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"Special Edition" with Sue Henry

Jan 9, 2017|

On "Special Edition" we'll tour a Luzerne County woman's Elvis Museum on his birthday. You can also hear our discussion with a crew from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation about NEPA Trump voters. And, we talk to Hazleton native Jeff Cox of CNBC about the 2017 economy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome this special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping the story this special edition is a production of Entercom communications. The views expressed by guests are not necessarily those of Entercom communications staff. Management or sponsors and now here's your host soon Henry. On today's show. We'll hear the thoughts of a producer and reporter from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Who came to our region to discover why so many in news or county put trump over the top will also hear from AC NBC business reporter with local ties. About the economy and 2017 and then we'll take a stroll through a Lucerne county woman's Elvis Presley museum on his birthday weekend. If you live here you're probably aware that there's a real fascination with president elect Donald Trump's huge win in Lucerne county on Election Day Barack Obama won the county twice. In 2008. And 2012. But this time. Voters preferred trump. By a margin of 58 to 39%. Over his opponent Hillary Clinton turn a lopsided win has drawn media from Newsweek time the Wall Street Journal and national public radio to our region. To report on our citizens now our neighbors to the north have joined the quest to find out why trump was victorious this week 83 man team from the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. show. The national came to town to interview people about their decisions. We spoke to CBC reporter Terence McKenna and producer Alex shepherds and about how Canadians seat trumps victory. I've been reporter for. Forty years actually with the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and a half covered a lot of the American election it's I didn't spend a lot of time covering this when I was a buffalo doing other things. Firm but Canadians were just riveted. By the from the unfolding. Show that we'll see American election and a I think it was a lot of Canadians. Curled up in a fetal position on election night watching the resultant. They were really invested in it. Where they curled up because they knew they would have to open up their homes to every American celebrity refugee. You know we we hear those that I I think I remember even. Rush Limbaugh or somebody making jokes about hell after George W. Bush was elected there will be. You know a Canadian liberals are winning with lattes for all the Americans would be pouring over the border left and didn't really happen won't happen this time women. You think that the Canadians had that kind never reaction to the American election. What made them. Curl up if you will after the results came in at very early in the morning of November 9. You don't tire. Prime minister right now is just intrude on his father was Pierre Elliott Trudeau who was the prime minister for a long time. Who came. And made famous speech that BC clips of flu until ocean periodically in 1968 when he was elected he came and gave a speech at the Washington press club. In which she said there's I'm living beside the United States is lake sleeping with an elephant that no matter how even tempered the beast. You're yet affected by every twitch and grunt and that every every time the elephant turns over so this is pretty apt metaphor for how. Canadians feel about American politics that says has a big affect our country. What kind of effect did it have after the election of president Barack Obama. You know Moroccan mama lived in Canada is a very liberal place compared to the United States and and a Barack Obama we we actually do. In our opinion polls in Canada. You'll have people asked about whether they support this the president American president Barack Obama had something like 86%. Support in Canada. So that kind of gives you an indication of what what side of the road Canadians will be our. What why were they so taken with him what kinds of things did they talk about the President Obama did. They gave him such a high favorability rating with the Canadian people. Both can they afford to just isn't what a couple of examples. For example Medicare and you know we have Medicare which is learning and you have the youth threw him the broad Obama. Intent on bringing in the Affordable Care Act and so Canadians were very interest that they kind of never understood I think why Americans didn't have health insurance. Universal. Baseless suddenly and so they were very incident as an attempt proved to bring an end. And Canadians are kind of out of their health insurance is seems bizarre to say even missing complain about. Weightless and move near awaiting ration health care and flung who these kind of things than that happening Canada. Can Canadian still feel very proud of their health care system. And and could have considerate kind of a defining feature of the country. And there's one other thing. Welcome to the show I want to fingerprint genuineness of this and and George W. Bush was very unpopular in China and out he wasn't running. OK but he had been there for eight years