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Dec 10, 2016|

Saturday December 10, 2016

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The following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar show schemes just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment. Also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you heard on this program. You're listening to maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish ST. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now. Maximize your health with doctor Dan ghoulish S ski. This is maximize. Your help with your help coach doctor Dan demolish a ski here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building in restoring your health. Naturally in your questions matter to me you're on the program so you can email me your questions today at PWR Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO act in Gmail. Dot com we're about restoring and building your health. Building your health maintaining a level of health so that you can live that abundant life that you were intended for. You could spend more quality time with your spouse or your children or grandchildren you can travel you can do hobbies that you. That you love. You know things are bringing you enjoy peace and fulfillment in life and without health we know that there's not much that we can accomplish or or benefit from a life so that's why I'm here doing the show every Saturday on WAOK. To give you a message of hope. Helium and and proven solutions I have worked for in some cases thousands of years are gonna be discussing some of those. Tips and techniques are today we're gonna talk all about essential oils on today's program some the most popular essential oils. Why some of them may be even more beneficial and helpful and certain medications out there. Again not to replace these but rather to just maybe open your eyes to a new path that might be a game changer. In your health and life and then I have our recipe of the week today. For pumpkin at breakfast cookies. A lot of us we a lot of questions that I get asked from from some of the listeners are all what is a good breakfast idea and I like the Berry smoothie and but once I tried these pumpkin and pumpkin breakfast nut cookies from mom are key member Alison. She made these recently for me I was like I gotta get this out to listeners on maximize your health these are to die for these are so tasty so delicious and so easily prepared make. And provide aid nourishing breakfast and then a little bit later in the hour we're gonna talk about a diet to reverse type two diabetes pre diabetes. And insulin resistance so again if you have health questions though you can email me your questions also may be you've been a regular listener here for awhile they believe you follow some of the holiday tips and again about on the past few during the past few weeks. The past few programs here. Of how to pattern approach your holiday me know how to eat your food baby you know he started exercising on the day of the holiday or your big sit down get together like on Thanksgiving. And you wanna share your story with three maybe you've lost five pounds ten pounds maybe you. Have more energy this year than in years past during the holidays. You can email me your testimonial and so I can share that our future program you don't have to mention your first or last name. You can remain anonymous but just share me you know what. Positive breakthroughs that you just experience with your health. So that other listeners have loved to share that on the future program other listeners can be inspired it's all about building one another op it's all about building up a help your region. Healthier northeastern Pennsylvania and help your community and doesn't start with the you know. An administrative system or a change in in politics or government starts with the EU and die. So it's SARS has changed at a personal level and that's why I'm here doing the show so email me your questions email me your testimonials and you can also email me. Topics that you are likely to address on a future program a Mari trying to generate a list of ideas for 2017 so if you have topics. Innuendo had a reverse out how to overcome allergies how to reduce neck pain. How to eliminate and beat arthritis. How do get rid of IDS that you know you name how to prevent the cold and flu. What are some ways to prevent the flu and 2017 you have questions I can answer those for you. He could send me your questions through email sending your comments your recommendations. And your testimonials today PWR Cairo at PWR. CH IRO. Cats also be like more information about the program. There are podcasts available through my website triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com you can find the whole link on our radio link on the web site on my website. Information about nutrition diet fitness videos. And Wacey you can schedule an appointment at my clinic in wilkes-barre power chiropractic health cerner. There's testimonials on their to inspire you as well so check out the website triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com. That's an EPA DRD eight and dot com bookmark our page. Were always adding on radio programs fitness videos. Health tips to help you. Breach your full potential if you like to subscribe for our weekly emails he sent out a recipe of the week. Weekly health tips upcoming events health workshops Gruber gonna have a whole line of the easy one per month coming up during the new year. Beginning in January so you want us to be receiving these emails to you know which workshops she can attend for yourself your friends your family moving into the new year. Our email against PWR Cairo at check out the website triple W got Nepa document dot com and be sure to follow us on social media. Ron FaceBook Twitter in so grandpa interest all the links are available on the web site to