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10-2-16 Paranormal Science

Oct 7, 2016|

Suscon Screams Louder book

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Science. Okay. Three. It's. Another episode of turn on the science science and Zurich. I'm Joseph Hough Phnom Ed Mack daddy Mac-Gray who play musical chairs and I tell what we have to you know and I'll try only my apologies for us and take in the Roman your more than cable I know you are. You sure gonna switch back I'm positive I'm Muslims yes is good for all here and when Joseph come to the doors like. Yes control we had a with the exception of mark premature to fall back down and we didn't hear somewhere hospitals like mosque was like guys user use human image as security goes in the I thought. Yeah we mission are commonly thought he has got awfully. Good. Going around there it's I'm telling you never guess that doesn't make it and I'm glad I'm here it is a cappella analyzer tells. I'm Carol sickness yeah I. You do do you feel you can fill in Israel here. Chris and like to do is wish Jason Michelle from Pennsylvania both bigfoot associations. For investigations excuse me. Congratulations to just get married yesterday can get right to legislation's all song. Also involved in a long and prosperous life together in general there's been around tonight to hear what we're counting graduate employment don't get the message that's our dinner on the show before they are good people are looking at are there in a plane now and they're just have to bear kind. This obviously word yeah nice job out there won't township. Everybody had a great time there was outstanding hopefully the he's tossed out you should have been the just he's pouring into the common theme the the personal messages and comments on FaceBook and people just love and how positive I'm happy actually had all positive for the loading us up with pictures they can't keep pushing more pitches on us and that's right keep look at those pictures up. Q post somewhere most of them you got them you keep posts and that's right for sale one on their blustery on the stage with. That's going to be an awesome yeah welcome I'm always looking Donovan paper I have and something you are our Intel guy so you're react so I don't want meet. For on home in his hands meet he helps other parent time he. He called actually I think you do them over those who saw countless lives like. That that pitcher can looks like the comedy skit. Look I'm like my guns are hosting a new look like something as simple words so that's exactly you know three stooges up there are those two against the published chairman. McClellan. I get my head down to 800 regulators don't Alex gone down on the rear had chosen as class Americans from themselves this question earlier this feels left and been yourself. It was going to that is a priceless horrible as that is it is the end are you gonna. Dawn he's just parrot FaceBook and check bounce an awesome thing. They had put us to a guy going after Erica. Well we got something coming up December 17 it's our annual. Christmas trips to the city third annual third annual vigils other feminine looking for the Christmas spirit this will be my third time to the city thanks East Coast terrico right. Okay you know once we I was an entire house on the different Allyson and good to see it is and I just old tree truly I mean I don't hold there's a one time I was just kind of suspicious links and it. Relaying to us that everything up to Christmas time it's just beautiful city we have a great time we know it's not investigative purposes offer fun and get together you don't bring your family friends I mean you can get the tickets East Coast fair Khan's website every what are we what is on the Fisher. 49 and 49 dollars and candy cane maybe maybe maybe can't sailor only when he's good at Santa Claus comes on the muscle to talk to me candy can in my dilemmas all DS and they're very delicious so last trip so and fraud. I don't know if that is the case does not go away but it was bbb greater appeal to everybody and you know I'm real apparent combat there to hock to the sands China's going to be allowed either come in there is time Paul yes last year only I could make up about 06 yes I'll look at that body now so you made it look at six now and get you get overlooked and are you picking up data that's engineered to. Yeah that's funny. But I have tea and we we can joke well known Christian spirit just to a false apparel home is really not like he says it's just have a good time telling friends it's warm holiday trip out in this in this and not say it's. And the so much for everybody you know if you're not under the tree in the linings also fourth and just just I guess there. The policy we have in this great deals are especially important this course you get to Christmas and the more street vendors seem to work with you so read on a canal street. Yeah that's true and if you don't wanna go shopping to somebody other sites I'm scared to catch a movie catch up play catch any I mean there's some things in the 9/11. My oral memorial. I might actually you can tell us time we have flash do that yeah I'm with you on that Joseph I think I have to get their known. I have to get down there we're down there not just pastor teacher before. And you know you're there it's just so saw home stands it's it's better I don't think I haven't seen it costs and you got a good. Mr. Ramos we gotta be honest here last time I was down there I can use on the construction and and it's just he could feel hold ground there it's. As something got to get there we'll get down there this year definitely stuff I can make a point to that I had but I name. There's just so much you can do it all one day if you get a lot done you can't and you can't I have fun. I guess I know I've never been to the city a was in a city person until these calls her car trips and I look forward to it every Christmas and real Christmas is my favorite holiday insane here. It's just it it it's Iran hatcheries are here there or just child Colin Powell I'm not not what I'd like to see you haven't seen less confused when you can. He sees pitchers and cattle are subject. Yes terrorist Carolyn yeah ours Harold I have nothing I guess to see them and I'd love to go out there and