Tom Marino Interview

Sep 9, 2016|

WILK's L.A. Tarone speaks to 10th District Congressman Tom Marino about several topics including NATO and how Donald Trump would work with foreign nations.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A man who needs no introduction but will give a one anyway he's tenth district congressman Tom Marino lightning as he's known. It is our winners tonight Todd good evening thank you very much for being here tonight. I didn't have my pleasure thanks for having me. So I start with beauty in the international arena I'm unsure how many your constituents are aware of as how involved you are in foreign affairs and how many different committees you are on these committees and subcommittees in the house. The deal wit style foreign affairs. Of course we saw that lunatic Kim Jong I own mess set off that big. Explosion last night their nuclear bomb last night and I remember years ago when they tried one and went ten miles off the ocean an amended. Crashed into the ocean and holly gaming can shoot straight. The problem is they're getting better at this how much of a threat. As North Korea becomes. So this is an extremely serious threat to his news you're just pointed out very clearly. I'm not too many years ago. They couldn't control of the missiles and now they can control room. They're very good control. The information that we have been probably information that we don't have. So let's start secrets. Who was given that indicated to him. This could strike they're countries through them within their road certainly within their region so well. And you brought up. I on foreign affairs committee I'm on the Homeland Security chief this year we have a little jurisdiction over off of foreign issues but I. I equally important I'm vice president the NATO parliamentary assembly that's right and that and didn't arguing with. Politely go arguing minister academic degrees so politely anymore with. Of the 27 other NATO countries soon to be tore me here other countries. Find out who stole. NATO into the 21 century and I think I'm gonna go kicking and screaming to drag NATO into the 21 century. Stand strategic team given the responsibility for which it was design engineers design in the late fifties because the Cold War and vote. Look what we have. Unfortunately evolved into. We have these in no way and we South Korea we see what China's doing. We should obvious what duo Russia has been joining me in the Ukraine and in creeping towards the bullpen. So one of my main concern is that I won't be mean I will have a NATO meeting in them Belgium team I think it's November. That I had a revolution in November. Blaming if you will deliver to the membership saying. That it would look we need to do we need to do it immediately and reason the point that there we have to address. I am glad you brought up mainly as I did when I asked you if you questions about it in a few minutes let me jump back to south to North Korea now. How much of CD how likely is it that you think that at some point in that. Relatively near future that he may fire one of those nuclear bombs add Japan. At South Korea. At the Philippines. And Singapore at any of our allies and now part of the world. But it's it's it's why it's highly likely this guy is is huge clearly unstable. And he I don't believe so that he really didn't have the control. That they show videos on TV yet I still believe that there are it's a handful of general left over from his. Loser regimes that are just using him as a puppet to the pavement these guys anywhere and I'd suggest this dangerous. It's not even more dangerous because they wanna stay in power. Do we have any leverage red China was always say excuse me red China I'm sorry I'm always yeah. I'm gay shiny used to be there protect her and we wanted them to back off produce something we would talk to China it is that relationship still exist or is it strained between North Korean have made between North Korea and China. I think that there does exist because North Korea needs China no matter what the situation is. We have to get serious about this and the only way we can do that is have a serious. I'm proud to be in the war mentality was going to say look we can implement sanctions against you as well. Just the intrigue alone China relies on us so much to prove he did it would have a tremendous economic. Impact that it would bring them to their knees to a certain extent. Look what the trade deficit is with China so. We know they realize don't you had. It's right. You mentioned NATO a few minutes ago when the a parliamentary committee of which Sherry you're a member and you kind of anticipated my question I was gonna ask if there's anywhere and you sort of Manson and already but I'll rephrase it anyway. Is maybe Al the way it exists now put together starting in 1949. To. It's a combat Soviet aggression. Is it an outdated organization. As it exists right now. That's it is an am best so robust. Of the president of citizens might turn her congressman as well. Can't believe it's it will it will not take. That matched the kids more or less into. It's more like a player and not a philosophy because you don't think I did we need specific plans but there are more and more members now who realize. That we have to utilize the resources that we have in NATO. 01 other half. Tremendous hurled seduced. There are only four countries that. Hey what should be taken out there to preserve the GDP. It's. Then what would just debris into the 21 century with the technology that we need with that. The worst deal. With the troops that we need the training that we need. It's gonna cost a great deal of money but this is one of those situations where we can afford we can afford not to do