connect with us. Through triple W dot an EPA DR DA and dot com what have a great wind up plan for today's program. And they said reassure the recipe of the week she momentarily insulin resistance. Boris talked all about essential oils after the first commercial break we're and a highlight some of the most popular ones that's something we're going to be. Up and running in the weeks and months to come powered car practice health center where we are becoming narrower in the active process currently becoming a retailer. Other young living essential oil some of the highest quality essential oils on the market today. Where it's amazing. Healing benefits behind them in these like a seven few moments ago could be a difference maker in your health today. And I will be giving out ways you can learn more about these. And how you can contact us for ordering information for the young living essential oils but I wanted to start off by talking about stress. We know where in the holiday mode we know were written likely spend more money than we usually spend. We're not getting in as much sleep as we normally get are consuming more calories where consuming more alcohol. Most people gain more weight there's more inflammation usually this week in sick areas within the body those are exacerbated during this time a year. And stresses that the rooted itself and I wanna go through eight natural stress relievers that you can begin implementing in your lifestyle right now. But 75 to 90% of all doctor visits are related to conditions caused by stress. It leads to changes in hormones which leads to an increase inflammation. And air variety of other health problems. And a control stress over a long period is considered chronic. And can lead to diabetes heart disease cancer weight gain mental disorders autoimmune diseases and digest of orders system in a field. So we're gonna cover these eight natural ways but we can't the a key thing to understand is begins with the you know the mindset that we have control over our life and our health which we do. The impact. Our decisions or choices are believed to our out comb outcomes both short term and long term so we can't always control the stress sore. However we can change how we react to it. And the good news is that the body was built in with an intelligence. To. Experience to handle stress. OK we have what's called a fighter flight near the sympathetic nervous system and we also have conversely the Paris sympathetic nervous system to help. Calm you down. And to help lower stress is compact self. Stress can be defined as the body's reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. While feeling stress has certain protective rolls too much stress can also do horrible things shore health. Stress can either be perceived as feeling good positive or bad or negative depending on the context and the body reacts differently to both times. So what are the eight natural. Remedies or lifestyle practices we can implement number one exercise and yoga. Both are two different things exercise by itself second means of resistance training beckoning Pilates second mean. Doing aerobic exercise swimming hiking biking running jogging on a treadmill are all. They all fall under the category of exercise it's a natural remedy because it can produce a surge of endorphins chemicals particularly. Serotonin which is known as the happiness hormone. So if you're under a lot of stress that there is if you work in sales. And there's deadlines to meet young European the year now when you know you're trying to hit certain goals and hits certain number isn't and it's just not time exercise. I would not put exercise on the back burner that's one of the worst things you can do even if it's 510 or twenty minutes today. Is still better than not exercising at all. And that could mean search training and the videos for search training or on our YouTube channel you can go to our website triple W dot Nepa doctor Dan dot com. To find the YouTube videos they're available there for you you can follow the videos remain on or you can Alter them to your liking and do what's called high intensity interval training at home where he doesn't require. You get even get in your car and drive to a gym our health club you can do right in the courtesy of privacy of your own home. So exercise. Research we know there's so many beneficial effects of exercise and helping to lower stress. On the body exercise also helps improve insulin sensitivity was recovered a little bit exercise can also help you sleep better at night. And cat yoga also can help reinforce the mind body connection. There was a review of over 35 clinical trials testing the effects of regular yoga on stress levels of health found that overall yoga offers significant improvements. In various physical and psychological help markers for the majority of people. And research also concludes that listening to music while you exercise. Can take it up. You know. Exponentially. You know impacting the Psycho biological stress to sum it helps activate the Paris sympathetic system helps improve recovery time. Helps balance hormones and brain function overall so number one exercise and yoga are some of the best. Do you stresses out the number two meditation and devotional prayer daily you wanna take ten to fifteen minutes per day. Of prayer time practicing my informants to help reduce stress and anxiety other forms a meditation or Michelle to lower physiological responses to stress. Improve mental alertness and help people overcome various emotional. And physical ailments. Citizens I depression. Carmel health outcomes. As well as things they can lead to weight gain black is sleep an increase in pain so. Meditation prayer exercise yoga. Next is acupuncture and chiropractic and there's numerous studies here first with chiropractic according to the journal. Of manipulative and physiological therapeutics. Chiropractic