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Nov 5, 2016|

Saturday November 5, 2016

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Following is a paid program the views or claims may you're not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors. It's time for Lori and Lynn. Does don't your weekend. Lori inland. Until we lie okay. Good morning good morning how are you sit there and I am. The fabulous thank you tell you and I am jockeying and why is this stuff key because it's raining there again. They don't yell keep is due from. So yes kind of so what is in your world what's been happening. A lot of stuff but. Today which is actually isn't today but Thursday morning we had the hospice of the sacred heart. I'm because it's so November is national hospice month so I in the I have yes. OK so after Radisson add Sammons is there any animal learning. When I arrived in ten after seven wow well yeah how did that happen as an up close eye on but it. Don't have the. Yeah. Kids I was really and I'm talking not in my house except little before seven and a man. Why people get up to get out of here so we're I don't know I don't art data as it Gulu where each you need beach sun was coming up and they eat in the east but man on man and think why now I mean it's it's kind of peaceful and this has been a record for you you had a couple of these yes I know let all of last week and today. But anyway so we grabbed the Radisson they did a wonderful job and so. It's really nice it is what they do is have a panel that breakfast and then a panel and the panelist worm. Still I'm mayor Bill Cartwright who gave the proclamation to hospice of the sacred heart for national hospice month. And they were found on McNulty did a prayer and reflection of her I'm experienced with hospice and her with GM her husband her husband. And I am then we had bishop temelin. Who gave the opening prayer and we had doctor boutique telling his story of his wife and the whole story of hospice and then Diane ball they. As CEO and it and was really really a beautiful morning it was Julie Jordan was there doing her photography dance Emeril. Sang and played the guitar during the blessing of the hands and then they have the blessing of the hands which is wonderful they do it twice a year where there's this. You know this oil that they blasts and then you run into your hands because the hands do so much in any profession. But helping hands and with what they do the nurses and social workers and everyone involved. With hospice caring for patients self. It was beautiful morning and say I'm very nicely done today so that was a good thank telling people are there. About 85. Then. So yes it was nice it was very nice let's go into the public Irvine now is invitation and it's mostly is that you know most of staff and it's just a beautiful morning it really was very reflective Selma nice. And of course said he was hysterical and poignant and sad and everything wrapped up in one speech so it was a great. But she's. Staring gone I was thinking that. It was a year ago. Now and my uncle was hospice of sacred heart. And I was thinking about that. It's been a year I can't believe this veneer consensus and a very fast here. But it was remove it just reminded me of how wonderful. And it it sounds weird to say that. But how wonderful the experience was for him to be there for her because they care that he had. What's just turned me off the charts that I I just could not believe the compassion. And care of the people who are there and he was not the easiest person on the planet to be whiff. And he was very cantankerous expenses Hui was. And that of course that was magnified. By the frustration he felt in his snappy feeling good not feeling well at all and they had to stop dialysis because it just didn't make any sense to do anymore so I was a very difficult to death so to speak but. That they were just wonderful people they were did they just kept asking is there anything we can do. Do you want any of this do want and and the bishop timlin would commend always every day yes I just to say hello and and that and you talked about the hands which is not reminded me because he would always go over and hold his hand time. I have to tell you he's like a walking saint anyway he has 109. And heat this heat this month campaigns for their advertising campaign for hospice of the sacred heart Don of course by dance so mark advertising is. I'm always we hold every moment sacred but they're focusing on volunteers for this month. Because without the volunteers. Come. Their heads in any organization they just beaten wouldn't exist and bishop ten land bound tears his time every single day. At 5 PM. He's over at the inpatient unit. The last thing. The families and patients. And he is one of the people that you were CN billboards throughout this month they can't go photographed several different types of volunteers. And it's actually there it's beautiful there's a beautiful one up if I'm on me digital board. Above I'm the cargo Jewelers when you're coming down from the either. Who was extreme are off the highway or Pittston avenue in you're going across the bridge into town on spruce street. It's right there and it's. It's beautiful all lit up it's it's just beautiful south. Thanks to all those volunteers out there because it makes a big difference up people