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Nov 19, 2016|

Saturday November 19, 2016

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program abuse or claims may not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor Kalish ASCII just is a reminder of the advice her on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish this team. All your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now maximize your health with the doctor Dan ghoulish Heskey. Welcome to another program of maximize your health on W I LK and again I am your health coach doctor Dan go English ASCII and as always it's a privilege and an honor. And delivered the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health naturally we talk function food fitness. Detox a mindset and everything in between. I'm here to take you're health questions during the next hour so you can call in 5708830098180437. 0098. Also feel free to email me your questions. Act PWR. Cairo at That's PWR. CH IRO. Asked In your questions are important here on the show. So when you call eight or you email me I'm gonna respond by giving you simple and effective action steps again. A lot of people say you know doctor Dan it's great information I love tuning in your program each week. Our attention here and there. But a lot of time it seems like there's a wall put up where the information goes in their brain and it sounds good bye to. The action doesn't come to fruition if you well because. People are stuck in the comfort zones and I'm here to help give you that nudge or that push wherever you're at your life. To help you take your health to the next level. And the only way that you can do that isn't by just hearing the information and I say. But putting the information into action that will produce the positive results in changes for you and better health outcomes for you. Again we live in a society that is. Facing health on the wrong things how they look. And how they feel. Those things can alert you to problems they are warning signs but there are always underlying cop there's an underlying cause or underlying causes. That can cause you don't feel bad and to look bad. So don't just simply base your health on that so for example you feel good if you hadn't been sick in a while you're not. Technically overweight according to guidelines. You still want to be proactive in eating the right foods looking to food is your Madison to making fitness a priority. Getting enough sleep tonight and making sure that your body is functioning in healing properly from the inside out because that's where all health takes place it takes place within your body at VA York central nervous system we're gonna talk a little bit more about some. Things that you could do to optimize. You're central nervous system's ability ability to function he'll better. A little bit later here in the hour but we just recently had our healthy holiday arrest to be night and we had probably fifteen or twenty people packed into our office. We had a table full of food it felt like. The holidays came early this year for me all the food was to die for delicious and healthy Maine with all natural. In green and self if you like to subscribe for some of these recipes I'm not going to be sharing one of the recipes here and a few minutes. For coconut pumpkin cookies but if you would like to receive the heat and emailed. With the recipes attached you can send your email at right now PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRO at we'll get some of these recipes out you've. In a minute here I'm going to be talking about. But the mindset and the tips that you want to keep in mind. As we move into the holiday season we have Thanksgiving Christmas New Year's parties between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Where there will be ill lots of junk food in front of you and so it's important that we don't set ourselves up to four feet. A health crisis. Or failures in her you know when it comes to our health because according to statistics and research this time of year the holidays quote unquote. From November 1 until January 1 there's more heart attacks. There's more type two diabetes diagnoses and there's more cancer diagnoses. And there's more strokes okay this time of year. Cut the compared to any other time a year a lot of that is due to stress. Can pay what should I buy it. We have to spend extra money we put purchases on credit card we build up our debt. Other things another component contributed about is food you know we're not eating the right food or eating highly. Refined processed foods starchy carbohydrates. Artificial sweeteners. Bad fats. Hydrogenated oils GM owes you name were packing our bodies for these. Reporting on an average of five to fifteen pounds and again according to research more people put on extra weight during the holidays. Then other times in the air so the recipes that we had available. At our healthy holiday recipe night here recently a power chiropractic. They remain all next round no GM knows nothing artificial. Real hole food ingredients and that's what the name of the game here is when it comes to eating for health. Whole foods real foods does that mean you should never eat a suite starts ever not at all. You need to schedule your meals you need to have the mind its know how you're going into it just like it like it's a game. And you're in it to win for yourself and if you're constantly eating poorly like fast food and starchy foods at these parties. And doughnuts at the office and soda and lots of alcoholic. Then you're you're Robbie you're so you're you're losing your health you're you're basically. You're losing three you're