specific adjustments as needed eliminate nerve and reduce nerve stress. From your spinal cord and years nerve roots where the nerves better exiting. The spinal cord in between the vertebrae when you adjust to restore motion to those missile line of her brand you stimulate. ED stressing response where you get an increase blood flow to Paris sympathetic nervous system goes into effect which is your calming down your rest and digest so some. Not the fighter flight mechanism. So it's been known Kyra tactic in other studies out there showing how it's helped to lower blood pressure a sign that you're lowering stress. There's other studies out there proving the benefits of helping you reduce neck pain headaches sciatica lower back pain again. If you're in pain and typically that's going to have a Psycho somatic effect on your whole system. That's gonna lead to increased stress increased paint by lowering pain in getting the senior chiropractor regularly to help correct. Maintain good healthy posture can be a game changer in your life as helping to lower stress also acupuncture. Studies show that it can help increase protective T cell proliferation helping to help. Support the immune system. Acupuncture is one of the best stress relievers for patients recovering from heart disease. Helps regulate the nervous system so try chiropractic and acupuncture to help lower stress. Next you wanted to change your diet to that of a nutrient dense diet nutrient density focuses more on quality calories not quantity of calories. Typically if you're following a cook nutrient dense high quality diet you don't huh have to focus is much on the quantity of calories because you're gonna be consuming good healthy crop calories. Which are going to make you feel for a lot faster than if you're eating a lot of empty calories. What you're going to typically splurge and overeat so what foods will help to lower stress nationally B vitamins and pay. B vitamin rich foods include pasture exit grass fed beef wild caught fish poultry brewer's yeast. And dark green leafy vegetables next foods high in calcium and magnesium. Organic yogurt rod nuts and seeds. While cut salmon Christopher's vegetables like broccoli. Avocados. Next high protein foods are doing a protein supplement against going to be York organic grass fed beef wild card salmon seafood white fish. Pasture eggs. Raw unpasteurized dairy is going to be high in protein also bone broth. Highly recommend bone broth for a good source of high quality protein next healthy fats and Omega three fatty acids. Wildcats salmon walnuts Omega three's like she is season flax seeds. Omens. Avocados extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil or some of the best healthy fats eat and consume that. Fall under a nutrient dense diet and influence conversely you wanna avoid are your package and sugary foods typically anything that comes in a box of tie in process sugar. High in salt and sodium he refined foods you and eliminate these because these are gonna cause more inflammation more inflammation means increased stress. Too much alcohol and too much caffeine. Okay we're in the holiday season now we're drinking lots of coffee because we're tired all the time to keep this away can keep this going. Or we're going to parties for staying up too late or consuming too much alcohol for suppressing our bodies were putting a bison or greater risk of becoming sick. And experiencing pain and stress is that the roots are you want to eliminate and reduce alcohol caffeine intake and finally. He won it not consumers many refined vegetable oils typically many of the holiday foods out there now. Contain lots of refined vegetable oils instead you want to bake with coconut oil or rob butter these are better substitutes. For the vegetable oils number five here and help 108 natural remedy to help lower stress. You wanna begin doing cognitive behavioral therapy there I do have a few names of some people that can get our special that specialize in this areas you can send me an email. For that information but it's called CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy it's a therapeutic practice has been proven to lower anxiety stressed. And multiple disorders including people with addictions. Eating disorders insomnia. And even depression. CBT focuses on challenging and changing your thoughts first and foremost. And the idea behind it is that if you can re frame the way you think about events in your life. So for example your jobs in a panic hitting over your job you choose to embrace it prepare as best you can seize the opportunity to start fresh you can literally reduce the stress you wind up. Feeling from the event. So again cognitive behavioral therapy is used for training us to avoid internal causes of stress such as all or nothing situations. Thinking jumping to conclusions pessimism. Having unrealistic expectations for ourselves always expecting the worst case scenario. And feeling guilt or shame or events that are out of our control so if you'd like for me to plug you in with a psychologist who specifically works with this type of therapy you can send me an email right now PWR Cairo. At That's PWR CH IRO at next. Tips to help lower stress nationally spend more time with friends and family and being in nature is so going out for a hike. Going in just taking a walk through the woods. And just realizing that we're just small piece of a much larger universe that can have a a positive effect. I'm listing our moods making it easier to get good sleep at night all signs that our bodies are you stressing. Next you can keep a journal you could become more organized so if you have a demanding schedule you're not keeping a journal. Sometimes are among our minds never shut off so from mines are shutting off we're not able to get effective sleep tonight we're going to be more stress were going to be more prone to getting sick. Developing. Chronic