Maximize Your Health

Oct 22, 2016|

Saturday October 22, 2016

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Following is a paid program the views or claims made it or not necessarily those of WI OK staff management or sponsors this is doctor dollar chassis just is a reminder of the advice heard on the show is the general nature is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment also consult with your physician or qualified health care professional. If you have any health questions never delay or disregard seeking the advice of a medical professional because of something you are on this program. You're listening to maximize your health. With your health coach doctor Dan ghoulish SE. Call with your questions at 570830098. Or 1804370098. And now we maximize your health with doctor Dan ghoulish S ski. Welcome to another episode of maximize. Your health ion your health coast doctor Dan Ellis just easier to delivered the truth. When it comes to building in restoring your health naturally. It's about creating and building and maintaining the right lifestyle. Being proactive not reactive when it comes to our health because their health is our greatest wealth. I'm sure many of you listening right now wouldn't dispute that you wouldn't question that any way but once you lose your health unfortunately for many people. Is when people finally we'll start giving attention to their health. I'm here to tell you don't wait until you're diagnosed. To wait and see you experience a health crisis like a heart attack or cancer diagnosis. Or stroke. Or something else or broken bone due to weak bones or osteoporosis don't wait for something like that to happen. Until you begin to change. And it just your lifestyle today and a healthier lifestyle so I'm here to we quit you come here to empower you. I'm here to deliver your view an unconventional message unfortunately which has been around for thousands. Hundreds and even thousands of years some of the rather than the tips that we share with human practice for. You know in different parts of the world for many many many years okay the proven to work they're they're proven to. Help people live a long and prosperous healthy quality life and that's what we all want to buy it for many of us we get a law goes up between us and what we should actually be doing and that's why I'm here let's play this to show maximize your health was created an inspired in the first place. And I'm here to help you I'm here to answer your health questions here during the next hour so if you've any sort of health related question could be regarding a recent diagnosis you were given. Maybe some advice you've read somewhere else on the Internet or you heard on television. I knew the question about may be certain vitamin or protein power or a fitness trend out there. And may be used did develop new pain in your uncertain you're worried you don't know what it could be and you maybe want some tips and advice on that call and during the next hour with your health quiz questions 57083. 0098. Or 1804370098. When you call on and off free simple and effective action steps. Simply present your question. They'll let me do the talking I know I will give you what you need to improve your life and improve your health it's a matter of just putting the what do we say here inaction and you will become healthier hop over all so we got a great line a plan for C show. We're gonna talk a doubt I have a great now recipe to help naturally boost testosterone levels and again testosterone doesn't just apply to the men listening. It applies to the ladies as well so stay tuned for that coming up. And then oh what was covered during this past Thursday is happy hormones workshop that I presented at my clinic for. It's pen add new good fortune of meeting several viewers out there. Many practice numbers or in attendance is well we have a full house at our clinic the other night for the first ever happy hormones and are going to be sharing. AM serum a recipe for help balance your hormones naturally how to make that the various ingredients. The essential oils that are used in that so that's going to be coming up later in the hour. And then if we have time we're gonna talk about ways to today's topic is all about toxins environmental toxins and the harmed the risk that those opposed to our health and does action steps proactive steps that we can take. To make better decisions when it comes to purchasing the right product set artists toxic that won't interfere with our hormones won't create Kruup. Systemic inflammation throughout our bodies attack our joints and our other systems. As well so that sits on the theme of today's show but we're gonna talk later about Newton how to reduce endocrine disrupting your. Exposure in your home can camera talk about the back from the kitchen and just in the general home. How we can make change see adjustments that we can make regarding some of the products so we purchase and and other things as well but again a few questions you've comments you wanna. You have a further question upon something that I talked about on the show today you can feel free to call in during the next hour. 5708830098180437. 