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Aug 12, 2016|

Guest is Psychic William Stillman to discuss his new book, "Under Spiritual Siege: How Ghosts and Demons Affect Us and How To Combat Them".

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Paranormal. Science. Okay. We. Okay. Happy Sunday night everybody and welcome to paranormal science thanks for tuning in I'm mark Karr is NN stands there too. And die in case anybody's interested in meteor showers we are in the midst of a period of pump. Meteor showers over the next few nights I think the eleven since the peak. I answer won't watch tonight yeah Lauren and I over the last about a week or so have been going out gnome every few nights and keeping her eyes in the sky and we are all last night saw quite a few hands. Jesus probably three or four days ago before that in sun cannot quite quit if you build it got me relocation up there in the all star cast yes yes so like pollution ramat he has so tough the closer to the city your blood diamonds out there in the country and it's nice and dark but we had some beautiful skies so if you're into. Shooting stars of meteor showers get out there and you can take a look we've been going out about 10 o'clock at night in heaven. You know you know if you meteors every couple minutes up and the eleventh is supposed to be the peak. Tough to check that out well stand you and I had the opportunity to you know him. Into a little bit of fundraising to help low we had a good causes you know I wrote that. The last summer mystic fair open clarks summit sponsored by got his creations to benefit the like wanna county. Women's resource center and that went very well in low scoring what a nice a nice little park in the perfect day everything that's good yeah. Little bit caught that day but to really nice and they only and they did OK okay. The end last week you guys you Joseph was and Kelly there and we we did a benefit bingo for low he's lies as well he's. And that would rather well Joe's common numbers and the rest of us are just collecting cards and serving food yeah that's a tough situation for around this little girl who had some poor and so what thirty seizures a day can three surgeries and she's still yes and being treated him. Tough tough situation for a little girls everything we can do to help are we trying to help them out and the BS these coast pair come and leave again this year is selling their lollipop yeah. Q and great lollipops. Indeed. Well we had done tonight's guest on the show mom several months ago. And he's great he's as names were not psychic medium William Stillman and easy internationally known award winning author Owen hunt schism in the god connection book trilogy. In that explores the aspects of spiritual gifts in this in many people with autism in it's it's a really cool. Collection of books and you know I've often said deceiving who with new people have autism or schizophrenia. That they do have. Not a special connection sometimes and you know they have to be looked at to as being opened as well as having some psychiatric issues. They often go hand in hand there are so. It's really called. Trilogy that he wrote their bodies got a new book out and this is something that has very quickly become a resource for on the PP eight the work that we do. And it's called under spiritual siege how ghosts and demons affect us and how to combat them. And it is a great book we're gonna talk to William in in just a minute about the book put. And an opportunity to greeted the end it's a phenomenal book in the and that's why we've decided to use that is one of her resources for clients. And let him explain a little bit more about the book but. It's. You know something that can can be very helpful to our clients were understanding I think what they went through in a different way end. Giving them some support afterwards after we do an investigation a resolution for those people. So. Bill who works out of he also do you wellness center in Harrisburg area and we have them right here tonight by phone hi William welcome William. I'm mark I would stay and I'm delighted to be back in your program and looking forward to having an interest in conversations. And William Young so glad that you came back on the show and I did this is book that I absolutely love as I just commented that. I like to so much that does decide to use it as a resource for our team and it's gonna do referee easy to read it it explains eloquently. What people go through sometimes how we get themselves and romance kind of how to change your life to do written we'll let you. You know explain a little bit more broad. First did for those listeners who hadn't heard you before. To give us just a little bit of your background when did you. Become aware that you were spiritually gifted in and that what point did you decide that you're gonna use up professionally to help people. Well first of all let me say thank you I'm I'm humbled and flattered by your very gracious and generous comments about the books you welcome. I think that we are spiritually gifted to us. And did the neat thing about being human is that it's going to manifested. Differently than you would then it doesn't mean because it's being filtered through a channel that is uniquely mark or uniquely understand. I'm instead of build and so on our spiritual gifts just noted as individualized. And unique as an hour. DNA make up. Let me state that's on my end nothing and no one's special. I'm in fact I actually didn't. Begin to to work as a psychic medium professionally until. I was. In my early forties prominent well into my fifties now. And so I'm I'm living proof that around the it is never too late to begin to explore that aspect of your