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8-21-16 Paranormal Science

Aug 26, 2016|

TopicsMen in black, alligators in lower Susquehanna River, and warming

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Paranormal. Science. Okay yeah. So I. Okay. Well welcome to another Sunday night no lab with paranormal science I'm stands hurt and on Ed Mack daddy macarena all right dead. When we got new for today and I think you got a little treat for everybody you're doing a little. Well details urge your own little research got into listeners happy and ends up with the researching new one of these days. I don't know I don't know what that play I'm always going to participate in yours but here's a trivia question for rain has nothing do with the paranormal. What happened on this state. On this date here. August 21 1911. And may research is happening just. Pop up this first 1911 in your birthday Dearborn country and Africa at the elders birthday you know MySpace might be homers. I'm not sure stand enlighten us please the Mona Lisa was stolen in France. I never knew that I'd never do got stolen in the first place. You know what come thick and all I always turf you know people talk Baltimore release a more Lisa smile that I know real Mona Lisa was stolen thin that they figure out who stole. Oh let's see what it says who stone from the Louvre. An Italian handyman and mean sic been Cheney old program allowed us to say that this deal is it seems that you put out. After being employed at the move construction. Yet to be struck private class some of the museum's most famous works you know what he did was he was a one putting up the glass to protect them. So he and so on with them between wearing a behind the glass you know why not right was that like extra payment for doing a good deal on his glass works just another dude disgruntled. Employees here and there. All right continue to buy blesses us what can read and work backwards here. OK. We'll start off with. News of the weird views of the year which we're in week what do you wanna talk. Public we're retired that's me we're intending to slow off the home journal man I know. I'm OK before we get too far into this thing Newton couple little announcement here. Don't have a trip coming up yes we do we have a bus trip come up to New York City yes we do and it's going to be for a christmastime my favorite time a year and everybody needs to go there. New sees the lights you'll see the Christmas tree lit up out there and you know there's going to be guest star appearances by stands or can. The pock. And Ed Mack daddy all right that's right off beer and you be there he'll see me Hyder on the Christmas to sleep and all the way out. Kind of slip out I'd be happy in my trap Mona I'm looking forward to that tree be aware if anybody is tickets aria on sale and website WWW. East Coast Erica and I can't. Go there you can buy tickets now early if you wanna get them. Skip the knob for they're gone that's right through not a good showing chose truce Weaver great time here so go we overbooked we have by another bus yes I know we're lucky we got that plus. That was last minute deal to you guys want token idea Jonas. The realist in there. But a good time they need to go to New York City with these coast Eric Kahn. If they do there's just nothing paranormal softening its just the trip to New York City now it's good to justice and yet my charade agreed time the year before my first time it was outstanding. It's really anti Americanism when I was I was never purse for the city. Go on there christmastime. And made change change where I think he knows as a nice place to go and to be on a trip for Christmas time I can't say enough my favorite holiday. Yeah this the best I'll see everything there or here. K also. As far as the pair condolence. Last year we had no not many complaints the one we did was the rooms are too far apart yes they were well we didn't have much say in that last year and now the race and here. We had three rooms in their home right next to each other I'll side by side to side by side right in front of the stage so I mean everything is centrally located. Yes yet by one think he'd get everything. Get all three runs mr. price answer C all different types of people see all different types of things psychics neurologist at the zoologist or something for everybody there yet. And you allowing lowliest let us always I was always get like lollipops to somebody there. They are as allowing time to it and they're really taste great great flavor to them last a long time. And also. This a fashion show. That's right the shooter is there that's new for us I'll have him out what it's escapes me again what is apparel fashions were. Fashion paranormal magazine there you know I'm kind of little backwards yeah I mean they're sponsoring you know. We're getting a lot of people asking us you know when we have to do in that we have nothing to do it now there's going to be there knew they're going to be there they're the ones they're actually looking for. Young females from this area yes he blew up on the stage with them. Jane Austen. Go to our website there's a little link right there you can click and that goes to their website or there's an email address you can email these girls. That's