diseases degenerative diseases a lot quicker. Been a flu werder regains control over that stress and simply by keeping a log in keeping a journal can keep you more organized. So that you have a written down you know where to turn you're not forget for you know worrying it is there it'll be but it'll get taken care of it at the appropriate time and finally. You can began supplementing with adapted Jenna curbs. And essential oil seductive Janet herbs or things like ginseng I shall go on the mock a rodeo holy days though and Coco. Other class of healing plans set helped to balance restore and protect the body make it easier to handle stress. I regulating hormones and physiological functions and essential oils which were gonna discuss right after the commercial break. Lavender myrrh frankincense and burger month these fourth specifically. Are good at helping to reduce inflammation and improving immunity balanced hormones and helping with sleep and digestion so a few more questions about stressed. Or fuel more of a specific customized plan I am accepting new patients were ruled to health consultations one along with you for thirty minutes or sixty minutes. At my clinic. What you can do if you're interested or like more information about sending an appointment for health consultation. You can contact my clinic power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre today at 570829. 3580. That's 570829. 3580. While it's time for a quick commercial break when I return we're gonna talk about essential oils. The basics what you need to know. And how you're new medicine cabinet moving in the 2070 should be stocked full of these essential oils because according to research. And according to case studies these have been aide insisted there on the cutting edge right now folks and we're going to be carrying the stocking up on these. Now be discussing that right after the break this is maximize your health with doctor Dan Mosher ASCII power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages ago Leo since rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold food. Based start up. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten it. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest in ill health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were put all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need. Doctor Dan dot com and EPA and DR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road looks. Thanks for calling some electronics are you calling for free trial of our belly flattening breakthrough actually I already got the. Totally flattened my belly wow that's great news but I have a problem I never thought I'd have my belly just. Keeps getting flatter I mean I want to look like a runway model but I don't wanna stopped taking the antibiotics cedar could seriously I have never looked this good. Well here's one thing you can do. Only take so by addicts every other day that'll keep up your results without making your belly too flat and if you ever need to ramp up your belly putting results again just go back to taking it every day. To get your free trial of soma by onyx call 1805919588. You're going to love how you look and if you're probably flattening results are too dramatic simply reduce used to every other day put hurry and call now for details while they're still giving it away for free call 1805919588. That's 18059195881800. By 919588. Message Indira. May apply if you want to learn to speak another language with the program that's not just incredibly effective. Proven programs so instinctive so easy and so fun learning another language doesn't feel like learning at all and what if instead of just drilling words and phrases it quickly unlocked to real life conversations. Introducing Babel the revolutionary breakthrough that's changing the way people learn languages. We'll even prove it works by giving away a free demo you can start today for your powerful free demo simply text demo to 321321. All new battle is not only proven to be the best way to learn new language it's the shortest path to having real conversations. He utilizes more proven strategies that rapidly unlock the secrets to rapid language learner. All for your Smartphone computer or any other device your powerful free demo of the apple while we're still giving them away absolutely free. Text demo to 321321. That's DE MO 2321321. My number shares does not look like number two I don't know what to college is there a number three yeah. Table for four weeks. Anything close to the restaurant. Little scenes with these economic problems. That's familiar fear of flying. Sounds like you this Adonis you could be one of the many people with a digestive condition called exit and pancreatic insufficiency. Or EPO I won't even if you don't know when he PI yes you might know the symptoms of frequent diarrhea. And gas while uploading stomach pain. If you have even just one of these symptoms he could still have VPI because not everybody experiences CPI the same way which is why it's so important to open up your doctor about all your symptoms. In the good news is PPI is manageable. So don't keep a lid on its good to identify EPI dot com complete the symptom checker and music to have a conversation with your doctor. Don't keep the live on this and identifying UPI dot. Front you buy and beat their. This season maximize your health. With your health coach. Doctor Jane ghoulish risky call all your questions at 57083009. Needs. Or 18043. 