losing a game of health gay you know I guess is no simpler way to put it. So you're in control you're the one responsible so you need to first understand and then apply what's the right way to go when it comes to. Us stress when it comes to creating that healthy lifestyle when money comes to selecting the right foods but these recipes again going back to healthy recipes we can email me email you guys if anyone listening right now I like to receive these recipes through email. Just simply send me an email right now the PWR Cairo at That's PWR CH IRO at also check out our web site. Triple W dot need a doctored and dot com and EPA ED RDA and a commie to find out more information about maximize your health radio. Information about my clinic in wilkes-barre there's nutrition information fitness videos testimonials on ways to set up an appointment at our site in Wilkes-Barre a power chiropractic health senator I want to thank everybody. For him. Listening today. As ran holiday season here. Thankfully we still have some great weather you know we've been it's been mild here so no better time a day we're gonna talk a little bit later in the hour about. Some research an article that recently was so on Huffington Post about why it's necessary to get out during the winter months even though we're still in fall technically. November December January February can almost be like 8088 and early transition into winter for us here in northeastern Pennsylvania. So it's important that you get out you get someone you get oxygen you get moving your body it's all going to build better health maintain your health for youth so these holiday health tips how to we go into the holiday season with the right mindset so that we wind. And we don't set ourselves up to serve for failure and loss is putting on more weight. To becoming sicker. Maybe being diagnosed with another. Pathology your disease process so how do we avoid being in that statistic of okay and so so many people again it's a holiday is their checked out they're going to parties that they're up late they're drinking more alcohol there eating more calories they're eating more of the wrong calories. They're not because they don't feel there is your joints ache because there eating poorly in their bodies are inflamed. They're now not exercising either so it's it's 1234. Things working against them rather than for themselves. You are responsible you're the one who can make the change is possible I'm just the voice on the messenger to provide you the material that you need so these hop in the holiday action plan for this year. 2016. Don't wait till January 12017. To set New Year's resolutions and then just mutilate your body for the next two months. Let's start now what can we do so Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Christmas Day in day that you have a holiday parties scheduled. He want to always eat your normal meals. OK don't skip meals so worst thing you can do to catch you eat how you would normally eat if you just began implementing an intermittent fasting. Intermittently facts who can't. But if eat your normal meals. Next on the day of the holiday the day before the holiday make sure that you exercise if you know you have a big meal coming up that you're going to be with friends with family. It's important to exercise maybe early in the day middle of the day prior to your. Get together in your sit down meal so two to three times a week and working out on the day of can really jump start your metabolism. So now that you're sitting at the dinner table for 1234. Hours so you know mingling with friends and family and there's all this food in front of you. Your bodies burning and up. We can and with that said you went hydrate you wanna make sure that you drink lots of water good Ross Thomas weigh yourself in pounds take that number divided by two. And that's how many ounces of water you should be consuming every single day and the problem with a lot of people on the were made a lot a a common reason why a lot of people tend to over eat is because they're dehydrated. They're not drinking enough water. So that can simulate your hunger hormones if you're dehydrated so simply by drinking more water you can suppress your appetite. And that will cause you not to overeat. So the next thing the food comes out it's ready to go with self serve he get up. What you wanna do is when you take your first play cops eat down there may be appetizers and things like that it's good to do look like at our party the night we get organic celery sticks west. Guacamole. And drizzle with a lime juice green appetizer. And there are some other great ones out there as well you can do gluten free brush at tufts you can use. We had some on the you can do stuff and mushrooms. OK with some seafood on America. Oysters are OK too and a lot of clans and think that are very popular during holiday. Get togethers holiday meals so he could get some nutritional properties could quality protein zinc and other minerals from those seafood. But when you take your first played opposite than all the foods out front of you. You wanna go meets invests the bulls for so vegetables and that doesn't include corn. OK let me just say that Corzine starchy vegetable. Court cannot get broken down to digest it properly in your gastrointestinal track so you wanna do a green vegetable they can be copied a broccoli. Cauliflower which isn't a green vegetable but it's high in fiber and a good complex carbohydrate. Cauliflower would fall. To the green vegetables you can do steamed asparagus. You can do Collard greens. Sauteed kale Collard greens spinach if you have spinach available. Okay now during the