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9-11-16 Paranormal Science

Sep 16, 2016|

Remembering 9/11/2001 and discussion of a giant snake in Maine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A hero normal life science. Okay. Three. Good evening. Enjoy the additional penalties on some strong signs and search and Ahmed Mac daddy Mac-Gray Burberry as we know what. It is a very solemn somber day. In the world and you know September 11 it's a fiftieth anniversary. And now hi everybody Paul won here and I understand it's terminal signs but this all comes from the all our hearts here I'm journal science than that and I think agency. Disney says not just a thousand words or have a couple boom boom silence. Of all the creatures that live on God's green earth and all that's on leagues and give birth. From the human line in the tiger he's in the bear. There's only one thing that all God's creature share. They all move away from the sound of the gun. There's broad one. They'll move towards cannot run. So one singular creature. That wears a human face. He brings both misery enjoy it and humorous. So who's won the ghost wars the sound of the gun when all the creatures man and beast turn and run. It is a warrior that's who. The warriors like no other creature. No no other creature on the screen there earth. Bears that feature. I thank you all. From the machine that would you come. It's. It's it's just it's just fifteen years and I remember like congestion NN is just dumb it touches hearts colossal awesome you know awesome friends stern I'm not. I think I know we've all been touched and then the world changed since then but I'm the one good thing is is that not. Has brought us down we're back for better New York built for here you know mom we have I mean this you know Somerset. Authors are counting PA Washington DC we've all overcome and we're still here and and then and the embryos and those words are we so herein and you're calling from the third generation law enforcer realizes it's in my blood I had to use well cal law enforcement officer made us stronger for anything that you don't stand. You don't you mean the MS and I and we've all lost you know friends throughout the time this land and that's just one heck of the day and then it in just. The truth is so so great not only is the fact that the you know it's these people are. A cut above the rest and I and I have to say that my you know my heart goes out to their families the victims. Come. You know and then you the survivors those wash all the specials and stuff and you wash the survivors ever survivor's guilt and. And and I can imagine. But I'm good are brings back some of the feelings of that day for sure a potential to bring another reason that I can tell you our. And I'll never forget what I was doing that day I remember exactly zero players about who is that the only. Moving and tragic and everything all at once would Marie and her. I was actually understating. How does bring their cars well one of the other guys back from where we go to carbon hazel and then. My wife called me from work shoes we're gonna have the facility and at first the way it sounded it was like an amateur. Plane had hit the building my net at least that's what I took her because you don't lose a sketchy they reports dominate and everything. That by the time I got back to the station. That's when we knew something was really gone actually before it got the door they were saying everybody had to return fail. Some debate was going on and I just never debate alone terror how clear the sky was sad day it was a good. Beautiful day for such a horrible. Horrific act to take place sooner. And I'm forget it stand. I was a standing on the corner by singer large church in Dubai and my kids just got into their bye dropped them off every morning my. Did just got into the classes and a fifth in the minds Jerry dominant. His son it's not only get on the bus he brought him down my. Simien were just standing on the corner suddenly like just friends it's not about to. We file not happen now. Some say I was gonna ask were re US and what were you go out the side thank you I was actually. And it was academy. And we were. At the time there was present vice president class is not have you don't need captain commander everybody you know as I was vice president class and not marine. And they got word camera we shock to us but. I remember. They did did they dismiss as a class and said you know go go do something for now police are trying to find out what's going on here. I remember. We were sitting there and then went down to me on the local rec room renteria and the class crushed Washington. At the time no one knew what he says he. You know everything's so sketchy but the thing is we had it right there live on TV for us. Understand how the only news is they're pretty sure was a commercial airliner that's been seen or the first reports this like everything's coming and and we actually watched a lot of footage of the second airplane go and and right then there. Just the feeling. So what does that came over it like he. You knew it wasn't and so the point but there's just no way like I sort of emotional thinking about it there's just no way because that was two axis right once and there was no there was not a coincidence and we did I always quote unquote terrorism at the time. Now but I'm we definitely knew something wasn't right you don't write com. Nicole is back then dismissed us and of course she harbors kind of panic are my dad was actually in New Jersey Matthews trying to truck into Thomas mom's home. Try to get almost probably perfect where he knew he couldn't so he just kind of you don't dad of course you know sort of background stuff he cannot. Called himself I'll know him thanks a truck quote unquote pro top out point and that's kind of hunker down or had to and that was it can help. But I'm. It was just it was surreal if Israel and