0098. Welcome back to maximize your health and I am your health coach doctor Dan coalition ski here to deliver a message of health. Hoping healing for all listening right now. Health is in your hands on here to provide you the the resources in the information you can put in a practice to help change your life changing your health. Today if you have health questions if you have a testimonial you'd like to share from some of the information you learned here on pass programs. You could share your story you can remain anonymous I just would love to share some stories going into the new year to help inspire other people listening. To help make the right changes to build a healthier life sound. PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IRO at Also if you like more information about the program we have our podcasts on line. You can visit my website triple W dot Nepa doctored and dot com. Any PA DR DA and dot com and there's more information on the website about how to connect through social media FaceBook Twitter Inkster Graham. Our YouTube fitness videos. Healing foods diet nutrient dense diet plans available on our website as well so be sure to bookmark that check out the website www. Need but doctor Dan dot com check this out today and begin following us. And continued its take your health to new heights now. And into 2017. I want to thank today's sponsor of maximize your health house of nutrition located at fifteen main street in the Borough who's earned exits six after the 309 expressway. Currently carry their baker is a busy elf. She's. Has prepared he can desserts that are available now for the holidays customers can call in to reserve theirs for pick up. She's making the founding dean trees she's making apple and pumpkin pies gingerbread. And chocolate peppermint cup cakes chocolate peanut butter eggs creamy dreamy peppermint patties and an array of our holiday quick breads. So again gluten free soy free dairy free wheat free. We begin desserts. House and nutrition has all of your holiday needs now if you have a party you're going to and you wanna bring something healthy for people to try. Stop in the house nutrition call them up 5707140436. Or like them on FaceBook they're under house of nutrition house and attrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices and we thank them and we wanna support local. Now on for the rest of the year for ourselves and for other people here in northeastern Pennsylvania and and onto our recipe of the week this is a good one like this and I try this recipe. For breakfast when I came into work this past Wednesday. Allison our team member. Had the pumpkin breakfast cookies made an Allison her husband actually have PR amazing. Cooks you know food prepares. This is not a raw recipe. But I will send this out to anybody intercede now and again you can subscribe for our Weasley said that a recipe of the week and I've been sharing them here on the past few shows of maximize your help with how will continue to do so. God willing into the future but. If you'd like to subscribe to these receive these through email just simply sending an email right now we'll get you signed up for these emails. For the recipes the weakened health tips PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IRL and You're the pumpkin breakfast cookies one quarter cup of canned puree pumpkin. Half a cup of either almond butter or sunflower seed daughter. A quarter cup of raw unpasteurized honey one teaspoon Vanilla. One cup of Amon meal flour one teaspoon ground cinnamon half teaspoon ground Nutmeg quarter teaspoon baking soda. Quarter cup have parts if the lookup of Chia seeds quarter cup of sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Quarter of chopped walnuts and a quarter cup raisins which are optional you wanna preheat the oven to 350 and Salina cookie sheet with parchment paper. Combine all the wet ingredients together and then add the dry ingredients and combine thoroughly and scoop battered whatever such cookie you'd like and flat out to the desired thickness since these do not spread on their own. Take approximately ten to fifteen minutes according to thickness of the removed from the baking sheet two minutes after calling. And transfer to cooling rack store in an airtight container preferably in the last piece of Tupperware in the refrigerator. So these are. Delicious and I think I I'm a huge fan of almond butter it's a great substitute for peanut butter. Moments have anti inflammatory benefits as opposed to peanut butter which is highly inflammatory. Due to a high Omega six concentration. So did these pumpkin breakfast cookies and tried there's no better time to make and then now with some holidays. Kids love them too so if you have kids and you wanna I wanna get healthy recipe I will send this recipe to you through email on the next day or two is a simply send me an email now PWR Cairo at If you would like to receive this pumpkin breakfast cookie recipe. It is healthy it is nourishing and a packs a punch full of energy I give this a try today so are shifting gears now as we begin to discuss essential oils what you need to know. Essential oil 0101. They are extracted directly from the bark flower fruit leaks seemed to root of a plant or trade and just one dropped in half powerful. Health benefits would zip with very few if any side effects are a few Contra indications which I'll discuss at the end here of our discussion. But essential oils are created through a process of distillation which separates the oil and water based compounds a plant by steaming. These are highly concentrated oils have a strong aroma by concentrating the oil's of these plans you are literally separating the most powerful healing compounds and plant. Into a single oil. Essential oils are composed of very small molecules that can penetrate your cells and some compounds and essential oils. Can even cross the blood brain barrier. Hospitals like Vanderbilt University are catching. Continent benefits and essential oils and using them in the treatment of anxiety depression in infections in hospitalized patients. There was a 2009 study that pre operative patients who received aroma therapy. With a lavender and oil were significantly less anxious about their surgery then controls other oil such as sandalwood narrowly and lavender oil. Have also been