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8-28-16 Paranormal Science

Sep 2, 2016|

Joe’s trip to Lily Dale, NY

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A hero normal life science. And yeah. Swing. Good evening local governments find some Joseph off. Ahmed Mac daddy Mac-Gray continuance could be back in the back in the studio it's outstanding to have you here no thank you thank you I'm ma. I'll tell you what it's it's it's some. It's been loyal it's been a lot comes especially since I mean you've been together here. Right that's true right here because I was back in the word is and of course uses have done and I I have been I've been absent tonight. I want to run for you sir wanna thank everybody for DM the information they send me they asked me if I'm okay not a you know I mean everything is finds a lot going on right now so. Com why can't take your hand take a step back and do they can't himself face is busy but. We're glad to have you here. The pockets here well. What we are missing brother stand brother mark I know more than that these guys are I know Marquez themselves do stands actually enjoying himself higher so I he in the in the wife got away from little bit so that's that's cost little vacation. Yes our man known back later on tonight but. The other fact that matters is that it's you know he can make the show so that's OK and this had fun doing her demoted him. We should each waves in the background and and a half a soft. Computer we should have an area that's home I'm confection and somebody's standard you're listening we need to remodel. Yes yes then Conan that's not I'm not a com. So. Last night Russell a stammer taco whole bunch of things and and and down I want somebody I went to. This call mum on limits of her an ounce coma Lily dale. The New York we don't you dot com. We went just just say for the day. And com. It was incorporated in 1879. While it was part of the job that the Seneca and as long term budget reform and recycling can liners and stuff but so because that was actually see him. Yeah actually ran Busch took the initiative pump. I have a Porsche could make it to work purposes that's right that's for you didn't did you guys had a good time we did we had a great time com that is part of the site area the tribes of their. Million American try to protect. Com but what was initially it was made for one song. There was a camp in a meeting area on the first partial list and free thinkers OK and till date till today. It has always has been so has never changed so if fuel bill it is a gated community right thumb and it is in the true. Community of free thinkers and specialists. Com I was apprehensive and everything else and I'm always I was calling it. The you know the Dion. Hit the amber has so you're an open mind at a real this exactly right and I experienced the same time right now I'm skeptical believer basically when it comes down to doesn't make sure are some of us. Thank you are pretty broad some so cruel when mom when went down. And when I first got there of course and LC oh million junior blocks often it's also important. And dumb or walking around. Because it gave you page it's a minimum fee I think it's like fifteen dollars person soccer cars for persons subsequent fifteen book tour. And non US is one for our cash again. I've sought to better so my thought and he's coming goes three please in the end ultra did handle things have spiritual healing they have not little workshops there and not. Of course or anything else this is I know how they make their money. Yes so they sell trinkets and then move things and and books and there's a bunch authors that I mean anything you can find anywhere. And again walking through saying things you know some of the stuff was. Are just I was expecting to see some stuff as you see an analog places up. There's nothing you insist on all the arms dramatically also give ourselves talking about like pull me in China labels or any other. These due to die stamping dose of what we make a thousand that we saw on the people you know. They and I'll be honest with you. I saw nothing like that there goes our original. It was all it was or wasn't before was not original and I and I say ignorant or mean like one and so hand made a specific tell you usually was manufactured. Armed there's a fashion by smaller companies you could tell the the artistic work that went into like deep in the U in the mixing bowls and and indeed the incense burners and they were just unique equality and Hart put new product exactly it's not the social and you see throughout all the other no holistic places you may know we also have a two standard stuff there now and I'm telling that by any means bonus at all. As a community I was apps I was actually taken back by and then. And the so as a loss in that it could really it didn't end. And you know I had to say nobody going you wanna like OK it's if it's can you free thinkers specialists like it's almost like a COLT felt OK yeah. Hate to say that has been you don't gated community aren't exactly Foleo of course on you know it's it's it's a company will face a similar comment on him and ask you drink their partial what's going on here. And in my and it was a fixed typically it good enough but it was like at all it really wasn't these people were. Bomb the first holes on the front these people I have met and a long time outs and a mom and everybody was there are welcome over new welcome arms. Any question you want it asked. They took the time like you were the only person that you just there was five people waiting behind you. It didn't matter because US a question test of personal touch you blink exactly and that makes you feel. You eat you know you respond to both things it may should feel welcome. And that's there there branding the continuity doing something right here. Com he's in the guess