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Dinesh D'Souza "Hillary's America" movie

Aug 9, 2016|

Dinesh D'Souza "Hillary's America" movie with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are welcoming to our show this morning. The man who brought you the highest grossing documentary so far of 2016. Filmmaker and author Dinesh D'Souza Dinesh our pleasure good morning. Rihanna so it is great to have you on the show and not I love to talk about just some things that are kind of our offbeat and day in America today you would swear to god the selection has ended and Hillary Clinton has won the but I think you're here today to point out to people but that hasn't happened and there's reasons for people to see. Your film which. Peter Blatter himself authored the exorcist has described as utterly terrifying. Film is called down between Hillary is America and as a book of the same old at the bookstores now. The movie isn't just about Hillary it's held a news story about Hillary what I call the secret history Hillary. But it's also a secret history of activism and how the Democratic Party. Now if you listen to some of that rhetoric coming out of Philadelphia you're get the idea. But the Democratic Party the party of the little guy they've always been their women and minorities immigrants. Now the actual history of the democratic party of the very often. The Democratic Party the party that actually through the American Indians off their isolation treaties. That the party of slavery they defended slavery not just in the south but they'll vote the court and defended slavery. They're the party of segregation and resegregation. Of America look enacted by democratic. Legislature. Side by democratic governor the Democrat founded the Ku klux glad. And the lines for thirty years but the domestic terrorist arm of the Democratic Party. The Democrats bought for thirty years to block women from getting their right to vote they would defeated in congress than they fought in the state they lost their get in the could that the actual. Indisputable history of the Democrat. We show which we don't just say it would show it on the screen people and kind of experience to back the history of a new way that this guy opening. Yeah and this this certain. Series of of statements they make today. Dinesh you managed to them hijacked the story and turn it around on the Republican Party so effectively. But the Democrats have always been dominant Jimmy say in the in the problem. And in the department of words and by that I mean academia or Hollywood and the media. So every time the Democrats were involved in Iraq. Slavery being a perfect example what slavery was but after racquet because there's slavery basically mean stealing another guy labor making them work for you free. That slavery was over the Democrats will like this is gonna make a look really for a long time. So let's redefine the debate let's pretend like that slavery debate was solely between their anti slavery nor. And the pros slavery south. Now I have before the war weapon like back in fact most southerners did not owned slaves ball good at the Ottawa slaves. And as I mentioned a moment ago the northern Democrat like the other Democrat protect its labor. So the real lately debate was between the pro slavery. Democratic Party and the Yankees slavery Republican Party but it was redefined after the war of labor. So the Democrat in the pro record urban really clever they take it all the packed up that they did. And blamed it on without laid it on America America did this for Barrett got it back. For people America did it it would still be going and obviously some American pitted another Americans stopped them. So that's the part of history to get Cabot lodge and I think get the democratic dominance of the media that allowed them to get away with. An imminent this definition of progressive. Dinesh you know some people say. This is good because it shows were forward looking and when it's defined now way I think some people say OK well I can except. Forward looking and a progression you know and I'm saying so how can you explain why that narrative is false. Well the progressive movement began really enforce a nearly a century and it read we wing. The first would be the Communist. The second what about the and Oliver says and that it would be be Western European and American progressives now all of them. Define program progress and exactly the same way it had nothing to do with being a forward looking backward looking. Basically what what it meant what increasing the centralized state power. So then try to do it in one way. On the net and tried to do it another way the new deal and later the great society did it that way but all of them were doing the same thing. I want to get after World War II that this this gut similarity between the three sort of record movements of the twentieth century to be applied and somehow the left on the way to make fascism in that something quote right wing. But no the Nazis called them so national socialist so right in the all mainly concede that kinship between socialism. The Communist variety and socialism on a variety. So even the point of trying to make here is that is that what we basically beats. Isn't every definition. And progressive today means progressive opinion we're always meant which is centralization of power but what Hillary watch. But that's what you mean by the term progressive. What we talk about that the great society certainly something that you think is noble race and that would be to make people rise up and have become better educated and have a better standard of living and so on and so forth. But let's just happen I think you suggest. Is that did this