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9-18-16 Paranormal Science

Sep 30, 2016|

Preview of East Coast Para Con on Saturday, September 24th

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Science. And yeah. Good evening local official journal science on Joseph on. I'm sensor. Tom and Mac daddy Mac-Gray and killing them OK okay. It's just from the dramatic positive way and see who go first and I don't I was I was improper those Diego's nice in addition there. But it was a freezer door though you don't know you don't like Cornish others want do you go back I'm I'm. I'm not so far we got on the area that's right concerns all we're here we're all here. So bomb. Poor or DC PCs I've taken on the show and I wanna say pray and growing is we're just we're here were having a good time it's. This Friday he has this Friday is is is EC PC 2016 our second annual on. His real job you want nothing in there before we get into this I like it was a mother happy birthday. If gestures she's 39 years old this past slew. We'll see Wednesday. Really happy very happy birthday tax burden at the moment there I carry very good in a holding every year 39 Myrna and home Thursday there is it was a particularly standing. Awesome happy birthday is Saturday jump Saturday the licensee Friday. Also trying to fit eat and I know quite a soda and I don't I was wrong wrong. I was only by prosecutors talking about them and be up there trying for everything you can't say enough stuff but that's my value right tell the sudden it's anxiousness because the awesome. TC PC is upon us I can't wait I'm excited yes I I became fast disk they did and I'm quick in the normal things. I'll just talking about this Jessica trying to destroy your so cited strength came upon us and I'm just not fair I. I don't know what seems like just Jesse were like don't want to plan next years we had our little yeah I think you know but here is here. But under the good thing is we actually you ransom call and so I know some of the vendors and some teams in the people and I are going to be easy PC so. Com I'm I'm curious to hear them say if there you know. There in the room there and on course with a substantial surmount similarly mail wanna be hey listen you got that not only do they say that's right so that's a that's a huge plus. Fun. Is that what we have a we have a full schedule though when we have a full schedule we have what good at least a dozen psychics. Compared to last year also so I mean anybody is looking to have their voter cards read. Any type readings and all. You want you crystal just always. Anything you know it's that it's there it's available for effect so I I don't fortunately I'm Mary Barrett found the one that did you are found. That's how I play expression is it's not going to be there on abortion has samarra families to examine problems and she's going on the she's gotten financially make it out here and but I haven't factor yet but I'm sure is at least and she's around we will do it to you live on the air were finishing up I'm sure she even when not a problem from an usher. Russia actually put a nice long post upon estimates from our FaceBook about companies whose parent can't say I'm fortunate she wouldn't be there and I was very nice international pressure on us I'm sure the best from her her for personal stuff going on enough to help sell the phone contrast her to do that. Com I'm normally I'm Bob shortstop who sometimes I know he is. And but those Summers at all it's it's okay well I'm. Owners to being. Bob loosened favre's gonna be there's been talk and a whole bunch of stuff the bugs and it's 6 o'clock. UFO's and other things absolutely. Absolutely so I don't that's a good thing he's Australia I don't care and they says. I listened and heard a month straight I love the whole Beatles sleaze does such a knowledgeable in. Then he feels he is he is he knows his stuff. And Don Leyland doesn't say ExxonMobil B Hussein but it was there last year of course to soon have them but. I'm a finisher we will resume has programmers we have people come off we do know the psychic readings it's also afford. I'm. Bob do. Say anything grabber for as a whole specialized settles back in the day. I was out tonight memo that feels like and into what I love about NC he sold literally passionate about what he's talking about the only area wheels. And and I mean disrespect I mean not like I should appreciate that yeah he's into you can tell you right out you can tell us how people's right into it is zip and I know he says he's going to be talking about that at the the pair console. Oh yeah she might I might disappear for a half hour reverse is talking because I slaughter televisions Oilers will be different. Or anybody knows that we and on the show talking about it and I got so endeavor met nightstand rear view was just this is so much information I didn't know what with The Beatles and everything else and that's just a bit in the lake. We got a couple calls and emails are for my mom's on the like we really could fall mall all I could home and I either because Bob knows he's talking about and sometimes she gets. Arm I was out on a tangent in any disrespectful way but I don't know he's he's so focused. On the restart and people don't necessarily know the background history you're heard him speak before. Kind of get lost in the shuffle so long mirror I asked them out no news is true backup again and if you just start with. With the roots of it just kind of lay that foundation Nostradamus or shall know some next time if when he does come on and these are six and upon one. Don't sector the other but he'll he'll know people go fall but. How multi album cover me when he was here news describing the album cover to a like all the pictures meant everything that I. Once he explained as I am Mike Wallace right they're great for your face and didn't just pick and