who go there and cook every day land. And and feed. Are the families in making it feel like a little piece of harm when you're dealing with your feet ear hey I say it's most vulnerable time he you know your life. An area where this. Camp right and everything comes out quite so it was a beautiful morning and done. That was good it was a good one and all so I'd like to save big speaking up all day I'm stuck Caroline. Ball. Hello and wish to Caroline bald. And her little feet and her now she lets her name to remember the Olivea Olympic steep steps shifted tour about it I think it. Since your best days buyers with a smooth scowl on her be she's into her I'm so yes so that was today when you can. Another early morn more. And two Thursday isn't a row. Freddie and Smart way to be out early too because of the day to the city. Tomorrow being at the chamber of commerce. South. Yeah and with chambers they're doing a better you hit me alert thank you yeah I now believe it attracts me. Well Patrick. And I went and Saturday night to the settlers and and we were there for when I discovered it was something like a thirty year tradition yet. I called the storytelling. Dinner. And that's the place was packed there were a couple of empty seats but I don't know why. But there had to be at least a hundred people there and this was in them. The basement and they called the over croft Truman I think or something like that. Under cross I don't know whatever content from Enron but the idea is that it was in the same room where we were married. And so people won't we're sitting with people he's in no MA it was one of those family style servings. So we read table I think there were eight and as everybody was asking everybody how did they know anything about the seller's end. And I say well we were there because they were married again in this her room and while love was so. It was a very interesting dinner it was probably eight courses. And you had a selection of your main entree but everything else for serves at the table. And after this was all said none of which was about 830 maybe not 9 o'clock ish. A guy named sandy endo remember what his last name was. Got to the microphone with a little dais in front of room lectern or something and it had. Written stories. Type stories that he was reading and he was really very very good at this. And he just would read a series of scary stories. And it was amazing. That nobody had to. IPhone and iPad if anything it was all in your head. That you're listening to this story and recreating. All of this just by listening to what he had to say. Some of them are very scary. Some armor pretty glory which I am particularly care for. But other scandalous to hanging you know things that we're never resolved by the end of it and eight we just went on an app we left I think it was about a maybe 930 this because I knew that Patrick can have enough cameo he couldn't just having a hard time following all day. And so we left about 930. And it was still going strong. And it was just really great experience there was something different to do for Halloween. That I never knew about and I thought this was the first time they were doing it and Ginny employer whose. One of the owners of sellers and came and when we are closer dessert and I said Doris is the first time me doing this all know we've been doing this for thirty some. Yeah it's did you know I don't I don't those saying I don't know I don't know. But well but I was out there mailing list. And I would get these things about what's happening at the settlers and and they now own silver birch is which is to be. Found their hearts. So they think that they have that place and all of the facilities around that. And they own several other properties arm there's one end and Bethlehem and special other places but. When you're on the mailing list and they keep getting all these little things about what's going on settlers and they have wine tasting. Dinners they have something for veterans say they say a whole bunch and nurse. And I just saw them as to say I never saw this before. And so I called at the time which is about three weeks before that and I figured man I know this place and you don't get in quick. You get anywhere close of the time sorry we sold out and so I called a night I made the reservations and I didn't know what I was gonna expect but I just went so bush is doing. And it was fun. That's and a lot of fun DNA and we met some great people that are table so I'm. People that you didn't know no I didn't know six people waited now so it was a lot of fun. And I would recommend to anybody who would like is looking for something a little different to do for Halloween weekend. So that's for Wheeler. Yeah. And anything else over the weekend. You one thing I can be happy about the cubbies why yes say now I have no interest in the cubs ordinarily come because Fergie. But oh man has not non now that the is yes that was that. Kinda neat that connection to him our local hazel Tony and half I am but. Eight I 81 attempt to win over the other team because I am. You know no interest at all in the other teams I was very happy as I say one now I stayed up is the latest I could it was easy. Top of the ninth and I could not stay up because this high then and I thought oh god this could go on so I guess to sleep because I had to get up early as they just said so we did the same thing grandma and Ky so I got up though. At 530. Time I went to my phone and and and it said they well let's. Yeah I did my then they no harm somebody hit a home run Sony had to runs because I don't know what it even ended at the rose seven. 