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Attorney Lisa Bloom,trial attorney at The Bloom Firm and legal analyst for Avvo.com, and Corbett about woman who is accusing Trump

Oct 14, 2016|

Attorney Lisa Bloom,trial attorney at The Bloom Firm and legal analyst for Avvo.com, talks to Corbett about representing the woman who is accusing Trump of sexual assault

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Attorney Lisa bloom thanks so much for taking some time on your very busy schedule. I am thinking so much for having me I want my introduction. So what she's going on in in the world of the law in the world of all of your client in the world of other women who. Who now find themselves coming forward publicly could with the information. They held onto for so many years. Women are standing up and with regard to my client so hard to the first storm to come out and leaving me in the face she actually amount of 1997. As she didn't play. Mutineers she came out shortly after being in question and so that I actually heard. And that's important to my others so of course. Including I'm not talking to tap into now a lot of women are contacting me. You know when you're scared if they don't wanna be in the middle of the media firestorm I think that's pretty understandable so. We had a young woman and the other day who showed up at a trump rally in northeastern Pennsylvania I was in attendance at this rally. And she came with a few friends there were high school seniors. And that she said she was petrified to come and stand as a young woman against what she saw was was wrong. Chauvinism what she saw was bigotry. She and her friends wore T shirts and she said to me she felt some strength in the numbers I believe there is strength in numbers. Tell us a little bit about how. How do encourage women to come forward if another information if they feel they need to be heard. It's do you have information about trump actually her orphaned that actually helping them should immediately contact an attorney. Look at that because I'm an attorney they don't have contact me but they should contact a strong woman like that and why why did. Because of that conversation will be completely confidential. We are bound by the F a fool not in the only thing. And we can give people become very real advice on how they should be handled if they wanna handle what I a lot of time in the last week. Talking to women with harrowing story but it Lincoln and the platinum mine is that he had to come out publicly going to be attacked on social media Donald Trump made. You can let your name out at a rally and try to be new I mean that's very real impressed how women how much they can't withstand that front and they say okay. I can handle that but. Committed followers who have been crowned the violence that some rallies where you can always come home on the single mum. Yeah I don't wanna move my job and you are really very real concerns. All for the common men. You're gonna be very proud of yourself you know why couldn't I hear you're going to be empowered. And can never make any progress in the country until people stand up and tell their story. And you know I'm wondering why I've represented many high profile cases over the last thirty years manor golf. I have felt very good about the feeling afterwards you know when you hire. When you come out much much. Conger. Lisa Donald Trump has. Discounts and all of this none of this happened it's not real he basically wasn't even there. I believe and evidence I've I've watched evidence for years and and I believe that one evidence is brought forward. We now realize that he was there we now realize that these accusations must be heard and must be aired. And maybe even in court I read the column you wrote recently about a federal lawsuit that was. Filed it. All the health of all the young woman who claims so when she was thirteen Donald Trump might turn. I said on the air that it's important. The evidence will be presented nobody speculating nobody jumping to conclusions about guilt or innocence but as you pointed out in the column he wrote. We have an obligation. To hear audio evidence to hear the accusations. And then make that determination. Because for too long women were dismissed out of hand as Donald Trump is dismissing them now. And we can point as you reported on your column to the bill Cosby's kids. Thank you and yet that commonly available for everybody can read online for free on the Huffington Post to call. How many child rape I charges against Donald Trump should not be ignored. Three months ago before all of these allegations came out. And I got exactly that that we should pay attention to these stories that they are important. At that time there were three women who accused the all trampled the actual thought about it trumped his first wife. He said in a sworn deposition in 1989 that Donald Trump only turn the machine change that the fellow why didn't really let alone played a bad violated. Okay. The second one until Hart in 1997. That in court if they're that he had sexually assaulted her. And the third one is there a woman who want to call John Bell who filed the anonymous case. I won't tell you something you that have not said publicly that far but I am now free fake I have met her I had met fifteen bell. I have spoken to her at some length. And I find her to be credible. Now I'm not saying Donald Trump is guilty or re not saying she is telling the truth and then there have been having spoken to her for several hours. I find her credible and I think that the case should go forward. So now we have over a dozen women making very similar claims and forget hand taped confession. Bragging about sexual fault you know Bill Clinton. I'm Donald Trump are both accused of sexual assault Bill Clinton did not hit Donald Trump bragged about it that's the big difference. If it's a huge difference and when you look at what these women who came forward for example the story in the New York Times. What they did not bring forward that really. I know accusations corroborated. What Donald Trump soda bottles so. No now that's true and I knew Mike and Joseph Hart said that a long time before it actually was doing and she got very vindicated. I don't even mainstream media are basically ignored her story and she came out from one month without Donald Trump. You know attacked turn that you didn't have any credibility of aka trump wanna show and that might add not a grope her and everybody laughing everybody from the business you know our. And the woman to come out in the situation not only is always the boy this c'mon they're going to come out against dot com be the first one to come out against Roger ale. The first one to come out again markup that'd been very ignition joke. I'd been through hell and the last three months she'd want it and the freelance makeup artist she had the product line we have a television stations don't wanna hire her because they call her too controversial now. Some people that should but you don't make up a wedding that they don't want you here not to get to be associated with that. But it could really harm her and by the way you can go to jail hot teaching our kids that come. And look at our product conservative if you want to help her out and bite the make up that would be a very cool thing to deal. And I think with her for three months just because I need anything help. And I know I'm in with John and what the other one it's. America is on the verge of electing the very first woman president in the history of the United States I think America ought to stand on the verge. Of taking women seriously. Recognizing the power women have intrusive and standing with women. As we face off against a system that has discriminated against women. Dismiss women and abandon women who need help Lisa bloom I'm proud of you for standing with women and men. And the end there when people did you. God bless and thank you so I appreciate if the court. I am one quick thing. I shot beside your mother one day during the Michael Jackson trial I was living in Santa Maria. And covering that trial firm my paper and sky news. Had a chance to talk briefly about her Pennsylvania roots so you've got the same routes continued here hey Lisa bloom if. Right perfect let's I would mourn and silly and lived there I you know my life. No complaints. Well I'll tell you why weren't Scranton I just a Chelsea Clinton on the air and they still have a family cottage about ten miles from Scranton holik when mullah. So I decided we're gonna christened. That cottage is the one goal White House and we'll invite you when your mother up for video. Ribbon cutting. I love it I used to have a house in the Poconos. Your computer production and and one of my favorite parts of the country I can't yell near camelback here let's call Leyland because we love you can don't. Meanwhile we've got strong women in northeastern Pennsylvania and and yeah we're doing everything we can Duke's Lisa blown up but the workplace for doctor Margaret. I'm well thank you might have a great day take care.