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9-25-16 Paranormal Science

Sep 30, 2016|

Review of East Coast Para Con

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Science. Okay. Good evening Mormon missions journal science on Joe Hall. Com's Ed Mack daddy Mack great and stands there are two. Ryan Malone and I tell you it's the Sunday after paragon. What did you guys think outstanding grace great fantastic times phenomenal out of the park yes yes I wanna start by saying to our listeners. I for sure won't come out supporting us. I'm Hala thank all our vendors our psyche to routine to came out. On the second year row and I'll tell you what we. We to a third of what we were standing and from my understanding Hillary's wants to keep on back next usually do or continue to push us and we refused. Onward and upward guys because that's the way to go for a five years Mel U sitting here talking about that one brings. It's gonna get a better and better every other god willing. I don't console around 25 years all you oh so you move and he's gonna outlive us lol yeah great and has received your WB here when Williams. They're your business crucial sense of course I'll come back and yeah if that would normally I don't think that's not a bad hunting a good one. But I'm also you want. I don't say I really don't see we have people from from all over. New York New Jersey. My guy and now to Ohio hello. I'll look I'll tell you what if anybody's that didn't listen Collins beat them both Christians. Our heroes our as a fifteen year old kid and I was raised and he's got a book under his belt there any he's written up in a few magazines. Print. They drove in five and a half hours yesterday from Ohio for him to speak. They are around for a few hours and then they drove back to Ohio farm that's syndicate unbelievable. Don't tell you I'm an Indian cone speech and I shouldn't happen and I told us that and the college in north. I gave you kudos and the fact he's still prefer an hour and chaos that could hear Geraldo over the skyline and and because that's how Marcus come up next and down. You know I've come I tell my wrists and he understood me he wraps it up and I would mashups Anderson complacency for for for young kid in the knowledge you have. I said and in fact you putting all this into a non tolls Daffy bringing him out here. You know what most if Hamas and most parents put it let's just that that's a driver sol he's going from Scranton Wilkes burn your from firsthand how to haul him. Yeah they drove behind me and now and then intro sacked just awesome. You know so I mean the support this can pass from his parents who did and the knowledge and in the Al going this on the fifteen year old you know I'll tell you. One thing that is that they said to me was fact they know how we gave this fifteen year old opportunity yourself. And I see no idea of the summer and rob Murphy you know runner for so hey listen he referred to your firm so a lot of respect for Ron you know we we did that and then regardless of age and we always tell on this program. Read one of our biggest things is to have. A place where everybody regardless of age for anything comes to feel safe to regulate also the safe haven come and talk about what they do and he here on the parking. Holly tree did. True I was really impressive thing you're speaking to you made a nice little lady I didn't. I have to. Have to give a shout out. I'll. Say what Lou you set the stage here for second. I am. Facilities on the other side countless restitution walking up and and one I think it was a Judy from Lila Wallace came up she's like she wants to talk to young like OK and and so I code talkers that'll be writing and I'm like not only ought to pay you to pay your money just to talk to me yes and that's not a and I should ignore the Lola commitment given its okay and hurt her son found that it it was also a good man he don't. You have brought her up. She's probably one of the if not the oldest listener we have 92 maybe two years always entertaining 92 years John well yeah silence. And I have to I have to substitute Jane all turned writer that's right oatmeal. He's fourteen Reuters since Scioscia Jane and I am sorry Jane and then you know if you're listening. We love you that's all that's like saying we love you such a pleasure it was an honor honor exactly you know pleasure and hard to meet her. Fond you are Guiding Light you'll as mr. Childress says Chris Childress and you know. We're following you and these host Erica has the White House is a beacon and I'll tell you what you truly that for me I'm new inspired me. She's a veteran how I think her first service check in New York. And I'm I'm now say drugs your mind and only she's just she's four love them and then. Just to see her career and she was so. Happy and excited to meet her and she be aired just so excited to me does PS notion that policy does it feel like your family let me tell you something after after meaning you Jen. Your families and makes you feel like Finley she shouldn't have been serious as she does OK god bless her. Obviously if you listen you want Colin please do so I'd love to have you on you since she's a regular listener I was out every week Jeff and I were having a repeat is who I don't want to call that an off yesterday and often do but we're live here you're more than welcome Colin. Come on give the former it's 5708. Threes here is our money. And that would we'd love to talk (%expletive) and if you don't call and just thank you thank you it was awesome to see you teach here I talked to thank you so much I was. They can tour and she was. I don't love interest it invited to or Howard good conversation got both the queen Mary on California plus my lesson. Somebody want to take her but she says she doesn't wanna go for a fighter injury Jason goal go what do you tell it. Doing a complete no I don't mean flights camp points or zero dollars and there during dirt under one. Dorn rare hot that doesn't apply to pass rush. These