0098. And feel free to bookmark our web site www. Neat but doctored and dot com there you'll find podcasts. You'll find and nutrition food plant you'll find fitness videos so high intensity interval work as he could do at home with little to no equipment and don't take very little time. And these style work out it'll put you in the best shape at the fastest rate. So if you wanna lose weight if you wanna build and develop lean muscle you wanna maintain muscle you increase your energy your bone density. Try some of these workouts and these are for anybody at any fitness level they do the exercises can be altered and modified and changed to a year a level and you did the purpose the key here is to really push yourself so that you sweating you're breathing you're exerting yourself so that you turn your body. You EP you put your body in the right physiological state to your hormones are at higher levels. You're you're burning fat your energy levels are up your circulation your oxygen so forth are all where they need to be followed the fitness videos also if you wanna set an appointment and there's a feature on the web site triple W dot need a doctor in our economy can simply hit the schedule button. I request your appointment time and will be some from our clinic will follow up with you regarding that. And again as I mentioned the podcaster there every week okay horrible hair most most Saturdays. 11 AM to 12 PM on WI OK. Here to inspire you here to make a difference in your life by helping you improve your overall health by maximizing your health. So one of the kick off the show today since the theme for today's program is reducing toxin exposure. I want to focus primarily on. Heavy metals. And now heavy metals can create serious problems or health. For so do you have your already suffering with chronic health problems you you don't have any answers. Maybe the doctors told do you have an autoimmune disease or you fibromyalgia. Rheumatoid arthritis you actually might have heavy metal toxicity that's been undiagnosed. And testing the conventional medical testing doesn't always detected heavy metals in your system see you have to about a specific laboratory for testing. How when it comes to heavy metals. So maybe some heat even won't you change your diet around you've eliminated sodium eliminated daring grains from your diet if you start going more organic. You're feeling better but still you feel certain things are off. Maybe there's still we on the occasional migraine headache the joint pain the brain fog this doesn't do that didn't sluggishness but maybe some Leo irritable bowel type syndrome. Constipation and such. Babies so feel like you're getting sick too frequently. OK it's not just a change of seasons because not everybody during the change of seasons gets sick so there has to be something going on within your body. That's creating interference is causing a weakening. To your immune system many could be heavy metal toxicity. So we're bombarded with toxins all of us none of us her are are exempt from this. Our bodies are subjected to an onslaught of dangerous chemicals on a daily basis from things like air pollution plastics. Industrial cleaning agents. I not to mention the thousands of chemicals introduced into our environment every single year so with heavy metals. Those are thing us elements such as Mercury aluminum copper canyon nickel arsenic and lead okay. Again pesticides we know going organics good but reducing our exposure to heavy metals like aluminum foil batteries metal cookware. Old paint. And and even the foods we eat if they're not organic foods GMO free food c.s can contain some heavy metals still could have those embedded within as well. So the problem with heavy metals is once again into our system may have potential to oxidized. OK so that will cause damage to surrounding tissue and it will promote inflammation. That's three begin to feel pain that's for you feel the lower energy the headaches the brain fog. The digest of trouble because of the oxidation of these heavy metals and they don't go anywhere they sit with in your your fat tissue within your body. Your body isn't eliminate them especially if you're if you're dye is sports if you activity level is aware supposed to be easier circulation in your lymph is moving properly. If your hormones are out of bounds you're an even more of a disadvantage at at detox and from heavy metals. And these pose unique threat not only are they damaging their own right they. Also are a form of a neuro toxin which will disrupt the nervous system. And it will confusing immune system toward the immune system can begin to attack itself which is called auto immunity. Heavy metal narrow toxins can inflame an irritated or central nervous system causing multiple symptoms such as memory loss brain fog fatigue and depression. Toxic heavy metals can also promote inflammation in the digestion tract releasing poisons into our guts. As well and we know our gut is a vital component is a direct neurological connection between our brain and our gut. And seventy to 80% of her immune systems on our guts of our diets pour for following for eating lots of fast food processor food and soda and sugar too much sugar too much processor dairy. Again that's going to hurt us as well but I wanted to focus specifically here on heavy metals these cause inflammation to digest of tracked. If that's a bad enough they also serve as a source of food for viruses. Bacteria parasites and other pathogens so now your there's a breeding ground for bacteria the viruses the parasites they won they won and they'll wanna go anywhere they don't leave your body if there's heavy metals there. So the oxidation. Is what causes the inflammation which leads to the breeding ground for all sorts of pathogens. So what are the best in detox is fine foods out there. How do we detox from these dangerous heavy metals how do we get these out of our body stuff so we all wanna now. It's relatively easy believe it or not to get rid of these heavy metals. And there are some steps he can take. To minimize your future exposure that's