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Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden speeches at campaign rally

Aug 15, 2016|

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden speeches at the Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Scranton.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I. Yeah. Palin. Do you. Yeah. Any ends I'm agreeing to be back in Scranton. And look okay. I can't tell you. Important business. To me and two Vice President Biden. Ran out. Yeah. They both have a lot of memories. Scranton and late went all the time that's my. And it is such a nostalgic trip for me because my Brothers are here week. Came to light Manolo every summer of my mind and loved every. I. And there are a lot of people in this crowd. Who'll our family has known or Joe's family has known over the years and we are grateful to each and every wanna do. It's also wonderful to be here. In Scranton with senator Bob case days. And yet congressman. And plug right. I. And there. Saying I don't want to county recorder of deeds every rep now it's. Hello. I'm saying sure mess that has many years. Think it about you and sending you. Our best wish is we're also hear the auditor general Eugene dubbed as vale do it. The and have good guys and I'm here but a lot beyond me. Vice president know by N. You know. John great job over on north Washington avenue. And no matter how far travels he never forgets Ares from. I have seen him a lot of standing. In the spotlighted as vice president and senator. It quiet moment. Us with constituents. And in the situation room. Helping to make decisions that affect our lives and security. And wherever he goes he's always the same guy. A fighter or everybody needs a champion and port towns like Scranton and above all wait five Arab or. I. I think he'd be the first to say that he cares about our families because of his family. Jones senior and accurate hot. Joseph that all people deserve to be treated with dignity. When you see someone all your help them back up because we are all in this together. And I. We ads saying how he fights for working families because he passionately believes. In the basic bargain that makes America great that. Our economy should work or every one not just those at that time. And. He stands up against injustice. He has led the fight to end violence against women and girls. Any stands up for people's lives and help including. The project he's now leaning on behalf of President Obama. The cancer moon shot to lunch break Roseanne yeah. As many NBA. Now he is wonderful son. A great father paid great public servant eight great human being. Passed away last year so this is personal. To Joseph Biden he knows it's personal to a lot of families that's why he's. Fighting so hard to make a difference. And a final act in this bomb I'm gonna ask jug to continue the important work he's. OK okay. And so I thought you. As perfect job for you aired first and us and get them as a member of Obama Biden cabinet I can attest. That passion for standing up for people trying to make lives better. It's what pushes him to work as hard as he in every second of every day for all of us. And jolly is wonderful wife Jill and raise their children and grandchildren with those same values. So Joseph well I hope you now. How much it's not just Scranton but America. Loves you and I mean they're great DL to have him by my side you know and John I were. Deciding verdict where they have our first campaign rally there really was only one answer. Sprint isn't just jealous Allentown it's my dad's hometown to. While the fight this war on north Washington and in my family the problems were a few blocks away and diamond avenue. I was prison at the Methodist church on court street. I grandfather. Went to work at the Scranton lace mill and starting as. Teenager. It wasn't easy work but you know what I learned that business treated its workers right believe it or not. This Scranton lace company. All those years ago. Actually offered eight profit sharing plan and health benefits. At the beginning of the twentieth century. They understood something that a lot of fun except for guy. Answers to. That there workers were responsible. For much of the businesses it's also was only care. That they share in net success and that their families benefiting youth and because of that shop. My grandfather. And my father a better life. My father. Was able to go to college went to Penn State where he played at all. And after you got out of Penn State it was 1930. I write and the deficit that depression. And he was looking for a job herta. Friend of his news somebody who'll hurt somebody was hiring in Chicago so he literally popped a freight train. From Scranton to Chicago I don't recommend that anymore. Ray got a job as a salesman. He went into the navy during World War II when he got out started small business in Chicago where I grew up. And just like his father before him I yet. Was determined to give us even greater opportunities that he had and to me that is the American dream no matter where life takes me. I always remember I am the granddaughter of a factory worker and the daughter heavy small business owner and I am so proud I'm. And you know. Star