are grown bird that's right it's life. If she doesn't mind a flight to do it at your son was even saying do it do it. And they didn't know her son to mom. Usually give you Sharon's props here. To be sure over as we all know it's almost like you can wishes from a martian north from before. And her son was a plugged in terms skeptical believer mom hit and he was more leaning more more towards publicized deaths after use somewhere surely can't and he said you know what. I think me and I'm paraphrasing but his exact words but basically said you know what I think a little different out. Felt that that's awesome are so that in itself was a whatever she said to him exactly exactly so you know he can go into detail of course we don't ask don't but on the he's using you as the dollar and again paraphrasing but basically he thinks all different now. Talked to charge him to a good man great man he is also better luck thank him also first service. And dom for I tell you we have so many great people come through the door com. You know it was just. There's a lot of energy mother through all the energy plan and he noted the energy was flowing was who was just amazing guy. Let's just in the Al Johnson a third room that we that we had to do there were a little bit of pathological issues so we we got that overrunning of course and you know thanks to stand. I'll tell you what I am I know you will pull together. And so while thanking everybody I have to thank my team especially those that are listened and found them myself stand. Ed Kelly Jeff. She's may die Angela. You know throughout throughout the years in new of course you know Michael Holland and help to soundness and your future children and listen. At least that especially some sort of independent you don't your wife Lisa I'll. Everybody did a great job guess and I want to thank you get Jamal's oh dear thank you there was and considering here that we. Where we've all has some again and it's trusting another trying year for all in school and possibly more often take a month rest now we're going to be right thank you and yet death this we are just I. You know again I'm gonna say this to both you guys thank you for bringing me up more we schools paragon. Thank you man. Thanks guys aren't a million you guys a lot of it thank you for being remembered coming on board. It's a great time and you know. You guys got me involved so much the east Coast Guard Kyle must under the GPA and I just love where we guys that level as well on the mark I mean it. That's awesome but I got to give all you know little shuttle Cheryl re I had my first reading I was I was gonna ask you later we came back for brief but I don't I don't know I don't know we're gonna have to break our armed guards and I don't know. January to stay tuned for coming up some hot heads really better. For it was good for the Mac Denny's first release and tell. The guy upside down there and didn't know the PP eight normal course Marcus is PP it was there. Loren stopped by Brian just Ventrilo. Right primes there. I'm you know and end it and Marcus always book and stuff and a lot of people talk to me they're like on specifically asking like. Do you look familiar that type of thing well unlike all you have the dog is essential PP am like absolutely in the backyard. So it's amazing how people still see that even though we're only like. Yeah or syndicate now we know and we allowed three runs and stuff but yes it's amazing how people still recognize remember was from my. And down you know. PJ Allen I was treat to have mark knowledgeable you sell us books stand you can read your second focus there and how was there which results for sale right Sosa screams louder yes it is. Can get an ankle was paid seven hits and bypass. Or Dodi Delhi insists the road they don't have I'll tell you what. Great time it was nice cash can't say enough I don't know other words to say there was so much the same bomb. I mean it's and what do what do you think I mean do you or some other areas that we had people confront another zombie. The zombie team I can packets Pakistan. Pakistan Pakistani Jersey you're right some New Jersey solace that the Saudi response team there and our other two dollars and and I guess one of the shelty user call pleaser but Richard cowboys are shelter slogans on the order of AS. And I'm they were there last year and this and this is there for sure should they took on the posters because. Other husband wife team now and you of course are dogs and this is on the first Paris concert actually did together. And I they don't you think you in my particular poster knows a little story of a house first of course try again mark posters and you know it was it was such it was so nice to talk yes so great to talk to them and to hear their aspect and then bring them. Pounded into the pair content in just the the great. Kudos if you gave Allison. On what we did it's it's good here's just we're hosting secure always nervous about you are you doing right by your vendors in your team's and engine you know even your. Junior you your eye. The people are coming in to see these people yeah I think anyone our show is doing right now tell anyone I'm. No we just have one or two complaints but people whom we we had and now New York. The other we put on the paper didn't have the fact you're charging ten dollars. So yeah that's one of the things where it's a growing pain and we're learning they're gonna you're learned yet excesses and alert all generally those people than just there's not an antenna by it was just somebody in my December's draw. Evolving and absolutely. What public Troy what although Sam Mays suffered all the smaller in size in that poll we did a native American home school history to some stuff for Greg got to talk to as well let's just that. On the victorians love you right before that and just a beautiful especially. The the buffalo although we have here it's all about I guess if anybody is familiar with within American he. And it actually Apache