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AnnMarie Tyler in the debate audience

Sep 27, 2016|

AnnMarie Tyler on her experience in the debate audience

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And now we have somebody that was in the audience last night. Of the debate and lives in lab on a county so of course we wanna hear what it was like to be there I can only imagine because the hype the hoopla they history. All of it. All of it out at Hofstra University. Last evening mrs. Anne Murray Tyler. And Maria it's very good to talk TO. Good morning really great she went out. Every tell me a little bit about your experience. At that debate to go over. What you had to do to get in there what you did once yet god and where. What we and then we'll get into the impressions of the talk a little bit about the procedure. Absolutely where it was an honor to be asked by congressman marine now Chiu and in the event. And not quite exciting very deliberating on. Trent is an unbelievable video. The candle and professional way I was kind of just it's just what goes into an event like that. Content and the Christian nation would cracking that ticket it really went without a hitch. On could go out. To the lines were named in the volunteered because acting like a little behind. And we've secured the facility. I packing. A little ways away. Me and see entry. Why am I can imagine museum area. And where we can get on me and from that area at like refresh. For every one which went to try. And as we bring major victory gallery to get there. Yeah we were able to. And so thirty probably in that and you and then from there should be burned up over should the mission is it's. Did you have. Assigned seats for us. And actually locked into the main advantage area. And the critique factions they went to a M and the action. We of course you know the truth and the claim and I mean. In ITT's board seat it and actually I'm. In their own inspection. On body that designation they don't like the truck side and they need to in the Clinton by me. Celebrities in those areas are so I faction which chipped up from there we were in a second. In the well area. I am quite behind all of the major news media approach. Surely we were equity world record setting Mary and Brett action. And all of the content that he and then boom boxes in India and major networks. Security like Murray. Oh my goodness a right but be very well coordinated. That before we even into the practice to go to the EU we wouldn't change to magnate try and touch and we had either kept or what to bring what you drink. And we're pretty specifics. And easy to follow and I didn't see ideally no problem with anyone walking chewed. Am entry into the pocket and went throughout the bucket when we went into the main and once he went into it he could not come back out there that didn't and how early did you have to be seated for this. Which started CP CE 80 goodness probably. In around 6:37. O'clock. Not a week finally sat in north seats because you're reading it about this from the other thing. We have that 8 o'clock. Okay it's too bad and I noticed. On television Emory they're. Word instructions given to the audience about. Acting up an acting out right. And that's. So most disturbing part. My experience. They're pretty specific and experts by the church should they came together obstruction in this tape and the states now. Audible sound and happy you know who saying I'm wedge yeah million. And actor hole when he came Q do instructions and start he says is the second. Anywhere eerie quiet in Seattle. On mrs. Clinton started with her one minor. And did some weight and hurt by her support here it's on it started with followed activity and I would stop and I thought people were going to be called out but in what are she and eight it went from there. It can be very disrespectful. And the people that we're and the events because they have. And we shouldn't and that can. That information out to the did you see a lot. And he did not need to hear. Its parent I'm I'm sure and Randy watched some of these events on television but to attend. Something like this it is very extraordinary how. Was it to be there in person verses and just seeing it through it a television monitor what what do you think you could pick up. That may be a home viewer couldn't. It it was exciting to me and he you to use your. Sensory overload. You're trying to capture what they're saying you're trying to see what the the head the media speculation. And you're responding and hard I try to carry on our bench to what's going on around you with the other audience in action there was no designation on I'm the kind can do you know who support and who are. Next she'll. Clinton required them right and then get on me and I unless it was a trumped the protection is an island what I gathered from it I don't let Melanie and that not be there all right cheek and no one was going to change their mind it actually never gonna. On it. It's a little easier to eat home because she. Qiyue. The it and gets to something I can kinda see things from different perspective. Eat yeah overloaded when you're there because you're trying to see everything. And I'm an incident in the working around Q you know he's got people talking snapping pictures. And it looked at it not to try talking to you went unbelievably. Q on the other that's because. You do you get to see firsthand. And see the emotions of people and and what's going. So on and I would and I traded that for the world. What happened and I were walking and I said. It is unbelievable. And to get the opportunity. And hopefully he'll look at me and he. How I couldn't imagine it was going to be elect. Well I'd now like to know a little bit about your impressions. Of those substance of the debate and what was handled. Yeah the uncomfortable truth