Maximize Your Health

Dec 3, 2016|

Saturday December 3, 2016

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar show schemes just is a reminder the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only and is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with the doctor Dan ghoulish S ski. Welcome to this program of maximize. Your help I'm your health coach doctor Dan relish ASCII is always is an honor to be here to deliver the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally on this program we discuss how to get your body functioning better naturally. We talked about the right foods are consumed. Exercise methods of that exercise waste oxygenate your body build lean muscle tissue as well as preparing your life to that and healthy lifestyle so getting enough sleep eliminating and reducing toxic exposure. Producing emotional stress. Figuring out ways to help improve and sustain your health over the course of your lifetime. And then if a crisis occurs who we have emergency medicine we have different doctors and specialists and hospitals available to cater to those needs. But on this program it's different. We are focused on prevention we are focused on building up your body's own innate ability to function in heal better to minimize. Interference your body. Okay because we know most medications come outside effects succumb of the risks and I'm not saying that anybody who who's he listening to me right now. Should discontinue using your medication that's something you must discuss with your prescribing doctors. What I am saying is and is that we all have to be alert and aware. What risks are associated with being on medication long term. And had they don't make you healthy they don't take your body to a higher level of function healing and he simply won't Alter symptoms. And they'll keep you stable for a short term period and and basically keep you surviving. For a short term period so we just have to understand when the right time and places for them and not abuse Allison and that makes sense so. I'm here to take your health questions during the next hour. The lines are open at 5708830098. Or 180437. 0098. Can also be like to email me your questions or subscribe for our weekly health tips recipes in the week. You can send us an email PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IRO. Act And just say that your radio listener. And you like to begin receiving and subscribe for our weekly emails health tips videos podcasts. And recipes of the week and we have one coming appear a little bit later in the program today and for crock pot chock. It's a healthy all natural organic GMO free. Beef recipe that you can coding your crock pot perfect time a year out incidences have a nice warm and nourishing meal. And we're to discuss a little bit later in the hour. But we are in this is the last call. For anyone out there who like to come and visit us at my clinic in books very power chiropractic health center. This coming week Monday December the fifth through Friday December the ninth. The doors are open wheel we have appointment times available for eight of for new patients. And what we're offering is a detailed evaluation of your spine in her system including Thurman graphics studies posture assessment. Case history. And an X rays if necessary along with the first adjustments necessary and any necessary spinal rehabilitation. And after we do all that with fuel go over recommendations and findings of your X rays if we take them and and other exam findings with youths. 300 dollar value only fifty dollars and this coming week only last chance in 2016 we know the holidays were in holiday mode now homework running low on cash and insurance is limited these days so there's no greater timer opportunity to come and take advantage of an amazing special in the right now. This coming week you're during the holidays and we know people Leo we'll throw their backs you're putting up lights and decorations for Christmas. You're carrying ending your or your bending over and you're wrapping your packages in your pulling items off the shelf in the department stores. And this is Tommy your people are more likely to injure themselves. So we're opening our doors and we're we're off three A did tremendous deal for for it in the anybody who has not visited power chiropractic health center in the past. The special is available to you this coming week only we have morning afternoon and early evening appointment times available to all week long Monday through Friday. Caller clinic right now to sit your appointment 57082935. Needs zero. That's 570829. Three 580 call today someone will take your call we will call you back shortly to confirm your appointment time at 300 dollar value for only fifty dollars calm now. Monday December 5 through Friday December 9 570829. 35. Feet. Zero so wanted to start off today's program discussed saying. The tips on how to bounce back. From any food binge we know Thanksgiving we celebrated over a week ago now and a lot of us we. Are still feeling the effects of Thanksgiving dinner were feeling bloated maybe some of us you had some sort of virus that we got we got sick we felt ill first few days maybe still some of this listening right now arcing yet I still feel like I haven't done no or. The effects of that holiday meal or meals from all the partisan now. There's no transition to where OK your body gets an opportunity to rest since the fasten to take a break from overeating and binging. There is Christmas parties there is. Get togethers family outings things like that happening with the Christmas holiday right around the corner and New Year's right around the corner. So how do we bounced back after any food Benjamin to give you four tips here number one. He won a supplement with digestive enzymes and what I recommend is a product by garden of life called raw enzymes we have these available on our clinic