buffalo boy this is meant to be shot from horseback. It was a natural working Boehner. On the price is right around three hour pilot sounds kind of Stiefel Tyson have conquered Kopper his skin exactly there's a conference skin both. On the actual lump it because there's an American US do that obviously. Com but it was just I mean 45 pound pull on it as an actual working vote you can literally take this re curve ball. And uses for hunting now today. Zero archer Susan Wright is a working ball and I can't stress that enough like you know so if you wanna that you don't all the retired the side of the Christmas time and I ran the Santa is listening I would love to have a hot hot love to have on the mantle. Com I'll tell you what if it was just it was gorgeous and to see the the beating on the fence and had guess I don't softened in the draft analyst how does he use tiny beyond those innocent intricate they're so small. And if any in the key he'll do like the -- different designs and it's just it's amazing to me amazing cuts are a degree of the dream catcher that my wife's farm for ready my son Mike is beautiful. I mean Q is she has I mean I look at those lives everything he had done up and everything there is. Everything is nice and its stable and those lies are all summer and they're all unique one of the kind you're not gonna find this anywhere and any sporting news story gushed I mean no no and they wanted hand in hand crafted there's no stamped in the meantime there draft would apparently like that this is. American made by my new hands in. If you want the authentic thing you deftly out of control drug senator bring one of those lives as well. Right and actually that's a sign up you know I just realize we have a caller line we invited Abu Nablus and Cheryl. But we were gonna take a break before he turned we'll be right back. Hey it's Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand teams during your back. Are you comfortable in your body like your possessed with somebody else's storming and suffering or you don't need an exercise regularly chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body remembering chiropractic. 569 pierce street Kingston PA take them out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and PIX on the end we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. All right welcome back he's just there are multi pass. Just as good I know it is all this licenses segment tonight generals like the rest are changing munitions are not enough soldiers pulled compact car from a solid marks the most American term science and money and I don't want further ado blues and Jones sure oh welcome to the show and welcome sure. Call anybody made mention any do are you tired and sad really paying that high you resting. I and so resting get a lesson and it's good. Always live such a fantastic day care is thank you all you put on such an amazing look bad farm thank you immediately and my pleasure that you need gay guys really make it joy for the vendors to be there. I was also calling that I wanted to get a shot actually gave Auburn because it's quite an amazing woman. Handed. I was very honored that she learned to get a reading with yesterday so I just want to say hi Jane thanks for coming out mess. I really enjoy their time together yesterday for sure what a beautiful souls Jim. So fantastic. Absolutely amazing woman. He had educated I felt truly blessed to be able to give her reading yesterday. Just think that thank you for doing its own thing thank you for showing up for a you know for for for do what you do and then as you know I actually respect mom when do. Com but thank you for being. A participant discussed her town. Com what what would you think that he what did you think the energy work out how to what did you think did you did you enjoy it did you deal because I did the. I had you really didn't the second area around and I just had such an amazing guy. You know we get there early in the morning as well for me anyway I said I'm happy to her behavior. And you know everybody shares armed and ready to go and mouth. ED TV crew is just right there answering questions shown people where they need to be. You know how that targets that have been organized churn. Try to crowd. You know I definitely want to end. Same Italian means that served general crowd control for me yesterday. Hi again so busy. And it is they can be difficult I know a lot of people awaiting an eight. If anybody tried to get him for reading with me yesterday in credit and I apologized. Because I I was incredibly busy. So hey you know I'm no where to find the entry I think you can get a reading Eric thank you don't have to wait till next year do you see why how how does fine just do so I don't know. I conductor called all fall because I've been preaching those 50000. Once you. As far as making tiny energy supply in case folks spirit messages by Charlayne and then. I'm I'm all over the place. Wasserman and abortions or worsen and and don't know remembers those and her nose in the rookie challenge upon com our FaceBook page East Coast are come. And I'm sure there's no really I was send a private message of mortgage insurance information. Oh OK guy thank you so much thank you Cheryl thank you. So there. I'm here okay guys I thought seriously and daughter I heard a click and I was about to log up or get notoriety hang in on doing good to with the phones assert. I know it anyway I don't know about me. At I have to say you know those are some do socially. Especially on the phone Paula thank you I need a lot of Reading stuff too but you just as well as this pretty much every one of our vendors and guess since he's. One thing we pride ourselves on discussed her Condit is is is the personal touch. And I know we don't even when you want to Marines from one's own content just talk to you. Tom Fallon Jennie when you were near midnight had a couple comments on how how my assured she just talked to. And I want to thank you and the rest of her while