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10-16-16 Paranormal Science

Oct 17, 2016|

Will Joe Hawk carve a turnip and haunted places in the area.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Science. I. Okay yeah. Me. Good. Good evening all the other Chappelle. All signs on John understands search Con Ed Mack daddy Mac brain. And I'm killing them great. Don't say he's tall come out and I don't know why our mouth pursuant just. Closing at net Pozen a break like last time we had a collision course set up. I'll welcome. Office and I want to wish you had people to further my friend thank you happy birthday Sam thank you it's not. Colonel households being 39 just about three night it was forty years ago that I want to fight back to a they don't. There was that we're Larry ninety days can your co shuttle about a can stand pick up your walker please yeah. I shed a few pounds and philosopher and I saw yeah. Her last claims and you know well percent personal losses got together and it was a good guy comes and I'm like where's the Beers go where I thought that here's a look like the wolf man now I know that was a surprise to me I didn't expect an off. Flood there for the cup shop or yeah us. Yeah he'll know the oh you mean that they get together he academic social standing there every time you got me and that we had to Nancy and do enough for us something. I will say this what his beard trimmed he does look much younger. Think I I think stand Sandler is a good look Korea keeping cleaned like that. Sharon diet go a little doctor's know what did you recommend he do wolfman Jack thing I know remember almost all of it was all green to. Dark sponsor was all darkened to grace us can remember. Now I can't we call myself an America the whole yeah yeah yeah trying to envision him right now I am. For a while very serious and fun. But none has somewhat cool I mean it's it's that's it's our time of year if you will sixteenth of October this is you refer refer. Everything parallel on itself. Hale is the thinnest supposedly October and I think it's thinner as it goes on until the all policy in October 30. So. They get the trigger or triggers a dour look for candy Fries from. Your country's so I feel learn some indeed are. Good tire pitted Richard I don't see anything from Halloween isn't always at least in my neighborhood it's dying here you don't vote. Forgot commotion goes people who offer candy Jesse Riley about it. We don't wireless now more careful homestand mark grew up we never Petro pressure's on all right but we just never petition features. It is made me location I'm sure ultimately here in the neighborhood kids never came back with our internal memory and no. His biggest loads a trigger or triggers widows have like big baskets attendees and everything thrown. And then suddenly it dwindle away and yet he's big baskets of candy and nobody there. So we just decided at some point so I don't yeah yeah I can't I'm not. That's on him so someone but we have not. When we're playing pro way before we get a bar and I got something had to say it is for three years now. Yeah yeah and Joseph knows what this is going to request the whole again I know exactly anyway I don't know let it out. Well for three years knowledge and after Joseph to carvers turn up. Right right isn't any isn't as it turned yet to turn up. And it's never carve just turn of the three years now anybody else does listing. Go to either his FaceBook site stuff or go to the paranormal. Sciences aside there has lately those three years it's been three years three years know that turn up I'm. And tell Julia wanted to carve the turn up card that turn a joke cart let's look. Do you study is auto attention on her FaceBook where you go Carl Harris turn out carbonneau. Can you imagine. Is it a big turn off. I don't know how big it turn it grows well known as far as I ignored cigarette is a little things that's an honest I guess simulate micro carving managed data exactly nice job we'll get though I don't for a fund something. I don't something Bethlehem. I think our new term was a turn up I can remember yeah I think it's something else. Was that a root of a journalist at a pretty sure it was at turner. It is carpet carved pumpkin can get it over when none unknown unknowns has the it is thing and I'm pretty sure it's a turn it looks like erratic shall return and why does it have to be the same. He doesn't try to get it reduces rate here is this special. Non. For Halloween I Halloween and things about how. Carving I have full cup also on the design. Shoes I don't want to vote blank check to lanterns and things like that the story is a Jack Lawrence and we did a left so you follow through on what he was a do though he didn't. Just like stand with the impasse like progression has to complete Jeff I'm willing truth. I'm going to do it. Yeah. I I still think there's going to be a hard task there Paterno because there are like a radish size and how did this all come about well we did a CEL. Hall and special. About what these I'm just going to care about. That was originally car and I don't think must turn it's a terrible looking right at it saw just this search and card turnips. Think probably determine its carve Paterno and then use a knife I mean look I heard about a and I think evil season evil minds is that an illegal turn out. They are looking a little thing mommy's. The original Jack Blanchard wasn't right that was eternal. Things looked like big turn up stuff I've never heard of that. How did you cars and turn the jackal and it. You stand did you try to. Don't know from. A really good test of stockman his New York. The Irish prime carving pumpkins Jack flash to America with your original Jacqueline there was not a pumpkin pumpkin is nonexistent Ireland. I'll see ancient Celtic. Cultures in Ireland carved turnips here I