and our products and the Biden's. Isn't unique what's unique. Is that country where those stories were written. No matter what Donald Trump says America is grades. And and the Americans. Dream as Big Apple or every one to share in its promise. But that doesn't mean they can take it for granted and just wait till it happens to us we have a lot of work to do. Hearings grant you know that. President Obama and Vice President Biden pulled us back from the worst financial crisis since the great depression and let our top hat. I don't cry. I I personally don't think they get enough credit for that. Under their leadership we've created fifteen million new private sector jobs. Twenty million people now have health care and the auto industry just had its best year ever. Okay. So I think the job of the next president. Is to build on that but to take on the deeper challenges that emerged long before the crisis and have persisted through our recovery. Inequality is too high wages are too low it is still too hard for too many to get ahead. So my top priority is creating an economy that works for everyone. Not just those at the top which is why accent five ambitious goals to get us there. First we are trying to make. The biggest investment in new good paying jobs since World War II. Second. We're going to make college debt free for all and help. It's things. Eric we're going to crack down on companies that ship jobs and profits overseas. Yeah every large companies that share profits with their employees like the Scranton lace company did almost a century of. The. We'll learn. Why aren't. Thank you. Well I don't make sure that Wall Street collaboration and the super red. Finally paying their fair share. And then we're going to do respond. The way American families actually live and work today by making child care affordable because at today's economy. There is off but no parent or grandparent staying home with the kids. And we're gonna fight for paid family because sometimes you need to take care of your child or your spouse or sick parent. And you and whenever I mention these issues you know O'Donnell drop volleys and then I'm playing in the woman's hardly you know what I say have planned a woman's car and take out. I you bet to gather this plan looked all day long way toward building a stronger fairer economy where everyone can contribute to its growth everyone can share in its rewards. Now by contrast what's Trump's plan well he laid it out last week. And I'll bet even before I did I didn't think it was going to be good for working Americans. But it turned out to be worse than I ever imagine. I know also that you may have friends up here in northeastern Pennsylvania weren't thinking about voting for trump you know. I know oh I know. Friends should not let friends vote for him. It. It's just in case you could have a conversation. Explain that Donald Trump would get trillion that's trillion with a T. In tax cuts to big corporations millionaires and Wall Street money managers athletics love the national. And it led me to may have sit cots and things like education and health care he's even called Reagan tax loopholes let's call it that trump poll. Because it would allowed trump to pay less than half the current tax rate on income for many of these companies pretty sweet deal. He would end up paying any break. Lower than millions of middle class families. Now that is assuming he paid any taxes at all because we really don't know if it happens and it's actually. Probably due out just I've looked inept that day got. We now that all about 400 richest taxpayers in America would get an average tax cut of more than fifteen. Million dollars a year from the drop loophole. And that of course there's the estate tax that trap wants to eliminate all together now if you believe that he's as well the SE claims. That would say the truck family four billion dollars. But it would do nothing. For 99 point 8%. Of all the other Americans in our country. So yeah Clark and that's cut and trot 99 point 8% of Americans get knocked and what we can do. With those four billion dollars. We could okay for more than 47000. That threatens to get a four year college. We can't let my eight. Air years' worth of health care to nearly three million kids. Or we could find hairs weren't up that I would assistance to state and. And block local law enforcement so. There are a lot of better ways to spend the money and everybody are part of Trump's plan I want to mention. He's now saying he wants to help people pay for child care by. Excluding. Those payments from taxation. Well again yes that would help the most. It will help rich people. Who will get thirty. Or forty cents on the dollar to pay for their nannies. Hardworking families who can't afford childcare in the first place will get little to no real help. That's why his child care plan is and panned by experts across the political spectrum left right and center. Because remember right now child care costs as much as in state college to tuition in most of the country. So we need real solutions that will work for working people not just about lock. And approach that he really cared about this issue. Try and made a point of talking about how his businesses offer on site childcare