just see you know listen to them saying yes. But I don't lord find that. If anybody knows investors things I don't have a group that goes around my time. That's something we can look into pressure on the Central Park Carey wanna source getting dark for me your radio city music street in Central Park he's cast. The guy I had a bean my my late teens I went to. It's a New York very first time I took the Central Park to dump a characterized by hero and a protocol. I'd say what awesome there's something breathtaking about that. Can sometimes you get on the carriage feelings for the blanket over you then you go through just to kill the horses whose some valuable this no comment on it it's is truly like. But also Thomas Kincaid typing all you cinema sends it back exactly you know he said Barry O'Neill dickens' time isn't. This is is is enjoy yourself it's just an awesome feel then he's spark for a volley when he said that just kind of sparked an alternate history LA snow just adds to its us. And down their absolute end. Perhaps move this post. All right so anybody disinterested in going on our bus trip. He's so here comes website and W character does he does he's close their conduct comes 49 dollars and take images and I was asking you up right here at the Pittston comments kept. Confront a planet fitness and hell I love you right up there with him active track not the cold so we'll give you some time to get your car. I dug it opened a door in on offense or a lot of people got us we have to loyal patrons who come forward to a career path soon. I. I and then you have. Do you you know he's got. Your book the board you're mr. ball released a book it was all last week Eileen Chancery initially yes on the L nor have I sporadically during this because Eric comes louder it's out my present studies Delhi. Susteren road from Columbus pizza down the pits and bypass and I'm looking around for a couple other places so right now. So hopefully be out there. Well Kelly's marine unit and they needs to be out there more people need to read it Washington I was gonna probably bus being edited the things Dewey road here in the all out and enjoy it as she has mentioned also with us that people are looking for the siren we've had calls and hear my asking me do second balk when he does that booking your son to her just screams louder and ready to start the third which won't be about susteren. And you know it just think in this small area here Vincent college in everything how much paranormal stuff this thing going on the people on most when they read your book. You're bringing this knowledge of people and I'm like wow. How stuff just like your backyard hometown man put their whole life and I don't mean in her honor and thank. It just brings a personal touch to it and plus you live on the road you talk about deficits and now this just expands everything. And mouse on the road stock involves. I know also into Wales I mean right yeah I mean it your well versed into it and you're an investigator at the PPA I mean this is so. I mean this second book covers some solace enrolled in a little bit outside who cover Mozy can covered. Bleaching can start too little piece of that but Hillis a whole area where it's all coming together from back in the day. And analysis could get it Kelly Kelly's gonna enjoy reading it. See I had a lot of intelligence. Tells about the body dumps my little more about that you tell us about. Think things to go bump in the night just thankful leave here. And hospital and possibly I know we talked about this a few years ago that we did a lot throughout there was psychic we're doing a little bit of we're trying to get a TV show together yes and we had all the film crew out there and everything and we're walking through a psychic. And I think I mentioned this couple times Sunday as the psyche stepped out of the car into my yard first thing she said that we must leave this area. Wow this is that this is soil soil that's applause I don't know if that's the Crist also sued her. But getting back their book they regularly rounds out of that we walked around enough. Basically. The thing is with a psychic you either have to record or write everything down. And I wrote everything down the line we are recorder them but they wrote every single word for being down there have in the book. Care now if you read the story leading up to you understand a little bit more about it and after an. But if you just look at the notes and there's your wrote to kind of gibberish until you know the story behind them. Like I just force tooth is a tough was reduced this is filled with what she said in her words and there's no other words between it. I just fourth 2013. Mickey berg Mickey very explosion that any American Indian. Then there's a house there or not to mention the name and how's everything is is witchcraft conference. OSCON vortex witchcraft again dumping ground. Donnie drumming in a band sin. Soldier activity within a few miles. Pedestals or gibberish. Right it right for someone doesn't know and I know the store I'm out there with you but right Intel's part to go through was Donnie. There was a Dionne a few years ago. That was fishing on the Susquehanna. Soon. He was taken this a Spanish truck was stolen and Ernst right there is merit act in the news they dumped him in susteren. Right he was a drummer for the name of the band told we consent. While and and and Allison citing an hour from arm yourself you certainly aren't thrilled they're sitting here yeah. So I mean just you know it's an amazing thing and aim at the time the senate we're in the sense that that balance never done not only did not mean anyway and I knew the story broke. Yeah I go back and I was looking at all over and those who said well. She's so sporadic Clinton who she was gone now choose to step mom. The other information nails into them that's amazing when she mentioned explosion later on she was coupled explosions men would heart blown out just say that so often you know. But anybody lives around here knows that there was with explosives and susteren gets through and I'm fun filled buttermilk no harm her right. Public vortex park right there that vortex well that's what she said that if she said please Vista. Background in you don't vote easily it. If you don't understand