running it if you think you wanna be in this. And she's looking for people eighteen to 24 years old females eighteen to 24 and so step on up get in on the fashion show at the East Coast are content hey maybe you're an entry into something more lucrative if you like that's. Could be could be a start that's right she has a magazine. He connection via probably. I'm pretty sure is privy to take pitches yeah so they may actually hit magazine. Now fuzz just you know maybe five years younger being ironic how how apathetic when rumors Arad was pretty common I figured I better just not make any common stock. Nobody good. Okay. Now we've got all that other way at least move and our mullah Latin. Okay. Now it's the mystery of Pennsylvania's flood visitor a spooky stranger to predicted disaster than men in black. Can come. Though. I never knew this place existed it's is overshadowed the forgotten more disasters teams that Joan excuse me Johnstown flood. Right okay the Austin damned flood dubbed up Austin harder in the newspapers. Great tragedy to a slice of at least seventy people aren't what it is is there's this big dandy built it was both for. Not sure if it was a so blew up a paper from a there was a paper manufacturing plant okay. And you original contract to build a dam must make it thirty feet thick. While some on the budget cuts and everything and mid twenties. Should. Yeah and you see this is going to have a legacy that's a lot of concrete is similar throat of the site there my own budget cuts from them so they built the dam. And from the same time they built the dam. Strange man showed up in town hall dressed in black okay. Like suit black tie black cat black shoes won't black. Amenable like men in black guy. Talk on Johnny Cash you're no Ornette and this goes quiet kept himself he was seen writing on the train he was seen on top of the train. On top of the tracks probably wait popular car a couple of cars he got up there rare road that she's not a couple times while but I. He was their console in morning noon and night it's like he never had a place to go to. He's just them men in black could just hung around. Full effect of the damned. It's great yesterday built it needs a phone and help them to hold them moved a few inches. While that much pressure behind it. It started to crack. Little sprouts and water starts coming out of it that's not a good sign that people love actually went up on the hill the wait and see what happened right. Nothing happened they come back Donna just to pass a cracks and they go for about a year. Learn your goes by and then you're caused by in the big rainstorm comes then gets little bit more water behind it I'm more force wait known mend. It broke. File and I was tragedy occurs seventy people buy some new people died. But Aaland is black men is men dressed in black man was there. And I guess hindsight from all the people were that he was trying to warn them that something was gonna ask yes. To keep and I am today and keep an eye in the dandy go to the train take the train today and get people you know. We sure anybody watched today and he immediately after this demand disappeared know what he wanted to 78 that got killed. Or. Was he something else. Yeah I mean as far as we like question and what happened to him master yeah he's kind justice appeared just disappeared I imagine you know through they knew seventy people died. It was never identified as being one of the deceased as seventy people have perished now because they know they ain't had no idea who he was worried came from. He just up and wants to do and then there's no identification nothing with them. No. Tune I think films there was a quick went yeah it was correctly noise interest things from him. Can men in black we don't know where there you know where they're gonna show up what they are you know I wonder about the famous movie is that anything to do with that reference you know well. This is beckoned. Was it 9019891911. 1911 the set when a senior editor well I mean that title if they might got an idea of the title the non that's been around for a long time community than any even the people that they're referred to listen man in black eye and you don't. He was around checking in man and in your research team ever come I don't tell people and foreign them. That there is on the damage was gonna collapse and from what I was able together he never spoke. He's just there is just there to show people yell basically shown up at the damn show appears to present like fixated on the Samsung. Do you think people would start raises an eyebrow those guys around grab her problems what's up with the damp. Do you think the people who took it the other way I mean you know this man 'cause the problems is so bad luck of you know I don't miss the bad omen yeah. Yeah. While and it's something there I'd never heard that's I mean I've heard of the Johnstone Florida. But I never heard of the Austin horror flood never lets tell my little bit of research says what pops up. Why you know I'm on look at here a little bit closer in that fountain a damn boat out. 36. Feet under the way to the water with the pace. That's a lot. And if you look at the last pitcher did actually it's still sort of Stanley to this day. Big gaping holes and it you wow you