since had to do with the Iraq War and things of that sort. And I guess he was associated with Republican ticket. Even though is McCain and so that was partly what to I think at that time helped Obama as well I Canadians generally. When these kinds of polls are done in Canada. How we would vote in the an American election. The Democrats win by a mile almost every time ever visit Iran using Hillary Clinton would have easily won Canada well according to those post yes she would have won Canada. Hunt on behalf of Canada in the US if you gave us the right to hold in your election and stop your own both of you he would have had a different president yes but before. Let's talk about when you first to as as people in the media. Found out about to come making the announcement ten in 2015 in the summer and oh what are your initial impressions as a media group could did you think. That this had anything longevity. At all or did you think this was going to be. Hey you would quickly be taken out of contention because of who he was a lack of political experience. A reality television star. A bombastic billionaire. All these things are what did you think that he would quickly be taken out of contention. I I think boot. There was a event general assumption then you know we've saw. You know I think flew. A lot of Canadians were looking at the front page of the New York Times web site every day and seeing that took over and hit it even up through the election periods and his beatle lived there they were constantly assessing the Hillary had a and 85%. Chance and 84% chance of 87% chance of winning the election. And it and that was kind of I think cleaning the standard assumption. And it wasn't just. Who he was and what his background wasn't it the way he conducted himself blue in the way he carried himself the we'd talked and just didn't sound. The way politicians anywhere and talk and so. I think that a lot of food certainly I thought at the time and this is before the primaries that. This was some sort of publicity stunt just to kind of get get publicity and then frankly I thought that's. Even win the primaries are beginning and to because that the early stage. Well I'm gonna say it that I was an agreement with both of you look at the time that this started because. I probably said just as many derisive things as any Canadian citizen center at the time. I thought that this was outrageous. Outlandish. How could this even be possible. And then I think we all. Grew into an except that in an acceptance that this was resonating. With American people and I think the reasons would be as I've said many times during the election. The economy safety and security I think that in those areas the American people. Felt vulnerable. And they felt that may be. No one was hearing their voices weakening a sense from anybody in Canada that that could be a realistic possibility. I I I was hidden GeMS they generally know the conventional wisdom was very bluntly. It'll probably get it in Canada that he didn't really have a chance will not until about 9 o'clock at that Tuesday evening here's CNN. So after all on the EU and didn't even think that that was a possibility. I was always a possibility given that he was a candidate a higher won the Emmy winning but sure about but. I've quite honestly. Even I'm not Dave based on polls based on need predictions based on probability in a thousand different sites. And probably frankly even based on some kind of gut reaction. Into what is said complete shocker sometime during that evening I mean I'm we're watching actually election together. And watching different coverage then whatever American. TV networks. And there were about six or seven a must it in the room and there was a guy one guy who kept on checking the New York Times website. And the entire time all he would do is you give us a number. And the number was the probability. That's right Clinton we have been the probability trying to hurt him he'd just you know began the night began say 80% pen and he would just kind of chime in. Seventy or 63. 56. 48. Command and basically began going the other way and remember at one point he started going 95% trump and I think maybe a little before then we sort of figured it out. Even here I think that there was stopped on election night because we were listening to all kinds of coverage. There was a plane on election night when many of the networks here. Condit Donald Trump out and they began to telegraph. Why he was out and had to do with weird stuff like. His party was low key in New York City it had very it was cash market there are all these things are happening and they are trying to skew it toward Hillary. And then all of a sudden now did begin to change I was done and hazel ten lists a US congressman Dubai led. Who came out very early as a charm supporter. And after 10 o'clock when he made his announcement that he won it started to swing at that point. And of course the people there were happy about it as were other people concerned counties so I guess we're gonna do today is maybe give you a a reason why a loser and Tony did this. To the United States of America not alone not in a vacuum but they did obviously surprise a lot of people. So I'm maybe you'll hear something different I wanna say from covering Donald Trump he was here four times. Before the election he was through the day before the primary. In Wilkes-Barre at the