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Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA 4th District)

Sep 26, 2016|

Congressman Scott Perry (R-PA 4th District) with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are about to be joined. By congressman Scott purity. To talk about says his support for Donald Trump and and some other issues that he is concerned about its congressman thanks to take the time to be with us again we appreciate it. Growing very big here it is wonderful now as somebody who. Supports Donald Trump has followed Donald Trump in Pennsylvania is there any indicator that you can see. That explains this a tightening of some of the polls like the morning call and CNN at center at center. That it made this race very very close in the last polling cycle. Absolutely everything around me shows and attachments are sometimes too that the Bubba at a ms. Eddy. And Troy ounce direction and and not just. It looks. Suit who I think we can agree that we've heard this story before bought and in a couple of the past presidential races as we get closer you know where they need to play and so on and so forth and everybody. Starts jump around that. But it's been in place since last year from buy by estimation. But you're really seeing right now is just. Look at lessing has as its children go back to school and people. Get beyond summer and start sinking and it's not just the political act not the people that. Go to the party functions but your average everyday person that we are trying to meet meet the bills. And and it's you know worse about their future and whether gonna happen jobs but those type that saying they're looking at the two candidates. That have been provided formed by and you know being the primaries and conventions and saying okay. Now what do we got here we got that we got an economy in decline we get less take home pay we have who and that's people in the workforce and add decades. They look at all those things that may say. Yeah I'm sure we keep on going that direction what this other guys say it and course the guys Trout and yeah there's a huge difference there and it's it's is literally the difference between the status quo. And managing the decline of our country which is what the liberals have continued to do and actually orchestrated. Donald Trump who has built something to it so businesses to employ people. Who else is country to understand that you can't contribute. Who understands that these jobs and the wages are being taken away of people that don't belong. Because we're not controlling immigration code correctly. Who understands that if we don't take the Supreme Court correctly we're gonna lose every single day every single thing that we believe. It. And at some of these rallies that. Mr. trump has been doing I put to the one last week. In Chester. That you say okay this is in the Philadelphia suburbs. And it looks to me I I want some of that on none on the Internet. But there was a report that there are thousands of people. I have a place to I've only been to one personally not been in a in some way or another whether it was just a local committee man or just you know getting in. 25 years ago whatever the problem so that's how long I've been doing this sort of thing and I've never seen anything like get some. But some doubt that I went to about 3500 people in the gymnasium there were 2000 people. India before and I think we turn literally. Thousands of people away at the door. Com that you know work able will be working come in stabilize its hours and now arts and and meanwhile a week before that ten miles down the road. Secretary Clinton was in town and I think from the police port street she struggled again a thousand people at that event so that's the difference. Okay and as some people made me say constant carried that says that this is just you know curiosity seekers or whatever I'm just trying to think about people may. And minimize this and they may say well over the years Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton my goodness gracious they've appeared all over Pennsylvania quite frequently so is this just. A novelty factor is this the facts of and a lecture red. Who. Is is craving something different. I think this I think it is that that that factor of course the other side you can expect. Back in the minimize it knew what would you do it look like you're gonna lose in fantastic fashion of course they're gonna minimize it. It is what it is you might not like reality but reality is is that there is no enthusiasm. Hillary Clinton should especially not Bill Clinton she doesn't. She doesn't include those thoughts and feelings about inclusiveness. And and it and the things that. Will it work for bill. And she just doesn't she's not saying that she's too Smart lady and she understands policy in those policy at this agree with their positions on it. An opinion to an end and her judgment on it but that's beside the point that excited for her. The momentum and the excitement is offer trumpet at all on the Republican side of course the Democrats it's their party they've got to defend it. But the liberals of course they're going to like there's nothing to see here. But obviously everybody that got sides can see. That there's a great deal of enthusiasm and that's why people are coming out to see trump the Republican Party and the book it's changing course. Because they're watching these liberal dismantle a country which and not just Republicans it's a lot of independents. It's a lot it's literally a lot of Democrats that live oak traditionally Democrat voters. They're coming out or they're talking to befriend and saying I'm gonna vote for Trout but they won't tell. Struck or welcome to a rally because. The liberals in the media have made it un accountable if you you know he's some cut and the person who can support trumpet people. Oh yeah recognize that and were and I am. They're sensitive to that public disgrace so to speak but. The rebels have been doing that conservatives. Yeah for type the memorial at this point. Well. Am we look at Pennsylvania which obviously is a pivotal. States. In the country in terms of the direction it's still called a swing state column last and there are Republicans want it was nineteen. EDT. But rights to LEE. You know I've I've been covering these elections for a long time. And there seems to be at this point where people say Pennsylvania. Is in play and then suddenly. It's slips away right. What the bigs. Does as the it doesn't slip away it was never really in eight. We hope that will work you know and that way we're we're into hope and change order and to re out be reality in my opinion was on those cases where we were told it was in play. We went the ball and we carry the flag and and we hope to it you know based excited and so on and so forth and energized and then get independents maybe. Right leaning Democrats energize that. Really it was never really in play it never slipped away because it never was in this case. In