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8-14-16 Paranormal Science

Aug 19, 2016|

Discussion about the Dyatlov Pass Incident (12 Russian students that were apparently killed by a yeti)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Aero normal life science. Okay. Okay. Well welcome welcome to another Sunday night. In the lead parent on the science understands search Ed Mack daddy Mac wearing the end who regularly and interest in weekend and went oh yes we did it was great though we red hot fashion. Our 20161016. Like best and if anybody was fortunate to be invited to it was an invite only party Hindus only I'd say 5060 people would act on my only here and it was a great party if you read there. As of last year you had a blast and maybe an extremely lucky enough to get the invite that be awesome would it be an honor for anybody I did see her stuff it's good they're they're good parties Ali and Joseph does a great to retirement apostles all worked here are some positive. How right. On that hole. It's more of us were here where there and unfortunately there's like tour of a so last night I brought her pocket brother mark aren't here for Asian male actor. Gloria I know mark has something else doing enough. I don't moan is found mr. Cox on the way there are just blur out I think you may be just wore out here life is a bleak. Trying to clean up after everything must thanks recuperating extensive here and is one heck of a bash yeah it was great. Yeah but anyway so your sand stance sorry to interrupt you all know hey you know talk about it. Okay Tony we're gonna go back to something we started if you EC I thought it was me noose the muscle in the impact we're talking about. But came across as trying to end the day to last past incidents. Where's the mile college students. They're camping out or backpacking through my homes in Russia. Okay paying they were attacked by what apparently was a yet he. And killed. That's something you don't hear of none that's us that's a version of a SaaS watch yes correct yes a year and he is a a nice person just like we get assists and we get a big foot around here who runs around basically in the woods hear them. In. What is it China's they have success watch. Who runs around them was suspects are yet you just up in the mountains in the smell your bottom Islam I think that's the yet be over and in them as is China I think it is that's what got these kids. And then there's another one I remember here and executives they're actually made a movie about a cult snow will be east Milton yet that was dead member of the fangs and everything today added another horrible thing you know it was off a white fervor to. My squad GA when everyone Collins Iowa as a kid I was afraid of that. Well there's even discipline they have one down south it's called this stink creature stage monster yes you know you we are going to extend gave you guys are talked about that the woman you and Joseph moon book distinctive distinctive color or different. It all seems like from the same genes would you say oh Von. Like it a SaaS watchable excess supplies I'm pretty sure nothing about it is from Mike in western northern. United States in the Canada Saskatchewan okay parents are being told that over that we're. But there's it's it's probably all the same for the most part same creature and something has something has similar Iran. I'm jeans and it but just different region different aim for a movie and same thing people from around the world we're all different. And you mean did so I'm sure there's you know. Different versions of the big foot arena. Never give up. Big foot down South America are piecing it offend African bigfoot or anything ya know I ano I wonder for guess we had on the show awhile ago. If they would have an information on that team and they all even over Pennsylvania bigfoot. And I wonder if that enemy information on that force well we have some people coming up that's East Coast Erica and and not a good way to directly or other you know we'll have through address this question. Have to footnote on that. Cheney's close air currents coming up fast it's about six weeks away. Yes six weeks in a pro too fast approaching mass assets in the palace a distinct sound hits. If you've noticed income mall is it is now called the marketplace as Steen same location information different name and they did a fantastic job. Pena cleaning it. It looks great effect hockey as say it's a beautiful location and they may have a different name but it's going to be the same outstanding and awesome event held and it this year yes for East Coast pair con 2016. Yes. And we also if there's any young ladies out there between the ages of eighteen and 24 got frank we still need just a handful for. Although modeled children modeling yes don't have any apparent normal itself because it oh. In this case right now and content are content magazine I think is how did magazine I think that's the name of the place they're. They are sponsoring your response soon as they're putting it out yes and if anybody files in that age group of eighteen to 24 very nice young girl. Go to our website WWW. That East Coast Perry conduct com. And just drop down loading the page you see pictures there you'll see on the information you need to see to contact information. We have no say in who goes who doesn't go we just directly to the web site to them. Can and its up to them when you get chosen not ready to phone application error an interest former sometime on their honor him I. I only know as a give them any email address okay. So on the on the web and it goes in there and I have no idea what happens after