I remember the night before astronomically Steve. And I we were commenting on how the moon looked it looked so huge the night before September 10. It looks so. Big and so close to the it's the earth we're under armour freedom were coming out like on just it's a so I don't know if that was almost like a preamble like you know because I mean we know it. Again you know you're in the paranormal film and you know I look I don't think myself like I remember. That was so abnormal to see that movie it just seems so close so big so white so bright. And I'm Fletcher says that it was actually ill unfortunately know of useful thing that it doesn't really don't know what does. I remember a lot of affinity says a beautiful day blue sky everything and right after it happened no planes in the air. I live why you airport it was silent. There was no come trails not think my don't think you hear renowned that was so maybe military aircraft scrambling here I don't know that of current fighter jets laws in a while and it. Don't tell anyway and you rights and how long was a no fly on through a few weeks after I remember like yeah there's oil right in the think the thing that you hear. The silence because we just gets so we just recently you know which is is just. Contour exclusion untoward exclusion we hear all the time to accompany you as saying. When it's missing you realize wow tranquil can be unbearable point and train stopped and did they solve everything you know of course of the between two tracks and and infer from for once in my you know our role I was title returned fifteen years ago so you know we're looking at come what 2526. Euros. And I am I look at I think myself like while. Like. I never remember being this quiet no air traffic we can send help notre don't mind. It's just like everybody was just in such a stand still stands so happy to lower. When I retire while cell phones I mean it is sulfur when nothing what they are like this day mean with the android apps everything under basic cellphones. I remember will be trying to call home. And all circuits are busy all circuits are busy it was crazy and I station for the pocono was so I was fairly close. But the towers it was almost impossible make cellular telephone call. And at that if it was just the highways coming. Westbound. We're just in theory. Quietness. It was almost like it was a midnight shift but it was a little debate threat. Eastbound on the other it was. Car everywhere trying to get better and the people but I had a car with what they have that law enforcement. He amassed fire news reporters trying to get those beside a door wider gap right and it it was just. I'll never forget it was it burns a lakers and the moon night the night before I. I cannot remember residue on the night before really Canada doubled back obviously saw his work but on. The stuff that burned in your memory that will never forget this it was sarge. A tragic horrific event and I mean just look at two years ago move into New York City. Brian if we went down to the memorial. When you walk Reynolds grounds its home ground it is just out it's just this -- come home. Called ground like you said it's it's just not. You can feel it when you're there exactly I tell people to go visit that memorial just because that this. I'll tell you what I. I refuse refuse to mention these these terrorists names because it just is empower an alliance and I refuse to do that a total I'll mention. I'll mention Todd Beamer on national national heroic you know FN DYNNYPD. And transit authority in every other you know EMS fire me and and and you know commercial services including US Marshall and everybody was her friend of mine Aaron and so I don't know her since last may refer my hair was there on you know during their news or use black ops and stuff and these guys were involved they were there and I'm just. To hear him tell the story shown these different in my on the Louisiana she's listened and I love from a call and then not listen tell the stores and what they saw an and then we'll end. How people feel we all kind of look at. You know it embryo is as you become cynical life makes a cynical sometimes but. Time mile per hour American came together in just helped each other. You know from all over not just new Yorker right there were there are turning volunteers away which is just for Marmol my opinion just an actually awesome. The thing is to than a lot of people don't think about it how these volunteers who went there and actually helped my large sentiment cancer and their young son. Yeah euros stress those kind of died. In directly from this new. And same thing we're most of the search and rescue guys writes I think I'm -- is all of them are dead I was numbering and us -- type of cancer is something they'll listen I was I was from the construction material was a it was just every uniform they're not sure I mean could I thank you could have been no asbestos in the year veteran Jeff you can hustle they have on board no one shall knows I mean that vessels don't know I think slimy when it came down to just pulverized everything so whatever we. Don't say an island that not for an open enough to get you know you know. I horrific but I mean. We're we're human we cremated I mean you're looking at 161000 refiners are meant to melt and burn and and and you know and then go and and distorts steal a New Britain after the gonna be there just that was it was just as offensive. And nom is just it's a shame. No I wanna and I and god bless my heart goes out to to any and all that and anything can remembers her any friends I have no loss I know I didn't. I remember on the DL all of truck he. Rescue one bomb truck for the issue plan net income for those guys end up. The front of my Nash has a pitcher of the guys reissue truck for Johnny. And he just you wait until the window who knows the last time you perceive themselves like that's a morning time caddie. Those