appetizer session to allowed themselves will be available you wanna do organic Qaeda chronic greens K mixed greens. Spanish is good OK and then you could tap a video top you know drizzle extra virgin olive oil on that. That is going to be good thing to start with as well prior to your main course. So would you demean the Turkey. If you do check him. I don't recommend pork her hands OK I would say you know seafood turkeys chickens. Your protein your mean it's always better to go organic. Okay free arrange pastures is what you wanna look forward not a conventional turkeys or chickens or. Red meat filet is flaming on any anything like that he wanted to do meat and vegetables first. Because that is going to again regulate your metabolism it's going to say you're your hormones into proper balance that will not cause you don't over eat okay so meat and vegetables first is a way to do it after you eat your meat and vegetables now you've given yourself protein healthy fast fiber. Vitamins and minerals your body's. Paul basically it's gotten what it needs some now if you're still hungry go back and take a small portion of stuffing cranberry sauce. Mashed potatoes sweet potatoes yams what have you. And now you won't overeat. That is the solution it's the order in which you eat your holiday meal and then last dessert if you're so hungry a small piece of pie haven't been watered to cookies. You when you pull play. Okay like a lot of people did they get themselves in the big trouble and that sets themselves up for disease the next thing you can do as well during the day of the holiday is get aids. Supplement like perfect food greens from the heart of life which we have available and available at our clinic. It's freeze dried vegetable powder you can do to scoop up into water sixteen ounces of water stirred up and drink that that will help regulate your metabolism. And keep your hormones in a proper state. And again eat your meals during the day if it's again the recipes you can actually eat healthy bring some of these to your holiday get togethers. If your hat if you're hosting a party or if you're attending another friends or family members party some of the recipes that we I'd be willing to send you fer you know we Thanksgiving Christmas coming up and parties and between. Try some of these recipes. They are delicious they are the best. And in terms of not only how they taste but how healthy they are for you so send us an email right now for the recipes a PWR Cairo. At That's PWR CH IRO pat Again keep balance in mind if you know you are giving yourself a vacation meal which basically means you cheat meal. Eat a really great before hand you can do that perfect for greens you can do a Berry smoothie for breakfast. You could do an omelet like spinach off a vegetable omelet for breakfast cooked in coconut oil. Makes you getting nutrient packed foods in your diet that day if you know there's cheap meals on the horizon. And again if you mess up if you if you if you you know. Go to the party. He made a mistake he regretted it don't check out for good. Okay there's a lot of life left there's a lot of time on the clock left. Get back into the game treat yourself well. You can make up for next time there will be other opportunities. So stay in the game don't beat yourself up don't quit. Okay and then celebrate successes because once you do right look back to that and see how you felt compared other times where you mess stopping where you cheat away you skipped the work out the day out. So worked out and go eat your metabolism and then you don't on the X pounds. So I mean I get so passionate about this because I've been living this lifestyle now for several years a decade or are more than that. And I feel great every single year I look forward to the holidays I enjoy I cheat a little bit ago I go to hope friends and family. You know I state and there's plenty of food for enemy but you know what. I'm in control and I don't have the eat everything that's out with economy. Penn I'm talking to a certain group of people right now Brothers do you who understanding you agree you're nodding your heads in you're like yes this this works this plan works. So it's just you know it's unfortunate though we all go to our doctrine and the diagnosis just checked for symptoms of take your blood sugar you human will anyone see your triglycerides your cholesterol your blood pressure. They won't educate you more often than not on on that that in the lifestyle you're living. And your habits. Your food choices. But to say here your blood pressure so I take a pill lower. As you continue to eat poorly not exercise so that's not that's not. Cutting edge health care. That's symptom management okay time and place for when you're in a crisis is stabilizing and keep you alive but we don't we just simply to be alive who we want you to thrive if we want you to maximize your health this holiday season. So if you have questions you can call me up right now 5708830098. Or 1804370098. Mommy get back from the break I have eight. Healthy holiday recipe for coconut pumpkin cookies. Stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health with doctor Dan polish ASCII power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Sylvain is leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages Scalia is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic fulsome. Based startup life. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx and co Q ten if you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build health for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EPA and DR ENN dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 Weston road looks. If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol or if it's a mental health depression issue behavioral or eating disorder problem you have to know you're not alone -- treatment recovery -- line today at 1804521653. That's 1804521653. And this is a completely confidential free service available 24/7 with addiction advisors won't let you know about treatment options from short term detox programs to intensive outpatient programs that allow you to still go to work -- school -- -- thirty day inpatient programs the goal is to find the right program or facility to push her life back on track don't lose your job and your family your life for loved ones know your options called the treatment recovery how line today before it's too late. 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Strict limit of one tree Trout per household these three trials are reserved for anyone male or female is looking for maximum belly flattening in minimum time symbiotic is scientifically formulated with natural ingredients to flatten bloated bellies fast by Clinton pounds of rotting food and toxic sludge premier body it even combats periodic heartburn and acid reflux so I just think how much better he'll look and feel. Wanna see would you look like with a flatter belly now's your chance but hurry calling now for. 1807103327. That's 1807103327. If lines are busy try again 1807103327. This season maximize your health with your health coach doctor Dane Galicia ski. Call would your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. Welcome back to maximize your health again on your health coach doctor Dan and gaullist just keep your coach you guide you in inspire you. To reach your full health potential so whether you're struggling with. Allergies digests of trouble. Pain syndrome just. Headaches. There are solutions for you to overcome these health ailments you can call me now with your health questions 570830098. Or 1804370098. Also you can email me your questions. And feedback at PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRO. Gmail dot. Com and again it's about giving you the information and you putting that information to action which will help to maximize. And better your health also if you like to subscribe to our regular recipes in the week health tips and other. The emails you can send us an email PWR Cairo at You can visit our website for more information about maximize your health radio. You can download previously recorded podcasts. At my web site triple W dot need a doctor and dot com. That's an EPA. In DR DAN dot com there you'll find a slew of information from nutrition fitness. Testimonials ways to set an appointment in our clinic and again our that your next opportunity to receive a chiropractic exam spy Alexander system exam. That are reduced fee of only fifty dollars that'll be held during. December the fifth through Friday December the ninth. And again it's you're talking 20300 dollar value for only fifty dollars during this week only he'll be our last opportunity in 2016. Becoming a spine checked in to see what could be causing. The pain you're having the numbness and tingling. The radiating pain. The headaches the neck stiffness. What have you come in come see us scoring opportunity. I knew patient special the week of Monday December 5 through Friday December 9 you can call power chiropractic health center to send your appointment right now 5708293580. That's 5708293580. Also beginning in January of 2017. I will be performing adjustments at a satellite location at near me yoga in music on main street in musik I'll be there on Friday afternoons. From 1 o'clock until 4 o'clock PM that's scheduled might expand. Once the demand begins to grow over time but and if you haven't visited your meal a day after a ton of classes. From beginners to advanced intermediate stage have meditation classes they had dinner stretching beginner in yachts is. Maybe some of you listening had visited. Great location great studio check out your meal in musik and you can also contact them for more information about setting up a chiropractic appointments at near me yoga beginning in January. Cuffed when he seventeen. I wanted to thank today's sponsor house and nutrition for sponsoring. This episode of maximize your health. House and nutrition their alternative grocery organic vegan bakery in proper foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading yes. House of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices are located at fifty. Main street in the Borough of who's earned. Exit six off of those 309 expressway in Lucerne. County their phone it was 5707140436. Also be sure to like them on FaceBook. House of nutrition. For the month of November armed they have a few items on sale immaculate baking gluten free chocolate chunk cookie dough for three dollars and 49 cents. Immaculate baking flaky organic biscuits two dollars and 89 cents Barbara's bakery morning oh crunch cereal 25 dollars. And good health olive oil kettle chips to 245. Dollars and make for healthy alternatives. For somebody your snack foods baking goods. Also there's a special on Saturday November 26 for small business Saturday at house of nutrition. One stop on end. The B a variety of helpful eats artisan goods from local vendors across northeastern Pennsylvania the B is spread of nibbles and try me out from these local suppliers. And it's their way of promoting other small businesses springing a community together in one place to thrive this'll be held Saturday November 26 its next Saturday go check them out. House of nutrition fifteen mainstream is our. And some of the local vendors at small business