for sale. And I'll be discussing information about purchasing here shortly but they just of enzymes are vital to good digest of health as they help break down. Larger food molecules into smaller particles. That the body can more easily use while also helping to keep large amounts of food moving officially through the call on. These enzymes also enhanced nutritional absorption and prevent nutritional deficiencies. The problem is that many people out there are deficient in these critical enzymes especially as they get older because our natural enzyme production decreases with age. Consuming these digest it and that's prior year meal were preparing your body to better digest and absorb the nutrients from all those delicious food that you'll be eating it. And help you to avoid feeling of having a basketball lodged in your abdomen through. Taken enzymes can also help you prevent acid reflux heartburn and stomach pain second because they overheating. It's not a deficiency. Of proton pump inhibitors. Trial a sack and axiom the purple pill whatever is B is being. Promoted and advertised you folks those come with risks us come with consequences. And side effects but aren't good okay. You buys producing your stomach is producing too much acid for reason there's interference there is there's something causing the problem so fix the problem. Don't mask the effects OK so the enzymes help to correct the problem. Over time as he says people get older as more and more interference and starts to build over time. Your beer buddies and I'm production diminishes so we need to provide it with more enzymes so that's why supplementing with equality digestive enzymes supplement like the garden of life is a better solution than taking. An anti acid or a proton pump inhibitor or something like the purple pill or blue pill whatever you. They'll make the producer a lot of money and number two. Take digested ends and I just have herbs for dessert. So after eating huge meal especially carver comfort food centric one. Like the once typically serve during the holidays the last thing your belly needs is serving a high calorie dessert. It's only going to exacerbate the bloating constipation. And the sugar will cause the entire digestive process slow down even more. Also. We know they're giving a desert during holidays is nearly impossible so if you have just have to try in a slice of cheesecake or piece of pie. And to keep your portions smaller and follow it up with a warm cup of tea made from herbs. That all aid digestion and calm any internal distress one of the best Earth's for me just to help I just a tease out there's something called and you Greek. FE and you GR UK and it's known to help with numerous I just have problems like upset stomach stomach inflammation and constipation. Other Casey therapeutic tee options include peppermint and ginger. Most grocery stores like wegmans or house in nutritional have these available in stock. Dole also so wide variety of digests a team plans choose when you're the one that you enjoy tickets in the most and she'd been on hand for most. A all of your meals. We can do is if you're going to replace take a couple of cheap packets one or two Whitfield. Just reduce the app portion size is dessert I'm not saying the skip dessert. He gets sold your eyes so to your cheesecake so do some cookies from the we have one cookie sent a 45 cookies or two cookies. OK so minimize or reduce and then have the digestive. Aiding herbal herbal tea like the thing you great peppermint or ginger number 313 appear. How to recover from a holiday binge taking a walk not a nap. A nap only makes the food sit in store and will cause you to gain more weight and feel more below bloated and and uncomfortable for a longer period at times. So they called food coma for good reason over eating won't make you very very sleepy again if we start to reduce calories. And portion sizes. We're going to have more energy the more we over eat the more tired we're going to feel it's as simple as that folks. The overwhelming feeling of fatigue death follows large meals is the result of this tremendous amount of energy required for digestion. When you over eat more of your blood supply must be directed to your stomach and gastrointestinal system. To facilitate digestion with all this blood going towards food processing as us but for the rest your body. I. Okay leaving you feeling tired or light headed. But if you want to recovers quickly as possible you must resist the urge to lie down and all costs instead have the hot cup of teeth taken nice walk after your meal. Speed watching isn't necessary. And might be more challenging FT ED moderate to larger meal to shoot from moderate block. You know for thirty to 45 minutes after your dinner in the digestion process keep the blood circulating in helping to feel more alert. Going for a walk we'll also helped to burn calories in May cancel out the extra calories you just consumed. Finally number four. And to consume more protein. Might sound counterintuitive but in the meals following your food binge it's important eat more protein rich foods. Always it's a good idea after binges. When you can seem to any card sugar and bad fats it's a Smart idea in general overall for keeping your energy up and your waistline down. Overall I recommend it to about. 