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10-23-16 Paranormal Science

Oct 24, 2016|

Joe Hawk carved a turnip and discussion of Halloween

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Science. Okay. We. Good. Good evening over the short term on the sides I'm sure all kinds then Zurich hammed Mac break. I'm Kelly mass graves. Won't fall loves good. So that a guy that has ordered a catch a little changed. No word there storm Montreal wellstone like. I'm just a slow season and they've definitely had. Let's get a little draw no I don't think of what time Achilles had you been there long. Unfamiliar with the powers fearsome since. A negative I'm glad I'm just just check to check her. You have anything to tell us tonight I do not oh yeah what do I do this into your bloody cutout figures. I have. Timmy the turner plays John hit it out loud applause after. What took me three years for this type it's yeah telling me in the Timmy he's easily Google. Turn up but the son yeah. Can you give surely yes it will do it looks like you see on the thoughtful post mama half of our normal science is Europe's her on FaceBook I mean so I am getting close to Halloween yes it is. And of course this is I guess we would say beyond the paranormal time my everybody gets in the mood now you if you don't believe they're really goes out and hunter house's enough. And he jumped. And hunted walks in the tourism and coast tourism. So is the bigtime year yes it really is yes then you put some awesome stuff together and we that we kind of have done last week. Com about the other male something that is of course in October. Especially all hollows eve which multiple knows obviously October 30. And down I have to make even as a kid. Miss out Esther thank ray yeah yeah yeah those are my sorry had to throw that in there are familiar but I'm even as a kid like case. You know you know I was I was urged the panel before actually knew about Paul was educated within it. Com I was told different I'm missions night I always felt like it was. From. Totally toy for Christmas morning photos like that type of different feeling. Jamie and I always felt like crucial point that was like a peaceful thing you might feel a whole world is happy this is mindlessly numerous genre Herbert. Yup there's just no seriously I mean use I had that feeling you know was just mutual alumni house homeland. Well. All Xena we spoke to me something different. I was felt like it was like. Pierce seemed just that much more crisper. The nice seem just that much more darker you know the silencing just that much more signs I don't write a special election explain and I don't know how to assist the warrior hurdle or not at all just like just different different yes yeah absolutely you know and that's with the kind of like. I sometimes can anyone on our Murphy come back and these on the handel's suffer wish to run around and for all munitions but as far as I'm running around and I feel they have done. You don't even then it was always a different feeling like getting to the end it in the windows down the and you'll see me right amounts and I think is that in it's just how we felt. The energy if you will felt different that I always are set out course re talking about that stand any Austin's all our our researcher software sure you know. They're past that don't answer Paul yeah we all have enough to die as says got a was retirement is tense moment. Awesome thank you were hatched last aware I can't thank you I appreciate talking to play you know what it is. Venus how lousy guitar gonna write hats on we wanna be masks or turn them masks a Mac. Everybody's out there knows. How the masks came about and why it was a call that we know who's won't hear from you. And maybe he'll be something films everybody it's out there are stories on the what is really sensing maybe some horse like it's appalling. The great why is I mean also here and people I won't call us at the big key partial interest and I'll definitely chaos last year and the different stories that. He ball bubbles the same thing everybody's got a different story different twist undertake sort of say absolutely and it's always nice to hear those different story lines this this. I am not I mean I know we have the we've apple should come up from three CPC maybe. They were little blue collar big time every Woolsey who. Do you mean by Christmas trip to New York City bus trip Sergio went into. When it's only December 17 Syverson even strength and is going to be awesome time that's correct and I actually we border crisis. We did lower the price should check out the the FaceBook or not sorry aren't. It's a cult website where they haven't changed at thirtieth they're lower yeah they are lower so and so Susan good chance we'll change up there in San what do they don't to. They moved 39 dollars there and up from 49 Trenton get so that's. That's our Christmas gift to everyone powerfully I know we've got the ball shall appoint. Well really top national I think we will week before Christmas holidays frees up the lights are Olympics and I'm looking for calories calories count calories are calories are. All right I'll tell you I was number I just. Judge has some Franken that's enough. I saw Sergio some calories. Carol learns potentially affect wolf finally my goal all they're gonna go this year I'll sign oh and I got some good for the show here and you know she has tried Fuji are not