98980. No no no then I get this right it was 66. It was sick sick at all yes it was. 808 to sick yeah down south. We should file to happen and I think without asterisk I was so happy when I woke up this morning same thing as her high winds today and Samantha that was a great. Oh yes very good. And then I am also coming up on the twelfth of November is. Pondering her wonderful friends Toyota Scranton Greg and Maggie and good gore sell. Tickets are still available for that and you can call friendly theater. 342778. Form if you'd like to comment on Aaron and I have a little bit of fun it's going to be great night you know who's playing as Paul LaBelle. Dinner by Constantin knows. And of course years truly will be on the red carpet in 01 now everybody as they come through the door whereas I did last year. Fannie and I'm about what they wore I'm gonna talk about everything yes always say Hillary can listen now. Ireland and I go yeah. Yes. Okay. Yeah so anyway that's happening it's going to be fun so I whereas I checked that's FD Scranton cultural bounds and that's. I'm November 12 and in the following weekend is so his Broadway is and friends. Yeah I'm really looking forward I love grant I have I love as number and I love us and feeding you've ever San Italian great. It's the twentieth anniversary show. Time goes tickets around and available to if anyone wants to call you can call the box office its cultural center three form 41111. Right off the top and I was pretty good this season yes. So I'm CN loves a good staff has gone on my and you know it's all a good thing. Ferret phone we're gonna take a quick break. And we'll be right back to listening to Laura Lynn Chapman. Here is lowering inland. Good morning everybody welcome back you're listening to Larry human shelf. I'm Larry can and the owner of Larry can enterprises which is it's. And when does a a film on them. And that's what I what I'm gonna say a three I have no idea when I was just because they're tired are now I'm looking at something at the well Grammy opted to beautiful necklace I was. So I think I had ten each owner Barney can enterprises is a fund raising PR and special event business resets three and that's good yeah. In my name is Linda Evans and the president and CEO of northeastern. Financial consultants. For a fee only financial planning firm in clarks summit. Panama also the author of the book called power of the purse fear free finances for baby boomer women. Available. On Amazon.com. And I'm also the host the podcast if you you know power of the purse podcast dot com. That we can't keep getting these longer when I know Lacey and it just how many other things sanctions and that's been married from both good enough should we. We often yeah I know. So I thought that I would like to talk this morning about something that's important to all of us because of the timing on it. And this is article that was I think it was and now. I lesson learned fast because that could spot than I usually can start with. This could have been actually kind of Huffington Post I'm not sure where but anyway it's called Clinton first round how the next president could impact your money is. So. Yeah I know that the Scranton times has been doing a good series on. They taken issue and then they they talk about what each candidate feels about that or at least professes to feel about it and then they talk about. Why is that important so they've been doing this every day and spend some great series this is kind of the same only has a specific bands. Which is to say that you have to understand if these either of these to get into office as if it's which one we don't know. But whoever it is how would that affect your personal finances. So. We'll talk first of all about taxes. And the trump. Campaign says they want to simplify the math. And cut taxes across the board by streamlining a number of personal income tax brackets from the current seven. To three. That's going to be and her growth task if they try to do that. They chopped them up to seven for a reason because they felt that most people fall in these different categories. That's kind of crazy because if you move a little over a dollar into the next category. All of that gets whacked at that higher amount so what he is suggesting is this is for married couples filing jointly. The brackets would be three. 12%. For those earning less than 75000. 