kind of deep pendency. Has actually sapped people of the very freedom that we want to enjoy an America. I yet there have been pastor balked at an arm Eugene Rivers remain very startling statement some years ago. He said when you look at it nicer view because content that you look at the blackmail from and it city because many of them. Don't even the skills to be useful slaves now the very provocative statement what he actually meant was that. Under slavery slaves actually got killed they were made and they are dirt they want it agriculture. So it went slavery and didn't immediately useful people they could actually go get jobs. And make something of their lies the problem that the Democrat the created what I call B or have been plantations today. And Detroit. In Baltimore and Saint Louis in Oakland and he's a terrible place it delivered means the fabric structure broken down. Ramshackle dwellings sure everybody's on food stamps and they have a meager living but nobody gets ahead there are no ladders of opportunity. And the reason that these things haven't changed over fifty years of it somebody's later in the same condition that it will in 1968. You actually spend trillions of dollars and why aren't they getting better and the answer is that the party that won the lakers namely the Democratic Party. One only one thing out of these people that is their quote. I have to these places vote democratic. Leader depended on the Democratic Party did vote for the Democratic Party the Democrat out of what they want them. Now when you say things like this Dinesh do people often. I throw hard rhetoric Conte you about ten races Ammann classicism and things like that because that seems to be the way to shut people up. Yeah there's no question that I mean certainly without movie can go about critical site called rotten tomatoes. We are rated 4% by the critics and 85% by the audience of people actually see the movie blood. Extent that they applauded he had but the critics have been trying to shut down completely written record of the war will be made this is the school board will react almost relatively. Even though the actual audio book on their feet by and here BM. The critics at the expense flu bringing about the movie because they're scared that they don't like the information in the movie in the way it will be an indictment of their world view. So they haven't been able to do not dislodge. It single fact eve in the movie or the books. And I make all kind of start with a statement and I dated 1860 the civil war. No Republicans own the place. All the slaves in the entire country all by Democrats now that the very sort of actual point he would repeated effectively giving me at least ten Republicans go home plate. No one's been able to duplicate that one and so I thought the thing about this movie has the power to drop your jaw and make you go wow I never knew that. And is that really true or not I wrote the book here substantiate corroborate provide that references a footnote. So that the movie about Hillary you beat Hillary in a completely new eight. But you also see a bigger story of American history. So the movie that sends strides and the election. And in in terms of how you came to make this movie and go on this journey. I'd like to talk about that a little bit we know you had a similar movie about Barack Obama and your vision for the future. With his presidency. So I understand that you ran into some really hard times and that you worry incarcerated. And for a lot of Americans that's probably the one of the worst things that could ever happen to you. But when you're incarcerated. TV you insight that you probably didn't have before incarceration. From what we like to say is a school of of scoundrels and people who view the system and these people taught you. Fixes. This that the biggest thieves in the world are involved in government. Yeah being in now being in the locker if you will would applaud London I put it that you know I sort of saw outside of America I've eaten before I've learned our order I beat people a lot gets I. And it taught me to look at politics and a little bit more jaded away don't just look at America as a debating society between the Republican took this the Democrats think that. Think about politics with people who want something people use political power to get what they want you can't understand the Clinton that you simply listened to their rhetoric. Good at rhetoric is potentially a big camera similar to the rhetoric up. But The Who bangs at your door and they sweet talk he would be lifting up that lots that they can push the door and incumbent take your furniture your big screen TV. Arguably listen to their rhetoric you have no idea what actually up to. Make me and a technical violation of the campaign and actually tried to help college friend of mine was writing but the senate. I donated 20000 dollars or are they given it to it would beside. I gave it in the Broadway now no American has ever been I've got a bit locked up for doing what I did but the I think it egregious. Capable of vendetta by the Obama administration for the movie got made. Four years ago about Obama in any event actors don't let them that you're there stock up right in this movie. Actually at the drop mine plot of this film. And if I mean April delivery of America the movie dark called back where you could I'll watch the trailer and if you plug in your zip code book value at the movie's great are you. In a 1974. This was the last day of Richard Nixon's presidency. And I Warner. What you think about the things that he did. Verses what we see it in politics today and I'd like to extrapolate that because I think and Nixon's. It deeds certainly were bad they