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Speaker of the State House Mike Turzai talks about the budget impasse

Jan 13, 2016|

Speaker of the State House Mike Turzai talks about the budget impasse with Sue Henry

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I would believe that the speaker of the House of Representatives does as well. So here comes Mike Ter is I didn't join us again on WYOK and we appreciate the opportunity mr. speaker good morning. Sure order I am well how are you. Thank you let's go to the time machine and agree call July 2014. When. You put a budget together that was acceptable and on time. Yes. What has happened to the government in Harrisburg. Since that time and dug up until this day. Boy well great question and the way I'm sure. Everything. Straight years are you. And you're out Tom Corbett and we'll see who else certain how truly grow biz so that each and every time. We we haven't all the time budgets. Down by June 30. Two did not raise our taxes and that meant. Need them there are different and coming up. And provided certainty and stability and predictability which and now I'm. I think you know when you have problem. The government can't be an end and on the whole moderate increase in patent system during the third billion dollar due years. And now we're articulating them. What EO portrait. Which I think what accountability and what the objectives of I'm. Different pennsylvanians don't make it action. Into thinking into turmoil. And I'm shall I finish. All situations is in our poll you know it and then a couple of approach. To it can I got to eat. I changed and then put on the governor's desk and it was on the Mitt in the interest that sentence and can you go into the camera. And again before and satisfaction. And everybody kind 90% of this budget on the I am eager British signed an eleven to come walked. Up and he almost three point 6% growth over to understand. Reagan inflation in the United States of America into 2% 2002 team. And they do real rate of growth in the economy is less than 1%. And now I'm 400 million more public situation which we all know goes still. Salaries and benefits are a teacher and administrator that's that's the money goes. Down. Q I understand that sort of remarkable polished under and and I'll I'll I'll try and burned the cup again. Well when he did. Speak about this budget. He's had it dead yes he was going to. You know let's some funds after the stayed at satirist setter and then he. Put up the call for lawmakers to return to Harrisburg because he said the U you guys ran away if I remember the language correctly. And no left left this mass on his desk so what just happened since he said that I mean is there. It is there any kind of common right on the bench. And just slowly it in it's silly it it's that's. Garden language. Like it's a different pitch incur commitment. It's it's I think that it's not gonna kindergarten level approach. On the wanna do it doesn't point 265 billion dollar budget which. And every aspect of government did not require any creepy going to die if you wanna didn't. Just like 7% increase in those 7% no not actually 2.2 billion dollar increase on the column also doesn't should work. You miss Kim and a tax increase which would Abacha to. We're around or near salmon percent. And no one point eight billion dollar increase sin taxes on an annual basis. On the God's hand in front of him. A budget they could. To stand in the compromise. Respect and are committed. And then Obama sort of wide but it 2.2 percent grope through last year spent 400 million more in in public education. Do not require any income. But personal income tax increase in port. 405 million dollars. Want to do they are so fundamental law until he's got to become blocked action. Just pulled it back I'm sorry the doubles orders and I'm quote unquote not negotiation should they can't. He hurt it negotiated in good date and it's only wanted one thing production. Increase in personal contact until attitude and other people to. We're now providing an inflation in the senate and the complexion and what the objectives are. It didn't eat these two sides. Seem to be so. Far apart. That it's not even funny it is is there. Hope. Mister speaker that this budget may be resolved before the governor has to present the next one. Well you might consider the budget is its potential it was all will be exception are. But it is potentially and the basic education money why now. All 24 million and all pastor dollars and shoot and signed into law. 22 point four billion dollars in new state budget dead and signed into law which it on the governor's primary and tell us. The vetoes arguing with basic educational content medicated capitation. And bomb. Collections. And end at the collections. And maybe entire time. Ultimately caught personnel cards even prior court to sentence. Continued to debate. But did not need help they need to continue to be an option and Richard capital salons and we need to be well Schmidt to governor signed off all the other public education to find salt all in the law. Good reception and special Ed Jim combined to block ready to one block branch transportation. Amongst other line in the public education. And signed into law. One that the speed blind item vetoed a basic education on par and shot which overcome a key gauge three point one billion. Up up about five point seven billion dollar line item true 2.2. Point seven billion dollars dude is huge relief. Illustrates. And and you really have that discussion point is on the remainder bad agent education and not. To. I'm sorry when the budget would put in front of course on a budget well. Almost 70% Obama wants certain retail should be playing out of march patient column and in one of the real you know good need to do occur. Turkish government data line item veto and generally cordial meeting in July I didn't do it Jim and you know. I'm out of course can basically it's primary is going to be delivered solid. Similar to my complacent and in September. And end. And basically because it was the responsible thing to try and almost all the block. The reality is that the governor signed into our budget in the law or they can't watch. It to 32 point 6%. Over last year. Right and don't. I. Took back the majority. I'm and corporate governor. Entertainment often. Laughed and governor Rendell. And leading. And the group whole but in the Greek islands of the federal stimulus dollars should always going to be darn right we don't know you. He can try and work around two billion so much and you have to make some tough decision until the increased public education and her two daughters. By the underworld that we get at. Any cost detentions and ancient opposition Childress but it. Just don't smoke produced. Mr. related sport produce some. Remains open to discussion and and let me tell you one on. With respect that but. I am not sure although reduced can. We need short the word out increasing personal income taxes until taxes we'd have to balanced budget on time. The worst actual good did that its fiscal stewards of taxpayer dollars. But I went around to the economy and it's not well who should it's. Growing. In in this country. And in need of a stagnant. 