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Nov 12, 2016|

Saturday November 12, 2016

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The following is a paid program the views or claims made or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Larry and Lynn. Does don't your weekend. Lori inland. On W lie okay. You know everybody welcome to the wiring in the the day I girlfriend Lynn Evans is not too. Which sucks should let. Flynn is a way I don't know what the heck she's doing she know she tells me and it just goes right out of my mind I don't have to Boston today you know more and I don't have. There is some women's networking thing how to hit the south elected Couric. CM 80 deficit in the book and how it happened she told me she's gonna meet your current concerns a great honor since yes well she's a good girl you know she's. She's. A terrific lady someone who's done a lot someone who's so. Then accomplished yes someone could run for president the united stakes. Even accomplished women don't necessarily when Karl wrap this. Apparently she's harassing us. You know Barbara I have to say a first of all joining me is I'm an attorney Barbara. Barbara has greatly helped me by coming in for the whole hour with make. But it's graciously accepted an invitation I should say it's time being here with us so with me because Landis and here it fits hi Lynn and that they can share their. So Barber's here and you know what I have to say this you know we try eight is best we can we try to stay on topic and they show and yeah. We don't really get overly political although we are bleeding heart liberals but we try to honor. You know now looking into the political stuff because it can be very. Divisive and we'd still we know we have to respect everybody for who who where they stand in who they support and I get that. So we try not to do that but that's being sent every now manage that when that vote they'll slip out. But I'm not letting this one guy because I think that. It is I know so many women who have called me in the last couple days ago I spoke until who have cried. I'm Tuesday night. And cried Tuesday morning including myself cried today just when you think about things when you read these stories I mean I read today in the newspaper. Which were taping on Thursday but I'm garrison Keeler wrote you know from the Washington Post wrote I Rittenmeyer changed boy are they gonna get it that is. Everybody Hester it is and and creates wonderful he's green anyway did not read it but I'm admiring Douby and I have to return. But because I don't know what she says I know she wasn't a big fan of the Clinton's I don't know what I'm you candidate Senator Clinton or triumph but I don't know what she says but beside the thing is. That it is so sad for women and and I I was watching The Today Show this morning and they had some. You know accepts up excerpts of the late night talk show host and one of them was very poignant and was set Seth Meyers who I didn't really don't stay up to watch but I do like you can't. And he was saying any sort of choked up when he was talking about it. And that. He notes to meet all of the women out there don't lose how don't give up look you know someone will rise up and someone. We'll be able to break that glass ceiling here and say these exact words but what he said was I hope in my lifetime. Someone doesn't and then this is when he choked up he said my mother was so thrilled to going cast her vote she was so thrilled to do it. And she he said I hope in my mother's life time that she can see a woman that qualified to become the president of the United States. And even when I took my mother to vote which I ain't never do show is goes by herself but she had her hip replaced in March and she fell twice so she's a little. Unsteady so we went over to the mix ties it trip elementary. Where my mom votes in west side. And it was packed and so they help discussion stay you know had a Spanish I went over to orange she sat with her and she circled. Those circles for Hillary Clinton and Katie McGinty and I said man years. 'cause I totally believed she would be made I said man you realize at the age of 79 you're making history. You are casting a vote in history making collection. For both a woman who would win for senate the first woman and a woman president of the United States. And it I felt so proud that my mother is 79 could witness that and here I am at 55 singing I wanted Tito I was hope. How does it so now. Yeah my mother is no clothes and she learned I don't think she'll see it now but it's so sad it's sad because it's we've worked so hard. To do to be in that position and to have somebody who is the single most qualified I don't care what she does what he don't like about her what she any of that stuff aside I love. If I she is the most qualified person she has an edge legally that was used against. Exactly and her husband is baggage and all this other stuff should do men so why spend each carry with them when they run I know you're seeing is Donald Trump's wife baggage being carried into the White House now. Maybe it will come out but the point and it appears they care real simple multiple weddings and a multiple Mary multiple children and wives I know and I'm not to do anything wrong with that either companies like even double standards it is good days and and that. The one article led that I read where where they were saying here's Hillary and she allowed her. The sheet gaps turn easy win and we you know in your business there yet their husbands to cheat but. Women's day and they stay for different reasons. And I have to tell you Bible tonight I did not see her while she made her concession speech but I didn't Mino YouTube addicted to see it and when I watched it. And you could see bill in