stories that are you know it's just it's so surreal there in this that my wife lost her cousin she was and one of the towers as they I'd never had the opportunity to meet her. Tom bush. Yes she was down more at the memorial and Jamison. And the the stone there are angry and everything. It's just convert almighty I never met the woman but you know my wife and obviously those are causing but I mean it's such a marriage push for my wife and I think if anybody has any resources would like to share ruined here tonight rural I'm not of course renewed search and awesome some stuff that I samurai here tax. Talk about that put us on the same you know become a serve by your thoughts and prayers are with everyone else and accomplice America. No Iran and the owner last year when we're up at Genesee on that one gentleman we worked Buick who ended up speaking where is that it actually worked in the basement. I'm so proud of tower 15 Ani was aired to a small electrical work I think it was. And he was getting so mind Agassi is an amateur you know medium move anyways and all different types energy and everything and Amy could see the emotion in him. He did not even want to repeat. What he was feeling in common threw him in that basement area will be and you could tell wasn't Madoff who might of Israel. Tom I don't know is true capabilities don't think you really told us just I was thinking amateur and it might. But I mean MI and must amend hard framework and others with the union electricians or that and he he. Now he was a numb I'm just Erisa where he came in action after to help rebuild so he wasn't exactly working there prior to I'm just so I don't ask exactly and ask about aren't all that noise as. The restoration stern grocery. And they brought his his team Irwin in his company a marine who we worked well into. Bomb but he he just said like you know I can't imagine the emotion he went through because he was sensitive like that. Mom especially at that time. It was everything just so fresh from here we always talk about I have a relief to Gettysburg you know tragic events get a burn up that was a war of course but. We also doubled from our play these people the I mean I'm man. I just gradually went through mostly just want to work whether there on the there's no way and I say that demands and those are working the powers for the on the emergency service I think just want to work for a unit to do their jobs and maybe people they just want to work. And I'm not the heart harms harms. But I'm not planning wants Colin. He's one of them on the dot concerned that cannot families whose tattoos for sham on the stick. Source so fresh and take a break we come back casts and talk about the political stuff you cry okay all right Hart will be back. Eight Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand demons during your back. Are you comfortable in your own body like your possessed with somebody else is currently suffering or you don't need an exercise regularly chiropractor X. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body you remembered chiropractic. 569 pierce street Kingston he had checked him out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end and we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. I'm all for math and science it's gonna call when we're on break we'll take that first. Some money from books are welcome to show much. Hello Mike flow much. I get there. Blue. Are overactive. Plus you liked Eric. Micah. Specialists and somehow we've muscle washes so I can call back it's our offense. Harsh. Sam Malone since they also loved the little laser research you know somebody that's my job Bailey's and researchers could get into an hour to get gotten adhered to deuce thanks concern here for moral support yeah. How way to get two things really start up with one new west he sheds its skin means giant snake re appears. And as we heard an island. And that's someone on the bill rocket does hit TV show on that one yeah simple Bronson and of course draws you know these host parents I'm very reason 124 straight right he'll be there yet how are we talking college ball websites. Tickets are still available on the East Coast or come website as well yes they are if you follow the poem serves amounts are looking up. I have to interject and Australia and how does big snake apparently had it's like our Sherman everybody's says they see it there's no information there's no thing that anybody can say is Sarah nobody had pictures of those things. Also in the twenty some foot skin shows up right this thing shed. That's awesome. And won some fees for some they have the skin that they I guess they did and that's true tilted but I'm sure they somebody that's got to be immense and sizes skeptic you know. From twenty feet that's that's a big Emmy Anaconda as an eye on that they give big man but they do. That's got to be I just seem to shed for that front exact track I don't think he meant I mean what does this indeed. Apparently and he wants reduced to twenty foot currently rabbit ears nor everything you know what I mean a mobile Marshall tells me when he doesn't he grabs dear but by the time he suggests and stuff that's probably not a good we can hassle trophy to Los so do they need somebody 24 hours gonna feel something pretty. Pretty big speculative fat size Ameen taught me Deco is like they just said no we've got Sherman here they've got messy over to Scotland tomorrow night. These are things people can say all they don't exist Melissa in this thing didn't exist no. And they are defined in the shot from a yeah whoa what will receive as far as who went big for guys on this members of Williams CommScope to new information. Controversial things you find more ready. I mean fearing there's always something. But then we don't know what must Yahoo! and we can't there's there's just it was just too popular in 22 big canal will look at many species in the ocean they're