I'll tell every time I saw somehow cover my guys off flowers like rose somebody's drawn a couple important people he knows my stuff so my psychedelic colors are so I saw yeah. So that's I think that when somebody actually just ciphers before you it was I want me. That night there there's a lot of information. Absolutely okay who's this guy's gonna be their we get market price you don't. We know this hour trying. They gave him some better software yes. Yeah there was doing his book signing of this book doesn't have a radio show some book out those don't think. NN news or some kind of investigative team somewhere. Ladies and he's supposed to be here and us he uses his hillside off by. Don't work unfortunately Marco title but yeah I mean of course you know we're joking the market don't want mean. That's where this for the show got to see it started from was Markkanen in you know mark person doing the director and founder of the PP and just get evolving yet and he just he he made a great name for himself and that's but that's fantastic to glorious. Also mark it and I know PP is going to be there are no mark we are doing that hello useful for sale. Pope John Stanley guide to peaceful street right. Check all and we will be there he will feel very elusive. He's loose he's hard to find him here this account to face with the name. We hit right pray tell me like an AKA helped put it that way and I had a second book may just be out in time for the pair content I only. He also does a second book I believe because it's us the screams louder and it's it's at the printer now. Outstanding pin. Was scheduled to be shipping on the 23 it. Overnight there might be some more often might make it there might be saw Ryan had been also autograph she could Shapiro is done pretty it's gonna right now some pruning is going two binding. I'll release us that's great parallel. Summit wrapped up her kind you see the books just asked for John Stanley you may get a face to face them. Speaking of that also you don't want. I think hormone make an appearance on wash the homer was homered and holes around. You might know where homer. Elmer is missing I want it I thought he doing that for tonight I couldn't find them really pesticide control and our elders and I eight Masako and no we're you have to. To say homer. Yeah would you lover from my sister when brother lives and sons and I answer that's Elmhurst and brother. I Obey their Friday. Australia. A total make if there's one very the other the F a dragon there homer try to Elmer sad and yeah there. Oh isn't there something else here that has the essence our pocket that's going to be sold there you know what I. I heard that I've heard that. I haven't tried product personals phenomenal non gosh Jody of course. Phone system are not are your group from the front Marcia Mara composed of I don't know central wounds Shia Shia leader Xian. And I had the honor. I am anymore nurseries and as you guys know I I think it's also not just just stand after remote can even before New Zealand bear my name I loved it. And it's just it's just. It's Jessica's pretty Gloria and I and put it nicely all the only guy really is I mean. And all the other sprees and essential self she has a machine you know. My guys just she is a couple full full plate that. Who suffer from that doctor stuff for everyone there is well you need maybe a stance and we have no I don't background and us. I'm back from gemstone. Going to be there so. It's there are written a lot of people so I remember the first color and outstanding was all right. Welcome to paranormal science Marin Jeff. Well. And thank him for the welcome reburied later and about every weekend I'm an uproar. Oh. Sure that it. Jeff I hear in the background there yeah right good marks from Dario English. I guess they were you're Jewish or not yeah I mean you can tell what we're we're very excited we're very hole for a opens we can kicks off with. Which I have no doubt will social albeit the awesome people we have. I'll come and so I mean not. You know what you're saying hello hello last year what was Jessica last year for the first one. I thought it would absolutely incredible last year was one of the key events of my life I mean my current Japan normal. It where its class seat should it have been beautiful atmosphere that mole is gorgeous at this really wonderful waiting. And the people that were invited out that I gave the paranormal groups. Should entertainment personalities. But most of all they quality of the human beings like Joseph Hough. Our ties and lyric she stayed there really cool kind quality professional people and it is just a place that. I would go to again and again that's like heard and I'm so excited that I can go with our shall we talk with me this weekend what do you think Jeff I don't know what I. Really enjoyed the creative people is still a variety of people that came through that weekend. And those are talking to everybody everybody had to. A story this year and we were certainly sharing our story this week to deal involving Christmas mar boat showed strong you'll be showing it again though this weekend coming up handle this sort of action. Yeah tackle mark stating it was a great time though not looking to repeat. Guys thank you so Loescher tire wars I I am truly humbled and I appreciate that I'm. But I will say this you know as much as we find these host Eric how we can do without without you guys truly mean. Can you talk about professionalism I mean it and the approach ability. You guys are simply of that interest and then and then and especially the three guys are so approachable and and so personal that someone. You know even my one cousin Johnny was comics if you talk to I don't talk tomorrow will then. And I he's talked to mom took to Chris last year. Just that the professionalism and the bow down to earth you guys are and so approachable and so