done Pittston no I think it's is my son is my son goes there is a free pulled applaud for them but I'll tell you what phenomenal. In British likes sushi and yet where they'll Qaeda are right on main street there Tom you're going to work jury is on the right hand side OK yeah so let's. I mean we are half price sushi is Sunday she. So I. I only did I don't know what it must like I know she's good nobody such a solution no I mean you know we we had we had new rules and and chicken there's informal love Ron Kirk now mama not Obama not at all could blow main. Not prominent Loma and that's good noodles and then that death Salma I think you like it's really get through this. So it's a reply from them if I have no clue I just did that at that time. Axel hopefully they'll listen you know there I am sure you never know. The Blue Line was very very nice. But is it like the Chinese restaurant we sealed tomb of spirit of family run place on the it is is there I mean. I don't full suit the same size it that they used to get American planes Acura yes absolutely. Right yeah it's it's it's got some good it's got some good. You know I've. Good play portions us or red I'm lost title and I'm trying to stifle my culture so when start copping out there my my apology is the. How right kind of move I'm only talking about a month pregnant could prevail prevail with the lights so then. The bills then complete Internet. Admitted he'll Taylor I am my my number I just. Mid October until the first week in November it's just one or two days it stands up for a last week. And it comes back after that. Okay which started coming here and excited because he has we have a call him a chance in my mind. Stand by technical difficulties. He did please stand by however the other the call us all right Louise sort it all right just don't know the I still on the themselves out of this hole and pull 12 I'll welcome caller I can't tell and they knew Barbara Bush. Michael from looks for a township and Michael I don't personally it's guys I'd like yeah. So let's say a prayer for my mom she passed away last week and whom she went to internal arrests. And Dicey. Started well yeah. It's happened a couple of hours ago another try my best friend I ever had in my life promising gotta tackle it from pancreatic cancer. May court. And not far from here have the other little hunting cabin I'm more or less play through entrusted by the sound way to go up there and check on a place you know he's the yeah. Bottom line. As I can assure that policy except when it's true it's really nice beautiful little piece or and it's like grandfathered into the game when do so far. In my left to reflect on things so they've just sit there and have a very new liquid goalies in the wind and everything and find some peace it's very he told her and so. Chevy truck it's all the resource. Yeah you're. There are many and I got to inflation and abundant on the rockets' sudden electrical auction not to talk Emanuel off the button was founded and I shut the trap gossip. I tend to think that adorn. I know so caught fire started. It's not. And there's no way to restore order open they've they've just like you know they've just a mechanism would not work. The passenger side window open and I want to. What did it feel well let's see what's going on here you see don't just started I would think he's genuinely a lot hinging around like pushing on the door a little bit finally came Wayans and opened up. I'm thinking well what happened turn just looked him in its place he has a very little tiny pole box is still there and all like put screwdriver you're basically loopholes and look at mr. able learned I think you'll take the upholstery have to do our. And just seemingly immovable locked maybe like a bolder and not tell us something amendments not working properly to. It took an option. And let me know the striker where the striker is and that all comes up to catch adored like weird you know just when you shut the door and automobile and deadlock came off yeah. And I stepped back in this thing will not come back hurt anything. I'm Jim morality like a screwdriver and so forth looking verified took everything out and don't look and seeing how the mechanism and finally like the locks are coming up. That this thing would not give way in any shape or form so. I usually play it back down from bear creek and I'm holding the door. And put my hand got off on out of high school reply. A good friend of mine and he restores antique automobiles and I just feel warm undertake a chance to stop and ask them and they have a special cold maybe it's just something like put a lot like just more special simple although recent news conference yeah. And none of these in the garage who locked up back up to the truck. And I just look at the Brodeur faced Saturday you won't shut it won't show at all and he got a door just open the show basis what's the matter where it. Couple a nice wall in the. Yeah so I couldn't accept put a band played so there and I my god just took effect on total poultry back comment. And I could say yeah I had so maybe like and so everything that's going honored and you know. It was strange song you know. Analysis and yeah it's always going to be any story to tell you guys tonight you know don't want something else happen after that. You do it good to have no doors work like a Swiss clock. So there's enough time when they put both of us here yesterday that I can go back to work toward finally you know and so okay guys thank. Don't think you'll also want to know honestly I'm from Monroe harsher we don't want philosopher and I think with you have found in her mom. Thanks to think it. But I'm then definitely it's a solid solid sudden someone's patent. May she rest in peace deal might cause in a regular basis remember who it was Suzanne. Slice Brett animal science are your thoughts and prayers are with you. I'll bring take a break and we back. Hey it's Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand demons during your back. Are you comfortable in your body like your possessed with somebody else is currently suffering you don't need an exercise daily chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body you remember chiropractic school. 