this. Diana get back to and that their defense spending because Donald Trump is Nadine is Charlotte and I know he's been criticized foreign but I think that it was a negotiating tactic and I think he is right on target but before we go there. NATO as it's made out now one of its members and it's a long time member Turkey has been a member of NATO I believe since 1954. It is become very unstable. I president heard him on is. In the a process up purging anybody and everybody because of bad debt attempted cool. A couple of months ago and also what has been moving. To be something of a radical Islamic republic and not the secular republic that he used to be. Wouldn't let me rephrase that do we have a problem with Turkey being a member of mail. We're sort do. I am very nervous about Turkey's relationship with Iran and with Russia. The president there is as you point though there's not a movie. More towards these Islamic rebels are the radicals and extremists. Didn't know didn't we I'm sure you're aware this book this population is a very large. Extreme population and it's growing. Yeah I'm down TI ES pointed a finger at a guy who lives in Pennsylvania out and sailors burn this guy who launch. The I. You know and I don't know about much but from what I know it doesn't seem like he would have been involved begins gore run is also kinda radical. And when the military. Tried to take over the country say they were going to restore secular democracy you know much more about it than I do is cool unlike. We will bid involves the mad cool at all. Let me just clear at this point that I united. Can that make any comments on this because. Some meetings coming up and in the future applause at the meeting was gonna take place in November. OK I'm all right because and other and they were also talking about they want us to extradite them and I I can imagine we would do that without any yup proof and I don't know if there is any. Cotton NATO and the 2% requirement that you just mentioned art again for anybody has an outlet member nations are supposed to stand. 2%. Of their national budget on defense. And hardly any enamored Dylan out right. It is still early a lot of maturity maybe four. Shorts. So it lynch may go the comment a couple of months I know. And it was kind of flipping and I took a visit Joseph gonna negotiating tactic but. You know if you get exact if your bill wasn't paid time on now I mean I think he has a point in that we've been carrying. The bulk of that organization for many years. And and is seeded number one how big of a problem is a lack of 2% by member nations and number two was that. The best way to. Toss the first negotiating stone. I think it was an actual way the policy that stone because. We you know that's live for a five there are contributing and we certainly in the United States soon do you think contributes. A great deal more we cannot afford to. Just this and continue to build our military to the global. This should be allowed me to just go to a quick example. Then I don't think the president of Mexico boy ended. Strong down for keys just to shoot just to shoot the ball right trumka throw good attention. Yeah okay listen to the president has maybe we will we should do discuss this. And I did that just I think one of them that the attributes that he had had this to the attention of the opposition. I I agree completely there's there's no question on ice that night ice and this is exit this is old fashioned horse trading. And certainly if France for example were attacked of course we would back France up even if they don't have a 2% had try to settle with them later. But I eighty I I just saw that its bond and end this reported to a level that I have never seen before I I seem so much miss reporting. This time in the in this presidential campaign is sending massive excel word for an excellent word for it yeah. You know flipping between the French. Certainly. And the Belgians. They're trying to earn new degrees. And so it that's going to be interesting at the meeting in November because we're gonna see more and more. Countries double and and particularly concerning Russia. The Baltic States because they are core beliefs. Nervous. About Putin in the in its expansionism. Sorry I didn't ask you about that because my opinion is not very popular here but I'm. Explain a little bit here and trash it seems to me that when George sportsman George W. Bush was in office. He and potent got along pretty well. Russia as a matter of fact I am a picture of bush. Getting driven around cool In this old bold god this old Soviet car that Putin has our seem to me they got along pretty well in Russia wasn't quite. What was sort of kind of an ally. Not all that many years ago and now I see that I'm particularly many on the left. Have been in treating. In Russia today. The way many of us on the white used to treat the Soviet Union in the sixties and seventies. Do you consider Russia to be a threat or can it still be applause hi ally because we have a lot of enemies in comment. I think. Again where we have. More and more threats from countries that we can. We were not threatened by before and I've got to go back to this administration's lack a policy I doubt prove to get the bad guys. There's no question about it there was an issue raised about one trump says. Do you want to have. Putin instead of cooperation in dealing with crisis right I don't have a problem of that's that's. I'm not saying that from an abortion but that is that's primarily focused it should be don't forget I. About your children why don't Stalin seat the they're not ceased so why you know the enemy number my enemy is my friend I look prudent. Oh over the last. I would have to face a team. 1015 years he's accumulated