some event usually teams. That's a huge plus for us and makes us feel good for hosting because you know what. To have their personal touch to be so long to come often and talked. One of the he says sure one or the team members from UC PC you know we're in the sound like the one I was actually a star she he came in from New York music. I simply don't talk into do you think the guy I want that one we just found the singer said. Why why wouldn't you like yeah because I don't get any national but he made me feel good is that where else do you go. They can actually talk to. One of the people found it sounds like you know what yeah like I should we feel good you are and understand I'm for all day you know he's a help novice level we're talking to people. And down. I never looked at from the other side and and and it actually should feel good that's a personal touch it may Chicago. I gotta say I'm on the receiving end that personal touch they can't because I feel exactly the same CL and hon man talking to. You know it's cold Turkey thought at a bears. You know they come get readings or whatever uncommon when there's again from council wants something item being introduced later Tancredo is. You know is that all these other vendors managed gave that are fantastic to talk to him. You know Ali you know paranormal teams inside the meaning it's it's kind of almost like camp even. A couple of Leo yeah the way up put it. It's it's it's for all the colonel people gatherings I. It's. April head down take your name that we can really really great time then I'll tell you want them. This vision that it is like family analogic let go back and want to play you know you know me and I come in later in the early stuff but you know in the end after things whenever we went. For the most part of the new zone out and immorality grill on the one place we'll have some dinner together after Hillary times. It was Palin's family atmosphere and I thank her for for being in the hundred wants to see. I mean our FaceBook page got got. Bombarded if you will went with pitchers. And I have nothing that's a bad thing I don't resolution and again and had to give huge shout out to you Jeff Wallace for doing and that's how did you longer. Com those guys just just know mills with that I'll tell you what that you got to see the fun and we have really messy all people's awesome yesterday flew by to it did do that. It was on a talking duck but avoid another hour getting misty we thought. Thought that the the fight I think we're all feeling it but. Yes it was a good way were you doing that campaign. Or entire sort of a partial partial particularly three breaks in from home like all the mega millionaire but I didn't expect anyway and I'm really hit it towards our she's walking on how much is this your third pretty fun I don't know. Move your way in del sol rid of the death death death. So UK insurer earlier there was wondering who that psyche in the window wasn't sure yeah. I think that's yeah. Oh million I don't worry whether phones everybody did you get a better reading to kids. Can't InfoCard ancient mariners finished all but that's actually doing that to try to get everybody some privacy and and as you know make sure everybody was comfortable I think I think they managed to do okay. All yeah you do it I gotta say that firsthand. Experience I know was very comfortable absolutely. Absolutely it was all sand. I'm glad thank you solid guys here. Thank you social call ensure we appreciate that. I think family guy's name again can't wait sonics here this next year definitely. 20/20 sorry you know me and before you IS role hold your chart OK great aren't thank you. They tell you okay good night. Connect plus Tony you know issue that you brought from Virginia and you know being Virginia Jeff Camille. Joy and if they all came in Tom. From from New York knowing that I in the city area there you're so I mean it takes more login here and in no amber when they do. When they also work and I'll tell you that they do great they really do death insists this is good energies good people. It's just awesome and. People are coming there and just coming tell me how spot on all of our psychics were. Beyond that again you know and I know I have for you guys I say this guy makes us feel good I love to definitely. I'd love to hear that. We know what surprised me one of the vendors. Came to me and since you guys the only true Perry county Pennsylvania. Nor should we can't be as it is you know other pair can sit down and we Ben welcome Craig and he said that this person said. No you're troop Erica and you cover all the different ranges from the psychic sacred dissolved as she will fall just. The whole life we don't gloat now have a spooky old building where we have co sponsor is he like we maintained a and educate them and educational atmosphere and up and up and up a more upscale atmosphere it to a talent right now he has a I think alma easily order this com give everybody a taste of something different although that's just that you don't answer Los Angeles to this they said that. We're not just it was a shoe on the one losers it's an out of it was a do you say we want our vendors are one of the vin just told me OK now we had we have one of our around. More Comcast customer I guess who's normally you patron there on patient's death. I have talked to me and then you know he we talk shall be shook my hand thank you don't listen. He goes on because what I like about this is you sometimes you go to that the panel content zeros and just all about ghosts things like although I'm interest and that he was you have something for everybody here. Don't you talk about the spray is known for from her repulsion I'm essentials who's talking about. The rock from background jewelry and then of those guys are awesome and you just play the what three tables every year every year as tables and there's a whole lot right I mean the three tales are packet stuff on the walls in that picture they they use for every inch