569 pierce street Kingston we have checked him out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end and we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. Murkier when you goes Erica oh sweet little I don't know Irish people. Great time there was a native Americans so they're showing further erosion nation and another lady they're showing you since the royals. Read this agreement with some ginkgo oceans and ha. Discussion wrote good not a bad luck to a guy you know went this year shaggy quell their. And they told me the firmly Wayne community additionally. I hope I make him wait too long time. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this such a succession and bush senior next year. All right welcome back time. I'm sons. Usually a go ahead could anyway good humor has. Welcome back. No lights on earth can you resist and I. You know tough minded salute as far as during the brief correction taking out. Some pitchers is Timmy to turn it could turn off com. It's a simple like are hot the post on our. Are our response venture he's he's he's glowing orange actually looks like a little cord. The Cayman Islands eternal sort of take a regular pitcher among them. Chaos. I should move glowing so they're normally associate a small hole commercial. Yeah. We've got to solve back you know firsthand we saw the finished product we see what is and you complete your task of try to. That's took. Took a boil it do it we had embarrass them into it to you know not not we stand now are bad and I've been working on for three years to do this now. Past history I have to find some different picture now. Ten while not while mountain Europe basher and I'm a Gentile club and all we know he's up for is gonna come. Aside past slice regression has to finish up that's trying to strengthen I'll have to do that. You write that is worth the wait I thought I can win the final chapter so to say last realize. This right and good three and I asked them. It's awesome. So while throwing started on this show we love that protect mode to video I guess I can ups and you are able to. I mentioned this thirds mid October he goes into early November to have exact date starts around. West from October 14 November 4 if every year that's when the bills to finish so I was already started you know where are you ought to 24 today are Tony third. It is halfway between I believe. Is the fall equinox in the winters equinox all sources where Marshall also since halfway between that when a socialist following question. Right and there's another one that comes in the spring. Did see the same thing between the solstice and the thing. I always felt spring equinox and others are summer solstice so is it the is this is exactly the same. Like a year from now are happy you're back. Your close friend K failed Gonzales these two times of the year but it's most notable. Obviously before Halloween and October most everybody thinks about it now there's a lot of hold these elections is I would write my regional on anything you wanna know. And that leaves onto another thing. You may still last year you wonder why it's standard this time of year YE. What happens and you know isolate this threat is about the standard. What does it get more people are concentrating on that day and in powering today. They go pick make any energy where exactly seeing it feeling it SA Suzanne Sena or energy. People praying for the dead all souls day Day of The Dead. Right and I think there's a couple other holidays in this posh shops it was so long what did you stop shop for us how much so. Follow laws where he around the and his name for the crush on. No institution the so I think America that may notice one lived we can surely they have fun. Their rights to hear just. Asher and a Russian I think my peak christmastime right Ruth must not on this sent out on the average of color so the whole night and can't announce person but. Welcome call. Well well very well welcome Joseph. Slow Joseph oh Joseph. Hello Joseph hello there we are well sorry yeah good how are you. At one this year or low one god didn't happen to be out. I just out all the uproar openness symphony area it's 00 pompano. Park west area Emma. Know your boat whose final donation of twenty countries may be longer to marine ears. Two north and territories. Think the northwest territories in northwestern Pennsylvania. Well let's listen area shut out do it. Hello girl during chaotic wreck I didn't really want to pinpoint that Google altered her. Son's okay. I was oh well like I will look like anything else but they got married at about a forty drew and I are soul. On to keep a record