workers well it kind of hurt me up. Because if he rarely did that it would be a big deal I wish more companies would provide on this site child care LA BS. I can coach better fit. For employees but like so much of what he said it's not true but it turns out. Some of his resorts hotels and clubs. Offered child care services but port yes. Not employees. Just say end. If you instead extra poke town you can enroll your kid and something called trump kids. They will get special children's room service. Children spy services. Even and nanny for a fee but if you workers business. If you clean at Rome's water the lawn scary people's bags. You get not being. I'm not even your trump knows that providing aid trump kids' program for paying customers is not the same thing as providing real child care workers. Just like kids tax breaks but it airs aren't the same as a real plan to help America's working families. You know Vice President Biden has as saying I love don't tell me what you value show me your budget and I'll tell you what you value. I. There are. Donald Trump wants to get trillions of tax breaks to people like himself. Not invest in our veterans our kids our police officers are teachers and anyone who really provides services. And we think he's real serious challenges in America we need serious leadership. Is not a reality TV show it's as real as it gets. Look at what's happening in Milwaukee right now we got urgent work. To do it rebuild trust between police and communities and get back to the fundamental principle. Every once ever respect aren't a lot and he respected five. I. So I'm proud of these important challenges you have to ask yourself. It's trump up to the job he's giving a speech. Or. He's giving a speech about prices today now I've played out my strategy for defeating ices over many months. We will strike they're sanctuaries from the air and support local forces taking them out on the ground. Under President Obama and Vice President Biden we are making progress. We will surge our intelligence so we detect and prevent attacks before they happen we well. Disk rot their efforts online to reach and radicalize young people in our country. It won't be easier way but make no mistake we will prevail. There. I. And. It got so bad. In comparison Donald's been all over the place on nice as he talked about letting Syria become a three zone for ices. A major country in the Middle East that could launch attacks against us and others. He's talked about sending ground troops American ground troops. Well that is off the table as far as I am. And. So well wait and see anybody says today. But you know sometimes he said he won't talent wine what he'll do because he wants to keep his plan quote secret. And that turns out the secret is yes no plan. And that's. And that was very clear when he said I know more about ices that the generals know home. No Donald you don't. And on top of daddy says more countries have nuclear weapons including in the Middle East. He talks about walking away from our European allies he had the temerity to say. That the united states military is a disaster. Well I wish she'd spent as much time as Joseph and I have meeting the brave. Young men and women who serve in the military meeting their families. Meeting with gold star families. Those are not alerting them someone you respect. Our military in the sacrifice. That our young men. And make every single day. Luck I I sat in Philadelphia that a man you can date with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapon. It. It's also not a man you can trust to run our economy helped heal our cities. We're being role models for our children. There is no doubt. Donald Trump is temperamental Leon fit and totally unqualified to me. Oh okay. My friends. American deserves. A present it and get the job done bring our country together not tear it apart. Deliver real results are hard working Americans. And we can't win this election without you that's why I'm asking you to join right now. Take out your phone and text join JL I am. Divorced 724 or six or boating Hillary Clinton dot com. We are hiring organizers right here in Pennsylvania. And across. I'm. We got the idea Friday vigorous campaign. Rain across Pennsylvania. We're going to keep building the future that you and your families does our. And I am so sure we can do this especially. With this man fighting alongside us just like he always has so Scranton. Plays let's get up and I'm vice president. Love food. It's good to be. Do you hope. Folks. Let me tell you what's Brando's dessert. Well thank you. Scranton deserves. What is always deserved because it is made up so many people. We've grit. And courage mean necessarily the bottom of the hour. With grit courage determination. Who never never ever give up. They deserve someone who not only understands them. It deserves someone who's with. May just serve deserve someone who's made of the same stuff. That's Hillary Clinton. Good to be held. With so many friends and look around. I have a matter of fact one of the people on the reception line. Said mind you own your house if it. Tell her I'm coming. I was there when I was running and up into the bedroom and written on the wall still is Joseph Biden slept