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Former Congressman Chris Carney and Corbett about Trump's comments on the military

Aug 4, 2016|

Former Congressman Chris Carney talk to Corbett about Trump's comments on the military and Captain Khan's family

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chris Carney joins us to share a little bit of them Monday night and the ramifications Chris Carney good to talk with you again. Reassure where we're we're adorned Augusta trying to make sense of this madness and I I thank you for. For helping us put this in the perspective tell us a little bit about what happened Monday night you're actually. Outside the building mechanics burglary not. Now I will I was not there are actually sort of gross out of there but look the way it is I. Just comment so Donald Trump are great just being here this front two. Veterans everywhere. Men and women who served honorably in this country yet have put their lives on the line didn't you can do a lot of news. And then just didn't it dishonored by mr. trump god oh god I who got Scottish. This permits from serving in the military. This talking trash about the military. I don't understand it I don't get it slip that's Donald Trump. And yesterday I spoke with former navy lieutenant commander of man and true many and he was a combat surgeon. And no one of those deferments dealt with bone spurs that but doctor provided Donald Trump a letter to get him service in Vietnam. Download third trump cannot find the doctor's name trump does not remember in the bone spurs mysteriously disappeared. Yeah and leader that couldn't remember what shall make the spurs were yeah right. Wish I. I wish we hadn't known for a for days now we've been talking about this issue we've had a number of veterans talk with us we've had a number of gold star family members talk with us and I don't believe that that if if nothing else. This has galvanized. A people. Who received Donald Trump for what he is and the disrespect and dishonor he brings to his aspiration to the president. Well I think I think I could not agree more I don't Steve the problem is. The man. Don't understand. Service and the man who doesn't understand the military culture in the man certainly. Does not. We value. Sacrifice of the men or women in uniform it is clear. He apologized. In eastern and eastern here you call. It my own. Gone away what he doubles down on these attacks. On so that he was suspiciously attacked. Mike this year con well watch that speech I I don't recall ever hearing eight. It more calm and be more eloquent speech. In defense of focus on their defend so groups are families and calling out mr. props for being here. If Donald Trump thinks that's eight just attacked. He has no idea what do we do you know if ever got a real Oval Office. Is incredible. And more than that it is how he would respond. If you watch his somehow. Get his mind dissed by a foreign leader. Senator or member of congress disrespect the impact. What you reaction. Display he has neither the temperament and good judgment nor experience. To be commander in chief of the armed forces. It's a real good point and Donald Trump also equated this sacrifice. At the highest levels that gold star family members understand better than anybody Donald Trump equated sacrifice. In his own life to it to the loss of of capping come to his real estate career which is very difficult to try. Good to have find reason in this at all. I need people to make prompted his soccer scene I have no idea. I think if the Republican and humor as my candidate I would have still to walk away. I would actually might have a walk away trip. And I recently. Hi sacrifices. I don't know the minute news. And I'm sorry Lou that the man is. Utterly shallow when it comes to talk you know about policy then. So personalized is every drink. Happy and the man unfortunately. Is the stakes. And the voice of the Republican Party. You latest statement that appeared in the and one of the release is that came through the Hillary Clinton Campaign that that sticks with made. You said it is unfathomable. That a man like. That would want to sacrifice the honor of the military. For huge ego. And that's the proper use of the word sacrifice in the context of the honor of the military assault against the Donald Trump seagull. And in Donald Trump's world to Donald Trump. Donald Trump seagull wins all the time. It's it's a strange. It's a very strange. Behavior on his part Chris. There is pick a certain horses schism here that I don't think we have seen them and age yeah retreating. Act didn't try and reach saying remember he told the country that he alone. Can explanation until. He alone can make everything all right. I'm dumbfounded by that how can you trust a man who say that can't you trust a man with an eagle that lower should. I attended did during the week of the Democratic Convention I tend little luncheon one day and there was there was as speaker. Who represented I believe it was called the Truman institute for. National security