Mohegan Sun arena. The crowd was enormous. Certainly you saw those crowds on television from Canada all those people attending those rallies and Hillary Clinton's rallies were nowhere near that. She is ties to Scranton. Joseph Biden has ties to Scranton even when they would come here. They would get a couple hundred people did not equate that kind of enthusiasm in a public venue to any kind of success for Donald Trump. You know I've got to say that reporters were coming down and for example traveling across Ohio and they would come back right a little and live globe and mail all of a national newspapers that. You don't look there's way more trumps and so share and and you heard discussion to open again sort of thing I think American political circles people kept saying you can't go by lawn signs long sirens are not so I'll use I don't know yet that this you know it's a good indication of something else and so you can go by that I actually heard Donna Brazil. Lee who have democratic. Terror group. You don't care of those say the other day that she was calling back and goers say boy I'm seeing a lot of trump law and spoke to your boards you know everybody was kind of proved cooling at the time. A move and people you'll. I think Laura Luke striking things is it is slew of people talk about the echo chambers about how both sides in the currencies seem to be in their own echo chamber. But I hearing the things they wanted to hear and moving forward and how do you how do you deal with that one of the things we're very incident is how can people have voted for Barack Obama in this area of the country. And then switched to Donald Trump that it seems to be many people lose your voting for one thing and its opposite. 25 points and that's the swing infringes it was when he twelve to 2016 that's Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reporter Terence McKenna. And producer Alex shepherds and who spent several days here dissecting the results of the presidential election in Lucerne county where voters overwhelmingly chose Donald Trump. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Hosted by sue Henry. Not only did we flip the calendar to a new year but we're just weeks away from a brand new presidency in the United States. During his campaign Donald Trump appealed to voters by talking about a number of economic issues including bringing jobs back to America. The repeal the Affordable Care Act and the importance of coal mining as an energy source. Now everybody's wondering what trump can and will do once he's sworn into office on January the twenty. We spoke to Jeff Cox a native of hazel ten who is a finance editor for CNBC. I left the standard speaker and 2001. Not went to Easton and worked it via express times their C assistant managing editors come and basically like presidium of the job there more hair fur are few years and Kyra just burned out trump. From from the from the daily grind move all vocal leaders thing and and whatnot and this freelancing and stuff for awhile and then one day it's important post earlier to checking came across a bad for our business news copy of fresh business juice cup they're prepared to New York turned out to be fresh CNN money. I did you know not have tremendous amount of experience with this dispute before but it wasn't until those familiar with. They were kind enough to or give me an opportunity to prove myself fair which I don't think I guess time as the food borne out but they did and ominous. So stay there for probably years and then my boss from CNN money went over to CNBC when CNBC used to on the reboot further via website and see. TT dragged me along with Sam and power is about nine years ago when the -- just in Beirut until very cool and very Foreign Ministry. So great to Jeff it's it's so nice to see someone from the local area. Succeeding and that is sometimes in the media we we see people who just struggle year engineer added seems like you're in a good spot now we're happy about that. So thank you so much has just been a great run them written a couple of books over the years register had one that was published back in now marched called those thirty minute millionaire one that was published about back in 2011 call that deficits in the demise of the American economy's so lump. And I know if they were the pressure on deuce really fun stuff over the years. Jeff said that it this will be. An interesting year financially and I mean no heat you say you've been there for awhile I mean you've seen them presidential transitions from one. President to the other sometimes presidents make a lot of promises about the economy how shooting there really responsible for in the end. Lot of this is scuttled and is the president gets too much credit when things are going well and too much blame when things are going wrong but I certainly don't come. It proved a lot different conditions but then Barack Obama did back in 2009. That did the economy's so much different shape there's did the challenges are much different than Melvin that and they wore that night it was basically we're just kind of trying to stop the bleeding as far as. Padilla economy goes back then and now I just think it's. Com the weakness of the economy has placed where folks are trying to looking for us to looking for the expansion that started to really accelerated just kind of we've gone through eight years. Yeah right you know were