saying always sustained a million years and wait we follow one day exactly. Well it's getting Anthony Oshawa just saying that is critical to cracking. Crash the old wooden ships used to say it to crack and come up and get yet cracked in the draw these pitchers of this giant octopus things coming up there. Defined not exist that giant octopus they do c'mon did you one special election had a huge suction cup on the side of the boat did you see them all no one what the damage in the U it literally was like. A camera at the bigger than dinner played her was huge costs and a boat just from home. Could say there's these things do exist initially as Cassie to wallets on a solid to present themselves for a Photoshop Stonehenge and Akron. No I don't I think we have a Mike that's someone here. Yeah sorry guys it dusts. Found difficult leader Osama the national shorthand. Terrible premonition about New York a long long time ago I was working. No intention of doing has stayed. Played loading trucks and everything other guys missing hardy would say hey maybe there. So until well after work like eleven hours is just before the still retrieve Beers before you come home you know and saying yeah. And tomorrow is only late down. Because half a block from the house and make him on migrate my mother my mother was always watching TV issue assassinated what. New York and New Jersey about this channel eleven channel five channel memory you'll cable channels. Tex ends. Who's above all. All look like there's been crying and everything in New York all the crazy people would squeeze sees this and they you know Israeli ambassador before Giuliani claimed enough. So anyway bishop O'Connor left this area. Funny how do you I don't know why Ali. You and he went out what saint Pat's cathedral there my hero really those were chastising him the first say anyone out there so. Moves same day I come home. And this and away Saturday it was late January or February it's a long time ago. And I'm gonna sit here Michael look. Look what she'd look at look at certain bishop O'Connor left the area he's got some of the records how they're they're given its so why are you know I'm one or two days he's out there. And I thought that the TV and I told mother faces mark my words. I am astonished that I says Sunday terrorists are over and destroy half the New York City. And oh I remember when that happens she says I remember you telling me that. Like what what made you think that was the that's on the part of your hitter and gentle. If genocide looked at the TV and I just looked and I just said it anyway so spontaneous I certainly will would may I was born today before and knocked disaster and when the hard hitting 72. Michael I was born that would weaken them to baby duty airfare. You have with the helicopter out of nest and hospital. And when this happened the same day. So another Michael Bourn by name as the mother was genie can't tell you over Wyoming and chain in the Michael. Something. Its really as an assistant just I'm actually apparel was saying somewhat but it citizens. That popped in my head that I sent you home. Plus one of those unexplained things just very gracious how well without it it's unbelievable I hear noise and we do we talk off on time it's like this other hundred necessary if it comes here has just got to stay. Thing right fielder Mike from even from nation more failures and grow its processes such play debt owed you know they would. Somebody asked me guidance comedy is to say something like that you know like just has faced something like that that's why it. Pay you anyway I agree I mean you wonder you were on new release fossil from especially so many years before I mean why are they up. Terrorism wasn't even remotely well. It cannot get a big autos. Camera and being so grateful. And I commend him I would have to may feel that primal. It's a play great when my company truck. Well as Washington and like I'm all for one cent days. But she's an I remember you telling me that. No and so that you might decide I just suddenly you don't want to get all the to fight dire options don't tell people these stories you know we're. Here to you know that's a Scion of us who those are your form. All right item on the show we storage solution. And I warning I don't even step on grasshopper on the sidewalks that I mentioned to make a mile they never wish anything down nobody you know. Like they shoveled sand thank you always show move yourself great example OK our mayor Mike thanks for sharing ownership night they say oh yeah yeah. Besides I always like to hear people's personal stories like very much like my said you know if you don't. You know if you look at you think people are gonna look at you differently can you share some missile that hey you know what we've all had. I'm sure instance that we just can't explain I don't know if we don't believe in the paranormal there's nobody else does and then tell them that they. Italian entry before during and after that it was released on us is exactly stamp and I mean always I mean people would even had mild you know. My intuition about anything. The energy was there just pushed Mori exit is like the antennas one offensive would end any take off like you say anything from Yahoo! said earlier in future macro economy. And in in the trial that was I mean look at how many individuals all slams were lost at once mean literally I mean I mean I'm praying there was probably some more days this and that but the majority was lost during the second suspect there are so all that energy was displaced within seconds like except within seconds. That's just that's. It's amazing these missiles a day goes thank you Gettysburg where we have all hunting is on the right ghost. I'm so I'm waiting to see what shows up there only because these people that you're relays are killed right. And how long those that hundred warriors. The Gettysburg right now and enjoy the 300 before