they have their times they bring it. And also you want it it he may we take a step back so it's sort of what you're saying stance like. He's he's running it and I'm glad that we did that because that was what we were looking for but from the people notice that that's if you score it. And so on no causal apparent con brash American on this is for holistic its first it was wrong you have fallen since phrase cents. Everything appears on the people walking by would ask me what is this what exactly as I mean I go and Antonio we have psychic medium is innocent or when they're you know we have to put those all use we have do you fall just. You know in the native American Troy in there were his stuff. That is just I'm going on and on they're looking at and I handled one of the EC PC pamphlets and read it in. If they were dual subs and also that you know what I had a friend I'm gonna come back with that person come back later and your commitment I'm like EF three storefront space we have. Information in there I mean. Just scored crucial won't have to share with the Scrooge with the Jerry Recco with a three different non storefronts in December 10. The 1710171000. Feet and I mean we drew third flashed your handles punt the first hour set up and a mash is still amazed I. And I appreciate it but it's like. You don't really 70000 square feet that's a lot of stuff that's a lot of new a lot of vendors Lotta Lotta Lotta mom. Few teams it's a two story house. It's pretty right right now I get a real surprise you have to do this and for being involved a lot of the stuff for years into his bear comes in don't know the pair turns out. It never fails that something new comes up that I never heard of and I was six remembered the name of it other than it's a little bigfoot you remembered all you have those gentlemen that came after several Friday night when you're out there and to me I can't remember the name of it it's a German type a name. I spoke to some great and I was so nice yes it was such good guys dashing gays my daughter still in the different. 13. Just like yelled cover wherever you pull lost she colored. Yeah its bombs. I'm trying to think bigfoot Sicily about three foot tall he supposedly it's more aggressive very aggressive. And so we don't Elin found no link testers somewhere that area right I can push out if anybody knows we're talking amount. Com I saw an impassioned few times and it won't during the prior kind of wears pretty busy you know doors don't Bryant and but through Friday night when I got to speak with them great guys this is their first time here. And my solid. And he returned yeah so that's that's that's awesome. Some have a happen that's him on the note guys we will live call online outstanding. Bob Hope we'll show. Hello all of a glorious church and how's everything and Bob Bob shortly isn't John Hughes former. While our speakers and a lot of posters and and Bob I want to thank you before you start thank you for everything your normal man and I appreciate we did fan club. All right guys I enjoyed myself. In spite of the fact that the big TV wouldn't work. That's an area they think they are probably about a different computer in a different team this year. And I still couldn't get good deed were done last year I was able to within in the second presentations zips. Anyway even with this slow computer screens. A lot of people came to who enjoy beautiful. Discussion and actually went. How rock and roll. I didn't whisper supplements UFO's but this time Maria and I I guess I could maybe it. He talked about like the difference. Spirit of humanity so to speak I keep open its way back to. You know Longoria and the legend and in Atlanta is a legend and yet we don't find people love it here. And the reason for that is because it would in this sort of a different frequency even though it was on the air that was in the difference. Very great and what we are. Employment and about how we're Dubai breaking news now. He's about to shift into fifth dimensional reality. And I was explaining how the rock and rollers and what's shown us that even though we didn't know that that's what they were showing up at the right. Yeah you know you I tell you I was impressed him that I love the part that I wish I was able to sit and unfortunately overall the trick my head cut off but I'm never tell you seem anyway it was not a silly a busy but. I couldn't be a mentor our patients suffer because they have to Tarzan and go to go somewhere so what's popular and I never want to be her so it was also the time I try to take the time within individual. You know. Slow unless they can live a participant I I really enjoyed. You have some people from media from the inner peace but good and it wasn't Carol but from other psychics and that there were two women and one was reading you are assuming there was. Telling the people behind. People that receipt of this thing there's somebody behind you on your left side of you know they still going to be your grandfather or something if that's what's fascinating. And the benefit of having the crowd of people were. Very pleasant and nice yeah I enjoyed it was good company had a good vibrations of the dimensions very positive. I'm good I'm glad thank thank thank you for that how we appreciate that I any feedback. This is is good feedback guys and we were all within an Indian thank you for that. And I think that's true love easy marks the presentation that was pretty good too that he was talking about ten. Basically telling them how little we believe create wealth around it's an interesting discussion. Right now manifest itself it once I heard her Lulu that also Novell's I was very good discussion. Yes I want to thank you very much do you make your. Yeah thanks Bob this is so fundamental to it. You'll lose and John. Fossils take a break and I'm not doing it because you know we have Jane online all that's awesome let's go Jane I can't gobble us and good evening ma'am I'm. I thank you guys. Yeah I was married at the film