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Minnesota U. S. Senator Amy Klobuchar and Corbett: speaking at a dinner supporting Hillary Clinton

Oct 27, 2016|

Minnesota U. S. Senator Amy Klobuchar talks to Corbett about Amy's speaking at a dinner supporting Hillary Clinton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Minnesota's. Senator. Amy low shark. I know she's all of the latest grant. The owner wait a lack of one accounting I'm not sure where she is now but I say welcome to hard coal country senator will be sharply. Well thank you keep that was quite an introduction but he. Yeah yeah oh yeah I've actually in Carlsberg and we're very any event I'm coming down. From my big interest in Scranton nights and I can't wait because like you need now is Casey is my best friend in the summit. Well he's I never knew drag down the street from me who were AS my. Neighbor he's he's a good neighbor I've gotten some good things to say a Bob Bob Casey we call Bobby don't care. And get out and we will all work together too far there are even more so all women's rights and they have been furthered by people like you as it is. Thank you so much and I am excited to be Garrett examine the beat. Speaking at a dinner I in Stratton for our none other in Scranton for now and other than Hillary Clinton so it's pretty exciting. I am to be here. You've got to you've got a guy yeah you've got the lack wanna county Democratic Party dinner. And I didn't I did my best to set the stage for you I told Americans they're all to be put on their best behavior and should Clinton politics is it's it's unique output deal that life Bob Casey can explain it to you let me. We'll say yeah I guess you'd think you can make and I picture of iron range of Minnesota where my IE I've grapple with a minor my dad grew up in picture. Our state elected Jesse Ventura as governor I'm ready for. Backed up your exactly right my grandfather was a minor is well in my call here in northeastern Pennsylvania after comments from Ireland and Whittle we've made our share of political blunders but it appears. That we know on the right. Asked and there's probably no Benetton did Democrat. Well exactly no better time to be in Pennsylvania because there's such a pivotal states and not only. For Hillary's election but also for the united it's senate with Katie McGinty ranks and and so I'm excited because. For me I worked with Kerry for two years we overlapped in the senate and toppers hands. But she worked across Seattle and she worked with everyone you don't hear a seminarian appetites. That's singing and then dvd gave that they never complained about. Or can occur in the sense because dates. Like working with her both Democrats and Republicans and sinks. At secretary stated I'm kind of be adoption optics and I got 51 hand what happens when Larry Craig. Packers in Haiti and I had a bunch of Minnesota mom though they are baby that they weren't able to get out well what. Records are last in the rebel push and who did act how I called Hillary herself and she didn't pop enough. She took care of it and two days later wrote treat mom called me from the State Department car they were on the way to the airport it's their babies. I'm and there's been cheeks has done and I don't think that's typical average now what you get for them but that's true leadership and that's what Hillary Clinton has been my control leader. When when it comes down to campaigning when it comes down to it to taking the hard day to day work you do in the US senate. On public policy and then you're out on the campaign trail traveling visiting a number of different places. Representing a number of different. Geographies throughout the United States what is it do you sense that the people who support Hillary Rodham Clinton. Have in common what is it unites us. 'cause the common ground upon which we can stand and make things better for everybody. Well I think first of all it's that idea stronger together you know that having had economic plan that works for everyone not just the people at the top and that. In thanks most Americans including some of the people at the top. And then actually it's how it's spoken out for her because they don't think that's just don't care. And I think that's the first thing would second it disrespect to south for the people of that country and try that hard workers in this country introduction some people and when you look at that Donald Trump candidacy. The fact that he has divided people you know he went after it and sit POW that John McCain goes after wouldn't go that term prince got disaster. Supporters started after judges got it after people at PG a speech they got the only people left for baby. And anyone rallies that hey I love that baby birds QB even though it's kind of ten minutes later get the baby daddy you're not even baby our news. I mean you know it's kind of comedian now that he would very you know like jedi are grave where they can do about it straps of bringing our country together and he once again looks. Think you bet I can touch it just bothers me to MySpace is a state that has a lot of different. People there's a lot of rural areas since that's beautiful that's OK it's not quite as Hillary you Graham right now near the Poconos. But and we have a late we have our cities we have a bunch of different people with different backgrounds ethnic backgrounds different. And threats in different economic. Situation invent folk SID and we'd be dividing people right now aux in our country's history really bothers me as well as. I have in a situation where you got someone who felt so that's a danger society is about. You know came in our NATO lying banning nuclear weapons to countries that don't have a bunch and holding up different man that really bothered me when you hear that. Ever since has now been established that that I want to prop. But plane down in Ukraine and that a bit wanted to and hacking into private accounts and so I think it's a real concern and she is someone that. As shown her strength. Both in foreign policy and domestic. Out of it when Katie McGinty is elected she will be the very first United States senator from Pennsylvania. As a woman shall be the first woman O'Reilly is a threat on an imminent exactly and then and then we'll have the first woman president. I know sometimes it's it's a little awkward to get into this first blood in 26 million. We still have to fight for the first. And from your perspective as someone who hasn't been the pioneer how important visit for K need to be the first and Hillary could be the first. Then turned. First I wanna see some sisters and a brother read write to how we got only. Twining Raymond Sanders he probably here we worked really well across the Alps we do a lack together Democrats and Republicans let people like Susan Collins of Maine. I am and that's been really important. We are important to the senate