out of the woods and the economy's been growing but it's been pretty lackluster hasn't got a lot of you know that folks in the Mittal have really not seeing. To wage increase for a long time and I think it just looked like OK come on you know or America respond to be growing much faster than that let's let's let's get mad at. It's compact and I agree with you that a lot of people. Have been trying to get by and the zone 1% 2% or no percent increases in. They they've seen things that escalate wildly that they feel responsible for paying far. And the one thing that I guess everybody is watching very very closely. Is the Affordable Care Act and know what will happen and I saw some kind of study yesterday that a repealing of this will be very expensive. Four of the country that shows some believe. That if it's not repealed you'll also. And be very crippling to some individuals who have seen. Their premiums skyrocket what the look kind of component is that health care. In any economy in and what you think might be the solution for us. Well that's its major component I guess. My own feelings about were we go from here as a kind of think. Mix of some among some some other things are going to be areas where folks are gonna have to kind of tap the brakes a little bit I you know you don't wanna do is make the situation worse and we need you you got the attitude to kind of look at obamacare broad strokes. A lot of folks who weren't. Who had no issues before I do have insurance now. And that's been great. But there's a lot of folks to who are very you say that good and the premiums are earned through the roof. And a man and it's been partially druthers you know I don't think for the for those who noted that the lower amid economic structure has followed pretty good. Again I think you know what you get into the middle class people America also again folks were going to have to two and who have more of the museum bearing the brunt of most I think as possible which just try to do is take this more from any government run health care system to. On the system that where you know private. Enterprises brought in more more more competition is allowed we would we do we allow kind of interstate. Competition from from from different the healthcare. You. Do options. They've debuted across borders said that don't become kind of this very narrowly focused. Health care plan that we have now I mean you know just look at the front just premiums and this is hard to companies that are involved as we just seem you know Woodward were were down to the bones in terms of the exchanges so it if it's become difficult. Four. Knows for sure a lot of companies to deal to be competitive in this sordid and end up having his act is basically like this sort of monopoly. Over the whole system if we continued on the same road were on. And that that essentially the problems we're having no I think Purdue's going to get worse however. Which you don't wanna do is just and I think and trump talks and there are the first thing and just says okay we're gonna repeal obamacare. Obviously don't have some things better to put in place and and and put in place. Pretty rapidly I think they run the risk of making the problem even worse. OK so this is why I'll align mocking situation where really needs to be financed and people just say. Oh look there is no plans so that slammed the we have is better than no plan whatsoever you very shocked about it. I'll going across the state lines and other people have to have fled discussed other things is well. Ali creating the ability for individuals to save. Money for health care costs and if you could save money you know where perhaps tax free and you could apply it to. Not only in the things that happens you wind this year but the things that happens you in the future and perhaps a nursing home at the end of life is if you saved all that money. Is hoping that he believed might catch fire or isn't affecting can't get the the it's tax free or whatever rolls over her you move obstacles to some. It's yeah he's brought to vote blue Trump's name before her good friend and more than boosting refused to say about himself at and I don't know if I'd say assuming probably still does is that I'm still consider himself 00 Lieber Terry with a small well they you know there was like military to have that attitude to the broader libertarian ideology but it was basically walk. Com let's make this. To look at the column so that we can all kind of take care of ourselves but Stewart and and and if feasible ways I think you know the idea of allowing people to take very common steady giving it to the government money member minister for health care plan won't let me take my money. And and and imported and sometimes you do get into some type of tax free. My account and and and let me use that towards but towards paying for my own help determine ultimately. I'll might know that this kind of observe but I would love to see used to identify unlike that started as far as unemployment goes and some of the other social programs go whether I think that would just be great if we can't just come out. These accounts that are away from what what the government does but he's okay and the problem was health care in general attitude that the bigger you try to go get the harder it's going to do to beat a lot of folks like it is present lot of folks like to compare. If that health care