room don't need anybody. Oh thank you thank you very much. It kind of get a bad you can bet. Yeah. That's on sale and it was a pleasure it is truly a pleasure. And then I'll enjoy my heart is warmer for me you truly is hustling and not sit and yeah I feel like I can remember. Okay thank you I can tell you the same right now and so I'm I'm just a breath of fresh share in the media know when you all we overcame her it was it was very it made my day man Wright says yeah. Both he and I had that I can. I think we've been thank god heard your voice someplace else before us who remember and the videos before. So we can we worry we've been on Modano while Daschle I totally clear is not yet. Yes but I bet I think I've been good thank you for a couple of years now and that's a good and we thank you I thank you so much I thought well. Yeah I'm in Atlanta and then add the bed and my oldest friend for getting me about you know that dump pass because I love it. That's good not very. I I I and it. I have my and that could be in Libya and deadly boring and so I I got in front would have put the pin and almost ten and then and in science and everything stated if it. It's unbelievable. Just unbelievable. I'll take continuous news signed Q you don't today tell for a new associated queen Mary out there. Pop pop pop pop I know I don't think anybody out there. Is Jim I would blame if you do is definitely didn't desktop I've heard I've heard many Michelle about the queen Mary. And that oh my god I don't think they wanted to go there's. Yeah. Tough tough tough tough tough but just think if you went there you can Colleen and I. We are doing everything that certainly noticed the kids if it couldn't be glued creepy. How I size Johnson laughs I just from mean I know you can't really beautiful personality. Well I don't I don't count nick nick maybe you could do it appeared as all right how they could pick. He had no I'm sure Mary what what war are you my. Well I won't kill. Or to thank you yes and thanks for your service because I could remember I was talking to sell or value. And dumb now saying you wouldn't you are in a war but I could not remember what won it in and thank you for clarifying that I'll I'll never forget that again calm ocean I don't. Well I was I was twenty years old and the day after my twentieth I think I was an affront to Philadelphia they endure enlist and good golf and I'm glad that if I primate. Could you imagine that twenty are heading towards your mother father thank preempt. How awful fast talk a that's OK I'll tell you can say that. That was and they know odds for sure Austin thank you so much and thank you know thank you Brian thank Helio was fabulous all you're very welcome and thank you hot day you'll thank you. You know my okay thank you new stars here truly passionate very much I don't I have no I'm from the and the radio. All right very hey hey thank you we'll see you soon and ten signing up everybody thank you god bless bad. In my. On man I. That was great thank you for calling in my dad Doug thank thank you so much I was histories about our lady hit my my eyes are no longer drive let's first. Policy guy. But I'm I'll tell you it's it's not just to hear that the Eugene Colin and I mean for us to. Did they say if you touch one person in the world do you make you dance from. She's only touch me and just as much faster time seems to be like that would everybody's a price friendly ladies. Also very warm hearted woman yes yes she is this mission is also we're gonna take a break and we back. Randy can. This controversy. As some listeners are spontaneous enlightenment they in turn. Welcome back. It's an animal science. Our hearts I think I'm so hot so flabbergasted multi multi engine you know I I once commercial on every week a couple of my mom so now let's talk about your experience. All right Brad thought. Charles great as we all know as well as we know France ever anyone an ulcer because Honduran definitely knows I'm all eventually. She arrived yesterday and yelled she's fond of Iraq. Well I finally gave in I'm into on this girl for well over a year now she's gonna do my first tree right I gave him. And you know I got on a list because the lows in the Landis and I did have yet to get analyst there's usually like it is and I'll tell you what stand if your daughter. If she didn't drop off the list I would never gotten down my reading but I'm surprised she did Susan Ford really more actually bribed or not. And I don't know I don't know I Haley just read the Internet you're centrist ones you can drop yourself off unless I'm getting in there before the end. Let me tell you a you know I went in there and Cheryl there's a true professional. And I'd just say it would it was awesome. Some of us thought she told me was like while. I mean she really wanting. Got to bring robot but my dad. And I even dropped on him today when as when the sectional for these are. Well for what you and me would you think that means that I might call it you know what it means that now my dad had you know little. Problem there couple rational everything and a few stop smoking. Well. Are showing respect enough that is after his father my grandfather was not pleased and just should probably is. She got I can't remember word for word verbatim but it was basically that my grandfather was open heaven was not pleased. Because he's on the path that's gonna take money your real quick flight stole my father he's like well we'll. You know it kind of sent back to bring data symbolism. These people have a gift they know things that I introduce and failure it would okay into mosquito shells lobbed meal and gave me a little Aussie closure maybe on another. Another incident there wouldn't be all revolve my my grandmother and everything but you know thank you for surely mean me at ease and you know put out the stuff she told me that the Joshi told me. And I thought anybody goes ensuring. I I was impressed I mean. The time flew by a mean. Kelly my wife she was mad because