personhood. Although. As a very young child I had a number of highly unusual. But things happen to me and found some other ones and very nice it's quite quite frankly and I am I eight. I think a lot of that became quite blocked up for a for a very long time. But come one I made. Made the commitment to re claim that this sensitivity that I know I experienced as a child. It came flooding back very quickly and I made up for decades and about three months time. And that's what I began to do this psychic work. And one thing that I would like to add. And you're not somebody who who just wrote the book off of you know what you had heard or read from other people you actually went through very dark time of your life into lived a lot of the things that you are writing about and were able to pull yourself out of that correct. That is correct yes. I'm and I can certainly expand upon that if you wish. But some I I wanted to write a book and that would be a very fundamental hope tremor. For guidebook. For. People who are maybe. Kind of stepped up all to a lot of miss guided. Or faulty information. That there are gleaning from horror films. Or from YouTube videos or from. Period and space satellite television programming. That it actually competing or exacerbating. This situation that there it and making it worse so I wanted to lay that out for them. Tend to explain what it is and then to empower them we feel it's already so that there is. The last public dependency. Upon calling in the ghost busters so there were. As opposed to really taking responsibility and taking charge. Four. For the situation that there are encountering. Yeah and that's one thing that I often talked about with a lot of people end. A lot of people don't realize that they ultimately have. Control over their destiny and quite often they think feel that they need someone outside of themselves to come in and rescue them from Margo store. You know negative and a dear whatever they think they may have as Eric. Com when. I think they they don't realize only need is is some tools and quite often life changes but that's one of the reason I really like the book is because. A lot of our clients when they call. They do have either themselves or other family members in the house. That are going through really difficult time in ten dipped into some some dark areas of their lives and have often connected. With some prom you know lower vibration all Kennedy's if you will earthbound spirits soar or something negative and now they don't know what to do with it and let me let me ask this. We will when we get requests for help calm often we can get to some people fairly quickly but other times it may be several months before we can get there. For those people who may be waiting for help. Com they often ask what can I do prior to you coming while I'm waiting his car there any thing. If any practices or visualization is a word or life changes so people can get into your maybe. Ease their situation a little bit. Well I think. What I could recommend is. The beginnings of a and analysis or an assessment process to the first thing Larry I would recommend although the focus is under no circumstances. Should do you take it upon yourself. Two attempts to engage win. Whatever it is that you believe you're experiencing. Common I have encountered too many people who. Are trying to do their own investigation. And they're pulling out of four there confront team. Or they're trying to. New record. Fighter on audio or video. This phenomenon. And honestly they're the last people that should be doing that because there right in the epicenter of all of the activity. And my concern is. A lot of times particularly when we're talking about not hoarding by your post but it's. Demonic activity. That a lot of metal issues. That come to bear often times in situations like that it's. Hmmm what I have bought into. He investigate what I have determined to be a demonic activity type situation. There has always have a ways spin. Some addiction or abuse and how to hold. And so I think that com number one don't attempt to engage with anything number to. Really begin to take a careful. Assessment of your lifestyle and that's of the other people that live in the household. I don't because it's like a dog that chases it's tail one thing feeds directly into the other tend to these. Negative energy to the other coach we can deal with because they they're more egocentric and I sort of have their own agenda of you know they they either want to help or they wanna be left alone and are trying to drive people out and you know they're making a lot of noise and because states. Have been human you can rationalize putting them. Often times but of the year the demons are there another animal totally and they need they're often times very vicious. Very cunning and deceptive very duplicitous. They won't masquerade as something they are not Tinto. And sometimes people believed that there. There interacting with their deceased father or you know the little girl. It died in that house years ago when in fact it doesn't you know what demon and the demons and want. To. All the people to become on gun don't they want to to. Create some upsides and distress than they thrive upon chaos and anxiety so if there is. Addiction and how cold weather it's nicotine alcohol marijuana. I'm pornography. Gambling. Tom binge eating. They will try to escalate that to pummel ultimately what they want is to set the stage for. I'm a murder suicide type of situation to occur. And so I think that you know even just that very basic knowledge. It's going to help people to be conscious and aware of what it is they're up against him. Are right in I have a few follow up questions to that but we're up against a commercial so we're gonna take a first commercial breaking and ask you know hold on. You're listening to WI OK is Paramount science will be right back. Hey it's Smart guys from paranormal science Jerry had that feeling like yeah a thousand games during your back. Are you comfortable in your body like your possessed with somebody else is currently suffering when you don't need an exercise regularly chiropractor X. Dedicated to providing the best chiropractic and rehabilitative care possible terror practice we'll get you back into the body you remembered chiropractic. 