although this sounds harsh and he said you know things that make him nervous. BO special Sunday sourced news it's almost steal some more compact flash cards get one word arugula tool sentence and don't know what it's about but they have to say exactly what comes out. And of course you know standing in his books and stuff and now wants to make this apparent nuclear missiles and you know we always do this and we see this stuff with animals respect we can't you know it's no disrespect him has been lost during can happen Murray I think. Of course our hearts off the family's name that vicious stuff. Unfortunately a part of life that I. Haven't seen her after a lot of times so I know a lot of people get. You don't send us anywhere we she can support life that happened and them. The stand knowing you are personal of course I knew you mean no disrespect what else that is a part of history and and take to have someone tapped into the US senate. Billy this is actually amazing is it's it's and I have no idea beforehand about a season hinges less into you know it's even better you two from the area. And when you're getting those X exerts an are coming out in the words. The psychic doesn't know what they are what you two could start putting two and two together and you sit there and I'll like. Where is just coming from a right right it's amazing that they have no clue. But they thrown out you guys to put that puzzle together you know like. This is this is something amazing bullpen before somebody tells Specter somebody says anything as far as all you must been feeding their information are telling us no we never worked. No we never do even don't say a word and that's one thing you want to PP inning and I give mark credit for that like I'm using the harsh psychics. That dress until I think like game before some like that is just so they began Desmond just says hey this is the area that we're going and so whenever I give her travel listen can write a new Yorker here but never does he saw that when they really don't have time doing social researcher I think there's no taint an investigation generally act in Virginia comes and that's decisive these New York. She's on the road headed toward a destination but doesn't have an address until she is almost here yes then she gets an address right. Remo hotel general location come to announce that saved into your schedule when you can when Charles you want Charlie I'm doing in the thank you have realized that time that's okay just amazing they just sit there. We don't speak them and all we let them do their thing and according to start taking their notes. And then after an investigation that put altogether it is watching the clients face. It's amazing it really is I mean I cut I said before initials say and it's a gift that's why look at it and they communism in the crying you're standing there in tears on the on the ferry got to just turn melts and make it. Like we spoke last I lose last week you know it just on a personal touch myself you know. For a crime is set emotion that you never think that someone would know or understand that went through something so personal. It has a touch you can you're wondering you know they've never met most of those before an alliance is no we have to their home with their lives they're looking for help and then. When the psyche touches like I mean no of course that's raw emotion I mean. To hear from your loved one or or little nick in the may have called Jew should call to your kid no one even knows you know. It's just amazing how yeah how you feel when that happens. Senior vice Versa something inside you and tell us doing it does since it ended. Through the biggest skeptic around after he talked to somebody you the truth cited a halt its hard to. Be a skeptic and our work right now is like I was on the pulse comfortably for some unknown to my dad pass I'm so that's very many a time. True I mean her religion it's only about one investigation my grandfather's commensurate I was like. There is nobody was sure in my immediate family would know what she told me he had issues like oh my gosh you know. And they do that the most professional way there's not mean they're just very professional people helping people out there for ever say that. And want to show he says is still whatever comes their minds she has the blurted out good or bad they blurted out. It's funny because it because they mean in other Frazier again or sometimes they don't share it. Onions god right exactly goes there and end. It's like anything else they want to get health care who wins or whether sounds harsh for me me you know they just one word we don't understand that the time. How many times and they said one word jaws are polar phrasing like I have no clue and it's like a week later it's like Pollyanna. Now that's and he had time to think about the unknown but to put together absolutely right into salute. Some other things in the book. Okay here's one more local resident well remodeling is home started finding words written in this does decide to stun number that he had just removed from the house. Right now it's not written in pencil was that written anything is actually something someone had. The dusty has some cutting the wood for a brutal word. In the words were wholly top middle birch Roosevelt down. But now what does that mean literally the closest they ever been what would that media armies it's worse than the average person would think. Yeah I know he had no idea what was it comes to kids and never playing around breakfast was fresh sod thus have resigned as Chris does well right. Couple words are written and it. Talking to one of the neighbors up there it turns out that. When the person who built the house back then in the early nineteen hundreds or. In Guerin can hunch a guess would be a half they use a lot of what they had to work with. There was an old school was both school part of it detoured around. His downstairs. Mother told his home made of the wood from the Roosevelt school also they recycle some of exactly RA. He ran out that would. So they start using there was a lot of perch on the property far. So use some of the virtual and virtually would they made their own would you knew that's harsh look at the second part meshing in July and restaurants as well. Almost