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Dec 17, 2016|

Saturday December 17, 2016

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The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor gosh -- just is a reminder of the advice turn on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with the doctor Dan ghoulish Heskey. Yeah. Welcome to maximize your health with your help coach doctor Danny goalless just key here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health now actually on this show we talk caddie your body functioning better how to maintain a healthy body. How to prevent disease prevent pain prevent sickness and how to overcome and reverse these issues naturally. What's out pills drugs surgery things like that. Pills and surgery have their place in our health care model however were missing the in the boat in other areas and that's our lifestyle less than how we live our lives on a day to day basis of the foods we eat the amount of exercise he put at least our bodies under the amount of stress that we experience. The amount of toxic overload so these factors typically aren't addressed at a routine doctor's visit. So that's why I come onto the show here weekly to help give you an equip you with the knowledge the information and the action. Steps to apply your lifestyle so but you could begin living your best. At the healthiest life yet today I'm here to take your calls your health questions during the next hour 57083. 009818043700. 98 your questions are important here on the show so when you call and it's just share your question they could be something like. You know I just suffered a heart attack what's the best Iowa food should I eliminate from my dial with food show add to my diet I wanna prevent another heart attack from happening or maybe you the family history of cancer and you wanna know Walt. You know I don't I'm not really an active person I work in a high stress John them exposed to XY NC toxins. What are some solutions are some alternatives what is he better pass for me so that I can prevent cancer in the future. Then maybe it's not your help that's suffering may be is your spouse may be it's a child or grandchild someone living on state or out of the country. Call in and be a hero on their behalf and ask a question on their behalf that you can pass along to them 570883009801804370098. Also if you elect to subscribe. For our recipes in the week our health tips or videos podcasts. You can send an email right now on a PWR Cairo at PWR CH IR oh at And then we'll put you on our list. And you'll be included for our weekly health tips podcasts arrests abuses of the week. I have an awesome recipe of the week coming up here in a little bit I'll be sharing that also on today's program we're going to be talking about fitness for a particular leads the Burpee. It shows you who audio listening to any years and what's a Burpee Yemen to be talking all about birdies how the Burpee might be the single best exercise. That hits every major muscle group in your body that can be performed anywhere at any time. And then we're gonna talk about some solutions to alleviating in reversing arthritis. We know this time a year when the temperatures get really cold. The days get shorter were not as active as we are we tend to get tighter stiffer AT your joints. But I'm gonna explain that the way it's not the weather's faulted there are some things you can do to reverse that and keep that process. Away you've got arthritic process away in any keeping you're missing body and sit up high functioning healing so call and again if you of health questions Ava testimonial that you like to call on the air shared percent other listeners can be inspired as well I'm here to hear your story may be lost some weight maybe started exercising working with. The personal trainer maybe took up yoga. But he won on a detox plan and you were able to regain your energy you're able to sleep better at night call in now five Simoneau 8300. And. Think eight or 180437200. Point 98. I want to start taste organ talking a doubt not necessarily a diet can only tease the word damned good actually how do we get our bodies into an optimal state where. Our bodies are healthy over systems are able to perform and function at their highest level. And there's a lot of research sets it bin emerging over recent years share of heat hostess or book called the key taught a diet. Key toast is KE TO SI asked for a talk about what it is and how do we get our body into a key Todd extinct. It is a normal metabolic processes and it's linked to several health benefits. What you toast is is it's when your body will convert fat and compounds known as key tones and will use them as its main source of energy. Recent studies found a diet to promote key Telesis are highly beneficial for weight loss to impart to their appetite suppressing effects. And other research suggests that two doses may also be helpful for you for type two day B visa neurological disorders. Among other conditions is also research showing that people if you're looking to turn cancer into remission or prevent cancer. Following a a diet that is sick and that puts your body into key regular key Telesis intermittent fasting is one of the best ways he can begin eating. So the seven tips to get your body indicates hostess and number one thing you wanna do to get your body indicate doses is minimize. Carbohydrate consumption. So eating a low carb diet is by far the most important factor in achieving key Telesis. When carb intake is low and like engine stores are reducing levels of the hormone insulin decline this is why it's essential for type two diabetics like you can actually reverse type two diabetes. By good life by putting your body into Quito sister. When the Carmen takes loaded like isn't stores or reduce