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Calvin R. Tucker Chair. of Phila. Black GOP Council

Oct 3, 2016|

Calvin R. Tucker Chair. of Phila. Black GOP Council with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At WI OOK and that we are welcoming. To our show Kellner and aren't Tucker the chairman. Of the Philadelphia. Black Republican. Council Calvin to our show and good morning. Good morning and welcome mentality and thank you for inviting me on. It is our pleasure to have you on the show and I understand. The you've always been. A Republican. Rank. Yes I've been Republicans four sorties some years. Anyone registration idea. Parishioners are Republicans. And did you do that as at a Stanley saying or did you just does see necessity church so why did you enjoy and they Republican Party in the first place. Families saying. My values from my page from my parents send. They're Republicans. And got be involved in the Republican Party early on that and I saw the virtues of being a Republican and has. You know those aligned lists what I've been taught all my life does go I don't work hard in. No way to finish its from the free enterprise system. And and I. I thought if those those things that. Is gonna help me and my family. You know move through this action and be successful. Okay and it sounds great the way the a frame up working hard reaping the benefits of these. Free enterprise system now. Count and why would you speculate then that this so many African Americans. And African Americans from from Philadelphia in general because Philadelphia easier looks like a lost cause for the Republican Party is it that the Republicans have a hard time messaging. Oh what you just said to attract. A more diversity to the party. I think it's going to be first and foremost. We have to continue to have dialogue and the African American community its directors or the quality and and then we probably. Do we do see some movement. I knew every reality. That the Democrat party had sixty years particularly in the city of full out to where they have control. It's not presided solutions so many solves the problems that we face in our community. So I see movement. I see young work. Yeah I'm African Americans are making a true course to not maybe not registered Republican but certainly give Republicans consideration. On election. But what I tell Republicans we have to continue to talk about issues that confront our community well and health disparities unemployment unemployment actually economic distress and if we continue to do that. Spin we are seen as an alternative. I and the point out we we will never achieve. Our whole any community. So so I yeah I do a lot of speaking and ask American community and I tell them in some cases I'm not here convert immune to educate. And we need to. At least the first of side our political strategy. Understand how to try option in our society so we are 50% Democrats are set to present Republicans. Are to me that's an advantage tradition right now I am I'm Lester and the best and try percents are fighting the 50%. You know that's a great achievement but. We still have to do is saying instead address issues that our community and I think that's that's what we are beginning to do. And then 2012. In increasing since Philadelphia. Calvin we know tap Mitt Romney. Got zero. No Knoll zero zilch votes now liberal with that is a benchmark I mean. He was think IRA may be it'll be a little bit different this time around how daunting is this task. Well I mean it is they don't seem Chaz. Are you sank zero black and I was saying I am also a Republican ward here on the safe side says some of the meetings. Where young lady who is within 10 they awards. Where. It was registered as no I wondered division registered as no clothes and she in fact. Stage yet. A long time Republican that achieved solid actual Mitt Romney so I'm sure. We'll watch shenanigans are saying happened. That prevented the polls from being registered. What it was clearly a spokeswoman Mitt Romney in native vision and that was the class that has not voting shall Mitt Romney so she I've. I think that's why in this election we had to have people at every hole should we are bad why cheaters and slopes ensuring that the vote is honest. And every vote. Shall. We have heard many many many times. Calvin that term Donald Trump. Is. A recess to. And we have actually heard people make an equation that if you support Donald Trump. Dreyer and conclusions you indeed. Are also are racists what your mind is Donald Trump not a racist. And operation because Donald Trump has. You know he and his foundation and it did so corporation and he has. Simply aren't very senior African Americans and what I meant. You know racism wouldn't do that. Donald Trump has stood and I ate moderated a panel on September the second what Donald Trump what's fourteen. African Americans out of business civic and political leaders and I sit stand. You know there's. Republican candidate in the last three election cycles to stand up on a national stage. Then CO watching Detroit Michigan Minnesota and Milwaukee Wisconsin. And talk about the concerns and issues an African