25%. For those earning more than 75 but less than 225000. That's really where there's huge gap. He currently there are two or three brackets in there he sustained 25. And 33%. For those earning more than 225000. Dollars. The income thresholds for single filers would be exactly half that's not true today. He also wants to raise the standard deduction for single filers and married taxpayers filing jointly. So I think 151030000. Respectively. By comparison. The 2016. Standard deductions or 63121600. That's a huge jump and personal exemptions would be eliminated altogether. As would be head of the household filing status. Hillary says to close the tax loopholes for the wealthiest Americans so that they don't pay a lower tax rates and the middle class this is what she wants to do. She wants to implement what's called has become known as the Buffett rule. For our friends see. I'm Warren Buffett the oracle from Omaha surely you are it's not Jimmy Buffett announced equipment that the source. Now. Seizing I think that's enabling show go ahead of heat it it calls for individuals or households earning more than a million dollars annually. To be subject to at least a 30% tax rate. It would also impose a 4%. Fair share surcharge on those earning more than five million. And cap the savings and itemized deductions to 28%. The value a move that would affect. Mostly knows a higher tax brackets. To encourage long term investing. Clinton would change the schedule on capital gains tax rates so anything held for less than two years. Would be taxed at 39 point six dance. With a sliding decreased to 20%. For investments held more than six years. So how does this affect you and me. The Clinton plan doesn't actually change much for the average middle class tax Payer even the changes in the capital gain schedule. While likely affect the middle class much. Since then higher rate applies to the highest bracket taxpayers. Mess I'm really in a situation in the middle class would DN. Trump's proposal on the other hand could cut taxes significantly from both the middle class and the wealthy. With the potential exemption a middle class families with children. Why because they elimination of the personal exemption. Even though compass proposing a deduction for child care expenses. This deduction another poster child care benefits in the trump my plan. They end up smaller for some families and the personal exemption. Jobs and wages reflect compliance. He's moved the goalposts a minimum wage at times. Saying he believes states and so that and other times as saying it's to be raised to ten dollars an hour. Trump has tried to keep focus on tax cuts for spurring job creation and higher wages and he wants in the ghost negotiate tougher trade deals. He has yet to announce details on how I'm whether he would narrow the gender wage gap. Customers huh. Play Clinton wants to increase the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour. She's about to make major investments and infrastructure manufacturing research and technology clean energy. And solve business and in their first 100 days is president. Clinton has made people pay a major platform. She wants to pay the past the paycheck fairness act. And promote page transparency. As well as restore collective bargaining rights for unions. How does that effect you although many people might assume a minimum wage hike would only help workers and lower paying industries like food services. It could positively impact pay. For secondary earners and middle income households such as younger workers are stay at home parents who work part time. He does however point out the higher you raise the minimum wage the more risk you run that there will be some jobs are eliminated. Trump may well have stated that his economic policies would lead to explosive. Job growth and grow the GDP more than 4%. A claim that some critics give little wait till. I don't know a single serious economist who lives were gonna get to 4% growth if you slam imports to kill off exports has started trade war. Exports create a lot of jobs and are usually better payment is zulus from imports so bashing trade is a loser from. From a waste plane if you think health care. What trump wants an immediate repeal the Affordable Care Act to be replaced with health savings accounts. Liked Clinton lives to enhance the affordable air at an Affordable Care Act. By expanding access even to immigrants making enrollment easier. And further lowering consumers out of pocket expenses including this is a very when curbing prescription drug costs. She proposes refundable tax credit of up to 5000 dollars for families of private insurance. Who have costs 68 exceeding 5% of household income. An increase tax credits for marketplace plans so enrollees pay no more. Then eight and a half percent of their household income on premiums. How could this affect do if you're one of the twenty million people covered by obamacare the most obvious impact would be of trump wins against the repeal. This would mean you'd lose medical coverage. And that means of course higher health care costs particularly if you have a pre existing condition. As one of the ACA provisions that consumers could that was the consumers could not be denied coverage. Because of their prior medical history. As far as the tax deduction for premium goes. They believe that the benefit was largely worked towards advantage of higher income taxpayers. Obama cares subsidies are designed to provide the greatest assistance to people with less money to buy health insurance. And the Republican approach as articulated by trump. I don't know he's articulated. What the it's against the greatest health coverage to people who have the highest income most of whom have coverage and are in need of further benefits. And then student loans this is a big one but trump wants he has said. That. Before the government shouldn't profit off the student loan business but he's short on details. John says he'll work with congress. I'm reforms to ensure universities are making good faith