the background and and how in the quivering her face she was actually sold real. During that delivering that speech and you could see the pain you could seek. What it was called it was yes and and it's not even what he did or didn't was not her problem her problem was. What she tried to do was. Won't be the president of the United States not just because she's a woman become a because she was a woman who's qualified and until we as women. Get together and support each other as a woman. It is never going to change because you saw how many white uneducated man. And women who are uneducated as well in large part that's the statistics and that same assists what I read. Are the ones who voted in favor of town tramp but women need to support women especially. Her yes that's what I don't understand because I talked to some women to get to see what there what the reason months. And one woman said to me I don't care what he does in his personal life and I thought wait a minute can't sit that's says to you Maher. So the fact that he would these I was OK if he grabbed women or he walked in a room to all these beauty contestants. And because he was the owner he could go in there while they were naked and I'll go see these women some of them that that are miners. And I thought. What do you mean you don't care what he does in his personal life shows the kind of person you are that's Fisher caricature and I thought well who wouldn't be election anyway. Are we electing the person. I mean certainly these same people would not say oh it's a good thing to collect his policies. Because it's. You know what I policy see aren't necessarily something to say wouldn't it be great to 121 million people now uninsured. And that's or don't. I know and I know people who who have had who have cancer and other illnesses who never could be true or or their premiums or out the rip with the president remember the days when there was a preexisting condition and you couldn't get into strictly that's likely now they're covered so I don't know awhile but I'm never I'm not gonna sit him professor I understand obamacare I don't. I don't use it I don't know that much about it but I know people who do people who love that I know people who hated Sox at twelve and Eric. Million people that are now insured that weren't a weren't before and that is the biggest difference however all I'm saying is as women if we don't support one another. As women. And votes and list of other women up and help them get to these positions when they're 678 people running. Against each other for the primary in the primary and they're all women that you can say I like her better than her I like Jesus like everyone else does but until that point we are never going to be elevated into the position of of the presidency unless we as women. Vote for women and help each other that I don't care how that sounds women need to support women we see most of the time women in their own worst enemy and they know it really only think yeah that's historic and I think women. Women end up competing with the other women. Ani the weather is for the attention the manner whenever it's yeah daring eat unhealthy when candidates it is mental competing in sports. Not that many women. Necessarily compete in sports but don't compete from yeah I know I don't becomes very dim in divisive. Should pay any instead of what's what weren't we we just don't know if it is instinctual or not like I'm just saying for this. Let's look at this differently and when I saw these women interviewed who voted for the trumpets and the stuff they were saying how hopes. I can't believe they actually as well yeah it's some reason think it was. No oh what are we need change we need doesn't change he needed change eight years ago wasn't told and change with Barack Obama. Isn't that everybody voted for another doing nothing but complain about what changed what is really gonna happen. What. Because entering the mines back you're not gonna bring this new. You're not gonna bring those things. And all the things he promised. To quote get change. They're not feasible and people feeling I guess the general consensus that people feel. Disenfranchised. And sell those people who felt that way aren't making any money on but what are they doing to make more money what is it they're doing are not doing. You know lead Hillary and Bill Clinton didn't start out rich they started out both Porsche and worked and wage should she get where they aren't just like everybody else does still. Do you tell complain about it. Something about it. It's just just it's. All I wanna talk about really is that women and we need more women this just think it makes me so angry when I sat and listened and I thought. Well this is why women don't get into politics this is the reason they don't do it because to support dwindles. People say they're gonna support you they don't. And it all starts from. It's have to put up with the BS have everything their blame for for the husband stuff for this that any other it's constant. And it's why women stay away from running. And being involved in and politics and we need more qualified. Women to step up and spoke from a local level all the way up to the presidency and women need to support those women to do and Matt ripped them apart. And you know what. I listened to people trying to understand their rationale and time and time again it comes back to they're never gonna vote for any woman. Well and that and that's. That's my point right and went and got email or mail. They're not gonna vote for any woman and you look at Ed and this woman and say hey well she was a senator during a difficult time in New York State. She was secretary of state. I mean I saw her when she was in Nairobi on on a five country African trip. And if trumpet