personal issues that we want to thank you for for being man bringing that to our to our parents on how. Obsolete I try out out to Jon and Jon Pfeiffer whether the yeah Egypt is an element has been quiet so called Hewitt in the people that are there at guest but the people who commented and it's so cool they hear people different story though how. They got into it didn't care and armagh and why they're coming to the continent should give me. It's like forever they're people I correspondent lists on a daily basis on FaceBook and and see what they're doing their lives so that. Opportunity to create these shared meaningful. Emotional connection to an addition to that professional as beautiful child I wanna tell you that I mean that sincerely. Joseph really from. Thank you so much more true impressions I've I really do thank you. Story. That ratio women of the collier as wash and a lot of energy wise joins them to go back the bush faces a little one. All right I guess we'll see forgive myself if I hang up your more local call back from usher will try this. Stacy welcome there. I don't pay no real mostly East Coast or endeavors that low resource area. The internal finds out Maher just I just hung up on you as my apologies nonstop trying not to do that next time we call back. But I'm now so what's Olusegun somebody called in. Another rigid and ready. The East Coast to come this weekend where Macon all of our strange and now we have a lot to make sound. Help I hear that the hawks pretty slick really popular on the Syria helped bring enough. We're very. Negative things actually go. As a gallon dispensers around a lot. Yeah yeah. That's as somebody asked for the Irish open and now they don't know not a I just somebody asked me for the fire extinguisher size so I'm not sure she has done enough 120 by Andre I think this. So I understand your I appreciate colleagues and he just came off a love fossil writer you're something. Hit yet get to hit one in Allentown they just got home full awesome all local feed us. I don't know why actually went there as there was no hitter bullpen has actually yeah. That I actually got to pick you don't participate as a hitter instead I see the other side of the corner yeah yeah. That's awesome so stay slow Letterman nor your from William businesses and Andrew what you do. A complaint. And I'm an expert Pennsylvania is where my story is called certain post. And I can't making these I'm potential well. Both rates that are Ricky charged with energy and then they're also blessed by Shimon. The w.s. I have a lot of content and and I can't put into this strange. Now they were essential around PM. Jazeera get timeline you let them set and everything like to get the intensity there before you release them so the public for sale. Oh yeah how can because we have mission commandeered on that odd bit with the what every key and and god blessings and things like that but. I'm an essential oils they actually become more potent overtime. Has. And you can buy a bottle and then put the idling your jar. Relaxed got control. And sort of letting age a world that. This is my question has been asked as the others and how long do they last SARS and I know not really gay but okay. It brought to sharpen the bit Buffett flat. I'm they live I can't I have bottled that I kept the cheers says back to me because. We recommend they hear there's no preserve isn't it it's our natural. Flow. You know we don't want a pretty harsh chemicals that are anything like that in it too so you know it's good fair you know you are sometimes more. And that we just generally recommending here. Kind of effect cold dark storage that's a key there does pro NM EST. Keep your opinion and it yeah yeah. Others say I learned from on past experience. I was gonna die you know pushing on the issue entirely sure but I thought I knew I would not just okay I'm okay with that because up. Should that ignore if you don't make decision to learn so I had no idea of people I also in my in my vehicle of course with the heat the sun and everything else who just stuck. The national XEC Hastings listens to this this is some last as long narrow and yeah I had I had her all worried about it when in fact it was just my my fault because of course she knows exactly she's doing and I did not. That's what he's down to leave that's the profession this. Thing it's three days is all about. A breakdown in in heat and direct sunlight and things like that showed they don't have the currency and you know it's the same compound itself. Now in the event though if somebody did unfortunately do what Joseph did. Does shaman powers of that Wear off I mean from beyond his own. Some you know. Webb and the shaman the reiki I. It says states are actually designed this well when you shake up the crash told her thigh it's sort of like recharges. So that you know and they can use it until you get another bottle from me with the correct sent by JoAnne didn't. Right sorry gals is just about right now I not a citizen unless you know math and so there we have guys are. It's a very interesting question because I really don't know that much about what exactly is an essential oils they go. Attention and oil is the epicenter of the other preempt. I'm read says norsk something like that it's a less potent part. He knows at a plant or. Something like that bet I'm appealing and beneficial powers. Not hours but properties properties yelling and beneficial properties. I'm so essentially told. And we really helping and sharing and treat. Different ailments and things like that. Which you have. It's certain stories that do that correct. But I might have won the called falling empire. It is my best seller by far when I go to. Like us a pair of condolence some kind of and then we'll make 45 bottle them within three hours we are sold out. It's all on the bring in the senate could look at. I actually combine