569 pierce street Kingston he had checked him out on the web and getting chiropractic so dot com and TIX on the end and we'll call 5702885800. And get back to living. Law minor bummer here. Can't Carlsberg content only for the chairman day your way in our tests need to remind you. A dash I don't know why they can't do that don't show sure they're gross Danish coast air content. Well we had the most important the skin tone especially shrimp and September Tony Clark. True tomorrow opens an insular and clueless. Very new and more info go to WWW. This is coast to earth and I can't Echelon went. Follow through and goes to another tour though just the ticket price if you bite him on no website and talk to you soon. Welcome back you're listening to paranormal science on W I okay. Tonight we're talking with psychic Williams Stillman about his new book under spiritual siege how ghosts and demons affect us in the how to combat them. William welcome back to the show. Thank you good to be here now just before the break we were speaking a little bit about how how demons ultimately want to try. Murder suicides. Type of scenario. With their their victims that they latch onto. And DE you know it's it's interesting that you say that because you know when when we're talking with a lot of people. No a lot of people when we talk about ghosts are frayed that they're gonna get killed I think this one of them at the top things are there their kids are going to be harmed them. And you into the best to my knowledge I don't think anybody's been physically. Murder by a deed goes to fight. This is one of the things we often say they can sort of manipulate your emotions and take you deep dark place that can often lead to suicidal and homicidal. Thoughts sending you seem to be backing that up. But more so with the demonic. Activity as opposed to see. And it goes yeah that's a nicer for 20 yeah thank you. I'm an advocate for the ghost I mean I have seen people actually beat up ansari demons sites actually seemed people bitten. Armed often times when they're scratch. There's scratched in. Two consecutive. The post strike it's three attentive to mock the holy trinity. So be you know there is a lot of harm probably that. But most insidious thing that demons called Q is that they will. Communicate. Telepathically. To come impressed with in the very vulnerable people. I'm told fox so it would be a voice that you would tear others send avoid that you which used to talk yourself through some things. I'm telling you very. Deprecating. Negative harm told fox. Yeah if you do their research and you look at people who have. For example can hold their own children before. Putt teenagers who have wiped out their entire family. Often times they won't fade I heard voices telling me to do it or I'd been hearing these voices for a long time. And it escalated at this point. They'll. We need earlier you said that a teaming ten imitate a loved one a father or mother grandmother small girl. And how do you know in the beginning whether it's the demon. Our spirit you know at what point they once they seemed to draw you in. Do you. You know like you know what's happening you realize it really tasty tasty indeed very much time we do realize it. It's too late. Well I don't know that I am aware of a situation where a ghost has to. Been able to presented itself has another form other than. Mirroring. Of the person he or she had been. When this thing about the demons is because. They are. Imperfect and in AuthenTec. And Dayton made. Attempts to replicate or masquerade. As if they loved one that we have known but they will always gets something wrong. There will always be something all about the presentation. They'll look at the eye color of the person wrong. They won't get too. Book that clothing were all. They'll get picked each of the person wrong they might get the voice stronger this takes something that you know that person would never say. I'm so keep it in my opinion it's a deep you know it's it it it's not a bad challenging two to trip them up on that respect. What kind of answers a question that I was gonna ask. And if someone moves into how loose and they they see. An apparition maybe that they they don't know who it is it's not connected to them in any way. Miserable way to tell the difference. Initially further than not this person. Between a ghost in the demon. Obvious because Dino is an example we've gone into some homes where there's been some very very violent activity caused by human being spirits that would definitely. Look like a demonic presence was there or what day was just a really nasty human. Feeling goes form but is this really kind of way you. Had to tell the difference there're just by like enough this person trying to figure out. Didn't. You know what's really interesting is that a lot of planes. That children. In the house hold. Or the most deeply affected because they are so sensitive and so vulnerable and in every situation where there has been. The team money can't. Activity that I have investigated where there have been children involved and the children have witnessed something they all report read all right