talking about stamina all my gosh she she's traveled deferred to confess friends of any secretary of state. And she was in the White House as First Lady for eight years. She knows everybody I know she knows it. I don't that I don't get and I don't even care about Donald Trump as Donald I don't care but he's unqualified. Heat in that is the but the thing that I don't get where you can take it the difference between the 20 forget ones whatever it is now blowing in so when you run a camp. Payne based on. On the green and disrespecting all of these groups. Hey you know you end. How do you win because I know you aren't in as groups voted for you I have to tell you the other thing my son's. Girlfriend and is doing TSA Teach for America for two years she and another high school friend of my son's. What petrified to go went to school the next day terrified I should say because they didn't know how or what to say to these children that they're teaching in the in in Center City. And Louisiana school districts. Didn't they don't know what to tell them because these kids were petrified. And if trump wins their families gonna have to leave the United States and they're going to be uprooted these are real fears of an arms Hilliard based on what he said exactly because. You. He said it and now these children and the children who as Hillary's commercial work our children are listening to these are the things that was said the fears that but the fear that was put into their parents' minds the fear that then went to damp it is a real fear and now they don't know what's gonna happen and they were nasty. Things whether or however he knew it meant them to beach they came out the way they came out and it was rock that's why I think the country it I mean I'm sixty years old. I have never seen the countries like this sent out for now I mean it. At the day after an election some basin anger in never had demonstrations. I don't know what did I ever see my life. Than ever and I'm not I'm not gonna support and has an attitude toward this president now and beat Hillary still ahead in the popular I know that so it's not a mandate from the people I guess it plays to and I love love. That we want change and it may be it's still a pendulum swinging back from. From years of accepting different groups. Yeah we're gonna talk more about it when we come back you're listening to Larry lynch show will be right back. Here is lowering inland. Back everybody you're listening to Lori human shell I'm Larry cabin the honor of Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising. PR a special event business and my good friend and partner radio partner Lynn Evans is off today as Barbara said she's in Boston for the day getting a well deserved honor. And Barbara attorney Barbara jail parent who's on the next segment for her wonderful practice of family life for 35 years. Has joined me for the first two segments sitting in for land thank you Barbara for doing that. And we were before hand talking about down. The election and the fact that Hillary Clinton loss and our thoughts on YE and as we went to break I said to Barbara whenever probably never gonna be able to change some man's opinion of that. I am but I think women have to be the ones to make goes to sit tend to change the way they think about it. Sadly if you talk to some women about why why did they dislike Hillary Clinton they won't come up with a rational reason now to say I don't like her and home she said. He has been a little later on it but do not gonna vote for somebody loans for many people who I don't like because I looked at what they eat what they did. I even voted Republican album my father really did not that I did I did I voted Republican ones for president inside dead. Ronald Reagan and whenever that why 1988 yes. So. Trust me I I've done that and they did but didn't bottom line is it's eat eat eat we have got to support. Support and that the fact that we're is or who is coming up that has the qualifications. Told. Not to be honest with you know what qualifications hurt gag as it when you when you compare. What happens to Hillary compared to what happened to Barack Obama he had very little that he was running on. So you couldn't go after what what what happened with Ben Ghazi what happened with this whenever with sense and quite honestly. If you're secretary of state. People are holding new to guarantee that nothing bad happens in the world. Well god bless you that's exactly how possible gas and because things will happen Eric and errors in judgment may happen errors in policy and you're subordinates may make it may make wrong decisions. And that's on new. Nobody. Says oh he did a wonderful job today because nothing bad happened. You're here in a position where you're only responsible for the the good things go wrong it's a crazy world out there for him so. Well I. Hope is that. You know you do think about the stories like I said the sadness and the general gloomy day yesterday morning and and then Kate McGinty losing and my sunshine. I had spent employed with her campaign and he. Works so hard and he was crushed. And you know you just sit there and you think here is the young 22 year old. He didn't guy you young and puts you close your kids hope what do you say to them keys all in support for women. Because he's learned very well and so is his other brother and can make. Dead in this is not to be that that women are need to be on the same playing field if it and based on again. I have to look at the qualifications I don't think anyone should get anywhere just because they are. But if fewer. As qualified or Basel why would we even have to worry about that. For jobs for anything else what to compare apples to apples to that's saw clearly it's raising. Healthy super. The mail so yeah so