this is fifteen years later right I mean. Just try to get a better perspective I mean the amount of lives are lost there my my don't get me wrong I'm not promoting to go down there and you know all of this almost under a fellow who I Israeli and international conference is on now. But just you know your rights and I just wonder I truly wonder. This thing media center at the energy here alone all at one time. This pond family. But I'm getting getting getting back to unless he now didn't did not one Bill Brock I don't you Sherman winder for a little bit on I'm on FaceBook. The heat he actually there was a huge plus for some primer washing the one they thought they phone you see that right yeah. We've also got reports from police officers. And once we subsequent reports that he loved watched a large snake large black colored snake breast feeding of Peter. How teams are pretty good to go 4555. Pounds right right and there was this large snake devouring a thing. Why just be her Wanda I can't imagine that simulation they are pretty thick I mean there and you know of course I mean I guess. Obviously I'm 20/20. I still are so loyal round I don't think it has a chance political world all right officials drawing you know there's an and that's my assumption and where this it's constrictor snake I'm assuming right now since I mean. And I guess is that really say what kind of snake it is that I shouldn't have ever seen than our opponent and try something that size them I'm assuming it's not your run them a little black snake in the backyard right now. For you whose venomous or someone back to Myanmar has probably isn't listening. Caricature tremor. Sheringham. I would not wanna be with this choir also veterans are cautiously and I had about four Bieber and Bruce constricting I can't imagine that. I mean a surprise because the mode I tucked my sister Lotta votes snakes on the Florida because they have a problem was. The different types Somalia is saying cattle no matter non natives that's and introduce an eco and they don't reproduced in the ecosystem and it may castings for reasons. Danger because they look to curve the environment down there and they have no new enemies nothing to devoured them. I action and actually had a chance and opportunity to work would admire most. They used to go down there helped try to get these out of there someone like these tent and he snakes they because they're wild people released some of their breeding out there. They're just nasty and they're big and I want to they had a freeze comes through. Right and referees did eradicate a small portion because of the temperature drop in Arizona or Florida players. These people when they do that they they shouldn't have these animals or let them go on awhile to reproduce and other ones and not be getting all these different species have no business being a Florida. Well it's nice things have been seeing the alligators Seattle put right she writes you tell me if you think although that's harsh to say and the snap and everything belonged to sir please when you start displace and that. Like you said we we don't have though that at first attack and now here I mean I'll see the food source is not there didn't belong yes not naturally put their so. It eradicated some limbo means good because you know what I want my child or my you know my pet already own special my child outside and if it's. One and eating. Alligator Alley Q school computer ultimately I don't know -- a total confidence yeah let me think about people or letting these things still in the woods still Demi don't have a pet you know all of a sudden it's eight foot ten feet long grew larger and take care I don't do ozone. They turned loose and what frightens me is that. If there's one living up in Maine. To do very well be one living right here. And right it's taken hung around five warmest thing in your life or whether that's at the biggest day of survival and they have somewhere actually appear where there was an alligator. Living. And upon locally summary turn one free one simple yeah I remember something but I don't think you made it through winner I think it was just I'm not sure but I know that there was one. Fuller president. There was trial is over and variation in the swamps Pennsylvania alligator Pennsylvania Leo promise or where they had zero I want us all these seizure Rendell. Mean there in their tonight on this continent this letter is just warming up because as mine water have. Now did they make our you know 56 degrees cuts into mr. coming undermines yeah. That's true for snake went down in there you can. Follow through when there mosque. And scaring Obama and these are fish over in the swamps that would be one heck of a thing are got a bass on put red Billy brown that you and your finger you know move. On the day. Going back to snakes. There's also stories of snakes down in the Internet and they have snakes in Gettysburg. Pruitt who would have sucked that I believe yeah there. Big snakes big black snakes ate sinful life called black preachers being black mean snake style they're right there marijuana were huge too because it's impossible rode halfway through first classroom. Really devil's den is a prime location for the McCain doesn't talk sense whole field the whole area's households are irrational rock salt own little crevices things get down and I rattlesnake down my employer know. How much I don't know I don't binary number is an article there it comes from September 1981. Skull famously consumer demand formation. This was part of it in September 1981. Decide black snake. Of round cup was seen by hiring more and who states is linked to be fifteen foot while trying to. For over a court of essentially just rep tells been known to resign in the neighborhood. Rattlesnakes having as many as sixteen rentals are found among the other lung Sonji younger Reynolds hit. Also the most been down that way rattlesnake yep I'm