stand on all Halsey is October 30. And place and amber and then two more roster evil spirits par. Those side armed. Aaron from the specialists and I didn't credential filter ensures things. Has some history there and iron and I never knew that there now. Then we we are we here next week no we're not yes we are here next week it's fun we shall we are concerned. Hello we could not so maybe next nightmare measurable call for some odds and ends for Halloween again. After months of different ones yeah I'm sure there's something out there. And I found myself. All time to karma turn up. This year will play key word there is attempt to he's not going to an I don't know ticket he's gonna I'll go buy one right now warm we leave her telling. I have faith in our path and you get it done three start start the car the turnout traditionally is jealous you're ought to listen if FaceBook. Washing up channels science website and to carve the turn out. So I petition or get out there selling the masseuse we have. The reason FaceBook and you know you should make a post on that agency and get everybody to do unlike any model like says how many people want you to do it disable you for Jody do they turn out the vote for the turn out to vote for return of that is why that is that's been fun. Family pictures of it put the amber and I were not on camera but I definitely mall. If I do carpet collect a little T late candle. And Anonymizer size on campus on me on wrongly did. I think they should turn to master card because it was there's just so. How he can and they don't hall and house like you did looks like this whole lot of millions of pictures and images here you don't get seeds from electric pumpkin I mean isn't that part of carbon and pumpkin you get to all kinds euros into this you think here they looked evil. While it does also don't mommy's head while your thoughts. I was stranded like our great look at the face for radio but we should definitely. It usually what we should different views and not sensible idea of the stomach turning and turning to turn up carving. Contests. We'll have that I mean there's they're pretty creative when you think right I agree well most of the pumpkins. Did an adult just applaud them mostly a song during his. It's time. Are so I'll do I think OK hello Bobby expecting it from here. Car into the soon appear following so you have to hurry up and do it the week I won't do we have to let people courtesy to the radio is that when you had a there was really neat looking at right there and look at these. People feel like look at those heads like from all you see in a movie when women don't that dead shrinking people don't like everybody Amazon because they must like. And that was looks like it at all ironic tees on it it's it's horrible action there's some there's some people are skilled in my mama mama thank you and I'll. I'm sure will. I'm as much of an artist of the stick man that's as good as they never drawing somebody exactly. Exactly. Well as creating. So what we've talked about. Well last week we did we. Berger talked about different how to buildings in different ways lest we do we before we before you before your last time well local things that are hostage. And surprisingly. Times leader this past week to put up something on their it was a little bit of not accurate that looks for his grand jury came in with the most haunted buildings in the country. Well wasn't. That wasn't a watershed area it well what happened is if you read the article. How they got a kind of building was they went out and decided how many vacant buildings there where and one year and there are noisier built into. So we have the most elderly buildings are not occupied within. Sir I'm radius so therefore we became number one yet not that there probably just a real old decrepit building so there apparel buildings or or or with the top possibly instruction were here because guaranteeing a little thing that's actually yes there's no that doesn't qualify now now now how does not on our scale and it went very very deceiving the article was yet there was. We'll buy looks because it's falling apart and looking decrepit it's harnessed into my finger salute Tommy brand new house is we go to there are. I take current example watches and jewelry Walla your twosome from an awful lot you'll realize that. Dishonest selling its structure itself that is this hot and it's coming in communal land. Tom could be. You know the area itself it I mean give a Brenda building and it could be something in the immediate area that is picked up fun meal especially dire mediums but absolutely. That is really cool jaws another picture appear public turn up in a pumpkin and it looks awesome microscope O files like Richard Duncan it is after this I thought I would think we have for that. Two punk and let that sounds good yes. Her okay it's okay and I would do what's copyright that in terms that's a turn up inside and pumpkin homosexual skull coming out of the studio could go. There's no way I can do something like that no not the takes harsher harsher. Now another Nieminen can fall yeah he's good audience and me are GM. He's I cannot be snowing. Stand you can Carson if you agree with wood to death Floyd joy you carved actual seat. Let's say in on the what is gonna carve itself so I. Can we deflect it to stand just in general look warriors go three years then every guy here I don't know if my and then you have my three years it is definitely three years here's your done. You gotta get it done. All right guys we'll hold you to a heart song we get back feedback from brief hold a news we'll start on the stand centralized. Terrico in the article and didn't feel all right so stay with us we'll be back for. Eight Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand teams during your back. Are you uncomfortable in your body like your possessed with somebody else's storming and suffering you don't need an exercised daily chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body remember we chiropractic. 