or something to that a fact. Yes OK you have yet and they was that he was a very bright very capable. Person to give us up primer on the on all we needed to know. About the fundamentals of national security but as as I listened to him. And I thought of the word intelligence. Obviously. Donald Trump did not come to mind in the context of all IQ intelligence but you've worked in the intelligence community. With regard to espionage with regard to does surveillance and national security issues. What are you hearing from your contacts in the people within the real intelligence community with regard to Donald Trump and foreign policy. National security that kind of thing. Certain utter disbelief. And in many cases here. Because there are a number of projects have been ongoing for years. Bad time to bear fruit. To come to fruition it's people are really afraid of what. Donald Trump white due to programs like debt. There have been put in place over many many years and maybe we're on the right. How our nation's security could be. Dramatically jeopardized by the election of this man and so it's different scene that you owe a lot of my friends and community into this community Republicans. They are the most out slogans about. How devastating. Problems election could be not just too early to tell this community this material overall national security. I don't. Actually thought about the discussions that I'm hearing and what I've been reading concerning Donald Trump's temperament concerning Donald Trump's judgment. And there are people who are not questioning. I don't wanna although I've heard it put this way some people are questioning. Insanity whether or whether he has some issues that that really truly need to be evaluated if this is a guy. Who could direct. Action. Yeah from a nuclear submarine if in fact he were president. How troubled presidency yet have the access codes. To our nuclear Triad. Our web based vessels are air base missiles submarine based missiles and without. So large coat so all of those it'll work out these authority to launch of that. Well as devastating if you listen the good day to go about what he asks what he was re given a special security breed and you ask me three or four car and other prefer. Can't we just don't use our new. It. That. If you Lester remembered as Barry Goldwater. I was just shenanigans very little water in 1964 he should come to mind. I remember the little girl immensely detecting the panels from the flower as it counted down. I also was sitting in my living room drinking coffee when Joseph Scarborough told that story when MSNBC the Idec. That someone who shot what Donald Trump for an hour. Relayed the information as you just said that trump asked three times in that are. We have a home why can't we use them so this this who heard this gives great pause I would think. To people who understand. What's involved in making the decision to launch I saw it. Which Joseph Scarborough that morning Chris a former director of the CIA. Who when asked bus bar brawl if it's not meant Donald could does send them off. He said these as these launchers are made for speed and efficiency not for debate. That's exactly right there are so older uttered the muscles go. Yeah and Bruton that they cannot be recalled that despite what some people might argue. What's up to silo or help out the problem Bombay door they are gone through and they are targets they're we will have given. I I sincerely hope that's not what mr. trump has moderated but the mere fact that he. Ask those questions. We. Think did he can easily blunder into something like that's the. This sort of believe you are higher having this conversation in reality it isn't not. Had no I think you're gonna wake up this month but I don't think. It's just remarkable. This I mean it's it's not a movie it's not a TV show. This is reality based you're you're a former member of congress sure. Former commander in the US navy reserve you you deal with the intelligence is as a consultant and and you want another real conversation. About the potential. All but a person who has raised all kinds of alarms. Winning the presidency where she would have the power to launch a nuclear attack pretty much my self. That but let's try yeah and that you couldn't contrast to the old problems. Temperament and in lack of experience. What his opponent. It is even more stark. Hillary Clinton actually. Experienced as the temperament. Leaders around the world that pick it up opponent having that conversation. Is a lot more receptive but watching the nuclear weapon that don't. And Donald Trump doesn't understand that. Yeah yeah. And an end. And Hillary Clinton does not view Vladimir Putin has a role model either. Exactly. I am pretty sure that Hillary Clinton does dot com large. Investment in Russia has the trump certainly docents but. This conversation that we have to continue to food to hold with a each other and with other people Chris Carney it's good to talk with you keep speaking truth to power. I don't think you can tell your YouTube.