there that when they're of their officers and myself went to see you know maybe from there have been there before us my first American bomb. Everybody wants. I was it was it was gentlemanly like. And I see that will balloon shot in my voice because let's be often we'll see them usher Ichiro rim DC you know current winning and Wal-Mart Lionel ticked off because there were indigenous all right I think they shouldn't. Everybody's problems are more important any others exactly and these people didn't mind waiting in there talking to you explain to you they waited their turn. Exactly in an orderly fashion. Exactly and that's who remiss in these days you're right it is then it was just good and refreshing for the soul on that Parnell yet. Mom know her if the way Korea fully ready exactly you know it it was it was a courageous they were OK with putting it just two days they've they've turned his chief feel look they've become a book they'd look at some merchandise. Also what they were ready to wait for one reason that they knew every inequality response that was my heart exactly. Exactly. Thumb and so what we do we do. We did that were walking through his only commercially out of that the community in north I can't I don't want to destroy human time and poor's Castro only treats and I in the coming across from. It's called herbal. Restoration. Something drew me to sign it pretty much every house there has the no. It was a co Sheila shields were meant for hernia a scuffle around him supply can you know signed and sealed as these college. So they would throw out a shingle then you don't forget there are almost every house and finishing off. That's an armed society meeting medium medium term herbalist or. Just something what we're real mountain something for the fact that the Fed that they are specialty was OK so for the most part I was say not every hospital for the great majority. As a pass whose house on the corners isn't certified north street. And down. Its inaugural restoration nerves and oil. Like hunt. You know just on drew me to get a shot here or cannot write song and I think that's a whole hasn't come from my homeland we go and a molecule with a full force whistle should the subnet as she's closing about an hour we want can end. The place was not big at all you can almost see you can may be fit for people that okay. On this was her house that you turn for some fortune to her area okay. When you walk in you can mis spelled essential oils I'm museums legitimate users it was very strongly opposes gun was a pleasant my I. Actually welcoming tie I mean in it was just. This low was unique. OK who's fresh who's clean there was no no no no pungent or like him criteria for one industry even made yet I still OK that's the thing I'm sorry you're on the street here and I want in my eyes kind of common sense told here there was something else assuming Jeff I don't know what was. Washington game normally epithets at unforgettable songs of Joseph well it's a concern. But initially I had no idea yet. So we want him. And now. There's police and Hannah account she took her some portion Schmid to ensure that basically the money for the third that mom and she's just canceled ask. And there's physical bunch and we'll talk for Parker essential issue welcome June very nice and her name is our Kara. Seeking youth. Like that last thing to write something about death rates so Melia I immune. Com we're talking in tones are essential questions she also makes soaps and she makes oil is very I'll tell a different station mark for yes post. Bomb bomb seriously those relations with but that should make seven different shock for a I'll point hills for him to help shoppers sounds console port so we're talking tour herself she's an RN she is MS she's RM. She's a nurse practitioners alike chic and so he's been health care for years she's got knowledge she does just then you can tells we're talking to or she knows about. So she offers weren't things that she offers a free. Com. Shocker reading. So me being the that don't know Oregon. I was there you understand the million have been really Cisco has a solid wolf it's free via an absolute something initiation and potential for Marian for your time. So this is I think this she says allowed. All eyes won't you know this is mommy pitching I think this is time we saw a pro all she goes well I don't expect you to buy I think now my oils or may or may not help you. I'm huge oceans began to bleed motion doing choose I believe my analyst and I don't know how to do so the issue explained who she is again no one more thought into it. And nationally so please don't think that me doing this for agreeing to make you buy something sure that I can't prefer actually usually introduce free if you not to buy something through don't think that say don't feel obligated right wire product announcement himself as a reverse psychology OK Hilary could have been but you should do such a manner that I I truly believe what she was saying don't have. So we say okay fun you know because I was my plan Miami. And I'm. So she's a computers turnarounds or Sri from the back into the chopper two is from front to back procession turned around. So arm I turn around them missile going and I place them. She's like okay I am. Source now. I think you're breathing in June should it turn around. But lamps are in the rehearsal for your Russia we might financial my first management of course you know adjustments. Don't just turn around it's a case of child finish you know some. Let me say this huge personal issues. All you shoppers are are are perfect line that she's or explain what what they look like I'm all for you guys with that but everything came confession read. And then she says something that I've only heard twice before off to people nationally respected psychic community one being British and trillion