Saturday and iPod beekeepers daughter Clark's cultures Nathalie is crap come future and how Lehigh if conference corner river not syrup company Beckwith maples nucleus raw foods and Gail scupper. And sugar plum chocolates at fifty main street Lucerne Saturday November 26 stock in free treats. Great people and a great store providing equality service right here in northeastern Pennsylvania house and nutrition. Thank you for sponsoring this episode of to maximize your health Morgan go to the phone lines we have John from mountaintop. How are we today John. Dario and do well no that's important. Aren't likely need as a supplement for cheap. I'm sorry. For me and it's. Been. A bit which. You with us or Johnny you don't act. Hello. OK I think we lost John there was able to make out what his question was. Despite. Our a recipe of the week plus she has shifting gears here recipe of the week organic coconut pumpkin cookies. We you can do with organic coconut pumpkin cookies again this is was one of our recipes at our recently held healthy holiday recipe night at power chiropractic. Health center that power chiropractic in wilkes-barre that's a 113 west and run. The ingredients for the coconut pumpkin cookies work call for want to end this will serve to doesn't. One cup Bob's treadmill gluten free all purpose flour if you can also substitute Allman flower. After a couple of organic Bob's red mill boats have a cup of organic shredded coconut. Two tablespoons of wheat germ half a teaspoon of baking soda half teaspoon of organic cinnamon. Quarter teaspoon of sea salts. Half a cup of G which is clarified butter or organic rob butter one half cup firmly packed brown sugar half a cup of organic cane sugar. To organic pasture eggs. Half a teaspoon of organic Vanilla extract three cores of the cup of organic pumpkin half a cup organic raisins have to cut short an organic all men's against a lot easier. If we can just simply attach this to an email for you this is something you like to try but I figured it would get out again you're talking. Gluten free flour token that pumpkin Vanilla extract pasture and eggs all almonds raisins Vanilla extract the war. Rob butter you wanna combine flour oats coconut wheat germ baking soda cinnamon and cease all screaming he organic from butter and sugar any large mixer bowl. And the eggs and Vanilla extract beef until fluffy add in the dry ingredients are eternally with Pau pumpkin beating well after each addition. Stern the raisins and nuts dropped by around a teaspoon into lightly greased pan and bake at 350 degrees for fifteen to twenty minutes and again this will serve. Up to two dozen this recipe is to die for my wife makes is often I requested often like every weekend. And these are makes for a great healthy dessert. For Thanksgiving for Christmas. If you like pumpkin like I do I love pumpkin and pumpkin is packed with a host of nutrients so. Beta carotene. Plus a fiber. Immune system supporting him nutrients vitamins minerals and signs so pumpkin because it is a color you know they see eat your colors it has a rich ours collar usually whenever there's a colorful food purple food green food red food in Orange foods such as pumpkin. That comes with a ton. Nutrients and healing benefits to it. So if you like this recipe for coconut pumpkin cookies you can email me right now PWR Cairo. At That's PWR CH IRO at Wanted to talk now a doubt wellness chiropractic health benefits beyond just pain alone. Seeing chiropractic viewing chiropractic and utilizing chiropractic as preventative medicine and. So research by doctor dean Harrison and others suggest chiropractic treatments can help prevent progressive. So final to generation like osteoarthritis and disk disease. Just like regular dental care will prolong these. I'm like useful life of your team is getting regular chiropractic treatments can do the same for your spine. Your spinal column which aren't the vertebrae and the disks also protect your most delicate and. Sort of system that we opened up with in today's show talking about. You are central nervous system to your central nervous system of controls the functions for your heart. Fewer hormones your lungs your immune system your kidneys. Your liver your spleen. Your stomach. Your reproductive organs everything the nerves are what send messages and intelligence from the brain to those cells tissues and organs. In order to keep them running and function properly when the spinal column can miss a line. That will cause interference in the nervous system thus lowering your functioning your body's functioning in healing potential. So that's why taking care of your spinal column is Paramount. It's important to live and abundantly healthy life. So. High blood pressure for you might say there's a study of 207 that came out suggesting that upper cervical misalignment can lead to look. Can have a connection to high blood pressure. So people with high blood pressure just because they're high blood pressure doesn't mean that they lack high blood pressure medication. So your child again might have as on but it's not because here she has has a shortage of albuterol. If they have any ear infections on the due to a shorter and a shortage of antibiotics. To those things have their place when they're in a crisis. But chiropractors to look at the symptoms we look at what causes symptoms we look at the spine spies the framework. Extra of structure and structure directly affects function. Many times again if there's nerve interference lowering the expression and function of organs. It can contribute to the body not functioning in a 100% which leaves it more susceptible to. Disease and then the