what it's about an ounce of prevention of cause is worth a pound of cure even if you have them now your body can eliminate those. It might take some time depending on what level of health your ear your body is that but don't give up stay the course make the changes. Healing doesn't always happen overnight and came into the a lot of the slack and the patients it's necessary for us to heal. Internationally a well but the many of us listening right now we have that capability to heal naturally is on his work. Not interfering with our net the natural god given expression within our bodies. The first through his spirit spirit arena SPI RU ally any spirit Lena. In fact it's a blue green algae it draws out heavy metals from your brain your central nervous system and liver and it soaks a penny Mel's. Extracted by Barley grass Jews extract power so you wanna do about two teaspoons mixing water. Coconut water or like this movie a spear Leno again it's a blue green C plant. Highly effective at an event and leaching to heavy metals helping to support the nervous system deliver. And the digestive system and again secondly the second food we wanna get is Barley grass juice extract power. This is found in our perfect food greens pattern that we sell at our clinic power chiropractor can wilkes-barre going to be talking a little bit more about that probably cure the product here in a few minutes and how you can order that today but this nutria is cook grass has the ability to draw I have emails out of your spleen your intestinal tract your pancreas. Thyroid and reproductive system C wanna do one or two teaspoons mix in the coconut water smoothie or geez every single day. Thirdly organic salon trial with this goes deep into the hard to reach places extracting metals. And been there for a long time C one a blend one cup and a smooth your Jews. Or you can add to a salad or guacamole recipe with it a fresh avocados and next wild organic blueberries. Diesel truck heavy metals out of your brain tissue healing in repairing any gaps created by oxidation and heavy metals are removed. You wanna make sure guinier using organic wild that blue blueberries. You can you fresh or frozen fresh is better when in season. Blueberries contain potent anti accidents in which can help reverse any auction date of damage left behind from the heavy metal removal in fact it wild blueberries are the most powerful food for halting or in some cases reversing also -- Summers and dementia. Again which are chronic conditions when your brain has been generating for many years. The end result typically is dementia or alzheimer's so start adding one to two cups per day of organic wild blueberries either fresh or frozen. Next is something called Atlantic adults. This is an edible seaweed which Beisel led aluminum copper canyon in nickel. Unlike other seaweed when adults is a powerful form for removing Mercury. So if you have feelings within your mouth those Leach into your brain start consuming Atlantic dolls. It's great for colon health a grabs under the heavy metals. Serves as an emergency back up help the new ensure that all the heavy metals that made it as far as the Coleman actually leave. The vice of those of the five foods again spear Lena Barley grass juice. Salon trove wild blueberries in Atlantic Dole's those are the five. If you are likely to send you that list you can send me an email right now PWR Cairo had That's PWR. CH IR oh. At Gmail dot coming why is it important just to summarize Tuesday get these out to be it is to be aware of this because number one your doctor is never going to bring this up. It's not typically check for when you go to your for your routine check ups. If you're having problems in and just because you have a headache in you go when you taken in an and said from the headache that doesn't necessarily correct the causing your headaches. You have to look deeper to a cost so what I would recommend for some of you if you've been having these symptoms chronically. Get tested for heavy metal toxicity you wanna be diagnosed first once your diagnosed. He could begin to add these foods and if you're taking certain medications and important that you consult with your physician first. Before doing any he's because you don't want to cause more harm to your body you know by taking some of these natural foods and supplements and I discuss your on the program but if you have more questions specifically you can call me in my clinic. He gets set up a private console dark numbers 570829. 3580. Or send me an email PWR Cairo at PWR. CH IRO act We're gonna take a quick commercial break but it might get back at one answer some of your questions I want your son your testimonials may be started a detox program. He started exercising he started to lose weight. For so long beside it was the other way around but your life is change your health is improved come on and share your story so that other listeners can be inspired today. 5708830098. Or 1804370. These. 098 when I get back to going to be talking about nine natural ways that you can boost testosterone. And I have an app I have a powerful shake recipe that I'm a share of how you can get your testosterone levels up at exponential levels. Stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health. With doctor Dan gulch ASCII power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes building and restoring your health. Owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else's rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching that's. Attend one of our monthly health workshops or fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold food. Based startup life. Nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten if you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were with all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit need doctor T and dot com and EP ADR ga N dot com power chiropractic is located at 113 West End road looks. 