your liver converts some of the if the key tones are fatty gas is Micky Tom bodies such as acetone. Pacino acetate in beta hydroxy Buehring these key tones can be used as fuel by portions of the brain Eminem be talking about in a few minutes how you can test. To see if you're in a key Towson state. And the number one factor again again putting your body need to toed the key Telesis is restricting carbohydrate intake. It's individualized sue it's there's no one size fits all approach share some people need to limit net cards. Which is total car was minus fiber to twenty grams per day while others can achieve key justice while eating twice as an hour Morse he can do up to forty grams. Per day of carbohydrates. Debbie Atkins Diet which is become widely popular over the last few decades specifies a cards. Need to be restricted to 21 your fewer grams per day for two weeks to guarantee that key toast this is achieved. After two weeks small amounts of cards can be added back she died very gradually as long ski toes this is maintained. There's a one week study overweight people with type two diabetes who limited carb intake to 21 or fewer grams per day. They experience daily urinary key Tony recent levels or 27 times greater. Then their baseline levels just by simply lowering their carbohydrate intake to 21 grams or fewer per day. In another study adults with type two diabetes were allowed twenty to fifty grams a day adjustable cars for day. And that was they were able to maintain blood Tito levels within a target range of one point five to three. Militant malls per liter and the carbon teach arranges her advice for people who want to get into Q tell us promote weight loss control blood sugar levels. Or reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent cancer. So the bottom line is if you want to aim for twenty to fifteen net grants its total carves. Minus the fiber and pay twenty to fifteen grams per day this will lower your blood sugar this'll help balance your insulin levels. And lead to the release of stored fatty acids that your liver converts into key tones you'll be burning fat and so the sugar for energy that's number one way to get your body insist key toast this number two. You wanna add coconut oil into your diet for one primary reason for. Coconut oil is packed with medium train medium change triglycerides and more what are known as NTT's. You'll hear now and CT well a lot of fitness and body builders for. Athletes supplement with and CT oil. But and CT coconut oil is packed with MCTs which are medium chain triglycerides. These are rapidly absorbed and taken directly up to deliver where they can be used immediately for energy and converted into key towns. People with alzheimer's disease and other nervous system disorders. Consuming coconut oil may be one of the best ways to increase Quito levels and folks with alzheimer's and neurological disorders. Although coconut oil contains four types of NTT's 50% of its fact comes from the kind known as large asset and and she tees have been used to induce Quito is this an epileptic children or restricting cars is drastically. As the classic Q Jenny diet high MCT diet containing 20% of calories from cards produces effects similar to the classic eugenics diet. When adding coconut oil to die too good idea to do so slowly to minimize suggests a side effects. So he could start with one teaspoon per day and work up to two to three tablespoons per day and when you're beginning to supplement with coconut oil and you can take it or leave it comes in solid form at room temperature it's great to cook with its is more of a stable heat resistant oil. So if you wanna cook or bake with coconut oil I highly recommend cooking you're making with coconut oils well or you could take it. Spoon and out one teaspoon starting out at a couple more teaspoons and then work up to two to three tablespoons but this is something I like to do prewar doubt. Coconut oil is my pre work apple for the jammed you see a lot of these products and supplements on the market which had dangerous. Additives and preservatives connected to them artificial ingredients like aspartame sucralose which are have damaging effects of the nervous system the liver the kidneys overtime. He wanted to veer away from these instead supplement with coconut oil this is another great thing to help your body in Quito since. Number 31 a ramp up your physical activity power and talk a lot about fitness today on today's show we're thug terminal layout before. Forward for exercise is a key you can complete as little as ten to fifteen minutes. At home with little or no equipment. And how to turn your body into a fat burning machine to start building the lean muscle. How to boost your energy levels and how to build strong healthy bones and muscles this is for folks with arthritis this is for folks with osteoporosis. Autoimmune diseases. A low energy chronic fatigue you know analyst and decision that button and in terms of how to get your body into a key a key tonic states. Ramping up your physical activity is the number three factor here when you exercise you deplete your body if it's like it's in stores normally these are replenished when you eat carves. Which are broken down into glucose and convert it to go like engine which is stored in your liver. However if carb intake is to minimize Clegg is in stores remain low in response your liver increases its production of key towns. Which can be used as an alternative fuel source for your muscles. Once safe on the low blood Cleve town concentrations exercise increases the rate at which key towns are produced. However when blood key towns are already elevated did you not rise with exercise. And it actually decrease. For a short period the bottom line is that engaging in physical activity can increase Quito levels