know I had nothing shifted which is had thirty some feet. They realize it high that is you touch an amount of water coming none I'm surprised us all know that they're till yeah I mean yes. 78 people trying got only seven if you saw a similar record of people I mean he knows how many people back in those days just listen. You know that might not ever have fond yeah. Bonnet today is here right I mean look at that I mean of our viewers could who picked up on the Internet look at some pictures on there is some you know remnants of it. If anybody wants to follow opal we looked at here and look just a little search for a week in weird. I just. Google weak in weird. And the deal overrated different things coming up in you can find that 100 Ailes just stay on the subject to the man in black. You always hear that reference for her UFO's I mean it's like and always just. Curiosity where does the term come from why didn't come up do you have any idea that. No I don't other didn't stuff. There are all dressed in black and it says like the suits like like the federal agents for you know that was her. A tire series accurately entirely they don't say much to just there yet. Collected evidence and everything else you can. Just keep moving along right now I guess. Really well we're gonna do is I think really take a break now Richard break and we'll come back we'll talk about alligators. I like that come into my fond of them but I like alligators and remember now listen close. To what Elmer says yes okay. We are back. Eight Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand games during your back. Are you comfortable in your own body like your possessed with somebody else's storming and suffering or you don't need an exorcist who Guinea chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body you remembered chiropractic. 569 pierce street Kingston he had checked him out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. Where homer here actually ahead game Boy George has George. Can't let them or capricious Intel mentioned that Tony court. Do I mean don't we begin issuing a cautionary note this kind. George Weller should thank you have your current mentioned Michelle and I go and then there should look the most don't ever bush distinguished. I have to thank the participants can't show. Where homer here actually started. Well there. And urge your. We have an unexpected visitors fan yeah I mean trying to take my seat. Second he's got to sit down. Boom. He's got to sit down is gonna be it would take you know. Tickled with the rest of us I asked him he's got to limit will get my chairman's ball much sheriff who let him get them back. Let him run some of this post a comment and a few minutes if you can name. See if you get talked to our listeners a little bit it. Did anybody listened to that commercial titled they did and see what they picked up bonus. They may need it at a later time in the gym and they've turned the show. OK let's get back let's say we talked about the dam breaking in your men in black two strange yes. And as one we never heard of them you I never nervous allow you never heard of it so you're doing your research right. I Nick's topic we have it's a little. She could tell paranormal exists strange yet it's not ghostly aside anything like that paranormal it's strange yet. They're finding alligators and lower Susquehanna. Alligators in the lower Susquehanna written. Now within Pennsylvania or to subscribe. Basically rate Rickles in the Chesapeake Bay so it's it's Merrill and get on that area so let's not alligator country no it's not. But to find out the alligator so far have migrated all the way up as far as North Carolina they migrated. My greater than what they're claiming is if people believe in global warming or if they knew he won a college can be like college. You know temperatures are going up. Yes this is what the third warmest. Summer we ever had. Yes that's true hip knees so you deserve their migrating their common north. Hi Jesse in state giro winner but it's a start the getting end. That was my next question I mean do they hibernate in the winter I mean I don't know I don't mold and hope that south title more than just working the way up and you know those who make it too far freeze die out until the next you know mixture. Moon. I didn't recite what immunized. Had occasion to fish in the Susquehanna River and I don't really wanna see an alligator and they're trying to catch respond after something like that well you know there was. Over in. Materially from the swamps yet which is basically what are to comes up on the minds it's warm water yet. Somebody had turned and how did you lose their few years ago and he lived through while I'm there. And they also had pro isn't there money and descent while I I saw me off from that neck of the woods and I don't remember that 101000 to align your. You know the water it's not that sees little warm back there yeah yeah but that was that was that the reason I thought this was I was trying to find something new on Sherman okay. And we have another sighting. Not us there's been sightings down south okay right. Down along we're dams are at the fiber Danza whatever they have down there and just been sightings when he's been known to migrate Iran's self full