sure there is Smirnov fluorescent country. And I just 1876 at turtles found there around tough and hard enough I 1825 not tourists to them a hundred years plus Maria credit. I assume cross are those what are they would do that turtles are remember they are. And it goes I say locust is that the county 1834 he thinks she's doing anything 68 mission headquarters in this town to vent every visit. So 1881 that's snake that big bikes acres comic -- our own top did not mention that fifteen foot. Black snake that's a face that's that's what you want sacraments like tour and half for me tall you know right. I wonder about that nowadays. You see is staked its four or five foot. People are tough tell us to kill it by a deathly first right now down there you touch you know in the middle of feels there may be one house has almost I armaments and read them so maybe these things. Maybe they do roll that please we just never let them do right good point. Well you know what to the farmers always leave the blacks they go it take care to romance drama farm house and everything like that's not so much. Right here right now with the don't. We looked. Sad to say we looked at creatures a lot different then. And we do now you don't now we look at film that we know they're meeting our homes when technical ministers for how long now and then and that's from the biggest things. We learn to live with them back then because as part of nature yes now we just destroy who we don't necessarily. What I want my homes he came to go to serpent played typical current to serpent being evil the doubles more current and Emmy and lot of people put that mentality that's when they must die as much if there are some sort of relation that's the only preachers were in the double as a snake right. I'm now and I'm only that's where you swing your house how shall move. Facet being terrified Osama here. The house first. This is your life similarly they force you believe Sonya I don't Austria and I guess my house terms turnaround came in gardeners all sound like us I don't know how to because I can't tell me. Big drug sort opens up they insist they get their head in their slithering on Sunday. But I want on the back of my garage two weeks ago Moscow grass us trying to catch Bruce to faster as a small but a four and a half life. Because they still got on Iraq's news conference can't even tell me lately opened my neighbors know each and every knows I love Sus can. But like construction going on up in there and our nose appears to let around season rattlesnakes he took people come undone further work well. I learned somebody's driveway inside my neighbor just killed one recently while I actually done all right the new yeah accidentally tiller rattlesnakes right. There's. Supposedly years ago from the mine was when most people it goes in nicely you re think roundup. They wouldn't come anywhere other is between fits in concert and mosaic. Really he says drummer just that way there's loads and said there's loads and mean they're too big dent. Now recently did less about the hole tough a mile investor call I was on where valiant FedEx I think you. Level the whole area along with TJ Max did was they did also dropped with this new passenger wrote an exact area that's halfway between so skinny and fit then. Oh man is all smiles while people checking their fair. Have basements and an air had their beds what was it years ago when they're into on the montage of all they still do this alone they have to run the sand based on the slights but when they were building even the stadium there are saying there is contractor stand the motors would be. Theater don't burst and it snakes just follow on there so many back and Iran Syria there. But to this daily you both say that they have to do the a snake check on the slides from montage just the other us this summer thing open affair no remorse no mile or whatever it is at this time but now. Yeah mr. procedure must realize how extensive intranet through sand mentality is having some half. I also allied yes they had asked him what he would do it's our first period down there's a sacrificial did you said the now let's look into your first step clearly you guys who sent me on this California Soledad I'm very I could see another all Beilein okay who wants to be in free throw I'm usually have to do fictitious trade on the Internet that you can. Solomon take the broom sweep WW man's man. Also I wouldn't call on the slide to get back up Faisal rattlesnake just Smart having now. Oh no way similar gonna win I think actually it's unknown marine take a break we come back the loans tumbled to half of this sounds good Womack. Randy can take. As some listeners the spontaneous in like mentally and turn. Every day we actually. Don't remember Colin coming in the mustache you want to plus star turn did the one that definitely isn't paranormal signed let's go Jamie bulk talked about a little flew over the years we talked about shadow people. Often which we know what that is this is a dark figure if flux across flies across what is your. There's in the one question again almost like Colin Newman another one child a happy man. I've heard that one I'd ever heard of that I don't know I mean. Get mad men is basically. It's a shadow person but when you look at the shadow. It's got some type of hat unseat a top pat cabbie has some sort of I like that then. And it's the difference I know I don't know if it does behave in different if it doesn't seem different. Well if you have a shadow in your house and its form their own Hannah and you've got to pet meant for you never heard before we've had occasion of that. In my resonance fan I would try it. That's our son and his girl I happen to being you know one lady may or may actually well she actually scream so I woke my wife and I helped commercially. I was horse plague going on and here was they saw and a half men shadow in our kitchen area so it is he