569 pure street Kingston PA and take them out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. This program may contain material that is kind. He does some listeners are spontaneous in light that may occur. I welcome back journal science plus we left for talking. OK let's move well enough to turn it why won't come true how can you could new cars to turn into the hard stand. I don't know if your findings might hold true we get there we are losing our stores and we do actually it was Erica has he bluster coming up December 17. New York City fifth in New York City and it's always a good time here. Can't wait I'm looking forward to it me till death and can't wait to entry and hopefully it's not as windy as slash you know we almost got blown away don't you know. In Times Square and I was a little right here and CRC go to court apparently Taylor earlier you mentioned that Carol our Carol. Hey go tell grand Central Park for the they have they don't have to be there somewhere scandal has been kind of have to move looking up it's so cool credit where there ask you grew almost everything Google knows there's smaller. Google's like go to. Parent vehicle to weekend before Christmas and we can get we can before Christmas here December 17. Goes in New York City through our website W dot East Coast are on dot com for more information. Hopefully won't lie Sabrina I got two minutes I love gone. Don't do this that's our own theory obviously that sometimes like. A slasher explore moon ever would do that sure you know what sometimes like to stay around. For right around the tree there's so many different shops and things and see all of guide him of that pizza shop we hit I can not remember the name anyway. That was sides agree pizza I had that loss and then once they knew it was probably as big as usual studio room boy yeah there's all right final. But the absence of free pizza that that was the best flavor. And it was really good I mean I am not knock any other places there but first play Joseph such a small pizza shop we just busted an errant. We are got a slice and there's really good things good. And stuff like this. Today I saw armor. December 17 East Coast parent comes sponsoring bus trip from Tripoli lot of hits and buzzer bits and comments million ounce of its common yeah. Change all the old man can you don't want all the weekend before Christmas just think of the Christmas energy that's going to be around there that's right arm from a certain. We gotta get home you'll find Christian spirit in the should be how we're going to. We just let it have everybody come listen enjoy that I had since two fashion these calls paragon get the most tickets go to web site get your tickets. Enjoy this. All right. Two weeks ago. We were gonna talk about a hundred. Places in the area we started little details tell him up to the newspaper said give her right. Then we also mentioned Harman mining shafts so they handle information on that that's a good ice man. How great. Couple of local areas that are how to do we know cinema remembered eventually publish trend because you don't lose their out of business aren't things you want my Hans hung up. It was and I never knew this was a little wanna earn a little warehouse was uses a morgue. In 1917 for Spanish flu epidemic why and Nolan no way and I know that so that needs to be hot it was gradual city. Yeah right there's a lot of history there there definitely is. I mean you didn't even Wear the malls that knowledge there. That whole block. Farm early old buildings in their homes or buildings and when my Hans beat forty's and eighty old timers are around her very bad old times you hear from that. He did. Quarter draft. Can't get that now can you know I don't know places always jam 7 o'clock in morning. Jammed the morning bar yeah. Third shifts there's another interest didn't even know if you hear a draft of a small cup a source for Tony five cents these days but he's afraid of water on my and follow it how really I was gonna want to be freed them from. This bill is under attack what mom couldn't electric and I don't know any stories or any what's going on in the band shield there goes my next question yeah. I mean. I have no idea its name to bench the obviously because somebody did consider Condit. Doesn't say just a name itself from Jenna could remark function. Kind of implicates a haunted or paranormal things going on there you know. I do remember the lights to flicker at a certain time every night almost it was like 130 issue. On the used to deal the surgery many cultures and he's been to before closing time on the yeah now that I was used to flash a front line sisters working as a bartender I. Constant so many years I don't remember the particulars but I do murmur saying my got downstairs really kept beyond. Do you really get the taps of course cold blood and start walking court. Fisher down they're always a creepy feeling now Craig could not charity caged feeling I don't know much about I was going dumpsters that's just it was a very special I was told someone Washington. That's hard to remember but there is a particular machine if you're listening gifted teacher if you listen there's a suicide. You know maybe call let us know it's a phys well. They three users are 985 Somalia threes are made or 100 fortress are losers terminate. The degree to live images and hear anybody out there are no stores not to mention your never mentioned here please call it. Public yourself. You have occasion to go down there with there see if there's any feeling very well I never did. Now I'm just that'd be great if he did I mean this where you go down there you know larger spike he senses okay Harrison had. Anything that Joseph Weis a go there's it's easier for workers through eleven shift or tired and yeah she sort of relax exactly they're good times and are not thought about it. What else we got her close to yet. Andy get Evans and I know let's open does that mean their recently. You're above getting eighteen hundreds building houses this restaurant. Pub is hot advice. Spirit full skull George. 