during. Carbohydrate restriction again twenty to fifty grams a day of events she wanted to do 120 grams a day and and its effect may be enhanced or working out in a fast estate. Number fortunate to put your body need two doses increase your healthy fat intake. Coconut oil separate from this you also want to add an extra virgin olive oil which is great is salad dressing or are cooked with a low heat. Avocados. Butter raw organic butter or do you which is clarified butter. And then you can also do walnuts almonds all your rod its seats she sees flax seeds feature packed with Omega three fatty acids so consuming at least 60% of calories from fat. We'll help boost your key tone levels and you can choose from a wide variety get extra virgin olive oil he. Avocados. And wild caught salmon grass fed beef. Packed with healthy fats. And and good quality protein which are gonna cover a minute tried fasting fasting putting especially intermittent fasting can really work. To put your body into key toast is a lot faster intermittent fasting it's a dietary approach which involves regular short term bass will induce key Telesis according to studies. And another thing called fat fasting is another teaching G Tom both seemed approach in involves consuming about 1000. Calories per day. 85 to 90% of which come from fat. And fasting intermittent fast in fact fasting can all help you get in a key toast is relatively quickly number sixty got to maintain adequate protein intake. Basically what you wanna do as far as protein goes. It's if you weigh 130 pounds. You want to your protein intake should be around 71200 grams a day so to calculate this multiply your ideal body weight in pounds by eight point 55. Two point 77 and that will be the range point 552 point 77. And multiply that by your body was so if you're a hundred and fifty pounds there 180 pounds multiply that times point 55. Point 77 and that's how many grams of protein you should be consuming every single day. If you're consuming too little protein this will lead to muscle mass last. This can take your body out of key Telesis west excessive protein. Can also suppress key Tom production number seven testing your key to levels just three methods of which you can test your key to levels. So no there's so again three key tones there's acetone which is on your breath beta hydroxy Buhner rate and this you know acetate. UK breast blood and urine acetone is found in your breath. This is the one of the easier ways to check you simply just breathed into a breathalyzer. It's it's pretty simple call to keep tonics me aerial it'll measure the acetone. Color will flash indicate whether you are in key Telesis and how higher levels are. You can go on Amazon the purchase one these are fairly inexpensive. The next one that you could do this you can check your beta hydroxy be entering your blood this is a little more pricey and there's strips that are pretty expensive obviously would need to draw blood. And then gathered on the strip. And now finally the key tone measured in the yearns policy to acetate and these you're in strips. I basically inexpensive the darker the color of the hired the key tone levels. A recent study found a urinary key towns and be the highest in the early morning an after dinner on Nikita Jeni died itself. If you have like a breakdown of these seven tips to your body needs Telesis so anyone listening now if you're diabetic if you're overweight trying to lose weight. If you're looking to regain your energy and if you're looking to balance blood sugar. If you are if you're into basically any type of inflammatory stayed could be due to excessive carbohydrate consumption we know we're still in holiday season now or we are going to north parties were saying up later were overeating or consuming more sugar. More carbohydrates. Getting yourself and keep toast is can help your body reset itself can promote healing. Better function better better performance for your digestion system for your immune system fitness and give you more energy during your work outs if you're an athlete your cross and if you your yelled yeah out there listening right now. If you just work out at home. So getting into key Telus is one and one of the safest and most practical ways. To promote healing in function for your help if you have questions about this you can call in right now 570. 830098. 180437. 20098. Before we jump to break it wanted to share quickly the recipe of the week. This week's recipe of the week calls for crunchy chocolate mint. Power balls one cup of gluten gluten free oats quicker rolled. 13 of a couple of organic cheese sees quarter cup of cocoa or two cow power a pension cease all the half cup overall almond butter. 13 of a cup of raw unpasteurized honey dew drops of peppermint essential oil. Or peppermint extract in and three quarters cup cooked of key market. Stuart combine the oats Chia seeds could cow and sea salt and a ball so supper bowl combine the almond butter honey and temperament essential oil or peppermint extract. Mix well and an ad in the cooked Jeanne markets combined the west and trying gurneys together makes it well off parole mixture into one and one half its eyeballs and Sorin airtight container for up to one week. And you have the crunchy chocolate mint power balls if you like to receive a copy of this recipe. Please send me an email right now PWR Cairo had That's PWR CH IRO. After we will get to this recipe and also note in the email to if you would like to becoming a subscriber for our weekly recipes of the week. As well as work out videos health tips. And podcasts. We're gonna take a quick commercial break when I get back I'm going to be talking about fitness we're gonna do a fitness segment on today's program. For exercises that you could do at home with little or no equipment to turn your body into a factory machine to begin building and I'll lean muscle. Better bone density more energy less fatigue. And then later in the hour we're gonna also talk about flu shots is is a flu shot the magic bullet against the flu this year during flu season. If you have questions call in 570830098. Or 1804370098. On the back in just a minute to help you. Maximize. Your health. Power chiropractic health center is a northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching that's. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement eats we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold food. Based startup life. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were put all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA DR ENN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and wrote wilkes-barre. You go when you are loved my needs rehabilitation skilled nursing following a hospital stay for prolonged illness. 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This season maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Ding go Lashinsky. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health again and your health coach doctor Dan go Shas ski tier two delivered the truth. When it comes to building in restoring your health which we all have the ability and potential to do if we so. Desires so I give you the tools we give you the information the advice you apply it in your health improves. Each and every single day you say focus on that unhealthy lifestyle. And K so. Let's not place the responsibility on someone else. You know a doctor or nurse or neighbor or spouse or child. Let's look ourselves in the mirror and let's say we now I got myself here. I can get myself out of here it starts with that mind set through K if you don't have the mindset. The information may just sound good TO and it's going to have to start and end right there it's gonna just sound good because you're not going to benefit anything from it because your just gonna continue to believe. Well I got the F take care of me and I have to go here in the eight doctoral gimme some thing. The EU and you need it for you need to set yourself up for success in terms of a healthy lifestyle so. Get the right to people around you people who are going to build you up that you know they're not gonna spoon feed you necessarily the whole time it's always going to be an easy process at times it's gonna feel uncomfortable it's gonna be hard. But the outcome is better health. You know better more success more production and life and that's what we while on this message provide here is intended to accomplish. Anyone listening right now so if you have friends or family and a state they can go onto our web site and download podcasts of all of our past. Recorded programs or maximize your health simply log on to triple W dot Nepa doctor Dan dot com. And EPA DR DA and dot com and you'll find the radio link. With all of our previously recorded shows podcasts are available there also be like to stay connected via social media. I'm on FaceBook Twitter and so Gramm. Go to the website it's a one stop shop for everything. Email touting how do. And there's there's the human foods diet there there's were patient testimonials there information about scamming an appointment you can find all that at triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com and EPA DR DAN dot com again a few of health questions I have held answers. Call me up right now 57083. 0098. Or 1804370098. I'll be here to answer any questions or hear any. Stories you know transformational stories that you may have experienced recently. You're during the next thirty minutes or so remaining in today's. Program so call up 5708300982. Or 180437009. Eighths. I wanted to think today's sponsors house is nutrition located at fifteen main street in Lucerne. House and nutrition is an alternative grocery organic vegan bakery Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly traded gifts. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices open 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday. 10 AM until 6 PM Saturday and 11 AM until 5 PM Sunday. And their maker Kerry is very busy this time a year begin desserts are available for the holidays. You can call them up at 5707140436. Reserve yours for pick up the apple pumpkin pie is ginger bread and chocolate peppermint cupcakes chocolate peanut butter eggs. Creamy dreamy cover implies an array of other holiday quick friends are all available. There is healthy cleaning products supplements are fresh Prodi's fair trade copies loose leaf teas organic everything. Check out house of nutrition today exit six off of Bruce 309 expressway. In these are county in the Borough of Lucerne thank you house and nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize your health also. I am the owner myself doctor Daniel assessing the owner and founder of power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre. And then our clinic we are a retailer of garden of life nutritional supplements these are one of the top three brands on the market. Natural brands that don't require prescription that you can order their whole food based supplements are naturally derived. They contain pro by onyx and enzymes nothing artificial no preservatives no filler is nothing synthetic whatsoever. Currently we're stocked up on Iraq fit protein powder for athletes so if you're out there and you're looking for a protein supplement you wanna start with the rough that that's what I take personally am what I would recommend to anyone else who's trying to you. Made gains in their fitness plan whether you're its cross fits or endurance you were you run new you're prepping for some race is going in his 2017. Five K ten K half marathon. You need to restore replenish your