failures and that's just say this what are the women are better than men men about I'm not saying that I'm saying that there is we are there no one is any better we are equal in that regard but if you are running for being picked for something or getting a job if your qualified. Why would you choose CM qualified person why. This is yeah this is a job now he has for the next four years he. There and we're like the employer because we've now decided who is going to do this and quite frankly it's BO funded through the government's so. It is everybody's issue. So I don't I don't get it I I know. You know appeal that people are afraid of the Second Amendment. Still Canada and listen to the things she spoke out. The people that's that trump was saying she was about notre not about to listen to what she said they weren't true. Was gonna happen the Second Amendment each and every allegation he made up she's innocent she's been and she's gonna take away your guns. That's not your NRA didn't make it any easier anyway with they would basic as I was afraid sometimes it's not happening no one wanted to tapped. The only issue was it's been it's been talked about by most legislators is these assault weapons and all the other is a background check yeah that's yeah and anybody giving a rational reason tour. Sure what's wrong with that the only rational reason you he is their thinking if there's one regulate you know it there's more regulations. Then then it's a slippery slope when we're gonna lose our guns right well fit that's not a rational. Idea and you look at this and say. You know what's going on with assault weapons. And now hunter should be hunting with an assault weapon he thought that you know it's not just taking him away for any good rational reason. I am looking like this since then it's feet are no easy Dana put the fear. And I guess the bottom line is because people feel they don't trust her. And so when she says that's not what I'm doing they don't they don't wanna trust what she's saying because they just play and you know it's a blanket statement I don't trust which assessed now and that's that's what should they do interest and client definite account I. Who is no military experience no government. Experience and he can't go when I'm on the government Mikey does a business he can't. Because he's the leader those businesses he can say what everybody doesn't have to go through con district congress or senate to get what he wants done he gets it done. How do you now this is totally different totally. It's. So I just I eat I again I just mind. Women to. And and again I wanna say that that don't give up on your dreams if that's something you want to do when you believe the gulf Ford and and and keep striving and going ahead there was a bit on The Today Show they had a school school for girls. I think it was on California. And these girls are all thrilled thinking that we we have the first person in the United States and they base and her video and you know he says Hillary were stronger together and they they're sending a tour and now as you see the look on these kids that faces and the the one little girl the handsome whoa whoa we'll look for hope and will keep. In and that's how we have we do we have hope we have to hope the heat now makes the right decisions and let's hope he does. And you can keep Brett had a risky not a stitch as somebody said let's say you have to respect the person you have to respect the office and added that the position and that's we have to go. So that's it's just really hard to do that but we'll see most even hazard area and it's heartbreaking. Because I hope he surrounds himself with people are good judgment may tell. Make tough so we'll see we'll see what happens is donors need to say if he's saying if we have nukes where we are not using them. That is scary now he has his finger it's that nothing happened. So women out there please if you're listening to support women helped them get where they need to get it Wii in EUR. All we're fighting for. People aside for years and years and years and years for equality and where we are and I loved they went to Susan B Anthony's I. Can't get to see that they stuck because of view and we vote for her leg. I young everywhere put their stickers on their grave 200 tubes I know I love that I'm thanks so this is the reason so many women the forests have flocked. And fought and fought for us to be where we are today and we need to keep doing that and supporting each other and it. Lynn I don't I don't. Uncertain right I don't think that younger women necessarily appreciate what women didn't have dogs with them and it in their place it's very different turnout in their situation. And then. Lots of people are made lots of sacrifices. For you to get there and the people don't don't realize the history of man and don't appreciate it what's happened to us because now. There are any you know may get me weeks just like that PPP could people would say that about our generation when you do know what we went before you march. Washing clothes on a washboard knew what you get no why no option I can still appreciate. That stats and hug the hard work you've done. It before this before they're aware of what washing machines and different things that week I mean my grandma needs to Tommy those stories we didn't have washes are we had. I'll watch for that you would have to do in the sink and hang in but bush and the way you stepped iron NIC I got my you should you can't even. And about iron as a young girl yeah I have been not the way they did I mean double what they shouldn't learn you know how awful. But I didn't like I don't know why an iron a young girl Barbara I was terrible Adam and my brother I did great it was good and it somehow I used to campaign do an hour