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Again we got to look at function how well your body's functioning from within we wanna begin to remove the interference physically. Chemically who are looking your food because food is in Madison and it starts with the food you're eating food can either be. In your greatest form of medicine of the most powerful form of poisons your pick it's you or call no one forces you to eat certain foods is so so so review we need to get your taste buds. Reversed so that your craving more healthy food in less processed fake food. And that we wanna talk fitness because or by George Tenet to move fitness. Fitness ox is being our body's resistance training interval training. You know or we do with the due to high intensity for twenty seconds we rest for ten seconds. It's a short work out we throw that in one or two times a week. Ten minute work out twenty minute work out we've accomplished more than certain people who work out 12 hours a day. Who are breaking down tissue and not putting their hormones in an ideal state and ideal balance. So that's who we want to incorporate two and looked at fitness and for so many people they if dot exercise equals the four letter word pain. And I'm here to say it's not true because of so many different forms of exercise you have to find something that you enjoy doing. But to sit in the chair to say well I'm a bad hit a mad me I have this bad that bad that the you know. Erie get off the bench get into the game because you're you're you're starving yourself a vital health benefits. By not moving more and not exercising. If you want help what we if you want some coaching with that deal for semi email alert or two outcomes senate appointment in my clinic. And then the next thing is talks as we talked about heavy metal toxins you wanna get these out. These post serious risk to your health. If there in your body. Later on you can get a cancer diagnosis and autoimmune illness. Neurological damage alzheimer's dimensions of the beginning is toxins you wanna be on the on the detox type of diet foods again food can be medicine here. Don't go on until for the symptomatic symptom that sent them this diagnosis at diagnosis is breaking you down and do a group of different parts if you're looking your whole body is a hole. Hewitt that's functioning in harmony with everything you know with with each other all the different organs is to nearby you're working in harmony nothing is separate in and of itself otherwise she wouldn't be alive. So those are what we talked about here proactively to build and restore health and actually things you could change in your life salad if you have health questions. I have help answers call me right now 570. 830098. Or 180437. 0098. Wanted to thank our sponsors to the house of nutrition. Located at fifty main street in the Borough of who's earned in Lucerne county could be sure to like them on FaceBook. They're alternative grocery store organic vegan bakery prep foods green cleaning supplies. Natural supplements and remedies and fairly trading gets house of nutrition inspires healthy living with healthy choices they're open until 6 PM today. And today I believe is the last day of national bowl we get house of nutrition. There a wide variety of ball to help you stretch your dollar from unique a loose leaf teas to grains dried fruits nuts and flowers. Time is running out as well in October they will be drawing. House and nutrition gift certificate. This'll take place on October 31. Be sure to stop in to sample their fall theme and pumpkin flavored deli items and baked goods let me tell you these are to die for gluten free grain free dairy free. Healthy fall treats and recipes. Made by Kerry Kerry is awesome she's awesome baker. She's over there at house nutrition be sure to check them out against FaceBook house and nutrition. They have all the specials in detail there that location again fifty main street it was earned so we can take I interstate 81 to the route 309 expressway take exit six. And then it's just a few turns off of exits six in the Borough lose our house and nutrition again thank you for sponsoring us and they inspire healthy living with healthy choices there on the same page. Is our mission here in helping you to maximize your health if you need the right products in the right foods house nutrition should be your one stop shop for all of your needs. And again at our clinic in walks through we offer whole foods supplementation the garden of life supplements a wider we choose that because they are whole food. Whole food is better than synthetic your body utilizes differently if you're gaining your actually absorbing more of the the nutrients rather than just eliminating them like many of these store brand. A synthetic cheap products that are out there are doing you any good. Clean is healthier whole foods are healthier. And then finally the Trace stability it starts with knowing what each and every ingredient in the products comes from. Getting to know each and every source where it's grown farming practices. And again we carry a men's and women's multi vitamins men's and women's pro by onyx. Vitamin. Cross trader's body builders are runners out there yoga of people out there if you're looking to get more protein in your diet the Mott a beyond. Ross fit is phenomenal. Group cash you can contact our clinic today about ordering information purchasing information. 