effort to reduce the cost of college and student debt. In exchange. For federal tax breaks and tax dollars. He does not endorse any form of free tuition. What Clinton wants. Once in office she promises to sign an executive order for the three month moratorium. On student loan payments to all federal borrowers. To give them a chance to consolidate their loans sign up for income based repayment programs and refinance debt and current rates. Clinton also wants to make enrolling in income based repayment plans easier. She proposes free tuition. For in state four year public colleges and universities. To every student from a family making 85000 dollars or less. By 2021. An income threshold and rise to families making up 225000. She also wants free tuition and our Community Colleges. How could this affect you. The US Department of Education estimate earlier this year than 43%. Of roughly 22 million Americans. But federal student loans were either behind on their payments are postpone them because of financial hardship. If you're one of them. And Clinton's proposal should help provide some immediate cost relief. And it goes on synonymous a child and dependent care and what. And you end Californian and tuition history. Well I I don't know how can regulation and stipulations are that they're free it's free there and if you're a resident yeah yeah they're for certain members of my even here that onerous I mean you could go and and I don't know what it is but I don't let me point of the thing is not only that. If you're below the Mason Dixon line below Overton Pennsylvania Virginia down south. They need the difference in the cost of education is outrageous. At the do we pay so much north in Pennsylvania and above. And is the same piece of paper is still get a college degree but if you go to the University of Virginia and anything in Florida. All of those colleges it's amazing the difference that you pay him in tuition. There doesn't seem to be any rationale for it because and and then he said California. Stay there long enough to go for free certain schools I don't know what yeah he's mega sentinel and the estate perimeters I'm sure there State's schools put. That's the that is the point there's a huge inequity here for people to get degrees. And it really just getting a college degrees almost the same today as having. A high school diploma it's almost a necessity if you wanna go and other things. So there's got to be something is done I I can't tell you how many times I have. Had calls from people who are in professional positions. And they're in their thirties and they're telling me can you give me any help with student debt. I got 2030400000. Dollars of deaths. And there's no really not a whole lot they can do I can't 400000. Now because it ahead of I was postgraduate school right toe cut and if there if your professional experience in Madison. Let Patrick keep going. So just think is four years you're not 400000 now but yeah okay all right Alison if you look at how well yeah. And then you add into that the costs of being in school you know if you would ever. You're talking about your books your medical supplies all that stuff. Far more than that yeah. So something has to be done because these are the people we talked about this before this is the next generation of concern now. I know they can't buy homes they can't buy cars rigged trial. They come is gonna go toilet now I we're gong to take a quick break you're listening this morning tomorrow mainland show we'll be right back. Here are lowering inland. Lo and back everybody you're listening to Larry amend show I am Mari canyon I'm the owner Larry can enterprises which is a fundraising PR for. And special events business. And my name is Lynne M enzyme the president and CEO of northeastern financial consultants for a fee only financial planning. Firm in clarks summit I'm also the author of a book called power of the purse carefree finances. From baby boomer women. I available on Amazon.com and I'm also the host of the podcast power of the purse dot com. And joining us today is the lovely the show I'm Nora could see it feeds. Come general General Counsel might make sure I was saying right for it ERA one source realty. Mean she's in today you representing ERA who has twelve times Tarik if believe you know I ended in ten counties we have seven offices and an about a hundred. Agents working for the good ERA one source realty need shed some wonderful to have you back pain Keogh. So what's happening in the world of real Estee tons sort of daisy it's nice to yeah. A nice name you haven't seen you I've had a birth. De young yeah yeah yeah yeah. That probably everyone listening to sign on FaceBook I'm I'm posted everything on faith I think that's okay. Deserted she's dead yeah Biden. And I am. Top offices have been busy at the following is an surprisingly busy selling seats and who ends we have some new agencies. Recently joined here day. And there. Apple recently passed their task and decided that they lying to. Pursue a career in real estates were really happy to have them. And I have to give them all warm welcome I don't think any of them listen to my radio shown to have show back ejecting gays and listening welcome aboard guys. So we have been busy doing a ton of training with our agents this month so we started a new program called workshop