protein source the cardinal life thrust it is one of the best we have men's women's and children's multi vitamins we have perfect food rod greens which are freeze dried vegetables. So if you're lacking in energy. If your bones are weak key if you were blood levels of various vitamins and minerals. Red blood cell counts down you wanna make sure you're getting enough greens and enough iron in your body so simple supplementing with a perfect food group mixing man with some water daily and where several times a day. Could be a game changer for someone out there also we have the Omega three fish oils which are great for general penile pain and inflammation and arthritis which are gonna talk about a little bit here. We had the wild enzyme which are the pro audio Lincoln's answer folks suffering with more advanced generation and advanced arthritis achy joints. Going through the change of seasons here the cold weather. And and what have you. But you know a lot of folks who are practiced embers are clinical supplement with the Omega three fish oil on the woman's I'm and they will say that there has been a dramatic improvement and reduction in their pain. So there's a lot of great supplements available also we are now going to be socked up with the young living essential oils. Young living essential oils are going to be in house at power chiropractic health center you could just stopping you can purchase leads her to purchase these. Directly from us during our normal business hours. These have become so popular in recent times we actually have the Christmas spirit this is great to defuse. Great to help purify the air open up your Airways we have thieves which is a combination of cloves and cinnamon purification. Stress away. These are the top ones for defusing an end inhaling. Stress away pan away which is great for a key Al muscles tight muscle spasms stiffness. Tightness which is winner green. Lavender and lemon pepper lemon eucalyptus grapefruit and Petri these are all in house in stock available now for sale. At power chiropractic health center if you'd like to order some of these now during the holiday season. You can call us if you've questions you can place an order via telephone. You can submit an email or eakins is stopping during a regular business hours for the garden of life supplements and for the young living essential oils. One and again the top appeal highest quality brands on the market today that young living essential oils he can caller clinic today at 570829. 35. 570. For eight to nine. 35. Plan derived essential oils natural whole food based supplements you don't wanna be running the CDS run and in GMC one run and Walgreens and all these other places. You know they might be cheaper in price but it's going to cost you your health. Short term and more so long term if you're taking a lot of these artificial synthetic. Products out there and has been numerous studies done comparing it being held the differences in various supplements and how they're made. Some of the compounds that are added just to keep them on the shelf for longer periods of time for the producers. Costs in the consumer which is you who your health. You know both short term and long term so I would highly recommend now are moving in the 2017. Do you begin to consider more or less at the quality of supplements that you take if you intended to supplement. With the future new true. Nutritional supplements and essential. Wales Cabrera go to the phone lines we have John from should Cheney John you're on the air welcome to maximize health how can I help today. I'm I think there. I don't think it but I don't seem to lose the weight you know. Okay so you mean ideally your dial the site is far from under K. ML very long term sentiment trying to lose weight for awhile do you exercise or what do you mean idea I exercised very different. I can upload sometimes you don't I want it back to be. Could be that but it could be more like salads they could be more or less what you're what you're not doing. So hear me out here I got a solution for you to help you lose the extra pounds so John's question ZLX sure that you wait in the midsection which is very common amend. We read things we take things out you know and someone who works a lot of doesn't work because we're not approaching it from a comprehensive perspective we're not taking ownership. Of our life completely and that's where begins with the right mindset and taking complete ownership of your health. And your life so John I appreciate caller with this question because I'm sure this is gonna help a lot of other folks listening today so. You you worked out may be worked out just a little bit you know the full intent behind the work out wasn't there the full the full focus a full energy was put towards the work out. Maybe the diet you know eat you cut back and be switched from white bread to wheat bread or maybe you just sobbed. And cut back in just overall calories in general may be lost a little bit away you still have those couple of extra pounds a big reason could be got toxicity. And catch various medications caused people to retain water retain weights so the first thing you recommend Tums you're taking any medications. Don't stop rather. Read and become familiar with the side effects of your medication is if you're on one or more medications. And if you go and look him up online on WebMD are one or the other we reputable web sites out there and they say water retention or weight gain. And that could be the problem right there your diet might be Goodyear activity levels might be sound. So might be just simply say setting up an appointment with your doctor and explain to him you know I have some beyond concern about this a number retaining water retaining Wayne my midsection. I've been trying to lose weight I've been