have no words you think the holy cup came from. Church the church doesn't hurt it toward in my area down that's of these through. But you're Coppola I think her her play a little blunt house all the nobody would only when did I don't talk on the phone. Not all that's amazing that was just something written in the dust I. I lived shall we ask him that I don't dissolve the haven't I mean there's little birdies real China it's saw on the book. I'd love it also trying to find the money out of love time to time to get a whole church thing yes and I'll church and just you know respectfully restore it. Even if we turn into like NE CPC headquarters sometimes that would be awesome no immediate but Horne again Tom I signed yes but I would love discipline that is not many old churches around anymore Leno we're willing to our innocent unfortunate thing it's who you know but this time. It's I don't want and they Ellis is the right venue or play you know I get more points are talking about Baghdad. Another thing we have in the book. You remember a few months ago we had a guy but he was shot and and who. Was impersonating the bigfoot we just say no Michigan State and basically left until we I don't know where we got Steiner he came back to explain the whole sorry got and the book is story. Possibly mention any has some pictures of the footprints that he's seen their he actually took pictures went back and got them to draft and get any pictures in your books. I'm looking right at them. Soledad say coordinated page 53 also write in the book impatient people are wondering you'll see the revenues of the foot track in the woods gives you buy I I actually did see something back there. And he wasn't a flaw I guess he was a little fearful of going back their call according to me. Wasn't like he refused and you'll go back there any right. It was just the opposite you're determining our story out there outside and buy in now or else they want you know you gotta thank the people and and he did stem mounting you know you have to thank the people from from my hand. From a consumer point. No I'm reading your book release I'm going to. Armed you know for consumers point I appreciation on the real sense that gave their pitchers and and then their evidence stuff like that to you all you have to show us who's on the diamond that's awesome to share that such as powerfully you know they say a picture says a thousand words not what you see the pitcher you'll see it's it's pioneer definitely footprint I wish at that time you leave something not only good dollar bill or something simple you can just a little shale in the context you can still see by the size at least around that the footprint. It is a large footprint. Awesome news for pitchers he. How rice both had time to take a break in now we'll be back. Hey it's Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand demons during anger back. Are you comfortable in your own body like your possessed with somebody else is currently suffering you don't need an exercised regularly chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body you remember we chiropractic school 569 pierce street Kingston we have checked him out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end and we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. Welcome back paranormal signings. We just left talking a little bit about the book justice being loaded where you can get it. Hey before we get back today and a couple of things Jodi you have something to say I do actually. You know what there's that's. Perished in the paranormal and supernatural. Do something different for this Halloween can learn science and practices. Can panel investigations of Lehigh. Carmen community college in Allentown. Cars downtown sites are in October 21 200630. And 930. Do you mom you just paid my investigation. At the Millen central since symphony hall sorrow that. October 20 the ghosts I won't be lend you really messy there's markkaa as a Bob Schaffer from the president term association our very own mark times. On the costs is a hundred point dollars per person. And down to resurrect calling 610799. 1197. Again it's 6107991197. Com for more information you can call 610. 791957. Or email them. Coal hole. Called chick MK OV AL CH I CK. That feels CCC. Does he edu or look for our post on Carol science web throughout okay official position. OK they're Giuliani checked it a little markets are met if there's a little pain there and Saudi base if you wanna get a little. Taste of what the paranormal investigation is that be something you did go I mean that's just death on his own blowers that it's right at the college mark is going to be there. Yes and large unbelievable throw him in case he taught me I mean just as you guys did and I'm Martha Moxley marcos' stop console and tell latest Mac as the ghost on their for. Crystal really goes to be out wanna play that's right yes not always there so it's a 125 dollars and tell those numbers due to weekends right. Yep that's 11 there's only if yes serious in training in there into weekend actually want should be with a twentieth. Home when he will be that's right we're gonna sail. Colossus they'll say all right it's just they always say down if I go anywhere as always Donna's not here we're taking a trip this. Isn't he's toast their kind sponsored trip it's not a girl let's go for fun trip's a road trip Darren exactly where she took a break and and cell host and we're actually done gone on someone else's incident where there was someone else the strip but I'm nervous Hermann Salem I'm I'm I'm highly highly trying to do there assertion during the only time maybe we don't know maybe next year will run a trip there. Holistic dog get two feet wet. Get a taste when a slice like and you know get the royals going. I just wish I was more homosexual Colin Wright does or burdensome as most FaceBook or even in his text talk and something. Less is known surge in type of trips or weekend we could. Don't miss the scale to that the I have and we just keep thrown Cha Cha we know they like when we know we've got let us know what they like we just I mean we to a New York trip every year right we're gonna do generally to. Gettysburg trichet is very nice to bring in New Orleans right we miss it this year gentlemen