body becomes sick and symptomatic. So what we do is cartridges are we looking you hole basically we don't separate window breaking down into it in a bunch of different parts. You're not just some of your parts during whole person everything works in harmony in connection with each other the nervous system is what runs everything. Now children can also benefit from chiropractor maybe some sun you have been referred to chiropractor for you for your kids who maybe when your friends or coworkers and go to the chiropractor. I tip my son or my daughter of the chiropractor and help them win suggested helped them with that. Give that a try but some of us were still not sure we so question we're still skeptical. About it because again there is really not need. A large amount of research out there on the benefits but if you visit. IC PA. Dot org or IC PN dot com you could find a ton of chiropractic pediatric research available. At IC PA which is the international chiropractic pediatric association that's where I would recommend you go. To become more well versed in because feel more confident in knowing that your son your daughter's. Life and health will be in good hands visiting a pediatric chiropractor their health will improve. Mike for so many children and our clinics for children are few machines and again if you make an adjustment there spine when necessary. If there's an area nerve interference found in one inning in your son your daughter's fund children usually respond favorably a lot faster than adults who have osteoarthritis to Janet discs. A lot of pain stiffness already sent them. So as long as you get these properly lined up in kids there metabolism and capacity to heal is there sometimes you need to do more than cleaning up the diet and adjusting the diet alone. And not your childish and your daughter might need a chiropractic adjustment. To help the body optimize. Functioning healing. And it's sad because you know what will happen is we'll see kids at our clinic at times. And the the parents the seawall he's on his fifth round of antibiotics and I'm thinking well what it why would you go wander around 567 or eight in May onyx. What didn't work the first or second time. Okay what are we keep doing the same thing because. That's what's put in front of us that's what were exposed to most often is the medications pills in his with a pediatrician. You your child has swollen here they don't determine whether it's a bacterial infection a viral infection. The only way an antibiotic would be effective as if it were a bacterial infection but according to studies 95% of the time it's an iris. And were prescribed or over work. I necessarily prescribing antibiotics antibiotics we know Truman the resurgent NIH dot gov can lower the immune system over time can wipe out and he can deplete the ratio of good back bacteria in the digestive tract or seventy to 80% of our immune system lies. Now were at greater risk for cancer later on were at a greater risk for autoimmune illnesses as as these children become adults so why don't we set ourselves up for failure all we can be doing something differently could be it's not the most popular the most conventional. The most publicized but it makes sense it's common sense. So don't be afraid just because one may be you you heard something you read something online. There's going to be negative reviews on everything there's negative reviews on chiropractic is negative reviews on acupuncture using an in your views on. Clean eating. And there's never views on medicine so take it with a grain of salt. He OK just because you read one thing consider the source but continue to find what's going to work. For you what will work best for you what is the right most commonsensical things for you. So not all higher practice have the same approach chiropractic is so diverse there's so many different techniques out there and and you know what they all have their place and there is not one technique is better than another technique but just understand there are different. Philosophies. With different practices. The way we it. Promote chiropractic power chiropractic health fairs chiropractic it's like brushing your teeth it's something you need to do on a regular basis to maintain the life of your spine because. Regular activities such as chronic sitting at a desk can contribute to its functioning less than optimal eight. Some chiropractors primarily focused on pain and injuries they don't have the full skill set required to address issues like. Allergies or other asthma other problems so it's important issue the chiropractor he's shoes. Has the right philosophy and so what here are some tips for choosing a wellness chiropractor we are a well this chiropractor power chiropractic. We teach nutrition lifestyle fitness we include these things for our practice numbers educating monthly health workshops. It's good to go and meet the doctor set up the consultations. You can ask your friends or family for a recommendation if you're living out of state or you know somebody out of state or you can caller clinic because I'm connecting with the network all across the country. You caller clinic if you have a friend or family member living at some other part of the country. You can come and amused and any time check outs armour products and your staff at power chiropractic. You wanna make sure it the practice focuses on posture. And proper spinal alignment and wellness a physical biochemical psychological stresses can lead to smile misalignment. Which disrupts nerve function and compromise your health if you're looking for a while with chiropractor it's essential that this be the focus. Next