she wanted to get their but I are noble fire start. I enjoy it out here but yeah Falwell. It was quality time flew by me is just so much information schori had for me to deliver it to me and it was great I mean I was flabbergasted. I'm. I was who wasn't great so I have seen assumption you can turn off your first three even though you were probably skeptical prior left. What little antennae was or is due now. While my mind is open big time in Iowa it because you you wanting wanting more right BMI it's if if there really is it's almost like that. It is this is his second test to know what you want you can't stop it systems. It's like what you don't want reading you're always searching for the next stand surely don't don't go to bed longer rings hey how. You're more reason don't have to I'm still waiting for your first true reading RTI heads psychic tells me that you don't just addressing. To make quick reading things like that price but I never sat down and had a real reading yet grilling that now realize that I never really sat. See I thought I was just like the odd ball in the group. I actually for so we just simply didn't fit and I know I mean have been around psychics and they tell me you a lot of different things but I never sat down specifically never reading. Now we know we just pass like progression clearly heard that was never finished no doubt will be someday mark my worries that will be extended to say merry Baird's and we'll civilian delighted. Yet even drummers shouldn't we do like come if we do yeah. You don't mail it do we know him you're gonna get together we're work. Your ability to do then my career I mean like an hour and where. We can do stand usually don't need our regression and I'll look she's unless there's a listen if you do it's tough problem is Joan. To do differently now repressions and assassins they yelled was like oh that's OK okay. Up up up it's a really Kaman to do it up com how how much does not. I'll tell you I know what I'm that was like if we do that maybe she can I'm really a small crowd maybe she figures she can do that we'll talk her of course but yeah. But I'm not a movie thousands of good what do you definitely hum. But it's bad if it enhances its almost called myself Scott Weaver and open film. Me and my dad passed the stuff and I had com complex the most talked to mom most for friends for a couple we're we're just no mere acquaintances. As some of the personal details they told me. That's what makes you. These are things that these people would never know and we don't they weren't in the area at the time on the one do you know my father at all. Chaos so that's like Shaquille is just amazing and when you when you hear that. Anybody else I assure you that that's you know 'cause I was I was not a believer and that truly made me. The best seal that desolate police had to move leaves you wanting more fit into play did and I mean I won't just from our. Job experiences from he'll be along of course they make every little. Closed off so to say absolutely not a bad way but you know I. Trust was there. It still is no that cost right yeah I don't know I was three years Dona and OK you know at surely such nice down to earth person and that from the first time I met her and you know just being around her might come. Now my wife has had a greetings and she's always gonna get we get them on for so. I like OK yes surely you can do my reading and have a center for sometime now and probably as long as I don't woman from the first half of finally gave in and it wasn't that he gave and it's sad I was ready in my I want to man right leisure time yet NN Shura was there in my book albeit with. Here again my reading and today and tonight girls more than happy to do reforming. I can't thank her enough for and I just said though I mean the information just keeps coming. As I could not leave much time how quick one body and radios and Osama two fingers and Kelly was given me a whole must stop because iPod both looks I have an automatic machine is behind me on the list. And I it was good though I mean there really was. Hi I am. I can't say enough arm. I'm sure you knew what can we never do whoever usually ask each other personal things you know for preachers who shared the swamping your chances to turn things. Then dumb you all share one thing now the pressure of the do ushers to my cash across country. And down my guys come through during this can of course is before my mom passed and this is not my loss in November October November of last year. Com. And she told me. She's like you're dead basically in no uncertain terms I guess a new prepare you know your moms grandmas are due to announce they want. Com I must all those years now February 3. And as much as I do wanna hear that there's also meant for me here because Kim Cheryl and most psychics will month. Culture such as well not tell you things that they're not allowed to tell even though they may know what they don't they can't do that so log ship permission option permission to tell me that. However personal luxury gaming gear tire parenting but you know. And I'll never forget how that felt it was almost like. Do you ever wanna hear that you never want us to feel that. What did flood of emotion that comes through. And then it's almost like it's almost like it really wasn't true blessing because you know what it put me in some type of mindset. Where our new number one there's another side never to my dad all Wally was over here I was to carry my mom so I knew. If you just confirmed then by all means is you take care regardless. So that in itself just like just just just touch you where you're really truly can't explain. And down. You know it when you go through that. And you feel that emotion it's it's almost fun remarkable you really can't truly explain that yes when you feel it you'll know it and down. I know mom and dad were there yesterday all passed along through there and now tell me. I believe that and and I think they're proud of what we're doing