could be Jesse. Could be far he's meeting up with Jesse. So to remain I never the answer to but we try speculate I mean and clearly these third. If they've been around they have to to estimate there has to be little Sherman's. Little things little rain whatever they are almost their lifespan is I am very very long. Which I don't think figure Nasional longer even talk Arafat. Long time that we haven't heard any from any fisherman any more money on their class can attack today mr. Chris join you heard from one day stand get ready for Monday her right. No we've heard many fishermen or anybody going to river. That has seen anything or Lester we get a call about somebody found a cave that smells really bad they thought maybe something was living in them. I don't know you haven't heard it's been quite enough for a while. That's good or bad. You know with hey you know maybe move that. Could event then maybe he. Unfortunately. These things can die via this in no Sherman reports most and I was hoping we get something done enough. Prepare kind yet. You know picture anything. So you know sort of little display of that Avaya you know there's some evidence of Sherman theme and I just put that out there and the people read about that whenever we have. The they often. All right we've got a car we've got Mike from looks very once talked about the global warming failures. Good evening guys good good thing you brought that point up of about temperature is rising and going up you know about two years ago. In the state of Hawaii we have had them circle laboratory and one of the high peaks there. Okay and carbon dioxide levels sit over 400 parts per million for the first time in recorded history. So. You know and something and this is basic common. You know chemistry and physics. About CO2 all of them from the heat in the atmosphere and so forth but even just just take a look around here he could start seeing some things that are changing that I know of cyanide in the woods and all my life. IC detects I have never seen anything like this where it takes in my entire life it's. I should go to this bill has taught me here thing isolation watch some type in all of this and everything around here and I have never you know that physical play. My daughter as we saw cameo as my ground pop my grandma and my mother called. Also most Chevy truck who upon solid amount taken huckleberry. Where you gonna take a bomb unit now. So I should have decided I would get a couple of sleet or something right to you know they've got a rabbit there and currencies and not about checks never never taking jobs you know and well play inside it's who were out here like quickly OK is how it and other changing move the rest jokes. Always blows release. Over the winter reality is there might. Fighting December most sort of work on some home runs but the white oaks would always told me. There are they're very very leaves all the time now the interest. Don't hold bullies leave right that's gonna Crowley task for its treaty can strike and I have other big. Majestic poker red oak and look at it should similar case in point like when you're trying to look and look if this year after the Fosamax also a lot. You see the red ones are Harvard mode for movies right examine the facts happily have you. He and no. So Mike what do you think the other years. I think that's that's a good thing you know I I think kind of everything's going on the depth I think where a lot of surprises as far as what insects like fire ants. Yeah. It's just South America and then made a Louisiana years ago. Oh even something as small as that muscular disease just by air and now what you know Serbia tonight please you know wrote current. Then got a large snakes on a Florida now the. No I have no space and I'm just sorry it's. You know me being used to tape saying they never I never seen before I know I decency. We should vote so. Flacco actually positioned along one family. Six well we'll lose his brother used to take his photo on the fight ninety's. The canal. That would reunite come home from there. Behind there's just thousands of salamanders. And told him everything like just on the road. It's Sudan on war the guys he has told you know the things things could change if they are you know. We'll know more that's more butterflies nothing dog. And I just saw its. Make him look alike face so what can fix and all the would be very very fair far north because you don't even know what these things are carrying the virus is going so play in viruses constantly mutating everything you know. We played all I can do to six with a spray but I don't know all of made. Spray that wards off an alligator. Oh well times constantly put to take photos. At the third state of the population this volunteer carrier flying in like they said don't you know it also carry either. Yeah upstate New York last year. There's a new high bridge formal name that popped up there Lake Champlain. As Monica too reluctant. Can actually wanna play attitude to atrophy and restart come up. Haven't from Simpson's armed Germanys cold up. And it's going to have been on about Biotech. And they took them so the doctor and everything has Jeremy and strong doses can disown any cultural. Put I'm just sorry it's you know gold and things could change