here. Dennis says who lived here. I'm glad they have lived here part. You know I'm often asked. Why. Why we move for green trees that you claim until word in Wilmington. Claim it's a suburb of willing to go work. And it's because of Bob Casey. Casey led. Five blocks from Austin and recorders and players. And I am midway between Bobby's dad and bop. And I knew only one it was gonna make degrees in new wasn't going to be me. I had to vote is too much Casey talent and they. Bobby you're great friend and a great great United States. They say southern Delaware that talked catch him like kids. Mac car right now or he married up. He married right up to the little inside tea I don't know always seek and influence. I'm ready you've got man. And Matt you're doing a wonderful job is room become very. I've been over senses but I stood here eight years ago picabo market. With Hillary and Bill Clinton. At my side. Having my back we just me appears you gave me to show their support. I want to make it clear. That. As Scranton is always had my back. We in fact all of us are gonna have your back. And. Stranded been so. Some other folks. Some of the folks at our administration where there on election night when the results are community. And word is buying that one and only one question. Why. Did we do in the northeast. And we want bio larger margin than we had any doubt remark and the rest didn't matter. I took credit for. Nothing to do it. You know if you listen to Barack you'd think I was. Q did you as climbed out of coal marvelous market. Lunch box from Scranton and the kid from Scranton. Well I am from Scranton and I was a kid at one time. But. It's so often. Quite frankly mark people who don't Wear resume and I've read I've represented them for 36 years US senator and 44 years in high public office and I swear to god Hillary wears there's a for a hey. That's started. On the fourth of July about just about getting started 72. And it was called the whole cast and parade is right on the Pennsylvania border. And from the time my boys. Were then three and four years old four or five years old it's actually 34 years. They were in the parade. And so when might follow BK and he was the most popular politician go where I went tag along with him. Now. One of the things I've tried to Hillary after the people of Delaware being so generous to me all these years. And the Bos attorney general. IE I'm trying to go back can do is many things in the last year at home. I'm in Delaware to show my affection and my appreciation. Itself I was in the fourth and incorporated openness and recently surprising. The press and everyone because I was there and and there were thousands of people there. That is a people waited five hours in line to pay respects. My son's viewing and I was there and thank him for the overwhelming support they gave me. All those years. And as I continue along the parade route two guys can't run up to me big guys both like guys I played ball bigger than me. Secret Service is about to have a heart attack. And they said you know what it tells all this stuff about sprint you're from client and got on the airplane. And your dollars don't want to joke so you ought to write notes column on most greens mindful. But you know what hole was your character's name. Words Dave in years old. Warrior values said. Where your view of the world and your place in that world again. For me that. It's 4446. North Washington have room from my grandfather and against table. As where I learned that money doesn't determine. Your network. That no one. I can't necessarily. Say this and I this is deadly earnest. I learned that no one is more work and you and every one injured equal. I learn from mother Catherine Eugenia Finnegan Biden that and I she said this well and he she's looking particularly look at me. Remember. Your defined by your courage. And you redeemed by way of. But. You want to say. If everybody that and it is long this year alive. We have an obligation mr. You didn't seem mysteries of god. When I learned here. From my father. Is that I can be it wouldn't be. Anything can be accomplished this is not jail. Rio. To measure your characters when you. Fool you will. Measures how quickly you keep. I learn. I are proud resilience. My father who like many of you. In many of your partner's name aiko longest walk. The longest walk any woman can make is up short flight of stairs to their child. To say how many times are. We can't live there anymore. Lost house. Daddy and mommy and damage. I remember. My dad making that walk. Moving this to my grandfather's home. I remember but I what I remember most. Was insane but I promise you. Everything. Everything. Is going to be kinkle vaccine Paul. Became plain angry easily anymore. I approach. Everything is going to be okay. He admitted. He knew it. Because he used to be basic bargain. Used to be a bargain if you work like hell. Out that you worked. And they did well you've got to participate. As the mark. What Hillary is all about. Is making sure that every one that you. Everyone that he. Can look your child or grandchild I say honey I mean necessarily. Everything when you. Think how many people you know. Who don't feel like they can say that right. My father when he