American community. And that you want to address those things. It's finally. That the Democrats as that's not addressed. That's why I think as Donald Trump it's not oh gracious. Because he understands. What's the that the problems in this nation up particularly in communities. Dad has been neglected by the Democrats for so long now that Democrats like dutrow are racist term out there. But I go back to. You know Bill Clinton when he was running in 1991. And he was proud to be called a good old boy Larry or I'll Bubba. You know and that's coated applications for. You know the same time that's saying that they're now China to attribute true Donald Trump I think it's a salt narrative and it's something that does not work it's I. I look at the polls. And I actually where Donald Trump. Right now is at. You know nine to 10%. Colin among African American so what he's saying is resonating despite its. What the media that wants to. Push forward and the Democrat opposite opposite our operatives want to push forward that Donald Trump is great it is I think that's a false narrative and it's not going to stick to. You do you do realize though that when people do throw it out there and it does get traction and it does get credence and there are a lot of people. Who feel that they just don't want to vote for Donald Trump because. That this rhetoric that that's out there and it it effectively I believe Calvin shuts people down. Are too right. I think people have to fight against that. You know it is you're sure as those folks forward Donald Trump or not vote for Donald Trump and and my sense is definitely the folks at Donald tropics regardless I mean I. Let me. A long. Who no one knows leave my home Republicans. That's out there every day I react to get all I get the ladders nationally. And and and local Levy knows that I mean everything except a child car but I know the mission that I am trying to say. I worked in the ask the American community network in the underserved community. I see the problems that exist and the only one that's that's. Proposing solutions. To problems particularly in the urban community. Is Donald Trump the other. Candidate is not an issue is going to the church issued on twos you know areas where you know having Americans congregate but she's not prefer. Also in solutions and genetic track record 26 year track record follows. Providing solutions to problems that exist. So I would say to those that. I'm being restrained by rhetoric well rhetoric never solve the one. Problem. In this. Well or in this nation and so we should not see. This. You know disturbed or not folks just because. You know rhetoric is out here if we once we get down trump feels it. He's gonna provide solutions and all that rhetoric. To a greater extent. It's going to evaporate. So what advice would you would you give him going for word. To get consideration. From African Americans tonight to give them a chance because again. Your feet you're fighting against a literally. From a media empire a machine. I'm the Democratic Party summoned the Republican Party who I believe the dump truck just not good for the Republican Party. You're fighting such heady battle however what what aged advice would you give him. In order to get him. More votes than what what can you say we know we as you said rhetoric dead doesn't solve anything but what what should he be doing in in terms of reach and messaging. Things are dissecting him on September 2 and at Grafton at our roundtable. Here is you need to continue. Talking about issues and providing. Solutions to problems. Obviously in knots and after American community community but across this nation of half. Specifically and ask an important community and eats. As to how they planned economic taxes. Crying in all. Those things you just cheap continue to do that. And who do we anticipate. His dad at the end of the day. You think get somewhere between twelve and 16%. All the African Americans so that we just can't tell you I hate. You know well I am in my advanced years. I still play basketball every Saturday. Where it's about thirty. African American males. 99.9. Percent of them are Democrats. And over the last six or seven months. You know several people have been killed and not take chow down accomplish talking about things. Jobs unemployment economic distress. In trying to. You know address issues and solve issues and we're gonna vote for him. Now but don't tell anybody else that I'm gonna vote what locate science so they are they silent. Percentage of close. People that's gonna come out and vote for him healed yet you don't show up in the cold. They'll never show up on TB. Well I believe there are show that with polls. And Chad stay vote for a doll to. Well I that's interesting to hear because we here. So often and that he has absolutely no chance if he cannot build the bridges. With a certain constituencies. African Americans Hispanics. College educated females. It's Saturday at center it's an earth. From I wonder how big. I'm an undercurrent. There is people. Who just feel they cannot say a word about this to anybody because. There are afraid of the harsh backlash that does come none