this is doctor walk in the talk. I can tell you I walk the talk. I get adjusted every two weeks on maintenance care I don't get it for pain I get it to make sure my body's functioning in a 100%. I don't have pain I did have problems they ate my original things and took me to a chiropractor were allergies neck pain and shoulder pain. And I would get. Time we get sinus infections 345 times a year since I've been a just and I may get one a year sinus infection by allergies have gone my shoulder pain is healed. So with my wife summer job working bending over adjustments finds old and it's important that I get adjusted on again it made its adjustments every two weeks at this stage. Again did you click with your chiropractor maybe you visit one you felt like it just that you you didn't connect twelve Heaton explained here she didn't explain something properly. He wasn't thorough enough he didn't do a thorough enough evaluation of your spine. You can always shop around you can visit us we have a great opportunity for you which usher in a moment coming up in early December of is a doctor use objective assessments from turn our function like computerized tomography posture in X rays that's important. A lot of times is someone has been to another car fracture in May I I do health consultation on the first appointment Alaska. So when you were seeing your previous chiropractor in the extra you I would say 90% of the time they will say no I've never had an extra or maybe just. Yeah I had one extra but it was like ten years ago or five years ago. You spine has changed since the last ten years or last five years so it's critical. That you we we have an objective assessment of your spine. And not to say word you hurt today. Always feels tender right hip but yet it's your left hip that's pulling forward and it's higher than the other that's just one example X rays can give you such. Tremendous more insight more accurate insight to what's actually going on. What's causing your pain and problems and just asking you how you feel alone subjective links. So find a Doctor Who uses objective assessments like posture computerized tomography and takes X rays. Finally number five what techniques are used like I said a few minutes ago all techniques can be effective. We use gon said techniques we use pentagon chiropractic by a physics clear institutes holy ghost is correction. These techniques are from our Murray in my primary tool belt at chiropractor at power chiropractic we also use low forced general techniques we use the the Arthur stem. Is a great alternative folks who don't like to have their neck adjusted or quote on quote cracked. And we do have a a group of practice numbers and our clinic where we screen them all we ask them if you know if that's something that I'm recommending I will explain that to them first. And if the practice member or patient as opposed to that then we will not perform that adjustments plain and simple because. People certain people you know don't respond well to certain adjustments so I try to get as much feedback is possible. I try to say well versed and well educated in as many techniques as possible. A few more questions about choosing alarmist chiropractor or setting up an appointment again we have which. Man this opportunity for you coming up the first week of December Monday December 5 through Friday December 9 for all first timers store clinic new patients. An exam X rays adjustment and a review of your findings only fifty dollars this is a 300 dollar value if you set your appointment during Monday December the fifth. Through Friday December the ninth. Call now these spots will fill up quickly 5708293580. That's 570829. 3580. We're gonna take another quick commercial break when I get back. We will be talking a bout. Fifteen ways to reduce endocrine disruption explosion house and endocrine again for some of you who aren't familiar. The things a chemical substances that are found commonly in lurking in your home that can cause your hormones to go out of bounds which can lead to a host of health problems. If you have health questions call up right now by Simoneau 8300981804370098. Will be back in just a minute. To help you. Maximize your health. Power chiropractic health center is northeaster. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your house. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge ASCII host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages go Leos is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching that's. 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You are listening to maximize your help with your health coach doctor Dan polish SD and I am here as always delivered the truth. When it comes to building and restoring your health and naturally and everybody listening has a potential now to say today is today now's the time then I'm going to start living matter. Living more consciously. Analyzing my lifestyle without him healthy lifestyle food function fitness minimizing toxins which are gonna talk about now. And the right mindset is why. You need to be equipped with Q have your health is your foundation health is wealth if I ordered him to a survey take a hundred people. I'm sure at least nine he had in the hundred people when US and what is the most important thing in your life to have. They're gonna say hell it's helped other people might say family people might say a job money what have you. You can't have spend quality time with your family if you can't hold a job or make money without health so health is what matters. Don't wait don't delegated don't say it's my doctor's responsibility it's my. My daughter or my son's