5708293580. Too that's 5708293. Fannie Sarah finally we have the perfect food greens so it contains like I talked about earlier in the hour today the Barley grass juice. It also has wheat grass juice. Not to be mistaken with the wheat which contains gluten wheat grass is contained zero gluten. So weak grass choose Barley grass juice Elantra things that can help find the heavy metals to get the your system so we have that supplement as well again these are all whole food based either supplements that I take for myself. And I would recommend anything that I wouldn't consume for myself to okay so again if you like to purchase these. Order these a few questions you can contact our clinic today. 5708293580. Or you could Ximian email PWR Cairo at PWR. CH IRO at Gmail. Dot com I wanted to talk now about nine natural ways to boost testosterone. Ten K we know as we get older. All are hormones are human growth hormone testosterone begin to decline I believe it's now after the age of thirty for closer to forty you're really starts to take a plunged. Now the good news is we can slow this process down if we're living to have the right type of lifestyle is a few things we can focus on number one. Diet and exercise. Number two you want to eliminate processed food any more real foods add more healthy fats your diet healthy fats include coconut oil. I Chia seeds flax seeds all men's Brazil nuts walnuts. Avocados. And finally you would eliminate hormone disruption is like plastics. You like your Tupperware. Your cosmetics your peer industrial cleaning products disease contained. Hazardous noxious chemical compounds that won't interfere and cause your testosterone levels to plummet more. So the ninth steps number one it's a difficult intermittent fasting you have to you have to give your body an opportunity to reset itself. So your engine digestion tract whenever you eat a meal whether it's healthy food or processed through healthy food your body has to go to work to digest and absorb it so atop nearby in a war can. The purpose to have with intermittent fasting is you wanna lie your your digest this isn't actually do no work. Can't we know that for continuing working. Eventually we're gonna become tired. And and then we're gonna burn out. Because were always working. And there's no flexibility there's no variety in our lives we don't take a vacation we don't take time away to reset it to come back revived and stronger than we were before. Your body the human body in the big justice system is designed the same way if you're always eating. You know if there's if there's 23 hour gaps between your meals he pursues what meals adjusted. You need another meal on the year and next meals I Jesse I don't. So it's a continuous cycle not allow any opportunity for arrests and reset feared a justice and so something called intermittent fasting works well on how works. You do lights smoothie in the morning he consume most of your meals between twelve noon. And 7 PM at night you can do two to three big meals. And then you're in bed by 10 o'clock OKC one allowed a two to three hour window before you sleep so that we you can get restful sleep. And then you're only again you're waking up the next morning you're gonna feel for you gonna feel energized because you had a good restful night's sleep and then you do this movie and then you repeat the cycle this is again how I work to adjust my diet over time. I've had more energy now as I'm getting older than I did back in my teens and twenties. When I was an athlete back in high school and and playing sports and all that I had no energy. My strength has gone up my energy levels have gone up my stamina my endurance of all gone up I mean getting sick at all. My body's functioning at a higher level because I'm giving it now an opportunity to reset so. Part in the self reference but again I can apply to you to use yourself. You know if you begin to apply the chairman of fasting it's going to allow your testosterone levels could actually surged. When you incorporate exercise and fitness and your lifestyle so that leads to point number two to naturally boost testosterone heavy weight training combined with high intensity interval training and Harry talked about that. The heavy weight training a weight ladies. Ten to twelve repetitions two to three sets. Men. He could do 68 repetitions. Three to four sets okay heavyweight weight that you could only lift men six to eight times three or four cycles. Ladies ten to twelve wraps two to three cycles. You're not gonna get bulky you're gonna actually lean out and it's going to develop the lean muscle that's going to cause you're. Hormone levels of testosterone levels of surgeon testosterone again doesn't apply just in the men listening in applies to the ladies as well so heavy weight training. Three days a week. Take it one a two days' rest and the other one is two days you can do the high intensity interval training where you're going twenty east. Twenty seconds on ten seconds rest at the end you can rest for one minute repeat that two to three times a whole entire circle from warmup. To cool down should take you no longer than twenty minutes. One to two days a week. That causes the surgeon human growth hormone surgeon testosterone. And your body turns into a fat burning machine for the next 36 for eight hours how cool is that you only worked out for twenty minutes but it's this type of work out that's so critical here it's the high intensity interval training. Q do you get a similar effect with him when you do heavy resistance