him. That's good people to know why he's the leader and at last January January. I got that plane tickets were. Instead they should not be out in that time here. My six and here certainly. Nobody machinators look so I live and I want to thank you get that does. I don't the satisfaction from veteran and like every two years I do it and I do all the properties guys trying to feel sorry fairly people walking the dogs and so if you bring them in the house and everything you know don't cry yeah but that's just works really going to last so long time if you don't go like a lot of wrangling you have to from Iran when there's not much train. And literally worked her hand and they you know what I think's really put a big to have them on the property I own mode. This system thing like it says hey you get sick and the thing of this you're getting older. And you know everybody's concerned. A medical we've Carol popped some assurances everything and if you and so you know we always you know things start happening and you put this this is the icing on the cake you know. And I said I gotta say we're golf doors for him he got to be very careful. I believe me take some imam we have to say here out there you know this year doctored photographs work and like all day out they're doing things come on take showered and don't be afraid don't be ashamed in front of the mirror in my days. Ohio had no exemption I enjoy it not good politics hey good thanks thanks for common ordinary general Mike thank Brendan thank you. Does that tell you and they were there at the globe with the temperature changer is like that is you know everything's out of whack so with those alligators coming up from the solves. Yeah hey we have another call coming into the club and where so Bob we know from my experience. Once attacked by men in black policy flow Bob. Yeah hey yeah is is. I'm glad it did very well I can tell you read and the people that popularized the term. A man in black where basically John keel. And down payment and also he wrote a book called. On you upload operation to Trojan horse that I was very popular in 1970. And then in 1974 he wrote a marked man probably about the yacht club and an independent independent. Experts to get. And done and between the two of them that there were some other researchers or less well known like gray barker also mentioned and then blacked. But this really might get together. Norwood came up with this thing term for these what happens is people do you UFO. And then a couple of days later that would be a knock on the door and there would be a strange looking person kept actress and black that's a local zip. So would play who would act tomorrow kind of question. And people assumed that it was a government person. And yet they do it very often the person would do things that I as a normal human wouldn't you like. If they were offered concert key dates. They wouldn't know what it was that you could tell that they didn't weren't familiar with that's at all. And I'm one occasion or somebody was interviewed with by the men in black and while he was being interviewed. He noticed that there with a Y error but then on the angle of the person who was interviewing him but could not not out. Like picking wired for sound and can wired like that it wouldn't machine that comes shortfall accused plugged into something that's definitely something. And the between the three of them between can basically the end on fuel and great barker. But I'm sort of came into use because it is if it became apparent that. Something that somebody wouldn't. Interested in people in UFOs. And it wasn't just the government there was some sort of bizarre. And that he would have to be needed if the terms I was the men in black. And also it's worth mentioning in the in the mosque man earth excuse me via the market and probably about. What happened in Virginia. Before the bridge collapsed. And they've had very similar to this story you told there were. And then black and he's around town of it was sub Point Pleasant West Virginia. And be like a couple months if it happened in December but in the face it September October November were people were seeing. Strange characters in contrast simple fact passed around I'm. In restaurants and things so there's just not a place in blogger you just end. So he's. He says it has the best answer I can give you this there's some source of supposedly generous to well versed okay and whom they work for whether it's good government or the aliens I have no good explanation. Now I just sure. Experience and everything and reading off and do your research and all that. At any time did. Did these people that came to check up on the UFO is that where the men in black to be ever identify themselves as being part of a government agency or anything when they're questioning the people. Do you think it's very interesting that you would add that what they would do is sort of flash a badge. OK quick and yeah yes and spend sort of rattled off a name that's sounded official right. Federal government inspectors you know he's got sort of that's down. The bread then they were never tradable either and another thing that they would do very often you would have it until they would drive off in a black car. With so light up at night I mean