plan in the US to toot helped for situations over and you know Denmark Sweden there and our orders from the countries or Canada but you know calm and we are we all know what the problems are in Canada McCarron is very inefficient health care system I mean somebody's your pin positions are actually very efficient port. Would you look at what like what let's let's just say Denmark I mean there market in great health care system and it's also took a country that that disputed that that's so great country for business and one couple when you look at the American market some doubt that this side so like Manhattan Brooklyn and queens. Combined with the GDP cult like this state of Maryland you know so is that if small enough to disable that too. Things like that event that there are able to manage programs for example when you get China management across 320 million people and and ended you know how I feel an eighteen trillion dollar economy. Com it's just it's so unwieldy that I think that you know what what. What we need to do more hopefully try to try to do is finding a way to kind of shrink that end in May get more of them what do within the control of of those people at the local level want to stay level and be able to minister plans up on the on knows what was rather than that you're trying to do is create this trying to run with this what is unwieldy federal bureaucracy. Even I signed a piece yesterday north of the woman said he's satisfied if I can sign up for it she's vexed. And I think when you have situations like that we have an individual who seems. Perfectly rational and lucid and they can't seem to even sign up for a people get so discouraged. And you know how it is with people they just dig and then then I. They had shut down then and then when they see this sticker shock I talked to a guy who's a Fam leave. Is new payment is going up to 17100 dollars this month that's in salary just. I think your thing move could be Austria think what you're getting attitude would that. Bigger problem and I think it strikes more to the heart of the trump phenomenon. That I think a lot of folks out there are looking at problems and they want just common sense solutions to them they don't want. You know what would you rate used to save it's it's scary scores from breeders some and pumped out from the government I'm here to help. And people get up it's it's a terrifying thought it just like they just want common sense solutions so I was just had trampled so put it this during the campaign was to take a really complex issues would you boil them down to be little. Quick campaign catch phrase like make America great again and you know we're gonna build a wall and make Mexico can afford we're gonna repair or replace obamacare. And we're gonna bring back jobs to it being cold jobs and that kind of stuff and umps. And I just think there's if there's a first for that we would sort of have this more this kind of cerebral administration for the last eight years. More aware who a lot of folks just kind of felt that they had a president who's talking down to them and and not understanding. There are fears American societies and their concerns about their future and then along comes a guy like trump. Who was able to speak about things in in May be too simplistic of terms and and and you're getting back to which is so before about is there really a place. They did you hope there is a plan and I think that there is at least good news who do it in the determination of a plan to mesh somewhere but how much I did I just don't think that he had this is going to be the hero. Where folks are gonna look for more common sense solutions and hopefully it'll get them. Okay let's talk about though it was something that Kemp did discuss certain frequently. In his speeches to the people and that is so American manufacturing. Making things in the country again. Now some people said oh this is not possible this will not happen and that. Already I mean these things is of course Jeff we've heard the critics of both of these things that carrier. And forward this have. He made overtures to keep us small amount of jobs in the United States. Psychologically. I think that's powerful but today gates he uses a wide spread situation. A blunder. Problem fixed trump has continued to micromanage things like this once he gets sent immediately able to just kind of feel him get down to the company level and worry about issues like that I'm also a little concerned about viewed as familiar being a free marketer like myself about having a president who's kind of strong arming its. Companies into keeping jobs in the US surgical or or you know just generally speaking about the way they conduct their business however. The biggest problem that the US economy has trade balance it is it is that. This system it's just a mindset it's almost like this sort of pushed it. From. Put what was sort of the post traumatic. Post traumatic disorder kind of thing that that they have that that happened so much money out there issue I mean there's there's just there's nine trillion there's nine trillion dollars in savings accounts there's. Two point seven trillion dollars in money market accounts. About companies have a one point nine trillion dollars in cash domestically and her two and a half trillion dollars in cash overseas there's. There's moved over there's almost two trillion dollars and excess bank