so much more power. So much more well. And you need the last polls and I've seen coming out of New York. Sure that it popularity among his people is over 80%. And they have been putting himself. So we certainly want to I want to be the general secretary Mary doesn't he wants to these and excuse the great. I well OK because now he has it seems may need is almost become a czar it tastes they're effective then the mid term bad. That is says so well known in Russia are right so Donald Trump however has. Is stated Seth and I got a touting what he said the other night. About potent being a more effective leader for his contrary. Then Obama is for ours you don't want somebody and say man for years air shall I mean you know when you have pulled it is without question. Potent is a Russian nationalist he is concerned about Russia's image where Russia is scooter Russia's. Andreas he's not running around the world apologizing for everything we've done like our president doesn't really trump. I tech community ruins that. You know put another prize fight in. They can position that balance of people would go with Putin's. You it is good to achieve these remote third. He's a megalomaniac easy. You do if it is probably the richest of the world because so the blood you and then they also backs of the Russian people. But as as far. Controlling his country and I am beginning the popularity that she has been aware of just people he's a mastermind it's. Yep no doubt about it because I've seen those same polls 8085%. Of their agreement before I went up politician in the United States wouldn't kill somebody if you haven't all like to back. Exactly yeah and look what look at how many times here. Obama has backed down from pro competitive junk anymore they didn't rooted it's even. It's embarrassing to certain he told media when other countries pulling out of town. Ask demand since you went there we decide that incident the other day were true ships were very close to Wii shop there. And we got all bandanna shaped how much of that if any M do you believe is proven test saying. Obama home he believes to be a weak leader Annie may not necessarily do that with a stronger leader. It's just a calculated. Is no weapon in Japan it's. It's trying to get to that first down and in India every couple of birds he can't win with this president if you didn't that's first down. You know every every three player he's but if you have a if you have no but what can type individual. What to I think it comes to dealing with other countries that. Are hostile to us trunk wide open. Those meadows matters my look at these people in the eye ball. We're looking at them in the eye ball. And so and we can do this team to where we can do this the hard way. But the way is that I think you trump who really knows how to address this issue if financially. I was tested two different questions I do miss 11 how much of a threat do you believe I do believe it's likely. That pool would invade the Balkans in the baltics for example I I I mean Crimea is a little bit of a different story can as a wasn't part of Russia for many years Nikita Khrushchev gave it to Ukraine and and whatever the baltics are a little bit different do you think it's it's. Lightly and he would invade the Balkans and the baltics and vote. And I think it's in the back of his mind. And if you have an opportunity to do we. I don't know. Who Obama's still president. The first tee Monday. Advantage of that opportunity. It's just a testing ground every day will may and NATO do work do anything pursuant to article five what the United States stepped in to doing many things. And from my lesson there with the clintons. So called foreign policy speech today and it was more of Obama. Doing nothing. And I I was gonna ask you about that as a matter of fact because it was billed as this great big. Foreign policy speech and I ain't listened to a but I read some of the transcripts and you know I didn't hear anything different from her that day is that we haven't heard before and it seems exactly what's been going on in those last seven years and frankly I think this last seven years has been the worst foreign policy disaster in American history. So this there's no question about it I do well. Let's hope I put a little bit of blame the defeat of George W sigh oh because. He's those dorm and honored to have the liberty bell liberal moved over here or literature prize that I brought that up but you know like like it is and don't try to do. A couple of any thing. But yeah I think it's those who do you and I have discussion in Cleveland I don't think we should have ever gone to the Iraq reference it was a different story. But. Bush should have taken a bit tougher stance to protect Kuwait. What the people that once around them at that level you think they would have been version deceit. What these leaders are at least thinking about. Based on information and intelligence gathering that we should be doing. I wrote a column this week about 9/11 and mention bush and Iraq in it it was sold at the time. As we're going after the terrorists who were responsible for nine elevenths. It all the intervening years there hasn't been one iota of Evan instead does Saddam Hussein and anything whatsoever to do with 911 day. David fifteen of them were saudis. Agreeing. I don't have less time I have but I wanna. Quickly go over this. I didn't. Think we should go and interactivity if we had an issue with the flu should a couple of head off further us NATO should have been LN. Nobody had a meeting there with Rumsfeld and you know like the way I approach to put. Who will only did we took I'm referred Saddam Hussein has been unstable stability and no we speak right separate and then checked Egypt