Wednesday's. And we did two hour training session at each offense through I spread them out throughout the offices so. Feed into it necessarily go to different office would get to see you know it looks like if you want to me clients and they get familiar attached to an idea yeah so we Denon. Training and negotiation skills social media. Our new online CRM permanent we have in house and a lot of technology stuff which was. That was pretty fun. And we had a lot of huge election to me it's also put extra effort but. I'm sure it's our favorite kind of here am I gonna county Internet. Collection season. I'm glad actually it's pretty interesting because the election and the presidential election in two local actions. Actually do a facts housing sales. I obviously because. There's a. Everybody move to Canada as you. If you feel someone wins. Are going to Mexico took a moment so OK well they're mad at the weather's better in Mexico and they're nice. Overly hunt doesn't affect how does feel like yeah. No way I act and buying or selling well a lot of people I think. Normally aren't hesitant to make big purchases during an election sound he has its ED I don't know who's going to be leading the country and where I was and that's what the one thing that is certain is that interest rates are gonna go up no matter frank who has. Fast yes we have our Republican or Democrat either way interest rates are gonna go up because they've been historic lows for us. How am I doing here is my own lawyers know here's CN yeah and so there's no way that they're gonna stay less fluff so a lot of buyers who necessarily this year who would have waited until after the election. I'm actually going forward and getting them for your crew on May be looking into them or his command. And also. A lot of sellers who would've been expecting. Fewer buyers to be coming around and looking at the house is a surprise he is actually serious buyers coming in here immediately my dad. They're transaction done before. The world and so annoying and another. Should literally I hair got rain any minute ad on the radio. Host and it ha ha. Yeah Clinton talking about Pat Toomey and that's radio station we're just gonna shoot. Even guarantee you got to look. If I hear you there and their ads are yeah it's been lazy but I don't Kandahar he do we still voting for Katie moved into hiring yet he had yet yeah union nearly 2005. It's a guy. This is what happens in the nasty were above I know pallets and Malaysia I read an article that senate armed women are reporting a much higher levels of anxiety. Based upon the election is here thank you can imagine line up. Wow and yeah I think actually. Truly I've never seen it these so crazy you have. Yeah I just really justify that to be. It's just it's abhorrent to me that we watched all this crap on television. And it goes on and on and on life is what I don't understand how political ads are allowed to be put on when most of them are lies it's. He hasn't that's false advertising yeah the speaker doesn't it considered to be advertising because you're not selling different style asked. It's a pretty ridiculous and I Iran. I don't know it has ever been a lot why should I lost it again yeah down and I really didn't seller right slot and the First Amendment stuff but. I wonder F post. The results there's ever been a lawsuit claiming that the results were obese to pine. And basically off a fraudulent representation to the public. And they all take a little sound bites till and I don't I noticed until I and it's so items what they're actually saying it drives me crazy because. The one the NRA did that one of with Hillary up after the second debate where she talked about the Second Amendment stuff. And she clearly was stating what she meant about the Supreme Court judges. And they still did right after the debate they still put it in there because what because of what she said and it was not how she put it. So it's it's due to strut and then did you see the recent NRA along with that guy and again it's all. Or Bob Kiley still wanted to non player she's in the house alone and they yeah EA NN. Innocence Hillary's gonna take away her gun yes we know president in this. Since. The break to bear arms is a word it has affected them and you went right. Are as she clean clearly states that's now what she's talking about so it's just ridiculous but then again the NRA so what do you want. Ever say Charlton Heston was on his crap has no liberal radio show and everywhere you can possibly be and I'm proud of it and I true or not. Well you lot. Because guys like it's carrying roses from my pours sometimes a year my children and I think we think I can't liberal well. No I think oh hold and yes hello that's American can. No I think actually my dad has more liberal land my mom and my mom really use this ten to warns that. Conservative liberal my dad is all about like legalize marijuana. He hit it now that is women's. I introduce my age I'm now maybe any burying him as an immigrant to be out bro I think it's. Pretty and not not funny but it is kind of time here up in such a conservative environment he came to America he was like you wanna smoke high used to build smoke pot. Our family and any kind of Internet as well you know the used to say you know with he and pat is he the patch that up. The putt. I went. There with my parents and