and ironing and end this summer now and if I did you run and did you two hours. Hi so it was it was Geddes is a politician and is commend it's I have to admit I and I still has. Have that concept of ironing being punishment is my what do you like yeah good tips do you like listen now I am I what you do is I have to no I but I don't like it I hate it. I will add. I will wouldn't try it at my kids you could add my son Tommy excellent I hate it. My I am airforce academy any irons everything we'll see heat so live with Jamaica ran the West Point game. And we're in a hotel room and we're chatting as he's ironing and I'm thinking this is so funny I. Because here's my treasure you're Jewish farm right that yes say here's my 21 year old ironing everything he's wearing. And that they be doing your job of course he did see DNA and they can do. I now Chinese shoes and iron red glow doesn't corner the whole thing I don't I have some girls they flipped it. I just don't I eat and there's just something about it I can't I just can't stand it. So how you got no business what the collection election they know iron again. I'm. I'm not I just keep I just keep trying to stay hopeful. I can't think positive because I I think I'd go negative and un trump a little bit at times I don't want to so wanna be able to give them a fair shake. But I can't help but to do that and then when I read other stuff and I guess I don't have to. And I just want my heart breaks that we did not that Hillary did now when it just breaks. Clinton and I just do feel an old speech in talking to young children and young girls and but it we wouldn't be so ban if it was someone that was likable. Yeah now so we'll see so what the ninth I don't know I mean it is it's hard to respects so he really has sent to the people. I want based on his behavior the whole time. It's hard to to how do you shut. Come do not own that kind of bullying and end. And make its Canadian and and just didn't care about the politically correct stuff I get sometimes this world is way too politically correct I'm certain things. But get this some of the stuff he same. It was just downright mean. I if you just statistics don't recent four. So and I I always lead you know I always end the show by saying to be safe and be nice and I really do you don't that's why I'm trying not not to be nice about it in Atlanta I can't help. We're seeing people get get angry you're in an that there was much more division than an enormous election and I think that was coming from him. Of he would say something ridiculously awful. You know making fun though its minority user making fun of found John McCain or how how how how are you and I. Even Q I know that that is why don't just so we are also 22 most. People yet he'll look at it'll say normal people post it you know that's. Who wants to hear that name but there's a certain sense of commonality for human decency exactly and he would not just go to combine that he he would. He'd go a mile over the my mouth and you say oh. I you put up this right. And that's not politically on correct that's just right the lack of decency act. It justice. So I don't know though NASA say okay let's forget though that yes forget said a little fun and be happy and I hit region back to I can say anything or do any thing I want us to get to get votes and you wonder in four years will listen to the same people who voted for him. I mean. And is that how how are you waiting for action that they finally got off their rear ends and went out. Voted because they want it some in this nasty end to end and negative and and and just the fear that he he provoked is that we had it took to get you to vote. I don't understand that. Wind that's what it took this this person and what he represents and what he send in this election is what it took for you you get out involved. 'cause he's chance he's got no other experience and what is that because you don't want the political establishment. I don't and I don't get it I don't get it but I would hope. That all of us now. Trying to get. Recover from the election. Let's see any dose as steady as there until they said let's sit back eat grapes what launch and the Democrats sit back and watch what he's gonna don't and that's the good way to look at it just Shelvin. And it comes the Coke you know have added Donald bats are gonna say so anyway we're gonna take another quick break you're listening to. Morning to Miami and show we'll be right back. Here lowering inland. Everybody I'm Larry cat. And the owner Larry can and it crisis which is a fundraising PR and special event business. And you're listening to Larry and Lynn's show Lin at this my radio partner is off today. And hosed and with me all morning is a lovely attorney Barbara. Who is one of our guest experts Barbie stepped next is we're gong to be talking a lot about social media. And just to give you little background on Barbara Barbara spend in the practice of family laughter about 35 years now she's a partner with Hughes Nickels and O'Hare and done mark. And Barbara has been with us now for many years and we are grateful and thankful for that aren't shy so let's talk a little bit before we do one thing I just wanna mention last night and a half up a woman I know who owns a little it's a book and gift store. And she's a woman in business and I we always support Lynne and I always try to do that it's a place called lot T dot and he used to be up across it near. But Dexter Burger King on the highway I'm in Dickson city decision and she moved down to the smallest steam tell it she said she absolutely loves its analysis and other saying she. Last night she had a trunks sale on this beautiful jewelry called Marianna. And it is an Israeli. I'm designer. And this stuff is beautiful and so we were in their friend