unsuccessful so have that conversation with your doctor okay because he or she has to be the one. Two change anything as far as your medications go. I can do that legally. With my credentials since I'm only a doctor of chiropractic doctor of natural health. The other thing I would do is again. I approach this with full focus for intensity from the comprehensive this perspective getting your minds are right it's going to be a combination of diet and exercise it's going to be eliminating the bad calories. Replacing the bad caller's with good calories typically if your diet consists of more good calories you're not going to eat as many calories as you do if you just eating whatever he comes in front of you. Even if it's advertised and marketed to you is a low fat. The low calorie food doesn't always mean that it is in the best food for you sell what I would recommend John. Check out my website go to triple W dot need the doctor Dan dot com and EPA DR DA and dot com. And look up the healing foods diet I would print off a copy of that I would take that with you when you do your grocery shopping. You wanna consume whole foods fruits vegetables raw nuts seeds organic meats in good clean water organic fair trade coffee and loose leaf tees that's your diet consists of you wanna leave out the starchy carbohydrates. The grains and dairy the artificial sweeteners the bad fat C oils you wanna leave all that out if you're eating out a lot of feeding a lot of packaged foods. Again you wanna eat foods and their real seat their natural state these are your body will adapt to these a lot quicker now actually keep your metabolism more balanced. Which shall keep your body more so any Fabrice say which should help you these extra pounds of file they want to touch on its toxicity. Billy that is linked to talk to see sludge hairline advertisers new products and things coming out for that. The reality is is that if you're getting more greens into your diet particularly good to see greens like Correll securely and organics a one stroke. These can actually help to lease and mind toxins. And to have them safely excrete and eliminated from the body and so if you supplement with the either the perfect food dream so we have available to garden of life. Just a guacamole recipe reach an ad in organics a launcher or you can making yourself if you food processor vita mix of home now works great. Are vitamin. 5000 I use of that per day. So I mean there's a lot of great things that you could do to help promote faster fat loss weight loss surround your midsection and then the final thing is exercise are gonna get into that momentarily Johnson stayed. You know the program how we're gonna talk all about how you can exercise at home with little or no equipment as we do that here so we're gonna talk now about bird peas super bees. Were found by a physiologist. Name royal H Burpee back in the 1930s. And it was actually it's started out as a fitness test. And he used the test is part of his doctoral thesis and applied physiology from Columbia university in 1940. Became popular in the United States armed services used as a way to assess the fitness levels of recruits during. World War II eleven military to quickly review agility coordination and strength. This suburbia granddaughter Byrd B Jones Penske. There's got to find just saying these names who has shared that her grandfather was he fitness fanatic before the famous Jacqueline. What was important Berkeley was still be able to measure the fitness level of everyday people around 193994. The invention in the official test of the Burpee began with members of the YMCA in the Bronx. Which is where RPI was based out of so there's five reasons why you listen right now to average everyday people. Should its consider doing a thirteenth OK so the number one Burpee is present a full body work out. So it's one work out but it affects every single muscle groups from your upper body you're corn your lower body. And if you asked me to do one exercise and I only had time to do one exercise and wanted to get a full body work out its I would do a Burpee said. Most exercises again your focusing on specific muscle groups if you go to the gym and just lift weights. The Burpee hits everything a one time. Birdies also help to promote strength. Burglaries can be done almost anywhere. Any time things okay. Burpee is to build a definition if you're looking to build mode more toned arms more of a toned midsection a Burpee works great. I am going to explain your how to perform a Burpee and file labor peace helps to increase. Endurance cells how to perform burping here of the basic instructions for performing the classic European number one start by positioning yourself. Standing just standing facing forward number two you're going to drop. Down into a squat position. Okay you're going to keep your knees over your feet you'll always fun and you need to translate over that appear tell you're gonna go down to into a full squat with. Number three you're going to put your hands on the ground as you're down into a squat position. You're going to kick your feet back in one motion. And now you'll be an affront plank like if you're an out and holding a push up at the top. Next at once once you hold the playing for a second or two. Jump your feed back up towards your hands back into the squat position and then finally jump straight up in the air. That is a Burpee. So you're working your hip flex usual working you're loose you're working your arms but going into a plank position you're jumping so it has a pile metric aspect behind it. So Burke he's hated all they hit everything. I so if you're a big dinner out there spent a summer do you see your like herpes I can't do that I mold them arthritic I can't do that. What you do it's okay fear is fear a load of moderate fitness