using traditional medicine to help patients better manage anxiety. Another 2007 study in the journal alternative and complementary medicine. Suggests that women who use aroma therapy during labor reported less pain overall and were able to use fewer pain medications. Essential oils can also have anti bacterial an anti fungal benefits used in medical settings. Can help heal and help treat skin conditions can help actually re grow hair. Can help they can be be used as a natural sun screen nor is he bug repellent. So we're gonna get into some of those in which oil specifically can be used for watt and also for personal hygiene use shampoos soaps lotions deodorant there's so many different uses that you can use from just simple oils extracted from plants. Medicinal properties plants in and around for thousands of years. So. The top fifteen essential oils so you have closed Cyprus eucalyptus frankincense. Ginger. Great for joint health. And had. A great true which is great for weight loss and so your eye reduction lavender which has relaxation effects can help. He'll burns and cuts to can help you sleep that are lemon. Great to cleanse the body merge and natural antiseptic we know from the Bible gold frankincense and her. Can help produce prevent or reduce infections also provide beautiful skin oregano which is great at killing viruses. So if you're sixty do a couple jobs of oregano oil in water up peppermint oil is good for digest of health it's great to play topical in your temples or the back of your knack for to relieve the headache. Rose oil is a great are great for aromatherapy great to defuse Rosemary is great for you don't thicker hair. I like to use it Rosemary shampoo. And then tea tree oil up tea tree oil great for reducing our. Anti bacterial anti fungal helps stimulate the immune system and sandalwood. These are the same a few there are hundreds of essential oils and some of these and mentioned that these will be available in the weeks a com. And our clinic for purchase. So you can either apply these essential oils three different ways topic lead directly to your skin. Aromatic we were you purchase a diffuse or and it it leaves off the aroma over a period of time where now you're inhaling it it's being absorbed into your body and finally orally ingesting it. And then you can also use for personal care as well. So essential oils again and you can these could be used for aromatherapy. You can use what are cocky combine certain oils with carrier oils. Like arm and oil avocado oil coconut oil olive oil pomegranate seed oil. And these work in great and as did fee users. In cash and then you can use them for skin and beauty. Okay so if you're getting irritated skin dry skin. Lavender Roman Canon my work well if you had a sponsor frankincense for twelve for that. If you wanna develop thicker hair if you feel like you're losing your hair spinning you can get a shampoo. I user organic Rosemary shampoos sage is also good. For sun screen you can use Heller public persona and Merck. If you acne mellow Lou. And then after personal care price you can do healing bath salts anti aging Serb deodorant sunscreen body butters it's a lot of your website I would recommend following young livings website so it's typically is just could do little young living essential oils. And you'll find everything you need to know there will be stocking up on the essential oil booklet guys which would be on the like the essential oil Bible beginners guys. If this is something maybe you've attended a workshop or seminar and a friend or family members home a lot of feel these are becoming popular teams like everybody out there. You know if a seller of these. But when we're we're going to be holding at least three workshops that are clinic in 2017 our first one's going to be in the beginning of march. Or going to be bringing an end AA licensed health practitioner to come in and discuss the benefits of the young living essential oils and how you can begin to apply these your health today. So you could again you could just had this typically take the Rosemary oil for The Herald growth. The bug spray lemon grass eucalyptus citronella government closed for press there. You can actually use these for you as a natural first aid kits and the reason why even if you ask Eason while I can just go to Walgreens CVS again bug spread. Why are these superiors knew what I can buy on the shelf already pre made. While it may take the extra time now why because it's your health and a lot of these products that are sold in stores contain harmful ingredients whether you spray on your skin. You breathe it in. Oral or easily or through your mouth and he gets its steel and there are toxic ingredients. These can lead these are some of them are carcinogenic. Others can disrupt your hormones. Others can actually Alter your brain chemistry. So that's why I'm sharing these mean don't we would remove sources and interference from our health. Not add more more and causes an interference to our health so. And natural bug spray natural first aid kits and also weight loss like this and grapefruit oil peppermint oil cinnamon ginger. All of these can help in width weight loss obviously you wanna follow healthy diet and exercise. And not just look to the cell. When it is should you be. When are certain essential oils now Kate during pregnancy and they easel cinnamon Cleary sage close Cyprus found jasmine. These oils are healthy but they can because they can affect hormones are not recommend at during pregnancy. And then if you're on blood thinner is like common and more friends harms certain heart medications. Very same Cyprus eucalyptus ginger Rosemary sage in time. Again we don't want to cause any further harm some of these are necessary at certain times. And you wanna choose a quality brand that does the most important thing because there's so many different brands out there now. You know what you're getting. And you can learn more on young livings website about their distillation process why they're quality superior to other brands out there. Go to young livings website. Typing young living essential oils on Google and you should be able to find information there also a few questions about ordering your feet maybe you'd like to order a starter kit. You can contact our clinic today for ordering information we are a retailer of these were stocking up on these. The numbers 57082935. B zero. That's 570829. 