reserves at the Fed right now. Com it's just a matter how do you get all that money how do you loosened all up you get people the confidence to spend our money and I just think that. I'll do some of these things a child has been saying it video and resonated a lot. I just say look you know were going to be on your side you would come join their work in a president who was instituted thousands of new regulations for businesses that are basically been unfunded mandates about new ways to do. Everything from you know shopping your pencils all the way up to its emissions emitted there's just been. Very difficult time very difficult business climate and if there's an expression in the markets of about animal spirits as a matter of just letting those animal spirits who run free and start putting some of this money to work and I think it. Asked Tom if that happens I mean through 4% growth in the years ahead very easily attainable. OK and that is something that during the Obama administration I heard this right Jeff. The gross domestic product team has not gone over 3% in the entire is a true. That is sure it's never thought a two term president has never experienced pros that's slow it's never happened this is this this is the slowest for. Our post to our recession. Approach that we've ever had been purposeful should cover girl for river there we've never had a president who didn't experience 3% growth. At any point in his term infect I think during the Reagan years the lowest. Growth and GDP. At first for a twelve month period I think was like 3.2 were 2.4 percent so well. You know the top on no one's look the most ones. In the Reagan here. I think team that we were over 7% at one point. Yeah yeah what you need to do is can we can't even imagine or approach like that is going through which has been like had this sort of bathtub shaped. Recovery. During the Obama years that has just. I don't look at it if you own stocks if you. And if you if you do if you were property developer back country if you own financial lessons for you did great but I tell you. And if you're just a person who who is working. Much you know blue collar job or bomb or or just kind of in that bracket that middle class bracket. It was it's been a tough failures trio menu you're probably better off than you were. Not 11 Obama took office for you not a lot better off in the probably definitely not better off. And you were before the recession started back in 2007. Make about they collapse of some retailers so this year's Macy's Kmart the limited etc. we know that does some of these are. Obviously. Just run your course in life and it's over because ZE it bowl worth McCrory who he has so what ever. They're all gone and and the country moved on is there anything to see hear about the collapse of some of these household names. It's kinda founding. All mid may see story is really amazing to me because. And I've I've met Terry linger in the third base you see Tony's kind of like this corporate executive right out of central casting users you've really articulate you know tall good looking guy cops. I'll push you just hasn't been able to figure it out. And just some of these other retailers. Completion is still. Says maybe this sounds in 2016 I think that a lot of them just can't get past this idea that it's not about bricks and mortar anymore. They have the business model they have to do it right in front of them I mean it's you know it Amazon's got the model. Bomb it and and down and give. Why in more of them aren't figuring out there and they need to just make there online experience with customers better. It's just amazing to me but you can still go on you know my wife told me this all the time no frustration as you just go on to a retailers. Our web site and try to navigate your way around ammunition so difficult. And they just they need to make that experience better. Our view of the consumer dollar is out there and it's it's waiting to be spent but just for whatever reason. Retailers just can't make it happen I guess you know maybe there's another event that we just did indeed another round of may be creative destruction would lift them the economy. Men as far as as far as retail sector go because just. Did it is it's just a bit goofy Bibby extremes of their army some people just get it and some good some companies just don't get it and the ones they get it are gonna just stood swallow up the ones that don't get it. And then finally we had dead Canadians and her yesterday from the CBC. And now they're fascinated about called Jeff stated they couldn't wrap their head around. Who charmed digs call when you see that's slogan and what does it mean to someone like you that we talked to somebody yesterday who said does that did electricity. Generation across the country is still somewhat reliant on uncool as it is true. And know how do you see. That kind of a future for that fossil fuel. She's gonna have a really tough time keeping his promise to. It. The coal miners I mean certainly it was you know from a political standpoint it was really dumb for Hillary Clinton got to do about those questions Jillian talk about all the coal mining and coal miners who's gonna close and jobs as she was born eliminate Tom that. So the charm to get the quote. That attitude didn't get any kind of gross Specter in the polish just not impossible but it's very difficult he's going to have to figure