something would have if yes how won't and that was phone and it from a three years or don't I don't my Grasso was a born in this so about three years ago. Present some how many different things and he's got the hat man you've got to black shadowy death in men in black you've got flagged my children. I mean common denominator is black right exactly and I try and find how much I'm sure current V you know benefactor join my son saw that show I asked you and you really want to related to me at that time that the color of the shadow. Is necessarily. Doesn't have any real significance of this evil entity or eyelids are talking the only Hollywood. Like us I think benefits dark it's negative but that's not true. So there. It's just how they are just coming through absolutely right and I and that could be a for potential creature entering our third rational world sooner than our mind picks it up because we can't see imported mentions. And so Macy is a flash or shadow stuff so it's not. Always a bad thing percent of its dark. Let's get some from people look at starting automatically assume it's because of that line zero Hollywood I'm gonna that it offense on the losing oil goes my health is bad exactly. Just because of that that's not true path. Flesh of a caller Joseph from Nana Coco on the show just welcome Joseph. Slow flu first time caller regular listener awesome thank you listen Joseph we appreciate that. When I was prepared. I remember. Men then men because they were trying to buck Americans could model would bring about a liar. Com where he did when it went to different countries and brought back animal for circus was so. So whatever country you're good ability within. There was a picture he had arm from famous had to be removed forty. Regulate foreign trip you may be in our drink them say OK okay. But there's smoke and most likely approach with a manic armed oh really now committed at this period. In a baboon closure. Started it was huge news I mean it had to be. There had to be over. 300 congress flaw all that's a lot of vacant right now once an acorn and clinic because stripped of that big finish swallowed it. Big snitch but there were twenty couldn't do things just it felt he couldn't get out of the cage. News now's your conference after that big right. But a bamboo slats Boudreau drew don't know it was made out of wood wide enough for him getting him. But I'll never forget that picture of that vague and got all. Powerful and bigger with every and good Florida the last panel Aamir just the last two years. That they found. A white tailed deer from federal and alligators. Seem I want this guy and mimicked. What would go to the alligator that was about. You've got federal public Gallagher with a but it could. We've already be paid confederate military was pretty big for that type of mixed while story you don't know Anaconda to grow. On the every sure they're big animals they get slowly and every 24 largely not different. Picture hero different I'm 44. Bet they're trying to reduce matter what if they go where were computer in trying to find the biggest. They go or go to my hand post somehow. I guess they're Cyril fear. I want one million liters or whatever but they have him with those tracked its. You're compatible with all the satellite tag thing right OK I'm actually quite already helicopter. And they recaptured you see how much. More they would have grown. But Malkin like that which got big man they would try to buck and I guess through a situation where if motto would bring him back alive. And millions and bring them back here in the states from whatever native country they can write perverted by different circuit soon Purdue exploited those job right now. And then he wasn't flew release him and all while Mel you know throughout her profession sort of just. More per like this circus soon. So I also learned. But also. I remember you got a man on talking about. He's far. Though Walt flight commander when you magnified if yes he was there and in them oh yes yes bears we're one there were no. Like what am I could feel like the first week bittersweet good. They're bought hundred's. With the second week of sort of cooled off the comes out a little rice and I don't know American people when I heard a story I don't know where wintertime go edited December the end because of the freedom and after what you gonna ground I guess there was. Yeah that's a good question if it was a first or second week of buck season right how lacked in the woods were well he didn't. Jimmy pictures of the footprints but I did okay Butterworth there was emotional there was no small. Could you recall that was a first or second week of bark. Then and only talk. Does bring every the first week and all the pressures but well yeah as high mutilated or are going not a good week already noted. And I consider big wood up there. Gets in touch and eighteen miles and nothing right. Right African plus plus also north of you don't think you monitoring and how they feed you know if someone did take a shot and your say it was wounded Earnhardt died. May whose owner treat the carcass to I mean he enemy and a better free lunch everything exactly you know I kind of like an opportunist now. What got a right where I was thinking about it later this year I really didn't remember him failure and I heard heard the story that little while ago already revived. Mother shot right so yes it is fairly I always said he watched like a good four or five minutes at a place where you timing. Kind of type they don't have good retirement date. It is real estate or fifth there was no which obviously revulsion autograph from. But I like they've safely into believing. That's an end some feel that little bit of snow was like the first day of buck. Makes everything just let him Marcus so did you imagine if there's you know that little bit smaller groaning just popped out even more more I know daily dose imperfect thank god