38%. Of your plane. High quality source of protein that can mean grass fed organic Turkey. Organic chicken and ice I intended dear people away from pork because it contains retro viruses and parasites. Even if it's organic pork I wouldn't minimize your consumption of pork at all costs. That includes seafood like wild salmon or white fish like wild card. Deer meat is okay since its deer season here in northeastern Pennsylvania some venison is time pro team. And if you want 30% your plate high quality protein preferably organic grass fed free arranged. No actually raise plastered protein exert great as well. This insures that you eat enough throughout the day to meet your needs prevents you from over eating the bad stuff there which are the carbohydrates. Sugars and the bad hydrogenated fats and oils. Protein rich smoothly for breakfast source great so I recommend using garden of life's rough it's supplement which we have available at our clinic I'll be talking discussing that here. A little a little bit later in the program today and but that contains twenty grams of protein one scoop when you can mix and with some berries some coconut milk almond butter. You can add in some flack seeds are Chia seeds and cinnamon bananas and and a handful for an expansion that. That's typically what I do for breakfast and that's a great way to kick start your metabolism early on in the day so that you. Are nourished to hearsay she did. Meaning that you're not hungry throughout the day that you're not going to convene a wanted to take a bag of chips pretzels cookies snack foods and overeat and then John knows. So that's for you it's important get enough protein in your diet especially with the smooth the first thing during the day. So again when it comes to bouncing back after a food band's number one. Digestive enzymes supplementation again we have these both for men and women. Available at power chiropractic health center in wilkes-barre. If you wanna make sure to get in herbal tea and for your holiday parties and even after dinner and dessert if when every year planning to even dessert like a pie pastry. Cookies doughnuts for anything like that if you wanna reduce the portion size. Do you achieve and you Greek FE and new GRE EK. Ginger or pap permanent. Number three instead of taking that nap after dinner. Get yourself up and go for a walk even if you feel slightly tired pushed through that because if you take a nap you're only going to feel more tired. And you're not going to burn those extra calories that you just eight and that's going to lead to more weight gain more sluggishness more fatigue over time and finally number four came to consume more protein. Get us through the end for practice each day and make sure 30% of your plate is that could lean protein that's organic chicken and grass fed beef pasture. Organic. Grass fed eggs. Avoid the pork stay away from the restroom viruses mutate forms in the parasites with the pork. And and seafood as well you can do wild salmon wild cod. You can do those and then as soon as well we're going to take a quick commercial break when I get back LB answering your health questions you can call me up right now 57 no 830098. Or 1804370098. Also you can send your questions or email at PWR Cairo. At PWR CH IR ago. At Going get back going to be discussing a broad groundbreaking study here. Of why it's important to get outside even during the winter months stay tuned this is maximize your health with doctor Dan polish asking. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building in restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your health our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages go Leo's just rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold from. They started life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium pro by onyx can co Q ten this. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to end. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were put all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EP ADR ga and dot com. On the power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road looks. And if you recently declared bankruptcy you're going to want to change the station. Because there's an alternative to bankruptcy and it could be faster than you ever think possible but if you already declared bankruptcy and a miss this opportunity you want to change the station now. 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Dollars with free next day airship simply call 180400. To 791. How we do it. We cut up the costly middlemen we slashed the red tape of insurance allowing us to give you the world's best seat grab machines and accessories for the lowest prices everything you need to treat sleep apnea for a fraction of the price with none of vessel. Don't miss this special radio offer free next day shipping on the C Pappas right for you a name brand machine for a fraction of the price just 289. Dollars. Call 180400. To 791. That's 180400. To 791. This season maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Dane ghoulish S ski. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize. Your health northeastern Pennsylvania I am your health and wellness coach doctor Dan acknowledged just keep. You're the coach you guide you and inspire you to reach your full health potential if you have health questions now. Like what you know how should I exercise and or know what's the best detox plan out there. Or maybe you were just diagnose a high cholesterol you wanna know what are the top three diet tips to follow to help lower cholesterol naturally. Or maybe you're someone out there suffering with aches and pains of arthritis source may be fibromyalgia. Anyone know why you should do for you know may be years someone out there where you've tried different medications and even the medications are working at this point. You don't know where returner what to do and we're here to help you hold your hand and leads you through a process of better health function healing in vitality call up with your health questions right now 57 no 830098. Or 180437. 