that doesn't interpret the champions in May. What are you responded tube and mrs. Clinton in in a condescending way and and she can do it one liners. Am and nineteen entertainment champ supporter I work at the profits in clarks summit Pennsylvania I'm I'm happy to support him an extremely. And all I couldn't buy it you know she tried. A different level she you know she talked about being on the high road but I believe. Should high road map. And then I'd be trying to keep it seriously he learned that she used comic approach. And he you know or when he tries to Holler how. We are the study and well Ian to prop her up. So. You know I think he could keep it shut and the issue a little harder. On. Because I believe that the government is create jobs but in the end we need to get that money Cuban didn't you should do. I don't think he hit her hard enough on me even count on them and they don't I am sure. And you know but I think under sniper fire lie keeping our CQ. You know to see you I'll bet. Yeah I'm for the federal government which I geared. And and wired and accountant or financial person who really understands. What's at street cheering looks like. I don't eat in normal average jell O you know that we each and do I want to any any hurt her. Another alternative look at he financial. Statement which could prompt I hate it. You know QD election people's yeah. Yeah that that's something that BP did address. I think though Emery a lot of people it. If you don't provide something and by the way cuts both ways. If you don't provide something people wonder what are you hiding and you say while that they could be very procedural and and you have to be you know an expert Jim beaten to viewer but I think that overall people. In the absence of something concrete they have. A tendency to speculate. True and blue that changing who I am to where he's you know his comment back to her and that but it's one miner well. I will release it when you release the charity I mean. You know. It cuts both ways that you Wear a KQB. Situation but why are you hiding in bleached bidding you're eat now. And again that that. Is true in the in the absence of anything concrete it opens it up for speculation on both of those issues which I think the the American people. I just didn't they desire transparency from both sides of the of the aisle and I just wish that it could be provide it but I wonder if it well. Now in terms of that the substance of the debate it in the first part. They did talk about the I think the fundamental issue of the election which is the economy. And I think that the economy and security. For the issues that most people. Wanted to know about in that debate so how did you see that. Case in them that you most important things I am just four for people to reach. Eat I'm hand to that effect. Just a little bit ago. The government doesn't create jobs I'm people create jobs again and get a clean about Bill Clinton chin and and how change you know we're doing so well. And ethnic accountant. You know I look at it a little differently. On them. And I came back from the Bill Gates that's what we in the computer industry within its infancy. In the industry creating each of the but then again it affected who creates job at hand and mr. Clinton seems to want to. Money from people that do create jobs and how she's going she. Technically meet there is just if the government and going to get here I'm. Really I mean she talked about each. Really don't understand how she going to do. I'm at bat at him he is still a mystery. I'm a member of the fact that credit in the 1980s. I'm aware and people were given no credit and interest and investment tax credit sure. It's too broad industry and disbanded in companies. And security. He. Issue. What stirred it I that the Clinton. For me you know I don't think that would insert. I think both sides you know and are at the church was confirmed. Going to take a harder approach. And did not want it how stoked. That is things I mean you wanna tally your enemy I don't know. You're at the meet their hiring everybody what they're going to you know. It's kind of a different approach in and we want to be true and I understand that but. Do you really to tell the mob category each. A while but I think we both know the answer to that is obviously not now. Some issues that the media highlighted. Silence on the ABC analysis after this debate Emery. Problem was the dust up. On the birther issue and to me this is a real litigation that's unfortunate did in the audience seemed to think that this was not the time and place to revisit this. Absolutely. And the time it's over I mean administration you know so much trying to pat and I mean come in and I'm gonna pick and the media little bitch. And because it keeps keeps getting greed first test. You know it's a over it and why did they need to bring it up again and replace. That was kind of a low blow that shouldn't have been taken. It sent an email and don't get me wrong and I've looked at both sides at this hour there. About diet didn't get the target really were like little kids. It's over and let's predictor raft. Sorry to do any interest in the future memory of attending another one of these of facts. Absolutely oh my goodness it weighed in with Cooper. And you know just could be you know in that IB. Why has it it added little to it was exhilarating. And and you have a wholly different perspective which is what I really enjoy. I'm at it it's real burn a beat Beijing China trying to take and so many things. Black what an opportunity it was to the right time. Excellent and Mary Tyler. Dalton Pennsylvania one of my favorite places in the whole world. I love golf so much I'm glad you got to see this up close and personal we appreciate you that your. Recollection's forest today near your perspective on it. Thank you very much.