20 yeah and George. George likes to tinker with the lights moved this is around and even use the restroom cut. Plus the Stahl plus is the closing is a clean ghosts they don't and some people even claimed to have seen George. Did dad describe what you look like any chance sir I think no. Public here when you rather do you have any type of experience as yourself sensitive enough. No I didn't. You wish you did all the story ought to be always a story replaces. Very busy Fiat now unless I'm wrong for a lifetime I mean George gonna walk grid of the sat down Nixon in you know I don't know if you know I'm bad. Street financier thrown right back ha ha the OJ. What else do we get. How about 1212 Marion street. Product well seventeen Maryland calls seven or seeing merit so put that on. There's also saw a thirteen years old is listed for sale in 2014 with descriptions lately hot they're tough. I think somebody Collison and the song last week yes and yes yes. And we don't know whether it's really how they're not but they put it on there and they're. Real estate thing you want selling point I was unconscious and they think would be selling poorly owners say they experienced banging doors strange noises in the basement footsteps not screams at night. The ghostly face their peers and mirror in the second floor bathroom. At a castle eerie feeling of someone standing behind them screams and then I just think if you worked early morning good this is a slightly content so measures was. Early on it. I can't ASEAN can handle them like the absence of McCain's mirrors like there's a free QB I don't know seven. I don't know what it is it's just it's not a whole. But what gets me is your real the commercial now not that there's I can't who is scary movie that was out with little girl's brushing her hair in the mirror. And my mother calls her for the girls per share hair turns but the damage in the Mir doesn't like that and I always thought that I hear me out a solution for now. So they're finally shown that just commute to from Iraq. We'll be sitting here is thinking gave way as seen on the naysayers when for everybody's maybe your twin bill would do away any other dimension in your head. And that's nice and it's not a comforting but let's try to make a solid an explanation right absolutely. You re not the place up in Scranton in the Houdini by the way this one's is god dead. Home was up and done more on the mark I don't know if it's solar feared the north still for sale and office although the new owners are there. Maybe they keep calling yourselves have anything going on T shirt. About the he's Houdini museum anybody ever been there ever vendor that I had been they're my kids a long long time ago I know what was either. Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts my son or daughter and they do some really nice presentations they're for the kids. Still seance is there they do those kind of things. As far as being hunted is considered very content but. I don't know you know I don't know what's going on I have played and we keyboard and turn off in May it's it's got all kind of artifacts in their different things. We can park trash from. But Deming Houdini museum with anybody's interest and sign up for himself they do hold regular hours their stances on things they can take. I'll themselves I mean you know you how we feel your bathroom would you pour out there that's not a I'm gonna play let's try to throw an altered me understand Israel knows that they're doing their event. For the Plame affair now recently were talking to somebody you know young kid was. Playing with a ouija board early where we actually Pena was someplace and bring it. I'm really some reasons we tell me to not to do it always goes up terror consequential to lose at least Oscar congress when sixteen. And said that I'm a member of the group talk amendment or some places this amendment. They must follow my jarred. We had a parent wants to emergencies and realism by users must ghostly Morris I also in the memorial acquire the risks are looking at me for a good does it matter what I don't want girls gone on. I'm no actually have a caller on here who outstanding new car coming up bonds Mike welcome to the show welcome much. Hello and we can tell you there. Hello hello why yes you could say the talk show now are terrible spooky story about the call wind shirts. My grandfather. He's Serb there's been real tender fruit stand caller you're walks very which is right. Hello Kmart and there was a massive operation a one time the actual breaker burns. And but he started out as a mule tenders taken mules down and each time they half of other days she lied about his age stuff. Hey like this job and a total of his nickname was being face as being fun you know we've become legal. Legally able I have your job wolf. We'll take you back gladly but he went back and maintain work. Never mind throughout very sturdy trees 34 years he worked up why many here arena. The dole out some anywhere true Laker. Lose the Guatemalan which was there is dissent can tolerate. But. Then the bottom of the recession saying there. Place standpoint terrorists is 846. Feet down to the bottom and they would. Well against the walks per month. And that's that's kind of fire was actually burning a spiritual our own sort of things people do things. He said they had these battleship stores like water tight door is what it's worth rotating handles com. To welcome