direction and it'll come to a different area and turn allegory in order to a lot of people are related to everybody but actually have to basically that it. And it does that mean I was Kenny G on. Maybe a little quick maybe we should not tie and got the anyway. But still I'm still a little vapor triple agent Tim and and here are my guys put at Pepperdine did it make it if you really wouldn't have this community and great role do they didn't do any thing. They believe in who they won't show and it is so long he would disallow. I saw a man sorry what's that story was set. My guy who aren't gold but he's gonna work done on purpose. Ropes and demo it orally Erie plant. In geek basically gave it up so late. Trend accusing these certain what that throughout the years. Delegate says that they sit any competitor and you're online PPP it sure need. And the couple. I have prominent part all you like me and I might come played basically maybe three or you're off. So I think all woke from work she would go. She showed she's. Oh and if he wanted if what you want to make beer at Porsche tall and enjoy yourself the throughout the it books or upload metallic like she never had a well I don't show it shouldn't just grab a well abroad and aggression or read a sister like the situation never had a honestly cannot ownership muscle. So I hope so anyway intimate anytime we all that crowd like O'Connor I'll discuss our. Propping this and that and games every sentiment towards the end who's gonna all right that's. Cool Luke. Some weeks. And yo Joseph how are set so don't let that go a mile to my word basic and our soccer coaches let me go to record is eight. Opel crack. Open their content now that's a bit and that's really what a lot goal and we look all Berry get gradual way and here and it. You know I liked it appeared a bit. French and saw a maverick or bike bike and said he wasn't that way but. He's Shatner talked to meet and holding things like I will try an enemy action are in front but it. But this Saturday in a soft spot. And the need to eat that late that's there and they couldn't get. He worked but he couldn't get them mini camera. That he didn't get told worried at. Operators are sure diabetes. Die heat in the nation and this right that's any kind. And so anyway don't get is what it did pass way he realm. He passed away in February that he be around honing she's simply never going back and how strongly to one area not to go into a quiet. I want to Garnett stock. Collected dark. There's extra walk back give a damn man who likes to call me no prank site and walk like back property Q don't some proper some acreage appear not. Well it took part in match they had been people are trying to re both older so also for sure is like supporting. Don't pray there and external look all year. I would go call. And I know that we're we're this place is their go to the golf course there's just cemetery so I don't think probably figure out. Do you really a lot of parts. I am not anxious to do the same. You know and it's pretty much everything up I'm like a big golfer or every week so we're like one minute and Elena was in agreement based. And I thought great show on the golf course itself or go to I sliced a ball in an area general area and they want to blow it up. Era scraped a bit well. They took computers at all bats in all the dead I didn't say the anyway so what earlier look it could grow like nick couldn't quite Norris worst post cohorts. So I want back up those. Don't last usually not thank all but not punished but it sure I want the amount. I was up there are ready to tee off again I want I want I sliced her want to notre Garrard bunch demo all of sudden I got a ticket here. And show it. Talk now about the call in and day out until late escalation they can't about it like oh. You know he can catch Charlie Sheen my car parked there they can see Meehan said that from a a passing car meant this to order sounded that way okay yeah but. But look they're saying we just find new peer call OK and I took away this car. And we trading vehicle launch what had my golf cart a golf clubs and echo or sold that one though we have new vehicle. They had been pro so well known that solo impart their even older I'm not really. You know that well nobody I mean how could achieve my vehicle that almost feel not well I wonder don't come and enjoy about it all. Can't do mirrors the other creek park a total to. Inside cliche you know like or something like this happens that. Like lecture go return electricity would show a particular killer battery. So I called up my nose on that last hole and I called the operation they do bring up or appropriate and taken out I think that's why you are appropriate clear they have Bob. Doubt that where they they have weeks so they change all our priority literary Obama propane heavily. And she did not trumpet call sheet has been electrical. And blew my mind because after senior like oh. These children to stay in that that they don't socket a gun battery dry frank. So would ever get around there should small baby to all the cliche to open match stick record over. And it actually a step back and told him I hope when all day I went to that last hole after that may want to crank it. Getter Denny thank. And I heard yeah owed ten talent it was just like I pulled the winter every note just. Who and why when I called Hershey says no Troy what back and they are all about pastoral I was wrong. Then what I mean again you know it's all explain things or makes is always wonder and think about. What could be a life and legacy are so different terrible very you just never enough. The table were right went through Panama look better but now you now all. Does order a little more remote playing at the that they not caught. You know. Didn't you know it is a very cheap you can historian Victor or so and the puck out lottery. Did laundry that's an adult or I don't know what money manager and your law. 