we need a fact we do. Be rational action to you know I think we need or Richard for that very shortly thereafter I get we'll get taste that again to avoid at all. I mean there's a lot of stuff out there that our listeners would like us to do and please bring the suggestions to us and I'm sure. Joint stand or get those stop going there and similar website you can email us right from their messages right from their go to FaceBook messages from there right and and is great to her parents taught you want him he has for Americans for your feeling that we didn't get this SharePoint look forward to where I'm sorry it was happening here though you know there can only missed it right but don't compare undertones I mean if if you listen that please. Even Colin always want to talk to you off I think I'll feel like talk on the air column was only wants yeah. We're here absolutely I mean they're solid places out there we can go to we just have to know where the people wanna go right. Because something that may interest does mantras of the of the popular songs and burn these guys are just here on the Mallon author Melissa toss them. I'd love lumps who are cater our listeners we wanna take care of them and give them what they want unsolicited IG tripped anywhere campus right. I mean Gettysburg thing I let us face it we're busy this year guys and that's like you know what if someone called in and said hey. I'm sure we would have putter has the other gossip a quick wash and the issue of the Gettysburg was on the buses and tried again we did try and that was something they try to wanna stripes aren't we do try DM unfortunately just timing and I'm there isn't we're a little off should return these calls paragon expresses my boss. Easier said than done. A lot of dancing is the adult soap couple mud are not Jamal I know by a bus I don't pay for big limo and chauffeur social for everybody around you never know how you never know here we go to go anywhere that's right on our time. Yeah they always say sale might think of that movie three years ago in the seventies I believe was with the vampire Alter how much you guys that are sought to listen. I forget what it was on the it was kotsay owns. And Oakland are sooner the caretaker moved in this hunt a mansion don't dare any bribe. Iced coffee guy a seven footer that a vampires like seven foot tall he's bald and volley is good guys have to look at us and all it's an older mobile network. That's a pops my egg is a spooky this is Salem. So no I am. Only thing I know both films the witch hunts they buried in the burned on the Berrian installs in the for things which. There's here's some information up there but other than that I know nothing about it. Lot of paranormal activities of their performance I'm sure there is time to go. Oh yeah here's commercialize a little bit crowded so we'll find out. It's like everywhere else to do things that president say unfortunately even that you don't get his version of commercialism and money I think we get away from because yeah. I actually am station arm the arm harder and Paulson are essentials. How I was doing going down so long they've been there they go almost every year so far they know little exiles and we mean now there's a seal the iris somebody knows and so are happy that we don't we go over with then maybe some good insider trading if you hook up and I you know what if she is heavier products to be sure to pick up the pox very. Thanks that's crucial essence of yes awesome. I distraught about their job I appreciate that in the times yeah. And she did a great job of making that up freest most period in their vision was a lot of love put in that we should put that together the Orioles they were all herded there was passing honored to have my name on that but I'm. She she can only one twos at the via shopper cleansing thing. And that that's smoking Lulu lemon grass may pick up on the real quick but I think all her offer products are just awesome they are also. Tell your house and the other day you were burning something yes that smoke great whatever that was also a little piece of wood and I. I guess it's it's it's like if you use it. In in addition to orange substitute of sage does the same thing he cleaned I don't cleansing yourself like that down. I'll say what I. I like a little better on the in his own peace who saw him doesn't get much massaging the Vernal morons and so forth we have smudged with that it's a very sweet smelling wood. And policy I feel I can say is that we don't Bernie nationalistic first before him burns junior nationals mostly come with a coconut cookie to me. Yeah I was yeah. It's also has a with a coconut cookies I would get more for cedar regular respond literally I was going to cedar sent to it and it's a very big barometer of the invert her drink quite describe the smell when it's forensic. Cedar but something else right as Americans who really we are worse for him springer Smith. We are burning in the house. And stack moves with that's almost forgot the policy I'm. And it's just it's me. A very clean very natural. Sweet sincere like Stan says it's it's it's just it's also the elderly is as slow that's not soft I just a solves those national so Obama. The sun it's it's great tennis how do you said no British take little pieces are inning ninth Amylin and don't know on what went on. I mean I'm sure you can do that yeah but but but the majority of people on our Harlan to do and also was he just take the stick itself. Light a fire flip our first few you know few seconds or two years and then blown out then the service is seeking smoldering. And you still smoke cruised smug self without. Can we get a color just came in yes I love cars and got Bob from Jim Thorpe. Welcome Bob. Welcome oh yeah I'm not prudent course could fall in this body fit into the Lori this evening what I'm doing Roland go nuts candy mentioned in Europe that's what I call to all 'cause this isn't my screams of sorts. And yet complicated because it's important jail which is known to be taught that no question about it had a dormitories in October. In honor of Halloween this. I just seen that in the news yesterday I believe. Really weren't clear channel ten of sixteen had something on their body goes on there interviewing a leaf from Jim Thorpe. Well