these chambers says they carved up an airplane from the proximity of fire and take green and temperatures just. Hussein inspectors couldn't walk and error. And 900 feet down on the ground and maybe amateur she sure assess how warm or small but anyway. Hello. I can't tell you about yeah. You'll sending an it's. You know. Flare up of ideal township bicycle which you know goes on we want health care. Across the room to look for township municipal building here they were doing all kind of pro holes and and boring. Term solution to monitor the fire lake who is spreading southward now down that way and they they actually found the skill level mule and so he has beautiful parts. While CNN you know like. But really those tobacco rolled my grandfather said you know years ago like. There are people that worked just as you know well we were under what spurred township on any short Sharon has millions it's an alcoholic whole way through the waist pressing at the moment it's such a radical. When dropped quite can be downloaded DP you know. How do you look at these guys in downtown towards any Coker all make the recession saying goes out to 2000 feet. And I I tactful. Guy Asia not my fifty years old. And I had talked a lot of people. Older guys so that worked in the mines and always sit down mentally Coke down that way shape. These trailers and everything and that 2000 receipt is an attempt to hold the pressure of all that rock we would push everything out. And most guys just Obama are working like you know. It's amazing assay values just I don't know I can you somewhere and I did cost apple 10 down on the ground you know so as author character to go on there and as dangerous conditions everything from smooth. Just like to pressure relationships vacant spot currency may gang ways and access areas and all the itself all that wave of look at some manual what's above if it comes on that exist just this summer. We have those tumors a month there they would all. All clocks foot foot and a half the diameter would mushroom like serve 1819 inches before they settle in home. Hello hopefuls will put the ball hit this fire got so you guys. Right but thanks Carl let's say they say thank you thanks for call. Fellow miners say hard life just say their job and absolutely. Perhaps a move I mean he's going didn't I didn't think much of these three in the ports in question act as if that's what they said happens. Also ball to mules there you know people always say when wants to meals went down there they never came audience exit date depends on the air for them they were there were bracing wind we user in the dark until learn to lay died. And while they're considered more valuable than the people get physics SharePoint and they moved a lot more than any man can rest on its. It's a shame but that's now me now if you everything else is new fall on some issues where did. Tough time I mean you look at it you're down there and like you said they're valued more than a man. Sure there to try while taking care of him another donor in the minds because that was got the cold autumn winds force beyond the gold market timing and in the morning. President and Jeff and going fast what does that whole area for the most part was. Amazing. They're very much all the senate family member one time in our ancestry a word talk very much true that was our everybody worked agent Mulder and that's where you went. Northeast Pennsylvania is cold feel capital and our owner my grandfather and all that much on him sort of revenge time. It was and it's it's a menus do into the minds of women went to the silk mills are the slowing down trees and challenge in factories and all right thank you Leo with those so this self smells like stand just match I think there's a lot of Honda wants around you know from back in the day oh yeah. Party conditions they worry me you know season stuff took place in those buildings Brandon. Well no love no let's listen to bring you don't come back parent. The stimulus there. I. Welcome back from science. So Kelly and put up there have Joseph Hough carve the term thanks. You Russian justice solidarity got 11 Kiernan. I'm sure there's plenty more to come sure you're going to be carbon yeah. I drew Malone card and easy to let them do it easy don't all the journalists came with a little exactly my phone to see is handled and because fingers us what's going to be foreign donny's and the pressures he's trying to make the nice cut there. Here's C a pile of turn of socialist policies followed the wildlife. Yeah Salzburg turn ups. Thought you guys are my friend. James' alma. On June the beard and I color at all times and bad and I got a nice guy yeah he is good man and these are some side I'm so he easel since they initiated the issue totally solar but. Okay thank you did he did he didn't mean don't think there. On the spirit is still there. If you don't mind. Jamie are about to say now when you send me here this is on my grandfather worked out of the hour Brinker. He usually made the kids leave the room when he spoke of his time in the minds. What story you heard him tell was about being so close to the river. He actually could hear the water flowing over his head wall so that in itself I mean. You know there's things like that I heard from my mom you know America of course young my house while my grandparents have passed but. Accomplished my partner my mom's dad passed ball retriever. Com I'm on my parents you know tell stories like that no Jameer right dead that is that is that it's got to be scary mean the funny easy you can hear that water running human dolls doll don't take as little. A little give in the years to end the fractures Fisher in the wall that's influences coming and I it well look at the doctors like some bright pillars are selling them. Got my great grandfather he worked in the mines my other