that. But in order get information is that like to get really migrant listeners are that age group someone interest him to try and that is and that's a college town up there there may be a few young girls and try and they might have you know is firing off all the can't beat a model sometime in her lifetime and can this be a spark for a good start magazine it's fashion magazine it has its round the area I mean not only in Pennsylvania chronology discontent in New Jersey so and there's several states and their business not just here its New Jersey New York you know you'll get noticed yes history will. All right let's get back to. To getting the yet each. Can. The touch worst talked about a few weeks ago. Basically there was nine. People. In on February 2 1959. In the Ural Mountains in Russia. They were backpacking across the moment they think this it was gonna do it's thirteen fourteen days to go from point a to point B. Up to some ridge and around him well when they're going off the deck I'm storm. They've they've decided to veer off a little bit trying to take this on the trail. And they could've easily drop back a mile in state in the woods with the center gonna camp in this area. I'm Kara open because tense up to put everything I'll they're gonna set up for a night and everything. Can they actually did have cameras with them. Thanks so there is some pictures of what happened near the sensitive while. Do we have them both photos. I have no I imagine go online you can look for yes stud looked right at him right now. If anybody wants this to a search Google and date love past incidents that's the way eight. TYC. TE LOV. Past incidents. And you'll get some information on that the first thing that pops up you say images for the day love past incident. Finally show you pictures of what these people looked like before or what they're canceled flights social documentation yeses and no I guess wrong guess. But I also look controversial get into that took. But the funny thing about this is these poor kids. Something spoke to. There in their tents. They remember up in the mountains the snow this couple feet of snow has solid as a town it's a trail mean. Clear off the trail yes university drift after sweating a little hard time trying to figure when he went to. But he measurement taken and taken as a some owned paso is not like it's going dollar 81 herself might you know I don't provide themselves out there and even further enough. Secluded this right say. Well they're not they went camping up there. Something spoke them and the strange thing is they actually. There's in their underwear sleeping in the sling bags in her underwear. Snowshoes are and they grabbed a nice and cut their way out of this going through flaps are opening up and go out. They cut their way out from the inside of the fence and escaped and ran into the woods. In different directions snowshoes no no shoes no jacket nothing brand into. As snowing now sit there snowbound is probably is definitely below freezing. My cashier prank. They found their bodies some of them a mile away some of them are looking trees different things they just. The horrible but but it just seems stranger. Some of my crush goals. They just freeze to death that's a lot of force some of them had the Tums you moves. Tongues and yeah what would rip your tongue out exactly yet praise some of them were literally crushed or something. There is right down around them trust him. Who they didn't find him for a few weeks after the incident happened back right and I guess you could say in animal might. Beaten your trunk and set on him mean and nasty to think of that play. Tell us wildlife on the middle of the woods in wintertime and. But but I've seen what just at all what would you do that no exact enemy and why would they crushed skulls. That's a big and a wanna do that that's a lot of weight room and him can we get a call children okay. Who loved one moment here we have Jill from Blackstone made a joke. Yeah I fellas look I'm a friend about you might not remember me but I know the boys sold ten million. I don't know night and I'd like that's something real important so what you're talking about about three or four weeks ago lawyers and flipping the channel and it was either run. I don't put the Travel Channel or what some called. Destination America it's one of those type of channeled what are the dial up there I was maybe halfway into this two hour documentary. It was talking about whom the Russian case I think you're referring to your support you might not know. They had this big research team two hours long they went back and they actually went from Moscow when there are some kind of an. Think what institute over there. And they have a guy who's like. The best Russian renowned expert on bigfoot and I guess. Whoever did this documentary for a the American channel what they were able to get access to just got in it was unbelievable because after museum. They have gotten. Untouched wouldn't come that they recovered the camera. Any insight that the film won't. That was never developed that was up. Can go have enough pictures and tore them tech definitely desist captured the bigfoot they went through all this analysis to prove that. The photos when doctors they weren't like they don't put in the later and it's incredible thing about the pictures of the show of the big foot. It looks exactly like the Paterson timlin film and that's what it's everyone's mind and I wish. You would come on again and I'm not sure which channel but that you like this they try to keep the heat everything that Canada hasn't come up yet but. If that comes on again. The only thing that compares