weight training. Okay but for some review you wanna start and this is a wake up call TU. Hire a personal trainer if you have questions you can you can set about employment with myself and our clinic and we can creating fitness plan customized for you next healthy fats is they mention the avocados the wild salmon. Omega three fish oil Chia seeds flax seeds. I'm on the condos you wanna get these into your diet more healthy fast because these will not cause you to gain fat it will cause you to burn fat and to balance hormones. Next you wanna clintons deliver you wanna allow your liver to reset itself you wanna filter out any noxious toxins that are imposing harm against your liver. So again the foods like cereal Lena. Atlantic dull so wild blueberries Barley grass she's sweet grass she's doing the garden of life perfect food greens powder one to two times a day one scoop in 68 ounces of water. We have that available on our clinic right now you can call us for more ordering information stress stress is huge okay. Stressed we know causes an increase in court is all court is always more belly fat. More weight gain. More inflammation so that's gonna weaken our immune system and it's also going to deplete our testosterone it and it's going to causes aids a lot faster. So if you anti Asian heavy weight training. With a high intensity interval training at the healthy facts and do the intermittent fastening and watch what happens you're gonna look ten years younger. You an imbalance vitamin DE three this is by one of the most important blood test again that doctors conventional doctors aren't checking you for. You have to specifically requested get your vitamin. It's tough to get from food alone at and from sunlight because now we're shifting in the fall winter the days start getting shorter so you wanna do a vitamin. 5000 I use a different at all 2009 is a day for a child we have this product available. The garden of life whole food rod DE three available power chiropractic health center few calls for ordering get out the process sugar guys process sugar what age you don't flame you or weaken all your systems and it'll cause your testosterone to become depleted. Quality sleep I mentioned this when you do the intermittent fasting you get you should be getting 78 hours a night of sleep. Keep your cellphone five feet away get into a dark room say your thermostat between 68 and seventy degrees Fahrenheit. And turn all sound and all light off that you get that you're able till. Finally you'd need a lower body fat percentage of that comes with changing your diet that comes with exercise that comes with lowering your stress levels. And again just to go back to lowering stress do you find a hobby that you enjoy something that brings you. Excitement for film and passions on the your passion about for so you can be selling your knitting or maybe swimming hiking or biking or traveling. Do more of these things in the bringing joy. Spend more time with friends and your maybe your kids and your grandkids cultivate those relationships. Spend quality time with quality people so. And again if you have questions about these nine natural testosterone boosters you can send me an email right now our view the question you can call. In the program 5708300983180437. 0098. Again the emails PWR Cairo at PWR CH IRO at its Samir email for all your health questions. When I get back from the break I'm going to be sharing were gonna be continuing the discussion of testosterone. Low key low testosterone and things you can do naturally to elevate that. But the I'm gonna be sharing the super human shake recipe with you're going to be going through the ingredients why dosing greens are so important keeping your testosterone levels elevating your energy levels elevated to keep you in the best shape of your life. And then I have a natural homemade. Hormone balance Sarah I'm going to be sharing that recipe as well so stay tuned you're listening to maximize your health. With doctor Dan girlish ASCII. Power chiropractic health center is northeastern. Pennsylvania's leading natural health care clinic when it comes to building and restoring your health owned and operated by myself doctor Dan knowledge just keep host of maximize your help our clinic specializes in corrective chiropractic care for all ages goalie else is rehabilitation nutritional counseling and general health coaching attend one of our monthly health workshops where fitness classes and let us be your one stop shop for all your vitamin supplement needs we utilized top of the line and not synthetic cold food. Based startup life nutritional supplements including multi vitamins Omega three fish oil calcium probe by onyx can co Q ten it. If you suffer from headaches to arthritis heart disease diabetes or looking to. Invest and build healthy for the future and power chiropractic can help you call now to begin your journey to better health 829358. Zero we were put all major insurance is so called 8293580. Or visit the need. 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They currently today is the final day of national bowl week at house of nutrition. That includes loose leaf teas grains dried fruits nuts and flowers and also time is running out to get in the October drawing. For a house of nutrition gift certificate to the drawing will take place on October 31 be sure to stop and sample their fall themed and pumpkin flavored. Deli items and baked goods there and alternative grocery organic vegan bakery Kraft Foods green cleaning supplies natural supplements and remedies. And fairly trading guest house of nutrition inspires healthy living. With healthy choices be sure to light them on FaceBook today house of nutrition or few questions you can call 570714. 