you know I think they're. Well right advocating going Jessica and identifiers that's where the yeah yeah the way yes yeah. They're what they're they're part of UFO phenomenon and that's why didn't the movie got the title because it did it become. You know what standard. Synonymous with the FBI would the FUFO's and everything. Yeah grenades see gasoline dressed the professional what bland look. Let's say so this goes all the way back to a 19111930s. These men in black or yet with the damn yeah yeah 1911 yeah yeah. Celebrity and UFO Laura it's it's more common from mid fifties. Sixty. I guess maybe the neither time is different than ours. Well I imagine it's some sort of inter dimensional he sees certain. Basically support portent of a negative event I know I hate to say if it. A lot of people refer to black events is bad events and everything yeah put your own blood black outfit you know why don't event. Okay Bob king illegal because he won more clearly Jerry Oliver anchor Bob good talk Korea right. We'll I think I lost on no hung up on. That's my filed if you're out there I'm not sure if you name is Bob gives a comeback if Jane that's my fault. Apologies to user and please call blackened would like to talk TA area they clearly want the type what did you JC. Right there. But how right. I guess we must take a break now. We get that out of the way and then will be back in a minute. Are here again it goes bankrupt and all. Those are only running a bush Clinton and in addition to a showman kink of for more information and I'd go to WWW. East Coast parents. And one more and don't come. Home and there was again a different name. Ramming into. This controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous in like mentally and turn. I welcome back to OK we're gonna go to fill I think that's what hung up on before. We unity contreras. Felt. Yeah I'd like to Chad good well today millions and Bert case she. I furnish you read about in the late sixties. Early seventies and turn it. I'm sure you heard of younger Casey foundation in the streets to do to. And indeed travelman wars radio. An individual who. I was able to go into a trance one change who you are believed cured fresh. He double letter from you. And was able to actually diagnose. Your physical condition. And he never took up any from anybody. And he was so very very very good and noble man generous. The so I'm not like a month and everything. I heard tonight so far. It's. Didn't planet earth. There's a living organism. Because we have Elektra we have electronic feel overall knowledge. And that's why we have an atmosphere. These new Irish didn't electronic field or Morris has practically gone and that's why martial substance mr. And I'm. And we lose Yvonne there's a living organism. And mankind has been white to off this planet. And the past. It's it's it's nothing to be. Unexpected. That it won't happen again. This win. Hopefully not too soon found that Saddam had no one if you like toss. I'm ready right now but the mud does another thing about climate change. The Welsh star Russian scientists ice cores and and wait and doesn't temperature always appreciated. How low moves social geo true. Okay. And so this business about climate change at all a lot of ammo you know the planet. Saw some people are saying is getting warmer some people are saying that's been constant for the last seventeen years. But Blackberry gold but to additions are living organism. What difference does dramatic. Story. I'm not sure but I wanna ask you this soon I just saw on the news about a week or so it would go something about the ozone layer winners here pretty much healed back to whale was side. Fifty or sixty years ago. Got all these girls playing there Erica and I guess. Well you gotta be the only kid in there and they are a lot of bad stuff. Cabinets is healing itself now where the ozone layer supposedly is what it was. They'll fit to voters you know might open and here you know there are not you know what I think goes on here. Depends upon what ten or who you listen to if you was the one person. The old Arctic Circle the ice is a shrunk down 50% you listen another person all big group back 50%. Why is he went out there last month and they had to be rescued and they got stuck in the Irish guy who say they're not they can get through it made through this summer passage. And they had to go rescued. Here and I'll never go to probe there it's and that the Irish open but they got stuck. But the temperature is still going up even though it's getting ice up there I mean it's a strange world. But money when it comes to everything on this planet. Followed the money. Followed George Soros followed the Democratic Party followed the morning. And you won't find. What's true and what's office that I do wish to live my no live worse still I know living organism we got trees with roofs shouldn't bugs. And lizards certain. And and I'm like I am black yeah that was sold off. So I had the thought so reluctant to remember. I had no better off let me ask you this on your pick on you you mentioned Mars BA with the electronics field around and everything. Yeah do you feel that there was life on that plan and a one time in May be human beings came from Mars to earth. I believe that there are. Structures