what it would be done. Paterson came when you go home and I don't know if you guys can do that but just there was I think the best from discovery of a big ports. I think in the last fifty years I'm totally blown away. On gas and it is also very strange incident here in this. This one's. We always let my people were attacked they got killed were in here for their lives and the whole thing but not as they were getting out of I hate to say this slaughtered. They actually have the purported and they showed a big foot from about. Maybe. One yards away and it looks like it's great to attack them okay and that's the last photograph his seat and they had analyzing. Every which way to quit and they said. There's no wait yes they can there's no he was planned and and I don't know how they got access after all these years to Russia may because of a Cold War being over but I hope they have more. Documentaries on that. Instituted enough researcher enough and Moscow because it didn't like. I'll volume of people to come on didn't wanna see big quarterly what I believe it's true this is smoking gun evidence as far as I can tell. Well they also catalog we'll do keeping isn't it going either way. Okay and one of the lesser entries in the log boat was we now know this moment exists. At that was one of the last entries in the like soda as. Contact your little right Donna had diarrhea. Did they say they're government. The people of okay that's ever lived or the indigenous people in that region for many many decades they did not want. Outsiders to come around. It's probably wise I don't know we're just getting your big so they probably has to learn how to utilize there exists. Co exist it's no not to aggravated her and they knew what its capabilities were. Here's another thing that I wanna get across you guys. They eat they went back and for the documentary. Okay the people that were rubble in this cruel when they were all like top ranked guys it's they followed the exact same path. As they encountered the bigfoot and they went back and everything they say they're like you know the lay of the land everything they said that it was like almost. I think so like they were reliving the experience but I can't impress upon you when they show the photograph of if this is the guy in a costume waiting. I don't think Spielberg or George Lucas could. Even come close to decide I really think it's the real deal and I just think it's great there's not much. Smoking gun evidence but I think this is right there with the Paterson don't but I can't give you guys more incentive to keep. Having shows what you do it's. Thank you thank you look easy this is back to 1959. The mountains and I don't think dignitary. And eight costumed up there just to do list now I knew what type of thing and then run out there on the word dies. What do what they did they did they mean appointee saying got the documentary so I want to court wanna do that it makes no sense makes no sense at all. Also would wanna get shot. India it's. I just wanted to add that to like I don't know if you heard about that the canister of only found and how they've. They had to develop different from like you know I'd like to say is that if that's a hoax that's the best so so the last 150 years but I I really don't think it is but it was what you guys going good luck on your show your parent contest the moment up. I really like that that you keep you know. You keep calling your guys doing what you can and what can I just think it's great and I wish you all the luck in the world thank you thank you are right rabbi who live in depth. Father go to some more information authors and I didn't know that show is on their. I've seen them before but I never seen and probably natural rambling mess finished America but it. I've heard of I'm gonna have to look to see us on because that sounds like it's really the shark or get a look at battle that's a good one might be able to find dig up and some you know. May be on YouTube may be something that's something might have an earth might have an on demand might make me go through them can do little searching the research may find it. Russia has just started releasing information on that like you are United States takes years and years and years for an inside this tomorrow Candice it's actually starting small mouth from Russia. Tuition join with enemy especially something of this nature and that I would love to see those photos myself I did hear they did have a picture of the idea haven't yet seen I'm looking ally for written at that we're told anybody go to. And if anybody doesn't know they're look at it I have to apologize Beasley did show a lot of them. Cadavers to frozen bodies I heard her forgotten he has some news via the UT it's it's a few few on the glass senator just click viewer discretion advised that's sitting here. How race we're rule yet now okay we're going on about how they are off to trailing. Before we tell him tell guess this is about time for a break. Some will kitchen after. Hey it's Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like you have a thousand demon stirring anger back. Are you uncomfortable in your body like your possessed with somebody else is currently suffering or you don't need an exercised regularly chiropractic school. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body remembered chiropractic. 