isn't. Seeing some figure with red eyes. There also tend to be. It's just a very overwhelming. Can't be. Feel of evil. In the atmosphere in the in in the environmental. Com often times accompanied by a a very noxious. Odor or very unpleasant. Odor that you would associate with. Sewage or dead or dying so those are you know a couple of the symptoms. Tom and there are more of course in the book comment I've you know certainly have to. Had my run ends with something that try to recruit me. Come as a very young person so. It in hindsight I am actually grateful that that happened because that allows me to. Recognize what it is that I'm dealing went. Now. You mentioned some. So mum factors in our lives that would detract. Demons so negative energies towards this terror towards us. I am kind of wondering. Are there are locations that demons could inhabitants that may have been pulled their by other people. That remained there after those people leave let's say it's a home and no the first family is a second family moves into. He came to place B sort of it inhabited by a good team owners have more room with a person can location nor could be both. Well I think it's uninteresting question and I certainly you know I you're asking the question I'm thinking about the Amityville horror help but that's. And if I'm thinking about you know the the alleged to demonic. Activity that occurred there. And how that seem to very strongly connected to come Ronald DeFeo and tie his downward spiral. And the tragedy that occurred there and then how bad it is that negative energy seemed to linger there's so I think it is it's entirely possible. I'm particularly. If there was abused. And or addiction and I'm in not help hold. So on and so I mean have you found that to be true in your investigation to. Oh yeah I think it eat especially. Where you have a location where people are focusing on that that's the intent to try to connect with imminent it becomes like let's say there's a satanic altar. And we've had a home like that before where. A man was married to a woman whose. Daughter him in his wife practiced toss botanic. Rituals in the home even to the point get a big pin to Gramm under a bed on the second floor. And he was divorced and remarried in in years later. The new wife was being severely hum. Let's hacked by whenever we still there are so sure. You know I couldn't he he claims he was not involved in any of that that was part of why you got divorced do you mourn and to get away from that point. Whatever they seem to pull him seemed to reforming their own stacking attacking someone new but also. I've heard a lot of people who you know some refer to him as you know these are that person's own particular demons and wherever they go it seems to go when you check back. At the last presidents and they have nothing going on there are so. I think you know to me almost seems to be to be bowl tickets follow someone in and is directly related to just that person or. He can stay manifesting. In a home or was called to. I think bit I would agree with that took IE. I think that there are probably no rule. I think that the tea cup there's nothing to standardized about what we do you have a son. Is that it's probably very highly individualized. Depending upon. For the environment depending upon the chemistry of the individuals. In the environmental. And the the the type and degree of power. The energy that they're dealing with. You know I mean I have going into places where I have. This scene. Seemed quote unquote in just scatter to the four corners of the room when I walk in because they know who I'm mayor representing. I see I equate them. More alike than new sense summon nap or mosquito. As opposed to. Having cleared them very old house then being in the basement. How many persons are always my back to. After room that was not lit and feeling something absolutely monstrous inside is. I'm writing up behind me hit a two. So I I think it runs the gamut. Yeah let's. Kind of the uncomfortable feeling nobody wants to have even going out investigating. But. I'm not sure how to pose this question here but up up up when you ask it to you this way are there cases or do you believe. That people can make changes in their life which would spontaneously. Cause demons to go away or does it take some site sort of outside assistance to do that. Well I believe I'm probably living proof of that. So absolutely. I've. Believe that if you invest time and effort and I I'd like to think I've laid this out for folks in the book. Also I if you invested time and effort into. Becoming an improved version of your old soul. That you are. Manifest seeing them with greater authenticity. Of the truth. Up your personhood and you begin to do what you are. Then you create and less. And less room for any negative energy to. I had you on tender hooks so to speak. And did that that becomes replaced by a positive energy that begins to feel a spiritual reserve within yourself. Yeah so it's like putting money in the bank that you can draw against when you're feeling weaker when you're feeling vulnerable. I think he was laid on the ball. Pretty good and no one way that I often. Think about that is an end when talking with people kind of you know some say in these terms where. I'm Pete you know there'd be a negative. Energy attached or attracted to you for any particular reason whatever that is the merely open the door or just the oh you're you're you have a mole. Vibration at that time much. If you make these life changes and you were able to raise your own personal vibration. You know negative stuff doesn't like that good feeling vibration and doesn't like the light I and higher frequencies and would probably. Blake. You know. A bright