or being charlatans. Com. She system issues. You have a lot going on here cheers and I need to ask you this why you're not using it. And I wouldn't hurt and that's how we're she had me thumbs hooked. And I went I'm using what they're of course playing now and then she SARS song with the you know from what I could know and this and that she was honestly just as. I think we cultivate ventures and we would switch places. While Dennis bounds a third time I've heard that ten. Any get I don't claim to be out by any means but. Two other people it's only that I have some type of gift and an NFL I guess I don't have to believe in my just don't I guess told me no I'm doing with the and I know what you're saying trophy. I guess right and that's really what she told me. But what I'm getting out this whole mall Lincoln stories this is that this is lady I had no idea who she was tired and drawn to the place. As for her to tell me that. That right there she sealed. The whole community just no one conversation with me. Because you know what and she says she is we're treated free thinkers choose what I tell you. Is what I tell you that's when I think just our right and she owes nobody that you may not improve no real Harry Prudential's but that's who we respect about each other here. Issue on explain about a community works I'll tell you what. I I'm not getting any for the system aptly if anybody ever has an inferior hasn't had a spiritual linemen who wants to go seek Somalia talk to people. That shrewd community go to. Under felt so welcomed any anywhere any pressure in place in my life. Mom to be my you want can these people's homes literally yet so I mean the man himself tell you something you walked right into their house really sleepy exactly. You second guess this is their livelihood and then they'll tell you what as I start looking at more prices in the so that you knew her royals who sat there. They are not there. Donor they wanna make money yes but I can tell you shall by the prices. They're not there to your shot you can say they're really running truly there to help people yeah they really are committed armed. Prices for outstanding career early on they really work I mean it takes a lot reset if you Palestinian shipper on the Internet order Chinese people might. Beatrice sanitizing the East Coast Erica coming September 21 that would be good because that's such a thing and you know what. They they went when and if they choose to travel them okay they. They they can do that I guess I'm on their own thing don't really know so like solicitations I could really talk much about it at all. I gotta respect right and I and actually I respect that and what happened to his you know I mean they can have everything there. You know they do Perez thoroughness and diarrhea right exactly. But I'm also that this lady she's functional find an arch street. She's called her more restoration she's she's absolutely awesome she knows her stuff she she hooked me and then like I said if Virginia. And Cheryl. Hadn't told me very similar almost to two words pretty much you know things about myself endlessly told me including one just over the air here. I parliament leader. Just because I was going in essence this you know can play and I don't you don't know anybody is thinking this towns nailed this matter during the first but now. You know it was like a nobly Tom owners to play catch different businesses that part in New York but remember when she has no disrespect saying no no actually not new it's I mean look at the elite is much we look at is brimming Gettysburg has looked at intersections I mean. There's one actually Gettysburg there's also people making money aspect is going to run a business make a living and that's okay and where I'm trying to do as your connector so before we get phone calls of people said that that's now we're saying no. Tom how we I'm recruited her restrict funny you know that's that's by no means is that I mean. Particularly with the schools are Kanye we're kinda I just doing the same thing if you will but. But our main goals or bring people. Together help understand it and understand it then it's. That's original 1000 people don't and the two are making money out of but they're living it yes that's thinks they're living we ask is now when you're there. How did you feel flake and not only in that house in the community how did you feel spiritually around you did you. I thought I blame myself first at a my concerns parents and Shalit was I kind of closed myself off Q and tell you that I did intentionally hit OK I'm. All of the proper thing to do such a place like that I just my nature yes. Hamas I don't like the charlatans and nice numbness and then I'm sure score cards are on a 360s will book exactly so. But once I want to her. And then we went to mom. A spiritual cleansing passionate one of these churches are hot in Moline ill okay. Special closing from feet and I tonight and I'm sorry I'm sorry from 78 then went to nothing compared to nine but I. Play LS Osama than we did not and one day was occur I mean when there's not enough but who's actually awesome. My mom who's a special cleansing. This nontraditional. Church if you will okay but this ailment lay hands on you pay and respectful ways for shall ask if they can't stop a homer but you. Com this touchy on your shoulders your knees to every on the go whose whole thing and had found that he's huge there. How we were there I was gonna say is that to do with the healing powers of that yes that's exactly the ones. And I'm all of us who are you take a break but are all adults Theo skip back stay tuned in all all hard time moving back. Eight Smart tries from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand teams turning your back. Are you comfortable in your body like your possessed with somebody else's storming and suffering you don't need an exorcist really chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body remember chiropractic school. 