to form myself I have that aren't immune disease. I'm not going off my organs. And things like that and I have a lot of rheumatoid arthritis pain. And have a mansion and recklessly exit from Durham. I'm so I actually formulated for myself and I'm like oh my gosh this stuff really work. I prefer now playing you know people are IKEA yeah aware that her you know. I kinda thing and then they try and they're like oh my gosh it's almost a mind screaming. But in my MIA yeah and I look at that act like you don't really help my shoulder you know things like that. So. Be we can't even keep up with making that thing has. But that's that's. I bet she's Taliban front. It really truly works and it naturally he's as much as you want. It's really great I think that is put my biggest critic you know wake. Shell man in his say you know what that's how this stuff isn't gonna work and he's just now has an Amish Grace Kelly. Thoughts and you'll mention daddy's from the use of Phnom men that he really is. On this day some indication we have to we have to take a break are you wanna hang tighter if you want to hang up we have a couple of callers. We'll take a break we'll bring back for a. Eight Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand demons during anger back. Are you comfortable in your own body like your possessed with somebody else is currently suffering you don't need an exercised regularly chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body remembered chiropractic school 569 pierce street Kingston PA take them out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end and we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. Randy can do. This controversy. As some listeners are spontaneous enlightenment they occurred. And I welcome back channel science we have. Police online Lisa welcome welcome Lisa. Think you how are you okay good local pound signs how we don't want it going pretty happy birthday to stand got a couple basically it's nice and also we are all very excited about coming up on Friday night and yet not been coming in on Saturday and all the wonderful people come here. All summer we're glad we're trying to hand count on somebody be part of this again well she does anything media speculate their courage you get right to feel good after that. Right. This is good because he hadn't ever had before and you don't look like you're looking cash you looked a little uncomfortable huh. I'm glad they were able to find some come. Oh no it was good yeah. I know you don't know Stanley Norma looks like that in your Shi why got. Doctor psychic ability Kaman and there's advantages you. Genetic if you look cute and so was Minnesota look there was a feeling and my cholesterol looking uncomfortable at times its arsenal and Bruce Willis my. For now we're on the social tell everybody who you are what you're gonna be do I thought these hosts back on Saturday. I'm thinking that they thought I am and the potential medium and psychic can basically what patents. Is laboring in information. Since getting new pieces of information that you can validate that I would have no other way of knowing. She ever tell you rebels mostly what's been going on in your life and great comedian. And if you like where it's going Q so much pat if you don't like where it's going where you step off the path and make different decisions. Or if there's someone who's Kathleen wanna connect with if they start going to bring you messages and information I share that was held. Live we'll tell you I won't go into my my personal shuffle and you knew little reading other first on the action if com I was standing outside that I wish it was inner peace and we went inner peace in the sense I never match before this army calling me and saying. You know reading down circulating is that it's and in some inflammatory UN and introduced after ending. Looking into extinction I was doing reading for you have to get a reading. My true true. And I appreciate not say what you you were you very good to respond and and I thank you for that and down if anybody's chances but you know this is definitely one not. You know once I used to go to rim has several there. And calm you know wanting I have to and its adherents say. That I'm very proud to be CPC's doing is that. The people we bring together. Are the ones we believe in and then and then the ones I have some type of arm when. Ability to them too to show that they do exactly know what they're doing it's no it's not a smoke and mirrors dog and pony you know the shell game is not of that here you know we we try to bring the real deal. And that's when things are very proud of myself and then the team UC PC to do that. And I want to thank my guys for all that. Thank you guys for for being a part of it. Think you're I think it's really create I've met some of the people who were there last year I know everybody that I met was very good didn't end very talented. And very capable and what I find is there are. People who can connect but not a typical. Trying. Expressing what it is that they're getting so sometimes. The people want a waiting list not a good feeling for the reading that they action and you don't get those kind of people at Berry DP PC and I think precious wonderful. I like being around people like that so thank you for creating an environment where people like asking come together. Well thank you know that's that's great to hear actions such as this being you know that's also umpire that's that makes us feel much much better thank you Lisa. Can't open and now we will see you try to. I can like I really don't I never got to make yes well thanks thanks for all we appreciate them. We'll see you finally some a couple of people they like to thank again our combined. Cheryl walk on the show. All right I guarantee me good how are you. Ground and that's Big Bang on the plane and I know or could this weekend