569 pierce street Kingston he had checked him out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end and we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. They welcome back to Helmer did the right phone number there. Follow all the Yale remain in the states what he's got a little older okay if you want just to free tickets. We want you to call and and we want you team. Aren't costs to let's talk about anything tacked Hosni Colin billion Sonoma you the wrong number and indeed you're right number to Colin now. 5708837135. That's the 5708837135. We'll get you in your. Kid that's. Thought OK I did you run number I'm giving a growing number I'm giving you the coming in line. Plus 88300980. I'm sorry about that that's my fault. 8830098. Boy and really have no I solid film are you thinking of the daddy that sorted it yet get a yearly undermined by audits Collins talked to smile yeah Eddie talked socialist guests NASCAR stock goes on anything but not a colony get those tickets two tickets yet. You gotta you gotta new Colleen and all you have to do is say hello and talked to listen to so little when I can hold John alliance for an hour gone are those are good topic pulled you out if you have Douglas do anything. Kind of a caller ID or to get off to flaunt how how. How right back to the mideast. Now we left to retire I think about that they cut out of the tent with a collar talking about the eventual pitchers that was interest right and all of that show him I haven't seen the show I'd seen shows like that there's been a couple of documentaries done about it. It's been good it's. It's been a nice run with them they've been doing that for awhile and Russia is that when that less starting to release information on this stuff. Which is good I mean that information sharing for stuff like this with natural history in just my paranormal you know. Yeah they're starting pins and you might have a call come in and see who's got here he had gotten into the it's looks like United States we hold back a lot of information freely you know. Thirty years or so. You know I think Kennedy assassination what is it 57 years before really releasing information on that get us up with the security clearances and that they have to. Go by I can't remember is called by. You mean. But now Russia does the same thing it's multi in the center released some of this not all didn't we little bits and pieces for you know this up is important to share with other countries that are similar activities and events that take place. You're like I mentioned there was controversies about this now we go to the other side of the coin here okay. Tim bodies nine bodies found crushed. They're following their tongues ripped out one of them at least younger there was poison men and women there and one lady get a tongue repel following. In could have been an animal we don't know him. There was also reports there may have been some. Weapons testing in the area at the time. Weapons testing yes new item military military not know thermos and then not nuclear but weapons testing in the area at that time. Which would 'cause this is he scared to run out some shooting suddenly goes off to your big boom. Right they were enough when you're someone that Andy said he can cussing could if they were close enough to concussion would actually crushed. Yes but let there be evidence of an explosion yes crater area and just that. I just say in the pros and cons and everything no wait I got a look at the most site there is gonna have you failure realist with their theories in there and those skeptics. Now there was also. Rumors that the was radioactivity found in the area. Okay thing that's another thing they're saying there's also some people who swore prior to this that there was. Strange lights in the skies which always seem to have been something strange happens. Yeah he's so well there is a link very mean we spoke bobbled ball better probably if you oppose and SaaS watches and and then there was big foot obviously started getting getting big foot kept moving. So anyway. They find the bodies that Tenser cut open they have a camera we know there's been film won it thanks or Germany called and they read all that. FEMA is more that's what happens next golf poets and well we thought we go to it's still touch and Jenny cheap and you tomorrow we got a caller. Hello Jenny OJ. Yes I shall I enjoy your show and listen to every week thank you rage you just won yourself Eric take its. Q so much room to receive either. So you do you wanna talk about too is I just can't seal the well I just episode which are uninterested not that stopped the camera. Ma am I registered in the UFO's. Event looking as possible into Corzine my nephew and the possibility. That Iran and start our troops that he. That's right I mean it's good to be skeptic but he should also have an open mind you have to think locally yeah outstanding. So you're we're terribly subtle but bigfoot in the area locals. Well I'm patient because it when you have come in and about first task like twelve promotional move around. Are often burned stealing yes I remember all the guys I remembered you call them. Yeah my dodger non creepy and I made and yeah I don't know when he was I stayed very definitely my parents Irish. Why didn't like I dealt you know. That'd be yeah to get that answered your question there yes the top. They're looking for the chancellor exploits today to send paper they parted under our story without the smoke outs. It used to go. Up the pie a sewing and have to pick up today's paper so I was really interceding. That would cap in years ago there are yeah. I you know they had an article in the paper at all pop out like yes. Just so you could not get complacent important happens. And one daughter Ireland I think when this camera essentially sit there and opened fire her parents had to put up with because nobody believed Saddam. Right. Away issue lived through it. He you know