1% collapsed in the year 2015. Which I'm does that lower rate of growth is a true. At what we call numbers in reverse that action and and we ought to look at complete point 5% but he'll actually get more people they attract. While an an what you went well here's the other thing that then the rhetoric could be used during. He is a discussion in late December was that the Republicans. Cut school spending in the budget by 95 million and there are a lot of things went on about that from the governor's office. There really demonize say you and they lawmaking body it doesn't make it look like you're taken that asks to. The cuts but really you guys have agreed to an increase in spending a 400 million so it doesn't matter at all. True and I I don't have much staying Obama that it should be restored to these sort of an on the mom. Work and got. Hype and accent never got hurt and full time campaign much more important contributors could be huge in Tibet and I quote independent. I'm. And you can. You know education association the federation cheaters. There simply is the food and commercial workers should. Are you. And on any country in thirteen million to the Democratic Party into the governor and then in the collection action I intentionally being what you're up against action and we're tortured shepherd through about personal column just like. Problem approaching it. It's very difficult should. Allow for no stability and discussion on some policy should. This alignment. In the budget called. Unquote crash in construction. Going there has been used to a Christian. Up until reimbursement base has certain school districts what they're they're planning and construction. It is not. Everybody Internet users should be in the old budget which can propose eliminating that well tonight I'm sure I'll. I'm an agreement with the governor and the governor and he's all right budget and Jerry actually came up would be talking to thing approach. Expenditure offline and we'd all undated. Undated what the notion that we were born to eliminate or Gilbert thirty year by paying off the amounts. Owed. And contributing to dole amount. Up on the yearly basis and now lie in. Your. Blog and on. But the debt service saw a matter of being paid to be general font. Legislature did not come up went. Financing what we don't do that has seemed like a bridge Dublin may be all right by its secretary came up lip. Approach and and and structured the financing approach should. Be shocked. That the two point. Point 265 billion dollar budget that represented 3.5. Percent broke. Over blasters spending. Actually increasing pour millions and education. Wanna tell lying. To find a way to justify your are right so you do it because it. I amid the outlook for construction would look offline. You can't and I can't. Now she can do us our sister. Got a hold tomorrow. We thought we'd get into too much deep space nine for the people. Met mr. speaker and it I just wanna keep those where they cannot understand what's going on let me talk to about something else before. We have to part company. Is a lot of people believe that does the lawmakers just didn't give this their all that they weren't in session enough that they didn't did do what they needed to do. And that they're just not getting the job done in Harrisburg and I have to say that I know it's another body but a lot of people. Our broken hearted. That there's no property tax reform. So. Tell us about that because it we we do not the lawmakers a lot we feel are now working hard enough they could be part time man can you clarify where we've gone wrong on these thoughts. It would also represented this well and a session. Call a halt and some cattle through. Trust and to not play its. We've got kids on the governor's task. September. And again before Christmas. Budget. I'm sorry excuse when your governor to live until the opulent governor doubts are important elsewhere. And couldn't get out and help exceed those. And then and cable line to played a body requires. What we have significant well no extradition to we have to abide by it particularly in mouse as compared to the senate. We didn't importance who significant. Significant. Com. Except we have to actually put legislation in April 2 more were able to vote should ask him and many product should. RD and a democratic. Society. Always going to most. And a slow pace than an executive branch what to think your governor and he has. You guys and I don't need to get the internal employees any judgment perhaps. Did the thought I'd. Well the Supreme Court just this one time told me when dealing with the budget he's just a cheap mind I'm. To me legislature can mean you'd sure he will spend maybe two and a half percent of the budget. Executive branch ends up to. IE seven and a half percent of the budget and I'd be completely content wields significant power and get to just make pronouncements ligament got a little wobble. Well not actually having to do any real worked. On the legislature has put far more time into this process may have actually got a split in time on the campaign side. Going to raise money from a public gentry and did in the election and putting and that nobody can compete web. Supposedly independent. State. On the Pentagon and the thing is that they're torque. Decades and if you. Want to increase. Sort of compact and don't tell statute to go to elite troops captured as they continued to increase. Limited the local tax profit actually attracted to prosecute on the ball. Which can from its Internet noted about six it's like our local hole. Another eleven to twelve million on a straight to your tax dollars for these movements you know now that much. And usually done an excellent source. Approach whereby I missed include the power to local Jews need to collect taxes. Orszag the test does not pot that should not and I'm on the automated call other people on the fact about. Why people want a super scoreboard in Harrisburg. I. Dusters could be important to distribution to us the governor's sister Sukarno for the new money but she wanted to track. And install shortly going to don't help you per pupil. Oh retention school districts what our media empire and the so. The governor's porno but it's even a formula to change and you want to be. Called up nobody nice. Our strategic north Allegheny and sixty dollars per kid combines original. Can come to the sort of back to the Texas. It may be part perch for a don't know is much. And just about every student on the bench actually that's what mr. de don't LT. Let's shoot 60% and it can free air. And results under orders and results on the broken I can't wait a great idea I think in the air and local community what are they. Well here's the thing is the way it is that people where we live and losing their houses and they've paid for forty or fifty years for school systems that their kids no longer attend. And there are bearing the burden which is excessive. And archaic on their part that's what I see. But we can agree and disagree on that I have played well though cause we're out we're we're out of time but does speaker Jersey thanks for joining us to act. Yeah I would just on this issue and Roeper. School districts the ability to race. Urgent and tax. PA IG pro choice and acts as something broke probably tag and you're on a local level do not bring that Eric and Mike and entirely.