35 eights are one of our team members will be happy to answer any questions or. Order you know take any orders that you relate to. Place as far as the young living essential oils go all sole power chiropractic health center is he retailer of garden of life. Nutritional supplements. So multi vitamins for men women and children probe ion ex for both men and women. Enzymes to help improve digestion Omega three fish oils to help lower formation what they enzyme which is 88 proven natural joint formula. Derived from enzymes that are found in common foods out there like papaya and pineapple but we also have the perfect food greens we have the rock fit. Weight loss protein supplement available were all sucked up on these now these aren't. In my opinion from the research I've done the best brand on the market today that you can buy it over the town are we have these available at our clinic. Normal business hours Monday through Friday. For ordering information or questions you can caller clinic at 5708293580. That's 570. 829. 3580. It's time for another quick commercial break but when I get back going to be talking about the insulin resistance diet. Dietary tips you wanna make to reverse your type two diabetes. Pre diabetes or if you're borderline insulin resistant. That's something you can do your own company give you the information the unique stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health. With doctor Dan Moshe escaped power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else is rehabilitation nutritional counseling in general health coaching. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold food. Based startup. Life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten it. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. 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K function food fitness stress which we talked a lot about on today's show. And so many different methods out there chiropractic care acupuncture exercise yoga essential oils. Cognitive behavioral therapy if you like for me to say new information about someone who can. Performed cognitive behavioral therapy with you can send me an email right now if you have health questions. Anyone know what you can adjust. With your lifestyle with your diet with your fuel you know how to how to exercise a few questions stress function. How to overcome certain health ailments naturally you can send your questions through email also view the testimonials something you like to share and pass over to me that I can potentially share. On a future program maximize your health I'll leave your name out of it the only way your from out of it I'll just share your story I'll just say one listener. Experienced such and such breakthroughs in their house. Another listener in that. In that round type of format so I won't list your name you remain anonymous but simply just send your send me an email something positive that. Maybe you've learned here on a pass program. That other listeners in the future can benefit from hearing that continue and we wanna keep keep building she groans keep expanding keep getting this message out. To a broader reach of people not only in northeastern Pennsylvania but beyond because. Being healthy being well starts with us the individual not a system not a government not anything else other than us the person looking. In the mirror you SARS is the users in May and we all come together to help build up a healthier happier. Community for more information you can look are you can visit our website triple W dot Nepa document dot com connect with us on social media. And and check out some of our old podcasts here from past shows. And I wanted to say one more time house of nutrition for sponsoring this episode to maximize your health. It's December and carry their baker is a busy elf million desserts are available for the holidays to you can call an opt for pick up. Apple and pumpkin pie is all gluten free wheat free dairy free begin gingerbread in chocolate peppermint cupcakes. Chocolate peanut butter eggs creamy dreamy peppermint patties and an array. A holiday quick breads you can contact them for ordering information at 5707140436. Or be sure to lighthouse and nutrition. On FaceBook like their FaceBook page today house and nutritionists fires healthy living. With healthy choices and we think passengers from one more time for some. Answering this episode of maximized. Your health or wanted to wrap up today's program talking about the insulin resistance. Diets we all know when insulin has influenza is a stress hormone. It's a peptide that's made by the pancreas. Which is an organ sitting and almost did it rates smack dab in the center of your abdomen. And it's an organ that contains clusters of cells or call pilots. And beta cells with in the islands that make insulin and release it into the blood. Insulin maintains normal blood sugar levels by facilitating cellular glucose uptake regulating carbohydrate lipid protein metabolism. And promoting cell division and growth. It plays a major role in regulating how the body uses suggested food for energy and with the help of insulin. Glucose is absorbed by the cells of your body and use it for energy. The problem. With people who consume or unhealthy highly refined carbohydrate rich diets over time. Is that your cells become desensitized. To insulin and had so insulin gets burned out. If we can