this case right now I can tell you that I believe. But it is it in place since the beginning and it Hillary who is whole time been fighting to try and get it back on our side I think trop though this. Honestly I think pennsylvanians now I think that the media knows it. And they are text. Divided and they are desperately trying to change the narrative anyway that they can't Tampa did you look at that if you look at Hillary that in Pennsylvania it's almost exclusively release it has been until recently. They're not pro Hillary don't talk about her record at what she's got all this is about trying to destroy Donald Trump and comfortable and get that should tell you. I N I agree with you on that because I watched those ads it they seem to be all about to ripping Donald Trump down instead of building her up. And I I think that that kind of rhetoric may really Wear and tear on people who. Are there economically hurting and I understood for a house and again I still leave this country. At the end of the day may vote with its wallet and that's the way but that's the way it is. That's exactly right it doesn't matter if you own the business secure working. In the business sense and employees here on the union lie and trump is resonating with you because he's done these things he signed a check and it got it's got its hands dirty. And he understands these trade deal that we made the elite the elites in Washington have made. The people on the line that are just. The fact that do the work in its quirks. They just wanna be without Stanley's and and look forward to some reasonable and ride and standard I would think and they block people take that away from them and they did nothing trumpet in the that's articulated what they have sent to and felt. For decades now. And those certainly had behind the economy I believe all of you could do disagree with me. Would be safety and security I just believe the economy and safety and security are absolutely pivotal and none of the wave that we f.s candle events. Congressman that they are breaking out in the country and the way it did it seems that a points. We are trying to either overstay. What's happening or underplay what's happening. I've dependent on one's agenda. And bet that that's exactly right people skills he's. People know intuitively they see this situation with our security and Irsay the and they say. Why would that that. I know immediately after hearing some of the facts about some of these recent attacks were noted that as well I ride no almost immediately putting the fact together that right here on open source. That is a terrorist attack in yet the administration's struggle aid call at ten. Each can't figure out the motive what everybody else in America knows immediately and Donald Trump is basically said you can eater keep going out that quote. Or we can do what you know into it actually instinctively. It's correct our country's in trouble and honestly. Hillary at that point has took comfort of our country in jeopardy by this email saying bella because they've heard good reports about. She lied about the server and and compromise classified information and most people most someone that has had a security clearance and classifications. And they know that those people were not. Be able to. Little under the same standard it justice as Secretary Clinton big party in jail. Now tonight it is the night I mean if you are to believe creepy here we noted in the last election cycle. That many many people feel that Mitt Romney did win the first debate but does it it didn't really mean that much. In the scheme of things is is it different this time around for Donald Trump then it. And for Hillary Clinton as well well I think it's very important firms for both of them there's an expectation I think here's some oh per expectation. On the left that that Donald Trump who put his foot in his mouth that he will. You'll say something off color script or what have you that should be able to get under his skin is as cheap that the bully make people believe that anyone can do that he's got it and skin and that. I think he's got to defend his position and you can master and he's gonna come right back Q let you out from our standpoint. That's what they're hoping for and I think from our standpoint works both thinking that maybe she's gonna have some laps in and remember something Mike that she did 642 times or something that she couldn't remember during her depositions. So. Com or just or or just be very cold and and C oriented. And let them edit at a minimum I think that it's this Donald Trump brings it to withdraw understand that this is we've all been told Americans that this is Hillary's so loose that Donald Trump brings it to a draw he went. And and a unlike Mitt Romney could ride it marks the first debate was sorely disappointed disappointed as most Americans or the second and it took for the gas I think he would be welcome the first debate but then. But then he CE ticket Seve took a sort of offered guess for the second tip I thought he Donald Trump. The one he's he's got a difficult job here though I believe because he has to kind of walk the line. Not be two. Outrages or make any kind of see it even though you we we know O'Donnell Tampa's is very use to end as the people say. Saying what's on his mind and speaking yet I noticed recently though he's been trying. To stick. With more of a set of remarks that he repeats as opposed to meandering all over the place because I've seen him speak up personally a couple of different times. And I seen him speak off the teleprompter and I've seen a meander. So there's. It you know there's a clear delineation here does he have the discipline I guess to stay on message. Think he does have the discipline and I think it's going to be. Fairly well contrast it by a Secretary Clinton who I think he's generally a scripted candidate. She's gonna say space so much on message that it's begin. Got to become out of boring and predictable. And because everybody looking out for that but it's going to be very obvious though. I think she got to be careful about what she gets into because that they'll think Donald Trump. Well maybe other candidates. May have to. I don't think Donald Trump's gonna do it showed some of the center in other words if she brings up. Something that somebody says well you know he did something on CB that was very gracious women. Masha that'd be very careful with something like that because he's going to remind everybody. About first circumstance with what has been an and the and the and the ladies and all those attractions and all that potential and it actually Baltimore where walking a very tight line combos like once again I think it could even that Donald Trump Wednesday. Are able we will be watching I know you'll be you know watching that tonight how will then netted constant Scott Perry I'm really happy when you talk to us and I'm glad you made the time today. To do it so we'll see how else. Well yes ma'am thank you look at Houston are.