okay well. It's. This is supposed to fluttered into October 1 inconsistent. And their tours starting at 615 every night. A broad pattern inconsistent and every night wolf nine men run you know. Put that sort of the last few hours or less like you know they run consecutive tours from 66. Fifteen until ninth. And it's probably too late this. Organized an official. From Pennsylvania. Paranormal association trip although you know maybe you know that's. But I do recommend because I've been in the villain I know a couple of different. I was just asked if you've been there or did you see to have friends. And around I've never been told you to you know you really have to grow to somewhere we have to go yeah we do not have a wanna go there road trip. Well I would definitely recommend because the planets. There are regulatory front had very different when you run I don't think it goes first depending upon that kind of stuff you don't think there's hope. More pain on the floor and you don't even notice unless somebody has not been there's been talk about stepping on the floor for a girl and I heard my people think that the burden anyway it has significance to it but yes. People have been pushed and sound and there's some more pictures by the dozens of people taken and so on and so on it's it's definitely on its. A song like somewhere the PPH got to do an investigation so yeah. That's a stuff how well they do open treated differently owners and no setup a prime itself. You know if you wanna do your own investigation of the groupies I sometimes do that. I don't Steelers are marxists. And I can intestine this campaign is on the wrong there's no doubt about it. So are you definitely. If you I would do it this month because it's. Today the marina yesterday at its lowest on the income of fifteen. On Saturday night. Also tell you on this tour several times right Bob. I don't know regulatory in this one Palin isn't did you have any experiences we're in their besides a hampering the. Well. PA kind of tend could. But Emma I don't think that's been happier because they've seen my company my mind my. Grandparents who were involved with pit. The other side David Underwood and the Molly McGuire is worried candidates my relatives that costs us a couple and then the majority of people low profile I don't pentagon. We ought to put that out there who felt it. That's good good good good call love Google obviously anybody phone moment there are yeah I definitely have a don't know though those are good I do do. College in a televised at all and think about him. Nobody feels Russian was a good call Emily could call doesn't like I do not always like a bar opposite you realize I realize Alec over and things are thrown off a caller from the words like younger Camacho got to say hey I'm on the goes you don't give smaller requires public if this goes live this Greece's both Bob. Both Bob and exist apart does have worked very easily get. Tied up it said you have just sorry for him toward jail you know what as soon as we heard his voice we no longer has access our regular as Bob that's that's a good thing and you just have friar concert and yes she runs the business presentation at. I need to see see it never fails. I think I Obama my challenge for him to the house yeah. That's the point I'm out of this sounds like our offensive there are some popcorn and out while we have a pox Ellison Fallujah noticeably. Mean you are prepared come. We didn't get to do much the scene cut it with us is that constantly moving assisted you know and I. Have to suffer few minutes later they will point time zone in the revenue community has it which I'm upset about melanoma asylum and are acting but. What does for us is a tell you right stand Tony can you know dampens our ability to. You don't see. No the speaker's name and see the different presentations and where you're busy you guys here in home. Make some of the crop mix with the vendors to guess everything in and that's awesome because they come there for you guys and that you guys are there for them and try to work so great it's awesome awesome and that's. And I know we we come on this last week combat someone don't wanna keep that personal you don't have personal touch they're so I have no problems are not talking to people. The other vendors say our patrons everything I love didn't miss some great people called guy shouldn't people. It was a good time in the second time the third Ross coming up very we're planning stages of BOE ski PC PC seventeen all right immunize is great it's just start one ends in a star's rental and this is gonna get bigger and better beer I don't cents a hotel hallway it is I mean positive positive manner out there than it faith in the so we gotta do faith keeping grow and didn't tell you that more to a Jimmie mark got a good crowd at his table there. Hingis and get people there ebooks mean it was just more important how I like call stands hands people overlook a through ball was I was in the other room and a tip somebody I'll be unloaded and John Stanley to geography I like about somebody wants to sign the book. LL never showed up. Photos or watch around the we noticed I was thinking I didn't see him do that his overalls on homelessness I know he was there and I. Told he's talked to a few people maybe national and Elmer Bruce. What canal that of chaos and Elmer Simon from like one to 2% got a couple of kids real take pictures around her body. Paul Lewis sent off Japan's aggression by next year we're hoping that that pass life regression to for Stan. Follow. Yeah you know we have people wanting and wanting unfortunately it didn't take place but you know what that makes me want to see and hear even more actually. So yeah you're the sacrificial lamb stay here I can win some you know if he's and they made we mention it may do live on the air in. Maybe we'll save you from the State's next year. Obama I'm game that that a veto this guy over here he I would love to know I would love to and they just can't additional you know what I think I do all Kamal and you might get through it I know what I'm not somebody who wasn't for lack of child like to know why that wall came out now and that's what's he hiding and was has some what he's hiding it's. Who we really did see it right. Due to enter the