200988. And again there's a tremendous opportunity for you right now if you are a fibromyalgia suffer. Arthritis neck pain. Headaches. Even problems like allergies and asthma which you may not think that chiropractic care can help with we are opening our doors. We have appointment times available all week this upcoming week from Monday December the fifth. Through Friday December the ninth. Morning afternoon and evening appointment times are available for any new patients who are clinic in wilkes-barre. Power chiropractic health center 113 west and rub. And you can call and receive a detailed evaluation of your spine and nervous system. Your posture. We're gonna do demographics are used to detect where there is nerve interference. And that we may take X rays if necessary if your spine to measure the alignment measured big degree forehead posture measure of the cervical curve look at the hips into the shoulders look at the spine to spine torque dessert torque on the inner for T April discs. Is any spinal problem that's causing your pain so we're gonna look at your spine and central nerve system your central nervous system. Controls every organ in your body from your heart your immune system your digestive system that we talked about earlier. So it's important that the there's no interference your nervous system your spine has to be improper alignment that's going to be checking you for. So your way. Beginning again is in the valuation X rays if necessary first and just and if necessary in any necessary spinal rehab and any follow up visit or that we review your findings with you that's a 300 dollar value. Only fifty dollars if you make the appointment this week only and if your new patients who are clinic. You wanna call now certain summoned will return your call to confirm an appointment time for you today the number to cause 570. 8293580. So that's 570. 829. 3580. Or maybe you're listening now and may be the person you're thinking about. Could really benefit from this it's the holidays they don't have they're they're they're the money's tie eight. Insurance coverage is limited these days. And and they need help. You know this could be a godsend this could be a great holiday gift for them so you can actually discussed this with them or run this bind them to. Have them caller clinic. Or send me an email. Give me the information out here in a minute but again be a hero for that person you'll be the messenger for that person who didn't hear this opera this offer on this program today. A maximize your health to come in and in this can be a big game changer for them in their health and in their life right now. By getting this fine checked from a big different perspective a non conventional perspective if you Welch. So even call up to you Clark for a 708293580. 5708293580. Or you can email me if you've additional questions about making disappointment. Or anything you'd like to discuss with me PWR Cairo. At PWR. CH IRO. At And I wanted to think T sponsor house of nutrition located fifteen main street in the Borough of concern in Missouri county. Located off of exit six off of the route 309 cross valley expressway in Lucerne county. House and nutrition and alternative grocery organic vegan bakery in prep foods. Green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies are fairly trading gets. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices they are open seven days a week. Today they're open now until 6 PM tomorrow Sunday 11 AM until 5 PM in the Monday through Friday at 9 AM youth until. 8 PM also be sure lighthouse in nutrition on FaceBook for up to date offers and discount to specials holidays are in season they have some great gift ideas over there. They have healthy holiday desserts in a great baker their Kerry was phenomenal. We have our holiday party recently we had her make a few this is for us and they were amazing man in the on the begin chocolate chip cookies. And an organic brownies and all sorts of amazingly delicious. Recipes that house and nutrition. I'm also one of the supplements I talk about here are available housing nutrition. Content so I wanted to talk now about speaking of supplements. The garden of life supplements sees that we are a retailer and our clinic power chiropractic have won thirteen Weston road Wilkes-Barre. And before the break we talked about digestive enzymes suggests of health recovering from the food and so we just stocked up on the probe by products. And we also stocked up on digested and times this is a time of year with the holidays. And everything going on. Over typically overeating typically. Putting our our digestive systems under a lot of additional stress it's essential. To maintain your health with good quality probe by onyx and digestive enzymes we have these available at our clinic. So if you like to purchase these or stop in during any of our regular business hours. You can do that are happens is ours are on our website www. Nepa doctored and dot com. Any PA DRD and dot com or you can give us a call for if you many questions. Or concerns about that 570829. 3580. That's 570829. 3580. But why don't we choose guard analyze Hawaiian Mr. Big support these because their whole food base their clean source. They're traced back to the soil clean soil knowing where each and every ingredient in the product keen from. It's a safe farming practices. So and all whole food baseball organic and no gluten and no dairy nook and GMO free. That's what we want that's that's the best method of how to get in our nutrients are enzymes are pro buyouts indoor body without causing any. In taxing additional taxing effects. Against our bodies so guard and obliged to check of their website just to learn more. Www. Garden of life dot com and again we have these new multi vitamins for men women and children Omega three fish oils we had the world enzyme. Arthritis and joint formula available we have perfect food greens which of the vegetables we have the rock fit protein powder. And and these will also make for great gift ideas if you're if you're trying to figure some gift ideas so be sure to contact your clinic or stop in during any one of our business hours. Our numbers 5708293580. For more information also. My total health may go over dvd won't make for a huge gift idea so we Disney