he won't say it's not true. Well with things happened like that than to seem almost unbelievable. It's hard to get other people make you know what happened here. But right how'd you get other people to believe that you know US we let detained or something. You know. Have the late Daniel how some people are just hard no skeptics that's a problem what if somebody said do you you know OK Housley in in my bed and they limited to three feet up towards this happened I floated across the room where seen somebody else walked in the room. You're gonna look at the the first same exact I'm sick or hurt him because you know I think it and a slightly though it can happen yes yes. As we know is one kid that happened to most ethnic Karen had. I treacherous world in having me Russian troops after the cash and are trying to keep everything going so we Goran capture and Serb everything I'm wondering that was simply fight but it attention won't accept. The house and try to trap at night and you get something locker room in the he had actually thinks coming up steps. Not to my child to. When the Dutch and from my mom grandmother had a gun salute and Charlie also. And it doesn't work pretty cheaply because some of the site it anyway. And then I got really in the mood to wait. She went just in the bedroom she mentioned so much what she called me the next station can see so it's really so much real work she. There were some in the attic you wouldn't I. I can tell you this question should I be here. Not after I lose you go on that's how yeah I had some work done in the carriage house I assume per. Yeah I have worked into the attic and guns they came out who we just don't tell us a royal Ulster lose track who are. That the mortgage brokers are popping. They which are in the count to Richard Conte cops start it Brit style plant slowed crop sort up's sport without spilling. They stick you know I played it to tell it like to get sent but open your mansion but deep history as I can not. And it's so much as all of you know that happens quite a bit over here so hooked that such. We usually use you'd be surprised at how many times if one person says in the neighborhood. A few the other people in sub for him that's been happening to me for years but you know nobody wants to be the first one to come on save I don't know what I'm a trainer. But you know little history of that house they're white wire on a subject why get a call and did your parents go back home brand new where was it someone's they purchased or. It was my grandparents. All case that was in the manly for a long time that you and what I was thinking college and went true statement into enforcement and across south and we know how to do research on the couch. Four point right that would be maybe 1980 Irish and I I went to present real estate like it. It was over a hundred years so some history there so. Nor should go in those states would come from the old country. The record nationality exterior publishing slow walker Irish and half the sponsor is to start. I wouldn't I don't I don't get it and I couldn't do they worked with my. Yes so you would approach it in shops and my grandparents. And still. Made movies like in the attic. They had bad and they had rotating ships where the guy went to work in another group would come home washed up in go to sleep it's. So what so many different people. And how it's. Bet you don't know who's still there a look foolish stood there looking whatever damage dirt but wouldn't think by and went there. Did anybody pass on that was living in a house in north. Sure might when he got a great grandmother get OK that's one that you know it could be her spirit to her home if I be sure. And that's just wanna like this and we never investigated because it was nothing like on top. The initial push something that was contrary we smelled funny saying traditional harassment through and we were written that the priest or something to come per. And I would say. People went to church every. You know here. It would Blogspot helps you efficient corporate desktops exactly yeah thanks so much no good activity yet elsewhere today. It's then I agree I agree 100% there. But bass so I really enjoy all the difference objection talked about. I thought I. Should know when I was slipping in I think we've Strasburg or in doubt that the true. There was over sabres Burke there's a real shot didn't pass. I've looked atop the guy like Kuwait. It 8% did right in the paper where you actually came over a hundred children people saw. And at some going to be incumbent county he took. I opened skittish little folk and that black sock. Stand your ringer that was not that was in the seventies it. Hot and I analyzed a work of that win and I. That's one that I never cotton down. Well I don't remember the name and the rest got. But people are actually are and whether it's a Michael pond it its its true and stale expert. Is it true this would have been leased and people aren't dirty bench. Announced it was tiebreak like bishop in beam came down and you can actually see they sent I was in there. Water being taken opt into this deal. That's that's something we got to look into their does yeah it does seem a lot of these beautiful setting center along water victory in the waters the ride out. And natural resource react incidence. Very. Huge deal could bing we won't we won't know until we just need direct contact with them. Right to your program to and I thank you would get its interest in Russia yeah thank you and I don't actually try to. Troy how to. Treat and oh yes I'm prepared. Into the unknown basically. Right now from Jewish without which into American Indian. There's