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Rich Fitzgerald, Allegheny County Executive, and Corbett about Trump's economic plan

Aug 8, 2016|

Rich Fitzgerald, Allegheny County Executive, talks to Corbett about Donald Trump's economic plan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Richard FitzGerald. Actually take some time to tell us your reaction to David it's great to have cleared out thicker a lot of commonalities that you described. Your fairway. I might feel we have southwestern Pennsylvania and how they came to the earth to work in the mind to work in the built on the minds. Etc. but yes working together is really an all Marco what we've done. It is not part of the world. But now I watch the clip there watched the speech he gave it the yet democratic at the Detroit Economic Club. Can't I gotta say it's the same old same old. He's talking about try to taxes. On the upper class he never mentioned the minimum wage or restricting go or other. That this secretary Clinton's red Porsche and but he just two years as you know hyperbole. We're gonna make America great again really create so many yards fair to disaster here in the air and by the way I'll Wal-Mart where broke your work beat Gilles. In the coming weeks well or did you ordered that the plan out your eye before. Repeat he'll diaper once they director's seat we'll play another fully offers me is that 1%. The top 110 of one per cent upper income murder Welker is much impact chart. That the people at the bottom 50%. Opt out of the working folks and it were to one point the report 1%. Per certain that that I local you're gonna get one point three million dollars a year. And tax cuts that's probably need in this country we need to look at the middle class no more pretty upper. When we think about Pennsylvania and I'm I'm born and raised here is as good as I say this is this is my state. I made the mistake of moving to California for almost five years and realized that I better get back to PA real fast and of course I didn't. But what I think about the people I've known all my life in Pennsylvania. When when you think about the people you know and the people you have known. Working class people you think about blue collar workers you think about men and women who who struggle every day to face the economic obstacles. What are their way then why don't Republican Party that wants to bust the unions does not want to increase wages does not want increase benefits. Once you kill those times hopes and dreams. How can we appeal to those strong voters who for whatever their reason mistakenly believe he's gonna say the. Well let's look at what's proper and I'm in mutual life I think that's what you can always dirty seventy your soul they're gonna change now. Bob what they do in business he made all of his products overseas. Twelve different countries his furniture trump archer they may get Turkey. The shirts pro church they were making Bangladesh. Trump's ties or make the Slovenia. Twelve effort country so this guy like picture and about outsourcing and end any talk about. Trade policy and haven't worked at an act you know look I know we know a lot of folks in southwestern parts of radius you'll know well first. Not at its factory workers that are up to a that are hurting you're absolutely right. Automation has very much decimated. The work force sent it into some of the steel most of Melbourne making it much fewer ticket before. But they're making it was way less staple. But it happens great feels that there haven't worked an error haven't been enforced I guess is probably the that's what we say we're China. And another chip would have thought that thought one way people. Over the years. Eric what the economic plans of Democrats and Republicans over the years go back for a record. Post created the most jobs for democratic. Op President Clinton and now Obama according to Murray dropped under the former Clinton administration. Fifteen million under the Obama administration that stock market going up. I know some people to lock stock market doesn't matter it doesn't you archer archer played in your most of us so. Most search your players. All our title to Wall Street. And and are proud to they talk about Gary greater regulation order sides scored on its face between five deputies talking about repealing don't watch frank. That's what was was brought in place when Wall Street tanked. Take you to go and the economy went into the Great Recession and the banking industry didn't have regulations of what happened five million people. Their homes in America nine million people lost our jobs it's the end of the Bush Administration. And and look or trappers talking about is still in fact of the same hole. Same old went sane would trickle down supply supply whatever they want all that works. What I know works. It's where you have labor you're you're working with a seriousness how we've seen snippets are you say what's going on in Western Pennsylvania now what parts economies. In the country and rendered it. We worked together and you invest in April UN first and skills in an education and that's what secretary Clinton's talking about. And what you thought about infecting it infrastructure. And the under very spreading over 300 billion dollars you can outsource first drop. You can't send those overseas. Are going to be fabric fixing the roads. Fixing the bridges. I think no. Shorelines our water our all the infrastructure support I think we have but take interpret this country over the last sixteen to twentieth that people wrote our last thirty years. And when you look at what the American society of civil engineer says. They took you that we got to see mine that's when it comes to your purse structure so we've got to invest in those chalk city and that's. Infrastructure and that's what Secretary Clinton is talking about the. Jaric the more I listen to Donald Trump the more I see their reactionary lack of a specific plan that he presents. Don't the more I really truly believe that this moment this presidential election. Can not produce may be the most galvanizing affect. For the Democratic Party and for organized labor that I've seen in my lifetime and I'm 65 years old. I'm starting to see this as a as a moment to move forward. And if you look at the basic differences. In terms of economic policy between the Democratic Party platform and the Republican Party platform. You should the difference between night and today you see the difference between working around the darkness and work and into the light. That's exactly right and again when you've seen what supply side economics whether it was under Porsche or others their deficit goes through the roof. Unemployment goes up job loss goes goes goes so what we've seen what history range if it's all working together. If yes what what secretary Curtis talking about it is is also. How we move again move forward together one other thing that we need to look at it get back the dollar trumps history and history a lot. Paying its bills. Good actor snake oil up well let's bring your a somebody caught a lot of people so worried that somebody's apartment buildings are these casinos we're ready to. He didn't say that very durst he didn't say the small business standard that the plumbing work. He didn't pay the class servers big stats people that's not how we do business what you gonna be doing what part aperture. Your thoughts about how we can restructure debt you're always talking about he's. Talking about. Polling with the full. Faith and credit. I'll the American economy no president Democrat or Republican has ever talk about these voting log I'll work there. We are the world leader has an economic powers woes are military parts we cannot. Even. Pop outs getting a worker pay our bills were not prepared that that's what this guy is. His teacher spoke loose cannon we know resettled foreign policy and a really talked about that the Obama. Great you talk he's done rare earth aren't economic policy we need to want certain people will meet a would ask her purse structure. In that in the middle class. And that is what he'll reports talking about. Our truck is is talking about something that's. Totally against I think what we're fair value that you heard and your failed regards summit despray and then what my silly guard some of the that's. And rich that's exactly. V. Message that I believe it needs to be driven home. True real good decent law abiding working people who have been misled. But a guy who stiffs. People just like dumb and intimidated those he couldn't step. By by bad business practices there was a story an op Ed piece yesterday. In the New York Times about what a bad businessman Donald Trump has banned. What a bad investment he is so when we're talking about the economy and all these economic terms. I think that's the message that the Hillary Clinton's campaign is driving home successfully. And I think that's a message that the we in Pennsylvania need to conveying. To specifically. White working class workers white middle class workers. Who seem to be true going through. Succumb to the temptation. Of what Donald Trump cells in knows snake oil bottles. Yeah and it looked even when people are are are angry and frustrated and in some cases that's spurt they often police right on man. Among we've seen over it that's what the most vulnerable. To investing your last. Dollars in and some fly by night scheme. Think about it would you take your kids college farms or your recovered arms and give them the ball tropical and that's. I certainly wouldn't and helping the American people should give our. On the lead over just this guy and and some of the great east teams sit fit that he's talked. Rich rich Jerrold your good man's from a good city and will continue to be stronger together. Allegheny County executive Richard's Jerrold thanks so much for taken sometime to talk with me earlier in Jordan take care numbed me to take care.