569 pierce street Kingston pregame check them out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. Ran may contain material please come. You lose some listeners are spontaneous enlightenment may in turn. I'm welcome back from science. This pick up where I left doctor. Yes I. I feel I'm telling when he'll Mount Pleasant shown us is good because we're over and of itself right say and this is and some of content on your usual here. It's. So. Do you back and we we tend the end especially feeling better and. The first but when you go and they have which we do know aussies first time there for them we have to sit. Member of rule I guess it's unspoken rule which are united now can we sit Muir you can. So you can like pick a pew weren't sure you have the civic so if you're number nine and ten violin you wouldn't scientists thought. So yes it has on you pulling everything which I didn't you realize have time okay. Well because my back I don't. What's in the middle of it gently laid out so I I of course we can't slash tells me at the cinema. Can I can't do of the community and intense dry and Holland when we sin Hamlet I he's on the stretch out can do this. So on the she doesn't OK Josh is you have not so fun. You go off. They do a little prayer now. Nondenominational just telecast communal unknown cost for the universe and then your career Helms also of course this this whole thing. And dumb. I'm sooner or maybe about four rows back and the first group because clearly healers there. By the second group of fuel can of course be huge get. Done different times so people are now going a track where. That I truly film room. He was. Almost a point where it was like a vibration in the room. From the healers just just putting hands on these people and generating the book gives us. The generation and energy necessary and it's amazing it's amazing that for homelessness what do you feel love them and one point like you who feel vibration. Film there's one gentleman that was true enough for me and he was the only one that wasn't. You know putting hands on everywhere were or a different shock for points are different points she was just holding on the shoulders. Can I have this actual connection like I can literally feel his energy up some icon now forgive him because of course she can't she can't here's how come. So. Unfortunately as as him how I do not. Obama I have to go through another drama in the back and he and he was okay but mom when she you're drawn the other guys I was. So when you're putting money of course he asked me on the feminism can do so very respectfully arts. I suggest some sort of prevent shocker of the contract restarts and that's how my shoulders and so on so forth my lower back and you know you're on your round. Your calf muscles and he does your knees and your ankles mile just to touch points. When he had his hands off my back I can literally feel. It was like come from a detention unit. While emissaries intentional or describe a huge feeling his hands feet winner Paulson gambling Paulson like that. Comes muscle stimulation yes yeah and it was it was actually it was amazing but but it an of course you don't like. I'm trying to relax and think can help extend Jonas jealous you know it's it's kind of weird you know like any good way of course there and I am so you don't that and I felt OK but not. 0% there was like my energy was there but we we just weren't connecting on. So we leave there and and and know all absolutely no addition dunhill onscreen stuff and ancient masters time. So. We leave and go to a couple things because now this disorder Aventis is starting. 8 o'clock. Through tone of the assembly hall. We enter united never went door prizes and basket raffles people donated just kind of collect money for you about a cup commission yeah. Well sure is I think now about maybe. Fifteen different readers as I call no columns like common readers so when I was fifteen to readers there and Hawaiian was a endorsements and take us what's involved. So Mike Paul okay so. There's and they talk and no and they have like they give free food we can donate if you want to sort of enhance self sanskrit communities it puts spread it's amazing that habit. So of course China I don't know what exactly pretty much the whole town literally change and don't unsold stuff they have been in the mood for May be. Armed. So they they go and you signing up for these breeders bowl for washing and finally it was I think we can read got a little can find socialism sun and no but I look. And literally the whole auditorium was filled and people are just waiting. So when your signed books weren't going in through reading there was still waiting for these people like probably ten or twelve. Per reader backed up that's how packed it was why. Is like Hamilton did that. But when we go and I happened knows this gentleman that was actually doing the hands on healing at the church emerges that he had no one with him. So I actually went up and Gotti healing. To be true lesson earlier like his energy like he just is especially amazing healing his hands or shoulders norilsk and I'll tell you what. There's only one other time that's more your number at Churchill in the PP and that maneuver around a self Paulo market. Under is a father former passionate came in Tommy Italy and he was. He was truly blessed and holy spirit Hughes like laying hands on people or hearing a Mormon Church injury and people are really getting drunk with power of the holy spirit. And I like if farmers like it wasn't the that was like no joke. And I am really hands on me a truly felt something won't tell you what when this show only hands on me I felt his energy and I actually felt better. It's almost like the soul cleansing was