not a whole and it's by the wish you Sean and continued to brush to places like pure exploitation question everything. And he was content started to show what can you pitched it to be true of a debate expectations since we seen them. They can can. Make it. American captured election cougars and thanks yes and are different from what we're OK how about where what he says you're trying to connection option. The sky hasn't pollutants like you mean. Fathers let me get cyber shot what we think certainly it's true. Step I couldn't get maybe you've got to sweat it's. Time he had a can't get past it which is our current with certain time and I can understand how. Cliche that's true. They started these things in the steady nature and I think they're still which was certainly York. Well I've always good to believe that in the spear worlds are there basically is no time so it's it's gap before it's after it's out just like right now. They don't get any older they don't know yesterday or tomorrow. And I guess if there were shape shift is that there was no something there is no I say like kind of dimensional play yeah I guess you know. Very good. Well early Cheney's stand well I don't think that killed eighteen and much thank you and talked to Jacque we'll take your information very easily get the tickets. Okay he's way in the mean these guys are there any. All right there are many see it felt good thanks coach but I'd hate. It's awesome ever cars command one of our regular listeners when's the tickets that paragon that's very good yes possible emergency here. Yes we'll see how we do this the future would you say who do a couple Marlins at some point you might starter some there are not you Elmer Helmer. Humor whereas in ninety yell and Omer. And into the wrong numbers. But I turnaround I'm looking at the board here and I'm looking at and they seek. In the number in the U chaired it happens to be in front of the number of remembering the numbers seen doesn't sound right. And his little voice in my ear saying something to throw numbers to fifty. Thank you to comment line number I can't see I got a chair back and we'll visit chair right here in front of the board you know won the army is right in front of the words that worked out we got a number out there that's right all right good deal worked. Okay what do we Levi found we left off fund the controversies. That yet. There's. Can't think you're getting leads a break time anyway threat to got a preview at this night is why emotional fast Sambo I will be right back people. I Omer back again a few months ago Marion Berry took Mattel to stand great you know I'm gonna show something out Pressler and permissions. He should he is seven nights a million American Indians some English guy and if you're. If you're into still at the risk of England where. Come to Houston was scary kind with a marker appreciate steam count on September 20 tourists. They're gonna do it again who are able on this stage in front of Germany won colonial life science head have to talk to marry buried about a test. Talk to you soon. Randy can. It is controversy. As some listeners. Spontaneous enlightenment they in turn. Well welcome back journal science yes I will be on the stage esteemed town September 24 hours. During the he's 'cause they're kind outstanding and they will do pass lane I will be. Regressed especially progress we'll find by the time we don't we go look forward to and I've been pushing and as your time is your stand well hey I've been trying not to do this you Davis and senator John Lannan had said you know sacrificial lamb. All right we got about only fifteen minutes or so let's let's see we finish up wrap up this seemed to us. OK. We're talking about all the strange things that to happen here oh yeah tablet is right paperwork to missing a few more interesting things take temperature on a mile at the time they ran out. Was. Minus thirteen to minus 22. That's very cold to run around no shoes no Jack it's nothing I'm like theft right. And never. They knew it there in four on this. Past the Marlins they knew what they're urged her to win yes that's that means something made them run yes something made them cut their tenth in run. During a mile and you're gonna run you cut you to and you know you're basically you shelter you can suicide that's I mean there's no hope for you at that time now not to. Anyway here's what happened with the six of the group members died of hypothermia. And three a fatal injuries and moon. There were no indications other people nearby aren't Kohl holds certain type key apart from the nine travelers are assessing the amount Iran. Yes this is tough tough loss on the front Holland I'm not Russian so again tongue tied here they're attentive and ripped open from within. The victims had died six to eight hours after your last meal. Traces from the camps showed that a group members left to try and save on their own accord armed foot. And you just spell the theory of attack by the indigenous Massey people doctor Boris. Then not even gonna pronounce that Boris Danny that's closest thing. Stated that the fatal injuries of the three bodies. Could not have been 'cause by another human being because the force of the bulls and too strong. And no soft tissue had been damaged in other words they're hit so hard it shattered their bones while. No no soft tissue damage death in when breakthrough and get hit hard enough it busted up there. To scalpel structure of a Ronnie knew it we got another call coming in we judge. She's got good stolen from planes. Hello Allen. Yeah. I'm telling you are far from tired so. Bad a couple of months ago I'm kind staccato