responsibility. Okay move more eat it eat better think better. Controlled get control of your thoughts your emotions. In case shot the news still live don't the news paper I mean. Just just politics just. Just too much of that what you wanna negative their state trust me. OK finally the election's over now it's holiday season so it goes from one thing to another thing. Let's beat the odds this year let's let's speed the exception not the rule OK let's live differently let's live more consciously used to live a healthy life now or not. January 2017. House and nutrition again is our sponsor today there are located at fifty main street and who's earned an on Saturday. November 26 a small business Saturday be sure to make any points to stop and visit them. Fifty main street news aren't exits 63 on nine expressway and they would have a bunch of vendors there helpful needs are losing goods. 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Check them out on FaceBook and visit them on small business Saturday next Saturday November the 26. And be sure to visit them today they're open until 6 PM on Saturday and let AM to 5 PM. On sunny and we also contain a power chiropractic Arnold's life supplements whole food base supplements. They can make for some great gift ideas in multi vitamins Omega threes pro buyout makes enzymes. Greens powder protein powder for you athletes you crossed haters out there are looking for a good quality clean protein is what I take in is what I would recommend anybody. You're gonna recover you're gonna make gains you're going to progress in your fitness life and only to gardens life. They are they are there in the top two or three brands out there right now we said we are aid. A retailer of guard life you can stop in our clinic during any. Tough and during any time during an out normal business hours. Or few questions you can send me an email PWR Cairo and Or caller clinic at 5708293580570829. 3580. So I wanted to talk now about ways to zip various toxins and may be lurking in our homes that can lead to. Hormone imbalances. These are called endocrine disruption is what's your hormone mimicking chemical compounds which interfere with and wreak Havoc on your body's normal hormone function. This can trigger. Development if he can cancer development triggering community fertility metabolic developmental cognitive problems. They can be hiding in your bathroom around your house in your kitchen. Two in terms in the bathroom your final should shower curtains. OK if you could smell and it's it's in a leaching of toxin out. You can trade that in for an environmentally kinder fabric one which will pollute indoor air. Their leg off Greg gassing BP Layden vinyl well let go liquid soaps particularly the anti bacterial soaps many of them contain endocrine disrupting tricolor stand. Kirk's cast steel coconut soap and hot water will do the job just as well. There's no endocrine disrupting substances in Kirk's cast you'll soap available house in nutrition. He could dump the shampoos conditioners body washes moisturizer in Sally it's a parent ends are listed on the label you wanna look for organic shampoos. And conditioners. It's it's. You can use essential oils okay like lavender and peppermint instead of the perfume smells beware because a synthetic fragrances in the parfums. I think come. Complete with a big dose of endocrine disrupt yours if you want fragrance that really is fragrance look for the young living essential. Or oils. Personal care products keep in mind that most even those marks natural organic may contain ED's like Sally sparrow men's read the label closely but be aware of the air generic term fragrance. Even though the FDA the government may consider some of these products safe many cosmetics contain high levels of endocrine disrupt yours which will throw your hormones out of balance for shall set you up for hormone sensitive cancers. Minimize ladies make up routines he uses little possible look for organic cosmetics and keeps on screen used to a minimum as they are packed. With an open disruptive and not so good for you chemicals. Instead select organic. Chemical free versions and apply sparingly like Aubrey organics in your house. But a high quality high power vacuum preferably one that seals and dirt dust to help minimize your exposure when emptying the collection chamber. Household messengers 31 of the biggest sources of daily endocrine disrupt your exposure. Again if you ever if you need to get rid of an old couch or chair most furniture manufactured fourteen doesn't five received a code of endocrine disrupting flame retardant before they left the factory. And who wants to sit in that to drag the old stuff to the curb Suzy can replace with minimally treated untreated or organic pieces of furniture. When it's time to upgrade your mattress. Ditched the memory foam and traded in for a healthy version like a futon or untreated mattress. You can visit doctor frank Lipman dot com. His website we'll have more information. An and finally in the great outdoors ER weed and pest killers these are loaded with endocrine disrupt terrorist. Perhaps sent him your tongs for no other reason the current exposure. So again if you want more information you want some natural resources recommendations to be sending email right now to date PWR Cairo and PWR CH IRO at That's all the time we have today folks that's it for this episode to maximize your health thank you for listening in tune in again next week. As we will help you. Create the life of your dreams and decree that healthy life. Which you were a tennis force thank you have a healthy holiday season. He well safe and I'll see you soon.