instantaneously. Gone. I'll make a little bit more I can literally I can feel the change every first nor for present commercialism to feel the change and then he. He must've worked with me. Good fifteen twice Mets obviously this panel shall listen. I can feel. The energy just going through my body to the point where I felt the so much I got someone tune with the is also good rhythm of a car knowing you can just kind of hear it. And also emotional like. Pull back and I knew I said my mind I'm like he's he's he's install now and within about a three minute to people to have you back and said no you're OK now stuff. But I literally felt that shift of energy in my body that he was doing. So bad fascist power play the call what you will but it was just known to be involved in the moccasins you know because I am you know could have. I'm happy I'm skeptical believer but I also knew what I had I know what I felt and I told afterwards. And it's almost like beyond what to regroup for cleaning like. You know all my campaign for an icon you know yes or slow boat back yeah I'm still sore soon but just as this. Mr. spiritually just as as a Clinton went into a lighter he did it felt different and it felt good difference here so I'm against who drafted the short version and as a feel really building they have a website it's W dot Louisville assembly. Dot com. And now know former on the they have her I didn't have a whole thing what they don't general information gate fees also plans on that website. Everybody is interest in this stuff and truly wants to take a road trip to your friends together. I'm not take one car numbers yet they do charge per person per game not for car month. Bomb that is worth the trip you some guys together go down and I usually don't painting while the south this tree here colossal Katrina search for knowledge right. It's like the healing is also known paid repeating and then you can give a donation be good church into and they actually have been breakfast is there. The big east only honest maybe spend the evening. An envelope like eating a meditation select some hotels do themselves haven't oh prosecute their owner of the fascination there. Born if you go to church and I am due due to the healing and and meditation and medium. You know in the mornings. Truly national and stay there and we'll stay on campus alone there last night okay thumb but. Tom you know next time I stay in good health but she's still right probably will stay on campus just see because they have so many free programs that you could. You know be a Lane Bryant and and being rich find just just general knowledge information is amazing talent he really yes. So I was like hit a great time and it as a sly like you are going back I will definitely I will call actually impressed find out when little backup on. We should probably you know owner's insurance out we should probably take a run down all those plans as it sounds like some where definitely I need to go the sum and pay them because in. One night stay over if we are thrilled to bed and breakfast we call ahead we try Australian new team room or something he has not that far variety is right up for me or to finalised its final hours it has its principles all right Rick it is Honda does support the kill me. He'll espousing Estonia. Suffers a shot awareness or is that accurate and so final hours no it's a much longer with somebody like me obviously I'm just because my back foot. Uppermost really you get a card jumped you know it's only five hours drew and I know most of already around do nothing for five hours so. To take a right up there is is is Jeff Wentworth and and to see the Seneca lake area. And just just a ride alone you lose anyone actually looks beautiful. Actually the power drawn up a much a free one this looks pretty good yeah that's half the extra that says says so they're very very bright does not know you don't. Before he got that subject don't. What to copy new. What was the registrations. Life was or people from all different states in that area absolutely I saw I was one or how many people from all different areas go here you. No I actually meant to bring up on them when you have when you did. Looking around. Pennsylvania of course New York of course my thumb Jersey if I'm OK of course you know there were talking Maryland. While Wisconsin. I'll oil was coming and I know. I'm Ohio now Michigan to someone else listen thereon. Mom can. Please OK Monica and it's also no so you know it's a very mentally I'll skip and jump over the border from them no but. I tell you what. I was surprised. At you know the Wisconsin plates the Michigan plates not a surprise that end. Com coming that far that tells you soft emirates unless I'm saying end and from what I understand on what to subdue the lady. That I spoke to especially impressed me. Com she. Said to me. That I'm choose your first time here's and it sounds like I don't know that I shouldn't she avoided using things like you there's usually have the map and handles unless it just say I tell you exactly an anti bush or just. You knew my mom that yes and he was she had my mother's personal issue straight forward. That's awesome she you know you know the memo I'm not a specially of course but she was just reform she told Joseph was. Com what else could you ask where he's an honest man alone and that alone like just because you know I am used that with mom you know god rest assault. You know so noted that Iran whole. Nike com. I'm toothless and other smaller absolutely. But I'm. You know that's straightforward attitude that no nonsense like she's not going to be an issue where you don't don't have that so she was straightforward and honest and and that alone. Yeah I and I kind of picked up early Mexican okay fine in my Pete but really both coming had done I mean. You know she gave her personal email letter she