split George Noory. Delicate gentlemen were. Furry shirt chair Ed he would tell until. About central tantrum say you know Brett therefore I hadn't purse true. We're standing in the middle of the vote and vote for vote killed. The guys don't come from work and she can't keep track of fooling around these animals act and they animal and me I didn't. There are still. Okay about the car or the public. Let them economic and he got a couple friends. They blame Barack they went into the word at that they catch. Can Eric that they are bent out of towards. I went home and there are so researcher. Who was gonna grow interest has talked permafrost say you know I. If they're spraying. Those who was this a lion you're talking about. And ending up until right. Or you set alight in person she says obviously get out of shape shifter here maybe. I'm no way hurry. And I. If you want to go I would try to get ahold does Georgia still very close to coast they would find out. Because I had that I am sure that he was gonna go into the election this spring half but it shouldn't implement a Porsche Darius. Out there. Okay that's pretty happy to forge a central part. Aren't. You know I saw that there I mean. Hey we're talking the other woman that called scenarios target for Sean there with the shape shift there's no sand where walls holly if you Colin and while we've added to each other reports we have reports in god meant. Yep which could be very will shape shifted. And that's probably talking more than two weeks are your reports whom. Yeah yeah well what I am proud to conflict George Murray. Who can get. Thank you for all and thank you but I. Well that's I didn't hear both say it. That's first and that never got to do some more research on that yeah. Central Pennsylvania the lion manner tiger and whatever was Bryant I lion man right. They don't let's shape shifting right there again that's. That's a typical take shape shifter here. My OK okay and it's Sauna like it was thinks she said it was sort of tempting them are tough on they have become after a master right. So as to point out these I don't I would go get my go running go back after that. It was time to me Hawaiian man he wants who is trying Ewing for something. I you know I get picked a follow up let's say excuse me Hough grandstanding you garner road trip and let me know if find and I say an agent beat the former beatle clicked. Obviously new apartment my high sac special extra pets all of you wanted to do Ayala finale season. Road trip crude troops central PA. I already. Looks like we'll be talking about this in another show sometime because of KMA where our listeners such as seriously can wrap it up and soon happens here. Okay and he talked about. Most of the body most flesh injuries the broken bones and had to be some strong something that's blunt force trauma news. Chief forensic radiation tests showed their high doses of radioactive contamination on the clothes of a few victims. Why can't Wear that come from you know I have no idea. Released documents contain no information about the conditions of the skiers internal organs and there were no survivors obviously. And that's what the medical reports basically. Shimon sent him. All right let's see what else we have on this well you mentioned something earlier I was sick remember what was with. Who we tackled him a blunt force or something. You mentioned during the break room affectionately. Known who go back to a OK a touch of controversy is different things a Mobutu quickly the explanations of what they said might have happened but we could have had avalanches. They're saying is very possible that there in their tents. And they heard the rumbling in the mile and coming. And they did say they're gonna run fast to get out of the tents out of the way the avalanche. Now my question I would have this. Did anybody. Kind of have a director with the snowfall was some of that time would it be higher deeper Pak from a avalanche of snow there was no there was no avalanche attends the cell phones. Yes like necessary in Fresno. And not I'm not sure if they're on the side of a mile neuron like a little. Area near mountain I mean of course industry look at forget army Mears or was was electorate that far away from their tense neither know. So got to within a mile away he made it to get tree line number and it's an early through a bad thing tenth. Yeah I was at there was one I think this starts a little fire yet that is what I'm. That's over cleared all Syria were pretty good I think it was like 16100 feet. That's up thank you that was a quarter mile and continuous so I mean accord miles in distance yet when you are running around in thirty below weather. We know we'll see here that aspect that's gets cool yeah. Or what else we have here how about consultant tells infra sound. Training early on him for sound. Another hypothesis. Popularized by Danielle choose 2013 both today and my own thing just that'd be good book to look up from one known information us. Is that win going through the how a touch of mountain created eat Carmen vortex street which can produce interest sounds capable of inducing panic attacks and humans. Wow that's solves those kind of a weird wind the makes a sound limping in this pennies people. That's no I never heard that before I never did anything that sets in though. Thought that might go along with internal organs being. Broken their bones because if you have both very loud sound. I understand you correctly you can damage or did you until someone by eight different silence yet different pitches so that's that's. That possibility I don't know for mounting created and so. But maybe so