over the price from forty dollars for the two disk set. Down to 25 dollars. So if if you're looking for gift ideas. If you know somebody who wants to learn more about how to may be moving in a 2017. How to improve their health. And he somebody's trying to regain their health back and they wanna learn more. You know and then we know there's a lot of information on the web that we don't know always up and always know who to trust and who not to trust him maybe even a listener to the program here for awhile and you've. Yoga has experienced some breakthroughs in your own health. You can pick up a copy of the total health make over dvd we can ship this to you if you wish. And you could also stop in north clinic to pick these up we have these in soccer. The topic so to dvds. You go pop this right into your computer right into your and laptop. If you still have a dvd player you can use that as well we have them available. Function and fitness food for health toxicity 101 and mindset of a champion so over four hours worth of a dvds. With power points in note three could stop and policies on your personal computer or your laptops. And you can take notes that you can you can you did you're gonna learn everything of what are they at the top five factors considered to consider when when it comes to health hopeful nutrition. You're gonna learn the benefits of what is the most effective way to exercise in the shortest period of time. With the most benefits and you're gonna learn about the strategies of how to get your mindset in shape so that you start forming healthy habits. And you're gonna learn about what are that the the toxic top tens. Okay so all of these are covered on the total health make over dvd and there was forty dollars now during the holidays only 25 dollars this is a steal it's a bargain. If he'd like to order of the Stevie. 57082935. B zero point 57082935. Eight is. Zero so one of the share now the study from Huffington Post so they can across now a few weeks ago. Why it's. More important now it can be short again outside. During the winter months even during the summer months. We know it's colder it gets darker earlier we don't you know we wanna be indoors when you warmth. But that comes with consequences. Not not favorable consequences rather negative consequences but as the days get short. The chilly weather rolls in meal one and just curled in a blanket when hibernate until springs. But making time to get outside in the sun even when it's cold out could have bigger mood benefits. Than you might realize it's. Club a link between sunshine mental health is nothing new the most comprehensive say today has shown that the association may be even stronger than previously. Realized through new research emerged from Brigham Young University knew Tom. In November 5 there in the journal of affective disorders finding that sunlight exposures by far the greatest weather related factor determining mental health outcomes. In other words more sunshine equals more happiness. So if you're getting enough son your emotions should remain relatively stable according to research. But as the amount of sunlight in the days. Is reduced levels of emotional stress can shoot up other weather variables including temperature pollution a rain were not found to have an impact on mental health. Exposure to cell lines is significant factor in seasonal affective disorder and research has shown that the brain produces more of the feel good. Neuro transmitter serotonin on sunny days than it does on darker days. Quote people who are in therapy or who are struggling with psychological emotional difficulties may feel worse during seasons when the days are shorter. According to one and then researchers in the study and as a result mental health providers should be prepared to end up their game and clients may want to seek additional help. During those times so in addition to seeking professional help you must see people suffering with seasonal affective disorder. Mental health disorders. Something as simple as taking a walk outside in the sun can help even be a bundle up Wear your gloves we are men's Wear your hat your scarf. Heavy coat bundle up stay warm but it's still getting that some exposure is the difference maker. That living in depression then having. And not suffering from depression having a better move because that any of it being chronically stress and suffering with things like seasonal affective disorder. Has Tate has a tax in effect on your whole body it's your heart your cardiovascular system you're immune system. Your body becomes more inflamed so if you have chronic pain symptoms like fibromyalgia. Autoimmune diseases you're more likely to have your symptoms exacerbate it when your under stress and we're knew when you're deficient and sunlight vitamin. So what you could do real nice Y don't know what I should do you know what else can I do besides just going for a walk. You can go hiking just pull any of hiking trails your northeastern Pennsylvania. You can go and still have a picnic you know I'm nice today when the sun is out may be it's in the fifties that day go out you know during the year about the afternoon and have a picnic. You're helping Hershey Nielsen outside taken some deep breaths if you look pet a cat or dog watch your caddie your dog. And take the monsoon trails. You could play games you can play football again enjoy a flag football league join me and frisbee laying you know where they play frisbee football. Basketball. You cannot do activities is your kids take your kids in the park you know go down to go on swings with your kids push your kids on the swings. Grandparents and there are good and the sliding board a few times gone matier tires get yourself moving or maybe you like to run and jog maybe you know. EU have already goals set in the spring of Tony seventeen you can go for a you don't wanna warmer milder day. Upper