her her her her formerly while I made I made a friend fears they may one heck of an impressionist who you know it did they ended up and pump innocent and I say I'm different because as you know no I am a lot of claims by virtue friends. Stand down this lady can truly call you policy emotion actually color or you soon there was these. There was this just connection and she's such a beautiful soul neutral person and Alia. Just amazing. Amazing. I mean when you meet someone like that it touches like quicken or connections there it's rare bright actually happens place that is true heartfelt friends absolutely Ashley I believe that they are using candles or send your met. You are meant to meet. To have that connection as some type of plane or something or someone. Drew Munich yes there is no because I mean there's you know you have to go Linda Michel a single a free pass on pass reform passed. Five or six different no hum hum. Channels you know hey nothing. Drew percent but not gonna have to go on there. There's a self front saying you have to come in here right exactly economy and just simple opens onto every else had nothing flashy they're gossip yet. I'm like the biggest thing ever the belly deal beside my best flashy of them so. Bomb. Gupta was there though you felt desks and say hey I'm glad I did and I truly glad I did it meant something to me who did. And down. She has or should she does. Gosh is she some gift is she does group meditation she does stuff over the computer with people to help them to help from razor horrors in the psyche and I'm just Trulia Laguna. Good genuine hearted woman solves it I mean I wish I was with you meet this woman who'll listen to colonial and almost a plane stopped we have to make all I don't know if we caution fell unfortunate has thoughts and how to make your critical habitat it absolutely studies and concerns this disease. We tackle each other who gets their first. Oh absolutely absolutely but beyond. I actually a color I'm outstanding so we know Maria take a break first and we'll get back to the color so just Alamos award back from there. All right welcome back from assignments. That's. How monopolized simply don't one regularly deal out cars that's here he had to say and I'm glad you did. I'm glad you got out of listeners listeners and hoping to get a chance here to visit also there's just when people listen to some reaction about Joseph here. Joseph welcome program. Good evening why aren't that good or use our. Not a bad joke I tell you from ma hospitals on about. Eight down from western new York and actually this whole engine in town budget and community college. And not a bad and that they have been totally built an ex girlfriend of mine. I'll eventually tripped over a believer back then but. Do you have an that I betrayed my mind but I can't get that played well we do well there on the issue she needed to release Lucille Ball. Well theater James how the home really heavily on that. Really I heard that palm yeah I want so I I picked up a pamphlet or something someone said to me there. And unfortunately I don't talk to somebody else in the challenge is when wave I heard that. On the where you their job. Election my my girlfriend that I'm Muslim that part of the little theatre yeah okay and she had a an experienced myself. Polish my questioned there's gonna save draft and experience anything better to wash your little assurance of you. Kashmir issue out there are going through and try to run saw a double play and I'll look enough. You could amend copyright and Russia have been like a very very hot the public spotlight. And should never you know watch watch what they're doing and all the sudden there's. Yeah bash a hole you came over me yeah I don't shoot free and then just disappeared all. Really. Did you like it did you like it was almost like a blanket of cold or was it but I did lose like a caprice show or was account just like their son. It was stated that public had a goal for me it just kind of sit there for a moment and then move bonds. This bit of British beer all briefs. XL maybe fifteen seconds that it did not only quoting that we're. Admission I just enough to make you wonder right just off to make you wonder there's so it was like so yeah passing you a debris. Instead of my girlfriend and she's like what I think it just got really cold right here Nicole and they had a need for a church turned. That was never should that was sent I don't really you know it's actually they have named Carmen and I know that there's eighty poltergeist. Yeah and there are one problem I think there was an additional room. Wow. Poltergeist served him miss TVS to rule things out. And ended this one didn't like pure religious site on our poll. This and never won an audition room. Don't you ever going to deal itself. Yes I know my girlfriend another entrance went out there one parish unitarian. The spiritual slow movement and stole a Larry thank you that time however much they believe her but right have been. Read we changed our mind. So are you on the area now Joseph are you from. Under me and read it earlier okay all right. I'm bummed because I'm sick thinking you know mom and no we don't posture stuff like that I'm wondering if I hear like would you be anxious and like every bush or don't forget what do you think he Yahoo! Dell like you've collected that day. Without selling the and I let it go right of course I'm saying like you would be a bad idea right I mean it's because. Always thought I don't know auto repair our listeners Barnes and it. Very very street history television as spiritual movement. Awesome sounds like so to me that's maybe something new cure cancer summit to look into author called not and so no we aren't happening. I'll tell you what John I appreciate your college and you listen often heard. On Monday night when I'm Morgan no huddle we