0436. And we thank Hausa nutrition for sponsoring this program. Of maximize. Your health so back to the subject of testosterone. Today you here. You know the cover of time magazine recently showed man I'll pause for men with experiencing low team and a billion dollar market with had been created over the last several that EF now I'm not the last decade herself to where they develop these drugs synthetic hormones to help keep testosterone levels up but if you just simply using synthetic hormones. And now looking at your whole body. Then you can cause further harm what are the short term and long term risks of these synthetic hormones post or health. Those a lot of those questions remain unanswered since a lot of these products and new advancements in hormone replacement therapy haven't been around now long they have men studied so we don't really know. What the long term outcomes are so things that I have been around for awhile. In our foods like this foods that are found in the super human shaped. Now this was taken from a book called the four hour body by the author Tim Ferris I highly recommend you go out and get the Spokane fear. Anyone out there are looking to. Is to develop more lean muscle maybe wanna lose weight east struggle to lose weight you wanna get into better shape. Before our body really is a great Arenas on that long and it's you know it it'll grab your attention quickly but this shake was from that book from the author Tim Ferris it calls for three organic pasture raw eggs. One scoop of the garden of lights or profit protein. 46 ounces of Kiefer or organic Greek yogurt if you don't you dare you could do either Allman Mel court coconut milk. One banana. Three tablespoons of organic Allman butter. One tablespoon of organic Chia seeds or flax meal and then one teaspoon cinnamon and then you put everything into the blender blend it well. And you wanna drink the shake two times a day. Okay it's gonna do in the morning and then it's good to do it after you exercise or after you worked out. Maybe late. Morning early afternoon. But why why don't we want these degrees number one eggs are packed with the most bio available source of protein called album human which is in the egg white these are much better than egg beaters folks egg beaters are processes synthetic. They're not real nearby he hasn't used in the same way they can cause an inflammatory response and a lot of problems if you keep consuming the egg beaters overtime. So look for organic grass fed pastor eggs if you break them open. Put amended the smoothie you're not even gonna taste and and you will not get Salmonella if you get it comes from the right source. That's something you shouldn't worry about because I've been doing it now for a while many other people have been doing. Rob organic green pasture eggs and they haven't had no instances of Salmonella poisoning. Again that we jokes of the eggs contain healthy fat ciento accidents like Cole lean in beta carotene we need that many more that. Other profit protein powder mentioned this earlier in the program we have this available were fully stocked up on this right now so if you wanna get a good quality protein supplement. It does contain decaffeinated green coffee bean extract which can help in weight loss. And it also contains are sure gone extract which can help calm your mood lowering his idea lower stress. So this will give you the extra protein need to build and maintain lean muscle. The coconut our home and Malcolm are full of essential vitamins minerals antioxidants and healthy fats. The Greek yogurt is high in pro by onyx. The Chia seeds are abundant Omega three fats calcium fiber selenium and antioxidants. Bananas are rich in potassium complex carbohydrates and B vitamins and finally cinnamon. It's an ancient spice containing niacin and Nicole Lee and also high in chromium and good to help balance blood sugar levels in diabetics. And this movie this shake we'll help you. It caused him fares he used himself as an example when he took his testosterone levels over a four month period. From 244. Up to 653. Despite simply consuming the shaken exercising fortified days a week. So that could be done folks all natural no synthetic drugs nor her no hormone replacement. So this is this is powerful right here so I recommend you get the book if you Waller more chief questions or if you want this recipe sent to you. You could semi email right now PWR Cairo and That's PW arm. CH IR oh at We're gonna go to the phone lines we have Jennifer from the and a Coca. How worried any Jennifer. I'm I'm actually able to speak you wouldn't cheered at asked how can help. I'm so I didn't start during her I hear Powell went. I hate crimes collided at. And it. It. He seemed to get there. Aren't. Our our I had a player and I I can edit and Jerry you've got. You do an Internet site to ensure that there aren't you know it. You're out a dump it gently cute. Wet yes and DER. Are definitely out there and wait outer. Industries just here. I work at 88. It expired outer do you base. Out there and cried as you know Amy didn't area. When there are a war regardless of what you eat it just seems to irritate the B affects the symptom. And right and hits against. Eighteen and I our I know you're location. Are you carry water. And and I are high and mighty I can't wait I didn't think I know. I didn't like you he had sometimes they can't. I think I I and then blew right I haven't learned that. It. Right in neat future and I am. Hoping you more natural right teacher and. Let me ask you this