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Bill King, Director of Steamtown Marathon

Oct 7, 2016|

Bill King, Director of Steamtown Marathon with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coming up. In northeastern Pennsylvania. The esteem town marathon which is set for Sunday October the ninth. So how is this in her face with what's happening tomorrow it's gonna fiscally may say it shouldn't but it does. And in order to give us the some perspective on it we've invited to Bill King. On our show who's the director of the steam town marathons bill we appreciate it. I am well Mario. Better you OK so. Explain to the audience why a you and your team need these Scranton high school facility to people say well all the runners on Sundays so what he need to school for. Well first so we reserve the ball format five months ago. Proving to use. The potential for the church into that well. We have actually Portland rather well there are registered from about forty states in poor countries. Coming to northeastern Pennsylvania to spend their money and spend the weekend to compete instinct comes out on Sunday. At the end. We have benders so in the hallways and in the cafeteria. And packet pick up in the back artillery gym where the runners picked up the numbers dirt cheap shirts third. Timing chips and things like that. So it's true it's been a big deal and that 76%. Honors but coming from outside north Eastern Pennsylvania. So they picked itself. The day before the race and then on Sunday morning and cheap mind its people coming stated so. Also we've been doing this 21 year and by the way we're all volunteers we have not dates back. OK so. I in in the past. I'd imagine you've had a next elect Aniston and so on and so forth we have what kind of what kind of crowd do attract an and what time do you usually start attracting them. Well you know it put. Typically put runners coming and turn around and we will bring their family. So. You can figured for just about every runner -- to treat people with them so. I'd figured you know 4000 runners. On sixteen wrong that so our exports to open thirty. This would start at 10 AM. And Iran still 5 PM. And are. But. Why elect you with Brian on 9 am. In memorial stadium like at the high school. And he got beat all of the lease rates going to blow the fire cute nothing camp and then the police race that and amp. And then you're on call. Yesterday afternoon. About two in the afternoon from her school district official told me. Did nothing to do that that Bernie Sanders was going to be speaking at trip and I attempt tomorrow. They can imagine my shock and make it also on that screen and display in home bill. 1 PM at strip more of state in. So now as a result of this. You know we have all these people coming from my hotel and they don't know the city that was weeks you also open direction and everything to get back on the exit poll. And the places just there's going to be no parking it's going to be chaos. Can be investment posture because you've been organizing this thing certain. We've been meeting. Meeting since since February. The plan events. Which by the way that benefits think justice center. We get it on 50000 dollars last night it appeared pew research network up to one point five million dollars that we've given the Saint Joseph center. So raising money or children who were mentally and physically disabled while elect degrees and money. Work children that are physically disabled from Pallet services. And then boom. Wasn't able to construct a federation of teachers sides. I'm gonna move Bernie Sanders downstream at the graceful. You have the ability to do that I have no idea. Should they move should in in your opinion have the authority. The beat super chemistry at the schools so it will now drop this. So I was superintendent I would receive the call. And then I would have to get permission from school boards so then but typically these things do happen quick that you only get a call on Monday and malware on this. Agreed to a book and it's. It but Bill Clinton now Hillary Clinton but then number people speak downer. And so OEU would be a contact in school warn you first call you make decisions toward president. And then yelled at center. Or what you know what's called the nature of the story with everybody and then you know the approval will be granted. I spoke to school director Justin had no knowledge of it. Okay let's I just wanna go over this with you one more time. Did you saying the dead from your experiences of and by the way it's it's great to have somebody that that's been through this so they understand it. You're saying that this. Would have required. Permission from this. Aboard the whole school board a couple of people on the how does it normally work. I would think at least five out of nine that went off. That lets put this that's what it's so we worked. When I was there I can't say how it's working now or what you two to nothing and one of them principal Montrose. But that's the way he used to work and let me let me just say this since the school district as well he's been. Gerri great what interns working with a you know it's it's smooth we're work helping the city. In terms of economic benefit from Kabul say justice center. Sure it so the school district and the partner through the year they really haven't. It's seems to me that. Well now reporting. That the music cheap person here click away. She gets which would have but we we try to get into it. And so you actually made the decision last spring it's a world record that's great but it could discredit the police. Parking signs blocked off Adams avenue because I just got up. Please keep doesn't even know that you're there redouble. But that's so holier coordinate changing the decision last fringe group resubmit no. Furthermore. Your report now on this here about the 21 years mine duke. And you know you just cited plop a great and there in the middle. You know what we're we're we're trying to put on and our next stop. I saw it on the worksheet its power and authority to be able to make those decisions. Well now I guess we have to ask ourselves. In terms of is. An amicable solution for this where where can it in your opinion obviously you have good yet paperwork that that you booked as a venue longtime enough. Or what it prudent in what is the what is an amicable solution for this. I would think an amicable solutions. And chemical solution I spoke to Renee column from the like on convention center Jewish girl she's suppose we can probably put him down at cancer if you hope she doesn't want to do anything now Richard. You just parking it makes a ton of sense to me and then there's even you know opportunity per indoors down there. So there's that. There's there's Blackhawk down while the book that the gymnasium there and that I'm just percent revenue. There's university strengthen which has too cute shouldn't do it in there there's no he would which has a huge gymnasium there. I mean there are lots of a certain place or whether word Hillary salt spoke. So I mean. I don't think the production per sport. How I. If you fear people have to go and to add to this then you tomorrow. With the bill to be screened by the Secret Service right. That's the other piece yet extend it can't be happy about this either. In the sense that that's the that's thanks so. I know what you'll beat and he's in the level of the person come and and like when we had Obama down there we had we had Secret Service and they're debate before and he likes what the bill would. On the roof they weren't true duct work in every that you can only repeat it of people has to be want to come as. It's huge now I thought well barring will require that level posts registered but players in secret source involved. The other that are being put like I just got a phone call from. There and usher from homes built. He needs for advice he says the Howell the football team just gonna be writing down there with buses pro trajectory for a possible football players. What's the best way to totally and indeed into the states. I don't look the teller. Could I have no idea I have no communication terms Secret Service what they're playing as well be blocked roads that asks that we wish we need. Arrangements for people park sat in the marketplace. Is that's being crowned Amal. And they say they're divorced people now well good question is can I put signs up that approach it that six birdies Standard Parking skiing Amal. Because. We can't have reserved for five months. Parent. This is obviously conundrum and it seems that pretty manageable at this point you will keep into action and we'll see if anything breaks during the day Bill King but this is. This is a Tylenol moment as an. It's it's frustrating to be cute you know what at the end of the day. You know I'm educated guess what rules there's an educator we're trying to do things for kids here and I understand all the science in the state and that level that. At the end of the day be a reasonable solution and two in a reasonable solutions. You're gonna beat you you make a decision two days before that you're gonna affect. Three other major event that's happening here and I would think for a political standpoint he really want to aggravate. But you are promoter. From which candidate you like aggravated all these people all these voters. Good point and I didn't think about them but they Q and will you darkness and we'll stay in touch.