light. Porsche Porsche back it doesn't like that feeling and would often go away and I mean I might be a simplistic terms a looking at a that's kinda how why and explain it before. Something I think that we also need to recognize that too didn't in my opinion and in my experience. That there is a direct correlation between. I'm mental illness and people who are under spiritual CH. Yeah absolutely end one thing that I will absolutely safe and we get this question all the time in Noah I apologize for bringing these terms but this is how the question comes in people say. You guys get a lot of requests would you do with the crazy people. How do you know who know. They're not just crazy well I can tell you firsthand that people who do have some kind of emotional psychological psychological disorders can sometimes. Poland the worst things in and we've seen it firsthand and and we had two people on our team that were attacked and during one of these cases end up. Third the very tough cases work because there is a psychological and emotional. Issue that also needs to be taken care of as well as is the spiritual emotional issue that you're dealing with. But how. Do you care to elaborate a little bit more on that. Well I you know I've worked on the periphery of the mental health field for almost thirty years now. Comment so you know I've I recognize symptoms Mala cheeks. I know diagnoses. And I think that. You know it even in its most subtle form of depression. Ten B a dangerous place to be I've been there done that bin in my darkest hour. I came just Ian just from slashing my own restaurant as a teenager. Thumb during the time that I was enduring some pretty awful stuff so why do I know well what I speak. And again that's been not a useful tool to meet and recognizing it then other people but. Yeah the initiative for change here has got to come from within. EE it is not acceptable for folks to play the victim card. And it's not acceptable for folks to. How the dependency on April 3 party to come in and make it all better afford them. Because we've seen. Type and time again you know folks caller rabbi or priest her shawl mentor. You know but and who knows about these things out. I come in to clear the house pour them and things are fine for a week or two and then it's right backwards started. I'm so my protocol when I go in to do this work is that. No you're going to be president and you're gonna be an active participant in the house clearing because you live here I don't it is your home. I'm so glad you said happy because no one of hundreds of cases over and over again that's what we find a lot of times. People don't want to invest a whole lot of effort on their own part and just want the quick fix or somebody come in and didn't get ran a stop. Sometimes it can be done that way other times he he can take you know months or even years to. To get the activity to completely stop and it's a lot of you know towards a big investment on the part of that the victim to. Really put forth the effort. Two to change themselves as well and and help the situation. But double teaming and ask you to hang on we have to take another commercial break when we come back and won a short Sherlock. Flipped the other table little bit and talk about the light side because not all ghosts are bad so let's talk of about them a little bit too so. Hang out with this air you're listening to thermal science and W while okay who will be right back. Are rare Kilmer here Chandra did many different fashion conscious magazine told me she still needs a few more girls for discretion show. If you're a hero between eighteen and 24 years old. Is your trends. Go to our website for information on how to contact her. Tour WW. Dot finish coast power Khan dot com. Conversion show will be accused coach Kirk kind and is free and the public and I want to clone animals stich. Seems a bit if you're under retained her over Tony for her not her own internal organize stints. Additional I have to sing with me draw instead an Indian audience. See you soon. Ram may contain material this kind. Some listeners. Spontaneous in like that may in turn. Then welcome back then you're listening to paranormal science on WYOK and we're speaking with psychic Williams Stillman. About his new book under spiritual siege how ghosts and demons affect us. And how to combat them. William where can people go to to find your book and learn a little bit more about it. I think that your your favorite bookstore should have been attacked. Tom I know that on Amazon.com. Right now it's a little over thirteen dollars and it's it's hard cover book. So. But I think you know the typical resource is that people would go to to support their reading material. And it's a beautiful cover I've actually up posted it on our thermal science FaceBook page so he can jump on there and take a look. And we did a case on Friday night where decline was going out Saturday to look for your broken the bookstore or not she is jumping on Amazon so. We got somebody check out our ready but I like this and it's a wonderful book for anybody but especially those people were going through something worth. Have just recently gone through something how to proceed after. A case. Jeff thank you mark I think we need to be really clear here that we're talking about two recruitment. For an agenda destruction. And who what I really wanted to lay forces in this book was a sense of empowerment that's yes have you can. Reclaim. Control of your life and your family and your living environmental. Absolutely and again it's the whole team effort and no we said this to. Families before two. You know if you have one person they're undermining put everybody else is trying to do like it could cause