said. From the ball in his heels. He made. He thought. Pictures just to clear shot if you worked hard. Everything I learned of my father's grandfather's table reinforced my neighbors. And my friends all around this town. Prior job. Independence. Resiliency. I'm move away from Scranton is Conan fourth grade but I never left. I spent Summers holidays. College weekends weddings funerals first communion. Admits it's. By the way for me it was now park you pleasantly. I'll always remember. I always do. Remembered. I've been taught which you won't believe what you. Everyone who totally retreat with the dignity. And respect. No matter no matter who they are. That Americans. That America. Hillary gets is better than anybody I know and Americans can be defined in one single word. Possibilities. Nice thing about America. That's the thing about sprint and that's the thing about who we are. Anything is possible. That's the America I know and they don't that's the American Hillary Clinton knows. I. People I trust most. The public life I've been in this long time. I trusted people. Were the feeling starts in their gut. Both of their heart and that is articulated by great mind. Understands the hopes and aspirations. Of the people they claim hot in Scranton. And every spring and claim not in the United States of America I know there are over thirty. I know every portion is personally. When she became First Lady we served together in the senate. During her years. His secretary of state once a week we got breakfast at my home. I became the Obama whisper. She looked at me and say. It would really mean by that. He loves. Everybody knows. This is never an issue though. Unlike it's a gigantic issue with phone. But all kidding aside everybody by the way my family's right. I that you. Make yours yet. Days. Again. Anyway so art guys. But. Think about. Everybody is known from day one. Smart. Right Hillary's everybody knows. How to. I oh I don't think everybody knows enough about. It may be the difference between the Irish Catholic and Methodist peace here. We where everything on harshly. I don't think they fully understand how passionate. She is about what she does. I know I wanted a message this tremendous. I don't know what's Clapp I want to because that would make you understand. What I know. You know she understands. That that college loan to get a bright young girl in school. Is about a lot more than whether or not. They're gonna get a cheese. It's about the pride ain't that dignity of the parent. Who looks inspection. I mean this is Julie please don't just listen to this. I remember. I was went down my dad's place of work. To pick up a car. And he was wandered back and forth in the park. Sectors of these out there. I walked out. And he said Joel I'm so sorry I'm so damn car before cellphones I thought maybe something happened. He said I went to the bank today. They won't lend you money. To get to school I'm so ashamed. He'll only stay this. That most damaging thing to appear. So look at that talented child or a sick child or child in need and not be able to do anything. She's understood that for years. She understood for years and millions of people here in Scranton and clean water and all across America. Went to bed stern is silly thinking my god. What happens if she develops breast cancer. Where he gets lung cancer. What happens we lose everything. What do we do that a lot do you remember those days my fan remembers those days. She gets. She understands. What it will mean. And I really mean this is more than about her and she interstate isn't meets these beautiful young girls and I'm being serious. These three beautiful little girls I'm gonna. What you'll meet them when it's praise isn't Hillary Rodham. There why. They're little changed their lives. You'll flew. Had my daughter and my granddaughter. We do anything my sons and grandsons can do that's what it will be. But. It's consequently. Things that I can't. If you live and Edward like I grew up in where my wife Jill promote growth over down and play well. If you worry about your job getting decent thank you worry about your children's education. If you take care now repaired afternoons in the other one. Then there's only one person this election below possibly help you. And that as Hillary Clinton. I. I. She's always been there is not a joke yeah used to use phrases like act which she has always been their that's their life story. And let's state the obvious. That is not Donald Trump's life story. Senator Ted cost. Men who you know very well Hillary. Serve or do we used to be my administrative assistant for years and years graduate of the Wharton school engineer by degree at duke. He chained a professor at the Wharton school who were in school like the way isn't. Dot doesn't have a trumped up anyway. That's that different media success than genuine success. Hey shoot me a a case that he Mittal success and real success. Is someone who had not been and makes a million dollars is a real success. Someone who inherits a million and makes twenty million. No they're not above but there. Mears success. Now some are blooms but. Not all. Let me tell you the part that bothers me and you know as general Wear and out and nose. No never doubts I mean what