'cause put this number they tell you what. I forget what it was pretty EU really took a liking to my wife and I believe. Kurt Tate came out. The day after he died. And yes yes and we'll get back to ensure we did this this Lincoln are orderly didn't need that can be so good it doesn't come apart and and our attitude changed a little bit different perspective think you sent to try to go to strip out barrel. Montero to export. Okay just it's it's remarkable like. Think this sequence of things that happen. Right sequence of events now because I'm sure. CI a grid and then there have been not just Croatia and it. It will thank you so much we appreciate you so I think he'll plenty OK here's another good one. I think you. Yeah Obama well Colin thanks to share their purest version success over the usual people themselves up and they knew that I mean their talk into. You know the world center right we are on the website talking anybody out there and listen. And now we certainly do appreciate that. There it is something when your name call and there's nobody else there all right it's itself it's a startling enough plants. Fear of it every so often and that and people want an old it's just them though he said it wasn't just his name as a whole sense of honesty also let you know itself proves it beyond the call her right. I salute. Perhaps who really don't on the I think all those who take a break come back try you luck he'll just bailing him I'm holding back. Schumer a forgot to tell you would go are doing now you know bush Clinton or any plant is gonna be sure Saturday December 17. Just one week British Irish. This is their third annual Tony bush trip I don't think paranormal here or should any of the two guys running this stinks there's nothing normal about them. For more information go to their website. WW WW. Coach Perry current outcome. May just go on this trip myself. Turkey has shown. Brand may contain material these kind. Some listeners. Spontaneous singing like that may have heard. And I won't amount on science and so although Michael on this Bashir on the side of homer of the game get in my classroom for now I'm hoping just I don't you just. Yale. I can contest to see if we define don't we're hiding under the bus like yours although the horse owners thought that nor where's owner. Between him and we shouldn't minutia. Where in the world is Albert you know what they're fairly flat where in the world is home for example my car San Diego suburb. Hillary I'll donate to let you know losing in New York City bigger than busting their right yeah Lucy it's off the trust the subway and time yeah. Already where were we avail the avail though bill the dial up that tie many years bills and how people basically conjured up themselves. Mean you've got all different qualities religious holidays different things that time the young people praying for today. You've got something. I don't know this is Mexico or the Spanish people south American people celebrate today of the dead. Pardon frank and that's that's a big thing there's this sampler go to the cemetery you know Pitney put a full blown meal. Everything just gets honored the dead and it's you know. Tails different on every culture how they do that stuff and that's now no. Different ways they celebrate best. Yeah I mean you know some some some ultimately that's the beginning of Microsoft from new diet session beginning since the ups and how we. Normally on the islands and the numbers are good but our our agreement during looks it's on the so in the end it's new beginning room. It's just another part of why yeah and part of life but in others and this note is a far left little stepped wherever we are at that point right absolutely. I believe it mattered fact it was included dates and I tell everybody but there it is these. Okay. I don't like I don't know what is a Mexican church just Spanish church and scratch and contract they're having a big festivals to I think it's the end of the month. I think today is dead is. November 2 third first and second summer that timeframe. And there are a festival attendees fighting all the public help to go to their festival to celebrate today in the death. Plus also in Iowa might also want excuse me I would Marleau and I'm undoing. Just check it all sooner the only event took place and everything and all the festivities went. I'm always interest and stuff like that I really have been different things for us and I salute it. But it's amazing I'm looking online at pictures of what they do they're fishy dead dress up like. Still instead people. But I guess that's so that the dead can mingle with them what grounds can you won't notice a difference there won't be my all around us and oh yeah yeah yeah frank. That's. Message sent from. Consumables like defending champion Austin didn't exhibit is the Spanish. And I am sort of US venue for O'Keefe don't. Can't recall here and read this