can yeah. We lost any thank you we show we appreciate that chuck thank you so much time. Thank you for that tradition are really I really diligent because. Our pleasure out bombing I don't know if you heard enough but I am Jewish and stuff would do me a lot of people Lama just talk about that you know about from Modell there September 24 at the marketplace Steve town. We nobody's cost per common is going to be. My god there's going to be a bunch of psychic who's to healers you a false descriptions of all just a whole bunch of people. Com so you should just like you know come down try to premier episode the for every one. That. Oh culture try my best I believe it's so. But we cannot work. Our firewall I hope not but not as good hockey gel and not the thank you for your call I appreciate that. Yeah thank you to do things. Thought that somebody called and faulty sourcing it was great to ask your listeners listeners excuse me. What their interest and and right there meaning to the that's why that's watching it was awesome news do so yeah I mean. Com because as you know we don't show and do things in and week we couldn't. Do we do without our listeners and would not so we have to thank you Andy for being there for us absolutely indescribable Collins because it fit as she did is we know people are listening number one back. Number two. The fact that matters like. There are people out there that that that. Witnessed an and I. I knew an irrational things and no big picture you're showing no Palin and Joseph from hostile her triumphant tone to you cannot yet but I'm the only you said you don't you don't there was boo hoo woo woo grew from a one point in time but. Delicious Amaro says I was there they can verify what I'm saying just also really is what you just told everybody exaggeration you know it it's good when someone relates when you're saying and exert enough. But I'm I think they'll be a bad idea and maybe too mom I think will be outstanding blunt force maybe prepare how really to sign up to see him I wanna go in little. Dressed man you know. Passively go to contact very good name and your email address freshly we get to taking over the trip together we can give them a heads up I mean they. It's broad Darth Carrick on the Gillick barely notice hate Fisher cannot regulate the fired drastic it's absolutely I think going to be great tennis earth on his great threats setting. Right especially this plus firfer listeners to hang on and he's different in all my stuff that's awesome. And I guess to answer the phone might not appear couple times and owns wholesale manner. I'll take got to stay on my word I know who we love to talk to guys you know left thumb. I'll tell you it. Someone who was there was no mention that. I'm regards to the Shirley Temple on the track who was. But I want my going out there at all I'd like to know some history of that place what exactly. Is going on what's happened there to cause these entities spirits to beer. That would be so yes something we write to delve into maybe into a show before the trip. Security plan of the trip I wish I know that they have had Dario is gone. I thought of a stroller and a lawsuit Grisham which have been another caller will as a McCullough Antonio welcome Michelle. Walk. Tonight is another ought to surely usual thank you for sure that's what Liggett that I ideas really wish you guys had a longer show. Thank you keep those cards letters common maybe I didn't mean you can do so we'd love to false mommy is that yes. Think that's good news well I do have a theory guys again go if it. But you can remember I called a couple times number and it's. Well I do what I what I do is what I look at things are dissect them first. Embody dissect them all look like a police officer what I what I look at something and I I try to make rational. You know interpretations of what I'm looking yet of course from. So anyway act every time the company aliens. What you think that that always comes to mind this is all people who had interactions with some have had any kind of contact with them. We all stayed because they communicate telepathically. I've heard that several times and yes. OK so so I thought it would be closer to get direct messages. From god earlier in the alien. Felt practically. Yeah smaller bad theory I was thinking that myself into some bad third arm. Just think of it though communicating saying a whole paragraph says whatever chapter fight spot not even open your mouth. Full menu there at that and they do that theory out there seriously I know one point anti basic. I know one point time NASA was actually looking into SPS dot com. I don't think a much further into the open no a group sufferers also not so. That truly a so if I mean it's. Itself they're toning and then they'll tell you what I give you a you have to credit for even more I think north that is what you said when nationals are you a few years ago and use him for that. Gilead muscling now million dollar yourself so you're definitely on the right trainer my friend. Full well what you guys were saying after I think it was the daddy Mack mentioned last week about prometheus. Yes that'll prometheus. That was the movie up I couldn't take any time. Good movie and there actually make and another one but I was or refer to the beginning. Was when he dissolved in his DNA when the stream and like start. We're going to want exactly. But thank you game I don't current member of Fannie Mac that's right and he tells of some of the things they talk hi try to do. Definitely there but not that that's where I originally had beheaded you know. I can't like Syria's. We need air war on the order of of maybe maybe beer being cool or maybe they're they're driven by the angels. But that would also mean that they're also driven they could possibly be manipulated by the demons as well. Trooper true true I mean is