on Mars we're not being told about. Keep and then. And the black in a dark soda sales. There are there right now. Match. It's clear pictures on the Mets are not releasing. Match I believe a lot of information notre not really saying they don't want to cause widespread panic that's good snow didn't. There are certain error of certain statements that our presidents are human being mean to world. Although. It's possible liability. Due out before thorough beloved. And human racial vote crazy. But so far I'd bullying led bully you vote. The Bible is a good traction. Our I see it those so much except I change is just the social ball taking the rib. I'll love ma'am I am very creative moment. As in 2000 DNA transfer. Compassion belief from our aliens does that created. Human beings. Fire more than DNA I mean we can do it now. We're Mer were working with DNA. And pollution solution saying that sort of change superior race. I wasn't able to have to use DNA. To create certain types of beings in the past. So hush hush about. Also humble human today it's part of our play what they're nanny. Memo or when you disable that. It was impossible live and certainly didn't just air should go. Are paralyzed driven movie I'm alien movie night and they can't November 20 years ago there were some sort of that where the creator being. Destroyed himself went in the water streaming all like ten times I think it was an alien and just. Now wasn't Lan isn't so I think in the name of the movie this case right now. It was NHR Geiger. That create the alien the end bud. So like the Prius also like a tree fully alien college star back forget the name and but anyway that's how it's harder now where they had like disagreed supreme being aliens drink this stuff man. Melted away in the in the water in his DNA start creating life and everything so yeah. Didn't know what we're all gonna only know why he's deviation the most famous self promotion from the mid maybe you'll ages. And everybody's extent Al commercial where these guys they could change unleaded took pole. But really welcome ms. wood the first play and there's. In terms. Of all we know that they're really. Tried to make strange ordered dozens. But it felt we've got about ten minutes left and showing them under the collar coming in here. Okay how right is Carl back there's a million low the other day and night. All right so don't hang up on the census results NB a might from Bloomsbury. I don't know what they are really like interject our previous caller there you touched going you know global warming needs and before I get into what I really wanted to talk about just wanted to say this knowing the recent geological history of the world it's been warmer than it is now and it's been colder than it is now and want to write this cycle and also there's been times where in recent geological history and eighty. First have been completely our free. Finished generally believe there are warning actually precedes. A nice page report called out so. You know I think it's really within the realm of possibility that within our lifetimes that we live another 25 or thirty years we could see. You know what's known as a little lighter shade where. There's some feel maybe even standings because of the cold out so that our society is so there they all fit things change. But a lot of times our government why it's one theory to be out there curb their own benefit and I just you want the people would be aware that it's really worth looking into my climate change and band ball but really what I called it my wife is what he now. And now one of the show I was listening to you guys you were talking about. Heater and encountered. Our or abduction here bloom berg out might be our radar station at red rocks. I would wonder if you're just you know refreshing my memory and an export my wife to wish that we could Dak you're maybe learn a little bit more about that. And I can hang up the name listener that's the case played really don't have anything to say about your career you guys could not tell us. New kid I don't. Really thought much about that the red dress code and then area and you know more man is and what have that information he was on the line earlier yes. We're gonna have to. The first or the other day here and see if. Yeah yeah actually I believe that we should ask you what you guys see you guys can't fix it back. What what happened out there that it wasn't specifically. You guys talk about it was a particular guess they've called and. Aaron Carter was out of it may very normally doing the MIT I think he tells in about something that kind of made him a golf cap. Okay clearly should I appreciated again I urge your listeners he could you have a much room for people that listen to show. Really checked into this cycle and there's a really good article appeared called the Triple Crown of cooling. And what it has to do with baseball can and it's not eruptions. Sunspot cycle. And then cycles in the ocean current state summer's longest 500 years and when they become encased. That can lead to cool balanced and if you have volcanic activity you'd like we have in 1992 or not panic two books. They resulted in very extreme uphold our weather in the Northern Hemisphere and if you had the solid shots sunspots cycles and certain