yeah. Kelly that's inside you know I horn in a general area myself silly and all that ever since you're shots are thought that I'm look oh my shoulder a little more. They'll often they make you think it's the death doesn't mean could it be there you know is a watching homeowners in the woods that are in its. Area as habitat you're in their home that's it and you won't I don't know if you want if they don't want you to see the mayors we're gonna do their best so you don't know where there. And we'll locally and medical grade now live bearers are like on the brawl. Know that the girl around them all her all over because there is no food flesh and since. There's no acorn falling yes in its assaults are all we have regulars to reduce saw one. Three or four days ago you underwent I've been much been thrown out by its mother after they get so big that they Abdur other young true. So it's Andrea breakfast so do you feel smaller when they have to go and got what Cooper itself. But they're also one about but I must say you're over three or found the body he's concerned there was just one America. I think it was Georgetown area but it was an amended backyard to call it certainly could ask us about that thought surely showed you look. 600 potter better who often and also did 12150 dollar awarded Amador estrogen because. Oh really is a good friend yeah we have something very wanna guess how they were friends like that who needs enemies great breakthrough. Plug guys. A good show thank you John I appreciate the sounds melodramatic this thanks so much. You'll ever see a bear in the woods. When a mole hunting I feel graced him blessed because there's just that the rarest of my animals and beautiful and caused by start and you you really witty and inherited assists spiritual thing of that fair absolutely. That's less energy it's all about finishing. They don't pro Muslim MobileMe and few minutes left. Let's talk a little bit about Erica. Everybody should be there and do but he should be there I saw tickets or Israel everybody listening should be there not come. You Rio we embarrassed ourselves of some eight dollars ten dollars or the door it out for yourself so to school who are website that he's close pair come back come right. Found more than half com. Got a bunch of vendors portion of the studio moll know the marketplace mall he marketplace as Intel formally known as soon Molson companies. Is. Is going to around him there give us three rooms. We're Austria we may be having live to close by when the relocate for a plan through rooms there. And nom is it's it's going to be fun we I mean we've grown. My guy. Amateurs are last year it's bigger brain no bigger squeeze over a dozen psychics frank. We've got probably 1520 different teams which teams are. My investigation groups they look right. We have probably. Close to thirty different vendors that's also. Thanks so we're really so we've grown we've grown we've grown in this incidence because of it's because our listeners because of our fan base and then it's it's because of reality throws Erica I know we've all been out there one point time the only apparent constant. You'll beat feet trying to you know get our contacts on them and and down. You know they're so different every one I'd say the news we've got. Lolly Lila slowly spit you want to and you allow any Ali com's Lauren Lauren Graham this homemade good constant. Awesome price we've got. They're trying to think in the name of the bet backbone crystals CS. My great great people there if you're looking for any type the stone fossil crystal anything and I'll extension stones this place to go have a are we gonna have those essential sprays as well we are actually arm post is going to be there with a host with the hawks for MI NN. From then send all of those are the threats are other non essential oils and screws and she now has half a chance to sage and and the elements so in the home and ours and Jose memento memento. No I don't come until then I'm ends will she may have looked to I don't know rupiah. Mike analysts share quite an assortment that may be her thing isn't it convenient an air quality may not totally forgot the world's resources. Moving well I knew. A different light trucks already lost a yes or your president your fault you see there president a couple of other. Tom Kahn well he'll be there is no you followed disease from move on this from move on right right. As you mentioned this button excuse me all right through your. Recessions are different Chris Carroll Chris are fearless and an idea as a regular listeners all this that's called it a couple weeks ago spoke of Venus and moon. Jim Jeff under market trends according to moderate people who have called awesome movie was awesome and it is in the riots actually. Do not want to leave some strange things should be and Jerry barely there in the if she's doing hypnosis Tristan and let him pass like professional especially here as rational as you heard stands are you heard the life hero of the year. Yeah L zero I thank. So therefore I missed a license for the civilized we did on the air she's in trying to get me to have the other three c'mon on the stage I wanna hear Molder ghettos are in towns how you actually ethical marketplace seems to market. But I'm yet so I that that's just one place to be if anybody wants to know on more women don't just speakers on two different stages. I'm again go to W dot East Coast are con dot com and I usually hear and see all the and don't forget wrist band if you ever spending will receive those seemed. Charlie museum museum you get shot you're a percent off what our respect and we need to Wear the respect it's it's Saturday and Sunday. All right well how do you music playing a song on the sale thanks for the singer one not thanks for column in the first time callers appreciate that. I'm Joseph Hough on sensor from a Mac daddy Mac grade do you keep the faith and sleep tight.