how many different medications are you currently taking. I am TJ Hillary Clinton. Sport that I'd think I'd. Three of them are critical on call eight it'll Emanuel didn't hurt. I. Thank extracted I had right right knee or any super. OK so I got I got a few things I'm gonna recommend for you here. Oh god phenomenally eagle off the line here budget if you they're still with us Jennifer make sure that you write this down. The first thing you wanna do is you want a balance your gun out you wanna you wanna calm things down because things are highly inflamed in there there irritated and this is again this whole process has probably been going on for several decades to now where it's diagnosis Crohn's Disease which is in basically advance coli just. Where this chronic inflammation. Within the GI tract so there's a couple of things he can do the first thing is to balance out the bacterial ratio. You wanna do pro by products you wanna do fifty to a hundred billion per day. We have a products and our clinic called the doctor formulate a probe by Oxford RI doctor David Perlmutter. We do have those stocks so you can swing by our officer picked those up and anytime that something that you should start immediately. So what you wanna do is you wanna do one that you capsules a day one capsule contains fifty billion CF views. Q contains a hundred do one on an empty stomach before breakfast drink a full glass of water if you've trouble swallowing capsules these open up they break up and you can just put the powder. Into the organisms into the water and bring that down. That is going to calm your gut before you consume a meal now with your meals. You would I would highly recommend doing digestive enzymes OK these are gonna actually help digest your food to make it less work for your GI tract. To digest the food that you're eating can you do need to eat. OK I know a couple of things that you could. Take away I think as far as supplements go foods adult bone broth is number want to bomb brought you can purchase a wegmans our house and nutrition comes in a carton. I would say due to his six cups per day and Ike and cups meaning like a coffee mug. Fill it up. You cannot cheat on a self topic you drink it cold you can add some cracked pepper to win your case I wouldn't do that because I could further irritate the colitis and crohn's but consume the bomb broth is the boom boom brought his anti inflammatory effects. And doesn't cause any work on your GI tract you'll actually have sending a fax another supplement you can do is something called aloe Vera juice aloe Vera juice is good to consumed with meals is that house calming anti inflammatory effects on the GI tracks as well so probe by onyx. They just have enzymes. Bone broth. And the aloe Vera juice in the final supplement I would recommend for the acid reflux. I would I would recommend doing one a two tablespoons mix in the six to eight ounces of water. Brags organic apple cider vinegar. Okay good time the time to do that is at once in the morning a once at night. Now you're diets going to be critical as well if you're eating certain foods like dairy and wheat I would completely go dairy fee free and green free right now. OK I would start to add in some. Did you sing what would really help you if you got yourself would you sir because juices going to extract the pull open the fiber out and when you're just consuming the drugs you're still getting the essential vitamins minerals and antioxidants. And not the fiber so your GI tract doesn't have to work and it's going to allow for healing and this whole process Jennifer just understand it's gonna take some time to heal on its not gonna be simple. Okay and if you start getting the nutrients in your body again and then after awhile once we get the symptoms under control. You're not in pain as much and you could start exercising again to start to lose some of the way. Then your health is going to begin to improve but again I would highly recommend setting up an appointment in my office where we you and I can sit down 101 and we can lay things out in a very clear concrete manner very simple manner so that you can begin to improve your health. With this situation can caller clinic a 570829. 3580. And thank you again Jennifer for calling in with your question today here on maximize your. Open only believe we have about a minute or two left but again if you wanted to lump learn more about the program. We have podcasts audio podcasts are available on my website triple W dot neat but doctor can dot com that's an EPA. DR DA and dot com they be like to submit a question through email my email address is on the web site PWR Cairo and We have the high intensity interval training fitness videos on our YouTube channel you can like our FaceBook page. For on Twitter were on pay interest it's a Graham. Information about scheduling an appointment in our clinic there's a schedule a link on our web site. We have our total health make over dvd and sockets only 25 dollars. Two discs four hours worth material with PowerPoint slides on the subjects a function fitness. Nutrition weight loss and toxicity so you can contact our clinic. And learn more about ordering the dvd into total health make over lifestyle dvd for only 25 dollars. He can contact her clinic for that. And there's a whole lot more check out the website triple W dot Nepa doctored in dot com. That's any PA DR DA and dot com that's offer today folks I will be back here next week the same time same place they do believe. 11 AM to twelve on to be al-Qaeda help you gain victory in your health by maximizing your health. Stay well stay safe and I'll see you soon.