if. Is look that's that's awesome and that's also my cash cash can't wait I cannot wait. To what I'm let me ask your question. Well my finger we don't. Sorry Eric that they'd notice and around spot and upper around the clock after. But especially you you were their last year all. How Iowa is how do you think he did anyway and what a volatile what's the feeling he got from recent piece. Oh my god it was such an incredible experience for me. But yeah thank first of all CA thread I mean I'm just an amazing event it raised. And really about being for trial unless vendors and I'm thanking her. For the public chills militias agree. Environments for them could be you know can be henin and walk and be able to have a conversation and click the end and I take an author Jenny. Directors and you know or something incredible. But I had no means think I'm last year I thought I'd be very busy so I and fortunately didn't get a whole lot of time to get and talk threat computer vendors because I just had. You know it's just one after another one after another coach and hopefully it without stand may have added an amazing time. He lives in a truce Katrina I mean it was it was just kept you know our retirement sold when fuel laden boom be right back to Cairo employee like I really just the opposite because there's no there's no restroom break you're like I know you saw. But that's different that's for sure it was one of the window yeah they Alessio. I wanted to sort of how much for the Sunday in the window again. Yeah. But on the hot seat and I'm right exactly exactly and I am. I think that should mourn students who are not dot com yeah but I'll tell and that's one thing we talked to on a human being improving talk tomorrow and just. You know that's one of the things that we said we thank you foreign and in my thank you Lisa and then I was trying to keep a party line don't have to keep hang up on PeopleSoft how Paul Anderson the other guests armed. Well that being said you know. We EC PC while I think our our vendors are psychics are teams for being so pro from home for being able to be donors to talk to people because. That's we want decree was an environment where you the person that thought they would get ridiculed laughed and looked a little different. We want to create an atmosphere where they can come and just be accepted for who they aren't what they think in that cannot be looked at you sideways out as something wrong. Helen thank you know rest in Germany Friday. I love that because I I actually I'm lucky if I get a and that's do you double duty you know I'm. Hi Andy GDP because I say Canada and medium offering rebates. But I'm also a member I have simply paranormal association and absolutely there that's for real and you know or. She was familiar somewhere. So irons. It craze that I can get sick at conversations with people who have been experiencing. In their home and our. You know questioning your sanity I'm trying to exact its. And because I if I can remote view energy act you know their artistic got some people and the like I'm now back. Yeah yeah over there you can count and be able to give them some information on on how to help clear that from their home. So. It's always a busy trying to great time for me HTTP I'm super excited to be more. Thanks a lot for Russia you were honored and I excite you I appreciate it's awesome having you're from. This totally immoral understand one sure on May hang up on you can always call back but I take a first. Albeit against generally Russia on a national average take and agree to do that early solution continues these great conversations on. I miss listening wants to call in and knowing information out. And we come back we might just be instant tickets away hammer rights and that's right frame we're we think guys I think there's death dealer and my little something that's about criminals and crazy crucial isn't it as a way. We should earth aren't you proud to have something for everybody stay tuned pay attention will be back. And all right welcome back. While I'm while Paul Collins and I actually more than a preacher recalled in flood energy tonight this goodnight and any good I feel excellent energy speaker got urging color on the best synergies. But you can imagine our good friend Chris Chester Chris welcome will assure us. Good evening thank you Paul hit I am high energy I'm looking forward to Saturday we'll look forward Xenia. But you know it's going to be great and that people haven't been there before you know there's different kind of event. It is good parent currency is the perfect blend it it's part conference. And then part and we gathering you know some events are so pray you will mine for pampered incumbent cable. Protect ourselves we have forty I think there's two guests. But it has perfect fit is the perfect plan. Federal thank you Chris hi I'm humbled by your worst monsters here. Thank you put. It choked and you know a part of what I don't talk about didn't value much you have what you're here. And you know we all go through ups and downs a lot of your bad times then. These guys are kind of something that I look for truth and Evelyn who flew blocks away from the. Take place come it got a memory and a new friend and they got promoted vendors are different sides. And I'll tell you what you know I know we have if you don't mind more ministers and remarked I felt if we can you hang up a New York police call back. Tomorrow. It in the end I kind of cut the Maher is back in the house. It's just what you. Guess very new Whitney. I sure am. All right great help Obama can't bring the three together that's also undergo an interest allow honor a common words honest Omar and and Jeffrey foreign and internal and possibly know. For you for your being married as much as our family and you know what he that's also mosey said because. As you guys know assertion I first met you Jeff