forties lower CEO fifties we still get some of those days here in northeastern Pennsylvania but get out and go for a light John maybe maybe try to run jog half mile. Or a full mile set some goals for yourself. Or if you have a buys beyond mountain biking gonna get out mountain bike more as well but it's important according to studies here Huffington Post get out and make sure that you're getting enough sun exposure even during the winter months. It's good we note oxygen may we say to open up windows during the winter months for a few minutes today to what the fresh air command you know to minimize toxic exposure. But even make sure you're getting outside also it's good idea to take a vacation during the winter months to go to a beach Gaudin in the Caribbean for a few days. Black Friday and Cyber Monday just pass but there are a lot of great specials. You know just FYI. Removing yell it ended in two years in the year succumbed. Book your vacations for the winter months January February and march on Black Friday or Cyber Monday because you don't you know my wife and I just booked a vacation in the Caribbean in February and we. Paid a fraction of what we paid me we went. You know just a few years ago so. I it's it's the best way to do it you know me get on the beach get the vitamin. And to live that abundant life that you were intended fourth time frame another quick commercial break when I get back I'm going to be talking about food allergens what are the most common allergies and what are the best. Alternatives. Is the best food allergy alternatives to replace these with. If you have health questions can call me right now 570830098. Or 1804370098. And also. I'm gonna be sharing our recipe of the week for crock pot chuck seems to get back from the break you're listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan go chassis. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops where fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold flu. They started life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten it. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were put all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR ENN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 west and road looks American spirit. May apply if you learn to speak another language with the program that's not just incredibly effective. Proven programs so instinctive still easy and so fun learning another language doesn't feel like learning at all. And what if instead of just drilling words and phrases it quickly unlocked real life conversations. Introducing Babel the revolutionary breakthrough that's changing the way people learn languages. We'll even prove it works by giving away a free demo you can start today for your powerful free demo simply text. Demo to 321321. All new battle is not only proven to be the best way to learn new language it's the shortest path to having real conversations he utilizes more proven strategies that rapidly unlock the secrets to wrap it language learner. All for your Smartphone computer or any other device you're powerful free demo of the apple while we're still giving them away absolutely free. Text demo to 321321. That's. EE MO 2321321. My number here does not look like number two I don't know what to call it is there a number three. Table for four weeks. Anything close to the restaurant. A little scenes with these economic problems. That's familiar fear of flying. Sounds like you if it does it could be one of the many people would the digestive condition called Mexico and pancreatic insufficiency. Or PPI I won't even if you don't know when he PI yes you might know the symptoms of frequent diarrhea. Yes well bloating stomach pain well. If you have even just one of the symptoms you could still happy PRI because not everybody experiences CPI the same way which is why it's so important to open up your doctor about all your symptoms well. In the good news is PPI is manageable. So don't keep a lid on its good to identify EPI dot com complete the symptom checker and music to have a conversation with your doctor. Don't people live on this and identifying UPI dot. Front you buy antique. Radio PA's ask the governor program serves as you are direct line to governor Tom Walsh. With the governor now by going to GA matters dot com and clicking the ask the governor Lincoln's time. The pain questions selected for ask the governor will be included in our special segment of the show dedicated to you. A question about transportation funding the effects of illegal drug use on your community and the environment for maybe taxes and the state budget. Was there will be your questions are selected by radio ga for inclusion in the program you can also submitted a question Mike email him directly to ask the go to bed PA matters downtown. That's ask the gov GOV. Matters doctor. This is governor Tom wolf we'll talk about the issues that affect you want to ask the governor you can submit your question or. Comment today by visiting team members dot com. The award winning ask the governor program as an exclusive presentation of radio PA NBA matters doctor. This is WI OK powered by Sherwood Chevrolet into uncanny PA stop by Sherwood the view full lines a Buick GMC and Chevrolet. Back to maximize your health with your health coach. Doctor Dana ghoulish SD. You are listening to maximize your help with your health coach doctor de Angola SSD. I'm here to Nancy. Health questions you can email me your questions now through email at PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IRO at also if you've been a regular listener now to the program for some time. You could send me your testimonials now as well will be sharing those on an upcoming program in the near future PWR Cairo at Gmail. Dot com PWR CH IRO at And again this is the last call. For new patients in the year 2016 we know. Cash we're a lot of us are strapped for