grandfather he worked on my summer sure and I think my a my step grandfather he worked in the they feel number nine. Thought my great grandfather I'm not sure what mine he worked and but everybody had any old girl like you said there ancestry had a taste the minds one way or dollar and my grandfather worked in the mines and he has he lost some. Honey do that feel something that was achieved or something happened between Don and actually took some off false. He was then back then you can take time off he was right back to work that's an advantage and up to an alternate or didn't know some he owned you know. God love those limited that work ethic of those people. I mean is it workers starter and that's it exactly how is this that was dollar was you know the rules or laws protecting the worker back then I mean it was just. He had to work for him like many others he died of black lung which was common for miners back then and then another respirators are enjoying fat thank you do these days. For sure or some such thing is now my first goal sure anything like that yeah. No laws or anything when you just were down there working. You couldn't work get out of retirement here and stories about the canaries can bet our troops for the gas is an area just dip. And you know that was that was natural gas that was found there we'll sensing the rest stating my anger that's been on their because of the scene the rats running they knew then something is happening death yet out. Smith they say Russia team on the ship has gone down on the rats are running up stuff the decade. Problems. That's sure. All right we got a couple of heart and mind stories here. So you shaft in Scranton. To where resentment that. Does it Condoleezza may not see here in new mines and don't know where flailing Cole feels there's an average of five fatalities a month wow. Registry 1872 showed 67 fatalities 187562187740. Anything certainly not at 7959. Fatalities wall but. Just as I mind isn't that mind seeing any energy down there I was gonna say hey you know they're their spirits. No if they linger in their last place of being alive while fans of the youngest ones and I was ten so it didn't discriminate by age why. Ten years old Gloria we'll have mine is supposedly high and it continues. In 1872 discredit Republican reported a hunting and the Bellevue shaft that was 1872. While I go. Shape the miners. There reported seeing it goes to be about six foot height didn't mean the way favorite substance. Can. They shot at a pistol and fired at them although many shots and pass through him yet he seems invulnerable pistol loss. So Musharraf he shot and I'm just frighten the meals driven man from the chambers threaten individuals and produce a general. Costs. They're nation among the work and it's it's a word consternation. Credit not only be frightened mules but he also fright in the the laborers Don lemon drop missiles issue at a Arianna so I mean it's not like. They're just seeing a little fun they're seeing something the F. This frightening them. Wow I mean you're talking hundreds of people die down there. And you wonder and if you stretch and the people as well I mean. Quote you know we do investigations sometimes it's. I think people look at him backwards or it's not a threat it's somebody just trying to get married Elton reached out there because you know you figure they'll. How does your home avoid sir Alastair harper can communicate so. The only tapper show her bombed burned touch could mean something totally different and that world's arsenal only got offensively where. Just sometimes you just truly be a call for help soliciting hits a lot to deal warning saying get out of this part of the chef is exactly gonna happen to be anything going on the Obama's job I would say then Linda the same now and Norman hasn't harmed affecting see that happening on content no different shows on national environment gets scared but. You know I'm definitely are cautioned because. Looks and send more more and more times than not it's not turn your negative. By any means that if you think about a fact and there would there really wasn't somebody coming out as being a medium if they did have that. I apologized because they'd be afraid we're shunned her so well at this stage a while back didn't put that kind of power anything did you burn it's okay let me take you there which you have there. They need me chills stoned or whatever you know however he did so here right there. But I think in this poor spirit who's just trying to let itself be known earth. The F make sure you save stomach yeah I wonder if there's anything document at winning they thought he was threatening them if something did happen in that shaft tour. He threatened him or frighten them get them out of their federal someone do some research 1872 to defend this trend Republican Phil. You know that that somebody there's not say what he said he never enough he is never enough could have been a warning means it's. We guess more eager to understand you one more. Taylor room to Taylor mine and Taylor no need Joseph spoke about this recently there was some other stories about that's. We were gonna talk to both Philly Yeltsin that one point. Can't until he's supposedly. Buried there. Inside the mine. That that's Susan billionaires yeah solution homes but there's no no confirmation whether she's there and you know and she's buried there it's it is amongst the neighborhood kids that the same thing here you know. Still annoyances. Coming on the hose and so and so forth you want from a trunk and everything and yeah. Sorry that's against a somewhat cool hill with more cool here for a floor and I know there's no more of there's one building left there I believe there is this one's just owner country go yeah breaker he got here you see that everything else is just a field and yes it's it's