and then you tomorrow. You know I told Jeff opposites can actually guys join in and I'll consider you you know acquaintance is your own business friend you guys are my friends you don't mean and then naturally hitting that. I'm here and what I love about all use that do you approach ability Oprah talking before. Chris you see this for everything that's happened you for for for all the things you've done a lot of you've accomplished you know is the person that she wore you know you have much a much respect they. And above all that you're very personally very down to Earth Day and that's the more startling thing because of everything we've gone through. Good to have you life out there and it still be so humble. And talk to two people a co Q with your own problems and and just just wanted to see you because well there from either side of the spectrum whether whether they look he was a celebrity or accuse a person. But you welcome everybody the same way with open arms and then that that's just awesome and wanna thank you for being a part of this compare hired truly thank you. What quote for Internet particularly for. Generates so everybody reproach Chris I wanna do you till four message not just if you don't have to but obviously you are mean you can't change who you are my friend and that's exactly what does that is we want. Well let collection could do you know it's about friendship and that respect it's about keeping your word. And you know these are the folks on the outer lying there are just the strengthening. Jeff since the one who saw me through Q is there rough grown up wanting you're the one that. Help me navigate those waters marked the one who took it upon our soccer what makes some kind of let things tribute to those folks. I ended in a way that under all look so you know it we walked for our lives and make choices and I'm very thankful with the fact made cover out very well. Absolutely and margins for the division I mean that's that's all something not to take that what you saw and what you saw in that. And to bring attention to where you did mar that that's that's again that is such a vision that you had and then that's just so welding and awesome and itself. Saw the Joker. Under that Chris and yes and the other survivors allowed me. The help honor and share what they went through it and it's a real gift that you would say that Joseph thank you. You're you're you're well this is my pleasure enjoy a few you know an outspoken person before my friend you know you. I'm truly I mean it was happening Chris Chris was in the Nixon and he couldn't get away from that if you want to. But you put yourself in that. If that doesn't show character man nothing does. On you know you chose to become part of as you can easily walked with anybody else and then you took. Then. To be a man and merchants say listen you saw somebody troublesome Hillis and here's a hand I'm handing out tee let's do this together and I can't even imagine. I'm you know I know close friends I have and then and then how emotional how great it feels to me I can imagine how Chris feels. About you when you about him to just for doing that from an iPod user as a person. She's so thanks Joseph it was a case of being replaced the right time and us. You know I really terminals to a Christian MR here but I think scared together we are stronger as they say and I just I'm glad things turned out polluted. Absolutely absolutely so you guys and then they'll place a trio that I've you know. Few as three of the kind of full house can never be telltale that much. Couldn't beat it again I don't pin your hopes that this yet I'm looking forward also true Lila Wallace the man right there. I think compromise Firefox I'm hoping that's ever been a fighter and moments at united. Do you really worrying. Laura Bush is Judy only say if there's they're listening I'm sure they will deliver on because also last year they made actually East Coast are college cup for instance for the event. So on but I notice if you talk to them which I'm sure you didn't hum. This initiative they co fallen father woods and pupil there. Yes part of the pressures on the computer. You're a more we're kidding of course but I will teller look Cooper the mementos senator Frist is absolutely right. You know the truth. The fact that matters and it goes for good cause is cheap and if you make one heck of a lollipop for homemade all couples and less on signed Foley last minute that's why time on the do you get your money's worth absolutely got hooked on the room chatter. Yeah did you handle. Did you just have the room child once I did Michael Williams tries to Chris Mara just yes Heather that won a. But it might it not for Portland area and I don't do well look there. I. Do I'll take it for later. I'll tell you what I suggest that's like the that's Joseph Hough endorsed lollipop. Not herself. But I know if you guys don't tell you want it it's it is truly set such a pleasure and Arn how you username and I'm so excited and these will be in trying to correct. Also they're pretty awesome so luck we'll see you guys in the meet and greet. And it's gonna be of course you know that the mall this year that you guys know us once from the other for all the vendors and not. And I'm vendors teams and psyche of course gets on the CPC teams we Friday night at the mall so we. Everybody and we said no no start at 7 o'clock from war we'll have a good time we were certainly well. There's no doubt about that. What are your mark. Thank you I guys appreciate call I don't know if we have some bills online or not but not only are we we we don't need to take a break doing. No I took we took a second break in Aussie open is clearly brick I appreciate this week we continue to talk associate justice as a way is so that's right so so guys. The militants and three is to pick pick pick a number. All threes pick a number say it