cash with holiday gifts to. Bulk purchasing gifts for our friends and her family. Hop parties vacations. Time off from work. And this is Tammy were more people are likely to injure themselves. Decorating. You name it. So did we open up appointment times morning afternoon and evening appointment times during this next week. At our clinic it looks very power chiropractic health center at 113 Weston road and and then you can call receive a full detailed assessment of your spine and nervous system including. I computerized tomography posture assessment X rays if necessary and then a first adjustment is necessary. Its final rehab if necessary in any follow up consultation moral reviewed recommendations with you from there this is a 300 dollar value. Only fifty dollars this week only this is the last call you wanna call today some will return your call. And get you confirmed for an appointment time for this coming week Monday December 5. Through Friday December the ninth call now 5795708293580. That's 570. 829. 3580. Also be like just stopped and an order garden of life supplements we have the enzymes to probe by onyx the protein supplements multi vitamins for men women and children. Coconut oil it's available if you have questions if you like to order had anything ship these make for great gift ideas call today 57082935. Eight to zero as well as the total health make over dvds including the topics of function fitness nutrition weight loss toxicity and mindset. Once forty dollars now only 25 dollars for two dvds. Can pop right into your personal computer or laptop. And there's over four hours worth of material with PowerPoint slides and notes included. You can stop in and pick it up or have a shipped to you even car clinic right now today for more information. 5708293580. That's 570829. 35. For sponsoring this program of maximize your health they're located at fifteen main street news or you can like them on FaceBook. House of nutrition. Alternative grocery store organic meat and bakery Kraft Foods drinks cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading gifts. House and nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices. They are located again off of exits six and the route 309 expressway in Lucerne county be sure to stop and visit from the day they're open until 6 o'clock PM. And then on Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday 9 AM until 8 PM thank you house of nutrition for sponsoring this program of maximize. Your health so I wanted to just share now the recipe of the week and again if you elect subscribe and receive these weekly emails. You could send us an email right now the PWR Cairo at PWR CH IR OA if you like more information in general about maximize your health if you like download radio podcasts you can visit my website at triple W dot need but doctored and dot com. That's an EPA. DR DEA and dot com for so the recipe for crock pot chuck. He when he is organic ingredients as much as possible to minimize pesticides insecticides. And herbicides from being on your food. So this is for. One and opened a crack pipe chuck one half pounds of boneless grass fed beef chuck roast two tablespoons of coconut oil sea salt to taste. Two cups of organic beef broth. 128 ounce can of organic diced tomatoes one and a half cups of chopped carrots so one cup of chopped onion. Six garlic cloves the three dailies and one tablespoon of Italian seasoning. Turn the crock pot on high and at an all ingredients except the chuck roast. Generously salted chuck roast on both sides place a coconut oil and skillet on stove top and heat on high. Replace chuck roast in skillet and let's hear for two minutes sunny side next place to chuck roast in the crock pot cover the lid and let cook for six hours. This will last for five days refrigerator and crock pot recipes no better Tommy your to do it then during the holidays during the winter months here. If you like a recipe if you like this recipe emailed to you like your email the substance out to you in the next few days. She sent an email to PWR Cairo fat PWR CH IRO. At We'll be sure to include you for all of our health tips podcasts and recipes of the week. That are discussed here on maximize your health. So wanted to wrap up the program today talking about food allergies. And and alternatives. To common food allergens number one is going to be milk and dairy cows milk protein allergy. It affects you percent to seven and a half percent of children. How operates systems and no hood is in common a milk allergies and immunological reaction to one or more milk proteins. To treat the algae have to obviously avoid consuming Malkin dairy products altogether. Secondly your eggs and deserve personnel ingredient values and a wider range of manufactured food products to people with egg allergies it's important that they understand the potential for accidental exposure to cross contamination. Which can occur where ever foods being repair your serve including restaurants and bakeries. In addition egg whites in shells are used as clarifying agency can be found in soup sticks wine and alcohol based beverages and coffee drinks. Egg whites are also uses it wash for bread products. Next hour he's penis. Approximately one to 2% of the population has a peanut allergy. Which he's had is on a tendency to has tends to climb the peanuts are actually lagoons because they grow underground as opposed to tree nuts. For this reason people can't be allergic to peanuts but not tree nuts and vice Versa to peanut allergies. Tend to be present early life and affected individuals generally don't have grow these. Highly allergic people die from penis just Trace quantities can induce allergic reactions. And then next allergens are tree nuts and typically all almonds pecans pistachios his moments Brazil nuts. Next is a week's Wii is one of the main food allergies because we just found in other foods like ketchup