high that it that may come on you never know kind of what we may reveal that one day you'll see. I had you have and you know that's also got to be a tree say the listen to. She almost had almost been a while Kimmel had that was in him he's done literally a literally while I don't forget it literally looked like. Likable screen play when just the curtain comes down from those this Don it's an unusual feeling this and that made it all and I know we're going back but to assure that show again and how Stam was I mean they it was an act it was a real it was designed all right. I'll tell us enhance and to see. Blake. I don't wanna say like the face changes you can see the emotion and different. Thank you don't know and this promotion coming through now literally like community on the well. Are certain you know when we bought my guess talking a little differently on the nation's we do and no different meals trips and these are faced how we express ourselves. Book literally even match changed when he was talking. And just. I don't know color and insight yeah. Perhaps on the inside somebody we also piloted us fans felt it hit an insider point of view press. That was good though I mean hopefully guy and I have yet I've got to listen to dampen everybody's has to hold this until you be hypnotized to get a little new episode begins about to begin in August did the beginning is what I always our fingers and your reaction are all all all players and knowledge emotions and I can't yet you really would love to see neagle wondered are really come back on what director Lisa. What do you do understand it's our great physics is an Indian people don't cotton to Manhattan. You'll come back and found on the on the so the woods would have both been on that horrible. Yeah that got national worst enemy you can call content both hands and knees and what are you doing stamp. There can be looking good looking blue hunting yeah hundred looking. Bush. Then there will be some that would happen in the death nor stand down her opponent so you've got his luck the FTS. You don't I you don't want to get us financially you a little research you did tonight and you don't look at it here now and how bona Ferguson on this here well you know it's getting. Really but yeah we can touch doesn't say just for next week. This is a little taste here you know we're gonna talk about some how to play since grand which we did dimension we did at other times the bench he and begin Evans of 1217 Mary's street FEMA is aware that that was done in our in our backyard here as a hunter house was for sale people put it up is on all right what a reversal. I don't know we have to do some research. I would say did you guys get to visit that ever whose team is I was there was when my kids were young I think my daughter was. Probably in the girls' skulls served policy did you enjoy. If they do they show okay have a lot of memorabilia that a lot of stuff from Houdini in there friend. And it's dark enough I can't say had been there for in this answering him in their kids' shows America. So I never met her off know myself fear them there's one out when I was on California few years back down and don't sonong highway data. Section one museum that was firmly Dini and everything but I. I don't know we have one here in our backyard that's your religion as a friend yeah. Not wanting did mention earlier was getting ready to read a third book and has a couple ideas and yes. Palmer I was gonna read 100 cemeteries and listen okay Solso on that right okay. They're really got in my head I want to write about. How could dormitories. Local university sounded dormitory straight Emmys so very well right about that. Actual right now specialties on that already know it's a good do but when I was doing this investigation. I stumbled upon something else that I may. Write another one that OK I never realized this. And I I assure you of and they never get the most out. But the serious load would coal mines tall guy Russia fair everywhere her as a mainstay and more and my sisters on coal mines. Right there has to be something that's gone down and where the problem is they were hounded when the coal mine is who down there there was mindset is shut down. Because the Coleman is refuse to go back down in there. Because it was something in the mines it was chased them out. They went so far some of the mines they shot at this thing. It was about six foot tall white miss head hands and arms is simply a process and was coming at them. And this was in a mine their dollars and a working mine back in how many feet underneath yeah exactly and Mike. Did you just take over that or was that frozen dinner you wanna stay in Florida from an hour's. Fresh back then. That's in a mine were common. Pollyanna so I mean who knows some spirit may still be down there are millions of titles they want to honor and endeavor side daylight again right the meals worked lived and died down there there are. Right it's a time for less break here so we'll be back. We're here but you goes Erica oh sweet little undernourished people. Great time there was a native Americans so they're showing further erosion knives and another lady they're showing you since the royals. She's tried disagreement with something called oceans and ha. Discussion wrote good not a bad luck to us gotta know windows you shaggy quo is there. And they told me the firmly Wayne community other so I think I hope I make him wait long time. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this such a succession and bush senior next year. Randy can. This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment they in turn. Welcome back we left for talking about Heidi mines. That intrigues me. Yeah very much so I mean I just stumbled upon that I never given any thought Newman you do. Look back on you realize how many people in the series died in the minds and deliberate or talk about lesson on this emotional moment that person America's armor my mom talk a little things are delicate because while Monfils not. Welcome Joseph actually pass to Knox mine disaster. But I remember hearing little tales like telling your kid that that's just common whenever yeah shame on me I never thought for risking your muscle play right now. Mom. I wonder you're saying that's why messed with fans in the know come. I wonder if it was like he said knew someone Moscow on the minds right at the time for four and said the same thing to do that they awakened. Something down there wasn't something else you know and well no no in all he'll let you most proud about something called Tommy doctors. Right Paris some that would be down there whether it was two frighten them out of the mine or protect warned them now want to warn them and also believe that they would hear that before you know some say who serves one thing I heard here's some kind of noise or get a warning to get out there. I remember here and ask for my older siblings and everything like. My grandfather Airpwn Tommy aren't present but that still has got me intrigued that missed a right cause or hands or some might that that's so they're not. But I imagine when you're down in the mine the only light you have around you was was coming from year. Your helmet earlier idea lantern fans can settle this like today I knew all in all old oil kerosene lamps and son Mike who I illuminate the small area are home one candle power then you end in all of a sudden you seal a white thing come and that you are missed coming and you. And I was your buddy Nolan wasn't coming out you're lighting just illuminating coming at you this. Rex sort dark color get all along I. This is something so they'll be out on the ground where they to brighten they're so close my eyes were very deep. Then there is a minor run your I think that somebody didn't you kill live. That's true yeah I don't fortunate that was part of the job I mean people died that was a hazardous occupation is still listed as stable back in the day it was. And they want different things or child regulations really know her divorce stuff like that or they 109 I mean I have seen the pictures over the host on. Pictures right we forget about they say OK to break her voice and he 1091 they used to send young kids you don't in the minds they would you tell them you'll handlers are mule something. Yes it is we want to stick this stick on the need to cart to slow without support Israel if that's the breaker boy this is a mule chancellor down in the mine. That's so he did and regulate the speed on the donkey legislators real unknown yeah. All right that was his job in the total darkness fly you know manner that I mean that's a lot of those kids got killed hundreds listen in the dark right. Yeah you sure what the individual imagine our because they weren't I just say it really wasn't. Time is money money was time and the fact that matters is I'm no economist I'm also some kind of have an extra care semi do you these little kids children you know and they value the mule more than they did the kids look at Dick replaced the kid right. And I should not and that's something. Just shows you always years ago on news that. There you see wonder how many immune young kids there still wandered around on their older people. Wow can I never looked at LA di you know and I'm not a very good ways and stay where let's just face of ever made him work to make the money does everybody in the family. You can make money they lost I'll tell your friend quarterly. Frank and I were ambushed me and that was a real pusher that was over them by Dennis and Carl that way not so absent. It's a shame but that fits very well could be something down there and that may be one of my future books coming out that I know some hot and minds of those artery and I mean I don't have to go farther to. The rules for his friend there is little with the right it's all the stuff locals you know it's happening around us and thanks to stand when he does he's books. It's free and it's quite a lot of people that went and I'm oblivious a lot of us don't talk about all the time there's so much more local history that no one who realizes now. Don't you realize I'm not an apparent almost history in general street could have been just people don't you. Boy you know this Thursday as though this may be an end to train says when you tell me about when you lose somebody with Diana train you know they couldn't back then take the body backs where they're from men to be buried just an unmarked graves along the side of a rare red somewhere here in the woods might say they're. There's dram whenever season again there's no grave marker for them to go see the great only knows what happens in the end here while that's. So I was you know you wonder some of those spiritual walk Iran feel some of the are hardtop Cyrano de Sus canary you know that were buried there who's just one of its gonna go home let's go back to no I mean even you know on the long range is even further back coming. Oh yeah when you're a trial and that was like they won't take your body anywhere I mean it was. Usually your family a mom and baby Diana ever got forbidden fear though no way to take your body image though isn't so hot needs what do you know delete so here's you know your your three or four states away from where you plan on unsettling and knowing this is an encampment. That's hardly lost a lot of love on Jonathan Khamis. And it was like there's tombstones you're lucky it's a guy your name scratch in Iraq otherwise generally well processors right right so not your grave is forgotten us fortunately just I'm our acreage summer gasoline telling women Nile is only had to do offensive. When the pretty lawyers say had a hard back then parents. And you just became a memory and that was at ten. C wandering on the semester another thing people say well. Pull out in my brain you home leave behind that because the background has been merry go send the meeting of this of this this is rocket which we live stuff that's. That's right. Let's face you don't exactly all that history especially if there's some question the short way and I'll post on his summit wants to sell their property and turn. Gloria how spear was funny but I want you know X 1000 for allied smells like you'll be doing elsewhere kind. Not just that I'm in the mood of the ones that are just don't know yet animals people buying Honduran. Never come. They know Americans all of this year. Carla there's a musical as John. You're from us and again I'm sure hockey sense and search and how mad Mac daddy Mac wearing different to keep the pain and sleep tight.