aloud in the mobile watchers here always want to simply put. It's a wild. Yeah I hang out all across all handle their own songs delivers a heated rhetoric well. You. Obama all of that now are those I mean I think Bosco dump them all though Moscow pop off. All right well because so we're gonna pick a number this for us in the studio in new so we shake his fourth column for scholars fourth followed. Well now for assume more like a lot like lines up. Bosco are you ready my friend watcher of all right we got the ball looked really bad. Ours was going to be fuss about B 30098. Or when he heard force through sensors and I think. Fourth caller through free tickets stamp tool for your particular due to a duo stood toe is against the East Coast Paris on the Saturday. Starts at 10 AM to six and then do we have a lineup and you're gonna have time of your life if these Asians. Q when did you want text messaging has nothing though do with a pair can somebody wants to know what are we gonna have another show about the big foot. And it's Scott then nice Scott goes that they're kind. Yes we're gonna have. A few people up there talking about definitely and by that yes I mean we have I saw differ little one there is absolutely go to Spain bigfoot investigations we do know don't rock Illbruck he's employment therapy. What is the sanctions are gonna have kept the monsters on and off conditions merit and yet. We. That we Rihanna had wanna open but if you can't make a skunk. I'm sure you know if you're if you're if you're listener and we do appreciate you listening. Well we have the monarch you know I would say quite often you go frequently and we you always bring them as the new big for investigative I was welcome. Com we may even mean you'll have bill calling until bronco on when Miami. Have they let me go yeah right got to be good he's up. Though bill most of stuff so we'll do it now need just got finished I think last night to Boston ma meant to shoot pitcher. Yes they did that's the main I don't know I did not tape that's Jesse the pitcher I have not felt I suggest own eyes yeah I suggest you guru it. If you go to East Coast are tons. Com FaceBook page. We are friends of Bill Brock if you if you look at month. And you go on his FaceBook page there's a pitcher there and I'm not sure if they put an uplink SE. Like jokingly or. It faster they'll. Or officer real deal I had no chance of talk to a very clear whatever it is it is right it's very clear so I don't know if it's just like one of those things like that hey this is what's the supposedly looks like there. Fourth session found something. Similar but that's outstanding if that is the real deal this yourself I'm an at. I don't know who I'm gonna hear from. You're almost like an. I'll look. Bob will do is whoever wins no reason tickets holders will actually hold them. At the at the Disco era that the entrance and then wal won't get them to the left the mall so they can come off at the present idea who they are and not someone who took. So. I did your phone rings that we had summoned momma just India as this is there a phone lines are ringing off. Not the fourth person please don't sanity there's it's good actually I'm so happy to see that. I. I actually lost interest Buckeyes took me up here that's okay we're talking somewhat bam right yes your picture and yes. So that pitchers and I mean they have glowing red lines mean it actually almost like a shoulder and a ghostly light grade by now. Yeah those that picture there and it was amazing today I have to look at us and there it is wild it Kelly brought up that is if that's the real deal there. Wanted to say something that's something that's kind of great Israeli comments on the kill for yet another bound. Nothing that now now that is out of this world has and I wish we had like evolution radio vision because I got a new policy right now. Com live broadcast the thought you never know. It's up to you people if you. If you if you want it we won't build it not if you want us to have. Actual live show right into the station let them know we can put trim life from here if you want it all depends but if you want to won't do it and other things that. I'll shut up Josh although he'll face for radio I might actually be OK with that we will deliver. We will find out way that looked like the way we look him person myself I thought our voices will be the same exact opposite trip to look him what do you say it was an all almost a couple moles and we go to ground banks reportedly the other young physicist wishes we don't have had little wind and yet it's supposed to be none. Really got some mileage on him Busch Gardens wondering if there. She's still one held and investigated to PTA and he does great with DE CPCs okay they enjoy them all fall apart. Who. Known how to monetize some well it's my offer to sell them something mileage it's not my own sense. It's it's it's it's all how Europe. You're well oiled machine my friends are really good Escobar TC PC this was a dream you had both day and it's all put this together I know. It didn't take us when commercially hasn't stopped the when he did you want and out of the park and you. I'm and you brought myself Kelly and Otis it started Dario go out and the first gentleman. Who offers sure wasn't going there was a lot of things going on in life lives and get right in as if we did then he. We wouldn't have been able on my god would just consultant who had the Energy Department after the house I was honored for you guys have bring us in and let me be part of it because it was just pulled. Of the top sports also what did this you know I'm just here a little background Sasha started my old house of the kitchen table mom. You know semi were were talking about it in this you know I had ninety NM process stands stand tweeted and so we we came out you know to what we are today and and of course always ever