no longer take the sugar out of your blood and put in the cells to convert to energy. And it. It too much sugar in your blood it can could lead to a cascade of health problems. And the most profound in the most epidemic one today's type two diabetes or. Insulin. The non insulin dependent diabetes. And had. So also it's now being diagnosed since early stages you know by the medical establishment is pre diabetes which means that your almost in full blown type two diabetes. And rather than just saying here take Matt Foreman or take something that's going to just lower your blood sugar. Let's fix the root cause of the problem which is our lifestyle or diet. According to doctor Joseph -- off who's a natural health physician practicing out of Chicago. He says that type two diabetes is almost 100%. Reversible. Do to a lifestyle change and that's where I wanna focus on here in the next few minutes. Research suggests the primary cause of insulin resistance is excess weight especially Iraq excess fat around the waist. Weight loss can help the body respond better insulin. And the diabetes prevention program and other large studies indicate that people with insulin resistance and pre diabetes can cost improvement. Or delay developing diabetes by changing their diets to follow an insulin resistance diet. So here are seven ways to start following an insulin resistance diet number one he won a limit carbohydrates. Study showed that. Eliminating constant. Oh eliminating carbohydrates. Are remaining key strategy in achieving life seem to control. Or stable blood sugar levels. So you wanna primarily be getting your carbohydrates from vegetables certain fruits like berries and granny Smith apples whole grains lagoons and in raw dairy products. Rather than other starchy types of carbohydrates. When it comes to baking and and preparing holiday meals. You want to use coconut flour or almond flour these are the best options for you pure pre diabetic or type two di B Bennett. Number two you wanna avoid sweetened beverages. The K research shows that. You won it in even you know the American diabetes association's nutritional recommendations now specifically advised the avoids a sugar sweetened beverages. One sec maintain high fructose corn syrup fruit juice concentrates and other types of artificial sweeteners. I had another study. Two individuals and highs vs low score tile sugar sweetened beverage intake had a 26% greater risk of developing diabetes. So instead of jerking sweetened beverages stick with filtered water seltzer herbal teas organic green teas a white tees and even some fair trade organic coffees are better substitutes from the sugar sweetened beverages number three. Eat more fiber you wanna eat fiber rich foods diesel causes before faster you know prevent you from over eating empty calories so these are foods like artichokes p.s acorn squash Brussels sprouts. Avocados lagoons and beans flax and Chia seeds and keen on these to help regulate insulin resistance number four. You wanna begin eating healthy fats eliminating bad fats replacing the bad fats is good fats. He wanted to select unsaturated fats in place of fences certain saturated fats. And specifically trans fats. So study came out suggesting that saturated fat intake should be less than 7% of your total energy intake per day. And instead you want to increase your stub a source of mono unsaturated fats that's like for fats are found in a Mediterranean diet. Avocados. Extra virgin olive oil and studies report that it leads to it in a better place in the control. It's germ weapons. So when mono unsaturated fats. Worse substitute for cars and saturated fats include fats from olive oil avocados nuts and seeds. Other Omega three. Foods include wants Chia seeds flax seeds hemp seeds. And yet it's from grass fed pass your eggs again not all eggs are created equally out there you wanna select organic. Pass your eggs not cage free not free range rather grass fed pastures eggs. Are the key buzz words number five way to help you beat insulin resistance to reverse type two diabetes through diet is you wanna get enough protein. 2011 study found that consumption of higher amounts of good clean protein during. Dietary treatment of obesity resulting in greater weight loss and with lower amounts approaching and we know that greater weight loss can lead to better. Insulin sensitivity. And a reversal of insulin resistance a lean protein foods organic chicken Turkey wild. Fisher grass fed passer organic eggs lentils Kean why yogurt and omens help regulate your blood sugar levels. Number six eat dairy but not just any time the dairy. You want raw unpasteurized. Dairy there's a growing body of scientific evidence out there the links dairy intake to reduce type two diabetes risk. I can reverse metabolic syndrome which includes high blood pressure and obesity and weight gain purists are losing weight. There a stud study done at the Harvard School of Public Health suggesting that a trans. Paul meadow lake ascent which is a fatty acids found in raw milk cheese yogurt butter. We may substantially reduce the risk of insulin resistance and health issues related to insulin resistance such as pre diabetes and type two diabetes. Finally number seven consider your portions. I know I said it doesn't matter but it did does to some degree no matter how much consuming if you're eating. A nutrient dense diet this insulin resistance diet if you're following this. He should be eating less. Quantities of food should feel Fuller a lot faster because you're now eating more nursing. Full body nutrient dense foods. And if you have questions about this feel like the senate the consultation you can caller clinic 5708293580. Or send me an email at PWR Cairo at It's PWR CHI tomorrow at Come at a time folks will be back next Saturday 11 AM to 12 PM right here on WI OK to help you. Maximize your health. Stay well Stacy any final season.