is it. The problem is that sometimes they all that I mean. Let me say what really bothers me most and maybe it is only works and where I grew up I don't know. But you know what bothers me most. About. Donald Trump. This is the cynicism and. Is on the ground. I know I really mean just think at this for a minute. We cute all raised in this area. Few different ethnicity different religions different backgrounds. But there's one thing I've noticed all the years I've spent. And I'm always always come home. And that is that. The way you outraged. If you ever showed a lack of empathy for someone in trouble. If you ever. Summed. Thought that the phrase he's most proud of you were fired. Think you think about the phrase. Your fine. Think golf can this guy I really mean this may be just me. But think about what your mother or father or grandmother. Grandfather. We have said to you. Think about. Everything you learned the job. I'm ruining this no matter where you were outraged. How can there be pleasure. In division. I need your fire. Is trying to tell us who cares about the middle class. Give me a break into repeat myself such a bunch of Malarkey. This guy doesn't care about the middle class. And I don't you blame and his sense because he doesn't understand it he doesn't have a clue. How he really hit me really doesn't he doesn't have a clue. And by the way there's something now she has no clue about. That is nothing to do with. Dana democratic republic. I am work I have worked with eight presidency United States. I have served with hundreds of senators only thirteen ancient history I'm embarrassed to say and served as long as. Dozens of secretaries of state and sectors defense of both parties. And I can say without hesitation my word is applied no major party nominee. In history. Of the United States Samir. As you know don't cheer why this list. Has no loan less. Or Ben less prepared. To deal with our national security. Donald Trump it would absolutely amazes me. But actually makes me. That he doesn't seem to. Know. Are really made it he doesn't seem to want to learn. He doesn't seem to think it matters. This man is totally and thoroughly. Unqualified. To be president of the United States. Not only. It lacks the temperament people say lacks the temperament. I'd I'd feel better that's only. Every issue that matters most to our secured. The truth has no clue. What it takes the lead discrete. Now look you know if flights at this 810 months ago. It's it won't be partners. Am partisan no wrong but I'm being about it. I don't know only Democrat it is war positive relation Republicans that news. Conference. Look at the people come. Scores and scores. Of the bulls. Prominent Republican. Thinkers in the national security field. They come out in both political parties to point he has no idea what he's talking about even confront with the fact he does when he learned of few times he tries to do with the fact we've created reveals a profound misunderstanding. What's at stake just listen perspective. Listen to him. He battles are closest allies in this hemisphere and in Europe nations that stand with gusts are part of our security network. That are with us we addressed every international challenge. Those who have fought and bled alongside. Us for decades. He wants to toss those relations aside like the ones that that that light lake is failed business ventures. In the meantime. He talks cavalierly about encouraging and nation uses Hillary went out to develop nuclear weapons as its nuclear wars of trivial of air. Does he not understand we wrote to pay its constitution to say they could not be a nuclear power. Where why he'd win in school. Some lacks judgment. Can't be trusted there's a guy that follows me right back here as the nuclear code. So not really happen and making decision the coach with what he. Qualified. To know the code. And can't be trusted. I was proud. Bicycle boat. Serve for a year in Iraq came back highly decorated so I must tell you I'm just tell you. And Donald Trump for president I would've thrown my body in front of him. Don't really mean it. To keep her from going to have to judge who was based on Trump's decision. Every president since Harry Truman. Has looked torn Europe whole free inner peace. One of the most consequential people. Right now who's trying to undo that. Is in the in the Donald Trump says he admires not I'm not dig into the character assassination so. I really mean you look at look at everything any campaign I've ever room. I'm just trying to like that'll programmable Brennan just the facts man nothing but the facts. I know Joseph Friday action. He says he admired Vladimir Putin. I don't know it's more than it's more than that who here's the deal. What is food whose objective is Hillary knows as well as anyone dealing with food in his and I am press. John care. Putin is determined to crack NATO. And crack European line. That is his over arching over Wyoming interest. Hannity. From here. To Kosovo. Is Serbia. Into the Baltic States. Sure to reissue those rumors data in the Baltic States we meanwhile weeks. We mean at least eight is sacred instance. And. Visit his comments about Ukraine he assured that Russia will not move on you Craig. I understand they've