evolving brings people on you know look into you know some people love doesn't stuff like that but you don't and you wish everybody well. But the fact that matters is that dumb you don't no matter what thumbs up I want you to dream alive only keep going forward and that's what somebody else of course like a fresh and downtime all one yards an idea but but but the vision I never won lost you know and then access the biggest thing and armed although we are CPC you know who's known universe is almost manager of the founders assembled we couldn't be done without you men knew Kelly and then and I just I brother you know. And Lisa you know would we couldn't do though I'd better just like even if he'll even though everybody evenly analysts aren't sold muscle in with those of you the moved on stuff and I mean I mean it's you know bill and Hillary John. You don't and they brought that little piece of of bomb you know. Extra to it so I appreciate them of course we have hauling and we have no Mike gonna be helping us from the doorman I don't send your kids are going to be held himself. You know what it's it's all people behind the scenes that don't they don't hear their forestry guys who always every weaker. Understand what's going on but it it's a whole team and a whole collective effort effort that brings us together makes it when it is. And not just these two PC team but people like the ones called today you know Chris morrow shall I guess they're making news Cheryl I mean you know if you mark you know martial here Rio remarking that the future is I was an increase of or freeze caused our country. And you know I mean you know they've always you know how I know how to sound always ask you see if we need helper hand in hand I appreciate that from mark Moore I really do. Com because if if I didn't join the GPA. We probably won't have this show we've Hollywood novel that I made about saying like on I would be a part of the shortest for the PP yeah I would've started resource for our cost anywhere for PPI. So we don't they definitely opened a lot of doors and in. I'm glad we can harmonize together you know you know you've been two separate things and don't harnessed together and then and then and work together and can people we are so I appreciate that. We actually have another caller real quick standing as the winner John. Welcome John and people might recognize this voice I'm not sure there isn't gentlemen John Lucas. Hello and welcome to getting John Howard Brody thank you value to are you my friend. So I felt OK so also were lost alone won't work but follow what I'm looking forward should be. Please call Derek come this year at a good time last year. Awesome awesome we're so glad that it I think I'm you know I'm I'm I'm glad you of course should come this year right he's not. Yes well what are what are the what are you most looking forward to John you know for like maybe a few brochure from psychic earlier and a nice day yeah shift. It's kind of usual or refer talk I think until we get together we have how soft. Your eyes and she just she said some remote machines term which is gonna reach or something so I don't know you know what that does only awesome I'm really what. So I say thank you and me last year through this administration did you must ask how was last. It was interesting it was interesting you know you can step on some points and I should ever I should've written it down but I didn't slow stuff. Well that's okay because you know what if anything is. Again what I like isn't a maybe you can actually from from being a you know some method to get red bone cycles and surely this is. Very very good what she doesn't it's not just American PA but. Partial to some personal reach for me to and then she knocks on the park new stuff about me that there are no one else we've known even though. Sure roses a friend of mind that she brought things from my childhood and you know my dad passed to love you know shortly before she read for me and Brussels a while my dad's like. You know cricket if I'm wrong jump she she yelled it's a lot thinks I'm sure yeah right does she nominee it's a toss yes. Yes and I and under reading from Virginia to a no spin. While standing on mainly due out. Never Virginia central on the residents psyche of the PP let me tell you something. Virginia will not be doing readings there this year I'm sure she will be there she will be there but I'm Virginia's going to us. Do her own thing who worked the crowd and just just shows a lot of stuff up blowing people's personal life which a lot of things gone through so she doesn't feel as though she begins. Arbor sensor readings in which the last we respect what you're part of anti blood. But again like everything else she is so personal shall be walking through the crowd on this now social sure we'll talk to people and and again you know I mean John you crackers from army was everybody not professional and able to talk to I mean it's a great atmosphere. Yes it was yes that one's. I mean you know Mary Bernard emerge as you sentinel and the one thing with who married her off her source like you gallery last year. Then Sheila she had on the park gone a couple people and non. There's just socially means I hear the menus all music why isn't so quick off Boston we have a winner. All right hey John thanks for call my friend. You all are you run through walls and we'll see on Friday okay aren't they John Carroll I'm there I'm done. Moscow in the name ansari. Who are on the big enough clarks summit Rhonda we'll do our make two free tickets to graduate on these things Elisa and we will see you Saturday just don't forget to bring an ID and luncheon. So on behalf of Al East Coast Erica all happened not. Them I'll kill him now journal science I'm Joseph hawks I'm still insert on the Ed Mack daddy Mac-Gray until women crazy degrees keep the faith and sleep tight. And.