problems as well so. You know we recommend the whole family jumping in and helping out when there's a situation like this especially negative situation. No yes I don't know I don't want to sound pessimistic. About any thing because. In the instead assure you experience and as well in the instances where people do commit to. And they do follow through on the excitement thank you give them it gets better. Yes absolutely absolutely. I don't like to jump a little bit. Two or more positive side of the paranormal palm dealing with spirit guides and angels and and let's say someone wants to start to connect to with a spirit guide or an Angel. What are the first steps that they should take two to go in that direction. Yes I don't have a lot of experience with angels to be honest with Cuba. I don't know a whole lot about them I don't see them very often when I'm doing readings for clients when I do see them. But they appear to mean. An enormous. Column of golden light to a dead center directly behind someone. 210 to connect with basic spirit and god made up. Com I I think first you need to be a sound mind and body affect it to be honest with you Tom I think that it. You you really need to be at a point in your life where you feel that you are. Well. And that you're. The physical mental and spiritual hygiene is optimal. I'm and the reason why am stressing that it is because otherwise if you don't go about that properly. In my opinion you run the risk of again something negative for the evening advantage of other than that and they're entitled being in the masquerading as something that it's not in this has happened to people before. Until it I would put that precaution held there. I not been otherwise you know it's sort of like you thing though a ouija board and you know you you're gonna get what you get and not everything that you get it often takes. But there is there a protocol but I do put force for readers in the book about a on how to engage with your spirit guide for those unaware the spirit guide is safe formerly human hole. Tom most often not a known to us in this life time. That has been assigned to prior to bargain operating in this like time. We have at least one. And that spirit guide is common and ambassador on behalf of all that is right and true and good and kind. That desires to be our our spiritual outlying. To impress an inspiration with announced. To direct our attention to the people. And opportunities. That will advance sound and to keep on coming straight and narrow path sort of like a glorified. Jim any cricket. And so. Everybody has a spirit guide whether they know ordered not even though some people might think they they have the worst law life right now there they're still there with us. And they're there to offer guidance. On the yes. But in my experience. Like angels. The spirit guides will not gonna be intrusive. There comes wrapped up in instances of dire emergency. Don't you talk about the so a little bit in your book and I am curious if you do gallery style readings in him you also well you know me with a lot of people in in due readings. Problem in person. So. Sometimes. You may connect with the ghost during these readings put. Typically we would pull through what most people are familiar with in the gallery reading you do you connect with deceased loved ones who have crossed over properly. Can you tell right way. If it's a ghost you're dealing with her or someone who's come through who's crossed over properly. Yes I think that's a yes immediately to and that the reason why I can say that is because. A loving presence. Will only ever be a loving presence. Of so what that means is any example you gave a deceased loved one that has passed on and is. Successfully transitioned. And they are in the heavenly realm where they should be would never for example curse and anger. They might Kursk anyplace fault. Were joking manner. As an indicator of their personality. To validate that's part of their personality. But they're not going to turn sent elsewhere in anger toward condemnation. But loved ones. Who. Are where they should be will will have loving messages and I immediately just exactly what you would expect it. You know on the thank you for all you've done for me. I don't worry about it. Disposing of my possessions it's not a big deal. Remember the time when this happened to those kinds of things. On the in the times that I had to go to to come through and I do allow for it because they I have goo great compassion for them actually. Aren't they they had a very specific highly personal ego centric agenda. Yeah and and you know I I often. Told people about. Ghosts. They have. They stayed around because of some kind of an emotional trauma or psychological issue worth there's always something that hold near and and you know this I gather a lot of this through working with psychic medium says who give me the info what I've got a background in psychology and in watch people it's sort of my job as well yeah I watch people when I listen and you know they've all got some type of problem and in most mediums and work with believe that. You know even when you die you still have free will and in something keeps them here. And there's usually something that the the you know a lot of people say some resolve issues or whatever but it may be. We all kinds of issues not necessarily and resolve what. In and I appreciate the fact at that you feel very compassionate we towards. You know these lost souls because they do need help but my his is sometimes difficult to deal with them. Sound you know I've I've usually been able to Wear them down. Can't because I think center earlier. They ate it they have been human or they believe they are still human and so. You