of mine and I winning because we have some pieces and we went to the trunk show and I am just I just wish I know the word gets to two. Now you have all the she sent us some people look you know not all system not just mention it on the show that she's right in the more on the first floor. And done we're sort of turn here or what sort of where if you get off the escalators and if you go. I'm down towards them event and I'm know what they call that fast. So where the escalator is Centre court a little bit before that I'm the right hand side she's on that lack a minus side of the Kamal on the first floor. And stay Jolie's beautiful salty ever feel like you wanna do something and see it could go see it I always try to. Promote my age I'm. Friends and their businesses so anyway I was just there so that's why senate but anyway I'm Barbara we were talking about social media and. Yes how does an election coming out an election with this where where the bowling. So what happens in your business in my biggest change dramatically I've been practicing for 2035 years. And years and years and years ago when I started people might have. A picture that might incriminate. Now it. And particularly with the millennial us. They have posted all her life online. So they pose to where they're drinking they pose some what they're doing they post pictures of themselves. Drinking to excess lawyers. Saying nasty things to each other and unfortunately. The nasty things they say to. The mother father or their children. And they get into these horribly ugly exchanges. That now you're in the custody court. And UST attorney are now faced with the season the text messages and your clients and and they're horrible they're things that no one should say. Absolutely positively no. And you look at this and and now you have to justify your clients bad behavior and some of it is so reprehensible it's really really hard to justify that. So what happens Laurie Edison what what do you tell them what you can tell you what did you start out by telling them Nat. Why you are on TSE girls and women I tell them. To stay out social media. I I tell them not to exchange any tax or anything in writing with witnesses that. The other parent whether it's their spouse or or as a father that there is their child or mother their child and I tell them that and in fact. Bet with some young people like I made him get off and I made them sign something that they were going to get off because nothing good ever that comes into. And I've never used it for a good purpose. I have used it in cases beat to prove just how awful this is or how much this person drinks. You know when they swear in court and say. I don't know I don't drink at all and judge your I only drink socially. And then they put themselves a gallon on the guys to get in large oil one case I had think I had appear amid a beer cans. And his young son stand and then around Manny a look at decency. What are you thinking an obviously they weren't thinking right. But they help behavior comes back in her Q. And what can people do need help Dave post or how I felt there. They post everything their thinking. And you know it used to be that you would if you didn't have this immediate response time like you do now. Sense and years ago you might say OK fine I just got this nasty message. And yes. Voicemail can be used against you because you know you're being recorded. Andy admit I didn't and unless you know your being recorded its fifth filing a message on. An answering machine how it's only if you don't know you've been reporting and you don't and a museum is sorted it can't be my right eye but if you do and don't know highly even nasty message on a voicemail right obviously I knew I was being recorded its content you know that intentional recordings I can and if I'm stupid enough. So leave a nasty message. And that's gonna be used against retail. And people saved those things and people the gap record them and I you have to justify it so I tell all of my clients. What ever you put in print. Should not be and Annie expletives. It should not have anything vulgar and it it should not even not being mean or derogatory. Lawyers. Say anything bad wish them many bands. Nothing if you can't put it on the billboard and justify it to your mother or your first grade teacher don't show don't do. And they do it every single day and every case I have there's something. This is what this is what. Tex I got from from the other parent and zero hardly awful so you really and truly have to look at this and say. Could I justify making this statement. And no it is not the standard is not well they called me a blank and therefore I call them a blank. Now you need to show restraint. And if the other person made a nasty comment about you. Maybe he just don't see any. Because nothing good will come abuse saying something back. So it's very difficult for your attorney to justify. Why you said something that ban so even in retaliation. Can you just can't get it doesn't matter may have died again right now what it's like refereeing a fight between two toddlers. And yes. You know for. Interest factor he could look and see what to the first toddler do but then the second time they did something bad to. And yes it might have been that the other parent instigated it but you don't need to keep up. You don't need to keep up their behavior you can just walk away. And not say anything bad if somebody says something bad Q&A text maybe you need to cool off and come down and not respond. You don't have to be instantaneous. On sending back a nasty text or it might be okay I will pick them up at four. You don't need to respond to the bait and quite honestly. IC with clients. If they don't respond to debate sometimes the dating stops. Because she does it ever