already moved on Ukraine occupy crowd. This guy Shane has no limits even got so bar. As fast food and Russia to conduct cyber attacks against the United States of America. I don't even if he's joking which he's not. It be joking. What an outrageous. Thing to say. Look folks. These are not isolated examples. He's Jamie showered praise on Saddam Hussein one of the violence dictated that twentieth century a man who repeatedly. Backed terror attacks against Israel because he was supposedly. The reason he admires him he was a killer of terrorists that's what he likes his job. Pay little laws stop. They're gonna love style. Look. This this this is a lot about his approach. That explains why so often embraced tactics. Of terrorists enemies themselves. Religious intolerance casting entire communities culpable. For an accident few in the QB. Torture when he knows it's illegal and says he was still ordered either of the military commanders that they would not ease orders. Why do you think you're ever in history where military commander who said. Before a man or woman is elected that they would not follow his orders. Threatening to kill innocent family members of suspects. Indiscriminate bombing. But he calls. That's how anyone hoping to lead this great democracy in the world should be hey look. He likes autocrat he wills. The politics of fear and intolerance club with her ban Muslims in the United States. Slandering crowd Muslim parents and a gold star family and pay go was sacked by threatening to send American citizens to Guantanamo. Practice guys okay. Trumps ideas are not only profoundly wrong and very dangerous and they're very in America. We you know there are real profound ignorance of our constitution. It's a recipe. Replaying it and let this beat humans standing so long as it's it's it's a recipe for playing in the hands of terrorists. And their propaganda last year. Our school's top leader who we've been tracking since we got in line. Hillary be on everywhere else present. If they miss L Baghdad. He revealed to goal voice he's just at a strategy on a website. He said their goal was to cool compel the crusaders. To actively destroy the grade zones themselves meaning anywhere where Christians and Muslims live he calls the grace. He says that objective is to actually destroy great stuff. Most problems in the west he says we'll have to quickly find themselves between two choices. Either pasta size or immigrate to the Islamic state and thereby escape prosecution. How did you make the case. Like winning note that no Willis who is welcome. In the west. I still want him what's the matter manufacture. A clash of civilizations between the Oscars president trump is trying to give me exactly what they want last week. He stood in front of the crowd in Florida and said President Obama founded a terrorist organization. Look. This I really should do. You know that's outrageous statement. But let me tell you why it's a dangerous state. White. As he might say the bad guys are listen. Yesterday. The head and Hezbollah. A terrorist organization. Or his top terrorists murder and a direct threat to our ally Israel. Repeated troops claim. In the entire Muslim world. And don't beat around the world. That President Obama sounded ice single went to resentment. Here's exactly. What the leader of Hezbollah said referring to arms accusation. So this this is not just a spokesman for hours. I'm here for for Hezbollah. This is not as simple speech. Referred true. This quoted this is an American presidential candidate. This was spoken. On behalf of the American Republican Party. And he meaning trump has that data and documents to back you know. If my son. We're still in Iraq. And I say to all those who were there. The threat to their life has gone up a couple of clicks. It's gone up a couple clicks. You saw what's happening in Turkey. We're summit Jerker accusing us of being part. Of the cumulative. Ladies and gentlemen. Does he have any idea the adverse consequences house when each comments. I have on our allies our friends and the physical safety of our troops. Trump was already making our country less safe. And I'm testing your stamina. Let me. Go to the end here. And save. Hillary. Had forgotten. More about American foreign policy. And trump isn't higher. Knight and his entire year teens. Will ever undersea. Ladies and gentlemen. Hillary is bad there. She has been testing it. I barely in the room with her as we jury we have with the president's leadership. Send some of these killers to the gates of hell. At our weekly breakfast on the international stage. She's strong she's respected she's admired. There's nothing. There's nothing nothing. Is she doesn't understand. About America's place in the world. Okay. Because she knows one thing. Donald Trump. Doesn't know. It's never never never ever been a good bet to bet against the United States of America. Yeah. That appeared on. A third today Americans have never never never ever let their country down never do my job. It's Scranton and America we never golf we never band we never need help we never you know we. The finish line that's what we are paying higher power. Big hits it. We're second. Had Hillary Clinton. And write the next chapter in American.