is dialed the loss moderate close I'll give it my best yeah. Hi Dan I don't think Ed makes his way around the table here. He's. For his weight class science reposition themselves talk consumers today at a loss that I mystery no I didn't lose there. That word. They are us and Morton went true yeah that was more just angels went thus and so I hope our prospects for a correctly. Well anyway what it isn't it's the day today as well on just how competitive event. In Mexico's fresh food folk tales about what it entails about what happens if someone neglects their dead ancestors on the Day of The Dead. If spirit returns to fight no one has built an altered for them and that their loved ones only left them paltry offerings. They will feel sad and angry especially when they see the ball in about on this offerings other spirits receives a disappears get jealous. Wall can't wait all hail it as a life and also be bridge also bothers you know they had just made carry out of the spirit world. I guess I mean it's well we've always said as far as spirits what you're like your life is your priority the other spread very I don't signs of tolls on song. This is because the spirits they seek vengeance on those who have forgotten them. Additionally many folk tales describe hope those that are ignored their deceased loved ones follow immediately ill and even meet their death shortly after a holiday. Mom. Yes so if you're not nice and then once they're coming pinch so he'll be one of the summary you know exterior. So we have us around the collar and that's who soon lecture from me. Carolina. Bob welcome to. So yeah hello hi how goodies Bob's big seller knows or is always a good well after hearing that other caller. I have to tell you a little something about what might twin brother died. We did when we were in our twenties there that this agreement that whoever died first step if there was an afterlife. They would somehow then the Mets are expected to bundle it still living. We decided we had to come up with a word for it. We had the neighbors think Republican neighbor named the same. They put up these beautiful Christmas can't know every you're Chris been. We did that didn't hold the secret group will be the pink Kindle. And we didn't think about it let's beyond that Palin in 22 players when he came in he died of cancer. And club you know of course that. Taking care of things that had to be dealt Clinton then his best friend called. And it's on the parliament would develop. I don't easily burn candles for people. An independent case. I'm gonna burn the candle. Even though I don't usually burn candles. And that Clinton went to bed at different times so I certainly remember disagreement we have made that the it's gonna be like the saints Campbell what. Obviously. You're never gonna come opposite retain but it it is friendly telling me Campbell and he pitted three time. And I burst out laughing. And I told her to. About the agreement that Cubans picked up just totally not. The news and it was funny because he can definitely can't depend of the agreement. By doing that I endured another benefit stations to prove that yes. Take himself. Dividend. I'm while. Send them one more thing I'm a huge hole. I think that your hopes to meet concluded its effect and the sound of NATO and definitely if you're in the astrological sign is scorpio. And that head and significant aspects when his sexuality and the other is there. I hope some. Where where he's brought in scorpio and your chart can indicating when you might be going to pass there's something. On the scorpio let me know if that's November 13 and looks like but I don't know we rotated and identity your drug but anyway. OK Ali yeah I thanks I think it's a little hollow above because there is a wealth of knowledge. I hear the national chairman's brother looks awesome pass. Punches him is wondering Timmy is up on paranormal sciences. FaceBook page Timmy deterrent is up his regular harboring. His secondary car going to happen lineup. And of course the third one I mean look so Timmy he's alive and well if you know the first one can share some hair. Cut I don't. Alternative and boy do the and he does so he is he is open up and running and glowing that is a three stages of Timmy the term that's correct. Not your seniors steel Darren Keller finished product it looks good out last year Jeremy he looks good these are the health concern and she's got yeah I. I did she counsels college that he just can't happen now they're little softer than pumpkin so I think from firms and groups put the time I don't know how you held it out. That's that's it was. It's a shame for. I want tattoo obviously like the bottom of the it's very hard so I think I'm cut through that my music is kind of like. Cut the back a little bit and started scooping our pool. With the with my prediction on the ice now Camara. My first term upon my current turn of every year. Still you pumpkin. The harder because there are they really are filling. Chaos to a source software her popular thing just be very careful with so small and immunity and that's the thing yankees tie your tools and. Timmy did turn out. Coach Brady. Of course I did I would. Plans and now I've got quite a strategy namely that there are people talking about the data desk and then again foot. Thought assaults believe the normal us space and time we're Hilemon of bands during this time he's basically trying to stop doing