Syria inject. And we do we can come out and then look what Al Gore or. What away and had mentioned and we didn't get we should've got the meanest SOB general put him in. Charges there and should you listen gosh I have but not know we're we don't do that we can't stand the military's don't want to go OK not so. I mean there I rest my case on the fact that that you're gonna go wins. And do something like that you better be prepared to be there for the long haul and take control and then the Bush Administration Muslim prayers for the. Didn't do that then of course Hillary Clinton's Arab Spring just further destabilize the entire region and I think she is largely responsible from a problem license. You wouldn't I would entitle the time of those elections were taking place at the week's column of the Muslim Brotherhood. Take control. And that that I even ask Clinton that what is fixtures stated afforded Erica. And the foreign affairs hearing that assures the trade photos of the most were broken put their flags. I don't mean me. It'll all be in writing in instigating people and I think could you pick this up but I can pick up. I guess from Williamsport Pennsylvania if I can pick up to the Muslim Brotherhood. There's a part of all this you didn't foresee this and of course because they have to the questions. I know I'm keeping a longer than I said I was out there when I got an article about Saudi Arabia's somebody texted me here I was kind of go on here anyway. As I just mentioned fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. There is men and the bill led down the house passed today. That the president does evidently gonna veto but it would allow us to sue the Saudi government here is the Saudi government is a very. On reliable. Ally of ours. How long can we continue to be friendly with them or do we just depend on their oils so much that we're kind of struck. Well that's what big independent oil we do we depend on the depth to these countries service trust that's why it's so important for us to be. And energy independent news now on national security these shoots above in my one of the individuals that were supposed to go one of those planes and I'm not sure who's saying Cerrato or what backed out because so very. Did you learn. Agents so that it like the way it is very looked at it like the way you reacted. Oh girl and he was in all of its sense of terrorism did you left the airport that day he was picked up. He didn't tell you he's England automobile he was one of the guys that was going to sound you know it did this follows I. If you those planes and using them as a high performance bombed and look what's gonna happen bill Obama's demand via. Guantanamo and this was one of the guys who were were part of of that. Machine I think this there is some new indications. They're lower levels of the saudis clearly were in hold demand I think it's. They're extremely embarrassing for them the leaders over their butt. You know so there are many more just I don't trust anybody over there. Now I had then the thing with Guantanamo Bay is just a craziest thing in the world to me ME YE a really existed. Ten hours. The people who were enemies of the United States. This is not a bunch of people who rob a liquor store or gas station in this administration has been treating them like that and this makes no sense comedian he's gonna be able to close about a time he's not. Didn't attend the fact that broke the game this is a guy that's been. Losing the executive power beyond what is the most he didn't say that I was there. I've it's I have seen these people I know what their way they can no protesters like. And we know what these people release because we certainly gonna take through these people. That's an attractive maim them find no word and actually keep track of where they are not component certainly that I can put them in a prudent. So well and so that's that's code was concerning. Ted district cars when summary did a good job with a Wolf Blitzer the other day by the way I watch step and I thought it was pretty intriguing you kept calling him. Mr. blitzer that he wasn't sure how to. React to that I thought that was pretty guest and I couldn't even sent to me afterwards please call. I I. Look at notre can be sent to mentor die than what I had to wait on the phone to talk with a a couple of times but. So I don't think you know do you come back can give me credit musician not something you didn't watch one of my question is nonsense it is so I was taken back when you blamed. Give them the few good shape with this country. Israel and all around the precedence over the last twenty or thirty years and you know you sit anywhere Pope as a well they're part of it too. Damn now I am I saw that answer and I don't put given to him this guy is a guy. I'm good profile for the start of Pennsylvania is up. Oh well listen I just what I wanted to keep. Or when the Cuban people in my district could across Pennsylvania and across the country. I wanna keep them involved and engaged in informed that's the problem or book are we we don't take the time to be informed and really. But as what's taking place in DC and we have to hold all of those responsible for the. So far right. Ten district congressman Tom Marino thank you very much we will tell you again I'd love to caddie in studio some night. For all our nano that's a little more difficult to work out when congress is in session but. But given a shot anti. It's important to be back in this in this streak in October and I told my crew things he does a great job what do you. Something so I don't mind you know there in fact they prefer to be in the studio take. My first since. Wonderful by Tom we'll talk again thank you very much bigger through.