wait until we still I don't have enough women and act out. I recently Barbara Mikulski who is retiring Mateen Netherlands senators the main challenge you know I expect it started to expand the bathroom committee because there. We I think it has been didn't have enough stalls and I'm not kidding you. Oh yeah we are big rich stream when he got to that it's also you know you're waiting. Forget that moment and when that senator architect are the front over the plan any difference. This is it remote Cosby says this system collapsed ceilings and good business plan for the future and says the plane is. At some point. We're gonna reflect it says people that we serve and the fact that women are 50% of the population and we're still trying percent of the senate and house. I think that's a problem and I think each you have to have the right person and certainly Katie that's diner. Police officers with someone with what is that nine batted and so. Yeah yeah oh yeah and I'm. I'm in ninety justice. A while we're at which I really appreciate if someone myself I think come from money almonds and a lot of centers out there who are really wealthy and you know for fall into it and such and that fact Katie that's something inside. It's not just that she's a woman. I truly appreciate that fact that she's gonna bring a different perspective the united. And when you talked about having sisters in the brotherhood almost yelled right on sister as an evolving feminist that I am have you know. I know I would say that you are kind of a black fearing break figures outlaw I'm like I'll come out. The Hawkeyes a glass just turn you loose in Rome and anything can happen but it's it's interesting because. What you're talking about we spoke with Barbara Mikulski senator mark calls you on on the show just the other day and and we do discuss this we do talk about. The the reason why equal opportunity absolutely matters and if I might impose on you speaking of stalls and I know that we are a lot about congress being stalled I just never realized it was that kind of install. If not impose on you I know your busy you know like you know if I tell us a little bit about what happened to you that very first day the U arrived in the US senate. Visit the ladies' rooms when a search. What it's sex and then territory just kept going straight yes I ended up in the manufacture of that is after the I quickly learned my lesson I think could stay here at stake mellow about it. How what it's like there are sometimes it just search and having why it's important as some of my Katie actually just that there are so many people they just wanna go to about. Caller and it's. They don't see their curry is really not just getting by yourself giving a speech sent them do you have encourages. Whether or not your lip swelling to enact a shaman you don't rally to free US. For the betterment of this country and I see that I ain't Katie McGinty and to me I have been true of many many bad nitro are probably the lowest by the way it was New Year's Eve at fiscal quit though when you heard their top 3 in the morning and you hear it either way they did that as magical moment. I was in the senate chamber I looked in my left thanks see Jerry redirect to direct a team Mitch McConnell every girl strain. A New Year's based. On the and I hate the fact OK there's got to be something better than Baxter as. Just seeing amount nor a senators get there. I mean she would be in their groups who are. Really how the common good I'm that they are looking up on instinct that's important and that's going to be important to look I think about the high cost such prescription bags that we're seeming you have. The issue that we're combining let Albert Costa going to college she. And what I love about Hillary's plan this year they're very concrete and I know it was a lot of I'm devoted to it could expound traps sort of take up all the oxygen in the ramps. But in the end how people really wanna know about what making that it's gonna eat half amend their actions everyday life. I'm and that's what I love that Hillary is focused on the costs are trying to get I whether it's evil whether it is. Kind of stand your kid to college or get a mortgage. And I think that's so then something important I just didn't Pennsylvania better Minnesota and all the states. I am aware of people are just trying to support their family and we need to get. Back to back I'm gonna. Well you're you're come to a good part of the country northeastern Pennsylvania Scranton particularly that's where that's where Hillary's Rodham side of the family is from her dad's buried in. In the Washburn some currency and twelve miles away is like when all aware that the Rodham for and we Connie still stands on her bra. Tony usually every summer Tony you we come up. And then there's no no there's a lot this year and this is the kind of place. Where you can relate where people can relate to you where Hillary can relate some people can relate to our and it's very important I do wanna say one last thing. I don't want people think I'm completely off the charts when I brought up. You accidentally walking into the men's room that was pillaged this is big as the women's room batted. I'm Sharon to show. You are either so we must be like researching everything about my life I guess that is that is correct that is right and did what I would work. Did they writer says the women greatly represented that there is much much more than that I also wanna look at your other famous. Person who was born in Scranton of course was Vice President Biden all she looks like who I am gonna seed tomorrow morning and I will bring your cards cubic what I am after I did at dinner it's. The minute drive down the Washington. And he and I are gonna fight together to serve you generally don't Minnesota. At your rally. Well Joseph Joseph Joseph doesn't he doesn't a good guy he was just didn't will turn twenty miles south this grand just the other day. And guy he shook up down America. So just send my regards to our Joseph Biden and tell a mile from one scrappy kid to another and you'll have a great time tonight at the lack of one accounted Democratic Party dinner had said. Feel rallies up in. Pop in my tickets isn't officially pac bell. And it's officially packed delta. This planet say Iraq a lot of patter ball wildly I think that's right right like Hawaii Alaska one accounting. Luckily wanna tell you it is in Scranton this lose the counties in Minnesota tightening exact. I OPEC out of high. A lot of and I tell you what else when Hillary's the president have a say in this for a long long time for years as a matter of fact. Promised the comeback you're darn cold country when the weather's better. And I want an opportunity to talk again Minnesota's United States senator Amy clover shark is a great pleasure to talk with you. It was great Steve thanks for having me I'm okay I'm a good time tonight.