cycle. You can have a dramatic cool down with in years he can get the call the Triple Crown of cooling and it's so I'm not for a boy I can't remember the web certainly about her bogus triple A triple. Calm cool and your listeners can really learn a lot here appreciate talking you guys. Her good night you need to thank you. Stan the movie I was referring to earlier was pro media's in the beginning OK as a KN I think we might have a winner here and say I'll. Hello Chris. Hello hello good evening fleeing the. Powering your wife and I had the record the caliber hey let's subs are angry at JF that we had a winner for a little tabbed as the end here. Well I'd I'd go far Britain robots that do anything yet come on aesthetic about that all. For every parent no repeat if coach Eric Hahn who is a tremendous tremendous prevent it up a unique environment you have quality speakers quality bankers and hatred. Get their particular that can oh thanks guys mustang thank you very much Chris for that gets it to display he gets in the right. And absolutely you're going to be there is Laurie. I don't think so I'll be thinking a little bit about BP back under extreme harping. Outstanding I'd thrown out of their letter listeners know that you will be fair to wonder how he knows about the effects of the extreme Monty I don't know. But clearly does not certain if I thought I got away through a tough to find out how he knows me yes you're pleased but I just goes terror contact Beth. I can tell you came to power he's going to beat him there gives you know it's unique and since I travel all over the country and I'm proud you're part of the event could people could groups are really has portraits Simon might go down or check it out. It's thank you thank you and it is desire. Honored to have you there are definitely. Outstanding. Appreciate it appeared. On thanks Phil thanks Chris you have denied a good year for me but here you tell our favourite. Yeah it was nice Krista that as an outstanding after Chris Collins I should recognize the name iced it Allen have his trysts. New York. Right and cities because fair accounting and I'll write me do we have a winner here. I'm thinking OK we got that that's awesome Chris Berman I called and people come the East Coast pair content and mean it outstanding gentleman. No pleasure and honor to know the math very very nice person and once you hear about what happened to him when he went through you will be amazed it's. Green just to meet him excellent person I guess you just can't thank runner for Conan give us a boost like that you don't get people don't know how good of a time was in. News let's just last year he knows you know definitely has had time Chris this everyone was there any. We'll doesn't appear we're gonna have a women's tennis I'll know. Gonna send me next week plus the double up or we just have been this week you know set failed to Paris very and one pair moved. Nobody knows nobody knows he answered the question. Do you know the answer the question all I do and I'm not getting giveaway may let next week we can't do enough not enough not now but anyway owners can be a little angry. What looked like hope but I lose. Yeah Nolan are put oil in order is. How could that be homers wife whom significant honor there's still two or three minutes left for somebody to call you know while we drew good follow into it that's exactly wanted to win a W wants a titlist here. Well versed is Mike did follow you know it's like this photo learning to them. Maybe they want to talk to our. Thought that he was here earlier. He'll get on here one of these days three tries he tried Connecticut among Wazir 'cause stage fright me because we yelled at him. He gets yelled at for a lot of stuff. It's insists. You know I think the guys. When the a three foot nothing can't cut power is fairly c.s over the Darfur and probably 1911. Mean and means these he gets around he's out there. He's claimed he's going to be at the pair attack and he says people are just can about a site three for eleven and I really don't know what is is that titans. But he claims he's going to be a third pair Chinese have been looking for people to say hello to on him and apparently he's been wearing a hat. He says that a few weeks till he wants you look mob and say hello tone. So from any old guy you see of there and a hat and say hello. It's going to be Elmer maybe Elmer. New Summers up there early in he's walking around that area has had on Sinaloa he may you get tickets still. You know might or might researcher and not to ago topic is doing a little researcher and our long car asking about the red rock incident and Christmas ration your sugar good for next editors at 1965. A former rock mountain. And I think it you know what makes it I think we should have to do this for next week we're gonna bring this up maybe give Bob the Collison all right Matthew some research and now we'll talk about that a little bit none. Fulfill our callers on. Question their ball a little more detail on it and came into the music coming up so you know that means every time flies by you yeah. I want to thank all our callers tonight it was great hearing from yes thank you grew on a case. Well I'm send search comment Mac daddy Mack very NC in the sweet to sleep tight.