just as you know let's let's let's take a back to seven just goes far psychics go you know on my getting notional anybody's power. Can be for good revolt and I was a yin Yang and as an and then in milk as domain of American saying goes depends on which wall few feet you know. Com so with that being said it's. You know it going with your there you can you know. I'm sure they're just as there are good people humans that and they are bad people humans I'm sure there are good feelings and family and so. Some I guess theoretically you know yes they probably could be manipulated by either side. Mom just is anything else you know and we have to have that that balance now. Going with your theory also means looking and it just from multiple just look at. Heaven hell on earth and young and we just kind of like group just for humans in that race no money and animal sometimes some people when we include animals don't they don't have they don't. I'm William that's that's going to be an argument to the end of time I'm sure. But it's expanded to other plants if you will of the universe like you're saying in an end point aliens into it you know theoretically I mean. When you look at became dry and they say you know people came from the sky. And some people Syria's are the angels or were they for the alien aliens technically you know I guess it your perception of sky and having them where it is you know if they came from another planet. That could be coming from heaven if you will begin to be blasphemous but you know into that. For the different cultures so the decibel. Very interesting theories and that's been proven and how many cave drawings that relates you'll have these beings colossal I mean go back to old Egyptian times like hieroglyphics. Think that another movie I mean I'm more we bought stargate. That's on their regular trying to do the same thing right thin. Well that's right that's why I think it boiled down to guys I mean if you look at it in the religious or even in the scientific facts aren't born in the in the realms. I have to say more cool more likely than not. Well whatever we were originally. Had been changed genetic marker. And there again I believe they'd they'll work it it was being steered by a higher power. In the correct get thin again it's all its own like who or what firepower as. That ended high you believe it right and what you call essentially it uses although with the belief system is an and the faith system center. Similarly and I think around sometime because I run really do that's that's great out of the box thinking and that's a wheelchair. Okay not a great show things I appreciate Colin never denied thank you thank you gonna. Question another caller standing prime welcome Phil the show. I thought you guys a while but above my out of body experience I got shot and they had. My communication when my deceased grandfather was all telepathic. Very much an out of body experience. Oh yeah everything was telephoned the Pope let's go and you know moving over the lips or anything malicious. Through the brain. So what is so what you were thinking. She heard for lack of better term. He was and being I RE unleashed what I've not heard stories about sensor is very remote central smell moos new base. They're big Jewish or are you a sense so mowing. Acknowledgment of what it was gone you know people all that other people then you're spot that said that Tom. Has said that as they can't really explain the fact they just know. There's no assurances there no more offensive. Exemption that was unusual award Roy moved when the priest put the world's oil under my nose. And I'm that was unusual position now. Because there were no senses very bad experience them this week that's brought me black triggered tidal. All. Back from low light back home back into my body. On the Gurney in the hospital. While that's that's powerful. I was so it was a Frazier would paroles royals so they noted trips. Why but in order tricks and bring you back. No let me ask you know that he here this you've heard I've heard it from day one. You're saying come back from the tunnel in the light it is that truly what you saw was a bright white. Well on my way up civil rights I went to a dark hole and carried them I was up on the killing at the hospital room and I could see my body. Now on the Gurney. And then the next thing I knew I was well behind their control standing maximize these fees grandfather we were communicating. Telepathically. Both that's why it's my home I I I told him what tactically I wanted to stay with them forever he told me you can't. And I says well I and in these suspect died over there. Those you have to go back. And I got over there were good looks to me like Jesus Christ. Well after that Irish started to smell that sweet smile. And that to me backdrop to this tunnel into my body. And when I opened my eyes and saw the light square on the priest's collar. And I was really upset. Because I didn't wanna go back into my body. Because it was so beautiful marriage is a sense of feeling in the peace. Going and that's total understanding your Wharton one what do you know worse. While. Well Phillips I want to thank you first off for sharing your story very dominant thought as that sounds beautiful awesome very and then god bless com. We're on the news this plane so we'll have a few minutes or so my apologies but call back any time. Again thank you sharing your experience so to speak to again thank you excellent thank you for. While that that's that's powerful that's moving penalized if they wanna speak to filling in Basilan and we we appreciate your film truly truly. Oh thank everybody for listeners could be back in studio possibly have you ever again thank everyone don't forget to check on who knows you can chance on Joseph hockey commented Mac daddy Mack great country to keep things. And so we played.