of them are you setting yourself. Debt do you have actually bend. Affected by it said backlash. I think there's a significant undercurrent of voters are going to approach toward Donald Trump they're gonna tell you is better show up anywhere but let her go up and pull for him because maybe there is issues are are originating. Independent and they understand you know. It's. And they are immigration. Our point of view where you know he's talking. About building the wall and error. They finding Sanctuary Cities. Supporting in illegal camera ranch was criminal background so now of school 1117. Million Bernard you know soon as he takes sausage is gonna send them back now he's talking about crumbles. And and into. The Democrats. Community to Hispanics. Right that it goes illegals are. Check or competing for jobs as well that week they would normally get an American would only get. So. All of those things are supportive. Black communities. Not. Not distract or some community not. You know detrimental to our communities they are supported you know and it shows up then you know increased in in jobs and opportunities so. I think that those little things is going to try it slopes out anti into the gates. To vote for him not so certainly some that you know it is Demi are. Concerns about. You know it is or if you don't see opponents. Positions and may not vote. But I don't think it's going to be a majority is announced that's going to I'm not allow him to to win then yes Harrington how. Big do you think the the tax issue. Will be forward Donald Trump the story that the New York Times ran over the weekend. I think I don't think that's going to. I'm you know resonate with the Arab rich Schroeder's. You know Donald Trump took advantage of you know being that tax code to leave these checks propositions that was available in 1990 side. He didn't harm or hurt anyone but its says that if you lose money. You know you have the ability. To take advantage of those so I think those are. You know and I understand. Hillary Clinton took advantage of the same kind of deductions. I don't think there person's going to. Via sectors eighty you know by that disclosure. Well. I guess we'll see what happens. I know that it was soon made out to be a bombshell but there are a lot of people. Saw you on that stuff like that's another good Americans who you know they they like to see the people that paid taxes but I discipline in the same position. Themselves and using the prowess of their towns they they might have done similar things. I would think that that most people try to maximize. Yeah maximized and there are very fair return. You know they're working hard every day I work hard every day in and try to maximize my deductions and exemptions. To pay eighty. The minimal taxes I'm gonna do that and I think every American American looking at are tracks so looking at. You know it says you know usually used in this challenging gets the advantage they're gonna do the same saying you know I'm not. I don't think most people say okay. Punishment is send a check can't truly. To the IRS. Because I know certain amount that he they have to make a determination what that amount it and they try to minimize set up out. And to finally because it's important and now we. We wonder Calvin does sue Donald Trump have enough firepower to where in the state of Pennsylvania and knowing what we know not to Philadelphia. And Pittsburg as huge. Usual voting box for Democrats. So I think he I think he'd done it I mean you he's right now within the margin of error and years and state. And and I think he realizes that it. He can't win the presidency without any state like Pennsylvania he's been here. Five or six times my understanding is going to be here. Probably. You know five or six more times you know in areas like sort out in Pittsburgh and then some of the surrounding college community. Conference. The third you know it's out you cheap seats. Statistically you can't lose far more than 400000. I think there a couple of things working in its favor. Leave his opponent is not gonna get the same time in the throat some on the African American community has the power president. Did it. And so that's that's in his Saber is upon it also is not well. The law of black Democrats and I talked to Democrats I work with a lot elected officials and ward leaders Democrats. Some Democrats stripes and there's not enamored with car although they may do what they have to do. That enthusiasm. Is not going to be out there as well it's funny and Republican Party is trying to. Continue to Rangers registration advantage or disadvantage you know I'm moving it up to you know six to 7000. More. I read stretched. Contrary being. Independent show who are on the sensible may have made that decision straw. Think in that particular in the city of her out if you can hold that margin and now. You have a great opportunity there when and still when. The states. Fossum. Tucker thanks surge joining us today NW IL OK from the how Philadelphia black Republican council was nice to chat with you. Thank you very much soup for inviting me I look forward to having a discussion what do you in the future I.