in and there's no doubt in my mind and it just makes me feel better than that. When they're over there that they're looking down upon us and there's still. Pistol items on our lives isn't just awesome. The salsa. Hey you know it's just they're always there when this friend to me. Charest the other mediums so they're barrel helping us by reminding us know that they store there was a result I forget that confirmation that there is still there I mean that there's a very calming. I comforting. And you know I very recommend a very I mean a lot of people come to me all you believe that's on offense like you know what yeah I do. I mean I can't explain it but to me it's a gift train. That's faster says that's exactly and they're gift is helping us get. An arm and then you know sometimes that we'll tell you Tucson just helping us it's helping others on the other side Arnold balls and and the fire him because they they feel better. All around helping us now they feel a connection that they are the conduit between those Memphis point and then and we can't thank you don't know if that's how many investigations do we go out and it's a loved one or someone you say and trying to make contact with someone here yeah. Right now the so he didn't have a message for him just to make contacts say hey I'm still here don't forget about me that's right I'm still here for you pass that's pretty much the message. And I mean they help them all the time soon and we'll tell you all being known for going to be yanks they do love it and you guys term under was Gettysburg mean. Sure already have a health stalled several of the shell solar downturn in the come across to Armenia and hey it's it's she's open so many people who are covering psychics and everything it's it's a great. Great what they're doing this it's insists it's such a phenomenal. No more her highlight. Wu within the biggest the biggest highlight Muster because really get a reading I know I didn't actually reading that that was my yeah. I thought I saw how fast that guys in and out out out out on a highly was. Console moving around I think I spoke to every day and do their spent a little retirement each one and it just seemed like. Everytime I sent out I just called the market Tommy come in fact some want to thank you buy your book. You know right yeah I mean I was constantly moving. It was just only cancel reply no I called you one time about the forces when he told me she's like. Actually pressure did you feel like I'm sergeant can you sign this Alexis I McElroy Sami I don't because I really had to sign Manila noticed when William isn't that stand you can host announced plans also because our luxury worth the time because we are all over. But I'm you know she she was just so she's from the area of interest so excited to see the fact that. The risk of hers upriver like a local boy writing about you know locals who won't myself I was like just stand like Derek. Oh my god I'm getting cover got out there nonetheless spokeswoman real name is on this book. I had so many people I had people from California trying to find me in the name is John Stanley. Right and I'm not actually. Newsweek magazine. So you're an alias so we're aware of the couldn't find me they couldn't know how they can understand if ever really. Don't really know that's right so look as good a snob now you're more. You're more definable thank you see he's just a bit easier my finals and these words are responsible must find any you don't need to go that. Before we run out of time here yes we do have a bus trip coming up. We do. We didn't. Santorum of the north to New York City remember that show. I durable New York December 17 you should percent Latino and holiday but they don't realize every time and here is our third annual triples New York City still looking for the Christmas spirit. Mom play on words there. It no ghost hunting nothing paranormal strictly off the holiday trip hug friends and family have a good time before the holiday arrives soon don't touch the tree will be lit. So I'm gonna be there when trees lose it's it's a thousand times a week before Christmas is your last chance to get some nice gifts out there that it was us canal street savings as John. If that's theft and they may be just may be reaching. We get a lolly agent. Pray all you see there are attributed its trip we have always beacon of walling. Miles Wallace was there a these these these so you can enjoy themselves personally don't I don't want to talk to realize there are they got Judy I said that yes. The shooting these Simon they. They actually made it apparent compound in DCCC popped pretty tasty and isn't that labor was flavor was cheery in key lime. That I know that may not sound palpable blueberries sums it was delicious and had little political center did did did put ghost a mobile pumpkins sprinkles north and then I'm sorry no ghosts and that's I think there's something a little sprinkles or something you know. And lives it was a little volatile time it was definitely especially good time. Tennis for a great cause with those lollipops Haas cars and Alison I don't see this all the time but. Yeah it was it's. I don't know if that's it for being homemade the last so long they do. Like I couldn't. You know microwave on what I know how much am I cannot believe my mom balls not up I was in the road racing always did you lose the money you're making these things lessen our. It's obvious factors during the time people play more they taste great but they just lastly keep Golan. My daughter is almost double faced with those laws are on the sale of the common man who is loving you always want. I hear our music side again. I just want to thank everybody for coming out I'll look forward to it goes hunting tomorrow please China next year. I'm listen to a storm of space coast Erica Docomo and keep you updated in crusher coming up. I want to thank everybody I'm Joseph Hough a sense search semi Ed Mack daddy Mac very comforting to keep the faith and sleep tight.