were wrong but now we have politicians. Who aren't not only trying to win the presidency to be in control in the United States but I think even on a global stage. Hit two things strike me the first thing is that you know we part crook in America before but we didn't know they were a crook in and Matt. With Nixon he was elected in 68. Watergate came about in the seventies Nixon and resign so we found out and we threw them out. I would Hillary we know in advance from so it strikes me that we're going to be very interesting read that Bobby America director. Will we go to the Hillary door knowing that it it is I'm with a sign a known crook. The second thing is that Nixon and although he was hungry for our. And he put paranoid I mean he was gonna win that 72 election anyway and why it's so we're completely foolish. But he was determined to win but look Hillary is the payment warts look at a way to Democrat that would rigging the democratic primary. Putting their fingers on the scale. So that Hillary would cabinet batted in the third against Barney. You think Hillary would be able to beat it means a leaks are but no and then second that you point out that that the clintons have gone from the Euro. It's 300 million dollars on a government salary so is that even a plausible way and legitimate way to base and how that got. No they've obviously been using their leverage over policy. When Hillary was secretary of state is basically renting out American foreign policy to the highest bidder. I don't just mean American corporation but the important governments and foreign entities. Rob I didn't want to ask you -- question have you and it's about Donald Trump. Com we'll certainly here's somebody who has some issues character flaws temperament problems at setter at center at center. And of course out widespread. Dislike not only about IE the Democrats but also by some high rollers in the GOP and the media to just for the chance to win the election. I think he does I mean he has some of the strengths but also some of the week record of being an outsider. And that is that he shoots himself up at about Pete loose lipped it out and be competitive. But insensitive it's not the same thing as a racer you know what competent some way. You're getting a bit about Bob rapper. No I mean our Italian fascism was a very specific things soak. I think with the power of the movie if it takes seriously the idea of racism white supremacy segregation. Access and the Democrat actually showed a lot of actual and the beeper system in the 1930. FBI it was a big admirer of Mussolini for example of young JFK when did not beat Germany. And came back with a lot of grave look at work all this stuff than the actual record cycle back to drum beat the movie I think he'll find it eye opening. I think it will fire bop little educated to a degree about history a lot of people people Republicans don't know the stock that in that book and film. I'm excited to play a pardon and in the election debate. And I think could be but the book and the movie 12 punch to help. The raise people awareness of what's really going on in the country. Are you surprised. At the at the highest grossing yeah. Nature c'mon I mean. This is the highest grossing documentary of 2016. Which I think shows people are starving to Nash to find. Something out that they may not know did that it take you back because I'm sure you were up against some pretty powerful forces and then people obviously who didn't wanna see your movie succeed at all. Yeah I'd be. Except for the movie has been achieved basically without mainstream crack pretending it doesn't mean that's right now he went on CNN ADB PB NPR. You would even know that such a movie even encrypted and the way that the practical one the best scared of the movie. The movie you're gonna rain indictment of the world view. They can't refute the movie they don't know they don't even know what doctor if you ask and so they ignore that they pretended not bear. Good to me at the very shameful part of American politics we can't have up flourishing democracy. When we don't have open debate you'd think if the bigger of the biggest film political film in the country that the and it about the election and that the media would cover it. They're not and so it has spent the movie is traveling through what about people look back at. That will be its purpose secret history which you have to sort of whisper your neighbor about a boat beat Kyle. So we're doing really well I will be out in dvd one month before the election. I think in a way to get this movie you're independent. And Latino. That they will actually be able to have bear up. Luckily they've had to reexamine their functions. Yeah I know that Peter Schweitzer who's in your movie actually put his up on the bright part platform. And it's it's available for free to ever think about that as potential way to get people to see it. Well we thought about not having one good manager putting up. Up up you know afraid that that that I think most people at the idea that you get what you hate or talk about that is so upgrade it that much you. So mobile is now in the Theodore repent but there be a movie. I made it'll be available for download you can download. On iTunes but WB. I'd be available. I think that the big advantage to begin that the expert at a certain kind of theatrical legitimate goal particularly in her video on line. Got it and Estes is our pleasure as always to happy on the show and talk about Hillary's America. The secret history of the Democratic Party which is playing locally in Scranton and and hazel ten and of course. In a book form we we wish you well with this pursuits at thanks again show. Thank you very much all right it's.