because. Remember last year earlier this year we're talking about the pupils the sounds in the air to booms have sonic booms that sonic booms and the horns the whistles people here often. And I just this puzzle him. Cable boat that was a possibility we have lunches will put that on the side this one as a possibility. Military test some people leaves no TX and it was sent to try to cover up. Possible. Quite sure our government's done and there's no and then and the Russian government I imagine when newcomer don't say average or some type of us secret. Military testing at variance same bone the kids are also with the weren't supposed to be desired out yet may be used to stayed on the pat they would have not had that problem. For the fans so that's also a possibility. Paradoxical undressing. And today. Just wanted to check basically you're getting so called hypothermia if you start to behave different. These are ripping you close. Can you just short try to run the skid but did that when I don't know finally go on with because. How could happen Tom nine of them at the same time Emmy is a it's a perceived feeling a burning more. When it with this I I imagine has done hypothermia frostbite to set again. But you're right I mean all of them felt the same time or at least 70% of them and it doesn't explain why three of them were. Crushed yes I think. Or has some the other stuff from there where it was like. Some of the hikers share to. Calling for the ones that might have had a piece of this or piece of that and I want. The dead people had stripped them off a little bit trying to get some attention socks on I don't want is have part of the wool pants and they don't have the it makes you wonder why. Is there going that far ahead it out in there able to get some of the close up today and ones and a little fire went into the bag contents get more supplies only Staten. Not good grief did not mean it could be considered a distance but still. When it's not try to go back. Brings you back to those that Joseph misspoke when he called and has sent pictures real that thing on the attack and why would this area they're like books now we know that. Exactly you know this moment he says Terry Terry Mann that's it. I wanna go back I'd be trying to get my way back open after I don't know what I do I'm Omar and get unprepared golf how far you can get to that train I don't know. I don't know what I would do I mean it's no. Okay last one have done music crypt zoology was basically means the Eddie yes Paris and I'm the senate no surprise needs is a 2014. Discovery Channel special rushing yet you killer of life's. Explored decrypt as a lousy series that does Dane left group was killed by rushing Eddie. And dissipate peep show that nobody stuck in about 2004 genocide as serious when I don't recognize the name of the swan you know there's something if anybody's out there and he was on Discovery Channel 2014. Rushing you Eddie. If you looked at opera. We find out. You know I'm gonna to throw a funny and I am understanding Jack links in the time. Commercial besides why do you see activity every now and you're using your brings meant that I can actually send it to his second I am little slope that's our it's Sunday there. Years that the airplane meet at a meeting with us ask watchers like that when he Jack links one time burned. Bock man almost I was involved and yeah I mean. That had to be. Yes that Israel with a young mom for those young people going to pass doing that they do. Their honor. How we ought to say about their training wherever your daughter about her past. And I mean but that's happened that's it that's what happened horrible tragic yeah what do you do your publisher of the middle of nowhere. Get to flee all your life savings supplies because this thing back east that's didn't worry I mean. It has to how bad does it have to be too which is since flee everything you have. And run out in the something like that you're running into certain death no matter what way right basically and that's where I'm taken right I mean it's the cold and get them VA did us. Pay or least three of them that we know of that had a crush skulls and me I'd be wandered I'd I don't think they would follow rush and lost they'd love to be armed. Both and I don't know but I'm pretty sure they must secure the knife for something sorry facts flooding cut fairways are very tense so then how do you solve yeah right I mean I don't understand why didn't just lay there in the Chandra take my chance if he comes in here. We'll try naive to think yeah physically go up there I'm gonna diced and like I said this stuff near me and I'm gonna ask her guys that the paragon. Grasso Voltaire I know there's a Pennsylvania big faux but I know there and our community circuit moon siesta ever formation essays. Happening come on the show again we have mom beforehand we went after remembered asking these questions on this incident you know Willis we remembered ask. Bill Brock will be done you know he's from destination America can he is equipped to zoologist he has a show come monsters on the ground I'm sure he's gonna have some on lighting and yes I miss you might have something on this one too. We have to manage your music coming up he knows that means it shows. You went by fast tonight at always stars DNC BS great information you provide and don't upon catching up underestimate. Me as possible collars or call. Street back there coming in later tickets and everything missile. Fortunately brother mark brother mark on here. So they look at the four of us are you folks here and stands there it's comment Mac daddy macaroni. Genuine good night and sleep tight.