a horrible Wilmington eight and injuries. There. So if you look at that in. I. Added them up people who are inflicting horrible things on each other and there is no justification for his physical violence. So. You know it's not a situation where well what did he do to provoke the guy had a dream. And at the dream was of my life is unfaithful this ridiculous premise. So no there's no provocation. You know want divorce to leave the each other alone may not be gained by physical violence and you know I did talk to people about this ten and big east getting. Further advanced than they ever expected but you know when you're not gonna convince the other person of your position. Screaming your physical violence Kevin Kevin convince the other person that you're right. I think about it from a rational standpoint it if it's already disagrees with you say they told you they want a divorce you. The last thing in the world. That you should be contemplating is you know. If I hitter chill wanted to hey I'm not that good again so rational thought yeah. You have to look at this and today that we're in LA at. Good couch playing your good therapy or whatever where did you you worked this out. Try that but physical violence and I understand people get very frustrated. And I do acknowledge that people are basically monogamists may look at business day. I got married her forever when the other person doesn't want your forever. Then have to have it it maybe something that you need individual counseling to accept the fact that they're not gonna get. And you can't make them today. And you know it and if I swing at her because I'm angry it you know this will have a good effect it never done this. Yeah I you might keep somebody in his submission for the day but how we're never gonna have. Have a good relationship from there on you don't. Do you find that Pierre de. Actually for the most part are effective. Telemar Lin is to note that some are to the point where you need to protect some of these. Some of these women from foot and then from getting hurt. And if you have a law abiding citizen. That here are some people. If you had Ahmadinejad at the other rage may be at a court order to knock any idea yet. I mean you've got to start somewhere and just say oh well you eat it you run cute he won't do that. Maybe that will stop them. Maybe he won't go askew or whatever but it sure worth a shot so bad. And I'm not talking about the contrived grounds to work you know the added that the people that think. You know every good boyfriend broke her relationship ends with a PFK I don't. I don't agree with that either but there's an awful lot about domestic violence that's happening in your Eastern Pennsylvania they hit a horrible thing. I would pay browns Barbara I would say I am having and how involved. And the women's resource center in Scranton. They. Creation. Of that they've. How the place gets people for women usually Clement can go. Yeah it's really one of the most important things people need to understand in this area. That's phone call. Of the women's resource center even online you can go to their. Web site inclement great thirst then you can you can look at apple and Google are anything. What's fascinating to me is that there's a button at the top of the page. That will allow you to immediately egg is that the page if you think that someone is looking over your shoulder. Yeah. Well that's a good thing because I have a lot of women that say well you've got to check my county ill check he'll catch my in the history on my computer right everything. So that's an opportunity to make sure that that doesn't happen but what I'm saying is before you think that you have to go and go to the court system. I get a PSA or any thing and think bush is clearly that is that the protection from abuse order. This guy. Got her by a judge okay it's issued by a judge and they'll issue a temporary order if it gets ground Turkey a thank what are the grand European cash. If you've been threatened. I'm threatened with injury or a third your life threatened if independent actual. Physical violence towards you if someone stalking you or if if they're forcing you to have sex obviously all of those thanks so. They would be hit the ballot ground for a Pia. I know. And I did poignant you don't have to wait to get that before you can make a phone call could learn a NASCAR banner yes she did at that point he had anyway my life. It could pay him a lot of times it led the women's 3% would do. It's come up with you to come up with a an exit strategy yet for an emergency plan of how you're gonna get out of the house. And that's the first step toward saving your mind. I'm Bart. And often times we talked about you know this happening prior to. The filing for divorce so worried it gets to that but do you see this weird if that happens once. Save there really wasn't this but after the divorce is final and there is anger and either part and it actually in this case. That US has filed last September. OK so they got married so. That but yes it it can happen. Before it can happen to Lorraine and it can be I think it's good cop saying. Can be living with somebody that dead you're involved in litigation with. What what other. Court case. I feel literally in the same house scary thing table maybe that same bedroom with somebody that that you're doing in court. I mean the crazy thing you glad to have it a car actually did. And then what you go go after that go and live don't live with the idea of it now it think it's a crazy world and a lot more people are doing it out of financial intensity nobody can afford to leave the house yet. And maybe you need both can come to. To pay the mortgage until that time. Yeah. That is what happened then that I think. Well nobody would people don't. So what advise people to do it if you're in a bad situation like that first. Go to women priests are set there but if something like that is happening to you. You can go to the courthouse when the courthouse is open to get it of protection from abuse or go to your local police men and. Yes today an emergency DNA when the courthouse or not and then. It's the American. Yeah radio line. Yeah. Martin thank you can help and how can people get home to deal. You may read. My hero in every morning we learned that no 171. Might not be located at least 21. Straight bring down more. I I can't. You tell anybody had a great weekend thanking the list. OK okay.