out a way. Around two. CPP. Much is feeling good because of the clean power plan. Mom that's in front of the power right now is possible that the power to say it's unconstitutional. But does that sort opens up some mother Doris. It didn't do this is not something that trump those going to be able to walk end. The Oval Office Sunday they want and make it happen for a lot of reasons that I mean just want is that this green power plant it is really so it's it is it. It's kind of considered the law of the land now. Do you that this emissions standards. Our route and pretty onerous in terms of fossil fuels armed it would really it would it it would take a massive effort there there there's just a lot of our paper it's got to get unwound. To a bold new DO maybe Britain the idea that hole is ever going to be. The back opponent followed through the American. The industry economy. It is just not. It's it's it's not reality is there's just there's just not right it's not gonna happen com. He he can kind of stemmed from the damaged side by side I think that come to that this is going to be one of those things that comes probably couldn't disappoint photon. Tyrant and just Cox to talk to get in the future about what I'll be coming on. Any time soon because they come back it's always great to talk to my my home folks again panel bunch of Amara listening and do you guys do a great job and you know I just don't just feel very good field very and I still doubt fond memories from I don't know video cable channel looks very mean you know they can't reduce courthouse for a number of years and we did fun stories together and act on this stuff. And it's good times we had a good good luck and good times and it's nice to see yours you're succeeding thanks Jeff. Thanks so that's Jeff Cox a loser and Tony native. Who is a finance editor for CNBC. You are listening to special addition on Entercom communications. You were listening to special edition on intercom communications. Post advice and hand wringing. Let me. Yeah. That's me that's. Just. Some of the women. This is. Fans may cause this weekend too recalled the birthday of the king of rock and roll but a loser in county woman celebration lasts all year long. Elvis Aaron Presley was born on January 8 1935. In Tupelo Mississippi. It didn't take long until he had the world all shook up with his riveting live performances. Chart topping records and popular movies. Adding beard of Kingston has a collection of records books posters lamps and other pres leap paraphernalia. That makes her home look like a museum. She jokingly has a sign near the entrance to where most of her collection is capped. Seeing admission is twenty dollars we recently stopped by the topped adding about her collection. That's fit for the king. My question would be. About your memories of Elvis when you were growing up. What do you remember about him. I just remember that he agrees saying hair and I loved singing it hasn't cores in his movies and things that loved to sing. You a long time fan of his before Easter to collect things yeah. It during his lifetime which which house do you like the past there was talk about the different illnesses like eight. The early Elvis in it. Army L says the Las Vegas Elvis which which do you think is your favorite out of all. Just that rate in other analysts. Craze is bad is army staff I really crazy that is Vegas I loved it Sloan love songs lions. And I love the best guy Sam welcome to in my world now make it through and dying for good times on set up some psychic or die. I can't stop loving and make the world go away our aunts and it's an. You know half the city let me their news and I am everything he keeps your eye on her and since you've gone US mail memories. That's what you get for eleven me he. Owns our. Then there was that lord necessary that the chart toppers but these positions in something and needs it on and I. Tell me a little bit about. The beginning. Of of your collecting all what did you. Collect first a wide adjuster clip. It's edible items and Hindus and then did I started gifts with. Pictures and Al p.'s I have 398. Out cities and Huntington 45 Zion and get 1015 yesterday it and option. I have 51 Elvis plates and broke a couple minutes left fifty. A couple of hundred. CDs. Dvds DHS's cassettes eight tracks. Off everything pictures T shirts and mugs books and magazines. Lionel is a jewelry purses. Have a parking sign out practices. Elvis fan park and all others who will be all shook up. I also have an Alice. Bathroom shower curtain proper have you gone to collect these things where it where do you get them from I know that maybe the Internet has made it a little bit easier. But before beat before then I'll start it. Where do you go and what are some of the first things. The put the collection. I'm not on the Internet I don't get anything to name may be sent on my family or friends do this give me stuff that I'm not on it I go over to the Edwards auction. And I did choose the Ford family options. Over there and o.s learn. Two. Lark mountain auction haven't Wilks fear by Kmart. Own. And just flea markets yard sales. Some of the things that you've discovered in your collecting day you're really happy that you have when you saw that means that you suffer really have to have that. And so he went on about it. This things offensive and Ike. I don't pay a lot of money slower. This Spiller