soy sauces and bears. And it's also found in cosmetics and bath products or wheat allergies are sometimes confused with the Celia disease. But these are different conditions. People with silly X disease react to gluten which is a particular protein found in wheat. And this will cause an abnormal immune system reaction next to fish and shellfish. Fin fish allergies shellfish allergies or different fish allergies often develop early in life Ali shellfish allergy tends to develop later. Finally soybeans in recent years the impact of soy foods and supplements upon human health has become increasingly. Controversial. There's conflicting evidence about the health risks and benefits of soybeans. One thing that's clear is researchers are certain that soy allergies are becoming more common affecting approximately. A half percent of children. So again the most common allergens are going to be weeks. Dairy eggs peanuts tree nuts fish and shellfish and soybeans. So what are the button best food allergy alternatives number one is coconut milk it's a great non dairy. Food that's highly nourishing particularly. In median change triglycerides and essential fatty acids. So there's a number of commercially produced cows and local turner is made from soy coconut rice potato. Oh tones these alternatives are not actually milk but extract derived from plant sources such as nuts seeds and grains. Just as cow's milk is fortified with nutrients like vitamin. Some milk alternatives have a similar nutritional profile to that of cows now. Aside from the fact that soy allergies are also rising in the US I don't recommend using it as a no alternative but never use soy milk soy is bad for you. The main issues with so they are that it mostly contains vital estrogens. Which are estrogen mimic yours in the body and today soy is also genetically modify and genetically modified foods are linked to many health problems because they kill off the good bacteria in the gut. And all weekend I just a function over time again the vessel turned a share for cow's milk is not soy milk rather it's coconut milk. It's a liquid and it actually found inside the coconut soared with coconut meat. Coconut milk is completely free of Gary lactose soy nuts and grains it's a great option for anyone with Jerry sort are not allergies. Even if you're lactose intolerant so so use coconut milk. Egg substitutes for eggs we know again. He uses finding her Lebanese agents recipes but there are some alternatives like to work as well. Too thin for Allman and tougher on peanut allergies folks a peanut allergies switch over Allman butter or sunflower seed Boehner. Allman voters simply ground omens are many mental health benefits of moments nutrition healthy fats city essential amino acids. Omens are low in saturated fats rich in unsaturated fats and contain a lot of fiber. Falsified a sterile anti oxidant vitamins like right before even Trace minerals and magnesium. Sunflower seed but his daughter's also a great substitute for peanut butter. That contains healthy fats and proteins. It contains high levels of vitamin Ian magnesium. Next you can do flax seeds Chia seeds pumpkin season sunflower seeds the senate peanuts. High in Omega three threes rather than the Omega six's which are highly inflammatory found in peanut butter you want to minimize and reduce those. Next with the week you wanna start to go gluten free and grain frame there's a many flowers that don't contain wheat you can easily be used as an alternative in making. So you can use wheat free gluten free flowers like Bob's red no brand you use coconut flower on the flower spell some oat flour or rice flour. Coconut flowers high in fiber healthy fats is use this in my personal favorite. He went cooking or making it easily used by the by for energy and help support a healthy metabolism there was a study in the British journal of nutrition which found that the Dicey nick index of coconut flower. Supplemental foods decrease in fallout with increasing levels of coconut flour which is probably due to the high dietary fiber contents. Another great option for cooking are making to go gluten free and staying away from the wheat is ground on the meal flour it's packed with LR GB magnesium copper manganese calcium and potassium. Allman flower works well and recipes from baked goods. And even as it has cholesterol lowering effects next protein foods we talked earlier in the hour about protein. Well especially when it comes to people with us seafood allergies and fish allergies and shellfish allergies. Eating fin fish or shellfish beneficial because his good protein and Omega three fats. And instead if you if you're allergic to fish and shellfish you can do grass fed me. Organic and natural raise. Organic poultry if you're a vegetarian begin you can do plant based protein foods including land souls. Black beans Kean why not own. There's also you can add more Chia seeds to get your Omega three fantastic flax seeds Chia seeds. High in fiber vitamins and minerals a lentils and he was a mention lentils are high in protein. Team are recipes are easy to prepare because the green only takes fifteen minutes to prepare making this us. The way. To get plenty of protein without eating. So I mean so that's about it folks I'm not a time for today I will be back to next Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM. To help you gain victory in your life. In your health by helping you. To maximize. Your health. If you have questions you can email me your questions at any time follow us on the web triple W dot neat they doctored and dot com social media power chiropractic health center. All of our links are on our website email us PWR Cairo and and hope many of you won't take advantage of her exclusive offer this upcoming week. As new patient car clinic 570. 8293580. Coming back next week to help you maximize your healthy wealthy cities and I'll see you soon.