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PA State Senator Daylin Leach and Corbett opposing Trump's public policies

Jan 21, 2017|

PA State Senator Daylin Leach talks to Corbett about opposing Trump's public policies and prisons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How welcomes state senator Dylan Leach Petra Jordan showed Dallas. Agreement well you can tell we down and roll kind of public discussion going on here and I'm we're trying to address what we. In Pennsylvania and then people throughout the United States. Ken Duke to oppose part full public policies and owners then it is very important historic event. America. We're in Pennsylvania all this and a number of issues whether it be in northeastern Pennsylvania or where you're from and then Montgomery college. And the interest in the end how do you as a leader in the minority. Party all the states senate. How do you care and tell us how you can help us to resistant form fault unfair unjust policies. Well I mean I mean no I have a horrible on this very topic go to my group or laughed. Our upper Marion we get a hundred people show up. Despite what used to read that it. And that I think you know people these are peaceful while all the way. I don't that we were. Until about the who we are sort order are what are they present. I went for a minute there as a coach he didn't take the idea that it or the look out. Well Leodis. You know what President Obama elected or were popular at our. What are the majority. At least you know and people started need a lot because the elected party. Because it didn't like judicial. You know people walk away but wartime just it created a position. Shall we that would have been appointed to about. When when you take a look at the the policies. In Pennsylvania for example. You take a look at what you're up against as the as a state senator who's a Democrat facing off against the majority of your colleagues in the state senate who are Republicans. What are the kinds of issues that you find it. Most important when you might even find some disagreement continued democratic colleagues are some of these positions. What should we. Face off with you about when it comes to public policy in the commonwealth. There are many issues I think the most important issues our intention to go to the REIT. Democracy itself. A lot and we have a good one of our democracy these these. Everything from urinary. Took the president. Bad and the weight. To sort of use temporary majorities and a legislator and try to. Ultimately make it a party can be okay political action anymore. We haven't historically. Aren't you resisted the urge to do they're a bit more exciting but recent years those aren't going away. Members so we knew we'd see desperate there's audio all the toxic now. You legislature. Look at it harder for Democrats would like to hear a Republican so what are you can't take credit even if we do what election. We can. Go to the rule of obstacles. We don't know our import export democracy. And tradition but it already. There are a lot of hope for some reason a lot of our rental right. All I'm worried about what other people are doing your private autos. And I'm a lot of plate. Those we have people actually get all opener we don't bite. I can't combat or requirement which we general ordered. I'll hold it we certainly our latest poll. You're you're absolutely right senator Lisa. And in addition to these issues you raised. But why is also sometimes seem to get blurred on the issues that. If you think that the Democrats would be sort unite and on but sometimes the the Democrats because they're worried about reelection. Ball full one blurred lines the what are you trying to say here is for example we're hearing a lot lately in northeastern Pennsylvania particularly and then other parts of the state. About the proposal to close some of the state prisons. I know that one I was in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention we did my show down there every day one of the platforms of the Democratic Party was the issue of mass incarceration. So I thought that most Democrats would be on board. True. Want to read do we should let populations and ultimately. Find other ways to fuel local economies without build more and more pleasant but in northeastern puzzled for example we have. Have this marriage of democratic lawmakers Republican lawmakers all the more on the same side for maybe the first time and remember. Trying to turn the prison is opened the prisons filled. I'm really sure good excellent. Democratic Party weight of why can you help me understand our. Wolf a couple of different days we've heard a ball they're important out of the air there are fewer people and president. And they each airport so people are imprisoned the group we did reduce the prison population. Question is which prison do we people with Britain's the Joey. Well and people full you know how you get the paper they're desperate and in terms sort of related to the district. Position as we have one ready people in prison. A lot of two I ought. Oh and then artwork is here. It would be brought to you Judy. OK that I had already economic development that is. That tragedy. I think there are some pretty well I don't work and society. Raising probably. But how to get productive citizen but they're gonna be everywhere bowl but what we're told people Brooke. And and that's that's a big piece of all of the difficulty. And understanding. How complex some of these issues are I agree with you believe that our nurses at a mall. Is to not only reduce the number of of people sentenced to prison. But to reduce they're recidivism numbers. To increase training job opportunities to reducing Klum and come inequality of course substance abuse as well. But to just make good decision in the world gonna stand to go out and save our prisons and people loaded. Isn't really why is I think. In the in in those society. Where we hope to move forward where people benefit from prisons because they want to get around other people and their communities low. Lose because there are all too often locked up pin number I understand that there are hearings coming up I believe in the next few days next week. Well there are buried Monday morning at 9 o'clock. Portland all the terms and I hope we got furious Ottawa had so we made some progress. But I think it's contemptible about. When it comes to a decision to close the prison what what are the factors that that you should take into consideration senator allegiance was. It's easy for as they represented over a state senator to say keep mine open close top honors her clothes pins. How did come together and find the balance. Well when I look at it says that they oh what additional I don't know what I got in terms of what state. Certain person to observe your other there are a lot of more on Colt Morton to operate more acute pain. All the more opportunities for other inmates are sort of look at the quality programs. Oldie an equation he spent. Cool. So you are so I wish I could leave the principal to make the decision. And don't map. I don't I completely agree with you under the analogy the other day in a conversation I said. When Hillary Clinton talked about putting a whole lines out of business. I should got a lot of flak from coal miners and from the coal industry and I'm very clear and I understood exactly what she was saying my grandfather. What does a coal miner in the coal mines in and around script for 45 years as a as an Irish immigrant. I know when we close call lines that doesn't mean we just put the miners and their families and the people who depend on coal is one of their economy out to pasture we need job retraining we need better economic opportunity we need transition. Intent to jobs and careers. Outside the fossil fuel industry so why is she good 11 Cole became an issue. Isn't there this time why we don't want to put any money out of work my understanding is that the corrections officers. And other state prison employees will offer jobs elsewhere but I also believe that we need to take more sophisticated look. What the economic stimulus for our cities or rural towns happens to bin so we can move forward and not one though in some kind of meeting evil futile shows some oranges aren't come up that you always. Yeah. I do you know at the end of the day. It can be important don't what are you. I'm deeply you know. I don't use a lot of the controversy about the sloppy and well you know pretty good to avoid people aren't really economic engines burning area are. You're out Torres comedies that are different from the prototypical lead local lunch you don't see movies. Yeah. I don't know all the revolts us. All please be you do with the money to cover it leading to where people. I worked at stake correctional institution at camp hill from 9074. Through 1978. Saw a little bit of an inside joke I also is journalists have written extensively about. Prisoners about why first about people who. Get caught up in that system and sometimes never seem to be able to get away from that I like to believe that we in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. How much more top fir then there are cell block for people who have nowhere else to know. All right quite yet nortel's. You got to know our style. Senator Allen Leach is great to talk to my new stuff I don't will be in touch through through a busy guy.