then Friday at. Actel hookah bar in demand. Lee C home Friday after I left out exciting was still melanoma and I thought I had to stop. I Marty claims party for Marty prayers are news. I'm Bernie and I went there and then parents are we going after that I'll have to go to these very important dinner because my mom is going to be a hookah bar. I think if I can't miss the option is my mom's smoking hookah. And other. I know within is stints in him. Like I know Lee is why don't I wanted to I know but I also don't get I have a dinner and then I know I absolutely none at both the food was delicious. Well that's OK okay yeah because I had to look at first and also and they really can't it's labored to back out. I'm talking about the election trends in the housing market and on yeah now you're out of the way on the program. But as a mark on it didn't say I'm. Alluded Hamilton clearly understand what your mother love it when you talk about well we talked to you smoke pot you end up. I. Think. See I'm no matter who you are now but. There's no Brian is gone. It's like a lot of piping known that I know what they not knowing no I'm just me I don't understand the purpose of heroism kidding really well thanks in my ex. Syrians in the Middle East so like Arab countries they are masters I'm just telling. So. I like Americans and they have to be doing kind of international we're crazy yeah so that's you know like afternoon you go smoke smoke some hook. Play a little backgammon and maybe play some cards and dominoes or something have a coffee. And then you go back to earth. It's like to siesta and then via our MMX Mexican Mexico yeah take that little break and what they did CNN Allen well now I necessary to. Two candidates think they go malveaux announce they like I think in Canada they drink maple syrup so. Gearing Canada and that tells the early in the grand pier with maple see them then smelling like beer. Is there anything you bail you that you did blow Dahlia. I got a little sidetracked MMI and leave everything we can fund. So anyway. It's a great time for buyers that's my point in this whole thing yes I am because of the general hadn't seen the market sellers aren't getting as many offers. And so that makes a more flexible so if you are looking to buy a house I would say with interest rates being where they are. And the fact that they're definitely going up now's the time to do it go outlook finally do you like amassed in your own little part of the world's how and Bjorkman all. Com cans just just do it now despite everyone's kind of freaking out over who's gonna take though mark the end January. How do a good idea to buy happy about the it's. Flip side of that there's out there are a lot of properties that are out there that you know I look at and what's in the paper every week yeah. Sale is great properties he's so they're nice that's nice this is my. So that's us as a buyer yes but if I'm. Most people would have to sell their homes to violence above one through so how do you bridge set how do you make that work. Well there's also a shortage of rentals in our area. Yeah so if that's something that ear Hewitt can set Arab buyers person perspective violates consent act. You can run your house probably in less than a month I mean. And a quick tenant to come take it because people who went through foreclosures are now they're kind of it's now getting the chat and I let him die yet. Yeah I didn't realize hey yeah good point valued so I mean the black lining county was spared a lot of foreclosures thinks suggests humans means remediation program but Munro can mean Lucerne county and how you finish as a lot of second homes that ten. Ask her via. I'm so we actually didn't have nearly as many foreclosures now they are around some aspect among others around going 30. They come in waves kind of because they think their banks file their paperwork. And just at that time yeah yeah so with one lender owns you know I'm twenty mortgages they're gonna send a lawyer to come do everything you want it's. And I think it's another thing to to realize that banks is that banks don't want to on the real estate faster so it does cost to the measure had the other you know what can happen modification many things. Before you have to go to that and they'd really rather not have at the end they don't you are marrying your upside down meaning to get out. Gat a realtor who's experienced in short sales I'm firmly on hill park study area like yeah see. But never worked that way he had time to understand that you know ten deed in lieu of foreclosure and you know anti. Stuff you can damn right so ask their questions to do some research asked the questions and son Leo adelphia. Initially if anyone wants to get in touch with you how can they get in touch with one of those wonderful. Oh ERA is so I'm making visit our website www. ERA the number one dot com. I have when they can call one of our offices all the office numbers on the web site but our tech summit on fastest easiest summer that I. Jimmie during an amendment 5705810. In 1999. Any kids. Ask your meal or in need and you can direct your call to someone who can help you. Thank you need shut things guys blend and Ben real spends well I will see you next week well yeah. And thanks for listening everybody we appreciate it see you soon have a good weekend be safe and be nice I.