intensified because they're nice you know how shaky it's like them at that eat eat your being passive aggressive by not paying attention to be honest with you. The court system doesn't look at somebody and say you didn't retaliate. Oh shame on you. Yeah so does it cause that the person who instigated this deep into. Intensify. Sometimes it just yeah and they don't embarrass him and they only look worse and then you know it if it's a constant beating out. Trying to get the other person does say something band. And the other person just responds. Based on what's necessary information. I'll pick them up that six. That's something he needed to say you didn't need to respond in an ugly. Comparable for the main. It's just exercise some restraint. The years ago people used to say if you want to writing nasty letter he dictates a letter keep getting near your gas. And the next morning you read it again and say is this really something I wanna send. And more likely than not you wouldn't. Because you look at this and say you know I wrote that in a fit of anger are now within the instantaneous society we have now. If they don't get a text back right there right away it's like it and then you get 29 tax saying. Respond to. Yes you can respond but respond. Just based on what currency exchange information you need to have not something Nancy. Because really and truly it will come back to haunt him. It is you can put your music you try this must be disgusted then when you tell them and then it's like being their mothers saying. I told you not to do to Mike Hsu. And I know you don't really wanna see old people we know representing Lindsay Cohen and you may not. It is you know you look at this and you tried to reason with people and say this isn't helping your case I obviously there's an object if you wanna hath. UN. In a mile view China US spend time with your child you're letting this anger get in the way. And is it really promote some really ugly. Ugly ugly relationship. And I'm seeing an intensified because of instantaneous. Conversation terrain I mean yes somebody could say something nasty TO. That's pretty commonplace. Though when you respond in kind it's just escalates a fight to a point where. They're calling each other horrible sinks. And it's really hard for the attorney to justify why you did that. And when I think when hear your tax are now printed off and then judge is looking at them. You both the pack. I mean I guess this social media has been now. Age cool for attorneys to not have to hire private investigators and oh why can't I am I trying to escape during years. Because people publicized all the snow yeah. They tell you I hope I. I have a case coming up where. The woman's been cheating not on her husband for six years and she professes her love to this other guy and I'm and I bin with for six years. And you look at technical and you would think what rational person can't argue that. You've been married to somebody else for the last three but that's because there are you have to put everything they do. On FaceBook 1000000 gallon for the morning. Instantly or and they do days I don't care wedded to what you had for breakfast and nobody nobody knows how the world cares cares what this. You said that it's an addiction. Now right it is on the dish and it really isn't it and the clients and I'll tell him to get off FaceBook. Though jump back on this user cut their cases over all you have corner sit it. The sound of what Andre you know what as long as it is not as great you look at what amount and what about texting and stuff like that it's all the same things that were sent apple. I've had people put on an adverse decisions that happened against women and bad mouth a judge drain on face high. My guns and you look at it and say this has to be one of the stupidest thing Sheila produced. And fortunately it wasn't my client was the other side we have another hearing in front of the same judge three weeks later did the judge now yes tough and did they see mention it. I mentioned it now okay DA asking them makes sense is and what is the judge don't. Judges are people too Pia. So does that make you look good now now. You know maybe got some kind of satisfaction and other lashing out and and a judge. On the Internet. I never really think that's a Smart idea. Because. In some counties it's a one judge county they're gonna go up in front of that same judge and you don't expect a favorable result and maybe not get it. Can't explain it really and truly mean a judge is gonna take the whole thing and decide credibility. And if in your last case. You put something very ban about the judge. And I social media. I think that's not too Smart from her. South. Please everyone get fewer holiday schedules in order your cus she schedules. Because the last thing anybody wanna do is be in testing chords a day before Thanksgiving can't play the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The courts are clogged with. Who's going where I finally zero dollars and without their knowledge when it sucks the Giuliani for and I know. So get your schedules ready even if he's seeing Q do you might have plans from the month. Yeah Thanksgiving still weeks away okay I'm and make your deals and then. You don't wanna call us attorney Thanksgiving weekend say. We don't have it any custody plan rushing to court GPS yes and the same for Christmas so maybe we confirm your plans now. Has anyone given how do they stay in touch with you Barbara I can be reached at 57034471. So. And one and I'm located at 1421 E Street to street I don't my PA on the corner Ty can drink. We don't thank you very much and thanks for sitting in for most priceless had a great weekend everybody and women be nice to women support each other. And be safe and be nice buyback and I.