fitness level out there when did you he could do these anywhere at home. You have some room I would allow some room I don't even hit your couch your coffee table or your kitchen chair. But what you wanna do is run and performed three sets of only six Burpee is with thirty seconds of rest between these set it's only six. So one means you're standing. Squat down has hit the ground feet go back. You're in a plank first sector to jump defeat back up towards your hands back in a squat up towards the sky that is one. Okay and then you would repeat that six times and then you'll arrest thirty seconds and you could do three rounds of that. Okay that's a full work out right there if you're Mormon in the best person you can do five excess of ten birdies with a 452 rest in between each of the five sets. And then what you could do is you can instead of just staying and playing can he could drop down into a full push up so the Burpee hits it off if this is something where you feel like you're may be like I don't know if that's a little too much who we're gonna take a quick commercial break when I get back and a share for different exercises this is for anyone at any fitness level. That you could begin doing especially now during the cold months at home you don't have to go to a Jimmy don't have to spend any extra dollars. These work while this turn your body no fat burning machine build energy gives you help your heart healthier lungs stronger immune system stronger bones. And more sustained energy over a longer period of time Cooper and take a quick commercial break but a few health questions at helping answers coming up right now 57083. 20098. Or 18043700. And 98 on the back in just a minute to help you. Maximize your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeastern path. Sylvain is leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Williams is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement eats we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold food. 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And you can hammer repeatedly without feeling anything. But when we introduce a new stimulus. Saved the food. We've achieved pulling their natural Orange Bowl in response from you saved the food becomes 40% of all food in the US never get seat and save the food. Cooking stories cherished just don't waste it. For tips and recipes visit sank the dot com broad view by NRDC and the ad council pays just. WI OK powered by Sherwood Chevrolet into uncanny PA stop by Sherwood the view full lines or Buick GMC and Chevrolet. Back to maximize your health with your health coach doctored named Alicia SD. Welcome back to maximize your help with your health coach doctor dangle a show ski here to coach you. Guide you and inspire you to reach your full health. And Sean starts with the mindset the the river knowledge and then applying that knowledge which it will really take your health to new heights so call in with your questions or your transformational. Story. 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They're located at fifty main street roots exit six. Off of the route three and I expressway in the Borough of luz earn. Currently they have begin desserts available for the holidays customers can call into reserve there's for pick up. Apple and pumpkin pies ginger bread and chocolate government cupcakes chocolate peanut butter eggs. Creamy dreamy peppermint ice an array of holiday quick breads as well as fair trading copies loose leaf teas raw organic unpasteurized honey. Forks farms meets grass fed pasture meets wild caught salmon. Pastor and eggs. Fresh. Prodi's organic produce is all available house in nutrition opened 10 AM until 6 PM Saturday. 11 AM until 5 PM Sunday and then 9 AM until 8 PM Monday through Friday house of nutrition spires healthy living with healthy choices. Thank you have some nutrition for sponsoring this program. Of maximize. Your health before the break we talk all about the Burpee how in my opinion the Burpee is the single best exercise. We talked about sets. And repetitions how to perform the Burpee in a few more questions about that you can send me an email at PWR Cairo and what I'll do PWR Kyra and what I would do is send you a video link. Other someone demonstrating how to do labor peace. Seek and actually watching you can actually go on or website click our YouTube channel and in some of the hot burst training workouts and you'll see Burpee so PM actual visual. If it was too difficult for you to kind of visualize as it was explaining here on the show go to our website triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com click on the YouTube link and there you'll find links for our fitness videos just click on one of them that has Burpee is included in one of the work outs. And you'll be he'll be able to see how a birth a Burpee is properly performed. But it's a Burpee may seem like it's a little too much and you're somebody you you wanna become more active you wanna become more fit you wanted to incorporate fitness plan at home into your lifestyle. Here's a basic ones for different exercises. If you wanna see and be sure to stretch before and after for proper recovery an injury prevention let me just put that out there. Before we even get into what these four or cats are how many times do them how how much time we should do each. Two but this is the work out in the week it's as basic as it gets when it comes to high intensity interval training can make sure to stretch all your major muscle groups. Again if you like a copy of some basic stretches you can send me an email PWR. Cairo at Won't get those out to you but the first work out its push ups pushups stander push ups for ladies you can get on your knees for men. You get on your hands on your toes. He wanted to make sure that you're