this really thing this time Erika Malone especially when the with the spears would intermingle with the women. It was an I would the deadwood crust of the veils or returns and land of the living the summer and their family or class and as such to great burial mounds of Ireland. For a little with torches lining the walls and so the spirits and can find their way to do it's it's. It's like what is that the will leave the light of Korea multi all. Motel six credits from reporting people left to right. Jay Leno Leno for years so that basically be the Irish and they're reliving the light on for the dead the comeback and a visit them. Driven to an Irish rural. Some party after a few yes yeah yeah fight and suspect you guys you think yeah. I think you may have. Whenever I have a little bit information and at the parties have a family reunion as there was just who it is a good party for areas in every basically sell drugs that. So grace is dead and it's a you know it's such an unfortunate event but. At times of what's bring your family together sometime in the death unfortunately nowadays that's Ali it's either going to be a people say a wedding or death offensive right people together to family's life is so that's true. Saboteurs. Don't remember anything about Jacqueline who is the type but I every year we talk about that I didn't I remember jabs church your mom I remember he. Doesn't return thinking Moussaoui after the started this. No this wasn't nobody made a deal with somebody that'll midfield to double him turn it yes. Yeah and now until the arrest came just thought the hang and the Irish folk gentle way it was used to late colossal checked military stricter strips they're stuck between two worlds. Check is said to have tricked into a little into the into a trunk of a tree and by carving an image of a cross on the tree's trunk he trapped the civil there is franks denied him access to heaven. Having anger did able also to help so jacked it was a La soul trapped between the world's why. I hadn't have someone who is relaxing please do tell you don't want you don't want. He made a deal with a double trying to take his soul okay can't remember why they remain until the double must take assault and then when he died. They would let the men to have them. So you wanna be stuck between two worlds and he went he went to health conscious of the demo and the double with a lemon right but gave him an amber. To put in the lantern so you can travel so he could see where he was going to blog girl so he walks and that's where the fast lane on the job right and. Came down sizes are no answers right hand down that was basically original Jack origins back to determined to terminate. Terms hermit Internet and a return of like Timmy here aren't in a way to turn up because he had to turn up in his pocket because he loved her not to mess with a turnover came from. We are just trying to address some of Timmy cost Paramount then he's going to relish. President say he looks and appears to be that we literally got like I shot steroids and you know we're bigger NASA stands tell him Carmona Walters is different sheets you know turn to their room they could I don't know what. I'm. Outlook doesn't check going to lose this first pumpkins. They started here in United States we had this Disney needs now they're back in Ireland. Irish came over here with they're turnips have switched to Republican in the tradition went back home in their use in the pocono they're not formerly. I usually says some bite to the old school to the only time science. He was good that's a good thing. So when you're carving a turnout for Republican and enjoy yourself to solid tennis for a always had a fun time and you know. However issues so enjoy it either watching scary flexor or maybe don't know home paranormal investigations. You know. Make the best of its assets the villas. Then a few guys who is I don't really get into this only can you wanna do investigation. For at least in my favorite place us can go for re just. Parents take a look up it's all these trees are so loyal and comfortable look at the big oval no way to go nowhere to go in. Fleeting and it got a lot of people who have stopped we have called me and not as good on just that. We don't underestimate enjoyed themselves they can put the amber and her turn up and read the book but the term replace the hell yeah ago. Fletcher out glowing in turn could be within amber and it but it might work extra one of those little Ellie do you lights in there and they they're pretty bring these days you can tell you can now. Paradise for the turn reply back. Assessment. Yeah right around mile would turn up that's right I mean you also talk hollows even that you know thirties I remember years and years ago we might my brother we went to a Catholic school. Not for other murmurs go on us a restart it was the doubles chains get looser. Won't really. On housing news yeah and I know I my brother was pretty nervous about it sauce pretty cool I actually went to be to decrease now. Actually that was through any Al supposedly this summer in the Bible and I are armament of trees you know give a look charcoal neither assured him that that was not true than anywhere in the Bible but yet that was spread around pretty good that the doubles chains got looser off I get that person for those pretty good those Gannett. I mean a word that a lot of people and her so put that way to do Aristide