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Bishop Garrison, deputy foreign policy adviser for the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Corbett

Aug 8, 2016|

Bishop Garrison, deputy foreign policy adviser for the Hillary Clinton campaign, talks to Corbett

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bishop I am garrison junior is a surrogate for the Hillary Clinton Campaign he is also if there's any such thing as a Renaissance man and existence. I think he might BA. I thought that was a Renaissance man until I came up against. Bishop garrisons resume and you are quite big bishop garrison. Thank you gotta figure you give me a little bit you much. Isn't funny all the backup I can get when it comes to talking about foreign policy when it comes to talking about home. What the opposition wants to put in front of the Democratic Party you're a deputy foreign policy advisor for the Clinton Campaign. When you talk about foreign policy and you think about Donald Trump. What runs through your mind mr. garrison. I'll look I'm I'm I'm I am I legitimately afraid about what it means not only the United States before allies abroad and radio world generally he is he's dangerous thing use any head type rhetoric is. Absolutely. But I do what I can Ned character of part not bring it together you see that. I'd time and time again and then more and more. People who don't party Republicans are coming out against terror and then more more national security and foreign policy leaders who speak and how they see it as they moral imperative. To begin the type of and divisive rhetoric that Donald Trump has I doubt it so far CNET collection. When one trick about fear I think about fear as a great barometer for wisdom. Because prayer can often send off those flags are those bells that bowl author in your head. When you recognize the need for good judgment here's somebody who I don't believe scares easily. Your former defense Department of Homeland Security official he served two tours of duty in Iraq. You were awarded two bronze stars and what does the fear it tell you we in America need to do. To exhibit now exercise good judgment. For national security. Tell you I had my own personal experience as much time in the military always says you know the way it ended under the bid it would healthy thing to have all a little bit of fear in the back your mind it's what helped I'd be safe and help you ultimately out fight through and NBC that's what the end of the day. I'm the way you see Donald Trump and the way you see in the opposition used to. Gary is indebted to no way no 180. Degree opposite direction now about how. How we've used in the pat you and had to come to impart to make people be concerned don't worry and so Leno I would and then feared dead Donald Trump then says you know agencies and the and the -- autocrat and they nearly dictate your you can media individually and then and then to think that because he is the only one that they can take certain verses. Trying to bring us together are in ECB and C that we can help each other we can help our fellow man. I've been tied to the issue they're there out there right now but that's my biggest concern even be in this the year ended tool to terrorists. Our I was not kidding when I referenced your your resume you you bring you bring an impressive resume. But I think what strikes me as much as anything. A bishop garrison is you're praying. Intellectual. Stability. Who did jobs you do whatever that job is your graduate of the united states military academy at West Point. Your I believe the Truman national security project defense council member when I went I attended the Democratic Convention in Philly. A couple of weeks ago. I one of the Pennsylvania breakfast we were we were sort of briefed broke quickly by someone from the Truman project and I was impressed by. Need the ability to to use intellectual. Stability. To let people know that intelligence. Is more than just a recon mission Intelligencer I believe shapes the kind of good judgment. That a commander in chief. Pass through exhibit what what are your what are your reactions that. I'll tell you that secretary corn is one of the most intelligent people to ever run for the position of the president. I know there's some probably out there and again try to back Chang got Matt. But. I truly believe that he'd seen President Obama and the vice president save themselves Vice President Biden. I didn't Olin and that is a non incumbent head and beyond a level of I experienced. The Bob Grant in doubt soon. I'm education and understanding. Into deal with the types of issues the complexity of the issues interface and our nation today. So loud premier think you're hitting the nail on the head they're light you do not someone that did pop. And not only thoughtful and everything they do they can think of critically and I'm very active and and and analytical perspective. You're also wants more someone is quality to have good temperament to use that intellectual. I'm happy to sit here to very many do maybe they don't. And strike out in that. In a rational manners and that's something that you did not and Hillary Clinton and I think that's something that you absolutely have to have from a someone is going to be the leader of the free world personally. And we we you live where I am in northeastern Pennsylvania were were really had a place I live in Scranton where Hillary's father side of the family. Has deep roots and where vice president Joseph Biden was born. We we like to think of ourselves sometimes sometimes all the time as the center of the political universe. What what it what I think is important also. Is that we aren't in many ways surrounded by by a working class people many of whom have served in the military. And they believe that Donald Trump for some reason and despite his lack of service despite his medical draft deferment. Despite his lack of knowledge on on foreign policy issues. Many of our military veterans believe the Donald Trump might very well be able to relate to their lives. Tell us where Telus where they might want to reconsider. Sure. I would tell you then I think it was very telling you wanted to down statement says that. Whenever he was starting out as a young man he all he needed. And to build up the business empire that he developed with a small million dollar loan from his now father. And I nets immediately struck a chord in the mock other rights itself when they. Yeah. Better know by the Vietnam War got a bronze star himself and then return on the South Carolina and didn't work for the employment security commission for the state. Next 32 years and like of course pat thing I had to me today that the and that type of I know archetype determined that they're really. Think to what it means person he had every game and understand the trial and tribulation to meet that we don't earth. I think Iran's ally and then I don't think Donald Trump really relate to that because he's never had to deal with with that type of the sacrifice that type of so that you need to see here I'm more recently last week when speaking in. And the comments made by mr. Arnett big convention. When asked what Donald Trump a sacrifice individual without sacrifice I have created. Thousands of job I've been scrubbed and all these great things with and then this could have been so successful he didn't even know what sacrifice means what the very definition of the blurred. Actually means so for me I would I would have your listeners huh. I don't believe they Donald Trump is someone that that understand their plight and understands that they go through that understand this terrorist in the country and they provided. I want them to go back and really really they've gone and really reading more about him in and breathe this type of thing that you and then. Then put out new media. And then I want them to compare that to our secretary Cohen no woman who did. It is true we'd devoted hurry in our hero our professional life and career to help with terrorists. From is that from the time she was in fact in Arkansas all the way incumbent president. He chooses senator shoes guys think train station when she was First Lady both. What seems to me I younger lawyer I'm unprofessional I'm backing watching TV. I want them to really think long and hard about and see which candidate. Ultimately really your likes ankle should American values and I think it's going to be Hillary Clinton's. I know you're busy man bishop does symbols are you know are you feeling the adrenaline from the campaign aria are you psyched are you know movement forward on this mission. And incredibly happy and proud to be where I am right now an incredibly excited me we're and then now and he gained market and and I couldn't be a beer and now proud to be a part of the American history imparted helping to hopefully get the first. Number in the United States alike in oh are its threat to our country it's still in the same level of excitement that I am right now. Bishop cursing your good man your later thanks for the work you're doing so hopefully we'll talk again one day. Think here I appreciate your time tell Ted bishop does send.