cleared out. Jay was old but in Delaware and Hudson company a company. And they were fearful the ghost described as a hollow eyed white robes luminous and form of a man bearing a light that candle flickers. I'd like that I know Flickr so was an aflame. It was just like oh well let's listen I had some technical which goes back to the white Foreman the other might get right right. So we're miners tend to to approach it goes but it was sent to disappear whenever they got too close of these miners weren't too much afraid of it now apparently didn't try to scare them. They're just inquisitive about a boy I don't know what was cannot turn in the stimulus for use down there and see if it's guys stand in the corner and glowing gas. And what is what's Robert FL class and a I'll tell you know he even you know even when you see these are sound you're hearing your eyes are you startled I imagine being. Although I went down underneath the ground all you have. Three or four people with you yeah. There's no element model yeah yeah is that what you are we going now. He had a flame flickering your helmet and everywhere battery operate anything during all the small black community here in total darkness pitch black. Thanks I mean it's something is going down there is gonna stand right out and show. All right. Here to get to the bottom of the mystery a number of fighters staged themselves around the perimeter of the alleged how to chambers apparently and hung around one chamber it's themselves like. Think also appeared to floated around the Rio miners then vanished. According to discuss again discredit Republicans are doubtful ones not convinced fled from the mine in terror. Oh and I'm sure that I go back John Lynch and famine but yes. That's going to be. So I'm scared now you know always years ago startling thing else that McDade one. My wife there's anything that ever happened in the McDade you know my chef impairment Tea Party. Police minds are all tied together one point head and say you just block them from miles oh my answers holes are really tells her apparent model whose grandson. And I'm going to talk a long way SpinRite anywhere in the pits an area here and this is very little area we're in. Rates on the pits and I think there's a minder in the eighteen hundreds single loaded the exact date. My opponent. Twenty some people died at one time in a mine. It's a massive cave and wash. Many of them maxed mine disaster that there's another handful of people know staff and I'm sure there's many many many others that were killed. They don't know wealthy don't hear vault and shares during. Down in history here the other end tomb that that is their grave that my chances are great and you don't Richard demonic you know so I EL EC. And I just talked about this for sure there's so much local history and and no one even really knows or even remotely pays attention to you know. Everybody wants to go to to Gettysburg and the number I love Gettysburg I was gonna retire there NATO but if there's a lot of local search and has a lot of local. Sure here that that will involve something that goes longer showing a paranormal and get permanent not a mean anything goes story ordered C endear him like that just. Just above the norm if there are slightly and explain your acumen and have a good explanation for. And down. I think you're right in our own backyard we have police threatened to drop top Manhattan. Well how many times we just running around we'll see hills cemetery frank wanted. Basically wouldn't even realize it was there it was just barely see it through the trees get in there. These greens greens are right 1790 something you think you're ten day car wash your golf and a one solution personal. For the most part and it seems every so often we'll go to these. These graveyards. Try to take a pitching your camera won't work to phone won't work today. For telling an energy there I mean can you do have the feeling of you know something looking and you something going on there. And Mike. And how they were really not even like the 1786 or one like. Not an Irish men's. Wife is very your summer like like it was something so sim Lebanon namely to. And irishman his wife is very here I'm like OK don't post chimp named Mike who's the irishman like you're gonna than we are real people via but maybe from now plot they knew who the from what I have no clue of toll even their. They put on the such and such a person live 98 years seventeen days to write they put on the exact monetary indeed lived absolutely. Have traveled Diana can I have some runs through the phone mail or post them. Your camera with Daniel he got a few in though Elliott if you and I took maybe five personal without them finally got the better just that I mean if I don't care reason. It's it's definitely different especially different. For so long. Kelly yes and bring up. I think that's something else gonna put down. Definitely knows in the book reminds us via. Well actually she does she has something she brought up in his book the the black diamond collar hit loser. Then there's little eggs are here today Kelly just ask and find us on poles corridors I mean Jewish people to see the picture here. In the bags are written it's a lot of grit courage and fearlessness. To be a coal miner in the answers site fields a loser counting so when a minor ends up being confined to his bed from shock. After seeing a ghost there's a good chance that the apparition in question was pretty darn scary. More often and this happened and it goes off further and that's exactly what happened to a minor named Anthony Stansky on October 1 1912. Stansky who worked at the black Simon Carl read was found unconscious on the floor of the chamber. Can later claim that he had seen a ghost whose finger tips glowed with fire. Tomorrow the flaming fans don't scare somebody workers at the mine was actually shut down for a day. Because nobody wanted to see the same apparition that's Penske had sink. I mean you figure they shot a whole mind around back then how much I want to exaggerate how we got was also bass and I and Elena who had to be convinced you that tape. Truly a must remind yourself to your retirement on patent and Agilent a medal yeah and its sister had to be like a Foreman Don there's somebody with some flow really to get the mission of my and offer a day them. Absolutely that was some good investigative work on Kelly's right there thank you know must not actually job could touch off. Brenda but I mean he has a lot of areas and I want black diamond. 