and that means that he can't accept that because it's radio people can't see you have some. I was grizzly clocks. Yes I think I got says or it what's it good karma. The thrift store rode her in a yes it's Danica. High school manic high school. When years collecting these things what do you think is the the biggest bargain that you ever got region have to pay much for something in the accurately like. Different things it depends a couple bucks Latin lying if someone gave unison. It couple putts that just. Different things. Eighties there. Out of the stamps and necessary thing. In the Ike. In your home you have what you consider to be an Elvis Presley museum. Do you have people who want to come over to the enjoy being with you as you explain we have. No man on the Clinton an invite human handler zionism. I've had a couple people and I know that you know have come up island come up and you know can I take pictures we just to get called mrs. presently. Few years go on and everybody knows it that's our active Elvis stuff. Agilent and if they had Elvis stuff hang around wait for if they don't. And I leave. Atlanta diner before auctioning. They know they go up in a compliment storming in. Again I didn't pay for take off. Think that Elvis Presley has such lasting appeal. To fans. Well I guess everybody has their own opinion meant. My opinion anymore and I liked like I said I love to slow songs as love songs I love. The way he was to people he just love people help people took care of people anyway he could in some people just love him. I have some wonderful books have been out. Him in some nurses. The one nurse and I calling babe. He you know he just. Helped her house and machine up tinkered she took care him when he was sick. And q.'s list on. Is there when he died that. He gave her money being a Europe. One or two cars and just. Things he just wanted to help people. Get speakers he didn't have anything at all when he was ground wanna. Did you ever have the opportunity to see him in concert or have you been to Graceland I've been to Graceland come times that I didn't see Alice because I was. Busy raising my three kids at that time and I used to listen to him I never got to Graceland it. After that we went down a couple times. And what were you impressed him being there where he would think about is his house. Just being there but this looks at it that I was there yeah it was it was ninth in this room it's. Family members your cares what they think balance. Well. Minority doesn't ruling. Care if she's not on interstate then and I mean she tells his staff economic she doesn't collect it. And my sons involved in law and his wife allows nicer when I die she gets all my Elvis stuff. Like having all these Elvis Presley died as a new Yorker because they're so many pictures of him and he's looking. I don't miss it I get a bad vibes in TV or listen to music and my sister to gain Mina. I guess at the lamp that's Chico and I text or this morning and I says. Well I said Alice kept saying. Over here over here keep me warm old. Anybody that lives around here that. Is as enthusiastic as you are about click you run into people out and about when he got these auctions that are bidding and like you are the recognized from times time. Not really I'd. Seeing a lot of people who and I know you know and have known for years but it. Like I say yesterday the options and I tried to have bitten me for my forty fives that I got to the 398. LP isn't. In my blood. I have an. Want mr. Mahler. It this. Year. Please 45 LPs. And all that but I got some much Elvis stuff in front haven't been making get to that site. I could get to that on like that and hope Harlem on in the you know keep on plan over there at the new ones that and you're home. Is decorated. With Elvis Presley memorabilia as well or it. Mean outside. Windows Zia yes. Two off and a once again I guess so somebody stole my flag. That was at their for a couple years. That's gone. Also every year at elvis' birthday Hugh put a little picture in the paper former. Yes birthday and anniversary of his death. Yeah but what makes you do that. I guess for all the people. Nine. Bring back memories to remind them. Mean it's been so long now a lot of people. They know well listen nearly died in everything that they don't know when and how long. Here's the staying power to always be a big celebrity. Years asking Eric first question. It's 42 when he died. And 39 years this year. He would be 81 right now. People say oh like yesterday so in Sydney I guess you think Elvis is still alive. I says is there isn't an exit. IE. And told that he spouse's name backwards it's SIV. Alley which is still there and he lives and Hawaii's. I mean that's it's business. I mean I couldn't blame him for doing that after all he went through I mean Carl Parker. He. Mating go places he'd wanted to go he made genes do movies that he didn't want and now. Because he was an illegal immigrant and he was afraid that if Ellison made him go where he wanted to get a note. He'd be deep board. 00. He was happy and everything he did. Act Addie beard of loser in county. Discussing her collection of Elvis Presley items with us on his birthday weekend. You're listening to special addition. On Entercom communications. Oh. Okay. OK okay. And. Thanks for listening to special edition. A weekly look at these issues in the news and the personalities shaping historians.