can rationalize whip them. There's just a way that you have to go about it where. I'm ideally they come around to understanding. It themselves and they arrived at that realization that hey hum. There's a reason why I've lost track of time there's a reason why I can't remember having. Used the bathroom and a long time or even the meal all in a long time or. Found no one seems to be able to hear me. Ed and it's just a matter of helping them to connect the dots ultimately that's the best case scenario. Yeah that's one of the things that comes to mind we sent so why can't they hear me. Is there a certain amount of confusion when. So they they used to live in a home. Let's say they died and now they still inhabit that same home but a new family moves in there and are they sort of just slip them in their own space like the way off imported is if you're going through really crazy vivid dream. And let's say you're here in a flying car you're not questioning that during the dream but you wake up. And you're like wow that was that was really crazy do do people get locked in that kind of mindset. When I know some when it went on a wood three claiming that my ate my personal spiritual gift and talents have. I was working very closely with the spirit guide and I was being mentor or tutored in in what felt like Tom slightly dreams. And one of the opportunities. That was extremely vivid that I was presented with in the context that the dream. What I would given the chance to feel what it was to be a gold cup. And I'm that was extremely. Useful I think 88 learning and teaching tool for me what I can tell you is that it is so. Close. To being human it is just one degree shy of being human and yet with a cabby out to own. You can do you. You lose track of time he hit there's sort of a great caves around you. You you can be where you want to speed just by thinking other because it's the mental state of being not a physical state of being. And down physically as we had previously. If you'd see these big it is not without. Being able to. And assistance support and facilitating a process of proper transition. They'll come. A lot of psychics they understand that we can they go into a home we just mentioned like the spirits of the I try to communicate nobody hears them but when a psychic comes in there. It's like. Are all these spirits drawn to that person because now they realize there's somebody you can hear me and I hear from different psychics sometimes are overwhelmed. It for instance they go to Gettysburg. They just they are everything comes out tomorrow once is this like are you like a lightning rod attracting spirits. Well I'm hyped IE. And not turned on Tony's fourth seventh and I don't think anyone who does this work should be because they think that it would be. I really detrimental to Europe physical mental emotional and spiritual well being so when I do my work I age. Com in advance to deliberately enter into a prep time for about an hour in advance by the to answer your questions stand deer have been locations. When I have been to wean gallery type of readings where there is a roomful of people. And someone will come through com. To communicate to someone in the audience who doesn't have a direct connection with. Their loved ones but knows how to connect with their loved ones. Com for example. And this is actually in one of my YouTube videos. I was doing. Gallery in the Allentown area. And do a little fellow with autism came through. And what I'm talking to a family in the room. Who grew out of some what has them all but could. Dislocated had been in the car would be in the dried up and he. Wanted them to get a message to his parents and they had those connections and so is really fascinating. Now the since you you broke autism that it reminds me of we've we've had three cases are the course of I don't know last five years. Where parents with. Very young low functioning autistic kids. Would be in one room and they have claimed that they've actually seen the child in a different room and when the total look. The child is still there in one instance playing a video game like he does every day. Column are her instances or would that be something more of a demon or like a projection. From the autistic child. Yeah that's the FIA I don't know that we had time to get into it here and now but I do you talk about that in one of my. Autism in the gut connection books about the concept of thumb by location and how. That is not unusual in some instances. Yeah a million of the Virginia them comedian that we had out on these cases. Said exactly that it was that that person projecting himself out of body and that's what the person was saying put. That's three times column in a matter of like this and about five years and we've had cases like that. What does. Some very interesting reading their two. With the you know the artistic kids in the schizophrenia is just a marvel to me as well and how connected some of them can be spiritually. Yes I really think yeah I think it's important go to make a distinction that comes autism is not a mental health disorder. It's. It's good if neurological difference. And in quite a marvel in itself in. William the music's playing which means we're out of time unfortunately had so many more questions but if it's always a pleasure speaking with you win thank you so much for coming on the show with us tonight. It was a great pleasure thanks solid. So the book is under spiritual siege how ghosts and demons affect this and how to combat them check it out on him is on the need to check out William Stillman. And his page I think as William Stillman dot com. So that's it for us tonight. I'm mark ties in and stands there and have a good night and sleep tight.