1912 is just like come on 1912 and say that I can I get like I was saying if I was and so socially responsible atlas is a hero not. Plunged over first 1912 won't say October through what I said earlier in the program since October resistance of the mills didn't mean. And energy gets a little more right and stop Seoul assay and I wondered just how thin I mean I'm refute you were down there but I wonder if there's any thing. To say about like the death for the height of the feel for how much is just thinner you know that cheerfully if you yeah. If you're on top of the mound as compared to the bottom howling chorus compared to Henri to ground yeah Alexio level they always say we're measuring like I don't know all right. A slew of data that's good question there. Actually it's I want you want this may this rule Paltrow news research on that too there's anything now I'm really do anything non. Can't stand you know the question is are you know I don't know I don't know ask you want I was kind of like the outcome probably suffer the north elevation had anything to do with. You know what I wonder if stands in this Romeo being as active October 1 thing you know. That leg true stand for me very young age thing and first yeah. I put an island coast and all they you're just sitting here let's all of Florida a stand natural born investigator of the reverend I'm not trying to. That's made him. I had to throw out all day and only a groundswell is a little birthday celebration you know right over. Yeah it was a great show as far as hunting student murderers as it was called ghost mind. It was on for a couple of years it was a gold mine out west somewhere it was kind of yes and their security investigation on for two or three years in this thing really had the opportunity to watch and that's why go into the other trying to run the actual minor finding gold. And they have ball to them they were hesitant to believe them and I thought served as basin in a way where they're trying to do their investigations. But I was history we have may catch a few episodes there are some of them believed in some didn't but toward the end almost every one of them yes exactly. Really I'm not Emerson. I'm the first half last who have I forgot what channel is on but it was awesome like American heroes are American History Channel and or maybe things didn't. The History Channel I think it was he was you could say it was we followed by accident where goals announced not a non aiming Emily channels and Don ever we found that as like you know that's close ally and ghost month. Far be it from us to get drawn into a name like that they're ranked. Crude washing stuff. You know original investigation to as far as to have more of mines and things about the dress all of you have my own demise and there was they're digging their way out. Ironically village. Clearly Hillary please do business calls for advice here I couldn't find his chair as we wish for right through there and us it's unique gifts definitely need. And they're rushing down on the vehicle pursues to grind through it moves. But I am. Galileo into sometimes when when they'll what's check out tomorrow won't talk Tony curing and actually David have a good website or some like that we eventually went up there when things is that a state museum there are state. You know what I do see states signs there for a parent to cease its passage or markers and all that single yeah I know people actually lives there Fiat. But he can't really renovate the house is exactly as an as yet and I remember here and apple are they got to keep the house pretty period. You know and that's got a cold fingers really were gone by and there's no door knobs are also cleared their doors are flat note that. There's no doubts that doesn't mean that you can control whereas when DO I imagine allege any incite something inside that he outlined. All we're doing the old days from him you know the peace order crossed into bars and yeah. Face it movies out right Saturday serial westerns the monsoon Jason people all always draw the bar and who was there exactly. Yeah I'd like to I'm really would like to go and almost on tosses them removed now edit content Halloween lantern tourists. Saying Kelly followed RS murders are already curriculum at all when he first 6 PM thank you who grew and we hear from Kelly. Should the date time being killed froze last. October 21 Friday. At 6 PM. Kelly the pick you O line is totally shocked says. Because that is the place to go check them all they executed this is not that far away that's what actually that's not much when Friday thanks Fredricka. 122. Preference who can iron thumb. I lost Obama's when he first try to fit as it goes through hoops only real milk another China the music's I do his music I know not like there's that word that no. If flies like this the more I think our listeners. Values of a great shown signs don't forget to check out East Coast are on the outcome for all Tara. Plus troops and things going on its have you done these compare cannot come I'm Joseph archives and search com and Mac daddy Mac-Gray I'm killing then crane. Targeting the faith and sleep tight don't.