not dropping your belly towards the ground you wanna be in one straight line if you're not sure you can set up a mirror or you can have your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend. It's another family member watching and you know assess your form only you know how you're doing. They'll let you know. Push ups down chess on the floor. Push all the way up until your elbows block out. Next was jumping jacks we all know these from calisthenics and gym class back in the day. We all know what is jumping Jack is and if you don't there's plenty of videos on YouTube and there's some in our YouTube videos and our workouts on our web site. You can check out how to do jumping Jack number three is an air squat. With no wait you're not holding any dumb bells you're not putting a Barbell across your shoulder you simply doing as many air squads. Where basically your thigh is parallel to the floor putting your knee at a ninety degree angle. And you wanna make sure that you're pressing you're arching your lower back you're talking your core in your your your tightening your core muscles. And you're not allowing you or New Year's translate over the front of your toes that's important because that's gonna shift stressed. Onto your size your your quadriceps or hamstring senior including your muscles. And it's gonna take stress off of the unique. OK so you wanna make sure you're perform proper form again it's good to have somebody watch your form before you get into this. Routinely because if you're using improper form then you're setting yourself up for injury you're gonna burn out and it's not going to be worth that. Finally number four work out here is a plank to plank you can get on your elbows on your four arms. Or you can go up into a and hold a push up position at the top with your elbows locked out your palms flat on the ground. Again have somebody watching for. Arm but what you're gonna do this is gonna be done topped the style fee each work out will be twenty to thirty seconds if you're beginner twenty seconds is good enough. You're gonna arrest ten seconds and then move right into the next work out for twenty seconds. Breasts ten seconds on for twenty seconds rest ten seconds so once you perform all form. And then you eureka repeat it one more time or two more times in its entirety twenty seconds on. Ten seconds rest if you're more of an advance you can go thirty seconds on. With ten seconds rest okay and then only rest thirty seconds if you wanted to really build up your endurance your strength you what you're gonna do is you gonna do as many pushups as possible. Your news many jumping jacks is possible as many air squats as possible and then you're gonna hold the plank for time. Okay if the play calling a play for twenty seconds is too easy you could do the playing for thirty seconds or sixty seconds you can hold from wartime but this workout is available on my website there is a YouTube video of this work out if you wanna see the video log on my website at triple W dot need by doctored in dot com. As any EPA DR DAN dot com and you'll find. The work out of the week available on our YouTube channel you'll get it right there. So we're gonna wrap up here in the few seconds remaining flu shots what do I think of a flu shot there is a research out there. Showing that many flu shots are at best only 10% effective. There's over 200 viruses which cause influenza and influenza like illness which produce the same symptoms such as fever headache aches and pains. Copper running noses. Without lab tests. Doctors cannot tell the two illnesses apart at best to vaccines might be effective against only the influenza a and 10% of all moot influenza viruses. And again a lot of the science and data out there is skewed. These flu vaccines are being widely marketed and widely publicized out there without having to specific research out there to back them up in 2011. The international journal master reveal the fact rarely addressed by conventional health authorities have the most uncritical mainstream media namely flue vaccines result in inflammatory cardiovascular. Changes. Indicative of increased risk for serious heart related events such as heart attacks. So that factor alone when I hear that I know there's a family history of heart disease on my side of the family. I'm not going to put another another bullet in the chamber and mess with my health because. When I approached my health they approach it with a big picture in mind. What are some natural ways that are more effective and safer at helping me to build resistance against the flu this year. Rather than going I'm getting a flu shot with the all sorts of ads events. Preservatives toxic sailors and heavy metals processes and Mercury Bob what I would do is I would drastically cut back on sugar intake. Twenty to fifty grams of cars today. I would supplement with at least fifty. Billion a volley pro buy out its daylight the garden of life pro by onyx. Make sure I'm getting enough sleep at least seven hours of restful sleep tonight and taking lots of water drinking is half my body weight in ounces of water. I'm doing 5000 IUs a day to vitamin. 1000 to 2000 grams of essential fatty acids are fish oil a day and the fruits and vegetables and doing a very smoothly for breakfast and then in green smoothie for lunch and then exercise. Three to five days a week moderate exercise three to five days. Those are my strategies and how to prevent the flu. These are my natural flew grammys and then there's also essential oils and different things you can you can ingests. You can breathe they can apply topic lead to help overcome symptoms or reduce symptoms of the flu if you are to count contract a fluke. And I at a time on the Abby back in a few weeks to help you maximize your health be well be safe I'll see you soon.