to kids who I don't you know these. You know there's gonna be out tonight no one mystery country intended to have. Outside fastball actually. For me you wonder where somebody starts those rumors are who wears come from Dylan's. Cool details slugger started somewhere if they just grew get added to take it away from mid may changed a lot of times yeah. Can you never know somebody those are almost twist on it everything I fail sauces and opened it make more scarier more lucrative that tell the campfire and it's from. So we touched on earlier belly. It probably is very easy for spirit to manifest itself now are doing I'll leave the shook me a little and that either blended I mean I never gave it too much thought of that. Didn't mean off. Somebody we walked in on the street near can be. Somebody else walking on the street in the weave his attention to that's you are the funniest looks from her when you meats like what's gone mountain. That's just back. What's like the black guy children we talked about moment felt I had perfect time for him to come off and that's horrible. I especially today's make a Picasso who you think somebody you know that was just part of a costly at all I look at his eyes are merely stay inside where did find an. There was somebody came and knocked on your doors have good I think. Black eyed child daily and yeah I look back to caddie for Amendola did have a candy. I watch how we are Ayers thing that's that's the only thing I days is amazing I injured was happy birthday here. Is the generals are saying and you may know more from our try again and I made every one of them sink. And I think that's way don't cover my health the more C scared off can do it you know it's all right that he enjoys eye candy. There is deployed behind stands that's our path. You think that. No 10020s. Now twenty what do golf trips tricks farce because I mean he's a cupcake twice I want to watch my college okay. And those are told America and I enjoy it and they were good. I don't know I can't really say I mean her she is. Burrows mirror she receives a pin number comes they're probably my favorite. Halloween. Exactly get that. I mean now somebody was put it you don't peanut butter filled Gershon stocks mentioned tonight and I know I'd be. More than happy you know I am not I'm not an addictive it's an all not at all. And I you like or not but not enough. The grammys at the same media let Apple's used to be a big thing long time ago it was always regular gift to man in all the stuff they own one dollars that's a few years ago Herbert with the fears. Barrage Emeril. Stories dash in the hospitals at that time the X raying. You're ten these near Apple's plan and look at this time. Yeah Jennifer reasonably soft muse sick people really got you you got to be safe a manner we do anymore I mean there's some people would just do some crazy stuff and done. They waved me want everybody have a safe and happy Halloween time. Your Halloween and do you remember it seems like every neighborhood had a house you are free to go to it was like. Hot and Alice I'm always so who else in the neighborhood and it doesn't disagree with that and yes I have everybody lived there goes up post your free go to Viet eagle there yes for Summers I think my music is consistent element came back psychopath. As a kid my parents house knowing facts. What does that that was. In this hideaway this is. That's I mean so I think we really actually argue of course don't tell without insurance and I think it's quote free lunch only kids in the neighborhood although we anyway as an error which we are concerned that I'm. So they actually got to the point actually move her kids they don't come back to treat some of these I actually like how like a little party invite people over it's like you obviously get some kids there are joining you now. So until both he should make up case the stuff that's I love would get togethers. No come back on their own defense. And space command that we don't have a say exactly areas the Apollo like to counsel people to turn beating his and we can be. We're not gonna go back clear and how medical as you look for some local northern American American has to have its own. Play I mean you know how Mischief Night and as I refer to you all hallows eve and everything I mean. You can still have a Mischief Night you learn to go well I hope they don't. I mean yes and you. Do a lot less paper and I get thrown around telephone poles and not shaving cream and all that stuff is so wrong so well for us with soap on the windows these cars. Yeah I received a feared even try to sneak out on the night with the repercussions I may have felt from my father I got a cut on his leaving him that I ID go misbehave and on. I just tonight path. Has it made me. Yeah. I'm guilty against this guy Tokyo's an office here go to tournaments confessions are not out of I realize if you do this just might serve and I'm guilty until. I'm guilty. I think that my limitations as long over Santa thought mr. I can't get in trouble anything you do it mr. Macbeth fits right in their pocket to get in trouble. How can you thought there's just no way he had children at all. That's far hill here comes a musician I. Overall I think everybody for listening and of course and sharing your stories. And down have a safe and fun Halloween I'm John understands their Ahmed Mack great I'm Kelly now. If you just intensely thank you ought to.